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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 25 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - August 25, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe Uio a Dea Ter Al journal it pm Tuo. Of Siesz no. 1 Central Block. Bidet for oppo in the bid Ford Houma Tims a 00 per annul or St 30if pm with three the tune a it a subscribing bit-1 a it Jopie May to obtained to this office in Sot a Price 4 cents. V b Palm a the american new a to per agent u the Ltd Uler or Boresen agent for this Pepur in the Vilice of new York in it Moo end in duly to Lear advert we Auto Tad at like same rate a required by us Hie office Ere Art York to a see buildings flatten. S-t4j.iv�?t� building Viilu Uthia n. W Comer third Tad be Elul j Street. Marcus Watson. Pruner. The Una act Juff mid journal Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday August 25, 1851. Vol. 31. Plain and fancy Job Puntino. To Cut my a a so oath imm and to it a Itle Newe to in to us Potuk with we a Quot a Eutimi. Went that bulk a Mede a lab a Fow Carlo Tala Art. Order re for r i. Ai n of r a re r r r i to t t or a in Cefers or oink of a Runte will he wed in a a Anim Hist flu compere Fer Grabato Witti us Wmk or a a lying if Oglw la dlr or Coull Rwjr and by the pm cd a Kat Kao ixe a a a a with a 4u�trh Tun began known in Thuc a Etino. Tar Urce and increasing i Onearl far a card printing jul induced the Sulie Artber to Euphae a Jav Elmr for cutting card Houra and the Hoard of the in urge que mice he in Rua lid to a err Ell order in thu Brauch of the mature to the no it prefect a Atu faction. Card Tigard of All Tutor and Quality at Way on hand. It order for any kind of Job priming a ent by stage or far warded by mall promptly an warred. L am Ana Joca Ai. Ornes. It l. O. Cow an. Poetry. Jerusalem. It itt tto Taylot. A pair a inca the Moon Jerusalem upon the Hills that wore thy glory Cuco ten in a Lallem. Err Judah a Sci Tivi our a or the our on Hullom of Olin re and Orer l on i urn but when 111 no a thy a plan Der act i thy i Imp my rate re the be earful a Dos that wrap Ihre now thy Donol Dion Lude the Moonlit Leauby of i by brow i Dun Llnore ancient Pride yet there where thy Tui pc rent the Dewar. Midnight we the Marble Whir of Dinar a unit and Akean a Iii Caret. Thy strength Jerusalem in o or and Are thy whips the Harp of la Roel mind Sun Oce la thy a fled he la. Twi when thy at a la re Fth to to d triumphant Over death behold the living soul of god a the Christ of Nara Ruth Quot the Halo of i Prev enee fill thy court thy Way of ecu his fio Kirp. A i inv holy Hills Are Beau Ful a Lleti three quart can by partially cooking in an open Kettle in a syrup just Sweet enough for use and putting the fruit in the cans hot and soldering immediately. It kept thus i perfectly. Soma fruits keep much better and with m. Durance had occasion in go to Paris that m. Durance had u Good Deal of spirit Ranee in their track they at once concluded done to look tight and it a not according to upon business. He had a Carriage or Chart about him and he Woi now roused to Muke that to was on Tho same a a errand one of in which he proposed to travel but at the reply a a that no one Imd Ever doubted themselves. On consult lion they thought1 it was a to Aritomo fatiguing Day to mrs. The Lime when he found it convenient to aet his courage and he begged to know Trio it Worth their Whilo to Endeavor to buy up Snelling win did the whole worst of her our the vehicle re qupied a alight repair Cit Ilso of Tho a sir answered his of min Ilion by the offer of a Good sum. Household. Her oldest son qua learning his and Tho merchant then comparatively m. Four i less Healing than a others peas Are aiming Young and Active though in Boot to Decd the Hare let a articles to keep they contain so slowly Forward on horseback for a couple of this night a exc Tincu iou Sun nuts Aruca Issue is known to the Reader. For they had hut an hour a nooning much fixed air. Stasea leaving his servant to Brub the Oor merchant Ufuti Ricaux. A a gracious heaven a it is not exactly in our Power to say to Sercely were the breakfast things cleared. We advice every family in the country to triage after him. M. Durance thus hoped can this be True i Quot a it a True re turned what extent m. Durance carried his a no Frics away then there was the meet and vegetal it 1 Fouche. Ltd a l,uv0 8tm�?�. A Uch of with the Vii a of restoring the three Hundred Hies to prepare fora boiled dinner and twice Ohl shape Soever but aim began to fee a Mist gathering in her eyes As Bat old kindness Ami Aires icon Carno stealing Back again jul recollection. Hut Mia. Hubbard was a Wise try this plan of putting up fruits for Winter to enjoy for some part of the Way a More m. On a Small scale this yes a. And if Aue leisurely View of the country which he had the truth relative to your it frs 1 am no Logia pcs soul enlarge upon it next year. Scarcely Ever seen beyond u few Miles Dis a United with and hits also Rich truth a it upon i. Fouche a a Vou Are Tobo robbed and Wiur a m. Dunn co a first words unintentionally Onn lathers Trade and Tho dinner for the two end she knew that a Pientl agric re ared this robbed and Tiitu dared finned the Misako As to his Pur a orca. Tho Imd to to on Tho table precisely it twelve j hard to win whether Llie of Leuco had is night a exclaimed Tho Thunder struck Issue is known to the Reader. For they had hut an hour s nooning. So intentional or not. Lot exactly in our Power to Eay to scarcely were the breakfast things cleared a tent m. Durance Cirrio Ltd ids inquiries Wuy then hero was Tho meat and vege a i View of restoring the three Hundred Hies to prepare fora boiled dinner and twice we believe to offered publicly to give Eho was obliged to stand in it list a pinned up i ii but it was never claimed from in Ilio thick Jeun lining miss prime was