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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1854, Page 3

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - December 1, 1854, Biddeford, MaineLakes. The first in order is Lako urn a go about ten Miles Loni. The next above this i Richardson a Mako connected with 1 this by a River some air Milea Long to follow its crooked course. The rarer takes the ii am of andr Scoggin and is not navigable for boats. At Tho Bead of this River and the outlet of Richardson s Lunko is a data and a Large Camp with u Crew of men to take charge of it under the direction of Apt. Shaw who is ready to accommodate Fisher men and does it to their Salish Actium. Then we find Richardson s Lako about fun Trimn Uultt from one extreme Point to the other. The next Atill above this is the Lake Noblr called or it like it is the larg thit of nil. Being about seven teen Miles. Hero at the outlet of this Lake into Richardson s is a great dam ind a Large Crew of men to work on it and Crha s us ten thousand dollars has been expanded hero. Tho object of these dams is to keep Back the water in the lakes tilt such time As it is wanted to run the logs Down through Tho since Way from one p Odo the other. Then i addition to the three lakes we Havo enumerated there Are several other smaller lakes and Ponds and there is it present and will to for Many years to coins a Largo Buni Ness carried on in this wild Section traversed by these lakes and Ponds but from the specimens of lumber we have Sean on our rout we do not think much of the Quality of the lumber and when this is Riff we should not think the land Worth one cent per acre. List these Beautiful lakes will to Tho resort of the ardent Angler for Ages and Genera Lions to come As the a and Are extended through such a vast extent of Inland Waters it will be absolutely impossible even to Oatch them All out or even to Nolue Plum numbers much and w3 Auy to All anglers who Tuko Delight in throwing the Bright Fly go to Richardson s Lake and a sure to fish in croat like for we Are Safe in saying tins is the greatest place for Trout fishing in Tho new in land states and perhaps in the world. I have seen a barrel caught by three men in the Tourso of three Days fishing an j one string of ten Trout weighing forty pounds. Some of them i was told would weigh about seven pounds and was assured it a no uncommon thing to take Trout weighing soon pounds and they arc not the Lake Trout like those caught in Moose head like which Are not Worth cooking alter they Are caught but Are All the pure spotted Salmon Trout. Having said whal to Havo and recorded Tho same by the Way Side in our Camp amidst singing and merry Tulk and in tue utmost Huste we doubtless have undo Many errors but if so they were not intentional and we shall not have much More to say As our Papy Aro to leave Early in the morning or As soon As our guides arrive with our baggage and our men with the carriages who Are to come up from Bethel for us. Dock. J in Fust Home in Fri us a Short Hunt with six partridges and to would remark Hore that to have shot any number we do trod on our various excursions sat. Oct. 7.wo have now arrived at the popular tavern kept by John Smith where to Are to Dino on m would prevent All difficulty Between the two Couturie. Ink know Noti inc Nomiya ticks nor Iii . The following Specula Lions Are from to now Voik Tribune the new York times of saturday an Oik Cial or Semi Olli Cial article to inform the Public al Lar a that the know nothings will not nominate their candid Alt for president Ami vice president at present. Neil Pacba ble but this Doe not rentier it any the let Clear who those candidate Mut be. Tor president their Man is Sam Houston. He a a southerner Ami a slaveholder and there fore Well tailed to Lead that great move ment for Cru Hin out dec ional feeling that a to aay i Liko of slave catching which is avowed to to one great object of the order he also voted against the Nebraska Bill and � a Temperance Man which will make him an available Candi Date at the North. Beeves he is a demo Oral and May possibly cot the nomination of thai party and so carry the Lith and tier Man vote. Beaida he is to b4 the identical Sam or mythical impersonation of the order of coarse he must be the candidate and a pretty Strong candidate he will be. As for tha View presidency nothing need to said. That Iaea a read need fur or. Daniel i la Man and we protest a Ain a any other name be fog mentioned. Clur Inion tit journal. Friday morning dec. 1, 54. Clayton on americanism. Hon. Juhn m. Clayton at a recent Mau meeting in Delaware City delivered a Long mid Ehn Patent address in exposition of the principle Ami vindication of Trio objects of the american party from a report of which we extract the following " i came Here ton Lay said or c.," for the purpose f stating How far i was willing los ustain the new party organization known As the american party in this state. I Havo attended but a single Wjk i tical meeting this year and that was a meeting held in this