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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1854, Page 2

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - December 1, 1854, Biddeford, MaineLouis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Vol . 48. The i Xix and easter jul Raul Robu alled weekly vk1day. Orrick to 1 a Currul Block Biddeford opposite thu House. Luaui 2 00 be Ranquin or i paid within three month from the time of subscribing sin. Gnu copies inf to obtained at the office in Seal Price 4 Rente. V b. 1 al ukr the american newspaper agent is the ouly authorised agent for this taper in Tho cities of sew York Boston and Plu Ladel phia Ami u duly empowered to take advert air stouts Aud subscriptions at the same Rales As re Iju ired by a. His offices Are in Ewy re Tri Bune buildings a Tom Scollay s building / wow a n. W. Conort Hirlund Che ant Street. Marcus Watson a Laleh _ p0etrx # a Tki my and i Ufim journal. To a bereaved Mother. Sweep not for thy Darling Ilic has found a Home above where the Ihrk of shining Angels dwell together there in love the Gulden Harp she carries Aud the Palm la in her hand As the heavenly lays she a singing Iuni that Bright Aud glorious bund. On the Nom of her Saviour she reclined Ler drooping Lead when fruit Earth i softly called her Yoou to sleep among the dead i Erc Haithc her satiated spirit hovers o or thy Earl lil v Bouie. And thou it hear i he Angel voices softly whisper ing to thee " she has triumphed o or tie death sting Aud her spirit now is free. For she Mains the heavenly Eden As she watch eth Over thee Aud when in grief and Corr us thou is i left thy Saviour s love then is not he spirit rising Down upon thee from above and in thy Lovely to Hamlick when thou breaths alone thy prayer is not then thy loved Oue s spirit softly once Luik with thee there ? and Limhi srem St to Beur the Rustle us an mail Silvery wings As u Sweet am holy each Nacsa she round thee Mio Luif. Aud at tunes thy Hurt o or Laden with it Load l grief Ami eare Dolli not an Nirel ii apr seem to Point to Tod us 1 Prus re ? and thy spirit meet Nell Strengell tuned us thou Loo Kesl up a Ivy tin world of cure Aud sorrow to the glorious god of love. Though like a Lovely to w rot which is stricken Down a Bloom so thou bust Laiu thy Darling in the cold Aud silent Toinby yet unlike the fading flow act which when once forever Dies her soul will rite immortal pruning o. D Lynnd the skies. Then Octaise to i out fond Mot iter Why would St Tobii wish Lier i Iek ? to i War Agni the insula thut beset life s weary truck alien earthly toils Are Over thy spirit then will r. In if Nicu to Nix to thy loved one beyond tie clouded sky. Ami while Here rely on Jesus he alone enu safely and Tum thy Onward foots Tjw from Ull worldly paths aside. Ami Limhi it know thy Dunyel Darling gazes on hive from Ulione. And lwh�4d the Onward Pic rom with u cheering Luule of love. J. N. W. Itu pkg kit nov. Lit 1s.-h. Agricultural. Vav v v a a v v w v v we v w a reports of committees mail at the fair Ami cattle snort of the York county agricultural society Clil at a tide Ord october 4 4 an 5/4. Pulls and . The committee on dulls and steers have attended to that duty am ask leave to re Jurt there were two entries for two years old dulls both made by Samuel Milliken of Sago. One of the in was of the Devonshire Durham and native blood medium size Leep red and Well proportioned. The com Brittee awarded the tint Premium of s 5 00 the other was Shire and native blood. The committee award the second Premium of 3 00 there we but one entry of one year old bulls that was made by Alvan Mckenney of Saco. This Bull was 1 year and months eld of Devonshire Durham am native blood of a deep red color Large aide and a very Superior animal. The committee award to or. Mcken Ney the first Premium of 3 00 there were four pairs of 3 year old steer entered for Premium. The committee award the first Premium of 5 00 or. Mclenney ii Tara in devout hire Durham and native blood All red Girth o1 feet Ami a very Superior pair of cattle. Be award to Oliver of Kennebunkport the second Premium of 4 00 or. Pm Nous steers Wero probably a 4 and would Havo been entitled to the second Premium if they had both been raised with in the county. They Girled to feet. To recommend to or. Milliken a gratuity of 3 00 there were two pairs of steers 2 years old entered for Premium. We award to Strain me Orve of Day ton the first Premium of 4 00 the second Premium to Silas lady of Saco of 3 00 there were 2 pairs of yearling steers of. Feed for Premium one pair were of erod by win. Joc of Saco and we award the first Premium of 4 00 or. Jose s steers were native Breed ail red and very handsome Large measuring 5 feet and 5 inches and Ocie under belter discipline than Many old oxen. In award Edmund coffin on year Ling steers the second Premium of 