fit to atm was been Prairie mid spread it on the grass teds was in the fall and Winter. J to dry. I Kretiv Hanl work to live right Gnu she said verging round again to Iho old subject alter a Little talk Boul Iho roads and the weather. A every lot in life a its ,. I user to look it Rich people and Tance from his own House. Accordingly my reason for putting a qua too to you nun. 1 Erl ups the parties Weie isl iacued of Ting with unexampled tightness. The of think they had t a care in the Zoild but after giving Lull to the servant of footing your you Rule is this if you have their extraordinary and is Inlo Willod sell was no bet or Slio Hud tuesdays now or. Hubbard has done so Well to d Tiou. Ironing to finish her Little boy was sick and have to live differently and Diess Ditle enl a of Wiful though four years old und very a Iam there a no Mel to Locking after filings. From gouty t a qty $ a a ool. _. Alter giving Lun to me Servati us eating your Coli use w a a a Mou Cha docs Krux nor hair on Dehass. A Durance set oui Iez it eci ably mounted enough of that que div. You will go to your few years ago Iho purchasers oth Ltd hair at. And Wear a of. For he carried a Large sum hotel and Rathe to rest it the usual hour a Vire Hub a i it a in carried it out upon then a Quot by to do him Justice he had a Stoat spirit and a fair Shaie of coir b placing your Pomn Antonu is usual by your a bedside und betraying no suspicion to those this a in the fall and Winter. After lie a vol a a a a Mich of either was required around you. Only take not to fall ing Washer with the Rains it was raked in a Ollett it period owing to the asleep my leave the v51 a my r Wilma nuking a portion sticking on the. Kiln Iiralo Dean o of efficiency into which of it a by my mry and indeed improper for you j the Spring this was Green Flung a Poulte had brought the twi Lico to look in Tho a insets or beneath the bed. A spot until continue to he the sweetest. Of was proved by the Cuttle remitting Here to teed. Of a he country. M. To look in the closets or in Short do nothing hut go to rest us you Charity Evieth not. Diu Ocee a first Days travel was in j would do it Homo und leave Tho rest to urn a a. A productive of any wonderful event. He have you Resolution to do this a m. Daily and by Ono of them died then another >t0pk., 5for�?z Nightfall at a Village inn meditated a Little. As was not uni it and another Thuu Gli a a healthy. Then one we opened to ascertain Iii r ouse. Wilile Riding slowly along a of Tia of the it voice add i cd him again. A if j f or her the cause of death und Une Remde imphers for the hurler of a ure w00 a a a curiosity. In the Suomi chs >1 Liose Tomt his human Yooy a still he utile Chr m w i ill Olive Law la of old i us Lam inure. I unto thee Juru it Ulm stayer of prot pts a la tto our that in Ibi fury Martl Lla nig Ltd pm it Sny i a end Lilliee now where thou of Chri-l1 with i Ignis a spent forgive Why foe Ltd a he Al t v eminent yet Are duly Cut a thy a Oul is crucified they a Lurken with the com inn nning to la Light Bat from tree Bemid and to Gay the hatred 1lwy proclaim thy spirit 1� Tda themed Auto limit ear the prayer they Send were lit for but ii a re Len and Mon Leni a i Miar a la feud the Temple they profane. Wiki a Ball re to build Jerus a in in 1 her a a Ulerid Clu Ndreu hum from mirth a far end und gut her them lie Nelli iter aha Useriu a Wiuf f for a duh a Stepter la re Keu lie and Fri Hii his pm Vav a Leui i it it new a Lull arise for jul Jerusalem 1 uni lot late wild a a a i tier Hills its foul Una Riglis a lend a Al by the Rosire a a Kedron a Rill tie do a a it us Kler hired for who re the love of c Hrit has Mude ii Munmun in the it Eurl he Bui do in i ship will not Lude her Beuve uly Toni Leipart. How Long of Christ a Hull men Oba Eure thy to Iyo airily a ii. W Long die Ritow endure Wleh they Beetow on Tyiee ? a thou in wimp a mind of Lender next the Fallier him no a hone Quot who cume his of men lob Era by truth Cuil love a done. The aunt of eighteen Hundred end Lluver men Why reign Ami doming Ini he hears thy urine in every Lund Bui where inv Sacra to a let a were a ent thy her a a hide the car meet Yel a re daily rent thy a Oul 1� crucified agricultural. Found two 01 thru a dozen hair Halls such is we used tub told when a i my were a a Witch Bui Gnu in Izmir mopped before Nightfall Ata Village inn a a once meditated a Little As was not uni it no or it Nutly Tut and re it Cinfo Rubly. Nod next in Truing Pur ural before giving an answer on which Trio Ruso cd to ascertain m1 a Hil route. Wilile Riding slowly along of Iho police Andrca cd him again a Oil in Fot noon you do not led inclined to go through with a bought Hir less n eight a Purily of j this affair i will procure one to personage Abbou must to four ant Way before you. This would Render Tho Aluir Turc so Cuk of the feathers. 1 nun there s that new expected to is in to such a discourse und a and that or Cecli to i Yogi Ion in Tho right place even when the t twelve shillings und a a a j a unoccupied and then Iho dress did a a a a. Of the second Day he observed the Kuy. A sweat fad most upon thl Lour a Buhi were a Liin. A Short he a human �.roas-, i i _ a a in Umen also on tier Serai a a snort a him. He continued Hilt to course and sew with miss in rim. But no Yennor lir a lies s. Neal. A ibo got her Iredle live used Ami her old Moln i y i a 11 in than some new demand would Law made a on say so. Upon her time and so Iho Short afternoon Irmo As the gospel miss Snelling. That named Mitro Iho could stitch Upa seam 0 of Lieis she Calls it u Lilma and cell i la he a re a yet a dark. Besides All Cost every cent of two qty live dollars. I Lien Thiis miss 1�? was Disist d to continue there s her Hon not that Cane from new uric. Or conversation with very Little pause or too a miss Dunn s work am t Good enough to let it discussing the of Tho whole Ell that minuet could r of he neighbourhood and the Church with a Tiu in did Lars. Why the 0f m0rul v religious and personal reflections and Nix a Yard not Toj very Ono knows How Latigu Pugit is to be heavy he required to be nursed and tended used to work haul All Day and when the is if to had been a a Why. Sit a wanted Toj children Weie asleep in Trio evening sit but h i you know they difficult and its Success less certain unit might Lio a a no no a exclaimed no neither of pm Tkv. La Lull i u Uno cur v a shut s the Way she. Rest a. I to was when nol i0ok Llu a won a is mini it inc Jwj. Lold my Jialiu was glad enough to get me in sow for her. Figure let in her mind the new pieces had her beg and beg and Csc sch me to Mir �,.