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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - August 24, 1855, Biddeford, Maine% Ilion anti a Aster a eternal hostility every form of oppression Over the mind or body of. Louis 0. Cowan editor an Maine Friday August 24, 1855. Volume 34. Union and Eastern journal. The old system of manuring highly with animal excrement and cutting their Tubera rarely secure half a crop. Why should a x. The Vado us Lution Jirau u a it a mls hot my.1 3a. 1, cmv>1 Bluck. Opp us my _ cd i i mutlute.1 i. Worn. I. A. Speech of Hon. We Burn jr., Ileo by Rawoot or Polto Obj. In the. A not Yoc. Buana my in i Isje i pfc a Ai of a sooner it a dispensed with the bet 1. July eapmm4 hint. Klowa Wnent not a map. You at la him mtr m re us Rel by a. Ula of Tom Aram him Folk Tynna Hai Ulaga 1 boy la in Alu a. Thuu Iuta v /-�.-.-»&Lt�?�, 31. W. Aruar turd Aal Kaa aul rate. Uirl Lor i a Lar. My plan a a elect Tho fairest and sound hero while three millions Are Giren Texas is a Mere donation upon a donation of ten millions in Tho first place and we have been going on. Again in Tho last Congress there was a at Deering Hall Portland aug. 14. Treaty got up by or. Gadsden fora Atrip of land in the Mesilla Valley which was of hog. Israel Washburn jr., m. C., and real value. It waa contended that this land i i. Was wanted for a Railroad the Pacific Quot a whereas col. Benton declared that the very a a fellow citizens i congratulate you up Inck which they Profe sed want had i. Moniti. Y a a Ortris. Eat tubers generally of medium sue and on shia Beautiful Day and upon the Many porch webby an am Riean company when practicable those of ule growth for Happy circumstances of this occasion a for #0fn6 be or Ejgil thousand dollars Seel. And keep the various kinds separate vicious Trust the cause of right and nut there were Many fat jobs connected Freedom in this country. With it it was necessary that the treaty should be made. The first treaty proposed give Mexico a Moch larger sum. But it Mere will Kua thy beauteous brow. The autumn wind Are or i Bee filled Wilb pertain be the Dover re a and Favorule More will Bare i Bee a with the i thy Happy hours. Farewell a Urr we will cherish Luna thy memory in our breasts when Thia weary world will perish May we met-1 i Bee with the meet. Com. A Quot. As mixing or Cross Fermi listion which de a Ain Glt eng ,0 Sqq now we Teri rates beyond question the stamina of an extended speech. I know better what iwo a. The vegetable unless managed upon strictly Yuu want and better what Ray duty is than a rep a incl by the Senate that body i scientific principles is a prolific source of �?oi0&Quot? 1 Here Are 0.l�? ii a Wjt refuting lend its Sanction As was sup the evil complained of. The soil i prefer there a my Friend from Masc he j Jas a Bijj a a a a Eltor in is award land Light and porous with a Quick a a its or. Banks one of the Banks that will a Nat ant it there ar0 a Greal Many facts con and free descent and rendered perfectly not repudiate but will Lee sure redeem All Necle Vilh this Mamert which if hey cou4 Fine by frequent Workings with the Cultiva-1 ?��?�1 a a a a Ben a Hure i the distinguish be got at it is thought would expose an Tor and Harrow before planting the sued. Iho Sfa Hll a cd Amon a Quot error re up heretofore Una a Ade or whom it Das Deen justly and Para Elt i in our history but these facts Are a Good space should be allowed Between of a by he Lias been weighed in the bal Ocic u in How a Ecru archives of the sen the rows and Hills a close arrangement Anee and not found wanting. Applause. A nil t ,0 House of representatives Corinha v in a i tial sequently developed by atmospheric influx beside these you will hear from a Bell of a a doubt i repeat that it was one of the new Hampshire a Bell Tinl will give Noi mos corrupt and Flag Titus measures Ever Uncertain sound Anu then your Are have carried through by this or any other gov a h Ile sirm prophetic i Trust of that All Hail hereafter when slavery shall be Sec head Dpi a a he a he a a a Dono it the eng a. Tiki us Anu Freedom National All Over this Juja a on 0f Jie South and Lor the promotion country. Of Southern interests lot us look at the die but i am Here ask of afew simple position of the South in 1850. What was questions and the Fust by hat Are you what ure you Goin of the death of a sister. A Ort i ii Farewell Sisler Udha called Dies by High and heavenly rest now the Urda Are singing u or Why peas Eail breast Farewell Aisler we Are weeping years of anguish for the dead. For nature s child that now a sleeping sleeping in her Clayey bed. By it Ute Home amid the mountains la Desow ale and lonely now and Crystal Brook and murmuring fountains j Erceg of a nearly similar Ype though act fee in pm Tan Sag is flirt is Ernst. Potatoes from various indications Are inclined believe that the a a rot a or As it is popu Laily denominated the plague which has tendency carry olt Tho water and keep ing ordinarily with great uncertainty and i with various degrees of Force. I prefer drilling lbs ancient method of planting in Bills especially if the land is level and free from slumps Stone and i other similar superficial obstructions giving As much space each Hill As though j the opposite method were pursued and allowing from one pint a quart of ashes or half a pint of Lime Rofach Hill one half 1 applied at planning with the seed and the remainder at the second hoeing this method obviates much expense in getting in the crop and has besides several other important advantages. Hill should be Mado unless the season is very wet in which Case a slight Elevation around the roots will be a Benefit As it will have for several years proved universally de the Mots dry and free from the deleterious a Tractive this valuable edible will not effects stagnant water is known exert on this season prove very destructive. Is have examined Many Fields in which indications of it Are perceptible and far As we hear its ravages where it has appeared Are not of a character excite any serious apprehensions As the result. It is quite possible that the crisis of the disease for disease we cannot otherwise than regard it has been reached and that hereafter a More favourable condition of things May be expected especially where the proper Means Are adopted prevent its reappearance and preserve the seed in an Yuem of sculpted and a deteriorated state. It May not perhaps