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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - August 11, 1854, Biddeford, MaineThe Union he �a3t�fttt Jour Tojal Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. B1ddef0rd, Friday August 11, 1854. Vol. . 32. Till. I m n Aasu i a i i k Jol , is rvbu4iiko we Kelv Bidav. Orrica no. 1 centrum Block. Biddeford opposite to Biddeford Huum. Talus a 00 per Aurum or to 30 if paid Wilbia three month irom lir Luno i subscribing so Jle copies Amy be obtained sithi Oulu e in seals Rice 4 cents. V b. Paui the american newspaper agent is the Only authorised agent for this paper in the cities of new York Booton Aud Philadel phia Ami is duly empowered to take advertise is i Aud subscription at the same rates As required by us. His offices Are new York Tri Bune buildings Boston Scolny s building n. W. Corner third and Jhean i Street. Marcus Watson Prater. Poetry. Or it Union and i Tislim Jon naj a picture in the sea. We May have pleasant memories if True inn Fler years flings glad ass from his Light some Wing nor any doubts and tears there be faces Beruti us upon oui path to Gle Aiu As to the softest music we float Adown life s Stream out there never Cau be happier than when in silence there we stood upon the rugged rocks As Blest is Bird in air with the Blue Ocean rolling dashing up Ward of the land a grew a picture of myself As there you held in hand ? it o you remember How we stood Aud looked so far mow fill it seemed there was a second life beneath the water s glow ? and Strumil prose a fairy land under the ebbing sea with never want of gorgeous Fane for Castle nor of tree and palaces All turreted and domes inlaid with Gold and Emerald and amethyst Aud gems but rarely told with shining streets and stately Trees whose branches bended Down so heavy with their Tau glad gems tit for a kingly Crown. And Over All that gorgeousness went Lloja Linig Gal. Lastly burnished us gemini d by Sunshine the Blue Aud restless sea holding in its mighty Lio Soiu the Dower of Beauty Rowie and my heart Frew wedded with that scene it was so very fair 1 knew it for a pleasant dream a picture on the rocks such As fill up the Ailenee when thought his door unlocks and ads i sister fancy roam throughout the wide Domain it was ouly but a picture there will be such again i can shut my eyes and see it hear the water from below with lit weird like ring of music Aud its ceaseless ebb and flow with its triumphant Mir Clies and its Dia mond studded Crown each wave a very King i Trucille at its frown till my heart grows grand Aud stately and 1 silent fold my hand and think How in the after Days i shall tread other lauds but wherever Fate shall guide me whate or May be my lot my heart so like a Pilgrim shall come Back to that spot. Amanda m Douglass. Btl or aug 1st, 134. Agricultural. Harvesting Grain. It would see in to be almost superfluous at this late Day to urge upon our la tuners the Gaiti be lure it becomes fully ii a yet notwithstanding the numer Ous articles a which have been written and published on this subject and the very convictions expressed by the must judicious Millers and i Iii dealers in Tavour of Eaily harvest11gespecially where the giant is intended Lor bread making or flouting there Are Many who std a there to the old practice and will by no Means allow their crop to be Hai vested till the Gram is fully Ripe i be Judie is a tyrant al master and no class 01 Coninis Ivity appears to be More fully under its contrib than our Doss. In new Voik. , indeed in All the wheat growing states the practice of culling this brain before it is dead Ripe pre vails universally. The exact time when it should be harvested is now with the Grain producing part of the Community no Louger a matter of doubt or speculation All being Lully Omni iced that the right Jeriod is indicated by that change which the Grain a i Deuce when passing from its Milky state to the it of Complete hardness and when the kernels without being Sticky Are yet sufficiently haul to resist the press ure of the thumb and linger. The Farina of the Maui being perfected All that is Nee Essaiy to Render it tit for flouring is the hardening of the mass and this it is full established May be As Well perfected after the Straw has been Cut As before. Besides Grain that is allowed to stand till it is foil or dead Ripe makes Darker Fluur and is not so heavy it scatters in harvesting and Eliod of perfect maturity is also much Mic vain Sale it Kim ses a degree of succulent be and Saccharine sweetness which let Uleis it a Good Tood Lor Stock a use to which the Straw that has stood in the Fields till it has become dead 01 Pei Felly matured can never be applied. J have Cut Oats when the Straw was just turning from its Green to its Golden Hue and have found the Grain As plus no and full. An j Lar brighter in color Luau that which had stood in the yield till Ripe. The Straw of Oats when harvested Eaily and properly cured is neatly As valuable Lor cattle feeding is the Best Clover Hay Ami when chaired and mixed with chopped roots or meal it makes a feed eagerly partaken of by Stock of every description. Tier. Til. Rules for raising poultry. The find the following Iii the papers with oat credit and do nut know its origin. 1. All Young Chicken ducks and tur key should be kept under cover from the we Ither during the Rainy seasons. 