3 00 there wan one pair of steer calve shown us by Samuel Milliken of sacrum there not being any Premium offered we recon Metal a gratuity of s 1 00. John m. Goodwin i John Eldon j committee. La Wrinck Jordan \ Comfort to those who grow Couch grass. This grass to which so Many names have iwo Given and which on account of its to. Ing so difficult to kill is most generally known by the expressive Rui Iuo of " Witch grass in considered by Loiue As a curse and by others a Blessing. In gardens where you cannot put in the plow on account of j the shrubby &c., but have to cultivate by Spade and hand Hoe it is a very serious pest but in Field culture it is not after nil so very Forin Diable provided you plow it right and Rise Tho horse hoc or cultivator seasonably. We bad a Field covered with it last Spring. This wus slowed with one of Tho Michigan double plows a plow by the Way. Which we very much like. Tho Forward plow turned a Furrow about four inches thick and dropped it into the Bottom of the j Furrow previously made this took a slice 1 of the Witch gnus Down to its roots and 1 plunged it to the Bottom of a Furrow eight or ten inches deep. Trio next Mould Board i followed and covered it completely out of j sight so tint when Tho ground ploughing i was finished scarcely a sprig of it was seen. I of course it did not trouble Tho crop during the summer. But this process Cid not kill it. Ciuco Tho fall Rains cat no on it shows itself again. Probably a deeper Furrow would keep it \ Down. It can thus be kept Down during the summer at least while you wish to cultivate the land toothed summer crops. If you wish to s for grating. Or n Hay crop to really do not know of a better variety. To find that Tho opinion or Baliol 111 its bin a Superior variety for pasturage or mowing is mining ground. To find in the Loconto v published transactions of the n. 11. Agricultural society that a committee in a report upon grasses la t year to said Sociol j to hold the following language. " in Tho first rank to place Couch grass j trill non listens a grass that is beginning to be appreciated upon the Merrimack but which has usually l can condemned As a cur a upon a " it is a Stocky Hearty clean Sweet grass and if Firo Nerly Cut and cured will command a higher Price in Tho Market where it is known than herds grass. In addition to this it has other Peculiar . It Wil promo Gate from the Root As Well and from Tho seed will accommodate itself to poor As Well Sis Well Rich Laud dry As Well to moist land growing most luxuriantly upon Medows and in in volleys and still not refusing a fair growth upon a Plain a gravel Bank or a Sand Knoll. Such a grass is invaluable but it has its drawbacks. Onco in Tho soil it is there for a life time. It cures Lillo for plow or Hoe cutting it Only multiplies it for this reason it is considered a curse in n Field of tillage. It is a grass that will not to kept under by tillage fur this reason it is invaluable. It will grow upon Light soils and produce Well. Hut Tho True secret is to sow it on our lauds und cultivate it by of dressing. Onco sown apply ton dressing and tie soil need not to touched with plow or hoc Lor a Quarter of a Century. If Tho crop ails in in its upon knolls or other places apply a heavy Harrow on extra sprinkling of manure a of Liberal Quantity of Couch seed har Row again and Roll and the work is done. A Field kept in Couch grass in this was will product a greater profit in Hay than if kept in Tho usual m Cara since upon the intervals of Tho Alcor iliac this grass was considered As a curse by Tho Farmers goner ally but within Tho lost Twenty five years it has coins to to considered of equal if not greater value for Hay than herds grass. I the More its qualities arc considered and i its adaptation to soils and appropriate in Ltd i vation Are studied Tho More reliable it will pruning Orchards. It is a very Good Rule Ami Trio nearer it is followed the better Liat no shoot be allowed to remain on a tree that will require removal at any future Lime. By observing the form which a Young tree should take ind lob Bing or cutting Oil improper or unnecessary shoot in time any severe pruning at a subsequent period May be entirely avoided. Hence the remark has some truth in it hat pruning saws and axes should never enter an Orchard which is strictly Correct in All eases provided the Needles shoots have looped or i time Whon the Woik May be done with the pocket knife Only. A very common error is to allow the growth of Loo i Many branches the result of which is they become Loo much crowded a part die the leaven and new growth Are Small and imperfect and As a necessary consequence the fruit is half grown and stunted the head should therefore to loft open the branches few and so evenly distributed through space that none shall be crowded and All subjected to air mid Sunshine and All continue