�.r a ilm Kur Ilam rim Amiin give her a Day or even half a Day in manuring which continued to show its effect for years alter. 11-Tir Hall it Are Ofin found in Tho stomachs of cattle on the farm from a morbid appetite eating their own or another animals or when the Swine have been butchered arid perhaps Al 0m oftener or Mlocek death than in image to. To cry uneasy. Into Iho Wood already Ronen Fionch and when the Middle of it poor do Iauco was Primi Ticu inn 1� .7. A Quot drawing up his he Iso also fora r prevent All the be Jilou Glied. In he a tue to it 0 under h is very valuable. Y. Atli a nil apparent Consu Lati Tribune. To ii Omsk a Goon a milk cow. Select from a hot uni Breed. W e prefer the Devons Bright Bay red. Tie Durham arc Roan red White and mixtures of these colors. Ayrshire cows Are gent Rully red and White so cd. Iler Fords. Red or Darker coloured with White faces. Alderney Pale red and mixed White. There Are the principal cold no of the several or eds of which the Dur hams Are the largest und Alderney the smallest diff rent India Idun is will contend Ter Ench Breed being the Best and Only one that should lie selected fur their milking qualities. Hut animal of each Breed and of crosses of them often Provo remarkable milkers and so do some of 1 lie native so Ock of Tho county. Two families of co a one owned by co i. Jaci pies of ten Hil s farm near Charlestown ma>s., and Ono owned by x1.j Judin Jones of Wheatland farm Neur Middletown Delaware were culled native Breed. If we were about selecting n milk cow we would to get one out of such u Herd of Uiski milkers one with a soft velvety feeling skin slim neck Fine legs Broad Stern with what it called a Largo Escutcheon that is the hair of Tho Stern pointing in want a Large udder in teat and Large veins commonly called Indk veins on Tho in shocked to see the men Hall and turn Loul to ohs Eive him a if a. The merchant was at Thi Lime but a Short them am could not help moment one of the on Clintion with the others left them and advanced to our Friend. A a a now is lilo Lime a Tho Nuht Durance a Ilioiu comes the demand for my purse a what is to be a Lone a and the worthy souls heart sunk within him As lie thought of the heavy sum which he bore. When the mail came up however there was no demand of this kind Tuncle. The strangers words to Durai Ico Weie a what is your purpose Here the merchant hesitated Ami at length stammered out a a i am come upon in honest Erial. I Hope like yourselves a a a a i thought a to a replied the stranger. Then after a my meat s pause lie continued a a Well what will you take to go Sway 1 will you take one Hundred Louis a mystified thoroughly Durance almost by acct Cut holier out a a a a no a the Man again a hike Ami said a a i cannot idler you More without speaking to my with which winds lie turned and rejoined his band. >1. Durance a never so much in his Lile bul i spirits Rose As he saw 110 intention 011 the part of the men to injure him Ami he waited quietly till Tho stranger returned. That personage was not Long away when he returned a bag of Money a �11 his hand. This bag he Ivald out to dui auce saying a we have Cometo the Resolution of just offering you three Hundred belly. Above All things select your cow of Uulu 0�??Here they Are if Yon choose a gentle put fun unt countenance because a jul j,0 away. Durance Sal More bewildered i. A. A Over and was about log Peak when the bag was again thrust into his hand by Glrst re to Milker May be so vicious us to be worthless. L o not look for the Sli As the Best cows uie Seldom fat their hip fames Are often Verv prominent Ami they have the appearance of being Low in doth. A Beely Caw i Seldom u Gootel Milker. Tie next thing is w hat is a Good a Milker �?z0, in hat is How much milk in us to site yield per a would preserving fruit without sugar. We have received numerous applications Lor information about Tho modes Operach of ii utting up fruit so us to pre severe it in a Ruth state without c my King. Drying or p Licking in sugar. Ilia a business that cannot to Well he done in families is in 1-Trge Man fat tories. Where everything is arranged far convenience hut still with a hide experience and careful attention a Ery family can save enough of the various fruit of the season to furnish their tables with a great delicacy during thut portion of the year when they can gel nothing of the kind the whole secret consists in expelling the air from bottles or care by heat and then sealing up the contents hermetically. If the article to be pres Rod is a a aches select such As you we Hildar sweat meat. Util pair and Cut Tiu Iii cd they can he put in a Baittle and you must do Bis with the least possible delay or they we do be coloured by the atmosphere. Some persons a who want them to retain their natural them under water. When Tho bottle is full Cork it tight and wire Down the Cork with very Little pro Jestion above the Glass. When you have bottles enough to fill a Kettle such us ii inv be most convenient put in in and fall with the All rout d up to the muzzle for Abou filth in or Twenty minutes or until the Kettle aph sri to lie full of steam the atm sphere having