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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - August 18, 1854, Biddeford, MaineImp v.1i01 Aio Baxter is Fibus bad wik1lv, a plot. Orrick a no. Central Block. Biddeford oppo ails Iho Bwl Deforti Huum. Tsars a woo pers Nora or St 30 if paid within three Inonu he Roitt the time of sub cry Bing sin a any a Duaward Al Thuo thue in Best Ca 4 cents. T b. Pauig a tha american newspaper Affat is lha Only Aht Honsch agent for this paper in Iba cities of new York Boston and Philadel pais and is duly empowered to Lake advertise Nouis and at the same rates As to Quinal by us. His Ottilea Are in Ete Yard to Bone film Diug Uomoto. Is Ollayos Usu Diug n. W. Corner thief Aud Chea aut steal. Marcus Watson. Pruter. Poetry. Far at Union and journal. W e All must Jade away. 1 wandered Forth among the Lowers that deck the Forest Vale the Brwn sent Forth a Sweet perfume a every Leafy Dale. All Tii ogs were breathing happiness All seemed to live and love the beauteous things which god has placed in every Glen and Grove out soon tin scene was changed and All the flow Era that a Cluied so fait were with ring a new the the spoilers touch it Worth la a fragrance Here their Beauty Nuce so fair and Bright All tied in one abort Day and from the leaves then came a voice a a we All must fade away. A a Sephyr came wed fanned my brow and whispered a mine ear a Sweet tones and pleasant sounds were breathed the Ion and Eastern journal % its la los u. Cowan editor Aud proprietor. B1ddef0bd, Friday August 18, 1854. Vol. Xeno. 33. Getting old. In be worked Booty hard Here Lor a Good Many years anti i have Conlu Ileal to give of. It s your turn a my turn for what a a suced Ben. A to Tuko charge of in Furin. Ben a you re Young Stout and healthy. In a go ing to give up the Homestead to you Anil you continue to Julior constantly As in be done and As your Grunt Flatner have did Afore uus Vou Cun get a Good living off on to us we have done. We can to Tuko nothing out of this we old with us Bon. Nuked to came into it Aud so must go out. But the a id place a free Imus encumbrance there never win a Dollar mortgage on it und 1 Hope there never will be. I shall give you the form free and Clear to air Tow. Ben slept on this and Neit Day he was master of a farm a thirty rods wide and two and a half tiles Long i shall t be the place father a he said and carry it on hut not As you und Gru tid father and his father and though the uld gentleman Shook his head und looked earn s by Over the Bridge of his specs at his son. Ben was us go gtd us word forthwith he Wool to work in been Lucky and die seasons have been favourable a the elder Smith and been pal he Rod to his fathers. Benjamin Smith. Or. Esq., in now a Man of solid Bube auce a Justice of die i Eure and a Fanner of Foisiy years in Good standing. Lie knows die difference Between partial and thorough cultivation he can Tell you the benefits of subsoil and blowing and shallow Pirow he can Tell you whether Aarnam. A a by to nobody believes you. I done to at any rate. Why you Hadnot courage enough Tho other Day kill a Rabbit your Mother told me so a Jyi never like to cause or witness pain if it Cun be avoided a Kana ered Martin blushing. 11a a a what an excellent excuse you Are Brave enough Lobo sure hut tender hearted cd a tue now you dare not go to the churchyard his night Lono. You Are his hut Maui rat of Grid or fear it played among i in mourning rite Al decked a Earnest. Leafy Green a Spring came. Ben Wen into the old and Over the Dower that grew beside the Brooks eight acre Field and ploughed up one Hulff a i. Of a livery sort a upon this he had deposited the we Quot be of the but when it lingered there awhile away i a oily Sousou s m Intro that had i Herto Lor years Leen sparsely spread to it on Doug o the aur and Kiv Sod from of the Blooming lower the Clear and sparkling Dew and with it dying murmur Caius a voice that Hecim Dlo say a ilm Limhi Fine la. And die Beels the face. To harrowed this four Seres and burrowed them carefully Heing Tiburc came and Ben Imd Only half the Simce to go Over. Though the Corn und potatoes looked Ariel. Und lie beets the cabbage and Wber Eloie a piece of Suffolk pork or nut Hull so courageous us you would have us Devon beef is p e fur Able to that of the believe. Whether you think that there arc Grey hound hog or the single backed of ghosts or not you Uro a fruit of he knows How to the horse Mke and i Mur in wus extremely sensitive but the the potato Dropper lie will inform you of sarcasm of Noldy except Isabella could the advantages to to derived Lri Ltd i Riga 1 a a a a a l lion from draining Frum the a a of plies Ivo stung him so Quick. Scorning the. A imputation of cowardice to was ready to Phate of Lime and the like he will show do utmost any Dessem e net to prove his on his farm big Hay sucks generous Squash courage. A a but a said he. A a although i have a huge pm tame twelve towed Corn fat Lings improved poultry., Aleek velvety cat lie and All the i Tamaoka a of a modern Agri cult Al Progress a Ulm you will find in a snug Corner of Ben s ample sleeping room at old Smith a human Trail the choicest agricultural Library in the slate while he no More fear of Chuck Yards and ghosts than 1 have of Orchards and Urpin Trees i urn not going to Wulk half a indic merely to be laughed a Cha a Hutcoe shall not escape so a laughed Isabella a a Here before these our friends i Promise that Thi ring shall he or. Franklin examination before the privy Council. Extract Frum the forthcoming Thirl volume of Lun rofl t history of the l no cd Sute a a in this state of Public feeling Franklin on the 29th, assisted by Dunning Anil John Lee came