Thrifty and vigorous. A mod write share of Caio and attention to these particulars might to made to give a very Dill want report of our Orchard irom lliat1 now presented in the great mass of Apple now sold in Market. Larger prices larger crops and bettor satisfied purchasers would be Tho result and most stick ugly so provided Good cultivation was Given in connection with judicious pruning. Now is pm time that your Orchards should be Ora irined ail treated in the Way to have Pontod cultivator. Fink Kindi Krs. A Hare seen in article made from Tho following receipt tried and pronounced excellent for kindling Wood fire it is of Little use when Coal is used at least to Bavo new Boon Able to " make it work " without Tho usual amount of Wood kindling take a quart of or and Turco pounds of Ros in melt them bring to a Cooling tempera Ture mix with a much my dust a Little charcoal added As can to worked in spread out while hot upon a Board when cold break up into lumps of Tho Tiro of n Large Hickory nut. And you hive at a Small expense kindling material enough for Ono year. They will easily Igni o Fawn a match and Burn Wuh a Strong Wise Long enough try any to. That lit to Burn. Try it miscellaneous. A a � a v Vav a scene from real life. The following al cling Little incident u from the 4 five Point new York Mouth j by record it illustrates what is being clone in that locality for religious purity and Temperance. A few sabbaths since at morning ser Rice one of the most degraded specimens of humanity that Ever of frosted my vision came staggering into the chattel of the House of Industry. Ilis wild Ami frightful looks rag ged and dirty beyond description his face bruised and swollen rendered him an object of disgust and terror. To i Omot i look at the child in with wonderful interest occasionally muttering to himself1 Leleau Tifful Beautiful of would that mine were Here he sat an hour or More and then with a Long Earnest look at Tho Chil Dren Stags Jerud out of the Chapel Anil went up to the thai k Valley of Tho Shadow of death cow Bay 1 As Tho Bell rang for service in Tho after noon and Whilo the children were Cluster Trig together the same wild looking Man i staggered in once Inore. He surveyed Tho faces of the children with Tho closest scrutiny Anil at length his eyes rested on two Bri it eyed Little girls who were singing their Litile hymns. To sat immovable As a statue daring the whole Scrico gazing in Cut la on the faces of these two children. 4 the service chased the congregation dispersed yet he lingered and Tho teats cat no counting Down his face thick and fast. Or. S asked him what was lilo Mailer i am a drunkard a wretch in out cast homeless and without a Penny once i had a Home and Friend father Mother wife children and a Host of Friend who loved and respected me. Timo in01 on Ami i became a drunkard. One Friend after another left me still 1 drank on Ami Down Down i fell. Father and Mother Lois went Down to their Graves with broken 1 hearts. My poor wife Clung 1o me when All other deserted me. I Mill drank on i pawned one article after another until All were gone Ami when my wife refuted to give me her wedding ring which she had Clung to with the tenacity of a death grasp i i felled her to the Earth seized her Finger i lore off the Ling and pawned it for rum. That Futol blow maddened her and in Des pair she too drank and together we Wal Lowed in the Gutter. 4 penniless we begged our Way from ver Mont to this great City. Hero we hired a Small cellar in a Clatk dismal Street and sent our children out to beg. Many a weary Day we Seiil in that dismal cellar while our children were wandering in the i eels begging for their Drunken parents. About Inry Days since my Little girls went out to Knif and from that hour to this i have not seen them. Without food or Foo i Clung to my Curie Otid in All its striking deformity and squalor. The Home of two hearts. The Union of two Kindred hearts in the Bond of allow icon forms Trio purest 8 woo ton t Homo of Lovo known on North. Such a Union in Tho i a Jii tent of lion und with Lus Blessing Ami his smiles it forum u Sanctuary of Foh City a Host Akin to that of heaven. To form this Homo of two hearts much is needful. Tho first inquiry of a woman after marriage should to How shall 1 preserve Tho love 1 have inspired Tiow Hall i preserve the heart i have won 1 1. Endeavor to make your husband s habitation Ollu in a and pleasant to him. Let it be to him a Sanctuary to which i heart May always turn from Tho troubles of life. Make it a repose from his cares a shelter from the wot id a Home not Only for his per son but Lor his heart. Ilo May meet with1 pleas urls i other houses but let Hisiu find pleasure in his own. Should he be dejected soothe him should he iks thoughtful and silent do not head Luis y disturb him should be a studious favor him with All practical