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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 7 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - December 7, 1855, Biddeford, MaineA it Itsuo n my metro Louis 0. Cowan editor and eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of , Maine Friday december 7, 185s. Volume 49. Union and Eastern journal. Tto room kill Joa Raal p. A Friday at no. 1, Blacko it a a a ill ibo cum. To ��?�10u put ���?��,1h if p4wlla-u urn a it a a Frua ibo Lime of a Uby Hinc. A a a a to he. 4 Gnu to t. B. Palm a. Ibo astr Mcaa Nury pop racial u us Oaly a Nis Iota it a or in a cd urn of no Turk. But a a it a and Etc id up in and in Dahljr r�p<�wr�4 la Ink adr�r1i��a�nu Anu sub Tript Ioos at ibo us Rall a air a Lrus �7 a. Ulm a a cd a far. Tryb nne Buim mgr i Braun 8�h�4-up� baud Long of a Tjw of i it pm n. W. Co Bot to Btl and a banal a irm. Marcum Watson Printer. O 11 i. Fok Sale four Hundred House lots and other Vamp Loble real estate. The following Kcal estate com priv tag House Lula Ami other property ii Riv usual vol in lbs Vit lags of Saco and bit Ufort will be a old by Lite proprietor at prices and on Lenua Lav it Fame to pore Latera. The House lot about 400 in number Are met Satej m omm dal Wren the rate runt let cd a in olb Cdr for a Oil Saco a portion of item St Oie the Kail Raj and n portion below in a pleasant and Benltey la cation and a Doe View of both Village. They Are advantage Boualy actual re Lor the Reaid Enca of Peraita having Busick in Cilber Saco or did Demtd being Wilbou Aix minutes walk of main Albeet and in Pherell s. Piare Saco and Ove minutes walk of i be machine shop and Cotlon Mill of Ibe Laconia peppered and water Power corpor Alioa of . A Abs Lancial Bridge j75 feet Long and 42 feel kids resting on Granite purr Aud with aide Walka Baa i Wen Buill m Ruta i lie Saco River thu connecting the it4a with Budd chord and placing them within three minutes walk of Smith s cot Ner. From this brutal a Street la graded to the Railroad Cru tug on water Street which will or ext used to Buxton Road. Other treets have been Aid out extending along the a urge of the Saco River and to water a Turret. The new Road recently Laid out by the county coming Wmma extending into the country from Saco will Inci act with Market Street Winch Pushea across the above described butt age to la Dale lord re id a the lots before meat mind the proprietor have a dozen or More House lots for Sale on Spring s id and contiguous to the Ukle Aud within two minutes walk of the workshops Aud Mills on said Island. They will sell also in lots of front one to live acres a May be wasted a tract of land my joining that which is reserved for House lot. Truci our six lao 41 acres and in situated on the West Ern Side of the Ilu Irod and runs Luthe Buxton Road the line striking that rued within a Lew rods of i lie Saco depot. Warrantee deed will in Given of All Lota sold by the proprietors a. 11. Boyd Saco d. E Soi Ike Ali Edelord Julep iils Baldwin and Lawrence Baraev is Sonia a h. William p. Newell Manchester n. Ii. For Lurther particular As to Price nud condition in pure of d m so mls of i Gileford agent Lor the , self woman. Actor in Ibe play of Hie seem a sister Mother wife. They Caa Day the kindest Purta round the scenery of hearts yielding pleasure Neer forgot. In the Palace or the cot. A can Tell a Mother s care with a sister none compare and a wife series dearer still when the cup of gladness fill Tui the dream of wild la told like a fairy tale of old. May we in a brighter sphere meet a Watfa and sister dear when the dream of life it past May we Orrei of High at last and in realms of Joy above May we find a Mother s leva 3grirutnrnl. Crux by Rry culture. Many a sensible housewife has adopted the very sensible opinion that preserves made sufficiently Rich to keep throughout the year Are bul poorly adapted to preserve the health of those who Swallow them. Cran berries or the other hand Are fast gaining in Public Farror a an article easily kept in its natural state quickly done no for an occasion and affording an agreeable acid not injurious but beneficial to health. Hence the increasing demand for them and hence incipient grubbing and paring has been done but the weight of opinion seems to be in favor of the Sand not because the Cranberry will not grow equally As Well in peat but because the grasses growing so abundantly in peat increase the labor of cultivation. A somewhat similar Mode procedure a a sometimes adopted in the care of Ordinary Low Meadows or swamp. The Meadow a covered with Bushes and to Asocks remove the former with the grub Ber Cut the tussocks Oft level with the sur face when the vines being taken from another part of the Meadow or elsewhere Are set by first striking the Hoe in o the soil and raising it slightly when the roots Are inserted and pressed Down with the foot. Or. Thomas ii. Samson of Plymouth mass. We Oval the Whitle Boshes and Alders tussocks and tops of the Oil and Early in the Spring set about one fourth with Cranberry vines without any dressing. He continued annually for three Yeara to set the same Quantity a part of which he covered Wilh a dressing gravel and soil about an Inch in thickness and a part Wilh Sand and gravel and sowed Over the lot a Bushel of cranberries first crushing them and mix my them with Sand. He finds no beneficial effect from the Sand a finds his Cran berries do Best where the peat or mud is deepest. Lie sowed his cranberries from october to april. His products were at the rate of 250 bushels