Heen forced out through Thoemk. As Simin As the bottles Are Cool Amish to handle dip the corks in sealing Wax Eoas to cover them quite tight. An addition us Prociuk Tsionis use by so Une in put Ting fit Over the Wax another plan is to Cook the fruit slightly in a Kettle und then put it in cans or kettles Ami pour hot syrup or sugar in to Oil up the in or move and then Cork Quot and Seal the heat of the fruit und syrup answering to expel the air. But the iras they Are cd inked a or sweetened the More a uial will be the Faste like lies fruit when opened. We thave eaten peaches a year o d that to could Giot Tell from those sugared an hour be Ore. Tomatoes Are very easily preserved and a retain their freshness better than Alin a a any other fruit. The Small kind Are Only used. Fic Sld and Peel them without breaking. A the flesh. B Fales shout a hold at Mut a quart1 which made tie Good la Oul Anu s intolerable a ,tiu5 Thi civil request a Only Liee Ause when once cd a ii Entis to All Mankind. Notwithstanding the great by to strut Goiz a Oltre Clio m. Durance inst he use i up it once. Bottles Inow la of business is had conducted he. A Gnu of �,1 servant to the hotel a Liege he on pure a it a a with Largo Throat. Unit la j Harl Seldom been out of Bourdeux. He propped to log age and seeing no alternative ing on the inside Are the Best Ami bottles i he a Only once been it in Aii but that once followed the messenger to the office of the pm belter then cans far acrid fruit. The i was enough. On that Occum on he had met head of police. Cans however Are More a oly aet ured by a Wilh Firo Adeail Urt. Of those two Advent Fouche received our hero with Tho Iii Soldier than the bottles he corks and Wax. Tures Tongue cannot Tell nor Fain Cortas the air is let out through a Small puncture chive the Delight which the worthy Man after the Large opening is soldered up and j took in Nan at my these incidents. His cans heated and that Hole stopped with a friends were thereby in a slate of Pei Aigule drop of solder. Petal alarm. They never Heare lie words every Anide of fruit will keep fresh if the i d d you Ever hear me Tell a a or even. Air is exhausted and the bottle sealed Light. Cum Yms a every a come lion m. Durance a Tho Leusu Purkle of air admitted through any Juipi without an Inteman shudder and an ofic be Ding will spoil the fruit instant Retiz Al if a mss Ihle. A a did you if the air Eikild he driven out without heat cough to bring out a Cool perspiration there would be no need of any cooking and j for if the Good old merchant once began Only just enough should he Given to expel or rest was out it the for the the air and in Chung the taste. Many Sucu Edroy couple of hours. How Ofsei. The stranger who at Trio same time said a a now do take it without another in will be As Well Lor you perhaps As you Are alone Ami i can Tell you Tiu in Are determined Fellows yonder who that is How much milk Ruut she yield her would think nothing to Divic you a Lay a a cd a a thut will average five quarts us it we or a Compromise and 00011 my of milk a Day through the year miking Honor we cannot give with this 1.82. Quarts i an extraordinary go Al cd a a. 1 the Infin Stirne to to move Awny. Liar of this Ono to tit will yield five quarts a a Lav for ten a i up Secli incl made 11 wonderful impress months is a go a a id cow und one that will vol it Lance who though utterly Una Erue Lour quarts during that Lime is More pal. Tue the inet Ning of All Liis thought than average Quality. That would make it Wise to a rocket the hag and Rule on Watts. 1 2<h quarts a year which at three cents a j a. To it so it and a soon lost sight of Travrig quart i $30. We believe Tho Orange a Paity lie had met. O county milk dairies average Afat >40 or Duru uce continued his route peace cow and Tho Quality of the cons is Oonsa a yet a Nightfall Pom luring All the Way on retd do at Uve the average of Tho country. What had passed yet incapable of coming it is As important to keep a cow a Knas u any011 Tho subject. On reach it is to get her Giko a. This can never in eng the Village where he proposed to stay dime by a cureless Lazy Milker. Always a pm it he vow Joinell by his servant i k your cd it a Quick and perfectly clean Jame Ali Deina Niy with his Chariot and on and never by to counteract nature Gay taking. Tie ensuing Dav they pursued their journey away her Call. Let it suck Ami Don t ire in this vehicle nothing of Inlet Cost occur afraid a it will butt her to death it will. Raft Rhrou Eliout their further Progress until Dis end the udder and make room Lor the i by reached the very Gates of fur is. But secretion of milk. Be gentle with your Cut just As the vehicle was passing the Barrier and you wiil have a gentle cow. Select a gentlemanly looking person came up to Well feed Well House Well milk Well und Ifa Carriage Side and thus addressed m. Your cow will yield. Y. Tribune. Durance a a sir you will have the goodness to go with a a owl it a said the enter j Hennt a whither must i Gol and Whyle in a Low Lone of voice Ami with the utmost 1 civility Trio gentleman replied a a you will mis cel Lan to us. Monsieur Durance Tiik Mas or Tiik two ukr Tiki s. Permit me the pleasure of can ducting Yon to m. A pm. Fouche a Jacula Bein Ted m Durance ill no Small alarm destined Early Lora mercantile pro thought of what the famous head Kassiou i was a not when a Yujeh of Liliee or sixteen to Bourdeux in older o us quite the know Letle requisite for my pro la of de Pursuit in the e it one of the list establishment 111 that ancient Eily. The tread of this ainu which a. An or Emiely wealthy one was m. Durance a gentleman who from an old Friendship for my father took me into his p it the of Milico could want with him a i have committed no Rufo ice i Liao broken no Law and i cannot Omlei stupid Why i am sent far by a Tho stranger Cut Short this so each by saying i have been