town t y a Smail number of the old whig party which determined by a very decided vote that no whig Tiok i should be run in this stale at the approaching election. The reasons for adopting that Resolution were i they fully a Ives the principal pne being thar the whigs of the other counties of the state had refuted to form any ticket or to join in electing any whigs ate ticket what lever. This was the result of a state of i thins i Well understood Here. There were l Mil enough whigs in the slate to offer any treasonable Prospect of electing a whig ticket. We Are left therefore to choose but Ween the american and the democratic putties old party lines Are to a great ext obliterated. The american ticket is a Nadu up of inert of Ritli Tho ancient Par lies. 1 he democratic ticket excludes All but democrats. On the 4th of last month the americans met at the Capitol of the state and formed a platform upon which they have or nixed their new party. It is Liberal and fair. It proclaims the principle of religious toleration in the words of the Constitution itself. There is no bigotry no proscription to be found in it. It leaves All men to won dip god according to the die talks of their own consciences proclaims no religious test for office and asserts Liberty of conscience Freedom of thought and Freedom of speech As constituting the very basis of the new organization. It denies the right of aliens to vote without naturalization and proclaims the doctrine that americans should Rule their own country. It welcomes All virtuous and Good men Emi Grain irom foreign countries to i or shores to seek an Asylum from oppression among us. Though i was not present at the time the resolutions were adopted yet they meet with my most Hearty concurrence and approbation. Oil these principles i was wilting to net Ami am Yel willing to act but i never was a member of what has been called the native american Patty or of the know Noth ing society a. It is More commonly called. I know Thero Are Many eminent men in this country for whom 1 have great respect who Are member of each of the latter. The present governor elect of 1 Emi Sylva Ilia who is personally known to me As one of the most estimable and Able men in the country is universally believed to be a member of the know nothing order and it is said owes i election in a great degree 10 their votes. A better Man could not in my opinion have been selected for the of Liee. I know not upon what authority it is stated that the late president of the United states it a member of the know nothing or Der. Hut t do know that a number of the most intelligent and patriotic men in the county have adopted the principles and joined the society of this secret Paity. I know too that in this state a very great number of gentlemen of High standing and acknowledged patriotism from the tanks of both the whig and democratic parties Are believed to be among the members of Tiu order of United americans. Whatever Inay to the principle of the know Noth ing of Oiher states we Are bound to be Lieve that the principles of the order in Del aware Are in perfect accordance both with the letter and spirit of the resolutions adopted in Delaware nit the 4th of october be pause they were present in great numbers at the meeting held on that Day assisted in the formation of the platform itself and it was adopted after Lull deliberation with out one dissenting voice. We have reason therefore to know if there be anything pro bigoted or unprincipled among the know nothings of other states it is not to be found in the Creed of the party principles of the Amer Iconis of Delaware. I concur in the sentiment expressed by Lien. Washington that44 it is contrary to the h i icy of this govern input to appoint foreign ers to Otloe to the exclusion of native born i do not moan by this that a for Eigner should never to appointed to office. 1 mean that other circumstances being equal the Ain Elican outfit to be preferred and that was the opinion of Washington. But there Are Many foreigners in this coun try for whom 1 would not hesitate to vote and to illustrate my meaning i now Lake leave to say that As the senatorial term of James Shields of Illinois is about to expire if i had a Hundich rotes to cast in the election of the senator of that state i would throw them All for James Shields such is my opinion of that Man. Hut if another Janch Shields equally worthy patriotic and Able were to prevent Tii Moll us his opponent being born an american on the soil hero i should prefer him to the foreigner though a naturalized citizen. If any Man differ from that opinion he is at perfect Liberty to do so by. I do not Efty him his claims to True american and patriotic feeling. I shall not enlarge upon this subject for my views have already been publicly expressed. You understand me therefore fellow Citison a standing on the platform adopted by the americans at Dover on the 4th Day of Tail month and no other which in any delve con Lints with it. I will not sup port for office a Man who claims to to a native american unless he plants