per acre. Has no Faith in raising cranberries on dry soil. Other experiments however show the practicability of raising cranberries on Upland. Or. Roberts Experiment embraced the probability that the Price will not fall in proportion As the Supply increases bul a a a a near the foot of a in pm descending the. In a a a a. In a Westerly direction. The ground was that the consumption will keep puce with i. In. P owed eight inches deep and harrowed he Supply and rerun rating prices be. A a. A maintained and hence a to a reason for go Furrow a Hrco and a bail Fen Apama copying the following from an address by John a. Burbank before the Indiana leg is Matuie last Farmer. Were run Lengthwise and the sods were Cut from the swamp carted on the Upland and placed three feet apart in the rows though farm for mar. The farm situate in 9�co, on Ibe River Lloyd two Miles Iron the Village ots co Anil but Deford recently dec pred by Jeremiah c. Sump son Decea de. The urine consists of Wilmut 100 ten about Twenty live of which i in excellent i serval Ami the balance Upland a part of which Woodland. The build in re consuming of a Good two glory House a Baru lofty by seventy and Good out Kiil Duir Are in Good repair there arc two Good Wells near the building and soft water la brought directly into lbs Home. The usual yield of Bay on the Lauri in from 40 to 5 the character of the soil and it location bring near to a Market which in always Good reuder Tufaro a a very desirable one and worthy the Ulton lion of any Mart Active Man who in desirous of engaging in agricultural pursuits to make Money. Tbs re in a a mall Orchard or. The farm. For particular a to once trans of payment which will he Iii a de a a a a by ii ukr proper a Uii a inquire of Daniel bum Paoa , or on he premise. Saco sept. 20, 1855. 38tf stoves. G. Ii. Mitchell co. Would or spec totally announce to the ii Ian of Bidd Clord Saio and Vicinity that in Vav have just received at their store of Che Nui Alpert. Biddeford two door above Central Block and Pepperell Juare Saco the in geat and la eel a elected assortment of to ook. Parlor and Dolce stove to he found in York county among which May be found 4 a i is of the justly cel Bernied White Mountain improved Cook stove. This stove is made expressly for Lumius Wood and of i lie Best Metal More than 3u0o of the stove Are in daily use and All Attell their super Only a the a ice and Ami Quality of the oven Coo struck Ion Aud rape Eity of the i Lues. Be Tamny of fuel a Ole a Ling dumb Lily Aud a airily Many valuable improvements have Ceu made on them Tia Whdeh make them the Inott desirable Sieve extant. They Are warrant re not to fire crack Ami to operate to Pei Ettnia. We have also a splendid Cook stove for burning Coal which we will warrant to give a Tisl action. Aurora Rainbow Crystal Palace for Wood. Crystal Palace for Coal Villa Congress parlor Wood and Coal charter Oak Ruby Franklin portable grates parlor of crts Equator Sheet Iron Parlours <�w., we Are so manufacturer of and dealer la tin Brittania and Japard Ware a tote 11111, a took Poi pm. Brushes pressed Ware a allow which will be old at the Lowit fun at or retail. Person in want of any of the above article will do Well to Call before purchasing l lds Tovey Copper Urnal Pewter rags jcc., taken a Al change. O ii Mitchell. H a. Mitchell , oct 0. 1855. 42�?tf new cloth him store in Biddeford. Of. 2� Block a. W. Tito lib a co., having Lak b the More formerly occupied by e. O. Collins a a millinery Bop one door Briw with uus St Bao Nuas dry too do store would of for a Large Ami Eit Exaive Assort neut of custom made clothing manufactured expressly for the retail Trade a Bidd Clord. Our a Hoik of furnishing Omli consists of a Blu Callan ii a a a. A a a tip a Ink Cravat eleven a Sprader. Cases i As Brel Law and every Blag rename led Wilh Clealle Man i wearing apparel Caa be Taua 1 at this store a Kiado of rubber and Oil cloth clothing sold at a Small percentage above the Coal if Yon wish to save a five Dollar Bill when Yon Are buying a suit of clothes just Call at the above Mcd store and you will buy better made Wooda. And cheaper than at any other store in bul Delfoni or Seco. Also a Good assortment of hats a Caps which will in sold equally a Cheep. N. B Call and judge Lor but Don t target the place two door above w. H. Fields. O w. Titcomb so co. Cid Defoil sept 23,1835 Tow Pisas Forte instr Stiss. Or. C. H. Prancer will re urn his Iva aim upon the Puno Forte Thonn who wish Lor his Vicea will Plenzo apply at he House on summer Street. Any one wish log to pure a on a Fine Judian at Uchneat at a much reduced once will do wed to cell and re one now for Sale at the same place. Puno Portee tuned at Short notice. Jane 2 lot 1835. A Lack Smithing. Ujj notice by All kinds done at Short j. N. Anthon Alfred Street. The Cranberry May repro Potalej from to Wou a h be been a in car Luy the acct or from cutting or by transplant Hoed and kept free rom fur two in. The Farol crop obtained trom planting year no a or was suppl cd except that idea evil will ordinarily be a year or two frown occasional rain. Laier than that prot used by wild Plant transplanted. It is therefore found to be More profitable to transplant except in one in the cult Iraklion of cranberries whether in Upland or Lowland it is very important that the ground should be entirely covered or two sections of the stale where the in by by t�?