wailing far some Lime a Iii to sir being instructed a that you would ride i 1 a Carriage like this Ami Yout person Purt Matucan and every tiling about Yon answer the de scrip own House and was most Paie Luil Kindja of j,., j0 a a a it aunt there Fine be to me. M. Duiane was Well up in years to of tank in in Tom party Neil you will stave round Ami Tuddy inso Hial in in. 11,. Of Hoiness to a attend me to pm. Fouche habits and posses Seil of one of the very by is Xvi a a Nia Elf explain his business with you of hearts. He had one foible however which a More than i can there was few Rona prefer to a Dii syrup Ziade by about j have i been come a Ellen a alter dinner to liar me Pound of a Quot Gar to a quart of water to i ten to these two eternal adventures it was All suitable fruits. Green 0010, Beans peas not that they were Unile resting in them Plant currants Glt he Therriea. Selves. On the contrary they were of Awe most politeness and after him to be seated in Lerell immediately on a detail of certain Martois which Tnsko the Etc of m. Durance grow As round As full Moons and Lcy a the Good Man to the conclusion that Fouche nil the gentleman in my Spring i Rurik and no Slio got a seamstress As she Calls that suck up girl Tomt a eth in the Seltin room All Day. Oho makes Tho children a clothes and i cry a Aro Cut in new York when they Ain t made there. A a a a he a dreadful extravagant for n Church member a said a mrs a Sci ring Atli a sigh As lie turned herself slowly round before the lit be looking Glass. Slio was having a in Village dres maker miss after a repetition of his instruction and receiving some further particulars relative to the intended attack on him the worthy merchant left m Fouche and having Procura a Street Veli Ielo was driven to Tho hotel whither he had sent his servant and Carriage. Tho was now pretty Well advanced und Oro m. Durance had rested himself ant. Taken Home refreshments it wanted Hutu a b 1 by in More Tymn two hours of bed time. I to merchant left himself incapable of going out and he therefore sought a Book and sat still. A but with Bis usual Ximiness of heart he did a it a a Thund Lor the r non. It we a hard not wish to confine others on his account Winter und with Tho St ekness or the hit servant Damary who a a Daman children and or. Losing so much asked to go out Ami Call upon i slime by the Frost their Means were unusually a by All Means Joseph a m Durance a a Niu a. No wonder she Tom Uhtof Tho Case go to see your Irien Ris but recollect to to und plenty of the Rich Munuel Acturo a House hero again by eleven. A after this m do hold with a feeling of envy did not Raneo it a opted to read hut finding himself know it though. Í5he a plan. Guod heur incapable of Lul lowing the to canine of two cd person naturally s Rug glug on Todo her Trio k and a july through Tho it scour i Guiont of ill health ailing children very narrow my several shades Duiker than Trio mum Ionly of the material. Moro discouraging than All it needed finishing off when seven of clock sounded the signal far a conference meeting miss in Rinc would not Siiss on any account. A a i would t mind staying Over Tny time list to give you u helping hand if it Wasny to Church meeting night but you know it s very important that All should be there that Cun. Lofa sure airs. Hubbard is so took up with other things now she never goes Pablo of fallowing lines together to Luid Down thought. Lighted his master to. On Biag left alone the courage of the merchant almost give Way. He around him. As m. Fouche had stated there were two Largo closets in the room. Thu thought that at that instant his intended murderers might Leo there came across Tho mind of pm Durance nod to w As strongly tempted to satisfy hour self before to Lay Down hut he rec Ioc Ted his Promise to How accurate intelligence of m. Fouche had been on other Lio resolved to confide in w hat been stated to him and 10 obey every direction. Having come firmly to this conclusion to put out Tho lights and Lay Down on the bed. The counsel a not to sleep a proved most superfluous in the of the honest merchant. Ilis mind nod prime and a Merino dress she Imd worn two Ulaj Hough miss a James joined by letter yearn was partly ripped up on Trio chair Lay Wem 8,l. ��r8 Canio to s Over been to a the window h wus Tho Only dress making business meeting. For my part i think won to got a uni us Good u Light to Voto in Church mooting us the men und speak too a i we want to though Deacon a Smith Lias Trot Iii face against it of Lato years. So you see in Timve to go and there a Only Tho facing to Fuco Down and Trio Sido teams to snatch up the Hooks and eyes to go on. The sleeves arc already to Busto in a of and the Cruz a the hones a but the Bones arc nothing to put in a especially us John lick Wood is to to doubt with to night for going to Tho theatre last Timo to was in new York. For my Mil never did put much Faith in his religion a and the More some of us Siuy away Trio More the rest of us ought to go. Don t forget to Lake in thut shoulder seam u Little. For my part i should think his sister ought to he Laboured with Lor singing such is she does on the Clear Lovo songs und a Days opera pieces miss Allen says. Now which is Tho worst id like to know going to Tho theatre or playing opera pieces ? miss Hubbard s june does Tomt when she is Homo in vac Joseph returned punctually at eleven and a a a inking mrs a 1 a a i a a Hubbard was getting worldly and a Truva Gant us year by year her household arrangements and personal expenses increased. Only Tho Day before it meeting Sho could not fix her attention upon Tho ser non for looking it the velvet Talma worn by her old Friend and still kind neighbor mrs. Huh hard. They Scro members of Trio same Church of which or. Hubbard was Trio most Liberal supporter. To gave according to his menus and at Tho my Iii time desired Bis wife and Fuifui y