be remark in this place that those Farmers who have used uncut Seal and planted Wilb this Root. W. Yer lk4 pm Tarn a Kuhni Jsn Mal. Manure from the hog pen. Llo Wever Tiuch and justly we May congratulate ourselves upon the discovery and we Are by moans disposed underrate or deprecate their Utility of concentrated fertilisers we Are nevertheless acquainted with manorial substance More intrinsically valuable than hog Manuro. On Thia Point there appears indeed be discrepancy of opinion among practice men. The inductions of experience Are in fact conc a Avo upon ibis Point one who Baa used it will question that for most put Ioree it possesses a value greatly Superior that of going about it 1 now 1 the question is not whether the fugitive slave Law is rights that is past. It is not whether the Nebraska iniquity a Huld be oppo de and Defeated that also is past. These Are questions now but the question with the american people today is what Are Yon Goi in about it v Are you going repeal the fugitive slave Law cries of a yes Are you going have Freedom in die territories la renewed cries of yes yes a and we Are we i think you will it. But my friends there Are some people in this our Northern country who Aie not ready respond As you have done. There want a convention held at Augusta the Tihor Day. Composed of gentlemen who had nothing say because they knew nothing a reference these questions. You had a convention also in this City of get Lemon calling themselves whigs who ate running a coach upon the same line with the Augusta convention a suit of one horse Carriage die course of legislation in that Genrl there was the Boundary question with Mexico and the ignoring of Tho Wilnot proviso. We had All stood for the Wilmot proviso it was a cause which was near the hearts of All Northern men but unfortunately they were induced by some sort of pressure yield what they Hud declared Over anti Over again they would never yield the adoption of the Wilmot proviso Over All the territories of the United Stales. And what have we gained we have gained perhaps a Pari of a loss of the North Ivest Boundary. We have lost pot haps one half of Oregon. All our gain a been loss. Then there was the fugitive slave Law unconstitutional and cruel yet it a forced upon us and we were told it a. Necessary Lor the Sake of the preservation of the Gnu Gnu that we should yield and a and we did yield until began aiding the slave Power when they sustain the Nebraska candidate for governor of this state. Old lawyer Jones in getting into bed Ono very cold Wintory a night remarked i think that Tho hardest business that Mao could follow for a living would be in going round and getting into Bod warm it for other folks a laughter and i think the hardest business our whig friends will have is that of warming the Beds of Tho Bunker Macmu. Great applause and laughter Iowia it that they cannot and will not break away from a party which is thus endeavouring Uso Thorn ? let me read a paragraph or two from an address the democratic state convention in 1819. The paragraphs wore read expressive of the determination of the democratic party make a decided staud against the encroachments of slavery with you fellow democrats in Alt that you hero say. We demand a halt. That is precisely where the Republican party stand Day. The Only our ution which was before the country in 1847, is the question which is before us now. The questions of Urilt of internal improve mints or a National Bank Are not before the country now and Here upon the Only questions of the Day Tho Republican party stand Day upon precisely the same platform on which Tho democratic party of the North stood in 1847 and �?t49, and All the Yoars for the last Twenty years. And also in regard the whig platform. Slut what say the democrats in their platform t tis Yeai a re olred that the administration by tis faithful execution of the Laws i suppose that Las reference the execution of the Laws a regard Tho rights of the citizens of a Kuisas a by its Nedli Fiance the constitutions the a a Constitution a hero undoubtedly Means the Mesilla Valley Reaty a by its adm Diablo foreign policy that refers or. Souled a Congress at of lend and the bombarding it of Grey own Lahler and by its adhesion the land turks of the democratic the Misouri Compromise wus one of the landmarks of the democratic Paity Ami we Nave seen the Mode in which they maintain heir land Viniks and then on say hat this is expressive of opinion in elation the repeal of the Missouri Compromise that is the results Tho condition they have opinion in regard Tho repeal of the Mosouri Compromise that great measure of the administration that leading measure of or. 1�?? gov Onnet a measure about which everybody in the whole country is talking and which at once give character Tho administration the Compro. In a. O. O. ,0emi,y a i Mcd that carry or a few men by deception into Tho i m�f0 mean urn 0, 1m0 wpr0 by. A tonal ranks of the pro slavery and hunger de j mltlem9l,t uf., ill Uleta and act a eng Ino Erac it of thu comr. The it like the a cd Franklin Pierce on the Eastern Augusta men were not ready answer 0 a Capitol in his inaugural and Tiu. Question. They had nothing say Doola roil that that settlement should a bout any other question than the Missouri a r0cere Huck during has adminis a ration. And what were they going be whal we fed find of Holly Todo in regard it 1 did they non one what us be consequence of sub repeat the clause of the my my on the Tom ob0 wrong repeals tin Compromise not they. A leu a a Anil or a l0i11ent._ they were going Mark the authors of it i the Sou Hwa used l0 obtain a anti re con. Tool of this Republic. When this Nebraska out manure or plaster on lands imbued with tub,0 Luandre it or hat Ltd besides a medium degree of Rich near i. E., one Mon it Nerg it Cut Fondi ala0> More Dura. Fire a Timon Havo been far More generally be u the Reform Ery Noble that the Sucre soul during the past season and in adopt measures economizing deed during the previous seasons than highly eur cd ent and article those who have followed the opposite and i of a a doric it Auh revient purposes More common course. In a Communia of for Tilitz and improvement. By frequent Tion me upon tie subject of potato Cul add a on Jubo excrement in Tho Yards of Turo a distinguished Farmer in Cumberland i muck it Fich Oam Cay it ,0fttcs he county whose claims for some years a Quot a Foreit decay of vegetable matter from the have been mainly direct Eil this important Kar Deug and Branch of our agriculture observes a by and Baum he May Supply a very Large a a i am More than Ever convinced that in i Quantity of most excellent manure and at very trifling expense. All organized sub jut As you would Mark sheep upon Rump. Laughter this is All they Are going. Now my friends How have things gone on in ibis country during the present Century ? what have been the aggressions encroachments and Tho strengthening of thu slave Power in our land let us see. In 1803, Louisiana was purchased. 