himself aug noon that platform. If he seeks my of he mint do it by professing my principles. He must Tell me that some other party besides the american party Here has nominated him for the office. He must come out plainly and say that Houks sup port on the principles of the americans at the Capitol when they met last month publicly in state convention. If he asks the support of Tho american party he has no right to accept without our consent a nomination from another party professing principles which we As american have never adopted. At ibis ii is when think there in far More real danger than he Ever existed be fore a the Oralo upon mailers of political intercut to Thoin an american citizens and to die noun try at Large. Even California has sent Delegate to this convention. The strangers in town who Aeten to be members of in Aro among the beat men of Tho country and create a Strong Impre Aaion in their favor from their general intelligence order to briefly mid unexceptionable Demeanour. In is said that one of the objects of this meet ing is the nomination of a candidate for the presidency in 1856. I do not believe any such nomination will be made this year or that Ilia contemplated by any Large num Ber of delegates to make one at this time. New York new England the South North and weal Are All repro Aenied Here by men of National sentiment and character it looks Loua a if Providence had Interpol and to raise up a body of pure and True Inen to give a wac and patriotic direction to the government. Or. Granger " National whig address " is eagerly expected. The Troy Yav Eller expresses a fear that it Haa been deprived of its Merit by the accidents of Tho recent a lotion. nor. 10.the full official returns of this state have been received and afro Cansey the american candidate for joker nor 73s majority and Cullen Ameri can for con Graca 5 h minority foreign new8. Halifax nov. 23.the Royal mail steam ship Canada Cap. Stone from Liverpool. Nov. 11, arrived at this port at 11% o clock last night. Tiric Mill holds out stoutly and the substance of the news from that Quail or is that he allies had met with an important Check and had not made much pro Giesa since the last accounts. Gen Canrobert sends officially to the French minister of War Dales to oct. 22, in which he states that the French approaches towards the Walls of Sebastopol continue to Advance agreeably with his previous plans of working but the difficulties met with Are two fold first in the Rocky nature of the ground upon which the parallels have to be formed and second the extremely heavy calibre of the ship artillery which the russians have mounted profusely upon the Walls against which the French have t Only to oppose their 68 Pounders and 12 Inch mortars. This fully explains the de Lay in the Progress of the siege. On the night of the 20lh the enemy made an attempt to Piko the French guns but failed signally whatever russians did enter the batteries being killed. The losses of the French Are not so great As might have been expected and their wounded Aro All sent to constantinople where Hospi Iala Are in effective condition. The health of the army is on the whole satisfactory although some sickness had appeared among the gunners from the ships. Signed Canso Okst. The total los in la e French forces from Iho 17lli to the 28lh of october a 500. Private accounts in the Moni eur contain1 French Nana Tives of the Progress of the siege to the 30th of october. Oil the 25th, 20,000 Olluf asians attacked the French rear which was defended by the turks dive them from it and took pose Sion. The English immediately attacked Iho Russ ians and rent a messenger to Gen. Can Robert who hastened with the second division of the non in and a Squadron of Chas Sears to their Relief. The French and eng Lish cavalry United and quickly repulsed the enemy by a Brilliant charge in which the combat Watt maintained for about five minutes Wilh the sword. The positions were retained. Trio docs of the English was four Hundred but Iho French loss was not Quilo m great. The Mon Ilour publishes late despatches received by the government from Gen. Can Robert dated hero re Sebastopol oct. 28. Tic works of the siege Are being continued. On the 25th, the russian army appeared on the Plains of Balaclava. They wore attacked Ami a Battle ensued which had no particular consequence except that the English experienced Kome com from a formidable russian charge which was re Fiul sed by them with great vigor. On the allowing morning 5000 men left Sebasto no i and attacked the left Wing of the eng Lish but they were repulsed. The Russ ians however rallied and repeated the attack when they wore again repulsed with considerable loss. I Rodert. Thrilling news rom tiie Crimea. The Steamer Hallic arrived at new York on sunday with news Fiorin Europe to nov. 15ili. The news by this arrival is extremely interesting. 