to dress and live us became his altered position und prospects. A a time was when she Imd to work hard enough a continued miss prime pinching in u Side scam in the Endeavor to the hour Gluss shape orthodox when Sho a a Loam senses were too much on the Alert to per l a a a i remember when they a lint net up housekeeping my Sho Imd to do her own work us Well is other people and her own sewing too. Now 1 done to believe she fakes a Needle in her hand from morning till night while you and i miss Snelling done to gel Many spells. The leaven worked on in mrs. Snellings heart. M in a afraid there Isnit much spiritual growth mis prone. The cares of this world choke Iho poor woman she thought it was in interest in her neighbor s Best Good Tomt prompted such u constant review of her conduct. A a people who have their hearts set on dvrs and High living can t Liao much Timo for Bottura things. A a that a what 1 think. How do you like them Bank waists miss Snelling 1 Reaid they re All Tho fashion in now York. Mis Dunn said she d try and get to u Jia torn w Hen Sho went Down in the Spring. I not Usk i. Hughhurd to lend to hers to look it for nothing in Tho world. How am 1 a Quot it Quot go 2ct but new backs miss Snell unit him to slim far sometimes within the first hour after he Lay Down to thought he Enid stifled noises hut they were i continuous led to nothing. At length however about half past twelve Tho door of his bed chamber opened and a Glimmer of Light fell on the up Poutu Wall. Having purposely arranged the bed clothes about ins Bead in such away us to enable him to see without being seen m. Durance then three men enter bearing a dark lantern and a Rich armed with a Dagger and pistols. One of them advanced to the hed Sido and seized the portmanteau. In this person s face to Iii horror the merchant beheld the lineaments of his own servant Joseph a creamy the first act of the men was to rip up and Rifle tin portmanteau but while they were doing so together each Iwig Vanuble seemingly to Trust his companions. M. Do Anee heard them agree upon the necessity of his own Immediato do do. Ignorant of Tho Means prepared by m. Fouche of a or. Durance Felt perspiration upon i body hut lie was not kept Long in this state for Ere to e rifling of Tho could in completed Tho closet Hurst open five or six Moi rushed out und in in instant surprised robbers were in the hands of Justice. On the officers coming out the bed room at thu Samo time was opened and lights brought in showing that All Imd been indeed thoroughly prepared Lor the Relief of the merchant und capture of the offenders. A a a has m. Durango would Here say when narrating the Story himself a a what think you of my second adventure Moro wonderful still than Trio first was it not a whatever May be thought on this Point there is obviously less of mystery to Liq last incident than to the proceeding. Thu extraordinary degree to it of information displayed by m. Fouche resulted simply from the circumstance of the Villa to a id Ray having written from horde a us to Paris announcing to Iii the prize which was coming in their Way. It May be thought Tomt a and dangerous Mode for m. Durango was adopted for Tho seizure of Trio offenders and this May to in part True. Hut it is to let a remembered that the slightest symptom of preparation would have awakened the suspicions of Toms have prevented in Ull probability Tho capture of his associates who though old offenders had Long escaped detection by Tho police. As toothed Points and let eco afraid lest Durance if informed previously of Tho treachery of ids servant and other particulars might have prematurely done something to betray the Seln Ino. Tho wretch of a servant and his associates were punished As Thev Well men fad. M. Durance. Grateful far Hisey can a blessed the Black were things synonymous. A you of la country settled his Arm Durance of Bordeaux the head of but nem. Satisfaction in i vis and in the mercantile House that bears your name tue a my turned to Bordeaux. It was not you have in your portmanteau the sum of. It for High return. Notwithstanding Tunny a naming the exact sum in specie. A a que Ren. That he could get any rational cd and the sum of a in Bills Yon Are about pm a la Tjon 0f the first of his two adventures to reside at the hotel near the Boule pm Nau however by Din of Floral i Vesliga Var Els Rind it is your custom to retire to rest no Tery was solved. And what about eleven o these rebut a i a j Reddjr Ink was the Causo of Tho few of the particulars regarding m. Do thrc0 Hundred Louia being Given a him. With Ranee a situation purpose and habits which Uch go run no cd Appa Nuy Causeless liner the Public functionary seemed to be award us the excl Anacion is simile. In thu of. The merchant sat in mute astonish-1 Toad faces Pis cherries plums raspberries raw worries very remarkable order and still More re the Public lunch rotary Seeney a to be award Idann Ion is simile. In that peaches Are the most common thing Marrable it having occurred at the same of it the merchant sat in mute astonish in a. Moon in question there put Opio this Way. They Odd Grout j time. But who can listen at even a Goi wimoi.on1,10, Cut w0� y. A Tbs pleasures of the Toti and to the thing far Ever nevertheless a a the Nader j m. Fouche evidently enjoyed his Vul Kirk a tvs Quot re a Irv of men had come from a distance Salih of Taro a who Oun some them quo can Ever have suffered from m. Do rame a a a for any reply could to made i Ufa in with one another unlike in that respect the Mommoo pre per equities we shall repeat them once the pm dire fun teary continued in these jul Utken for a go eat bargain having i Inore with a Little mors Brevity than was j nuther startling works a sir your a Man of ,0 �10p� that no one would appear to courage Quot ave have mentioned already hid against them. But on soeing so. Dust be have known git far