before the privy Council Luad Vocate the removal of Hul Chilson and Oli ver in whose behalf appeared Maud Oil the old adviser of the stamp tax and the Solic Iun general. It was a toy of great expectation. Thirty five loads of the Council Wero present a larger number Thuu had Ever use Deil a heating and the room was filled with a crowded audience among whom were priority and Edmund Burke. A a the question i presented by Dunning was Uli easy decided in Ivor of the Peti in Unis f it was the Bumvu isl behind him in re of the lords we mkt licit had Bee fore Road was in mediated a they went a Waff a Saya to throw Optholt hats ice repeat be 11 Kilm the report pared be and Ost ready As if by the a a to against Tey had of i opinion ii a constant Reader and paying subscriber yours a she continued i playing Ono Given to All the leading 4 Book farm publications her by an old Lover which Martin had often prepare Liee fur thy future lot we All must fads us a a Cain to it grew to Lohn grew Crasty. And declared it we do a uru enough Way. Hat the old Roul Dnn la. A a. Us a flu there would t Law Root id to. P., m i tie Dell a i Pevelu a a re a a act ung hit own a franc Sci Wolf 1 h a grateful a Wdow deep and Cool fell a on every a a a Cynd hoeing Ben went into his a a a for acres hut not with the hand Hoe. Ii All came to rest beneath it boughs which cloths Meks a a a of june Rock As the old Man a termed it hitched of the old cd in verdure Bright were cd hug to the fevered brow Ulm plea aug to a no Tead of in ing his a it toes mail the sight but while it verdure Iuo to was Bright Aud in it to a Trug la Aud Prelc it dour Dauvd in tvs Dell More fair Thau aught beside. The we adm us baud hath Lulu it Low and voice is eau la say in Tad and solemn whimpering Quot we All must Lade 1 Cut Liere All was Joy Aad love mud there among the Bower a Bairie uus child Wilh merry laugh came spurting with the to Tower no Siulua thought had cast a Shade Mcnuss Bis Lovely Luce but o or his every move Cut Hung u Sweet Aud childlike Gruce. When Uvrl i saw that laughing child a twas in a Diw Utle grave where Bird i hair summer warbles True and Tiow res gently wave and from the in Quad where Ouw there lies the f Gruts time of St log god Thrifty und the Lur cat time heels Fuchion head in gon with his improvement but that Cultivar it a. Us Ben culled it a a work no Ben Oon inked the Uso of the cultivator however the old gentleman continued to i Grui ume. And Corn and potatoes continued to flourish. Bin Smith had Gore Over to a neighbouring town Early in the a Spring. And run b debt in was the first Smith that Ever did i Liis thing it it a two bundled bushels id 14 Liaty which he tugged the cattle it ii Law to Tho farm and with which he top Drea Aad the Meadow. Here was an i Nova lion one. And to Hud Shucri had Lor n weekly tis. Ali tit with his Iii crack of h j a cultivator. His ashes and a Book firming Tho old gentleman was nearly or need. It Tiu old never do to go on at this Rule said the old. But the Lour acres of Corn und potatoes und vegetables a til grew finely. Never had a the Smiths seen such Corn such potatoes thick Sud m the country no one that knew the old Smith farm five and Twenty Yequis ago would teen Poize it now. A Squire Ben is Worth a pretty forum in Lias a he som wife mid half a dozen children mid Tho ii Jyh a Little corpulent for he will 4 live Well a he is in Lively nod tin Illy a look Farour As you or i would wish to meet with. 4 i beg your Pardon a concluded my traveller Friend at this Point 4 but Hete we Are a and Tho train halted in the Boston depot. Child once tree und Gay a voice Cook to my Lulu aug ear fade we All Winum quickly thus All the fading things of Earth Are switched away when Ltd a i we Thiak the i plugs we love Are soon Esi to though cherished with undying love and nurtured by our cure the thing that leave this Earth the first Are those him Rio cell must Sweet and Fui. Though left to mourn their absence Here and Over the lost one Grieve the o yes must Cher shed und beloved arc first our a Nues to leave Bat still their dying voices plead in tones that Peciu came round at lust the caul had Plooy of Good feed and they Weie a and sleek the pigs were Tat the poultry was fat the old Tiore was fat and Beil grow fat and Jolly As he garnered his High com. His big potatoes Hia Generou sized beets and ins great Bright yellow car lots. Ben had loud Lime during his eve-111 tugs to Lead the agricultural Ai titles in his newspaper and to Post him Ell in regard to log j a prepare to meet thy Sovereign 44 we All must fade ing in a Bushel of ears at the top while the big Golden kernels pushed out in a Douala ii Shower at the Boom. Ben Smith ii ii 4 a six in Cash upon a Coin Sheller a what is the silly boy coming to a exclaimed the venerable Pio Nilor. As he sighed and turned to the barn Winter came. The Good old father entered the barn. It was crammed with Hay and Corn stalks Ami and wheal and the granary was louder with com Ami Ben who had been Ca fully taught to Shell Miscellaneo us. The tolling Bell. Not Many months ago in on of my summer rambles i Lound myself on n Hui Laiful Sabbath morning Tho guest of a worthy and intelligent family in u quiet c entry Village. The curly hreaklus1 was Over parents and children had joined in Reading a chapter in the Bible or Sedgwick Tho loud of the family had then flared up h fervent prayer at the conclusion of which we All Turoso Iron on Knees when our ears were grouted by Tho Clear deep peals Iff the ringing Church Boll. A so Lute a exclaimed mis. Sedgwick looking at the Cluck. A your Timo Picco must be a that is not the first Bell for Church a to plied her husband solemnly. A there Inis been u death in Tho