1 he nows of the massacre of the English Light cavalry under lord car Digan is mainly confirmed. They Charcot upon a russian Battery of thirty uns and no less than 400 wore killed Cutright Only two Hundred returning. Since then there has been incest int and sanguinary fighting. The allies in Point of numbers Are now Over matched and urgent requests have been sent for instant reinforcements. Fifty thous and French troops Are to to instantly sent to Sebastopol and every available Steamer has been taken up by the French and eng Lish governments including the Europa Alps Indiana new York and others. On the 4th of november there was a sanguinary engagement and on the 5th, a Ter Rible combat including a so Tiu and Gener al alack by Meusch Kofl s whole army. The Battle lasted from Daybreak until 4 p. M. Both sides claim the Victory. The English took some Hundred prisoners. The russians stormed several batteries and silenced the guns. The toss of the allies was 5000 that of the russians 8000. On the 6th the Battle was resumed by the Russ ians but Tho result is yet unknown. The allies Are preparing to storm Sebas Topol before the russians can recover their losses. The intelligence brought by the Baltic is not regarded favouring the Success of the allies. The commanders of both the English and French forces have rent urgent request to their government for reinforce ments. These requests ate being complied with As fast at possible. The English government have ordered in government ser vice All the Steamer of the Cunard line and arc engaging a Large number of private Steamer to convey troops to the Black sea. It will be some Days before additional news can be received. The opinion is gaining ground that the taking of Sebastopol is no easy affair. Thus far Iho allies seem to Havu received As much Daniago As they Liao it Cen enabled to do to he russians. Tii Uke dats . The steam ship Alrica buived at new York wednesday evening bringing three Days later Intelli gence from Europe. From a a of telegraphic news published nov. 30, ill the Portland advertiser we Glen Iho follow ing War news. A pause has ensued in the Field fight Inger Beirne Sebastopol. Despatches front Ibe russians and British says thai the siege Jwo Gress with regularity and preparations Are making for an assault. Both parties Are til want of reinforce ments. The besiegers worse than the besieged. The great Hospital in Sebastopol with 3000 wounded soldiers was burned by Ibe fire of the allies. Nothing decisive respecting the Eigo of Sebastopol had occurred. Most of the news received retains to the Battle of nov. 2, and there is Somo discrepancy Between the Ilus Sianii and Allied accounts of the engage ment. Both parties seem to have Suft erod badly. Brands Tuff continued to fall in England. Most Friom disappearance Ono of the smartest tricks of Tho reason was played lost night. A follow Camo to town who pro fessed to perform a great Many wonder Fol slight of hand tricks and other things Worth j seeing. Wyeth s Hall was procured for the performance and Well filled. The first wonderful trick was to be a " mysterious disappearance and it was Well performed As when the hour arrived for the commence ment it was found that Tho gentleman had " mysteriously disappeared taking with him Ibe proceeds and leaving the anxious audience minus their Burg a. Union nov. 22. , n. C. Nov. 24.david s. Reed High been elected u. S. Senator for four years Ito the Ebisu Liiro of Lii state by n major Ity of 11 Voles. J steam boat Barnt ins Octon Harbor. A terrible disaster of cured almost at or very doors yesterday afternoon. Al 5 o clock the Eastern steamers left this port for their Virions destinations and when they had been on their passage but about 20 minutes one of their number the Steamer Ocean cant. Donnovan bound for Bath was run into by the Royal mail steamship Canada capt. Stone on her passage to to bit kit from Liverpool via Halifax. The Ean it appears Val crossing the track of the Canada in order to avoid a collision but she was not Quick enough in her move ments and was ran to by the Canada just Abatt the wheel House on the Larboard Side. A Large Hole was made in the aide of the Ocean through which the water Rahed with of great rapidity. The stove in the room occupied by Carpenter s express Messen Ger was overturned and before the Canada had separated from the Ocean the latter Steamer was on fire and shortly burned to the water s Edge. The utmost confusion prevailed int medi lately among the passengers and m the Ter ror and dismay numbers jumped Over Board some of whom were throw net. The Ocean had on Board some 75 or 80 Passen Gers but the exact number is not known As the clerk of the boat lost his list Ami be sides the passengers had not All paid their fares. He had taken about $40 Massage Money when the disaster occurred. The Ocean had also n very heavy freight. The boats of the Canada steamers Forest City Boston and Eastern stale the quarantine boat and other vessels in the Vicin Ity hastened the imperilled flax engers and succeeded in saving the Iveson nearly All the passengers Many of whom reached the cily in night. At omit a dozen passengers were saved Irv the life boat of the Forest cily and that vessel brought the