2. Twice or thrice a week Pepper Shal lots i hive or garlic should he mixed up with their food. 2. A Small Lump of Awa fetid should he placed in the up in which their water i Given them. 4. Whenever they Manifest disease by the drooping of their a or any other of ii Ward sign of ill health a Little a Ofelida broken into lumps should be mixed with their finl. 5 chickens which Are kept from the Dunghill while Young Seldom have the gape therefore it should be the object of those who hive the charge of them so to confine the Hen a to preclude their Youni from the Range of the barn or stable Yards. 6. Should any of the chickens have the gapes mix up Mal portion of Assa fetid rhubarb Ami Pepper into fresh sultor and j wive each Chicken As much of the mixture As will lie on half the bowl of a Small Tea spoon. 7. For the Pip the following treatment is judicious take or the indurated cover of the Point of the Tongue and give twice a Day Foi two or Thiee Days a piece of garlic the sue of a pea if garlic cannot be obtained onion shallot or Shives will answer and in neither of these be Louven Lent two Grams of Black Pepper Given in Fie a butter will answer. 8. For the Sii Tulles. The same remedy Asior the gapes will be highly cd Gutive but in addition to them it will be necessary to Inlet a Little Assale Tida in fish butter us rub the Chicken about the nostrils taking Caie to clean tar 111 at. 9. Shown up Duck Are some Tim taken or rapidly by convulsions. In such cases four Droit of rhubarb. And four Grain of Cayenne Pepper mixed in fresh butter should be administered. Last year we lost several by this disease and this year the same symptoms manifested themselves among inem but we arrested the malady without losing a single Duck by a Dietai Istir Lorth a go eos Vapour Wirich was Caret nil v entrap cd by mean of a Cool ing apparatus and when condensed was convened Tway by siphons and conduct pies into u Flagon of considerable dimensions. Altogether the strange Haggard thoughtful look of the Man and the myst minus looking . And the Glare of the heated Luru uce in Ide the plus appear wore like the haunt of Sone wizard or the study of in Ulch Mist and his Apu Rutus was certainly More suggestive of u distillery of Poison than Good and wholesome drinks in Wever he was evidently Bent upon either hiding or burying some tto tinn or sul the essence he had just made for a vessel containing a Ruhr coloured liquid was stand ing close by the Hole in which he was at work Itu t As it was the custom of some of the Early Ulch minist to Bury certain essences in la each from the commencement to the end of the quadrature of the to in in order that nature might perfect their labors the old Man dug away with a vigor that wus More to unison with youth than age. Slut suddenly he struck his Spade against some hard stopping to said Hollo i have found either u Box of old or ajar of Huid buried Here by my predecessor. Allah " he went on Chuck Ling i always thought i should Iid some thing in this old Laboratory in i Only dug deep the old fellow went on Lei rely removing the Earth every now and then stopping la examine his prize and it length he had removed the soil Giuin the obstacle and then ascertained that to had found a Glass bottle something like those upon his own Shelve and Liichi one be nowadays in our chemist s shops und we stand and stare al there flattened sides Long craggy necks and mys Tei iou signs us intently As a Hlynny did at the one he had so found. The old Man was of Couise very much delighted with Tif Treazur Truro for he expected to reap the Reward of some Alc Hyquist s labors who had probably died nil made no sign of the secret he had left in his Laboratory. At fir the handled it and examined curiously then he tried to guess at in contents and then he did what most sensible people would have done first he looked at the Cork and Dixon Herod that it was carefully and heavily al my it As not however the Golden Seal of Solomon that was stamped 011 the bottle As that Seal was Only used according to easier his orians. When it a necessary to confine a powerful Genie but it is the Seal of great Efficacy nevertheless for it w a the Seal paid incs the Meek eyed Damsel of Wisdom and the device exhibited the Beautiful daughter of Temperance of Flor ing a Goblet of water to exercise and it was struck in Virgin Wax. A Hlynny looked at the Bottlo again and again presently he held it up to the Light and then he Taw that it contained a Bright Clear but somehow though it looked even brighter and clearer than water yet there we a Juicy oily humor lurking and working about in the hot to that told the old Anttn that the vessel contained n mysterious and Subtle . Foiled in Gratifying his \ curiosity by the Means to Hud adopted he eld Iho bottle to his ear after he Hud shaken it Well. A " s Iid he " i thought so " wild he appeared not to he disappointed for at first to thought he heard Low murders that gurgles Forth elastic Bubble Given off by the volatile essence that had now began to Leri nent from the so Kin it had received. In the excitement of the m Mout the Liren died imagination of Tho Acyl minist heard half formed words broken expressions com posed of curses blessings on Lis and entreaties but the noise was As indescribable us hits of dreams und like u tale in outlined by a Muni a was full of sound and fury signified Noth aug Thul was intelligible. Acid now cold trembling crept Over Tho old Man yet he could not help listening lie Ucli entranced. Sell hound Lor Tho inure mers within the Bottlo seemed to