Village. The Bell is going to toll for Martin a such Hen is his unhappy end a mused his wife. 44 Well it will no wrong to mourn his death. If death was Ever a merciful Providence it is so in this a is it a Poison who had been Long sick a i asked. Instead of Unow Etsuo my question directly or. Sedgwick said a 44 there is n very melancholy history connected with that Young Man. It is now sometime i Inco the excitement occasioned by this strange tragedy died Wuy Hilt the tolling of the Liell this morning must in ing it Back forcibly to every heart. Perhaps you would be interested to hear the stops a desired her to part with 14 provided you will go to the churchyard done in the dark and declare on your in nor when you return that you were not in the least a agreed a said Martin buttoning up his coat for Tho night was chill. A a and As evidence let you go Tho entire distance you can a ring Hack with you the Iron liar which you will find close by the gute a Suid Isabella. Tylius driven by taunts to Tho commission of a Folly Martin tool leave of the com a. In full of courage und spirit und set out on ins errand. It was near n Quarter of n mile to Tho Chic Hurd which wag approached by u lonely dreary travelled except by mourners. It is impossible to Relato precisely what happened to Martin on that gloom in Road. 1 judge from Tho Cirami Slanco which alter Waid Camo to Light Aid conjecture his adventure must have Bocci us i am about to Row ate it. Slight is lie was in Fraino and tender in hat Hutchinson ought to by suit Cree Wedil Erduino changed the Issue As if Hru Inklin were on Inal and in n speech which was a continued i sue of Alae Louil Ulm rib Aldry turned his invectives against the petition a und their messenger. Of All men Franklin was the most Impi taut in any attempt at conciliation. He Ivas the agent of the two great colonics of and Pennsylva Iii and also of new Jersey and Georgia was Tho it a end of Edmund Buike who Wum agent fur new York. All the troubles in Tho Grilii a colonial policy Hud grown out of the neglect of his advice and there was no one who could it Avo mediated Tike him Between Tho Meh Opolis und the americans. He was now thrice venerable from Genius fume in the world of science and age being already neatly three score years and ten. This Man wed Delburne turning Irum the real question employed Ull the cunning Powers of Lliel Oliou Aud misrepresentation to abuse. 4 with ail Absurdity of application which Lito Luidl of Iho i Ivy Council were Loo much Poeju diced to observe lie Dow u parallel Between bunion and cd up ii Hutchinson and Seja uus the Humble petition of the May sail my cts Assembly and a vet bosc and grand epistle of Iho emperor Ria Klimi whose character wus most Boungn und who from obvious motives of mercy had assumed the sole responsibility respecting the letters lie described us a person of vehement Ami to agent he hoary headed Konklin talked a Triumph a or. Bancroft concludes his third volume with a sketch of the Gene isl political a tute of Europe at the outbreak of the american War. A was the fleets and armies of England went of Mali to consolidate Alibi Hrnry Power the sound of War everywhere Elk a on the Eaith died away. Kings sat still or Awe and nations turned to watch Tho Issue. Tho Homo journal says a a varied correspondence this week sends is a spicy sketch of Hor o of bathing at Newport. A a to Ono accustomed Only to sea bathing in smooth water and in u quiet retired spot Tho sound of Tho surf rolling and breaking Tho eight of Tho promiscuous crowd on the and in Thourot nearly enough to Tucako Ono change in s a Plain and fancy Job pain no. Tbs pro Una of Tbs subscriber in Clalra Jock by Meford is of turd presses Aad Trp Ibata Lusn by bits to Landsb la bits a Ltd work seem poodle Tab lbs grit adv Sace asat that bos Beca s inv Yesnes to this Art. Orders Tor Plain or fancy print no is Coloro or in my Branto Sruba so Fco Udia i Ais ?l.wv.1 Wmk. Taelyr or Cean Irv and by the of past Kaa is ,w1ui Asu with Sims a Lief Ces known la by or. Uon. Tbs urn k and Lucas Oslo Ilem Aad sir card put Asti no. Is ind coi the subscriber m Niehass a Naehr far cutting card Board and a it Orlu if chs Board it be la Urye Laos Lolk is is soued a a Mawn Swantees in ibis tirs Noh of us no Rikss is do Mastko fact Metis function. Card Buard of us a ours Sud Aiulu is. Vysa Ahall. By or Der tur an kind of Job it Kiln sent by Pup or Furnard a it a mall f>nnj4lj answers. In Mua am joins so Onu s. It l. O. Cow a. Nice mrs lie via not Doati Tuto of courage. A Mont deliberate malevolence4, leu Lizius i. A a i�.v.1 i ill life Lial poetic fiction had penned Fot the Beasl of a bloody african. The speech ing of Tho wind und the rustling of the dry leaves us Many stronger Iuen pc Hutchinson challenging a disc in it Mou of might Ivo Beon. To Curchod a Teu Dily the supremacy of Parli Umel Hud been not the Church Vuril. Al Oppl i i re nip a Tognoc sadly but nut Feur Lull at the White tombstones gleaming Flint in in to Luidurk und Desow ale ground Lor the stars Liono brilliantly in Tho Clem cold sky Liei shouldering Tiu Iron Hur of which Isabella Hud spoken he Sot nut to return. Only condemned by Public opinion in eng i land but Misup proved by Lam Secretary of slate wed Delburne pronounced it n 4 Mas Telly one a which had 4 stunned the Finklin fur Twenty year Hud exerted his 1 Wool Ursul towers a Iho great conciliator lit.,.Hud never onco employed the american lie Hud proceeded Way Volun in in certs 0 alarm the american people but the gloomiest part or Tho mad. To saw n iad 8�uuht a Pievac figure emerge from u clump of Willows und Corn toward him. It he ked like n walking Clipso in a winding shoe which trailed Prev Cal the