~ne8 Boon Afler ply tin a Poesy treat in Iran planting has been so great n0 on a on too Oulu of the great saving that s10 a a quare Rod a not an uncommon a Abor by Hus pro a a in Ion i by growth of Price or plan a where the ground is thick Gra land by Al a a Cauin a it july covered do flu a a a commonly produced until the where it is desired to prop Galo by slips vino4 hard Hus spread 0v�r a hts or cuttings he usual practice is to gather at Tho Ond of lhre0 a e who a 8round a Large Quantity of vines and run them "h001 1 c0tered a bul in the a stances of through a common Hay Colter until they Upland cd a arc Quot feared to 11 wa3 not ,0 Are reduced to the length de a red an Inch ,hou8h he plan a Ion had been a be a or so when they May be sown Bre Uhi East him or in our yes probably if the roots had been but two Lac or eighteen Tanoh is apart the result would have been different in this respect. As it was however the yield in 1852 was one Bushel Polho Square Rod or one Hundred and sixty bushels to the acre when cranberries Wero soiling readily at $4 per Bushel. And harrowed in though it is considered Best on some accounts to sow in Drill and cover properly. These slip very soon take Root starting from Tho base of the leaves and shooting up Many rising branches. In Case of cranberries growing wild it is a common and Weli known practice to flow or cover them with water during Tho Winter and Early Spring. This is very desire Able if the situation is such to allow it though it is not generally considered essential by those who Bare been Moat successful it is often useful where there Are facilities for flowing to let the water remain a few inches deep till the Spring is Well advanced some think till the first of May or even la or to retard the blossoming till i is no danger from fronts. Facilities at five of clock on thanksgiving morning for flowing Are desirable in the cultivation do con Wilson arose was it. cranberries also and if the Plantation so Holiday Mado any Chan in hour could be of arranged a. To flow very Quick he no Onger part no rom a w1,h might be of ease Lial service Occa a he alacrity which changed duty into plea tonally during the Spring and autumn. Be 5 Boaro a h04080 Mph a was necessity As the Cranberry in its natural state is it. There were the cattle to More frequently found growing in a ,0w be fed and watered and the poultry to re a a you forgot we has of another a a no i do not forget it a a Aid the old Man bitterly. Quot there a one living somewhere who bos brought disgrace upon our name who has forgotten i parents Ond Hie god who Haa Dronk deep of the cop off iniquity and who has brought ruin and woe upon his name and Quot do not speak so harshly of poor William a pleaded the Mother. A a Why should i not 1 was he not insensible to kindness steeled against affection 1 did he not scatter Ray hard earnings to Tho wind ? is it not to him that i owe the Prospect of Beggary and destitution i remember the first of february. That is the last Day of Grace. If the Money Cornea not than and god knows whence it a to come we Are driven from beneath this roof tree a pair of horseless who will care for us then ? a a a god will care for us a answered the old woman raising Hor eyes reverently to heaven. Tho old Man made no reply for his of Terance was choked. At that moment the old clock that stood ticking silently in the Corner struck the hour of nine. The de soon Rose. Quot it is Timo to harness no old Dobbin Quot said How a for we Hyvo a Long Way to ride to meeting and the Roods Aro in bad Condi though you Homo Only to witness downfall of our a a not to father a answered the Young Man joyously. A a i have come Back to save you to atone for my Prodigy ally for All my errors. It was this Hope that sustained me in the Lone heart of the Sierra Nevada when i was panting with thirst and dying of Hanger. Though Tao Home of you and Mother and of her who is now one of gods Angels enabled me to conquer 1 have come Back with a store of Gold you shall not be a beggar in Jon old age father we shall keep the farm. After this it is unnecessary to add that Jay entered that old new England Home stood. It a a a chastened Joy for the Shad a fac of the Paat yet mingled with the son Fiina of the present Bat the Fel Keily Bieh attended the prodigals Reinin was enough totem Enssle for Many arrows a i did not think of . Frost the stir Brand it thanksgiving Day. A sketch from real life. By f. A. Ducai Vax. Wet swamp or Marsh that kind of land is generally selected for its cultivation. The Mode of setting out Tho Cranberry in such a swamp if to suppose it to be covered Wilh Bushes and grass and sir rounded by a Sandy chive the same attention and there was moreover a lire to be made in the huge old Kitchen fire place. For the Deacon had now no servant or Helper and in the Grey Winter of his life soil or in the immediate Neil boyhood of he Quot bold a to a of managing he Placo Sand would be a follow first Cut the had fallen on a a boulders. Fortunately Bushes and pare Oti the surface turf to Tho Bey we re Broad and Strong fortunately depth of three or four inches so of to re by Constitution was Good his spirits elastic move a far m possible the roots of grasses and his piety sincere for ins Burthen and and but Hes then level the whole by fill-1 a 8 8 were a a Deeth weighty. He Hod been ing in and to the depth of from two to four con a no timely fetch he was now in embark or five inches according to . A a circumstances. He had looked Lor it to that the surface of the Sanj Ward 10 lbs one when a son should relieve should braised but slightly above the Bim of the Mot Ioas of his toil level of the water of the swamp Meadow wbk la do ugh or performed the Samo