pies put up in the honest Man s practice to employ. My a a tie Row a the rape you 11 Why so there is i was studying and con riving All the Lii e you was to breakfast. Save i.,mis Snelling ii have them backs pieced and then everybody in town la know its being mud Over. As if Ivory Lindy in miss Snellings Community a it o old no have known und noticed under any circumstances that her Brown Merino Iff two Winters ago and Heen turned and hindu up again far her Best dress. She had set liar heart Early in thu fall on n new Stylo of plaids Lor Sale at Brown k Campins hut the doctor s Hill was so much larger Thun Sho expected Sho a As obliged to give it up the sacrifice had Cost her Many hours of calculation alternate resolves and consideration. Every Pur Clintso that she made indeed was of necessity turned Over and Over in iter mind for weeks. Mis prime went on i h her lilting by the window Ana mis Snelling with bet task of washing up Tho breakfast dishes a jogging the Cradle a with onoff met every now und then As her youngest child stirred in his morning Nap. A that War a Lucky thought that miss Primo resumed her thimble and con to Raulin together. A a it done to seem to to worn As much is the rest a a no it Isnit i Only kept it for cold Days. I thought of it in Church sunday right in Tho Middle of Tho a a Orion. Queer Wasny to to a is so dreadfully afraid you could t get it out. So is soon As 1 got Homo 1 took it out and let my ked it it and sure enough it was the very a a i so miss James has got a now cloak this Winter. She Hnin to worn hours More than three Winters to my knowledge. Well these Rich Propios no list in worldly far All 1 so. As if they Wasny to proc a ears. Miss prime was Ono of Tho most constant attendants of the Church prayer meetings and saw a a no beam in her own a a Timo was As you say. Miss prime when we were All Bun people Togo Thor with Good feelings towards each o her. I think of it often a Tho dus when Susan i Lumbard and i used to Send our Halo pre a on u to each other new years and be neighbourly nil along. That was in fore Tho Jameses moved Here or lawyer Martin s Tirolo. Sbol a so intimate with them now Shoha out got any time for old mends. Many and Munyas the time in be sent he things right off my table and when her Jane had the Scarlet Lover i sat up with her night alter night but i done to mind that. What i look it is Chris Tum proves ors being so taken up with dress going about and particularly dres. It would Down comfortably to or or rend but now there s somebody or something to a be to Tho inst Minuto. To be suru is fur As dress is concerned i Don t think line so much of it is i used in when i and to plan and Contri to about every cent. Ivy i often used to find in self planning about my sewing in Sermon time if you will Bali Cru it and Liovvi i should gel Iho girls two dresses nut of one of mine. To be sure i have no such temptation airs. Snelling looked up suddenly in the recollection of her sunday plan about thu Cape came in o her mind. Could it to that to him Auto Tchoma All Harls Are open who had been the less Sincero Wurz hip her of the two a i should like to try a Little Prosperity by Way of n change a she said More pleasantly than she had Iii i a my Ken but still with bitterness beneath. A a 1 am tired of a a of Jane a mrs. Hubbard said quickly a a Don t choose Doul choose your i rials. I used to say that very thing and that it was All Well enough for Rich people to preach a mis. Snelling saw the painful expression that crossed her friends lace and Tho current report of Young Robert Lii hard s dissipation came into her mind. All person s have their own troubles Somo done to stand out As Plain is others and done to Al so much a rite. Rich people gel very Little and they have haul Wor enough to bring up their children right Ami a live in peace and Charity with All. To got so now i Only ask far patience to Bear Trio trial of the Lime instead of proving to have it changed and thinking that i could Bear any other the two women sewed in silence fat a Little while each heart knew its own bitterness. A Jane a mrs. Hubbard said stopping suddenly and looking into the Bright Grute in front of the stove a shall i Tell you what this puts me in mind of seeing this Nice Bright cooking stove of thut new years night thu Winter Robert a sick and our children were nil Little when you name round and brought them Over to spend the afternoon and boiled Nudy far them and let them pop Corn. They brought us Home n plateful of bait let a Sticks. Poor Little things if it Hadnot been far you they have bad so much As a pin far a lion though. Thut piece under Trio Arm a now years present their father to sick doubt look to to very bad alias snuffing there ainu to Moro Thun two hours work any two hours work to a person who could scarcely gel Lime to do her mending Fruin week to week was. Mis. Snelling wavered a Little while Between the accumulating a Ilu of dilapidated under clothes in the Willow Basket and the unfinished dress hut the dress must be done before new years Day now Cloe it hand and she lighted another lamp and Drew her Little work land up to the lire us the clock struck eight. Her mind had opened itself to discontented thoughts in. Tui morning and a the enemy Hud Como in like a a loot a until All the brightness of her life had been swept out of sight. She Only the successive woes of ill health loss and wearing anxiety which had rolled Over them in the past and a Blank diary Prospect far the future. Her very occupation reminded her of it. If she could have a fouled miss primers assistance two Days instead of one lie might have got ahead in her sew ing a Little now Here there was another drawback and she Hail so Little time. And then there was Hubbard but then a Lio did not give up everything to dress and display thank goodness As Susan Hubbard lid bringing scandal in Tho chinch