facilities or should lie be peevish Tinck al Lowance for human nature and by your gentleness and Good but oort Irge to Eon tin ii Uny think though he May not say it 4 this woman is indeed a Comfort to Ine i cannot but Lovo 2. Invariably adorn yourself with delicacy and modesty. These to a Man of refine m Mit Are traction the Matt highly a aptly Rutin while their Opp Sites never fall to inspire disgust. Let the modesty and Deli Cacy of Tho Brido bin Wasy in a great degree supported by the wife. 3. If it to possible let your husband sup pose you think him a Good husband and it will l o a Strong stimulus to his Taring so. As Long Asho thinks to possesses the reputation to will take pains to deserve it but when to has once lost Tho name to will to Apt to Hindon Tho reality. 4. Exhibit with Tho greatest earn and constancy cheerfulness and Flod humor. They give Beauty to the finest fun and a Charm to Tho Wlizlo character. On Tho contrary a gloom in dissatisfied Manir is to Jiu sire to Tho landings and there is danger that when a husband meets this at Home to will seek elsewhere for Thole smiles and that cheerfulness which in desires. 5. In Tho article of dress study your Hus band s taste. Tho opinion of others is of less Monse Quinco than his. G. Particularly shun what the world Calls in ridicule " curtain when you shut your door at night Endeavor to shut out All discord and look on your chamber As a Retreat from Tho vocations of Tho world a shelter sacred to Pereo and affection. I How i decorous and offensive it is for a woman to Oxer Ciso her authority Over her husband and to say " i will have it so it i shall he As i like i 7. I a careful never to join in a Jim Ami i laugh against your husband. Conc no his i and speak Only of his Merit. Shun i every approach to . The want of co noisy bus involved millions in misery. To neat Lidy orderly a methodical. Kiso Early breakfast Early have n Plano for cd Eny thing and every thing in its Placo. 8. Few things please n Man Moro than acc intr his Wile not Halo and Clover in the management of her household. A knowl Edge of cookery As Well As every other Branch in House keeping is indispensable to a female and n Wile should always Endea Vor to support with applause the character of the lady and the housewife. 9. Let it in your Empire your world. Lot it to the Scono of your wishes your thoughts your plans your exertions. I it it be the Siago on which in Tho varied Char Acter of wife of Mother and of mistress you strive to Shine. In its sober Guiot scenes let your Hoart cast its Anchor let your feelings and Pur suits All to entered Loave to your Hus band the task of distinguishing himself by his valor or Bis talents. Do you seek for Fame at Homo and let your applause he that of your children your husband and your god. From tar rom twin or. Scono at the polls in new York a real picture. I Road in your yesterday s edition n description of one of Liliu polls in now York in i Iii an to al cuu limn a paper in Llinat Niiya. I Shitik in fall fur Short of what i my mid experienced personally. Your readers of. Tor hearing my simple narrative will i know consider Willi me Eliut in is High time America should be ruled by now Yolk is Tny unlike City but i had never in Opportunity to vote there until inst election As circumstances had sent me Forth a wanderer in foreign climes and 1 have Boon roaming for a Quarter of a Cen Tury without a fixed habitation and of Louise have never interfered with politics and have troubled myself but Little with them but after having returned from the Down trodden ant enslaved countries of Europe 1 thought i would Lor Tho first time enjoy the great privilege of a Freeman vote for my own Uleis in my own free and Happy country. J but sir Vou can hardly judge of my or Price and feelings when repairing to the poll of my District to loud it compote by in Possession of foreign cart. I will crave your indulgence and partic Klarize i resided in the first Ward Ami the District for voting was Cornet of Road and Pearl streets in a Wiet Chod loathsome grog Gery filled with the perfumes of bad rum and Oiso tobacco distilled from Tho of toted nostrils of a crowd of brawling Drunken Iii men. With Consin Cable difficulty and and disgust i elbowed my Way towards the ballot Box when 1 found two half Drunken adopted citizens endeavouring to support a think Between them who was not far re moved from dead drunk while to deposited his vote. Tho following scone occurred what s y r name Maul demanded Tho inspector of votes. "1iiciiic 110 right hand Flahar i did t a you keep your Mouth Sutler to Drunken Man what s y r name i say left hand Flahar l the Man Spako for him Lii lit hand Dinna to spake jul Quiny and toll Linn Yor Jemmy with a i remondous my Hie Hie Hie inspector4 James la Hart Ait ill left hand supporter. Yet sir that s the Man answer for him hit Fht hand