kind or Pond tilled of so that by digging into oif be fur his wife. Both had been Dis sep the Sand with the hand or Hoe the water pointed am now Tho old couple were the May to found within two or three inches of 0h>ry tenants of that Lone now England the surface. The plants should be taken up Ith the Spade Square turfs of the thickness of two or three inches this being the depth to which the Roola generally descend. When the ground has been levelled and prepared a directed above it will be convenient to draw straight lines and set the roots about eighteen inches apart one Way and one foot the other in Small clusters of about five or six together the grosses taken no with them in the turf having first been removed from them. The practice of some has been to set the turf thus taken up into Tho Row without removing the Gros but the vines Ore so tenacious of life that there is Little danger of their dying even ii All the natural Earth a removed from their roots and those who have followed this method have generally less trouble in the subsequent cultivation. Some prefer to set them in rows at a greater distance apart having the rows two and a half or three feet and Tho Planta one Bol in the rows. If the Sand is thick and Loose so As to make it impracticable to cultivate the vines and pull up Tho weeds and grasses on account of Tho danger of starting the roots the closer the plants Are set the better since they will thas the sooner cover the ground and get the advantage of the Grae eee. Where it in intended to Hoth plants in such situations a foot each Way will probably be the most convenient distance Between the plants. There has been same difference of opinion m to the a of Post or Sand after Tho farm House. The Deacon wont mechanically about his morning labors he drove the cattle to the water tank he supplied them with fresh fodder and after seeing that they were comfortable returned to Tho old Kitchen. By this time the Good wife had prepared a breakfast and a genial fire of Walnut was diffusing its heat through the apartment. The old couple sat Down to breakfast after a Blessing by the Lormer but the meal passed in silence. It was followed by a fervent prayer and the Reading of the scripture. After this they adjourned to the sitting room where a Good fire was burning and where the Dame assumed her knitting one of those incomprehensible pieces of female Industry which seems to have neither beginning nor end. Quot Well a said she with a sigh Quot this is thanksgiving Day. It douse t seem like old time at All. We used to have a Honse full of company frolicsome Young folks and cheerful old people and now we Are All Quot last thanksgiving a said the old Man. A a there was one with us who seemed to my old eyes like an Angel of Light with Ber fairy Golden hair floating like glory on her a holders and her Little foot making music As she moved about the old Bat even then there was a hectic Flash on her Cheek like the red upon the Maple Leaf in autumn. When the january snows Lay deep upon the Hills and in the hollow we carried her to Ber last Home Bat gods will be doae.�?�. their preparations Wero soon made and the old couple poorly but decently attired sallied Forth to their Public Devotion. The services ended the Deacon and his wife As they issued from the porch were kindly greeted by Many old friends and neighbors More than one of whom pressed them to come and partake of their thanksgiving cheer. But Tho Deacon Shook his Hoad. Many thanks my friends Quot he said a a but Ever i have been a Hou Holder i have kept my thank giving at Homo and i shall continue to do so As Long of i Havo a House Over my so they Rode Homo together. While the Deacon drove up to Tho barn to put up his horse the old lady opened the Back door which was always on the Latch and entered the Kitchen. A she did so Sho started Oie Day As or. Lawson a merchant tailor stood at his culling Board a poorly dressed woman entered his shop and approaching him asked with some Embar Ras nent and timidity if he had any work to give out. Quot what can you Dove asked Tho tailor looting rather coldly upon his visitor. Quot i can make pantaloons and vests Quot replied Tho girl. Quot have you Ever worked for a merchant Tail re a Quot yes sir i have worked for or. Quot has to nothing for you to do a Quot no not Jusi now. He has regular hands who Al Watt get the Quot did your work suit him a Quot he never found fault with Quot there do you Livo 1�?� Quot in Cherry Street at no. or. Lawson stood and mused for a Short Timo a i Hove a Vot Here a he it length said liking a Small bundle from the shelf Quot which i want by to Morrow evening at Tho latest. If Yon think you can do it very neatly and have it done in time you can take Quot it shall to done in time Quot said Tho Young woman reaching out eagerly fur Tho Bock. A stranger a sealed by the Kitch by dj0 Quot and remember i shall expect it made Well. If i like your work i will give you in fire who Rose on her on Ranco. He a a tall Stalwart Man. Dressed in a rough suit with a Broad loaded hat his countenance Embr owned by exp Osoro to Tho Sun and wind and his upper lip almost concealed by a heavy and luxuriant Black moustache. Quot Good morning May am a he said with Somo embarrassment. Quot finding no one answered my knocks i took Iho Liberty of walking in. 1 believe i two you no apology for i Havo officiated As turn spit and saved your thanksgiving Turkey from Quot i am very much obliged to you in a Suro Quot answered the old lady pulling off Hor Mitten. Quot but did you want to Scomo or