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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1854, Page 4

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - December 1, 1854, Biddeford, MaineLakes. The first in order is Lako Unitha gag about Leo Mitos Long. The next above this in Richardson s Kistko connected with Thia by a River Atno six Miles Long to follow it crooked coarse. The River takes the name of andr Scoggin anti is not navigable for boats. At Tho Bead of this River and a who outlet of Rich Anu it no i like is a dim and a Large Camp with u Crew of men to take charge of it under Tho direction of capt a Ltd for Inion Nib journal. Flu Day morning dec. 1, �?T54. Clayton on americanism. Hon. John m. Cla Yinti at a recent mass a Ilia who is ready to accommodate Fisher in Delaware City delivered a Long men. And does it to a heir satisfaction. A a a he Cunt address in exposition of the to lion to find Richardson s Lako about principle Ami vindication of the objects of fourteen Lucilas from Onex tremor Point to the,1 a amen Cali party from a report of which other. Tho next still above ibis is Trio Luke v b extract the following a Only called great like me it a the largest of All. Being about seen teen Miles. Here at tie outlet of this Lake into Richardson a a a great Daw and a Largo Crew of men to work on it and pc run its Over ten thousand dollars has been expanded Bere. The object of these dams is to keep Back the water in the lakes till such time As it is wanted to in the Loga Down through Tho Aluce Way from one jew of a a Tho other. Then he addition to Tho three lakes we Havo enumerated there Are several other smaller a a i came her j to Day a said or c.,&Quot for the Puijs a if stating How far i was willing la sustain the new party organization known As the american party in this stale. I Havo attended but a single a a Lilica meeting this year and that was a meeting held in this town to a Small number of the old whig party which determined by a very decided Vole that no whig ticket should be run in this state at the approaching election. The reasons for adopting that Resolution were then fully Given tie principal pne being lakes and Ponds and there is at present and a Bat the whigs of the other counties of the will to for Many years to come a Large Busi slate had refused to form any ticket or to Nacsa curried on in this wild Section traversed a a in in electing any whig state ticket what by Ticae lakes and Ponds hut from the specs this was the result of a state of mens of lumber we Timve Sean on our route things Well understood Here. There were we do not think much of the Quality of the Tut enough whigs in the slate to ofter any lumber and whet this is Fuff we should not a reasonable Prospect of electing a whig think the land Worth one cent per ticket. We Are left therefore to choose hut these Beautiful lakes will to Tho resort of the ardent Angler for Ages and Genera Lions to come As the Toni and Are extended through such a vast extent of Inland Waters. It will to absolutely in ipod Sibla even to Oatch them All out or even to Emlue Stumf numbers much and we Auy to All anglers who take Delight in Quot throwing the Bright Fly a go to Richardson s Lake and in sure to fish in great l Iko for we Are Safe in saying this is the route t Placo for Trout fishing in Tho now England states and perhaps in the world. I have seen a barrel caught by three Mon in the Mourao of three Days fishing. And one string of ton Trout weighing forty Pound. Sumo of them 1 was told would weigh about seven pounds and was assured it was no uncommon thing to Tako Trout weighing soon pounds and they Are not the Lako Trout like Liose caught in Moose head like which Are not Worth cooking alter they Are caught but Are All the pure spotted Salmon Trout. Having said what to Havo and recorded Tho same by the Way Side la our Camp amidst singing and merry talk and in the utmost haste we doubtless have Mado Many errors but if so they were not Iamont Dooal and we shall not have much More to say As our Par Yaro to leave Early in the morning or a soon As our guides arrive with our baggage and our men with the carriages who Are to come up furn Bethel for a. Doct. J has lust Home in from a Short Hunt with six partridges and we would remark Hore that to have shot any number we desired on our various excursions. Sir. Oct. 7?we have now arrived at the popular tavern kept by John Smith where we Are to Dino on Moose Steak. Tho Day has been Beautiful and our Rido excl locating in the sex reme. Tho scenery through which we have been p Issing has appeared quite us interesting As it did in our description we gave on our Way up. On do sending the Mountain through Tho notch we passed within a few rods of Tho Placo whore the Moose was killed to which to have referred in our notes and Tho first House to Oarn to we saw u skin stretched upon the Harp. Our party ordered a atop Anu with shouts for suite of the Trouso meat we rushed into the House to the great Naioti ashment of the lady of the House who however soon became Calm and sold to our party Auch pieces of each one might select at very reasonable rates of Flor ing us some Moose Mineo pie a lob our party pronounced delicious. Our Driver informs us to b is noon seven Between the american and the democratic Haiti est old party lines Are to a great exp not obliterated. The american ticket a made i of men of in Atli Iho ancient parties. 