hold Coin Munion with himself and to he answered from the very Depths of his brain lie tried to speak to u tar u counter Charm he made his cabalistic sign but Ull to no purpose for Bis Tongue refused to give voice to the strange Workings und yearnings within him j and in a Elul consciousness grew up in his mind that a Subtle spirit in his own heart was conversing with Subtle spirits in the mysterious bottle. Ilia first impulse was to Fly his second was to tour away the Seal with which Ivy Dent Hud covered the neck of Trio bottle. Fur in instant he hesitated hut in a rash moment acting under the influence of Somo unaccountable spell he pave Tho Seal a wrench and settled Llie business Tor a few moments Alchemy stood somewhat amazed astonished it his own temerity As he a United bark instinctively and placed the open bottle upon Llie floor of Llie Laboratory. Slut As nothing very alarming ensued lie gradually approached the vessel and then he discovered that a Subtle and volatile spirit was fast of capias from Trio aperture and was rapidly tilling the apartment with an overpowering and intoxicating exhalation. Alchemy re aided Trio vapor with much Surprise but presently to fell himself irresistibly attracted towards the bottle by the seductive odor of the essence that escaped from it. Influenced by some Charm he hesitated at first but at length his curiosity overcame his judgment and placing the bottle to his lips lie sipped and sipped but finding it impossible 10 conic to satisfactory conclusions by such dribbling process As that the fatal bottle became glued to his Mouth and he swallowed a copious draught of its contents. And Alchemy know Tliatha Lead imbibed a Subtle spirit Lor there gradually crept Over him a drowsiness i is eyes rolled in their sockets his senses reeled and Tho essence of Tho bottle rushed through every vein and artery of his Frame until he fell at last insensible upon the floor. While he was in this condition a vision of a strange awful but indefinite form floated tic lore his eyes a hideous figure that seemed to l e neither Man nor woman up eur cd before him. Its face was bloated Haggard worn into deep furrows and rut and distorted he maddening passions and its withered body was so covered with tilth and rags that its sex was not to to distinguished. It held a drinking cup in its trem Ulous grasp which it continually implied with a Tierce thirst to its parched Tir Verdi lips and As it Mohed for More drink its breath poisoned the very ainu Tenuis. And Alchemy know that he had liberated an evil spirit Tor soon after in his vision he saw issuing out the neck of Tho bottle Oiler wicked and powerful demons similar to the one he had swallowed. At first they came Forth in Small numbers but they soon swelled into myriads Over the Earth like Waters Frosti a gushing Well. But what appeared most incomprehensible to Alchemy was that the footsteps of these hideous hags should be followed by a Host of obsequious worshippers who Laid Down All their most prised and cherished objects in barter Lor a drink oui of their maddening cups joyous hearts Happy Homes health Honor nay their very souls were freely Foll red in Exchange for a pernicious and deadly Poison. Though Tho fearful Demon stood impeached to every one in Tho name of All things pure and Beautiful As the pitiless in Vader of every human Blessing nay. Though it devoured its victims it Noonday and sowed the land Broadens with misery violence and crime yet none of these evils appeared to warn the poor deluded victims of the tremendous sacrifice they were making for al though the very air was Laden with sighs and desolation a Qatar sat upon every brow and covered the sad scenes with the spirit of the demons presence yet the worshippers offered themselves up in hecatomb upon the alters of these Kvil spirits. Everywhere its commissioned agents plead their fatal cup everywhere they spread abroad the Means of intemperate indulgence All Over the land so it appeared to Alchemy in his vision myriads of demons were systematically and diligently employed enticing corrupting und recruit the wasted ranks of Tho staggering rolling and fallen Devo tees and Montini Inibig with Terrillo Elucien by the whole Baleful system of destruction. It wan astonishing to witness the effect of the fatal cup upon different individuals. In Home it blighted All the social affection and violated the Sanctuary of Domestic peace in a Brief space of time. It appeared to be a bitter toe to All social blessings fur in warred ruthlessly upon Home Aud All the packed interest of which Home is the Cen tre. Some of the poor infatuated wretches indeed put on an air of boisterous Merri ment Tor a time but it was Short lived for dilapidation Anil ruin spread All Over Thorn and they were rapidly pushed through a career of shame and sin into Graves of in Famy. In Many the pernicious draught brought on a derangement of All their pow ers and wrought them into an us natural state of excitement or delirium. Then when their brains were fired and whirling with Phr Enzy they were Ripe for any wild act that fancy a depraved heart or the promptings of the evil one might suggest. Afer passing through this state the course assumed another form for when the paroxysm of tiered bluster was passed in was usually succeeded by a Moody Milieu Stupe faction. Boi of wasted their ener Gies and preyed upon the roots of the Euplio wealth. W Hole districts of whole mime Grain were withdrawn Fiorin