1 have nothing say against that Purchase. It was undoubtedly necessary. There were controlling reasons Why that territory should Quiesce Fesl Well nigh sick of yielding. Well then both of the old dailies held their con-1 a Thep have opinion express in regard Verit ions at Baltimore in 1852, and it was Oil. What does it mean is it possible that they can have Little regard for the welfare of their party As have formed opinion in regard its leading and most characteristic measure or is it that they have an opinion and Uro afraid express it very great applause who Aro Thov afraid of Tho free peopled Maine or a by ran a Cal oligarchy in the South ? renewed applause what a position be in a either that they Havo opinion or if they have they Are choked and Daro not express it. Continued applause 1 democrats will you with these men i you have opinions and you Are not afraid Bill was first introduced for this purpose of allaying Somo political difficulties in new York Southern men seized an Opportunity tear up that old lamp snark of 36 �30�?t that trud stood for thirty four years until it had almost grown into thu ground a landmark which in some measure established the doctrine that Freedom and not slavery was entitled the territories that Freedom and not slavery was the great object and great moving and living priv be brought into the United states but we cipro or ail the institution of this country All know that it was Lor the interest and d 7 strengthening of the institution of slavery. It has already brought three slave slates in Ami now the policy of the present and order restore the potato its original Tate of purity and health the Presmul system of a missive forcing must be discontinued Long As 1 Cul my seed and i stances in a state of putrefaction or decay possess in a very High degree the capacity of fertilising ground and assisting the de cured highly my potatoes were greatly t#0pen,ent 0f crops. Whoa Luck a which and in Many cases fully injured by the Tyge Blija matter in a state of More or less plague. In some seasons Ray crop was not pcrf0ct delay or decomposition can be pro Worth harvesting and the very few tubers i curve in sufficient Quantity an extra Nuudi did obtain though apparently in a healthy 0f Boga Bould be kept in order work and sound condition when pm scud in she up Tho material and prepare a Tjuan fam suf bins invariably rotted or were greatly de it for the Oscr Lehment of the farm. The Teri rated before Spring. Modes Operand in this is very simple and in a a i commenced planting whole potatoes the hogs possess All Tho Pratti procuring my seed from a Remote locality cd Cine Ca knowledge requisite trans when practicable and selecting Good but Onn mass into pabulum of the richest feelings and sentiments and better knowl not excessively Rich soil which hid sufi most Sali Itaev kind. The frequent stir j Edge of the Nurith but upon the expos Rita oui 1 a a the assistance or stimulus of manure i made it a Point get my crop As Early in the i if curo the 1� communication of tie we 7he had sat her heart upon and South gained it gained All the territory grf Fjon of slavery. A i Ivery that it was thought would lie of any of it ,0 re it. Loyd Iava value for Ngea come. I Hen went Oil worn it us m0 How they resolved and took in Texas As another slave stale 1 gotten the Dotti Opi Mons a a Zuments tra a in of Fraak in erect i think not Why Ghoul not whigs and democrats and All other parties come together Here a flu Ito Thuv yield in doing Walrat Erin cipro they infringe ? How can they consistent in regard past action unless they act together now ? Tho old issues Havo All died out. What old question is living now that was of smiely considered vital in this country ? 1 hero is but one and a that Ono is now Tho Only question which is before us and which itunes the minds of men Why should not be together there. I. I,., now. Is have been in Principio Bosforo cents Teplo ensure a Good yield with oui Biag and turning Ovca of the mass will that Sis very shout is forever sex a Saumil we nil know that in the 1 1 r. I. I i Cul de irom All the territory lying North of i m u ii. A i. Sure a regular fermentation and tend also 3 j of it 3�?z min nor a a it the mpg pm a i. A he has stood in All ,.ministration is on in Tho same he Union and there is a design which the t a a Osceen by dividing the will be carried of unless we in our Fth in a Iboje m04,� can it might and prevent it make two More that a heir policy. They want set us slave tales out of that territory. For that b he eats on /8pmt� Iulo c5tion of pure Halo paid fifteen rail i Iona of dollars Sisto policy that we cannot act together the North contributed the largest share of a a of a of National moment. A a Divide the amount a she always does contribute their motto. More than one Hall of the revenues of the r we a a >10 Uch food a country again m 1819 Honda was pure a a he a this Gru Atcon. Chased for which we paid five millions of the time a question the North As usual cont by de More than Tilki or Tho govt rent itself will we her Piv we a ,. And her. 1,l? be such fools As thus be made the instr tafe. In 1820, Meu had not generally for of be a of Etc the and a. And convictions of Tho fathers of the Republic and if history is be relied upon we All know that their general opinion waa that slavery was an evil be restrained nod not a blew siting be extended. In 1820, men of a he North were almost unanimously opposed the admission of a slave stole. But the South bullied and threatened dissolve Union and finally Somo sixteen Tuen consented take in state and Missouri was admitted against nil the past a Tiquio season As practicable generall before mgt and b0n my Moui Matas it contains. As Ludo an Corn and Harvest As soon As an it Zauck a character died by a porous or vascular Structure its absorbent properties