1 he democratic ticket excludes All but democrats. On Tho 4th of last month the americans met at the Capitol of the state and formed a platform upon which they have organised their new party. It is Liberal and fair. It proclaims Trie principle of religious toleration in the words of the Constitution itself. There is no bigotry no proscription to be found in it. It leaves All men to worship god according to the dictates of their own consciences proclaims no religious test for office and asserts Liberty of conscience Freedom of thought and Freedom of speech As constituting the very basis of the new organization. It denies the right of aliens to vote without naturalization and proclaims the doctrine that americans should Rule their own country. It welcomes All virtuous and Good men Emi Gratin irom foreign noun trips to i or shores la seek an Asylum from oppression among us. Though i was not present at the time the resolutions were adopted yet they meet with my most Hearty concurrence and approbation. On these principles i was willing to act and am yet willing to Al bul i never was a member of what has been called the native american party or of the know nothing society As it is More commonly called. I know there Are Many eminent men in this country for whom 1 have great respect who Are members of each of the the present governor elect of Renus Tirania. Who is personally known to Moas one of the most estimable and Able men in the country is universally believed to be a member of the know nothing order and it is Saal owes i election in a great degree to their votes. A better Man could not in my opinion have been selected for the office. I know not upon what authority it is slated that the late 1resident of the United states in a member of the know nothing order. But t do know that a number of the most intelligent and a biotic men in the country Havo adopted the principles and joined the society of this secret Paity. 1 know too that in this state a very great number of gentlemen of High standing and acknowledged patriotism from the ranks of both the whig and democratic parties Are believed to be among the members of Ilia order of i United americans. Whatever May be the Princi Pien of the know Noth a merited testimonial from the Holton journal nov. Is. afternoon Sci lures american navigators and above All american agriculture. 1 am for american Brea Stulls and an american Market for them. I am for the country As it stands Ini ,. A a a. U ii. to nil Oiler eoontrie., Natl hi.o1 a Quot ,b�1 ate Bat s no desire to win the Loreign vote by abject Schouler j?10 a nofts Huety or Piernan of a Freer re go for Kalb wok in s is Zzz b0,n Quot Ray of Quot i a a a a. A a is of a a my fellow cited. I am. All of Yon Tell Ter. A ivern Ndu Rob lat. know me. Well Pniler Pliml no Candi. Fou a a Quot pm a h a Litto Anondo Dale Lor any office Poal or Malta a which Tho recipient. A Pitcher Honre the pame. Or a try men could Over Chatow. I he lowing Traer Puon to col. William i it a i Htit from tia 11 Neil the Storo he occupies a Good assortment of boots and shoes which he will sell cheap for Cash no doubt. We would also remark that our old Friend it eld. Jambs Fernald who understands All about the furniture business who was also u sufferer with or. S. By the fire which do foreign news. Ili trax nov. 23?the Royal mail steamship Canada capt. Stone irom Liverpool hours since to went up and that three of aug of her slates we Uro bound to be them followed two girl who were out near Lieve that the principles of the order in Del Tho Woods almost up to Tho very door of aware Aro in perfect accordance both with Tho House to which they fled in i to utmost the letter and spirit of the resolutions adopt alarm. In Tho town of Newry through Ted in Delaware on the Ullh of october be which we Jui Sod bears Aro very plenty Corn from i no Down from Tho mountains to kill sheep und Rob Tho porn Fields and a it have almost a Avind to Stop u Day or two for Ono Moro Bear. But to proo Ood on to Bethel whore we Tako Tho cars for Home. The Day has been like summer while Tho forests have presented All that diversity and variety of colors so Peculiar to our american forests after the frosts of autumn hero set in presenting to the Eye a Beautiful and Vario gated still there is something so sombre in the Scono it does not Losaso to ilk Tho deep Green of Juno. Our party Havo All arrived at Portland in the seven o clock train All Woll and pleased with our excursion and As the train has loft fur Sago my Friend a. B. C. F. Lias kindly offered to his horse and Carriage with which 1 shall Manivo at Homo at about eleven of clock a. M. And thus Mendoth Tho record of this very exciting Ami interesting excursion. Tiie Socle difficulty obviated. From late advices despatched from London to Liverpool just before Tho Dopa Tuio of the steamship it would appear that Louis Napoleon concluded to change his determination not to allow or Soule to Cross Franco. Tho now York courier and enquirer says Louis Napoleon retracts and or. Soul is Freouf Tho soil of franc. We have received intelligence by telegraphic despatch to Liverpool dated London nov. 3d, ii o clock p. A announcing that Tho emperor Napoleon has rescinded his order prohibiting or. Souled a passage through France and the american minister will leave London to Norrow nov. 4th for Paris on his was to Madrid. The argument and the ill fences which operated to product this change in the policy of the French Monarch had not transpired at the time when our information was despatched in it it indeed we have it a of to believe that the determination which so suddenly Kut an end 10 All speculation and App re Sii Siou on this subject wait made very suddenly anti was qui e unexpected in diplomatic circles in taxi Don although it was supposed that the answer of Del Sluys would prevent All difficulty Between the two countries. A a a a a a i Mats it a a a Tiik know nothing nominations nor the presidency. The following speculations Are from Tho new Yolk Tribune a the new York times of saturday has an folic jul or Semi official article to inform the