the Public Giau eries and alter being submitted to u Pio Cees with which al Chytry wan acquainted a Subtle Poison was extracted it was tto much bread wasted but it to null have been a Blessing if the evil had i Deil with the Losso millions thus Annuncy lir you away. Alas the mischief became a most Rodu chive investment the Seel was sown throughout the land mid produced too soon a liar Vest of i computable losses the course of the Poison might bet laced 1 ill its Oji ration through the whole social body Ait it flowed on coir plug habits of virtue and Thrift paralysing Industry Ami begetting a vicious and vindictive spirit. And the Gesull was shown in the increase of poverty Vagabond age and crime and in an imposition of taxes and burdens u Kajii the remaining in Dusty and to lift of the Community which oppressed them grievously to Bear in the erection of hospitals Lunatic asylums and stately prisons. No figures could represent the ruinous Influent ce.-. At work on the vitals of the Public Prosperity for ale Hymy saw with All the Clear Ness of vision Itiat it was possible to have noise evils than a heavy taxation and worse relations to the Euplio Good than of pecuniary Cost. He naw the annual loss of men men lost to themselves and to the state whose Worth no millions could rep resent fur who can co Puio the value of wrecked talents and virtue und the sacrifice of character and life 1 no one for it pressed destructively upon the vital connection which subsists Between the priceless virtue of a people and the Well being of the stale. What further scones of misery Ami vie would have been revealed unto ale Hymy we cannot say but they would have been i Many for the Kvil Genie was waging open and cruel our on every human interest. Hat this moment he became so much alarmed at the fearful aspect of the phantasm created by the Valois of the bottle that he struggled violently and awoke of of his trance. As quickly As returning consciousness would permit he replaced the Seal which prude acc had so wisely fixed a Kin i he bottle and then he discovered that the Kvil Genie contained therein was al Cohol. A fair fugitive Slavk. The editor of the Vermont Tribune gives a thrilling re count of a fugitive slave who has Jum passed the ugh Vermont to Canada. He says she is 20 years of age Tail Well formed and of More than Ordinary intelligence Able to read fluently a member of the methodist Church and a daughter of her master yes die was running away from her own father is Iliin Gilchrist of Kastoun mil., because Fie Hail sold Lier to a South carolinian Foi is 100. This i Lullau had Soi l his Owa Llesh and blood for so much hard Cash aul but Lor his daughter s shrewdness and Lur Oisin would have now been fingering tie Price of blood. Charlotte the fugitive Rin Nway Lay secreted m the Woods eign Teru jays found a Friend in Balti inor who sent her to a Quaker in Philadelphia by Railroad by a Mode we dare not Tell lust it should involve him in trouble. Her Long exposure and dreadful journey to Philadelphia Biou it of a fever from the Elf econ of which the had not recovered when Heie at St. Albans. From Philadelphia to Boston by sea thence to Maine and then to avoid some blood hound Southe Ineis who were on her track she turned her Steps this Way avoiding her pursuers with consummate address and finding excellent friends All the Way Good accommodations on the u. Ii. A with the Money Given her Here she went on her hurried Way to the Only Laud where she could breathe free. Gud protect and guide her. Cholera. I ast week Thero were 240 d Atlis by the cholera in new York. In Albany 97 death from wednesday to saturday. In Philadelphia 70 deaths timing Tho week. In West Chester a poor House there has been thirty eight deaths by cholera since the Lith out of Ono Hundred and so vent of get inmates. At Montreal on Tho 25th, there were Twenty nine deaths. At Detroit july 2gth, thirty six deaths. At Troy n. Y., on thursday six deaths. At Urban Ohio on the 26th of july our deaths All by cholera. In Brooklin there were 16 nov cases and 4 deaths by cholera Between Friday at 11 o clock and saturday at Tho same hour. At Hoboken and at Newark Tho disease continued to prevail with fatal elects. Accounts from Cincinnati to the 27th, report several cases of Chol Chain the City within a few Days previous. There were 85 deaths of cholera at St. Louis Dur ing the week ending the 24th. At Chica go there were 18 deaths on Tho 25th, and 19 on the p27th. Six deaths from cholera Are reported from Toledo Ohio on the 2cth. Great mortality from cholera is reported in Lurke county Georgh and Marion Ohio. Henry a. Wist is out in favor of Nebraska. It it Hanley the Ali in in his Opin Ion because it leave a Post ibo Loop lilo for Freedom still As a 14 Friend of slavery and the South " he gives the Meas Uio his support. He candidly says 1 had and still have Strong objections to several features of the Bill regarding ome As unanswerable but not As ins per Able. On the contrary i said to general million especially that were i in i seat in the House / would vote for the Lull mainly for the reasons that it repealed the mis Souri Compromise and fortified slavery in the state of Missouri where it now exams. My entire View of the question i cannot pretend to present at this Timo in this let an improved piano. I have hardly space left to allude to a new and remarkable invention. It is a contrivance for giving to Tho piano the Only Quality it wanted a