pallium Elury taxation of America by private Sud Stic Cess i ii i do my the True of the Pelham by seasonable with upon the a mud. All Martins strength of against to stump act by i Nervo failed in n in in instant. Courage gave a it a a tue answers to the inquiries of the place Toi Espera t Ion. Ins hair standing erect. Hu1 my a a commons by lilo Best advice log nil Lila lil Ai of Mil it 1%. Jul 11 i i. A. Quot away. J. B. W. Grandfather s old farm. A>0 what was Dunk with it. I was no my Way in the curs from Maine a. To Isi Wiek Una a Lound my sell upon again the seat with a gent eur sunly Man advanced in years to whom us i Honor old age 1 in their Wmk Inore Hay in the mows than Ever a Elvored to make i Yscle agreeable in route before. Tho Corn had turned out grandly. I expressed Iny desire to listen to the narration us it a which my Friend gave to Tho details of the following Story which i relate w Ith Only u slight deviation from the original a Marlin lord was onco a Flower and the Hope of one of Tho most respectable families in the Village. His amiable disposition and the in by Amoss the Edge of the shovel now Superior intellect procured for him univer a too i beside another stupid machine i now Sut love and esteem. Although of a slight Figuro and Pale features which indicated u Constitution by no Means robust Martin was remarkable for his uncommon Beauty and indeed his i o no to fore Lead shaded by locks of soft Brown hair his Larue expressive Blue eyes straight nose a with thin grecian nostrils und rather voluptuous Mouth entitled Hitu in some Mea the old Man examined the harvesting a ure to that consideration. A a a a Tho la showed Mai tin in a great favorite with Dies old und Young but lie never alter to Luicir Bungu of a few common their was everything in profusion Aud Only Uny marked Partiali a to Uny one until he. A s Iii a ii ii i. A. A i. V Ali Tan t in place remarks our convert Ilion turned upon the subject of agric us Uro the old and new modes of farming etc., Ami i Suu Equen us ruined that Iny venerable acquaintance was a it Ellen Farmer Olio retired in his old ago a it us a competency. As we dashed along in the cars he Eiliv ruined me with the substance out the following Nar halt the eight acres lung been tilled Beil Camo intimate with Isula Ailston the new minted to this grail veg result and Liis la daughter of our Lute Clergyman who died olt Ltd her Only Shook his head and said Ben griet about year ago. 1c4 Vou have been Lucky Vive Kud a remark a no two beings could be More Diorent. Ble season. Things have Gruwet finely. A Forward a Vasou Ben. ,?t Ben Smith or Only smiled at this. He continue i to i adhi paper subscribed for a Stive Tho details of which to assured me another paid for both a Lial ext Iava had transpired within his own knowledge Gwi ice and Winter Page de glibly away. And improvements Iii agriculture Satune a re me of an instance Tomt occur cd with a m relate to a peking us the exciting Progress a run Eugenis in agriculture a a said lie a a Isaula was the my at thoughtless girl in Tho Village. Slio could Ivo Little sympathy with a a Roii of such deep of Lings und elevated intellect As Martin mud Beautiful i she was it seemed strange that lie should have Given his Lovo to her. Their ii no doubt but she was attached to him perhaps she loved him As Well As she was capable of Loving any Ono hut in this instance us in nil others her affections Wero secondary to her love of sarcasm Slid mischief. Marlin und Isabella bad been pointed out and his blood chilled with horror still lie a Tood his ground. The Sci Tio Drew nearer seemed to grow whiter mid larger us it up pious had. We cannot Tell Lial frenzy seized upon Tho brain us the unhappy youth at that moment. The guests at the gentleman a House Spiel bump. When a Cupl inuit bought by Flat Lyciy to mislead the minister for America lie bad Given Cut reel in formation Aud Safe counsel la the ministry of Gitt Fiauu Aud repeated it emphatically Ami in writing to the ministry of North but Weddo bume Stig unitized this Wise and Heady Lover of both pram the new York daily. To tort. Extraordinary narrative. Prince Albo Kocmond son of to Duke of Saxe Coburg received his education it Tho Univie Siviy of Bonn at which student in 1837, being then in his High Leci Ith year. There tvs at this pm god it Bonn a professor s or. Pei Thuu whose medical skill was Tequ Ertly Callad a a the Relief of such of the alumni a to use the con volitional Teriq Kyj Hud a a Ivel too of i us it is enough to Oak that when 1ha. Prince Judi Bucini he made such Jef blk Tsiz qua of gratitude ii Lojo that marriage with Queen to Ictoria >�?,a84t, doctor fondly lauded that his Lor Luu de Ami that his Mormur would it Voitle for him. Iii Luti taking Iilah testimonials which As s Jill derail and his As a Cut Louii. To soul Tese documents to Prince Albert with a idler slightly glancing at Bis Porth Lur claims and requesting that South appointment or Otheir is shun id he Given la Piiru. It no Louis that Al first 1�? Albert was so Well inclined to a Fisl or Peithman that its directed a Reil declaim to oblige his old ing that on an Rirl ally in chive him. Look place. The belief is Liui when the Prince teen Calvd an for or. Pei Thuu the Queen wan Cut ions to account for the Meriest taken by her Consort in an Obs Euie Slinger and having read his letters fastened upon certain Pas Ages in them in such a Maimer that to avoid a Domestic feud the Prince had to re Ign nil interest Ami interference in the affairs of his compatriot. Intimation was therefore not tonally Gicu by colonel Plilip is one of Llie Boyal household that the promised interview could not Peithman naturally annoyed Al this decent of his