Public at Large that the know nothings will not nominate their candidates for president and vice president at present. Very probable but this does not Render it any the less Clear who 11tose candidate must be. Hor president their Man is Sam Houston. He is a southerner and a slaveholder and therefore Well soiled to Lead that great movement for crushing out Quot Sec ional feeling a that is to say Suliko of slave catching which is avowed to to one great object of the order he also voted against the no a in a Temperance Man which will make him an available candidate at the North. , he is a demo eral and May possibly get the nomination of tbsp party and so carry the Irish and German Voles. Best jes he is himself suppose to by the identical Quot same a or mythical impersonation of the order. Of coarse he must be the candidate and a pretty Strung candidate he will be. As for the vice presidency nothing need be said. That Piave a reserved for or. Daniel Ullman and we protest against any other name be my mentioned. Havo not held in office i did not gladly the sign and i Aupp Oso i shall even yet resign the seat now hold before the expiration of the Long term which is before me. But i am not ungrateful to my friends for the honors they conferred upon me and a Well know and can never forget the men who bestowed them. There is no sacrifice which an honorable Man could make to sustain them which i am not at All times ready to incur. I do not expect the party to agree with to in everything. I do nut expect a i to be either a whig or a democratic parly. But if i am to net with a i at All it must stand by the principles to which i have referred. The foregoing extracts Are copied from the american ballot a paper gently started in Portsmouth n. H. So far of these extracts Are concerned the sentiments they contain have our cordial assent. We regard them eminently Republican calculated to strength eur and Render enduring the form of government which Tho people of these United states have a doped and to enlarge and vitalize ire institutions. If this be Tho full platform of Tho american party and there is no addenda by which the eternal principles of personal Liberty Are violated or held in abeyance we desire to stand upon no belter Ono. Take for example Tho following sentence a a a gentlemen 1 am for american citizens a a american interests. 1 am for american in preference to foreign labor american mechanics american manufactures american navigators Ami above All american agriculture. I am for american bread stuffs and an american Market for them. I am far the country As it stands in preference to All other countries and have no desire to Rin he foreign vote by abject flattery or professions of greater regard for foreigners than far those bom in my Omi a my native such n platform is a patriotic one for patriotism is not so Dii Iuse As to make no distinctions Between countries. Tho Truo Patriot Aims to Advance the interests of his own country a by All honest and reason Able Means. He prefers its interests to the interests of other and foreign countries. This was the platform adopted by the fathers of the Republic the one upon which Washington stood and the one which will command the respect and Confidence of the genuine Republican democracy of the noun try. It is pleasant to feel that Tho recent indications give Promise of a better state of things and that the country after having swerving from her True position and its peo pie too Many of them have been running after strange gods and worshipping at the altar of Paity instead of the altar of the country to soon to resume the old Republican position mid Trio people to return to worship no the american Aliar which was reared amid Tho storms and trials of the Days of the revolution. It will be perceived that or. Clayton docs not claim to speak i Cathalma for the know nothing organizer lion and to expressly says that he Neve was a member of what has been called the native american party or the know nothing society As it is commonly called. This disclaimer of or. Clayton a renders of comparatively mulls importance another portion of or. Clayton s speech in which he asserts that the new organization will ignore the question of slavery and to use his language a a will refuse to test Tho suitable Ness of any Man for Public office by Tho question whether to is for or against the Mere Extension of slavery in Somo territory of the United we accept or. Clayton a sentiments upon other matters not because he Speaks by authority but because we consider them of eminently right but his views in relation to the slavery questions in our judgment to do no Cord with american principles nor Are they to be taken As indicative of the principles of Tho order to which they refer. In our View it is essentially american to decree that outside of slate jurisdiction Tho Law of territorial Liberty shall be observed and the theory of personal Freedom recognized in or though a naturalized citizen. If any i Gressional legislation relating to the Mas Jitter Fiorin that opinion he is at per territories of the United states. As american feet Liberty to do so by. I do not Crivy him a citizens closely connected together and it i my to Inin a i Nair Man Winil a a a a a nov. 11, arrived at this port at 11 >4 of clock last night. The still holds out stoutly and the substance of the news from that Quator is that the allies had met with stroked Cam Block by found 0ftg�?zmb�?ollhiccomtomd rooms for the silo of furniture in Tho build a join Canrobert sends officially to the ing on the Cornor of water and main street1 French minister of War Dales to 0<n. 22, in Sci Ouier of Cincinnati Ohio from the old folks at this is just. It recognizes Tho judgement and patriotism of we. Schouler who several years conducted Tho Boston Atlas and in a is columns strove manfully to have Tho whig party of that state adhere to the doctrines and views which if they had been followed would not have. Brought the party to the pitiful condition in which it now finds a self. But the worship of men and Monsy bags was too Strong and two unreasoning to Bear two thousands of the patrons of Saco opposite Pepperill Square where he would doubtless be willing to wait upon customers both old and new. Which he states that the French approaches towards the Walls of Sebastopol continue to Advance agreeably with his previous plans of working but the difficulties met with Are two fold first in the Rocky nature of a a Quot try Ltd he 0.rev-1?