the Deacon ? a Quot both of you Quot answered the stranger. Quot you Havo a son i Quot yes Quot replied mrs. Wilson with hesitation and casting Down her eyes Quot i Hato seen him Quot where ? a inquired the Mother with increasing agitation. Quot in Quot was he doing Well ? Quot Quot admirably. Mother Mother Quot to a dded impetuously throwing Back his hat Quot done to you know me done to you know your William a he rushed into his mothers arms and was clasped to her boating heart while Tho tears streamed freely from the eyes of both. After the first passionate greeting was Over the Young Man asked Quot where is sister emmy a Quot gone a a answered the Mother As her tears flowed Forth anew. William Sank into a seat and hiding i face in his hands opt bitterly. The Mother did not attempt to chock him. She know Tho of tears were precious. Quot and my Fliter Quot asked Tho Young Man. When he had regained his composure. Quot he is Well. But you had bettor retire for a while. Go to your old room my son it is just As you left it and wait until i sum Mon it was Wilh a fluttering heart that the overjoyed Mother went about the preparations for dinner and when the table a neatly set every dish in its place and the Turkey smoking hot waiting to be carved Sho summoned the old Man. He made his appearance at once and took Hia seat. Glancing round the table he Allred a Quot what is this wife 1 you have set plates for Quot i thought perhaps somebody might drop in Quot there is Little danger a Hope i mean of that a answered the Deacon sadly. At Thia juncture mra. Wilson with a mysterious expression rang the Little handball Wilh which in happier Days she was wont to summon Ber tardy children to their meals. It was answered by Tho appearance of the Long lost William. Tho Deacon who Reno nixed Bim after a moment taxed upon Bim with a Stern Eye but a quivering lip that betrayed the Force of his ill suppressed emotions. Quot so you Havo come Back at last a be said. A a Yea lather but not As i left father lost thanksgiving Day i went into my lonely room and there kneeling Down addressed myself to heaven and solemnly abjured the fatal cop which bad brought ruin upon me and to upon this once Happy family. From that Day to this i have not touched a drop. A my probation Ono ngh ? Coo Yon now Welcome Back your a on and Wieoa him i Quot Quot Yea f bleed you my door dear boy a said the old Deacon placing Hia trembling hand on the dark looks of to pleader. Quot you Are Welcome William Quot i will try to Polaso you Quot returned the Young girl. Quot to Morrow evening Quot yes sir i will Havo it the girl turned and went quickly away. In a Back room in the third Story of an old House in chair Street was the Home of Tho poor sewing girl. As nhe entered she said in a cheerful tone to her sick sister i have got work it is n Vest and i must have it done by to Morrow Quot can you finish it in time a inquired the invalid in a feeble Quot of yes easily Quot it proved to be a White Marseilles. As soon As Tho invalid sister saw this the said Quot i am afraid you will not be Noble to get it done in time Ellen. You Are not fast with the Needle and besides you Are very far from being Well.�?�. Quot done to fear in the Loami Mary i will do All i engaged to do. It was Nufler dark Tho next night when Ellen finished the garment. She a weary and faint having taken no food since morning. The want of everything and particularly for herself and sister made seventy five cents the sum which she expected to receive for making Tho garment a treasure in her imagination. She hurried off with the Vest the moment it was finished saying to her sister Quot i will be Back As soon As possible and bring you Somo cordial and something for Oor supper and Quot Here it is half put eight of clock and the Vest is not yet in Quot said or. Lawson in a fretful Lone. Quot i had my doubts about the girl when i gave it to her. But Sho looked so poor and seemed so Earnest about the work that i wits weak enough to entrust her with the at this moment Ellen came in and Laid the Vest on the counter where or. Lawson was standing. She said nothing neither did to. Taking the Vest he unfolded it in a manner which plainly showed him not to be in a very Placid Frame of mind. Quot goodness Quot he ejaculated turning Over the garment and looking at the girl. She shrunk Back from the counter and looked frightened. Well Thia is a pretty Job for one to bring in a said the tailor in an exiled Lone of voice Quot a pretty Job indeed a a at the same time tossing the Vest away from him in angry contempt and walking off to another part of the store. Ellen remained at Tho counter. At length he said to Hor Quot you need not stand there miss thinking i am going to pay you for ruining a Job. It is bad enough to lose my material and customer. In Justice you should pay to for the Vest but there is no Hope for that so take yourself off and no or let me set eyes on you Ellen Mode no reply she turned round raised Ber band to her forehead and bursting into tears walked slowly away. After Ellen had gone or. Lawson resumed to the front part of the store and taking up the Vest brought it Back to where so elderly Man was sitting and holding it towards him said by Way of apology for the part be had taken in the Little scene Quot that is a Beautiful article for a gentleman to Wear Isnit it 1�?