pro lunged sound rur ten years this has been Lough for in Van. It was impossible to make Tho piano siting by obtaining front it a Tui trained note like a human voice or the violin. Thalberg s great Merit besides his unrivalled execution was his Manuer of at least approaching upon Tho piano the sos Daiuto indispensable in Many kinds of music be invention is very simple and is efficient ind infallible. The inventor is m. Alexan Dre the manufacturer of the argue Mela drum and the first specimen of it is intended for letter new York times. Address delivered Ernie nos. We. Ii , before the Phi Beta Kappa of Yale College july 20, 1854. Gent Lumen a political discourse May seem out of time and out of place at Acla sir festival and in acad civic Groves. Nevertheless Trio office of instructor to u Prince brought something More of dignity even to Ibe b turning and Picot Fenelon. To study Trio forces and tendency of a Republic which is not obscure Carnot therefore at any time or in any place be unbecoming an As Oci ution which regards Universal philosophy a. The proper guide of Binau life. Nett Ion Are intelligent i Oral persons of Issing for the ends of their own happiness and the improvement of Mankind. They grow mature and decline. Their physical development being most obvious always at tracts our attention first. Certainly we can not too Well understand to material Condi Tion of our country. "1 think said Burke sadly addressing the British House of commons just after Tho american War i think i can Trace All Tho calamities of ten country to the single source of nut hav ing had steadily before our eyes a to of micral conure pensive Well connected and web proportioned View of Tho whole of our do minions and u just Seuss of their bearings and i Nice in a map to Cany Uusi Iurica i tie i cited state is Uliey were defined by Tho treaty of Versailles in 1783. See with what jealousy giant lir Itaipu abridged their enjoyment of the fisheries on the North East Cost and How tenaciously she locked up against them the St. Lawrence the Only pos sible Channel Between their Inland regions and the Atlantic Ocean. Observe How Spain while retaining Tho vast and varied solitudes which spread out Westward from Iho Mississippi Hiver to Tho Pacific Ocean at Tho Saue time assigned Tho thirty first parallel of North latitude As Tho Southern Boundary of Tho United Stales and thus shut them out from Access by that River or othe wisc to Tho Gulf of Mexico. Seo now How Tho massive and impasse Ihlo Alleghany mountains traversed the new Republic from North to South dividing it into two re Gions Tho inner one Rich in agricultural re sources but without markets and Tho outer Una adapted to defense and markets but wanting the material for Commerce. Were not Tho europeans astute in thus confining the United stat s within limits which would probably Render an Early separation of them inevitable and would who prevent equally Tho whole and each of Tho future parts from Ever becoming a formidable or even a really Independent Atlantic Power they had cause for their jealousies. They were monarchies and they largely divided Iho West Ern hemisphere Between them. The United Stales aimed to become a maritime nation and their Success would tend to make that hemisphere not Only Republican but also Independent of Europe. That buc Cess was foreseen. A British statesman in describing the american colonies just Defuro the peace had said to his countrymen your children do not grow faster from infancy to manhood than Lilicy spread from family to communities and from villages to nations. The United states thus confined landward Betook themselves to the sea Whoso Broad realm Lay unappropriated and having furnished themselves with shipping and seamen equal to he adventurous Pursuit of Tho whale fishery under the poles they presented themselves in european ports As u Inara Timo people. Afterwards their Well known it i tude of neutrality in a season of general War enabled them to become cd riders for the world list they never forgot for a to Merit Tho importance of improving their p is Tion on the coast. Franco was now the owner of Tho province of Louisiana which stretched i All along the Western Hank of the Mississippi. She wisely sold a Possession which she was unable to defend to Tho United states who thus Only Twenty years after Tho treaty of Versailles secured Iho exclusive navigation of Tho great River and descending from their Inland Frontier established themselves on Tho coast of Tho Gulf of Mexico. Spain soon that her colonies on that coast c is of Tho Mississippi now virtually sur rounded by the us stud states wore Unten Able she therefore for an cd divalent coded Tho Florida and retired behind Tho Subito and so Tho sea coast of Tho United states was now seen to begin it that River and passing along Tho Gulf and around Tho Peninsula and beyond Tho capes to Ter Minate it Iho St. Croix in the Day of Fundy. The course of the european War showed that Spain was exhausted. Nearly Ull her a Morion colonies inspired by the example of Tho United states and sustained by their sympathy struck for Independence established Republican systems and entered into treaties of Amity and Cou Morco with the Republic of Tho North. Hot Tiu United Sulci yet needed a Northern piss go from their Western valleys to the ath tic Ocean. Tie new Channel to in opened must necessarily have connections natural or artificial with the Inland Rivers and Luk s. An internal