~t Cal a no recon inputs will be Mado in this capital Magazine a calibre of the ship artillery which upon have for 1s55. Tho Reading matter will be increased to nine Hundred pages a year. Each number wifi contain a steel engraving a coloured fashion plate and Between Twenty and forty Wood engravings. Mrs. Ann s. Stephens the celebrated a Ono Tho truth of a Ion and i. Or. Schouler departed for Tho West to live Trio editors and writes exclusively for it among Tho freemen of Ohio. He led Many eau by All the Best female authors warm friends in Boston who Greet with sin 1 the i dunaians have mounted profusely the Walls against which the French Only to oppose their 08 Pounders and 12 Core Welcome hit pics Cento in Tomt City where he is now visiting. To fully Accord with Tho remarks abort Mado by he Bangor Mercury. Hud the counsels of such a Ninn As col. Schouler to clubs Tho terms Are cheaper j of three copies being sent for $5,00, five copies for $7,50, and eight copies for $10,00, with a splendid Premium to the person getting up Tho club. Address Post paid Charles j., 1 Peter Isom no. 102 Chestnut Street Phila been followed hic cry in Massachusetts. Quot .1__1 i 2. N .1 a an Luinis would not Havo been in the pit Iahlo condition it now is. To know col. Schouler Well and right glad Aro we that to has taken up his Abodo with Western freemen and has entered a Field of Moro extended usefulness than to occupied �11 Boston Oak a they were present in great numbers at the meeting held 011 that Day assisted in the formation of the platform itself and it Ivas adopted after full deliberation without Ono dissenting voice. We Timve reason therefore to know if there be anything prescriptive bigoted or among the know nothings of other Stales it is not to be found in the Creed of the party principles of the americans of Delaware. A a a a i concur in the sentiment expressed by Gen Washington that?o�1 is contrary to the policy of this government to appoint Loreign. Ers to it file to the exclusion of Nativo born citizens a i do not mean by this that a foreigner should never be appointed to office. I mean that other circumstances being equal the american ought Lobo preferred mid that was the opinion of jul there Are Many foreigners in this country for whom i would not hesitate to vote and to illustrate my meaning i now Lake leave to say that As the senatorial Lerton of James Shields of Illinois is about to expire if i had a Hundred votes to cast in the election of the senator of that state i would throw them All for James Shields such is my opinion of that Man. But if Ai Tuther Shields equally worthy patriotic Uttz Able were to prevent Insull us his opponent being born a american on the soil hero i should prefer him to the foreign. I i claims to True american and patriotic feelings. I shall not enlarge upon this subject for my views have already been publicly expressed. You understand me therefore fellow citizens As standing on the platform adopted by the americans at Dover on the 4th Duy of last month a and no other which in any degree con hints with it. I will not support for office a Man who claims to be a native american unless he plants himself Alo upon that platform. If he seeks my vote he must do it by professing my principles. He must Tell me that some other party betide the american party Here has nominated him for the office. He must come out plainly and say that to asks support on the principles of the americans at the Capitol when they met last month publicly in state convention. If he asks Tho support of the american party he has no right to accept without our consent a nomination from another parly professing principles which we As americans have never adopted. A a a a a a a a at this tads when i think therein far More real danger than has Ever existed before As the sequel will show i rejoice that an american party is to to found in Tho country around which i Anil other Mon who think As i do can rally a a a a a a in every slate and in every Section of this Union there is now an american party. At present a foreigner not naturalized and in trouble abroad excites Inore sympathy among the politicians of Iho dominant party than any native american Touhl possibly do. More noise was made by them about Martin Koala than would have been created by an equal danger to fifty native americans in a foreign Kiwa uth was at one time in their Estima mation an object of much greater interest and admiration than any amerion who has lived since Tho cays of gentlemen i am for Devotion to american citizen and american interests. I am for american in preference to foreign labor american mechanics american Roan fac living in a state of Mutual Dupouy dance on each Ami having Mutual existing influences we cannot be a Neil Creul to or ignore the Greal question of slavery. John m. Clayton As an individual May tie willing to ignore or to speak More truthfully May like to see slavery Prosper and extend for this i Tho legitimate and practical meaning which the South has always Given to Tho word ignore but Tho freemen of