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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - August 10, 1855, Biddeford, MaineSternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of Man pm of. L0d1s 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Maine Friday August 10, 1855 volume 32. Union and Eastern Turnaj the l it a my la lira Jua Raal u pay Tibai a unit at a. 1, i atlatl Block la bij4rtr m Ata us 1,� if Pau in a i Craa Muumuu for at Tea it Baen bang. Blag i co Tai 4 Anam. J7 v. B. It what my Ataman a i a Par agao u a a Hajj Agana Tethia a a to Ika att Taa w Haa Turk Kauai an i Rhyl Pulphu Aita jul we in a to take rim Iii aug Safe Vartti Buooa at Otoma Rall a Rama Trail � / a Ilia Artem a tuft thua Bau info i la afar Sawalla bumming n w. Aagaar Tinl a a aka. A Kmic Marcus w Ati o if Fri tue. Ottri. The song of the rain to the Long to Lender Peart Low they quiver Aoi a to where the Wood tend Ibe cavalry Down rank and bar by the million the rain Laava do Over Mountain. Aud River and Lowa thick i he Battle drape tall but bar drip not in now the trophy of War Taibe Reea fifth Bud on the Raia the plentiful rain the a Turea lie baked and the Furrow u Bare Tea Well i Bey Yawn empty Aad dry but a Rte i a of water i heard a the air and a it now leap out a the try. Hark the heavy drop Pelt lag the Yva More leave How they Watn the w de pavement and Tweep from the eaves i of the rata the plentiful rata see the Weaver throw wide he one swinging the and drop dance on the floor and hit Wile Buruga iter Flower pot to drink the weel rain on the Tep by her half open door at the tune on the Kyli it. Far Over bit head smile their poor crippled lad on i Boa Pital bed. Of the Raia the plentiful rim and away far from men where High Mountain Tower. The Little Green Moa Aea rejoice. And the Hud a add Heather nod to die Shower and the Hill ton Volt lilt up their voice and the Pool in tote hollow munic the i igbo of the rain at their thousand Point Dart up in Light of the rain Lite Pleat fail rain ? and deep in the firewood Pielow near Lite Plain a Anile thru a pipe full Ami twirl. How Day of e ear so Imuta will come after rain Waring Meadow and thick growing wheal so the voice of Hope Ting in Lite heart of or fears of the Harv Cal that Tpring from a great nation t least of the rain the plentiful rain us Klikus in Loloa Spectator Flag Dro Tural. Calendar Tor August. M t1 fast so s life til a la re err it a moral Mun to til a Maul Brt. August the Lum of he summer months a come the fullness of the year he put the wheat and Tome other important crops arc gathered and though the potatoes and other roots the apples the Buck wheat and the Golden Corn remain to be harvested Jet the flush and fullness of the year Are gone. Like a Beautiful woman just past her prime when the vigor of health Sod fullness of outline Are so touched a Only to add new a hats so the vegetable kingdom compensates us for the loss of its robust habit in a thousand Beautiful and unthought of shades and shapes indeed " the whole face of nature has undergone since last month an obvious change obvious to those who Delight to observe All her changes and operations but not Sullick Enlil striking to insist of Beinor soon generally by those who can read no characters but such As Are written in a tfx hand. It the general colors of All the various departments of natural scenery Are not changed their huts Are and if there is not yet observable the infinite variety of a turn there is As Little the extreme Monotony of summer. The Woods As Well As the Ingle Timber Trees that occasionally Start up with such Fine effect in the midst of my shows and Corn Fields we shall now find sprinkled with what at first looks like gleams of scattered Sunshine lying among the leaves but what on examination we shall find to be the new foliage that has been Pat Forth since Midsummer and which yet retains All the Brilliant Green of the As to said of july so we say of this month it is peculiarly a Cost like. The general appearance of the country a unlike that of any other season. The mornings and evening ate sometime a Little Chilly then close Damp Mua a and hoi with a kind of Suk Cating influence on the tick while the glaring Sun at noon Burns with fervent heat. These Are the joyous hours however of the locusts whose intense earnestness of song is Only less fierce than the son itself and wakes the lived labourer Loo soon from his