or. Whereof the memory Oman run Neth not the contrary a against Tho of they Havo always re symptoms of decay were apparent in the Topa. Some of my neighbors who have Powin it Are great and Tho Quantity of Rich per tenaciously pursued Tho opposite course fiut is which it will Tako up and retain is of cutting their tubers and manuring highly. Value the crops which it is apply either with Putre scent or Mineral manures All urine contains salts. These Oscr believing the a ail Vay the Best although ate mediately and with great Energy on their Ojo rations have been conducted in and adj vegetables. When not economize by joining Fields have invariably been Rusoo j Boa a aha rent Natter they sink quickly Cess Ful. Whether Ray Yeeee in legitimate Oto a it and Ura con que Enizy 1mt a by a attributed the somewhat Peculiar a a Correct Havo asserted course i have adopted or not i am of Cour Al did Ovidiu is of animals Are Worth unable lode owe. 1 can Only say that it m Bih for a i cultural Purpo ass the has More than realized my expectations. Excrement. Of this however there and that 1 am fully cont Deal those i some question. That the urine deposited adopt it will find it More effectual in Oft Law of and Ftp lung lie serious evil than any other a he a piled with the solid sex Creme greatly add the fertilizing a scots of the other one has hitherto been discovered. Another Farmer in Massachusetts who has Long been in the habit of cultivating Early Poi Aloe for the Market informs me that for Many years he was accustomed use Irge quantities of Gypsum or plaster of Paris his soil at the same time being effectually with excrement Vitious or Otner strongly fermentable manures for the purpose of exciting the system in Early development and that he failed entirely of Success. He finally de misled from using either animal or Mineral manures with the exception of ashes and Lime which he thought might tend Check the Progress of the disease and restored his will doubt but that the actual Power would in Thia Casebo doubled such inter mixture is somewhat More than problematical. The Cost of saving and applying uric in this manner is a Mere t Itle compared with its beneficial effects. When it is practicable Arri Gatiso with this liquid will be found highly beneficial moot crops. In dry weather its effects Are of the most decided character its energies Are immediately exerted. And in such a was As push Forward the developments of the Parta with rapidity and in Tho most perfect health t is also a preventive of several diseases crop its Normal condition of productive which is d slowly other remedies. Ness and health. He thinks Lime from its Wall known alkanes cent properties and ashes from the tendency they have when applied As manure Correct acidity and Check the development of parasitical fungi a operate As a preventive Aud in time As a Complete a writer in one of our agricultural publications says 4 i have ceased use any kind of manure on Ray potato crop except Liras Tad ashes. My neighbors who follow t.3 Rev. James a. Lyon of Columbus. Miss., recently said in a Sermon that it is a a a shameful fact that non it a Man Tan a Kun for murder it the he also said a a the frequency with which slaves Are killed and the Little attention Peid it by the officers of the land a a crying evil. A i the following Toast was Reid at a celeb ratio of the 79th of our National Independence at the Fayette Springs a Pennsylvania our bleeding country May she never be pierced again. Anti tour Olheis be prospectively carved or. W Bere que Ted Tho Lutious of out of her. Thu adding ten More senators a. Of year a the representatives of the ure Power Ahpao rpm slut oni a v u perceive Are Vujih any number of members of the House a ,lt0ry of slavery. That of representative strengthen and extend we a Bare the a w a try of main us of i. Institution. Not Only did we Lake Tex j that a get aund Alood pre. A into the Union but we paid her ten Mil cd / we Flarv Lac a publican party of Maine Lions of dollars for Tho Honor of her company., tank t0 d in a up House there is the North As usual paying two thirds of the or a cipro doctrine Aiu out. Hen we went War Wuhmex-1 not u Bettj w0 not Cord Illy and a who it la ,11of one ?o1.d flu my heartily subscribe. We Are All precisely fifty millions and will Cost All of a a Here they claim Sver have been. But dred million More before All of the Bill. Where Aro they now let us see. Thi. Are paid. Vye paid Lexas Kilteen millions car they Jurj the Banner of restoration of of dollars for lands which she had not a j a Tim our Compromise. This year they Shadow of a title but she threatened flog win a not look beyond Tho que a of 0f la a Hess of the United states and we yield up .jl�t0 slave Law. Why is it not As bad de her. We gave her ten million of Hilyear a a. Una at Yosr certainly it ulam pay her debts Aud her own land. A a a and what they prop i merely besides Lur taking what was nut her. But Autt,0rs of this i Vamon of i Bort our own. And lit us the slave Power went j you would Mark any animal on your of. Texas a have paid her own debts., using they May that whether slavery goes rive millions were Given her in hand pay a Kuzas or not is a question be set Lien and the balance was retained Kulil. A Llie inhabit its themselves that we could have Somo guarantee that the. Log 0f popular sovereignty the United states would not be called upon Hab doctrine Tomt Cass Douglass and make further advances. She has not yet Porco a fied upon or pretended rely upon paid her debts. Five millions re a ,0 tie people of the main in her Treasury this Day. She is y a i they Aro eng have it there at this moment the richest state in the though they know that marauders from Taniou and yet she and her creditor have armed the Teeth were going there been constantly coming before Congress asking us pay her debts and during the lost session although the United slates held Back but fire mini ions of this Bonus Texas Congress passed a Law by which they voluntarily agreed Giro some thre millions of dollars besides the five millions gel rid of texan import unities. A Bill and forcibly stifling whatever popular sentiment there May be among the people in favor of Freedom. I ast year Tho whigs of Maine said they would never allow Kanz is come in the Union a. A Alavo state but now by necessary implication from this doctrine of popular sovereignty they will he willing allow it conto in of a slave for