the North will never consent to such doctrine. If it wore practicable to �5 the Springfield Republican thus expresses itself in regard to the Massachusetts election a a but the result of mondays voting Means that the people were out of humor with the old political organizations nil desired to extinguish them break old Dizier Knees unite and re Divide As Tho new and More practical questions of the Limo should indicate to to necessary or this was the voice of common sense and the feeling of Tho great Moss of the peo Plo. They sought satisfaction in n fusion upon the slavery question but the quietude and velvet footed philanthropists 011 one Side and the selfish schemes of and committee men on both brought Effort Here to naught. Disappointed and vexed at this failure and unable to recognize any Good reason in longer contentions with each other when there was no disagreement of principle a great proportion of the voters of the stale seized upon the know nothing order As a common Refuge and a common instil mint of knocking in Trio head those effete political organizations which with Lillo or no Power left for Good yet had been nolo to stifle the Call for new combinations Moie faithfully representing the popular manfully said. Tho Springfield Republican is one of Tho Massachusetts whig pay pcs that endeavoured to persuade the whig leaders there of Tho Fatu Ity of la Weir course in sticking up their backs and declining they had Tho Power and would have the whole. They have got nothing and in get ing a i got their deserts. The Boston whigs have Lineti hard to make the world believe that Massachusetts a Luggery has always been Send on the slavery question. They Havo failed to Mako Tho world Belicov it just As any sensible Man supposed they would unless they could blot from the his tory of the country Tho record of the doings of Boston politicians and Massachusetts statesmen in 1850. A very Largo proportion of the sincere men who have continue their connection with the whig party have Felt for years that the greatest obstacles which stood in Way of stopping the Oxten Siou of slavery and the exercise of Tho general government in its behalf was the yielding spirit of Massachusetts there has always been vigor enough in their manifestos on Tho slavery question but unfurl Anatoly the War Hanover come up to thu manifesto. It was this Oon Votion among the masses which produced the results which have so much astonished the Region of old fog Dom situated on Boston Bay. Delphia. Specimens scat on being written for. Aim ii u s Home Magazine Tho publishers of this valuable monthly purpose to add new features of attractiveness in the new volume commencing with january. It is to be printed on new Typo and More freely Imbelli it lied with engravings of interesting localities scenery remit Pablo places historical Potson agcy objects in natural history science amp a. Knelt number Wil contain the incest styles of ladies costume patterns for embroidery amp a. Its Reading matter is always Good. Tiie stink business. Quito in extensive business is Dono in our Placo in quarrying and preparing Granite for building purposes about a mile or a Little More from our wharves or Railroad depot there arc As Fino Granito quarries As can to found elsewhere in the state. Trio Stone is hard hardly As dark As the Quincy Granito finishes up handsomely and is regarded As very All Tho Stone required for Tho Largo factories and other buildings hero is obtained from these quarries and in addition to what is wanted Vitero much is dressed or sent in a rough state to Portland for building purposes in twin City. In fact Portland must us ways look Manly to our quarries for u sup ply of this important item of building material. There Are of amp Vetrul Stone Yarda in that City now which Are chiefly supplied irom these quarries. The present year Tho firm of Gooch a Sawyer we. Gooch of this town and or Sawyer of Portland in addition to filling a contract of $20,000 for hammered Stone for building Boon Island dismiss forever this Iurii taling subject of Light House have quarried and dressed a Large Quantity for builders both hero nud in Portland. Thoy have had a Irge number of Workmon employed at their quarries and it their Sion Sheds on Alfred their business to Are add has amounted to some $25,000 Thia year. In addition to tills Tho Meson. Andrews Ira Watnos and Leonard Brothers have been engaged in a similar business filling contracts for constructing wharves and sea Walls complot ing breakwater and doing other Stone work in Portland Harbour. We arc not posted slavery from the Halls of legislation q con it i Only be 011 the principle that slavery where it exists in the slates now should be left to Tho states themselves and that no new movements to extend it lerp Luato or Bouer it up should be countenanced. Such an ignoring of slavery us this would be reasonable but or. Clayton Means nothing of Tho kind. His ignoring is practically intervention just such intervention As has characterized the proceedings of the Federal govern Niento of the last Twenty years. There m 110 Mililli Cully in a Remias a a Lionel up u Eilat of Ioir Bairn of bul it Oiga Terion Baa of upon Iho pain Ciple of reu.1 quire a no a. Tho Fucili Ici for of the cou1 a Union Anil lire principle neither reining Rene Here cheaply and ire excellence upheld Ellrory no. Require Trio Roplo to i to generally admitted int there a it a mini red Catt pm in it. Ext nut. To e tarn not Pace of a or Belonio the banners Merece to . 