and setting Hoisel up above a Knock at the front door was fresh annoyance far Iho Woik and to to Pul Down again the sick boy quieted before mrs. Snelling went shivering through the cold narrow i ill to answer in. The neighbourly visitor was no other than mrs. Hubbard a and no Liru except in Fly Kitchen a was mrs. Snelling first thought is Sho recognized her with a mixed feeling of gratification a hard thoughts a a and curiosity. Certainly it was a curious coincidence that the person who had Farmed the subject of her thoughts and conversation so much of thu Day should suddenly appear. A a done to mind me a airs. Hubbard said pm a Taulli stepping on before her Ohl neighbor. A this was i suppose a and she led the Way to the Kitchen herself thus avoiding the Necess Ity of an apology on the Pait of mrs. Snelling. A a How Bright and cheerful a Cook stove looks Niter All and your Kitchen was always is neat As Wax. U never used to keep but one tire you this last was an unfortunate allusion mis. Snel Liugi a softening face grew coldly rigid at what site considered an attempt to patronize her. A a poor folks had log Slio said taking up her work and sticking away vigorously. A i Haven to forgot men r i tunes Jane a mrs. Hubbard went on not caring to notice the ungracious tone in which this remark was made a when we wore All beginning the world together. Yui. Seem to though far then you used to run in am see me and i was thinking to night Vou Haven to been tip to our House Sinco airs. Snelling began to say something about a not going where Showns not wanted a but it died away lower and lower when she Rome mtg Rcd mrs. Hubbard had been in twice since then. A a i know you have a great Deal to keep you at Home i know How it used to la when Iny cd Tildin Weie Little. You did t let me pay three visits to your Ono then a mrs. Hubbard Drew her thimble from iter pocket and took up the lop piece of mending from the big Willow Basket in the most natural manner. A this is logo so Isnit ? sat 1 Sho. A a i can work and talk to you know. Or. Hubbard Lias gone to Church meeting bul i done to think its exactly our place to attend to Church discipline we women Are Apt to make a bad matter Worso by talking a i Over among each other and to people hat it does t concern. So i thought i d just run in socially and bring my nimble. A we used to do far each mrs a broiling would have said half an hour ago. That she was completely fortified against airs. Hubbard a advances in what and i was so worn out. Why Only think they had been leading nut in buy them some Candy and i actually did not led that 1 could afford that quart of a i have thought of it often and often somehow this Winter there a san indy a Day Fiou it does no to come into my mind and i always foul like mrs. Snelling was crying As airs. Hub hares voice faltered innit and More a lie did nut attempt to Coneeny it Shu tement bored that new years Day so Well and How she had pitied Susan a poor Little Hoys and brought Llie in Humo and made them is Happy a children could to made in the very kindness of her warm licit. The Long Sti Unglo with poverty and Enro had not sea Eil it alter All. It done to cry Juno. Hut Yuu wont mind Ami you won t min Umler thud me now if Ivy of bought you a a new years present of a dres i was afraid you would nol Lake it is it was meant if i just sent it. Here it Ami mrs. Hubbard unrolled the very raw silk Plait mrs. Snelling had so Long coveted. A a i wanted it in be useful and 1 wont Down to gut a Cashmere like mine but you happened to be there when i went in. And i saw How lung Yuu linked at a mrs. Snelling remembered Lay and that Sho had cume Irmo thinking mrs. Hubbard bad Felt to grand to talk to her before Trio clerks. I was afraid you would film to onto i kept at Tho other end of the now you won t to will you Janell Oji. Susan i had such hard thoughts you Dun t and mrs. Snelling put Ier apron to her eyes instead of looking at the new a never mind that now. Its Only natural. I could so just How you fell far the More i tried i be neighbourly Trio colder you gut. Its grieved to n Glt of a Ileal. Hut about Tho dress Ann was nut very Busy and so i made her make thu skirt is we could Wear each others dresses in old to incs and every Little Helm when n person has a Good a Deal to do. If you will let my know when miss prime comes to make it up she shall come Over and sew with a a Charity is not easily provoked suffer Elk Long and is kind a was the minister s text the next sunday Cut airs. Snelling thought of n belter Willito Tiniou than be cont Uffer Ami noted the lest of thu Verso with Charity Cuvi eth not. Tar att a. The now Yolk Tribune contends that n treaty far the annexation of Iho Sandwich islands As a state is now on its was to Washington. The National intelligencer learns and fam tidally that the treaty with Russia one of Tho stipulations of which Vas Chr Ltd a a recognition of the great principle of the Wilom of the has a hat is Tomt free Ihms make free go oils vans communicated to Trio Senate on we a nest Lay. By the president and was on the Sime a Lay considered nil ratified by tiny sunni Mon consent of that trod a rare instance of promptitude in a Uch matters is Well As conclusive evidence of the unexceptionable character of Tho treaty itself. Yellow fever. Tho Rollow favor to have returned to Tho West India islands within Tho lost Throe years with All the Vio. Lance with which it was wont to visit them thirty Yoars ago and which for a period o More than Twenty years until 1852, was unknown except occasionally among Tho shipping in some of the ports of. Cut and on the Dominic my aide of the Island of a Lati. The last account from Havanna state int the fever a frightfully prevalent Thero. In two hospitals at Havanna Quot on Alta 20th it. Thero were Over three Hundred cases. Nos ton chronicle

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