that Pur nose was rushed through both Tuuu of the 0 hero should say a House and signed by the in resident when of ,1 for us the old whigs a sine president who but a few weeks be a Njo of that we Bate do0e, and All fore had vetoed the French spoliation Bill 1 that w0 bat0 a a cd and become the instr a a Bill the most just and fair that Congress Menla and accomplices of the slave Power Ever passel a Bill which had had the coun cry a a of a it is utterly Imp oui tenancy and support of Jefferson. Madison be what Urc these men going a John Marshall and More than thirty com where they going land i next year there motels of both houses a Bill in regard by any possibility be More than two the Justice of which there could be Poe-1 a jct the party which support Freedom sible doubt. Bui by such a president As and tic party which sustains slavery and it we have under the dictation and control of therefore As obvious As Day Light that they gentlemen from the South this Bill was dual cd tier Como with us or with the Reto Eif he forbid Money justly Doe Agate party. It seems me that most of the North for half a Century from co�10# them must proc it that they Are simply express them any where cheers opinion Yyi hat business Havo they be a party if they Havo opinion. Vii at Light have inv give Light at nil. They Are sulking about with dark lanterns Anil have Light give these men khow Woll enough that none of u. Can anything which would imply that we Aro not True ourselves. Yve can none of us afford anything but what we know be right. Yve see our duly plainly and must it. They May Call us traitors or what Elso they please let them dose can afford vilified and misrepresented but cannot a lord what we know is wrong and what we have always said is wrong and we Teon t Doit a that is More. Great applause but it is said this year is not an important year that May this year Nolond a a Tuto matters and Leavo these questions of National interest Alono. Is is not. 1 regard our notion this year As being of is much importance is it Ivas last year and More important perhaps than it will next year for on what in 1855 de Pend in a great measure what will in 185g and not Only hut it depends in a great degree on what Maino tray this your is what will done in other states in 185c. As we put the Ball in motion it will rolling Tho end. Lot Maino Triumph nobly this Yosr us she will Virv great applause let her elect Morrill us her gov nor by 10,000 majority As she will renewed applause let her that let Tho word sent Ohio and let Ohio respond with her 100.000 majority for Chase and Indiana and Illinois will Lik Wiso and Hen let Tho influence of these triumphs urn the Empire Sta a and the old Bay state in november lot Tho North be swept now and in Gay sure that in 1856 a Northern Republican president will clouded and that is a remit which will in Small measure influenced by this meeting in Pori land Day and by Tho Rote of Maine on the Loti of september a Siut Dono state Legislatures will changed it during Trio first Congress of Tho next presidency shall have All branches of the g Iver Anont and will Laius on a bled make slavery sectional and Freedom National us it should in applause a but let us break Down now a lot Wells elected or Morrill Defo i Ted matter Bow a and what will you hear Yoby it will abroad Mvi Ter than if on wings of wind that Maine in Bre King Down that Maine is sustaining the Pierco a ministry Tiona Tomt the democracy of Lavory la irl ump Hant that the representatives of Maino have been rebuked and that Moses Mcdonald has been sustained. That will be Tho word and you All know it. Every slavery sustaining Ilem Ocra every Southern Sheet and every Hunker newspaper will ringing the changes incessantly on assertion that Mains bus Takon Tho Back track Aud what will lie result Yyi by you know very Well that it must anything but auspicious. How will your representatives feel whom you elected because of their Determinatio a not uphold the Nebraska Moas Uro when they arc told by Southern men that Thev Are misrepresenting their Misti tents Yyi Liat can they How can they Havo any heart repeal Tho Missouri con Promise when they Are every moment Liebo he that under the Constitution of the United states a which is the supreme Law of the land you cannot exclude slavery from any state of the Union and in Short that it exits legally and by Force of the Constitution in the state of memo cries of a never a that is Tho doctrine they will coma fellow citizens Are women Orare flunk in. As the proverb say Quot make your a elves into sheep and the wolves will cat a that is there More humiliating that can be done in regard the territory of menu a Yyi of Are not Mado alike in any thing or in any Way. Yve differ in our Opin ions in regard Tho Manv _ questions it is inevitable that should but there a some question in regard which we not differ. In Somo respects Are alike Yve Are alike in sharing a common human Ity we alike in appreciating Tho fundamental rights of human nature. While i Magreo in regard any questions of Public policy questions of religion or torn Penneo of know nothing ism of Banks of Tariff of internal improvements and a thousand other things Yot in regard the Groat Central truths of human rights Tho Inalien Able and indestructible rights of Mankind a contained in Tho declaration of Independence cannot differ. There we Ull agree there we All alike and Truo men when they see that their rights Aro denied and stricken Down and that in their Stead is he raised a colossal system of slavery which is be extended As far is Tho uttermost flight of our Eagle and worn into Tho limbs and souls of men then whatever men May have thought before they cast Zsido their Formor antipathies and come together for Ono purpose and work together in one spirit unto Tho cod. Applause let Tell you that danger surrounds us now. Yve May meet it or May yield but we cannot Ostapo it. But will not yield it cries of a a und a never you yield you submit acquiesce and ignore your own rights ? i Tell you that in Tara lexicon Freedom there Are such words. Yield once yield yield Hhd Morrow and it will be yielding continually. Submission never vet set Bounds Leseio i and it never will. And acting upon that truth let be rally and reconquer our goodly heritage and convince the South that we Teun that Tho spirit of Freedom shall Tho ruling spirit in this Republic and that not look upon it As a matter of us Whu