Trado Rami by in the country a a necessary basis or oot Merce and it would constitute the j firmest pos Ihle National Union. Practically j there was in the country neither a canal to serve for a Model nor an Engineer compe tent to project one. Tho Railroad invention he not yet been perfected in Europe nor even conceived in the United slates. The Federal government alone had Aeq Auto re sources hut. After Long consideration and some unprofitable experiments it not Only disavowed Tulfo policy hut also disclaimed Tho Power of making internal improvements. Private capital was Navai Luhley for rout National Cine print s. The s ales were not convinced of the Wisdom of undertaking singly works within their own Borders which would be wholly or in part useless unless extended Licy Ond them y o her states and which even although they should to useful to themselves would be equally or More beneficial to states which refused or neglected to join in their construction. More Over Tho Only source of Revenue in the states was direct Taz ution always unreliable in a popular government and they Hud no established credits it Home or abroad nevertheless Tho people comprehended the i Agency and their will opened a Way thro All these embarrassments. The Stute of new York begun and to has hitherto although sometimes faltering presented this Groat Enterprise with unsurpassed Fidelity. The other states according to their respect Ive abilities and convictions of interest and duty have co operated. By canals we have extended the navigation of Chesapeake Bay to the Coal Fields of Maryland at Cumber land and also by the any of Columbia to the Coal Fields of Pennsylvania. By canals we have United chess Eake Bay with the Delaware River and have with alternating railroads Donn cited that River with the Ohio liver and with Lake Erie. By canals we have opened a navigation Between Phil Adele lieu and new York mingling the water of the Del Waro with those of the Kari an. By canals we have Given Accel to two Sev eral Porta on the Hudson to two different Coal Fields in Pennsylvania. By canals we have also extended the navigation or the Hudson through like Chari Plain and its outlet to the St. Lawrene Uear Montreal. We Are just of ening a Channel from the Hudson to Cape Vincent on Lako Ontario near its Eastern termination while we Long since have opened one from the Samo liver to a Central Harbor Oil that Lake it of Vego. A corresponding improvement made by the can Dian authorities on Tho opposite Shore prolongs our navigation from Lake Ontario to like Erie. We a too nested Tho Hudston Kiver with the Eastern Branch of the suss Johannn through the Valcy of Tho Chenango and again Wilh its Western Lishu tries through the Senjea like. To Aro also uniting Tho Hudson with Tho Alleghany a tributary of the Mississippi through the Val Ley of Tho Geneseo. Une Long trunk of Ca Nal receives Tho Trado gathered by most of these tributary channels while it directly unites the Hudson with Lako Erie at Buffalo. The shores of that great Lake j re the basis of a second part of the same system. Finals connect Tho Alleghany in the Stato of Pennsylvania with Lako Trie at Erie the Ohio Hiver at port Igo and at Cincinnati with like Erie at Cleaveland and Toledo and again the Ohio Kiver in the state of Indiana with Lake Erie through Tho Valley of the Wabash. Like Superior hitherto secluded front even internal Commerce is now being connected ill Tho other great lakes by the canal of Tho Palis of St. Mary and to Complete Tho whole the Illinois Ca Nal unites Iho likes and nil Tho of onto by Stem i have described with the Mississippi. Thus by substituting works purely artificial to have not Only dispensed with Tho navigation of Tho St. Lawrence but have also opened a Complete circuit of Inland navigation Anil traffic Between new Orleans on Trio Gulf and new York Philadelphia and dalt Moro on the Atlanto. The aggregate length of those canals is five thousand Miles and that of the Inland coasts thus washed by natural and artificial channels exceed i went thousand Miles railroads constitute an auxiliary system of improvements it Unco Moro Complex and More comprehensive. By railroads we have connected or Are in Tho act of connecting together All the principal seaports on the Atlantic const und on Tho coasts of the i Alcot Mexico namely Portland bunion new York pm Iliad Iliia Hal Imore nor Folk Charlestown Mobile und new Oil cans. Again railroads from each or most of these ports proceeded Inland through important towns to Groat depots on the St. Lawrence the likes Tho Ohio and the Mississippi namely Quebec Montreal Ogdon Burgh Oswego Rochester Buffalo Krio Cleave Laud Sandusky Toledo Monroe Detroit Chicago Pittsburgh Cincinnati Louisville St. Louis curio and Memphis. Again there Uio no tributaries which search out Agni cultural and Mineral productions and fabrics accumulated it less notable Points and so u Complete system is perfected which leaves no inhabited Region unexplored while it has for its base the Long line of sea Board. Thu aggregate length of these rail roads is sixteen thousand Miles and the to Tal Cost is six Hundred millions of dollars. Immediate try alter Tho Purchase of Louis Iana president Jellerson having conceived the idea of u National establishment on Tho Pacific coast in exploration of the intervene j ing wastes made an american Navi Gator about Tho same time visited Tho coast itself und thus Luid the foundation of a title by discovery. A