Jemmy Tell the gentleman James Hie i am Hie Jemmy Hie Jemmy Hie Hie Flahrity where do you live loll hand lives with me Ami wit Oro do you a Vul hot Hie de Herd left hand ii a d Hiohio Street inspector. Where the a i j. That a Wirht hand supporter.1"hound the Cor clerk Fiorin the table behind. Where does he Livel hand , sir you Livo in Elroad Street or Fri Dino s reef both have it Uridge Well who do you vote foil where is your ticket night hand Suzy of Hisiu Jem t Flahar yes yes we know your name but whore is your ticket Civo Linin your ticket by creat exertion handed a Crum pled. I Vav soiled piece of paper and that Man of thai drunkard alien s tote Wall Emily deposited in Ihu a acrid Ballut Box. I now Shoppe to Forward to Volo. An Irish policeman pal his baud upon Iny should Rand rudely gave to a push and told to to stand no i Felt acc Tain spasmodic twitch of my right Arm and had not the follow Hcan clothed with a Little Brief authority he would have been sprawling on the floor. Hot i resisted the impulse and turned to give my vote when another Irish Man who was lauding beside Tho bar demanded thai i a Wuhl be sworn. Swaro that Mon Ohye shades of my revolutionary ancestors of my venerable father who bled in Tho defence of his country at Long Island of my Mother who nursed Tho wounded Ami Szolc it White Plains to think your son on his first attempt to vote in his native City should be challenged by in irishman i turned away from the poll Ellinw away Tho ticket 1 intended to Voto. Tho scone through which i had passed too plainly indicated that americans must Rulo Amer after some difficulty i procured an Amer ican ticket and voted for America. Returning reason at the South. It id such n common thing to rend in Trio Southern papers unqualified denunciations of Freo sailors that to confess to Liao looked Over the following paragraph from a Marietta Naper tie orgin a second time to see a Blihor it was original or Only an extract. To found it to to editorial How Ever and Wero glad to nolo so much Good Sonne in to at Region. Tho writer Saya " Why will Tho Southern press persist in misrepresenting Northern sentiment to the Southern people 1 what More docs Tho South ask than free Soilis concedes re Spect for our rectus in Tho Union and equal Ity of rights in the territories 1 we know there Are people at the North who Halo Slavoy As much As in to of our Southern friends recently hated Tho Union but we should also know that they possess just about As much ability to give effect to Tho hatred. " with no sort of Justice can it to said that opposition to Tho Nebraska territorial in is an abolition movement. In nine cases in ton it has resulted from what was regarded As Tho i policy of superseding a Long established Law Tho terms of which and settled the Legal rights of fico states Wilh Rogard to the territory in question. " to have no doubt of Tho fact that All the people of Tho from states Aro Freo spoilers and just As naturally frees oilers As that we Are the friends of i he institution of slavery. It in a qurion of interest Wii ii Oom Ami. Iho ngh it Lias Boon differently decided North Ami South to no n. Far from Bali eve Iii dial the North decided wrong that slav Ery would l o profitable beneficial Thore As to Are from believing that it is not pc Cal daily adapted to Trio climate Noil and of i to Smith. Third ii lilo True Asis f Public opinion at Tho North on Iho subject of Davery. Thai such ail opinion can Over product a crisis Between the free and slave state., involving in abandon ment of Southern rights or a dismember ment of the Union to do not Beli ovo we cannot Sec Why Iho South May not lol Erato Iho Freedom of such opinions especially As they arc so richly compatible with the Protection who Chi Tho Constitution Alt Ord us. " perhaps the recent returns irom Tho elections in Indiana Ohio and Pennsylvania Havo gone a great Way to show that free soil sin is pretty nobly Universal at the North Anil that Tho anti a Branka move ment ii not entirely an abolition movement but whatever the origin of these Limont to wish it were indie general no Iho South Tho Washington Union and other prints of that character have to Long refused to acknowledge Tho graduations of opinion no the North Havo so industriously and for a malicious purpose misrepresented the sentiment of considerate and thoughtful men Here that to Aro hardly surprised at Tho misconceptions of our Southern friends. The present crisis however will open their eyes. They will discover that free Soilis As it is called is not a temporary or fanatical excitement which is disposed to Over Rido All considerations of Law and propriety in Iho eager Pursuit of impracticable ends but a sober rational and Inora Diablo Politi Cal conviction not easily intimidated and impatient of out Iago. It is a conviction which the South will to compelled not merely to tolerate