Thor Freedom or slavery shall Triumph. Then will their work Dono and Well donor rights invaded and Union destroyed and Tatenco and Concord once More inaugurated in our Happy land. Ton May we. Listening Bear As the poet of our of ii state first of living Birds heard when in a vision saw Tho occultation of Orion. Of lift and Liberty h Tho prisons of a Distant people who never offended him captivating and carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere or Mineor miserable death in their transportation thither. This piratical warfare the apr Obriuen of infidel towers is Tho warfare of Tho Christian King of great Britain. Determined keep open a Market where min should be bought and sold Haa pros Titrud his negative for sup pressing every legislative attempt Prosio it or restrain this execrable Commerce. Ovum the Dedner Ilion 11 Yux hold Iasi truths or ski it Xvi Dent that All men arc created equal that they Are endowed by Thelt creator with certain inalienable rights that among these Ark life Liberty and the Pursuit of Haim inks it vol. 1, p. 20. From the a a Attu of Virginiath Riitto in 17s1 an.1 1782. Quot there must doubtless he an unhappy influence on the manners of our people produced by the existence of slavery among us. Tho whole com me Roe belie of master and san Vul is perpetual exercise of the most unremitting despotism on the one part and degrading submission on the other a our children see this and learn imitate it for Man is an imitative animal. This Quality is Tho germ of All education in him front i Cradle his grave lie it learning what he sees others. If a Parent could find motive either in his a Kiilau trophy or his self love Lorro training the intemperance of passion towards his slave it should always be a sufficient Ono that his child is present. But generally it is not sufficient. The Parent storms the child looks on catches the lineaments of Wrath Puis on tie Sorne Nir in the Ciicle of smaller slaves gives a Loose rein the worst of Pas ions and thus nursed Aud educated and Aily exercised in tyranny cannot but be stamped by it with odious Quot he Man must be a Prodigy who can Reini t his manners and words by such circumstances. Ami with what execration should Tho statesman be loaded who permitting one half the citizens thus trample on the rights of Tho Otner transforms those ally withdraw he citizens of the United St ites from All further Parlini potion in those violations of human rights which have been Long continued on the Uno fending inhabitants of Africa and which the morality he reputation and Tho Best interests of our country have Long been eager proscribe. Although Law you May Pasa can take prohibitory effect till the first Day of the year one thousand eight Hundred and eight yet the intervening period is not Long i prevent by timely notice expeditions which cannot be completed before that vol. 8, p. 67. I void i Ltd it Lerlo Ivy Storl dated Seft. 8, 1823 a a still it is a hideous blot As Well from the heter morph peculiarities of the race a that with them physical compulsion action must substituted for Tho moral necessity which constrains the free labourer work equally hard. Eye feel and deplore it morally and politically and we look without entire despair some redeeming Means not yet specifically foreseen. I am Happy in believing that the conviction of the necessity of removing this evil gain ground Vith Yuol. 7, p 310. This it will be seen was three years after the pay Stige of the Missouri Compromise. From a utter Ifon. Lid heard a Vorrat april 8, 1820. Quot on the question of the lawfulness of slavery that is of the right of one Man appropriate himself Tho faculties of another without his consent i certainly retain my Early ibid p. 437. In less than two Mouths from the Date of the foregoing letter on the 4ih of july 1 �?-29�?died the author of the declaration it Independence. A a his body was buried peace but his name Livelli e7�?? commend Tho following extract from Geo. Yvo. Dallas speech delivered in the Senate in 1832, in reply or. Haines of South Carolina Lollie Bunker democrats. Or. Haines attributes the declension of the South the Tariff or. Dallas thus replied a a that other causes still or. President for Southern distress exist cannot but it doubted. One of these it is peculiarly pain into enemies destroys the re advert and when i mention it i met and the Armor Patria of other. Beg honorable senators not suppose that. Or of Ai slave can have a country in a Hgt Job i in the spirit of taunt or reproach or world it must be any other in preference 0f a be declamation. Regarding it a a misto that i which he is born live anti labor Fortune merely riot of a fault As a disease for another in must lock up the inherited not incurred perhaps be Alle faculties of his nature contribute As Lar u. Ralpd tl0, oradieated-1 should cof self depends of his individual Emlea Vors the condemned were i treat it other than As of the human race or entail in existing fact whose Merit or Demerit his own miserable condition of the endless j apart Fiorin the question under debate a generations proceeding from him. By ill i a Hie Lileto from commentary by the highest the morals of Tho people their Industry also 1 and most just considerations. I refer sir stroked. For in a warm climate be character of Southern labor in itself Quot then through the silence overhead an Angel with a trumpet said a fore encore fore encore the reign of violence is or a and like us instr Lineul that Tings its music on another s strings the trumpet of the Titi gel oust upon the heavenly Lyre its blast and on from sphere kit in it the words lie echoed Down the burning chords a forevermore Force encore the reign of violence is or a a a the speaker resumed his scat amid much applause. The doctrines of Jefferson on slavery anti slavery principles of the National Republican party. From a Ultra of i Tomu juju non cot. Ivy Duane March 28, 1811, vol. 3, p. 577 a a you know my a sir Tomt this Union of republicans has been the constant theme of my exhortations that i have Ever Rte fused know any sub visions among them take part in personal differences that the republicans of Tho present Day hold opinions upon the question of slavery identical with those of the great founder of Tho Republican party is will known but have thought that at a time when Many claim be Bis follow is Labouring extend Over free territory great an evil is or. Jefferson regarded