4ul.c., it length. The. A a a a to Loop �u.i6.i feeling a the North. Tecon a a in. In the 1u, of Cincore opt Rete of end Able not a fanatical one against the Powers town. The general government being used government longer to Naturalize slavery. It is this feeling which has Given Potency and effect Back again. Our readers will be Reivo by or. J. S. Stevens add Eismont in this la the a a unseen Power a in the recent elec paper that he is Beck again in Tho old place Linns and neither John m Clayton by up it to which he was so summarily ejected by mixing up a Good Deal of right doctrine a kind of higher Law from which there was w�1i1 much that is wrong pm turn to bail no Scap a Fow Mon tits ago. Use. Berwick Academy. We Are indebted to a Friend in South Berwick for a neatly printed catalogue by which we learn that this instill tin is in a very flourishing condition there having been 99 pupils at the fall term. Tho Academy building is prob ably the Best of Tho kind in the stale and is tastefully and conveniently arranged for Tho purposes of the institution. It was erected last year at an expense of More than seven thousand dollars its Lention is on a Beautiful and retired spot in the Vil Lago of South Berwick Ono of the pleasantest nil most cultivated places in the county of York. We know of no Planco in the county More favourably situated for inca tic Nizic instruction than South Berwick or an institution which has at its command belter facilities for imparting Rov. Or. Wells continues As principal of the school. The wittier term commences As will be seen by an advertisement in this paper on thursday of next week. Contested . By the Kennebec journal to olt Servo or. Fuller received his certify Cales signed by Only n portion ref Tho Council. A minority of the Council messes. Woodman und Tucker submit a minority report wherein they differ in opinion from the majority of Tho Council and recommend a submission of certain questions As to the legality of votes thrown to Iho supremo court. The journal Tavs that the Voles of certain plantations which according to thu Rule and opted in 1852, when Fuller was declared elected Over Robinson should have been thrown out Havo been counted. It is quite Likely that or. Milli Ken will present his claims before the next advertiser. Had we had space to Sparo we should have Given this report online. Tho chief objection stated in this report was that the plantations had not returned As Thoy were required by Law lists of the voters with the returns. Tho signers of Tho report consid ered this As imperative Tho provision was obviously into did to Check illegal and fraudulent voting. Tho refusal of a majority of the Council to submit Tho controverted question to the court seems like prejudging the Case in or. Fullers favor. In coming to this conclusion that or. Fuller was elected the Council seemed to decide with great liberality in some cases and with great strictness in others but their judgement was always such As would favor or. Fuller National know nothing the Telegraph has afforded obscure rumours during Tho inst few Days of a general meeting at Cincinnati of delegates of the secret order with an alleged View of preparing for the next presidential Campaign. The present Lime would not seem to be a favourable ode to be selected for the purpose of nominating a candidate but that a not conclusive evidence that the report it . The following letter in the new York express furnishes the most direct information that we have soon regarding the meeting at Cincinnati a Cincinnati november 15, 1854. An immense number of americans know nothings and from every Mio in the Union Are in session Here to Day �11 National cuon Oil and will be for some Days to deliberate upon matters of political interest to them of american of Titena and to tote Donn try at Large. Even California has sent delegates to this convention. The strangers in town who seem to be members of it Are among the Best men of Tho country and create a Strong impression in their favor from their general intelligence order sobriety and unexceptionable Demeanour. It is said that one of the objects of this meet ing is the nomination of a candidate for the presidency in 1856. I do not believe any such nomination will be made this year or that it is contemplated by any Large number ofic Legnica to Mako one at this new York new England the South North and West Are All represented Here by men of a Lionel sentiment and character. It looks to us As if Providence had interposed to raise up a body of pure nil True men to give a Wise and patriotic direction to the government. A Nufi mortars. This fully explains the delay in the Progress of the siege. On the night of the 20th the enemy Mode an attempt Lof Pike the French guns but a fail exl signally whatever russian said enter p the batteries being killed. The losses of the French Are not so great As might have been expected and their wounded Aro All sent to constantinople where hospitals Are in effective condition. The health of the army is on Tho whole satisfactory although some sickness had appeared among the gunners from the ships. Signed Canko Kkt. The total loss in the French forces from thu 17li to the 28th of october was 500. Privato accounts in the Monit cur contain French narratives of the Progress of the siege to the 30lh of october. On the 25th, 20,000 russians attacked Tho French rear which was defended by the turks drove them from it and took it Possession. The English immediately attacked Tho Russ ians and sent a messenger to Gen. Canrobert who hastened with the second division of the army and a Squadron of Chasseur to their Relief. Tho French and eng Lish cavalry United nud quickly repulsed the enemy by a Brilliant charge in which the combat was maintained for about five minutes with the sword. The positions were retained. The loss of the English was four Hundred but the French loss was not quite so great. Thu Moni eur publishes late despatches received by thu government from Gen. Can Roncil dated before Seda Stool oct. 28. The works of the siege Aro being continued. On the 25th, the russian army appeared on the Plains of Balaclava. They wore attacked and a Battle ensued which had no particular consequences except that the English experienced some loss from a formidable russian charge which was re i mused by them with great vigor. On the allowing morning 5000 men left seen so Dunnil attacked the loft Wing of the knit Bol they were repulsed. The russians however rallied and repeated Tho Utlack when they wore again repulsed with considerable loss. Canrobert. Thrilling news Erom the the Steamer Baltic arrived at new York on sunday with news from Europe to nov. 15th. Tho news by this arrival is extremely interesting. 