dead bodies of three per sons who were picked of but have not been identified. One is a child one a Young Man supposed to be a Seaman and one a Young woman in a Black dress with a Gold and a Coral ring on her fingers. There were several injured persons and drs. Rigelow and Morrill were called to attend upon them. They found or. H. L. Wing the Mes Senger for Carpenter s hath express very badly Burnt. He was silting in his room at the Timo of the Accident. He was conveyed to the Massachusetts Hospital and it is honed he will recover. Or Charles Pope a coloured passenger who resided at Cape Coil and follows the listing business had his thigh and ribs broken and it was thought he would not live through the night. His wife waa Auu severely injured. Mrs. Berry stewardess of the Ocean was delirious but was not materially injured Boston Jour. Saturday. Or. Wing and or. Pope have since died of their wounds. The Ocean has run Orr the route Between Boston and the Kenne Bec River for several year. She waa principally owned in hallo Well and Angus la and was Worth about 870,000. There is a Rumor afloat that the Eastern boats were racing when the Accident occurred and Tho Ocean was run into in attempting to Cross the Canada bows. Fin hat Bank Windham . Bank at Windham conn., waa robbed on Pridni night of Tummy Taco thousand Dol Lars. The Bank employs a Young Man of sixteen As a watchman and keeps a very Largo dog. On Friday evening Tho watch Roan put his dog into the Bank and went away returning about Nino o clock. Asho was entering the Bank he was sorted by four Roon who were concealed near Tho door it being very dark at the time was bound gagged Ana taken into the Bank and locked up in a room. The dog was belled by meat and chloroform and was afterwards killed. The robbers then went to work systematic Cally and continued at it five hours at which time 2 o Cleek they returned with $13,000 in Bills of Tho Tunk $2,000 of Bills of other Banks and $7,000 in specie. The Young Man worked himself Loose about half an hour afterwards and gave Tho alarm. A hand car on the Willimanti Railroad waa missing in the morning and it was Sunpo Eod that the robbers or part of them Baa used that As a Means of escape. Four suspicious looking strangers had been loitering round Windham for several Days. The amount of Windh tra county Money which they Bavo taken will be liable to Lead to their Detec Tion. Boston courier. A telegraphic despatch from new London mentions the arrest of the robbers and Tho Roc ovary of nearly All the Money. A forthcoming won to a correspondent of her path s English journal steam Power is to a superseded by " Paulson s Patent pendulum t lever which will be brought before Tho Public in about a month. Two men in a sitting Posi Tion will be Noble with ease to propel a rail Way engine Twenty five horse Power with its full complement of carriages at any Speed to to attained by steam Power. Tho tenders and boilers of the present engine will be no longer required and the new engines will be constructed of about one fourth the weight and say Ono sixth or on eighth Tho Cost. Tho wheels and frames of Tho present engines will be Avail Nufo for the new one. The uti rat. Ill. Woods am it or Utah a of Iii amour or a Thrall fairal i Laary a note us Niu Huitt from a Mug us Viu Nijiu a Liniai Blun for caught am com Matin la ? Aaril a Lark i a la Sam a a Tucik thanin Fucai to Imu i or Tro m to Franl ii u i mat and role Arlah for my la adj maj by j. How yrs in Sago 17 j. A. Iwo or. I Rioa m outa Lar for Alia 11,08. I a lit in a lit of country frito. The celebrity if l . Iii Ray Wink Liitt Kish Imu us Lurnel Rural a rum Wool not p mrm the input no Ioctl known lure to him us our of doctor Ami it or for the Pultur an article la Lizul. Talon of my null Row which u of rail if cml Wim pm Ter and attract i Pala Ihm of to Arr the Prat Are thai 1 have retinal frn Btu cum and Ala that they ban to Arturr an to in Nril article of umm my i would you Trewe Iii Puna it 4 Brillh u i or. That Roli Tajn the Mil article which a a a known by i Bol ill of my in Nasuit a i la out file nor inf each bottle and Alao by the copyright Umler of Tho my Muff Lulf. Until wholesale Ami Trull at my office no. Ii Luis nor to to be Fucai and by All my in every atty town Ami Village throughout the new Kivland Matea. N. Narm jr., u my Aula travelling a visit id Tea n. K Malta. Of Niau Brighton market.tkar4ar, fur. �3. At m aft it 200 in cattle 1000 of Tom if pain our Tunc own 00 cow Ami Cairn 6000 enter and Lamb my my the. I cattle we Dante kit a i w anal iter 17 t0 Weand to. $71 third do. M a Rwjr 4 71a f it. Illum i 60 a 0 per cwt. Ishi 42 a tic. Calf Mina Lotf per in veal calrca14 60, 6, Torrey Arunn a la. � 23 throw smrt no. In. A 30, a 34. Wetting t �im#94,100, lift 1j0, in 141 a Ito. And Calr Ulm at f 9u, 34, 27, 30, 3ft, 40, a a #40. A tier Ami lamp Kitra 3 m 4, a my Burld $1 2ft, 10, t a m twin l-4c mall 4 1-3 a a. Rat log Etc. Iii a Ulm Ute tall and prot Wuner Martof Darr nest week 111 he

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