� the Man made no reply and the tailor after a pause added Quot i refused to pay her As a matter of principle. She knew she could not make the garment when she took it away. She will be More careful Bow she tries to impose herself opon cos Tomer tailors As a Good Quot perhaps a said the elderly gentleman in a mild Way Quot necessity drove her to undertake a Job that required greater skill than Abe possessed. She certainly looked very Quot it was because she appeared so poor and miserable that i was weak enough Placo Tho Vest in her hands a replied or Lawson in a lets severe Lone of Quot but it was an imposition for her to ask for work she did not know How to Quot or. Lawson a said the old gentleman who we known As a pious and Good Man Quot we should not blame with Loo much sever Ity the person who in extreme wont in Derl Kesto perform a piece of work for which she lacks the skill. The fact that Young girl like Tho one who we just Here is willing in her extreme poverty to labor instead of sinking into vice and idleness shows her to possess True virtue and integrity of character and that we should be willing to encourage even at some sacrifice. Work a Slack now a you Are aware and there is Bat Little doubt that the had been to Many places seeking employment before the came to you. It May to that she and others Are dependent upon the receipt of the Money that we expected to to paid for making the Vest you bold in Yout Tho expresion u she turned away her lingering Steps iter drooping form and her whole Demeanour had in them a language which told to All this and even a change came Over Tho tailor a countenance. Quot i did no to think of that Quot fell in t Low tone from his Lipa. Quot i do not think you did brother Law a on a said his Monitor Quot to Are All Apt to think of ourselves than others. The girl promised the Vest this evening and to far As that we concerned she performed her contract. Is the Vest made very badly a or. Lawson took up Tho garment and examined it More closely. Quot Well i can to say that it is badly done. Bul it is dreadfully soiled and rumpled and it is not As neat a Job As it should be not stall such u wished Quot All Thi is very annoying of course but still we should be willing to make some excuse for the Short coming of Tho poor girl May Havo a sick Mother or sister to attend to which constantly interrupted her and under such circumstances you could hardly wonder if the garment should Como somewhat soiled from under Hor hands. All this May be the Cue and if so you could not find it in your heart to speak unkindly to the poor creature much less turn her Nway angrily and without the Money Sho has toiled for so Quot i did no to think of that Quot we murmured in a Low suppressed tone of voice. Ellen on return jog Siomo entered the room and without uttering a word threw herself upon be bed by ibo do her sick sister and burying her face in a Pillow endeavoured to smother the sobs that Camo up convulsively from her bosom. Mary asked no questions. Sho understood the cause of Ellen a agila Jpn i a told her that she had Bren disappointed in her expectation of receiving Tho Money for the work. Just at that moment there was a Knock at the door but no voice bade the applicant for admission enter. It was repeated but it met with no response. Then the Latch was lifted Tho door swung open and the tailor stopped into the room. The sound of feet a roused the distressed Sisters and Ellen raised herself up and looked at or. Lawson Wilh a countenance suffused with tears. Quot i Loel that i did wrong in speaking to you in the Way that i did a said or. Law son advancing towards the bed and hold ing out to Ellen the Money she had earned Quot hero is the Prico of the Vest. It was better made than 1 first thought it was. Tomorrow i will Send you More work. Try to cheer or. Lawson finding that his presence was embarrassing withdrew leaving the two Sisters so deeply affected that they could but look at him with shortly after they received a Basket in which was a Supply of nourishing food and a sum of Money to procure such articles a might be necessary for the sick a Hough no ones Namo was sont with it they were not in any doubt a to the individual who sent it. Or. Lawson was not an unfeeling Man but like Loo Many others in the world us did not always think. A new Way of saying subscription. A correspondent of the Lagrange whig Givara the following amusing account of the Way a firme was taught How cheaply he could take the papers. The lesson is Worth pondering by a Good Many men we Quot wot of Quot you have Bens at Home of Courso a Wall i will tend you my paper one year for the proceeds of a single Hen for one season merely the proceeds. It seems trifling preposterous to imagine the products of s single Hen will pay the subscription perhaps it wont but i make Tho Quot done a exclaimed Farmer by Quot i Agre to it Quot and appealed to me of a witness la the affair. The Farmer went away apparently much elated with his Conquest and Tho editor Quot went on Hia Way time rolled around and the world revolved on its Axis and the Sun moved in its orbit just of it formerly did tar Farmer receiving his paper regularly and regaled him a Ell with the information from Al he not Only knew the affair of Hia own country but became conversant upon the leading topic of the Day and the political and financial convulsions of the Timea. Hia children delighted too a perusing the Content of their weekly visitor. In Short be said Quot he was surprised at the Progrebe of himself and family in general information. Sometime in the month of so pub a i happened no again a the office when who should enter but our old Friend Farmer b. Quot How do you do or. By a sold the editor extending his band and Bis Olanle Nance it up with a Bland smile Quot Lake a chair sir and be mate Fin weather we have. Quot yes sir quite Fine indeed a answered the Farmer shaking the proffered Quot Paw of the editor end then a Short silence ensued during which our Friend by hitched his chair backward and Forward twirled his thumbs Abstractedly and spit profusely. Starting no quickly he did addressing the editor Quot or. D.