hosts wite to uni punch demanding the Tui in of his testimonials. The Chad been lost or mislaid. Not receiving them again he be Nervd his demand Ami it is not denied that the Lone of his Teller wus not Over Iolite. The result was that the ill Celivo police who had been put upon Liis track arrested him and took Linn to the Home office on a charge of being insane. This adding of injury to neglect did not lend to Lluy ins Iriti Alioa. At Downing Street he War brought not to Loie the Home Secretary the Maiquis of Noim amly Cut before or. Hul chief police Mavis trials of the Bow Sheet office. No complaint was made. An obsequious medical Man a in the Iii sauce and in a Ceniti finale that or. Teilh Naii was of Lei heard terrific Sere Unis dreading tragic i countries As 4 a True the let Crini nation to the Larch they rushed to tie snot one of Tho numb r carrying a lantern. They Lound Martin kneeling on a prostrate lie killed off the old Inzani backed Grunt that had been hied upon the ancient hum time immemorial and bought in inv remembrance which i will relate to a Elx improved Suffolk a instead of the three you Arlt disposed to hear it. I thank a gators that Hud previously been annually de Linn Aad he proceeded on nearly us Fol a Lei used on the Smith place lows a a Sotus forty years or rare ago a neigh pied Honit. ,. Bor of urine in c. A or. Smith occupied an Brace of Tahini us North Devons supplied of Tho sume nip when the Tia Gody oct Jerreu immense Trust of Lind which lie called a their place. A subsoil plow found its Way which the tolling of Tho Bell Hub recalled to a a farm it was about thirty rods in Width ,�?z0 Ltd i id one morning Eaily in the sad upward of two mites in length. An old Goring and a newfangled a Harrow lol Judian Grant us it was termed j upon which a vied this. Then came a new pal enl churn he Bod been brought up a 44 Farmer a and then a capital Struwer Cutter then Mote 4 in to Liere his Fathor and Grandfather and great ashes then a seed Dull a Ami 4 there wus had lived before him. No said Bun sen id to Iho infernal a., a a each generation of the Smiths that Hud that Ben Judi i cluttered up Ifica est youths and Haidous und hemp under dwelt a Hui this strip of land Hud contrived place Jwili a no restraint from the Gravity of the clergy to lurid it a each in the same old Way tear Ojeil us been no idler Mea Litno. He in Ted year out from father to son. The but drawn tulo the copy Mil iwo Hundred a Dollar s i cum Lulu of Imu Iii muck la fall. Trio cows 4 with the cram us lovers by Village gossips Lor Sev Crul led were turned into la Cef. And a months he was now Nineteen und Trio wus my Mimi by Quot it was on an autumn evening nearly five years since Tomt Isabella took Udu Lugo of the absence of her father to have a social Guthei ing of Young people at their House. Martin of course wus present with the fair t Man w to wus not expected Homo till Lute the co Iii my enjoyed themselves freely we Ith he jest songs und social gullies. Tho hour at Winch such parties usually broke up had already passed and there was no relaxation in the guilty of the Young to lace had never known a Dollar s Locum Liuia 0f a stud Ronco scots Ltd of a Milfs Hul Beon roared plaster and crushed Bones and mixed l us it ii it generation alter generation came with it and when february Caine it was and passed away their. An i the same Curt us sped out Gene couely ii Sott Lour acres paths and the a Niue Dila Jii Tat cd old Walls t again. Everything went on Mitil ugly and und Feuchs. The identical Sheds and Shantiai at haying Tuno the a Cap sheaf a of Ulm decs Yod Trees wore still visible almost arrive a to it a Saul Furrow Hai bean turned Lor a Bun what on Earth is that a asked Iho old 1 dred yearn mud More when As had been gentleman us la it a Pul his team before n a body Eon believe that the custom of Tho Smith families Onwe Hoige make it Peil Mug Hod Oul Wigtil and a. Figure his linger cd Rchrd convulsively Throat while to Stilt uttered frantic shrieks for help his wild pc Aires exhibited the very extremity of terror. Only two of Tho my to courageous Young men dared Hitu. One of Tho men f Rcd Murtin to relax his hold on the Throat of the figure while Tho Othor lore away the folds us Tho Sheet. At that moment the hearer of the lantern came up. Its Light fell on Tho blood stained distorted feature of Isabella. Martin altered Ono More unearthly shriek and full senseless upon the Corpse to never spoke again but lived an a Diot a frightful contusion on Isabella a Temple hours evidence that in his Fronzy to Hud struck the supposed spectre with the a Ion bar i he blow was probably Tho cause of her death although such a grasp is his hands must have Given her Throat might Alono Ivo deprived her of Arcadi. Ilo never afterwards know what he had done for never a gleam of reason illumined Tho darkness of his soul mid now Tho tolling Bell ims to Ltd is that heaven in its Meroy has finally freed the spirit Iron its shackles of Clay and Given it Lile and Light in u bettor world. The Iii Losoney or rain. To ruler a Al Anil the Phil Williy of this Beautiful and Alteri Sublime phenomenon so often Withers de much the creation of the wot id and so essential to the very Exi Lonec of plants and animals a few facts derived firn observation and u Long train of must be remembered. 1. Were the Utmos Diere everywhere and at Ull times of n uni min temperature we should Nover have rum Hail or Snow the water absorbed by in in evaporation Iton the sea Ami the Earth a surface would descend in an imperceptible vapor or cease to to absorbed by the air when it was once fully rat mated. 2. The absorbing Power of the Almos phere and consequently it capacity to Letain humidity in greater in warm than could air. 3. 