slavery that a selection from his writings upon this subject would not be Inopportune or unprofitable. Our extracts cover a period commencing with Bis Early manhood Ami closing with his latest years. Yve Call Tho particular attention of our democratic readers these extracts Aud ask them whether could Truo the sentiments convictions and leaching of our Groat Leader did we not resist with Alt the ability possess the spread of this giant wrong Over our continent. The republicans of 1855, impressed with a deep sense of duty and responsibility believing that Tho welfare and durability of the Republic de Send upon the of the principles which have United them in this crisis will Well regard the exhortations of or. Jefferson in respect sub division mild personal differences As less necessary and Wise now i ban they were in Tho Days of the old Republican hangar jeffersonian. From Jefferson world edited in ii. A. Washington vol. I p. Tyr a a i have found mention of negroes in Tho Colony until Alio it 1650 the first brought Here As slaves Wero by a dutch ship alter which the English commenced the Trifilo and continue in it until the revolutionary War that suspended Piso Facto their further importation for Tho and the business of the War pressing com tartly on Llie legislature this subject was not holed on finally until year 78, when j brought in a Bill prevent their farther importation. This pasted without opposition Aud slopped the increase of the Ovil by Iro Pori Alion leaving future Effort its final eradication a the preceding extract and that which follows Aro copied from or. Jefferson autobiography written in 1821, when Ivas 77 years a id. A in 1769 1 became a member of Tho legislature by the Choice of the county i which i lived Ami continued Kulil it was closed by the revolution. I made one Effort in that body for the permission of the emancipation of slave which was rejected and indeed during Tho regal government nothing Liberal could expect Success. Our minds were circumscribed within narrow limits by in habitual belief that it was our duty be subordinate the Mother country on All matters of government direct All our Lubers in subservience her Man will labor for himself who can make null our labor for him. This is Truo that of the Propri dior of slaves a very Small proportion indeed Are Ever seen and can the liberties of a nation thought secure when we have removed their Only firm basis a conviction in Trio Ini mls of the people that these liberties Are of the gift of god that they not violated but with Bis Ivi Atli indeed i tremble for my country when i reflect that god is just that his Ustico cannot sleep forever that numbers motive Ami natural Means Only a revolution of Tho wheel of Fortune an Exchange of situation is among Polibio events that it May become probable by supernatural into inference thu and in is a a thence on others. Incapable of adoption the Ever varying changes of human Cieto Ami existence it retains the communities in which it is established in a condition of up Patent and Comparativo inertness. The lights of science and Tho improvements of Uil which vilify and accelerate elsewhere cannot penetrate or. If they penetrate with dilatory inefficiency among its operative they Are merely instructive and passive. While the inc Alec dial Indus try of this country Spring elastically Forward at every fresh impulse Anil manual labor is propelled and redoubled by comi ties inventions machines and contrivances instantly understood and a. One exercised the South remains stationary in almighty a attribute which can take a icons Sibul such encouraging and stimuli Side with us in such a contest. But it i Ting kids. Nor is it wholly in i a Ible in in impossible be temperate Ami pursue w,0y a Jud Murat 0f is this subject through the various consider a species of labor upon thou of freemen among turn of policy of morals of history natural. Cboin a Oxia lat a ,�f0, Humble and and civil. Wyo Nuat contented Hope Hardy occupations a prison Adverse they Wil Force their Way into every ones s a Dru Gery and toil a dread that partake mind. I Iii Chango already perceptible j in by employments allotted color May Ino origin of Tho or accompanied also by its degradation ate a amp re is re ass i a a it a a a men of the state that w Hen Tho matter is in irly understood every right minded rain will be on our Side As we expect great majority be. Sow my friends we have suffered in Tho past because we his not been sufficiently firm in the Makuta finance of our Yyi a ban been weak in this respect As Indue the South believe that any draft on our forbearance would be honoured in the end we have submitted aggressions and outrages until taken from a the soil a Sod a the ukr built in Uusi iwts.v�, n.,.o u infamous practice Quot ibid p. 135. For the on Jinai draft of Tho declaration of in j a. A a a a a i dependants Tow a looms and Stephens of Georgia a a he has waged cruel War against human and Jefferson Davis and others Tell us now i nature itself violating in most sacred rights in the instructions Given the first delegation of Virginia Congie a in August 1774. Lie wrote a the abolition of Domestic slavery is the great object of desire in these colonies where it was unhappily introduced in their infant a Tate a. But previous the enfranchisement of the slaves we have it is necessary exclude All further importations from Africa yet our repeated efforts effect this by prohibitions and by imposing Datie which unit _ i. N or it Isa corsairs the lasting interests t Ana Uliey new mean Divide California and j. Acquire St Domingo and Cuba and another a of my Pic a a a a bring a Quot half a dozen More slave Satee into the in f Ion and when that in done we shall be 1 Ciuco the origin of the present evolution. Tho spirit of Tho master is abating that of the slave rising from the dust i. Condition mollify ing Tho was i Hope preparing under the auspices of heaven for a total emancipation and this is disposed in the order of events be with the consent of thu Maul is rather than by their y of. 8, p. 403. On the very Day of the session by Virginia of Tom Northwest Tenito Rity March 1, 1784, or. Jefferson from a committee consisting of himself Cline of md., and Howell of ii. A reported a plan for its government and therein was the following provision a a afer the year 1800 of the Christian Era Thero shall neither slavery nor involuntary servitude in any of the said states