1 lie news of Iho massacre of the English Light cavalry under lord Cardigan is mainly confirmed. They charged upon a russian Battery of thirty puns and no less than 400 wore killed tight Only two Hundred returning. Since then there has been incessant and sanguinary fighting. The allies in Point of numbers Are now Over matched and urgent requests have been sent for instant reinforcements. Fifty thousand French troop Are to to instantly sent to Sebastopol arid every available Steamer hns been taken up by the French and English governments including the Europa Alps Indiana new York and others. On the 4th of november there was a sanguinary engagement and on the 5lh, a terrible combat including n Sitio and general alack by Muschi Kofla a whole thu Battle lasted from Daybreak until 4 p. M. Both sides claim the Victory. The English took some Hundred prisoners. Tho russians stormed several batteries and silenced the guns. The loss of the allies was 5000 that of la russians 8000. On the 6th the Battle was resumed by the russians but the result is yet unknown. The allies Are preparing to storm Sebastopol before the russians can recover their losses. The intelligence brought by Tho Baltic is not Regn ruled a favouring Tho Success of Tho allies. The commanders of both the English and French forces have sent urgent requests to their governments for reinforcements. These requests Aie being complied with As fast As possible. The English government have on ered in government service All the Steamer of the Cunard line and Are engaging a Large number of private steamers to convey troops to Tho Black sea. It will to some Days before additional news can be received. The opinion is gaining ground that the taking of Sebastopol is no easy of Muir. Thus far Iho allies seem to Haro received As much Maningo As they Havo been enabled to do to to russians. Three Days later. Thu steam ship Africa arrived at new York evening bringing three Days later intelligence from Europe. From a maps of telegraphic news published nov. 30, in the , we Rio follow ing War news. A pause has ensued in the Field Sebastopol. Despatches front the russians and British says that Tho six go Progress with regularity and preparations Are making for an assault. Roth parties Are in want of reinforcements. The besiegers worse than the besieged. The great Hospital in Sebastopol with 2000 wounded soldiers was burned by the fire of the allies. Nothing decisive respecting Tho seige of Sebastopol had occurred. Most of the news received relates to the Battle of nov. 2, and there is Somo discrepancy Between the russian and Allied no courts of the engage Merit. Both parties seem to have suffered badly. Bread stuff continued to fall in England. 8team boat Burnt ins Octon Harbor. A terrible disaster occurred almost at our very doors yesterday afternoon. At 6 of clock the Eastern steamers left this port fur their Varlos destinations and when they had been on their passage but about 20 minutes one of their number the Steamer Ocean capt. Donnovan Bourn fur Bath waa run into by the Royal mail Aleama hip Canada Cape Stone on he passage to taif kit from Liverpool via Halifax. Tho Ean it appears was crossing the track of the Canada in order to avoid a collision but she was not Quick enough in her move ments and waa Ron into by the Canada just Salt thu wheel House on the Larboard Side. A Large Hole was made in the Side of the Ocean through which the water rushed with great rapidity. The stove in the room occupied by carpenters express Weasen Kwas overturned and before the Canada separated from the Ocean the latter a learner waa on fire and shortly burned to the Waters Edge. The utmost confusion prevailed immediately among the passengers and m the terror and dismay numbers jumped overboard some of whom were frowned of. The Ocean bad on Board Somo 75 or 80 passengers but the Exael number is not known As the clerk of the boat lost his list and besides the passengers had not All paid their fares. He had taken about $40 Massage Money when the disaster occurred. Tho Ocean Hwy also a very heavy freight. The boats of the Canada steamers Forest City Boston and Eastern state the quarantine Bost and other vessel in the Vicinity hastened to the Rescue of the imperilled passengers and succeeded in saving the lives of nearly All the passengers Many of whom reached the City last night. About a dozen passenger were saved Irv the life boat of the for Cit City and that vessel brought the dead bodies of three persons who were picked up but have not been identified. One is a child one a Young Man supposed to be a Seaman and one a Young woman in a Black dress with a Gold and a Coral ring on her fingers. There were several injured persons and drs. Bigelow and Morrill were called to attend upon them. They found or. H. L. Wing the messenger fur Carponteri Sbath express very badly Burnt tie waa sitting in his room at the Timo of the Accident. He waa conveyed to the Massachusets a Hospital and it is hoped he will recover. Or Charles i upe a coloured passenger who resided at Cape cod and