1 he air near the surface of Tho Earth is warmer than a i is in the regions of the pie. When sore Ono mentioned the subject of Clouds. The higher we ascend from the ghosts something of that description having Earth the colder do to find the nor not Oceo Sions it finally Enre tiie Tura of Tho of Kotiw dad Why he did no a read Cut ants to resign Grun Tather a old a it la cd to be pad frs Bui his lather said 4 he had i Only son Bon dumb now come to Luis ,l0 occasion he know enough a in again the old barns creaked under Leteir for five and forty vests it least Bon a a ii Arvest of Hay and Grain and Thor bad named of this of fan. In j Teh Rte Ublee and again Tho old Man looked twist Long period and regular a it Roe Jln a nil sighed and declared that 4 the season Ruurd mud so regular had or. Smith plow ,4 j a a Skrable very top his eight acres mowed Ull the grass Tomt Ben he slut room to Stow Awse two third prov Renee would grow for him pastur d 0f a a a year a to Luce but his Hay in i Stu she a a sure his Lour head old Lile it Guellet his potatoes Weie Noble ones his fattened Hia three hogs and wintered 41 Carroll heels and onions were splendid he had surplus Rita bag by Iho Cord and Tutti Ixa and squashes and cabbages by the ton All of which readily found a Good Market seven Miles slant. Nobody believed it Al Lisl bul All these Tine pro Decla really came from the old Smith farm. When Tho a now and sleet tallied around that ancient mansion that Winter Ben owed no Man a Dollar his Burn and bins and cellars were Well filled and he had three Hundred dollars in clean Cash on hand Here was a Fortune. 4 vet by Ben a said his Parent you have Manv oops. But this was not All. True. Or. Smith had a great farm. He toiled like trooper from Daylight to dark lie raised Bis Una a mrs and porn such to it was his cattle and fodder Cut Ruiu his own Forest to Wood drat he burned never owed any Man a Farthing. He contrived oven to pay Bis own town and county tax. But he was literally 4 even with the world a fur he owed no one and no on it owed Kim a Dollar. And so he lived up to seventy. Ben a said the old Man to his son one evening As they sat before the Wintory a fire a Gliot was really seen their and i do ont if a it re on Here believes at nil in the sex Ismenee of ghosts 44 you do you self you Murtin. Although you Are cried Isabella. Been seen in the Vicinity of the he Orch Yard. Neie. Hence the perpetual Snow on very 44 it is n silly said Martin. No High mountains in the hottest climate. Now when from continued evaporation the air is slightly saturated with vapor though it be invisible and the sky cloudless know you do a Fps temperature is suddenly reduced by Ash Mcd of co Ltd currents descending Iron above or but Martin Only laughed. A a swing from a higher to u lower latitude a come continued the thoughtless or by the motion of a warm saturated Nir girl a i in prove that you have some idea 0 n colder climate its capacity to retain that such things Ray e1 fi0 moisture is diminished Clouds Are formed i a. Re. Regu it �,1. Or condemns of As it cools and like n sponge filled with writer and compressed pours out the water which its diminished capacity cannot hold. How singular ram churchyard alone in the Durk. And then declare Quot if you can thut you have Felt no for. A a and what would Flat prove a a Why you will be frightened though you should see nothing. V our cars would but your Cliel to the Teet. How could you o a mid a i you did not feel that Thero was something to he afraid of a �?o1 do nut think your Logios Tho a Stin the world,41 replied Martin 44 Mon Are Piton troubled wit when their Reubeon tells them there is no close to fear. But i deny in the first Punec that a journey to the churchyard even it Midnight would frighten me in the 44how bravely you can talk or yet How simple the philosophy of Wirat but omnis Couce could have devised such an admirable for watering the Earth arrangement co Lara in Irwi Ito. The whole number of deaths by cholera in Lewiston up to the afternoon of the 31st ult., a eleven is reported by the Tooch store. That paper thinks the Diee a a a is deeply seated with the Irish population of i�wut4in, and consider r said Jas no their filthy habits and unventilated Tyno Bella indulging in her customary too of rents this u not Atn nge. Ten which had been written by Public men in Public offices on Public affairs to Ono who formed an integral pail of the body that Hud been do it lured to po�e9 absolute Jon Var of or Amu Ticu and which Hud been written for the purpose of producing a tyrannical Oxer Ciao of that absolute rower to called private Hutchinson had solicited the Placo held by Franklin firn which Franklin was to be i a Sini Arne med this fact was suppressed and tie Wanton falsehood substituted that Frank in had desired the governors office and had basely planned his rivals Franklin Hud enclosed the letters officially to the speaker of Iho Massachusetts Assam Bly without u single injunction of secrecy with regut to Tho sender Wedderburn maintained that they were sent anonymously and soc rally and by no argument founded on a miss into Meiji. Out which to Pul for Ward is Irrelia Gahle lie pretended to convict Franklin of having Btu ipod the letters by fraudulent and Corri get Means or of having stolen them from the person who stole them a Tho lords of Council a lie spoke cheered him on by their laughter and the cry of 4 Hoar him hear him a burst repeal edly from a body we Cli prof cited to he sit Ting in judgment is the highest court of Appeal fur the colonies and yet encouraged the advocate of Ono of lie parties to insult a Public envoy present Only As the Persun a relive Piug the petition of a great and Loyal Colony. Meantime the Gray haired Franklin whom Kant the Noble i philosopher of the nge. Had called the prometheus stood conspicuously Eccl confronting his vilified and the privy Council compelled to listen while calumny in the service of Lawless Force aimed a death blow at his Honor and his virtue called on god and Man to Sec flow unjustly he suffered. A Tho reply of Dunning who was very a ii and was fatigued by standing so Long could scarcely be heard and that of Lee produced no Impi soon. There was hut one place in England where fit reparation could be made and there was but one Man who and the eloquence and the courage and the weight of character to effect tire alone meet. Fur the present fru Uklin must rely on the approval of tire Monitor within his own breast. 