otherwise than in punishment of crimes whereof Tho parly shall have been duly convicted Havo been personally this provision it will be perceived contains Tho germ Tho hint the principle of the Missouri restriction which the Hunker democracy of the present Day have fraudulently repealed in open violation of most solemn pledges not. In 1786 or. Jefferson wrote As follows a a m. De Meuse for where lie mentions that the slave Law has Buen passed Inyo in Giuins without the clause of emancipation is plea end Montion that neither or. Wythe nor or. Jefferson was present make the proposition they had meditated from which people who not give themselves the trouble reflect or inquire might conclude hastily that their absence was the cause Why thu proposition waa not made and of course Flint there were not in the Assembly persons of Muo and firmness enough propose the clause for emancipation. Tori up a Osi Uon would not True. There were persons there who wanted neither the virtue propose nor talents enforce the Pioppo a Ilion had they seen that the disposition of the legislature was Ripe for it. These worthy characters would fuel themselves wound Oil degraded and discourage of by this ides. Or. Jefferson would therefore be obliged m. Lie Muu Snir in Aislinn in in it inn such manner As this. Quot of the two commissioner who had concerted the amendatory clause for the gradual emancipation of slaves or. Yyi Tho could not be present he being member of the judiciary depart ment and or. Jefferson was absent on the thu legation Franco. But there wore not wanting in that Assembly men of virtue enough Tonose and talents vindicate this close. But they saw the moment for doing it with Success was not yet arrived and that an unsuccessful Effort As often happens would Only rivet still closer the chains of bondage arid regard the moment of delivery this oppressed description of men. Yohst a s upe Doua Inhat an incomprehensible machine i Man who can endure toil famine stripes imprisonment and death itself in vindication of his own Liber by and the next moment be deaf All those motives whose Power supported him through us trial and inflict of his fellow men a bondage one hour of which is fraught with More misery than Ages of that which he Rose in rebellion oppose. But we must await with Palienco the Workings of an Over ruling Providence and Hope that that is preparing Tho deliverance of these our suffering Brethren. Evhen the measure shall be full when their groans shall have evolved heaven itself in dsrki.es., doubtless a god of Justice their Dun Eta and by diffusing Light and liberality among their Oppre sorb or at length by i Exler minting Thunder Manifest his attention Tho things of this world and that they Are not left the guidance of an Blind fatality a vol. 9, p. 278. 7�? Lom or. Jefferson Seth annual misses Dee a. 18u0.j 1� Quot i congratulate you fellow citizen natural and inevitable. Tho High and lofty qualities which ill Ether scenes and for other purposes characterize and adorn our Southern Brethren Are fatal Tho enduring patience the corporeal exertion and the painstaking simplicity by which Only a Success Lul yeomanry can be formed. Yyi lion in fact sir the senator from South Carolina asserts that it slaves ate too imprudent ton inca Pablo of that minute constant delicate attention and Llinat persevering Industry which is essential the Success of manufacturing establishments who Hin Eli admits the defect in the condition of Southern labor by which the Progress of is favorite Section must be retarded. He admits in inability keep Pace with the he admits an inherent weakness a weakness neither engendered nor aggravated by he Riiff which As societies Are now constituted and directed must drag in the rear and be distanced in Tho common Frank Pierco occupying his elevated position and looking out Over the whole Republic deems the most flagrant outrage committed by any person appointed during i term of office be the speculation in Hose lands and consequently he lays tie a at the Root of the tree and cd s Down t a Hender. Yyi hat has he accomplished nothing but gain the detestation of All who know or take pains inquire into the facts. A tie removal of the governor. Yyi As there Ever a Mote shallow pretext for doing a mean Sirias than the one which Pierce has devised t the facts in relation the of lauds had been Public matter for nine month and Tho subject of new in it or criticism during All that period. The governor visited and was in consultation with the president and Heads of depart ment for three wrecks. Not a word was whispered gov. Reeder about his offending. Tho governor gel ready return die scene of i labors but at the unusual hour of near Midnight a Letler is put into his hands stating that Cetl Niri explanations Aro wanted. The governor replies hastily and promises a statement in full of Bia Are rival in Kansu. A prominent member of the Cabinet meantime away Down in Mia Sis Ippi charge gov. Reeder with being an abolitionist and intimate that he is probably removed for that in use. Pierce wishing make i act of wickedness plausible the North Cau is the correspondence Between himself and Reeder be published hoping thereby prejudice he Public mind against the object of Hia Hale. Eye arc wailing with anxiety of governor bleeder a a second letter Secretary mercy. If it Doea not awaken the eyes of the administration la their True condition we greatly mistake the Metal they dealing Aro with a Kansas Freeman Honor a the be lost free press Ono of judge Yoni Law supporters says Tho Hon in that of repealing the Missouri Compromise and passing the Nebraska Bill let Elong in the National democracy of the North i it Ugi is Cess Mcdonald and Oiler distinguished democratic statesmen. Them be All Honor. Are the people of Maino ready in give All Honor a those dough acre f the tone of the Yyi slip presses generally would indicate that every vote for him will an endorsement of the Nobraska scheme that hybrid Resolution the contrary notwithstanding. Yve Hope it is violation of a a neutrality a say. That with this View of a he Case Fiere Are some men Tom straight dec Ocra in rank whom we Are very sorry a be there. Yvo expect nothing better from a certain class but we Hope those Rosoh of the period at which you Meo of Principio gel into bolter Otapa Tobt msgr interpose your authority Constitution mow september

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