but to respect. Indeed to fore peo and Havo olten predicted Ihal the South itself Ere Long will be Happy to Shol Ler itself under the identical principles of state rights and state limitations which no now distinguishing trails of the free soil democrats. It requires no Prophet to predict that if the pro slavery party continues to insist up on making slavery n National question if it continues to carry it beyond Iho jurisdiction of Tho states in which slavery exists it will sooner or later provoke a fearful retribution upon itself and its cause. With the prodigious increase of the North in Pov elation and Tho rapid growth of free senti ment among the people Tho South ought to see that its Only safety consists in a rigid adherence to the Good old democratic state rights doctrine. Tho future exclaimed or. Calhoun in the contest against Tho Bank. Iho future is ours but Iho future will not be the South if slavery Extension is made the National Issue. Etc. Post. Barnum indication arc thai lain uni it Auto Nockai it concerning xviii Eli m much Hacco sail of Lute in Likely to have a wider Alo than any work Ever published m this country. Having liar lilo privilege of looking Dur or. Lied Geld i order Bookwo found that Tho or Den from Book Oller and travelling agents called tip to yesterday die Mali afternoon for the extraordinary number of ninety Odd thousand copies. The Zidur received by each mail Aie almost incredible varying from 600 to 3,000. Verging Ronio frequently upon Tho latter Linn Tho former and All this without the Fri Etc to Prospect of Abate Nio it. whose general order for new Book i rely exceed a half dozen each order thin work in Hundred and five Hundred. Travelling a cts Seldom Call for less than 100 of Pulpi my fiend entry no High As 1,000. Wore it not for Tho Cut Igor diary Sal of Uncle Tom s Cabin which As we Undem nud reached a total ule of .111,000 Onopio. The foregoing fact would to perfectly amazing. A it i they Appeal comparatively abounding. Should the or Ders continue for the next two months in the same ratio As Tho publisher confidently anticipates the copyright of his autobiography Lor the Unildo state. Alone will net titanium Over . Sew Yolk sex Orr inv. Or. Alexander Hamilton. Donti which has so Long spared Tho widow of general Alexander Hamilton to be Vener need by american inf Tho present generation is a Noble representative of Tho women of revolutionary limes Hant last ceased id spare. Mrs. Hamilton died at Lar Orchid each in Washington on thursday Hist at the advanced nge of ninety six years in full pos session of All her mental faculties and at tended by her Loving and Bolo a children. Mrs. Hamilton was Tho daughter of Gen. Phillip Schuyler of this stats Whoso services in the revolutionary War form a marked Pogo in Tho history of Tho United states. Bho was born in Tho old Schuylor Man Ion fit Albany on Tho uth or aug Jil i7�rt and in 170, married Alexander Hamilton lion a colonel in Tho unilo4 saves army mid Ono of Tho aids to general Washington. Ilow this colonel Roso to Tho rank of Gen eral and became also one of Tho most illustrious statesmen of his country is Well known to on readers and Tho deserve of Logiur of mrs. Hamilton h that Sho was a Wile worthy of such a husband. After Tho death of general Hamilton in july 1804, mrs. Hamilton resided for Somo time in this City and devoted her life to acts of Bonco Lenco. She was Ono of Tho founders of Tho no York orphan society and was. For Many years its presiding officer. Somo Vars since or. Hamilton Ahau ged her Rod Doncic from this City to Washington where Sho lived with her daughter in to the time of her death. During the fishy years that mrs. Hamilton has survived her husband it is said that Hilo has always worn Tho widow s dress of Tho period of his Dortith. Mrs. Hamilton since her husband s death has always been an of oct of respectful regard to Tho whole Community and Many instances have occurred in which inc Public Whon Tho occasion was appropriate Lias testified its respect for her sorrows and her character. When on n visit to Hoston about ten Yoars since it so happened that a horticultural coloration was about to Tako place at Kan Cuil Hall and my. Hamilton was invited and placed in Tho desk by Tho Sido of the president of Tho institution i Linro were Clor Gyimoti and other dignitaries but Sho was Tho Only woman admitted on Tho Piri form. In Tho Courso of various addresses made from Tho table below richly loaded with a Lowers and fruits Daniel Webster arose and begged leave to non ounce that the daughter old on. Schuyler and Tho widow of Gen. Hamilton was then present and with his own Happy and thrilling reminisce non he dwelt upon the departed. Mrs. Hamilton Laid aside her Black Bonnet and arose. All was silent attention those who sat Noar enough could read the Tonder and touching emotions of her