41 have never been so sensible of the Power of a Good conscience a said lie to priestly 4 for if i had tint considered the thing for which i have been so much insulted a one of the Best actions of my like and i should certainly do again the same circumstances i could not have supported but it was not to him. It was to the people of Massachusetts and to new England and to All America that the insult was Offe Icil through their rent. 41 Franklin and Wedderburn parted the one to spread the celestial fire of Freedom among men to make his name a cherished household word in every nation of Europe j and in the Beautiful language of Washington to to venerated for Benevolence to be admired for talents to be esteemed for patriotism to be beloved for philanthropy the other child Lee though twice wedded a beloved wrap Ulm with the Patron who Hod impeached ins veracity Busy Only in getting everything he could in the Way of titles and riches As the wages of corruption. Franklin when to died had nations for his mourners and the great and the Good throughout the world As ins eulogist when Wedderburn died there was no menu to mourn no Senate Spike his Praise no exit embalmed his memory and Hie King rearing that he was certainly dead said on1 then he has not left a greater Knave mind about taking n in Atli hut Tho be Inta Lor a of deposition i Tion proving Irreg Stuble to try it for once acquaintance mud saying you proceed at onco to join Tho throng. A a a it he would Peison the 44 modes opera Tuli a is this you in interview never i Are shown into one of the Fify Pigeon like houses which you find forgo enough to turn around in cleverly mud Turni lion with n harking Glass and having Uriost sensibly left nil superfluity is of Cit unit it your hotel quart cars you proceed to Urray yourself in milling Custudio a la ill Homer then cautiously opening Tho door look Lor a Cly Nico to Dorogo the carriages on Tho Beach Start until in sight of your Haro feet in such in us Seibly scares you Back hut the Only Way is to pull your Straw luit Down Over your Fuco und run us fun i us feet pm Curry ? to vouchsafed you until you plunge into tie water you a Al a a 1 a Quot a re then Ono of a crowd. Now give yourself up to the exhilarating enjoy Nicini of u hath in the Uri upon a Mich of Linn White Sand without Pebble or Shell to Hurt Tho in Ost delicate foot. Us atch Ilia White crested Waves As chasing one another they Como toward you grow ing higher and higher in lil with Gentoo Hoci Unco you Roccio their e or or Aco hot Beauro. Unless supported by u s rung Arm lest you Loso your footing und for a moment ii giving yourself carried out to son. You startle with loud shrinks the nymphs and no ids who ure sporting in the we pcs around you though it is u flight of poetic fancy to Trace Uny Rea a Blanc to tween Tho Itu Bilue of n watering place us it May to in with tresses c Reful a looped up under an oiled silk Cap undo and i wonder so Many Youthful beauties Uro willing to abide so Severo a test. It is Ull delightful while in Iho water hut of dear the of nag out part is horrid a hat slouched Down clothes clinging water dripping and carriages filled with people dres de so nicely Uro driving on the inc sch Liilo you poor soul thinking of Tho run to Tho Drew sing Huuson find Yon have forgotten which one is yours my looking alike und with Only forty nine chances out of fifty against your g Jig right Muko n Rush towards the Ono you Hopo is yours having forethought Concu a to choose those which having mils of water beside Tho door you know arc waiting for return i there push Tho door gently open find Oli horrors you Uro wrong trying another and another in despair be cling All Tho while us if up for sex i Hitun until at lust to your great Joy you find your own when Druwing in your pail of water to Wusler the Sand Iron your Loet you lustily pm oho und emerge with a a Happy thut not Ono of the a nov strangers around Cun Trace any resemblance Between you and the forlorn look Uit creature suing so lately in vain for us Mission to so Many door. I Ivo read of susceptible youth Fulling in. Love in die surf it Newport hut if Tho Young Ladina look is they did when i mud my Dybul i can Only say that Wero i a 14 celebes in search of a wife a a it u the last place i would go to look Lor to h. W. Bekc Pikr of following is u part of Henry Ward Beecher s View of Tho prevailing orthodies44 in fact Iho Ord Odom sect Uro a vast compound threshing machine flailing Wuy it each other a though Tho chief end of Man was or thresh his actg Thois. I have never vet seen in a orthodox Man. Ever body is orthodox is engr pure Writh those Bovo him and Ortho it lox reputations like country Bank Hills circulate Only in a narrow Circle very near Limo. 11 Ono is orthodox in Hartford to is n heretic in new Haven if to is sound it new Haven Andover if lie is fortunate enough to Renuk High it Andover then to is Hope