�?�?, i have brought you the proceed of that Hen a it a Ras amusing to see the Peculiar expression of the editor of he followed the Farmer Down to the Wagon. I could scarcely keep my risible when at the Wagon the Farmer commenced handing Over to the editor the products of the Ben which on being counted amounted to a High Tocmo pullets Worth a shilling he and number of a Ivaon of Gas making in the aggregate at Tho least calculation ,50, one Dollar More than the Prico of the paper. Quot no need Oaid he Quot of men nol taking a family newspaper and paying for it too. I done Tania this from my Roost yet i Havo paid for a Yeats subscription end a Dollar Over. All Folly sir Charity you know commences at Quot but a resumed the editor Quot i will pay for what is Over the subscription. Did nol Institute this As a Means of profit but rather to convince you. I will pay you for Quot Quot not a bit of it air a bargain is a bargain and i am already repaid sir a doubly paid sir. And whenever a neighbor makes the complaint i did i will Relato to him the Ben Story. Good Day from i at Art Al to let a a Ras. Fas8ed on. A Katie is swallowed up in Victory. Our readers have perhaps noticed that within the lost few weeks instead of finding the heading of Quot deaths in the place where they have for so Long a Lime been accustomed to Seo it they have found the words which Are prefixed of the subject of article. And in making such an innovation upon ancient custom it seems proper that we should consider Tho reasons for the change. Tho True meaning of the word dead is destitute of life and the meaning of death is a cessation of life. Havo then Iho departed ceased to live if not the term is not a proper one to use As expressive of their stale or condition. The synonymous term Are such us decease expiration termination close of extinction of life. Are these expressive of their condition ? not by any Means. Both reason and revelation teach us that the beloved still Livo amid fairer scenes than were known unto them upon Earth. A higher lifts then it hath Ever entered into the heart of Man to conceive it now theirs. Why then should we Call them dead rather say that they Havo commenced to live. The gloom which shadows the death bed is the result of false ideas of that great Chango. There Haa been and still is s doubt in the great heart of Mankind is to the existence of the soul hereafter Sod atheism is to Day stronger than Ever before thu great mass particularly of Tho Young Are to Day seriously in doubt As to the realities of a Vuturo state of existence. It is a state of feeling not willingly allowed to enter into their hearts but steals in Spile of them for very Man loves and yearns to believe in the immortality of the soul. They see the dying fade away from the Earth they perceive the cessation of breath the a yes which have for no Long a time been a Light to their path beam love on them no Moro Tho heart which once boat so fondly for them is now As regardless of their Eor rows and Joys As Are the blocks and stones and the Hpe which Onoe delighted to give utterance to words of kindness and of love now refuse to heed the most Earnest entreaties of the stricken Mourner to assure him that the object of his affection still lives and loves. He has seen nothing take its departure from the body he has seen nothing distinct from it. What Thon shall convince him that there is a soul which still lives ? if to refer to nature she can Only prove it by analogy which indeed a no proof it All if he turns to Tho Bible he can Only learn what has Boon done and the correctness of the record of Thom things the most of the Young Are led to doubt they cannot make them living realities to themselves a so far has the Light of knowledge and reason dispelled the ignorance of Faith. And thus the Young people of new log land Are to Day m a body in doubt not Only m to the correctness of the Bible but even of their own immortality and their souls Are calling in sorrowful Earne Altneu for the evidence which shall Mako a future life with them a Nutter of certainty. These we say Are a part of those ideas which have veiled the Tomb with a darkness dense and deep. The great Rasas of Mankind do not feel certain that Thom who Havo passed away from Earth Are not really dead. It Beo Omea the Doty than of such of have the evidence to Render Tholet of immortality certain to their own minds to speak of those who sve pawed before is not As dead bul a living and Loving still a Quot More than Ever it is their duly to leave Ibe tombs and the doleful sounds Bieh a vitiated imagination heart moing therefrom and raw Oor tearful Eye to gaze upon the fairer scenes Borond and by imparting to those still in doubt the tame evidence which have lifted Oor tools from the Quot a Lough of despond a Endeavor onto hair fam Ishing spirits to Span to dark portals of the Tomb with the Rainbow of eternal lib and Tho dispel the dark Nom of doubt which at promote veils in. It appears singular to of that Christiana a bold aver have adopted this term a relation to the Coo Ditino of the deported. Jasas declared to the dying thief Quot to Darr Shell thou to with me in the thief then we sorely not Daed