countenance. Sho turned to Tho president and addressed him. He immediately in a Graceful and appropriate manner uttered Tho Solit Mcnut Sho exposed to him and requested him to make known. When she loft Tho desk and demanded to thu aisle there was Iio Mathiu truly congenial to our re Pueliu and Beautiful in Tho simplicity of her manner and Tho shown to her in that National Hall. Noon moved but All silently waited. Sho walked through Tho aisle attended by Ono or Taro friends bowing almost imperceptibly from Ono Side to Tho Othor to Tho multitude expressing her feelings by her countenance. A scr Sim ple and a pretending manner and Tho silent respectful Lomago of Tho Puoplo seemed to contain a Clear and Beautiful demonstration of Republican truth and sincerity. During Hor residence at Washington mrs. Hit Nilton had weekly reception morn inc a when Sho welcomed her irions hut she Seldom wont herself into general society. The death of mrs. Hamilton was a aimed by in marked disease hut Tho gradual dec in of Tho vital papers produced alone by of tremor ago. Hor remains were brought to this City and Tho funeral took place this after n int Ono o clock at Trinity Church with mrs. Hamilton passes away Tho last to Boli ovo of Tho distinguished women of Tho Ain Cricina York courts Vij stun late. Sweet Abe Tler. I ses of the Mobile Register Well known m a leading democratic journal a in its Issue of Trio 28th nit has the following remarks v. Inch Many of in will do Well to read and relied Over. How Over a very Perce Priblo charge in the tone of Many democratic organs has been perceptible since the recent elections. Whether they consider the use of adversity Sweet to Are not prepared to say. A goodly portion of them make wry faces. As though the doses were very bitter. Second thoughts. To no glad to see that Soma of our democratic Brethren of the press Are arriving at Tho conclusion through the instructive Toad of adversity that there has Boon a Lack of Wisdom in Tho violence of their opposition to thu now society of know it was a Mie Fako to jump to Tho Hasty conclusion that know nothing in was but a new phrase of the old Federal party and to be attacked a foul rain act and on the instant under its new alias. It was the result of this Blind haste that our Brethren did not see that Many democrats warmly participated in Tho sen Aimeul al Macii Canish which arc Elemen Tal in this new organization. It would have been belter to have waited to Cue in this naw parly would expound and Ina Intai u political Creed Adverse to that of the Kepueli can party of the United slates. To oily apprehended thai the Elfeel would to to de Tormino Tho hostile position of Tho society to the democratic Paziy. And while Tho to City had to them with what its lieu to know not to thin Lanula to a Tiuli we could not subscribe to Weru unable to perceive Tho Wisdom of borrowing trouble Lor Tho democracy by making enemies of the know nothing to think now that a re action a commenced and a Jumer Ami Wiser tone of footing is beginning to prevail. Ankh Doc of major Eicr to Mil. " Liy in i Lylial Man kind mid Intro Paivio womankind Doniero u conceal Ali or i a Pio Loui which a no or yet Betru a Jurii. Speaking of tin a Foiw Day of truce a but a Iurii Rol Atod in our ool , lilo following anecdote Mijoi Hon. I Uwell Ami l my mul in a l i bar a hop toward Liliu Cloo of their live. A How do you do old Deul a Oll Aid or. I Uzwy. Come Nof Elia Jay of in you who Pic about Iny aug which a n truth. Upon my word replied or. Cum we you re inv oui or by Ion of no. Replied Krivo who Floi n Iii Pini univ thought us in decking for a lost and fancy Jou Rill Tino. The i a Lull Kubli Abacut of the Cai turf work r0, la flow up Villi pm my Tori lliatiutnau4 my to fun Rush ii l0i worked err Wjk � of with i Jar us a franc Onil Tut in Ruff to Iliin Yert in Tiiu it. Onur for v la i of fancy v r is t71 o. In color or with Droner old i rtr.-nt.i4 in � run hut will c a Liran Lilje with Chr Imit Fhon any a re in Komi of nil on firs la Uil Branch of the l univ Nin we. Or Kii Umthun. Cart a trl All Nikl bulk al i i on Lian-1. a Ait Uttel oct 1 Rimml Utill al if or or i we by mail a Njal Aii al us soft a i . L. 0. Cowan. Ark a a4\vlial it lilo tiling you Reloj i eel the Furt u Iol wow def replied or. Fuey a Healing Pipolo Mil about fan Itu Asell saturday Kerning a or tic excursion to the lakes. No. 3. Or a. U. Adams. Iurii Ardston to Lack oct .4. Our parly with Usu two guided and a Good bout e Avo Olu in All with gun and Hilling Ioda left our Llew for a run to i lit mile up s to Itlo to Roui a l la called hero Lor lilo Namou Eil Lor it on the map h compound of a Ellini put tug Thor in such a Way m to make it hard to Giro it utterance. Loo Climi Gullic is the name the report hero was thai Elliis Lake qua the Lake of Tho Large Trout and to were deter mined to have the Largo a and