commercial settlement afterwards planted on the Columbia River by Tho late John Jacob As Tor perished in Tho War of 1812. Ten years ago Tho great j thought of Pacific colonization revived under the influence of the commercial activity resulting from Tho successful Progress of Tho system of in canal improvements. Oregon was settled. Two years afterwards its boundaries were defined and it was political j by organized und now it constitutes two prosperous territories. Tho social military and ecclesiastical institutions of Mexico proved unfavourable to in immediate Success of the Republican system. Revolution became u chronic disease there. Texas Separ de and practically became Independent although Mexico re fused to recognize her separating. After some years text a was admit cd As a state into our Federal Union. A War which ensued resulted not Only in the relinquish ment of mexican claims upon Texas but in Tho Extension of her coast Frontier to the Kio Grande and u so in the annexation of new Mexico and upper California to the United states. Thus in sixty five years alter to Tracu of Versailles Tiu United states advanced from the Mississippi and occur Piej u line i retching through eighteen decrees of Lati tudo on Trio i Uci fio count overlooking Trio Sandwich islands and Japan and confront ing t Liina the Cathay for which Colin thus was in search when he encountered Limo bewildering vision of san Domingo the new i session wus divided into two Terri tories und Tho state of California. The simultaneous discovery of native Gold in the hands and rocks of tint slate resulted in the instantaneous establishment of an Active , not Only with our Atlantic Citi but also with the ports of South America and with the maritime countries of Kun Roux with the Sandwich Mauds and even with China. Thus the United states ceased to to a Mere Atlantic nation und assumed the attitude of u great Continental 1 Ower enjoying Ocean navigation on either Side und bearing equal und similar relations to Tho Eastern und to the Western coast of the old world. The National connections Between the Atlantic and Pacific regions ure yet incomplete but the same spirit which has brought Triem into political Union is it work still and no matter what the government May do or May leave undone the necessary routes of Commerce altogether within and across our own Domain will to established. Tho number of slates has increased Inco he aggrandizement began from seventeen to thirty one the population from live millions to Twenty four millions the Innia a employed in Commerce from one million to four and a half millions and Itie National Revenue from ten millions to idly millions of dollars. Within that Lime Spain has retired altogether from the con Linen and two considerable islands in the Antilles Are All that remain of the new wot id which hardly four centuries ago the pious and generous genes navigator under the Patr Onoye of Isabella gave to the kingdoms of Carlile and Leon. Great Britain Lender us now the Freedom of the fisheries of the is. Lawrence on conditions if favor to the Commerce of her colonies ind even deliberates on the policy of re leasing them from their a Lemence. The influences of the United Stales on the Plain and fancy Job minting. To prion of Keuhl heat of Chr Tubac Rthur in Scotia muck Usu Rhonl u ailed up with pria aia and Type i hat win cams Hun to of Uriah la Public with work Corrot poodle Slih us Groat Adraan a Baku been udi within a it Yawara la Una Ait. Order Law Raj apr or re incr mtr Ritiro. Is colors or Trilk Bronte will Btu mud la i by will Joaun fee orally with the work trom to a Tallaj ooze la cite or country and by to Aid 01 f rum not before known id us a Tod. The Titt Tod in Iod for card printing he induced the Subt crib to pure hat a Mae Kent for cuttingcar4-bom4, and Purcla Zaiac the Board of the Mauu Blarer in Larf Quan Unee be la enabled to answer All order in ibis Branch of the Butl Nara to the Moat per act Mill action. Card Board of All Cotora and Quality al Way on band. It order fur any kind of Job Loti Uoc out by Saipt or forwarded by mall pm aptly Aue Wefald a mix Aid to curl or rfcs. L. O. Cowan. ??????1 american continent have resulted already in the establishment of Uio Republican Ayat in ovary where except in Hazil am oven there in limiting Imperial j War. In Kun Ropo Thev Luve awakened a War of opinion that alter spreading desolation into the Steppes of Ilus Ria Ami to Tike Bam of Iho Carpathian mountains Lus Only been mip pressed fur a time by combination of the capital and of the Olizi al Foiles of Bot continent. In Alicia those influence aided by the benevolent Droit of our cil Izena have produced the establish intent of a he Public which beginning with the abolition of the traffic in alive i going steadily Onward Tov Vaid the moral Regeneia iou of in Savage race. In the Sandwich Inland Ilu e influence have already effected not Only such a regeneration of the natives but Huo a Iki Lotical organization which i blink ing that in a Riant commercial station directly under on Protection. Those influences have opened the port of Japan and secured a in Cicourel of Commerce mid Friem ship with its extraordinary people numbering forty millions thus Ove Icom ing a policy of isolation which they had practice a Hundred and filly Urs. F he mine influence have not Only procured Loru Noces to the five pit Nepal polls of China but Alt of have go negated a revolution to Liege which promises