bated Valead toe higher stale of Axi Spanoo and a no festoon did Christ Naglot to Rebak Bio disciples and All about him for spooking of la deported u dead and at one time of emphatic who in his Nobuko that a Oaid Quot Sho is Nof dead Quot end the apostle triumphantly declared Quot death is set bowed up a Victory a then let us Oess to speak of them u dead lot us Tarn away from the Tomb end by our own certainly in immortal life strengthen thou who would cafe a. Eve. As to what shall both Eood Iino employment and future change and Odeon Samento of Tho tool we think Mankind Ore to know More particularly hereafter when Tho i Meleria end spiritual worlds Ore More closely Allied Wilh each other. It in sufficient to us that a know that a do Offet in an adva Noad and continually advancing state if a Ware not Wilh All tha corneal efforts to have pot Forth we should now hav Altnow More. It la onto go form to know that i am to live forever under Tho care of a father who love me with an Infinita Lova. With that knowledge i can go Forth upon Tho duties of life without a fear of my ultimate Triumph Over the wrong end the Durkee pillar of blood which in the Day of Prosperity i see lying dense end heavy in my path before me shall when the night comes on be a pillar of fire still guiding me in my journey to the promised such is the strength such the courage Euloh the confiding Joy which a knowledge of these two foots a Tup Iros within the breast. Then let of seek in every Way to implant this certainty within Tho Breut of Mao and in every word we speak and every expression to make us of in relation to those who have gone before us speak to them Iho glorious troth that there in no More death. A no Thom whom we have loved Ore not dead let us love Thorn still even As they love of. Still do their hearts yearn toward us still do they linger round our pathway and breath upon our weary souls the breath of heaven. Amid Tho Carca the passions the a Clementa of the Day they whisper to the Mui Quot peace be still a and when tha shadows of the night fall about us and to tie Down to rest unconscious of Tho world around us they fold their gentle wings and abide with of through the night a Benediction from Tho blessed god. Think not Peak not of them a dead. They Are not no they Hare Only passed on passed on from corruption to incorruption from mortality to immortality. Passed on from Tho pathway often Beret with the harsh and angry storms of life to the land of peace where tempests never Como. Passed on from the City wherein they were so often sullied and stained by sin to tread the Golden streets of Tho new Jerusalem. Passed on from the defeats of this Ilia and the persecutions of wicked men to the triumphs of the eternal world and the companionship of Tho Puro and Good. Passed on from death to life. Passed on from Tho rude and Stormy scenes of life to rest forever in the Halcyon Bowers of those Quot everlasting Garden. Whew Angels walk Ami seraph Are the wardens where every Dower escaped through death s dark Portal becomes immortal. Washington s Only instance we have Ever met with where general Washington deliberately tried to1 out a flourish a it related by a writer in Tho n. Y. Times who in rummaging Over an old Chest in the harpers establishment found what he thus describes a Rusty Sheet of foolscap of orthodox size Aud tagged on Iho Edge a an autograph letter of Washington addressed to gov. George Clinton under Date of March 27, 1783. It announces to Tho governor the conclusion of Tho peso. The signature stands out from the paper u freshly m in it were written not Venty years ago but yesterday Geo. Washington. The letter is Only of a dozen Ilam it announces the fact that peace Between the United states and great Britian he been concluded�?1 on which Gloria it event Washington writes permit me to congratulate you with the greatest sincerity. The subscription must not be Pasma by. In the lower left hand Corner in Washington hand writing in Immenga letters is the word pack. The general added a flourish of the Quill underneath which a quite despair of rep renting by any possible arrangement of printing types. Howu overjoyed. The Frank reads on pay Lio service t7 when Sully the celebrated Oora Poer we one dangerously a ii his friends sent for e confessor who Al diag his situation critical and his mind much agitated told him there we Only one Way by which he could obtain absolution and that we by burning All that be had composed of on unpublished opera. Remonstrance we a vain. Solly Burnt the Muslo and Theon Fessor withdrew. On Bis recovery a noblemen who we his Patron calling to a Bim we to formed of the Mac Rifle which a Hod Mode. Quot and so a said be Quot you have Burnt your opera and you Are really such a Blockhead As to believe in Tho aboard Tiaa of a Monk a Quot Slop my Friend atop a a Aid Sully whispering in Bis oar Quot i know very Well what i we about i have another silk Diplomatist. A correspondent Oft National intelligencer says that a negro Baron of the Empire of san Domingo he just arrived in London to represent the emperor Solo Goa at tha court Oft Jamas. Baron Damier a detect bed u a very banded me Black of very gentlemanly manner. He Speaks Tea French language of Ozone very fluently and the English language very grammatically Aceia Oaid to to very shrewd and Weli informed. To mix Down Rovza. To understood that from to to 80,000,000 foot or Lumbar wore run Down to Fra Oklott Bucksport sea report and ballast last wok to ship a Bangor journal

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