Best. Some of our parly had thought of Topping on the Way up for a Hunting of Cuie ii. We proceeded Lour i lilt up the Lake and landed for a Lew moments when our guide pointed to Tho a cont of a hear ill the and. And where he had been burrowing and rooting in tic and. This do Cidad out or by who wore for a Hunt Ami i of ilium Vav l2lbt. When lir to taken from thu water our party of five caught about i Wen to half of which i caught myself in a a no Short time. We find Here a of mood Lenil hike the guides and those who live on Iho Hli ores of the lakes know uolhing4hnot Ali i science of Trout fishing. Iam confident can Tako More Trout in one Day than old Lieherman on those lakes. A per upon Ling two or three hours on Tho Lako proc crud Down four Miles to the Point whore tvo put our Hunter on Hii Oit and found on arriving Lioy had not no cured a Bear nor icon one. But had found partridges qui to Plontz. Two or Throe of Tho party in Trio course of Iho Day Scro in Tho Woods crossing a email Brook and Law Largo Nui Liera of Trout in very Shoal water and having no fishing tackle they determined to try Horio other Way and with Rillo balls Dirk knives and n clip noose they managed to Souro ton of no it l i. Ives it Ouon Ana nil about or Ono h i of. Lioy Woro Trio handsomest string of Trout i Rem cow to have m t ii mid Len a n Jin Rucj 11i.it Tiahrt la could to taken with Trio Hook. We arrived Ull Well at our House � Shont Sunset having spent Trio Day pleasantly and retired for Trio night with a Brilliant Fira mincing in Tho Cen tre of our Camp. Or. 5, at old Iii Kwo went out this morning to boo a trap Spring which our Ian lord g up. Show ind cot it Tho font of Trio darn Tho trap made simply by making u Wicker work dam an putting it across the Bottom of one of the flume below Tho dam and then hoisting Tho dam Nuovo his on Sugii to let in Trio Trout on Tai utting Down Tho dam they no left in Tho Iii Iii Tho water nil having escaped by Tho wicket work dam. Only four Trout wore taken but to Uro told of Many As sixty or Intro arc taken at u time. I v cd. J. An 1 myself have some Fino Trout fishing thu Ino ining and our party no Call Ingu up to proo Ood Down to i Ako Iamba cog by a new route. A to Hare More baggage and Trout the in our men can carry Over Tho six Ini Loi or rough Road i must travel to reach the place whore they loft our boat. When they Cutno up our party Ivo concluded to lot Tho men got to turns with our things and yet the boat Back to Trio foot of the Luko. Our Hunters expecting this Day to Souro Ono Mora Hoar to Lofun bout nine o clock with our guide ten of us in All for a thirteen Milo tramp through Tho Woods where for the whole distance we should find no House or Camp with no exception about Cloven Miles rom f or starting Plone. We Ivo met with no striking and ten Tares to Day but on striking Tho bed of Tho andro Scoggin River to found evident Igns of a Moose fresh tracks and other signs Werr unto prominent but to Woro not of Ivory with Trio flight of id but arrived it a Bott s cur place of Cit in Good spirits and hut Little weary having Como a loot sixteen Miles Tho Ristaneo without any outside Steps being thirteen Miles. Tin our urn Vai to Uro Iii Romni him to Tho Ilnyo left hero it Many lat n Fine Ino Oso was Kilcy ton mile mow it Tho notch and within n few m a of where to Camo through. It seems Tho Moo of undo a ining by a and fell into n Large cavity be tween some to Clos from which tie Onildo not extra into himself and Tho two men who find him seized him by ills Antlers and while Uno held him the other Cut ins Throat with Lii Jack knit. Truly n vulgar and barbarous Way t his to dispatch such Noble game. To Bro arts al of Boon n boar killed within two or to lire Miles of this Boose nine we left and to fear to Havo orca hot the Mark by going too far in o the Interior but we Are not inclined to regrow that to Haro gone for our Ruck pm ban been far i Lynnd our Imit Sun Guitto sex ice Tuti is to Trout i Hing m hosing. To should have Dono nothing at bad we remained hero. oct. Hare Token n part of thin Day to explore us Angog a to with re Guido und three Othart of our paty who the rent of our party Henru taken to the Wood on n bar Hull. On our return to recount the exploit of the Dav to find nothing i Hes ing Seffl Pinnt in Terest has transpired to in Worth recording Lush and game being scarce and we do not a Friso any of Mir mends Ever to fish in Luke us Harrow. In Wyllo to Are speaking of Lii Lake we have it few Woiln to imy in re Ard to thin Groat Chain or liken which Ore ill linked together and stretch Nowaj through and Jiro Ond a Gutt tract of wild unsettled country which to presume will remain no or regeneration to Metio to Tho land is of booed ugly rough Rocky and mountainous and far from any inn Root and Likely to to. For where �

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