to being the three bundled millions living wit Iii that vast Empire into the society of Iho Western nation. How Miki Milicent is the scene which Tho rising curtain discloses to us Here and How Sublime the Pacilio part unsigned to us Tho Kun Atcon Nuli Uii sink Elwir glory Rivula and Empire rises where the my hut restraining the imagination from it desire to follow the influences us the United state in their Lutfiu Progress through the Manilla and along the Indian coast and Beau us the persian Tiido to the Lar Oll Mozambique let us dwell Lor a Iii uncut Oil Tuo visible results of the National ugg Andrze tent at Homo. Wealth has everywhere increased and has been equalized Zilb much Success in All the Stales new As Well As old. Industry has persevered in opening newly discovered resources and Viiu gig Loith their treasure Ait Well As in the establishment of the a Inductivo Ait. Ilie Capitol which at first seemed too pretend Tion is extending itself Noril Iward and southward upon its Noble Terrace to receive the of new incoming states. The departments of executive admin Wistra Tion continually expand under their Lolly Arches and behind their lengthening Colon Nades. The Federal City so in really ridiculed for its ambitions solicitude Ami under the hands of native artists is taking Oil the graces As Well As the fullness of a Capi til. Where also will you find author Ity so August As in a Council composed of the representatives of thirty states amended by ambassadors hum every free City every Republic and every court in the civilized world. In near proximity and in intimate connection with that capital a my Piopolis has Arisen which gathers by the Agency of canals of Tail oads and of Coastwise navigation the products of Industry in every form throughout the North american Stales us Well those under foreign Iii diction us those which constitute the Union and Dis tributes them in Exchange Over the Globe a City whose wealth and credit Supply 01 procure the capital employed Nall the great financial movements within the he Public and whose pics in All its Depuit moots of scion a literature religion Phi land hippy and politics is a National one thus Tupai Triou and aggrandizement whose natural tendency is to produce debility and dissolution have operated Here to create what before was wanting a social political and commercial Center. In Cou sideling the causes of i Iii intact in growth allowance must be made liberally made Lor great advantages of space climate and resources As Well As for the weakness of outward resistance for the vices of for eign governments and for the disturbed and painful condition of society under Thorn causes which have created an j sustained a tide of emigration toward the United slates unparalleled at least in modern times. But when All this allowance shall have been made we still still loud that the phenomenon is Chilly due to the operation Here of some great Iii As either unknown before or not before Reud Cid so elective. These ideas Are Lirosi the Equality of ecu in a stale that is to say the Equality of men constituting a stale secondly the Equality of slates in combination or in other words the Equality of Stales constituting a nation. By the Constitution of every state in the am Cicai Union Eack citizen is guaranteed his lights of life list Fly Ami the Pursuit of happiness and he at the same Lime is guaranteed a Hare of lie Sovereign Power equal to that which can be assumed by any other citizen. This is the Equality of men m the slate. By the Constitution of the United slates there Are no subjects. Every Cilien of any one stale is u Hee and equal citizen of the United states. Again by the Constitution of Tho United states them Are no Pei Ina nent provinces or dependencies. The Union is constituted by slates mid Allut to lieu stand upon Tho same level a political rights. The reduction of the two which i have mentioned into the Concrete in Slih constitutions 01 the United states was like most other , mainly due to Accident. Their were thirteen several states ill each of which Owin to fortunate circumstances attending their original organization each citizen was not Only lire hut Alao practically equal in Hiu Unicie it Hal tical Power to every other citizen of trial state 1 he Freedom Ami Equality of the citizen and the Inalie ability of i natural rights Are solemnly to a finned in the dec Lara lion of Independence. These thirteen states Weie severally free Ami Independent. Of each other. They therefore worn equal states. Each Wai a Aore sign. They needed free and Mutual Commerce among themselves and some regulation securing to each equal facilities o Commerce with foreign count Rita. A Union was necessary for the attainment of theae Enda. But the of Vizena of each state were unwilling to surrender either their natural and Iua Liena ble rights or it Guardu Wikta of item to a common government Over them All even in attain the Union which they needed so much. So a Federal Central government of established which waa Sovereign Only n Commerce at Home Ami abroad Ami in he necessary communications with other Latina that a to say Sovereign Only in regard to the Mutual in Ernul relations of to states themselves and in a sgd to for Ign affairs. In this government Trio states were practically equal constituents Altro he Equality was modified by Home limits ions Loon necessary to a Eure the assent Fox Cuoto on Rol till tag

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