a scaly mow at East win it is a if to cling is up Tho toilsome Cliff to Tho be of last a my or it is Only to bring him self in reach of Tho Princeton of and when yet climbing up out of sight of Ull sub Lunary things to sits Down in those principles of old school presbyterian Rin Cotoni orthodoxy and divides in time Irett Van Tretin and Effort it breathing on such thin aired August Heights then Down comes the Good old fashioned scotch Presby Meriun orthodoxy carrying him Newny at Ono swoop Lobo devoured in u yet higher Eagle s nest. In fact it is a very hard thing to to orthodox. It is a thing of do gown it is a question of Tho scale and to ginning it Sero nil Tho degrees Nuovo Pelt Ull Tho degrees mow. Now if u preacher is Heru Teodov to is not a Usfo cited and Sham punned and flailed and to gels that if to is orthodox. A a severe i Nish mkt. We learn from capt. Liswell a Man Camo to the lock up last evening and claimed shelter for the night under circumstances of a Peculiar a Turo. His Bend was completely shaved not vestige of hair upon the cranium in fact nothing visible but the Bare Scalp. His Hack was one minis of Clarg ulsted blood caused lie Suid by fifty strip is being indicted upon him at fort Mchenry. In answer to questions from the capt in that he had been it Olderr in the u. 8 a my Static Ned at Furt Mchenry and that lie and deserted and on being arrested is sentenced to have his head receive Oliy lushes upon the bore Back and be drummed out of service which had accordingly been done. Since writing the Thuve we have Learned that the Nares of the mania Patrick Kelly. We also understand that the two bog Lemen who were detailed to lash him a now und a arrest because the did nut Lay on if my with Moro severity. It a som they we Lotc be punished Ball. Patriot. In such n state of mind that it would Impi per to Ullus him to he of lib cily. On tin lilo and Corner thou Oniell or. Hall signed Warrenl committing Pei ionian to close confinement in be Diclem Hospital tie metropolitan mud House Aud in this duress the unfortunate mail Wuy detained four Mccu years a medical Man who accidentally a or and spoke with this ill us Cut a Foi Ciunci a car Taino a that lie wus not insane signed tie necessary Ceil Fichte to Tomt died was Active in the mutter nil succeeded in obtaining his liberation a few months Zigu. Soon after or. Peithman again wrote to Prince Albert on the subject of his testimonial received no reply and went on flu Day july 16th, to attend a Livin v service in the private Chapel of Buckingham Palace in which the Queen and Prince Albert Are wont to listen to the Christian precepts a do unto ulment As Yon would be done the Queen knew by n not of course. He was recognized by Prince Albert Ami As he a leaving the House us the House of god in which i had been grave Aud decorous this unfortunate Peithman was seized by a policeman and dragged off to a Dungeon Liete he was not told what offence to was charged with nor ullo cd to see any of his alter Olnee weary Days Ami nights in a Len no a cell lie was taken Louw Street police office on wednesday july 19th. There Beletu or. Jardine a magistrate ire was charged with 44 being of unsound mind Ami unable to Dike Cate of this accusation was made by or. Reynolds solicitor to the Treasury i. C Lottie big Tiki government who appeared for i Nice albeit. This official opened lilo proceedings by requesting that the Case should be Licard in private. The obsequious magistrate granted the request and neither the newspaper reporter nor the Public were allowed Lobo witnesses of lilo a examination a we Calvd. Tho victim however was not so friendless is was. I 0 Way who represents the town of Stafford in parliament and a a Iii ii of Independent mind its is Nephew by tie Way to the Lute sir Francis turd it is acquainted with lilo Case Ami was present. Or. Lewis of Golden Square his solicitor was Alio present. Both protested in the strongest manner against any secret p oco Edinga in the Cne and at inst both were allowed lobe Pic seut there they invited to prefer any charge against the prisoner they recnpitula4ed the leading Points which we have Here related in detail they styled that the medical loan who had procured reithm nil a liberation Iron bedlam was in attendance and could swear to his sanity. All was of no Avail. The government solicitor had i o charge to make. The magistrate said that iwo medical Wren or. Davis nil l r. Wood Hantl cent Ifird that they thought the prisoner was not of soul mind nil on this document he again committed the persecuted Man to a Lunatic no Lum Aud made out a Wirant for his removal to and detention in Iho Madhouse at Colley Hatch. Thus ended the matter a for the present. Or. Lewis had announced Lam lie would apply to the judges for n writ of Hareas Corpus on which an Ari Rumont on his Ini Prisi ulment can Ink place. Or. Elway stated that he would being the Case before parliament and also move for inquiry into the particulars of or. Peithmann a without a trial for fourteen years in a Madhouse. A Brick. The Poughkeepsie daily press says a u As a Dusty looking a coloured child about forty years of age and Fluur the country was passing under the scaffold of the building now casing rooted on the Comer of main and pm liar a no streets Ali other Day a Brick came Down struck Upa his head and broke in two. He was stunned fora moment but soul recovered sufficiently to get off tire tollo Wing and leave those who had gathered around him in radar of laugh on Era. Itu4i say you while Man up Dar if pc done to want yer bricks broke Jas Koen i off my a Hospital fur the care of wooden legs has just been owned in puff so

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