follows Tho listing business had Ida thigh and ribs broken and it was thought to would not live through the night. Hit wife was afro severely injured. Mrs. Berry stewardess of the Ocean was delirious but was not materially injured Boston Jour. Saturday. Or. Wing and or. Pope have since died of their wounds. The Ocean has run Orr the route Between Boston and the Kennebec River for several yeast. She was principally owned in hallowed and Augusta and was Worth about $70,000. There is a Rumor afloat that Tho Eastern boats were racing when the Accident occurred and Tho Ocean was run into in attempting to Cross the Canson bows. Great Bank Windham . Bank at Windham conn., waa robbed on Pride in night of Tummy two thousand dollars. Too Bank employs a Young Man of sixteen As a watch ainu and keeps a very Largo dog. On Friday evening Tho watchman put his dog into the Bank and went away returning about Nino o clock. Asho was entering Tho Bank he was soiled by four Mon who were concealed near Tho door it being very dark at the time waa bound gagged and taken into Tho Bank and locked up in a room. The dog was Ballad by meat and chloroform and waa Afier Warda killed. The Robbera then went to work systematically and continued at it five noun at which time 2 of Welcek they returned with $13,000 in Bille of Tho Bank. $2,000 of Bille of other Banka and $7.000 in Apemie. Tho Young Man worked himself Loose about half an hour afterwards and gave Tho alarm. A hand cur on the Willimanti Railroad was missing in the morning and it waa supposed that the robbers or pert of them bad used that As a Means of escape. Four suspicious looking strangers had been loitering round Windham for several Days. The amount of Windham county Money which they Bavo taken will be liable to Lead to their dotcom too. Boston courier. A Telegraph to despatch from new London mentions the arrest of the Robbera and Trio recovery of nearly All the Money. A forthcoming to a correspondent of Serape the a English journal steam Power a to be Aupp reded by a a Paulsons Patent pendulum t lever a which will be brought before Tho Publio in about a month. Two men in a sitting position will be Noble with ease to propel a railway engine Twenty five horse Power with its full complement of carriages at any a peed to to attained by steam Power. Trio tenders and boilers of Tho present engines will be no longer required and the new engines will be constructed of about one fourth the weight and say Ono sixth or on eighth Tho Cost. The wheels and frames of tha present engines will be Ava Ilamo fur Tho new one. _ i the lavs or. I it a. Leon Aro Woods am up it it a a to Tow it in or in a Torr my a Thornl Ltd Cal so at la Arr Uruu a pm pc in Tot a m a alow in a a or Mui us Viu Nuu pm let and a it Flun int la mrs Rel Lului Mac Mai of Flea i he r. Us in la Dimuil by Momyer i in Imo by A. Trrry. Law w Vuu a or Ger my 11,00. »4s a us in pm As no a a a mme a Aub Tabuli Imao iai Balm a pm mkt Cumi Malm in my frailly Hirk and in pm ump of Tunkun i Kara i a�7 or. Granger a National Shigad dress a is eagerly expected. The Troy Yav Eller expire says a fear that it has been deprived of its Merit by Tho accidents of Tho recent Elco Tion. Willix stun nov 10?the full official returns of this Stato have been received Ami m. 7-,Gire Cansey. The american candidate for. A govern or 138 majority , Atnori has been repaired and or. S. Lias placed in Jean for Congress 5 h majority. Myst Kocs disappearance a Ono of the smartest tricks of the season was played last night. A follow Camo to town who pro. Fussed to perform a great Many wonder Fril a Lilit of hand tricks and other things Worth seeing. Wyeth shall was procured for Tho performance and Well filled. The first wonderful trick was to be a Quot mysterious disappearance a end it was Well performed a when the hour arrived for the commencement it wee found that Tho a gentleman Quot mater Nusly disappeared Fri dog with him the proo Eeda and Loving the a a for audience minus their a quarters. A hams Burg a. Union nov. 22. Raleigh n. C. Nov. 24?david s. Rood has been elected u. S. Senaldi for four years in the Laj i Slature of this slate by a majority of 11 Vole. A Makk or county Trimi. In it rally of dr.h.0. Richardson site Kra win to dirty pts a Treml in a whoop 14 a my us input nil Ini Knelm to ump Tho our id do tar Oral Post us Pulakos Stirt to Tail Alloa at my nil inn which they a ii Shurj Starr in Mhz a ump Lopahs i ctn of in dry Iho or Wren that i Haro Ruml Fnu uni Nam and aim that they mme a Archt a an Laprad article at Iho a Law cum. I Winsul my to a two a a armlet Hillh lon rare that Yos Huin the Ual article a huh May he known by Iho to a Intille of my my nature of the mutable wrapper pm hour i so by the Eupr Fht Umler of uto Sun Whu Fimie a nil retail at my once no. Ii Lunowa treat Horton and by a Ira Iera in Kerry cry town my i to Luye uru a Huat the new in Yum Mateo. N. ,.�,jr., a Ovatra Teizun agent in tha n. R. Maim. Brighton Market?thwrmtny, no. 3. At market�?2a00 Bert Caule. 1000 Lauwra. I pair our Ken own 000 Cove Ami cat Rae 000 sheep and Lambe and lao Botne. Patena?reef Catt we Wou rates m try 7 60 Recomb do. 7 third do. So m it my a a he to Liso a nor Ewt. Talk Mam Liviu 43 a the. Calf Ain a he per la. Ytol calero�?14 m. It a or a a 23threw yearn i Joriu. Ian a 14a zurkin�?ft4� 10�>?o27 � i. Cove and Cairo Balm at i to 24, it 80, 84, 40, a sheep Ami Lambo Kura 3 m a a my Dow 1 2ft. Sprint the i Rrt Alt 4 1-3 a do. Fat oof Etc. Ramada a a Market Wro my and Portwo nto Haa we Market Day next work will be a wad Leaday a a Maui thaokeo Tarlac. Marriages. J in hard or. Don is la Akotoh of of tort w or. Janwa l of dunh furl and mra Loa Holla d. Staples of Newt tend

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