accustomed Lap at noon. The air gluten with the radiated heat fowls drop their wings cattle stand in Pool or seek the Shade of some Friendly tree standing singly on ele sled land where every breath May Cool their heated sides. Dogs May plunge into the Waters while the cat seeks some dark Corner where neither Sun or Fles will torment and sleeps quietly away the Lay. Young Cocks begin to Crow lustily often starting their " pitch " a Good Deal too High and break Down before they have accomplished half the scale. Young bitterns occasionally show their javelin like Bills above the High grass on the look cot for danger As they leave their native Mead owe for some wider Field of action. Crickets chirp solemnly in the evening children crunch teen apples and hate to go to bed though the utter Only is not secular to the Maon. Those who observe will notion that in gust is nol july or september that it Haa in appropriate functions. As have All the other month and that it a devoted to the discharge of them. Allia a Gifu like. The Birda have reared their Young and taught them to How to Fly How to provide their fowl How in their torn to build and Lay and rear their Young and when the l eve their native land and flee to Kindlien Zakiee that a they have attained All they need to enable them to Foll the object of their a Istance. Brief Leamons yet How perfectly acquired and How competent to enable them to gratify their wants. The dog Star rages. The air Naeema to Loee it of Mahnesa and elea Timity the Heel a More oppressive than Ever Man and Hie Ain Aala Getti Ted sooner than a Joiy and the returning Sabbath is welcomed with grate t Ful Delight. I " ii v two the 8btmth or it it i in xxx a Mck Mmry Mioch i Raptor jew us to bar ump m in is put a a Alaluf Briu t tact for iat i Wiik pm t Hwn Tuff. Murmur no let r appropriate and Peculiar duties also be Long to August the tint of the month May be improved to get in a crop of that turnip where circumstance have Preven Ted Ita being done earlier. Oumi will be an excellent manure fur them if the barn manure is not to be had. Let the sowing immediately tallow the harrowing while the toil i fresh and moist. Thin them Early and Hoe frequently and a Good top May a expected. Nothing will prove More advantageous to your Miloh cows than a plentiful Supply of roots with their Winter feed. They largely incr a Ibe flow of milk and keep the system in a healthful condition. If there is a mixture comprising turnips beets carts parsnips Ruta Bagas and mangles so much the better. If the Hay crop proves Short sown Liberal breadth to turnips in order to make up the deficiency. Kids. Keep Down the weeds. Each fully developed Dock or Wormwood Sor Rel Mullen or mallows leaves seeds sufficient to propagate its kind for Many years to come. The thorough cultivation of Ai j year lessons the labor of the nest and gives vigor and weight to the crop now under your hands. Do not " Lay Down the Hoe yet. What a proud moment it is when the Best Farner in your neighbourhood de clares to you that a handful of weeds cannot be found in your six Aero lot of potatoes and Corn weeds perpetuate their kind steal nutrition from Tho crop and exhaust he soil. Who can afford to let them grow hating. Some Perrons do not Cut their Meadow that is Low land bearing inferior gras until late in August or even in sep tember. But these grasses Are far More valuable Cut As soon As they Aro in Bloom made As Little As possible so that they will keep and put away with three or four quart of sail per ton. Cattle will eat one or two doddering of this each Day in preference to feeding entirely o i Good Upland Hay. It affords a variety and they like Thi As Welt As the rest of us. Pastures. There is a general belief that August is the favourable Moith for Cul Ling Bushes. How that is we do not know. But it is evident that a vast amount of labor is annual expended in " Bush whacking and it is labor that in no stay done. In a summer or two they Are up again As Large As Ever and the work must be done Over again. Now suppose an Experiment is made and the results watched so As to know what advantages May be derived j from it ? Burn the Bushes on a single acre after Thor Are Cut and then plow As Well As it can be Dooe say two Ihre nor five inches and apply some sort of manure guano one dust or superphosphate if other is not to be Hail. We should prefer Bone Dott 200 pounds to the acre and then sow a mixture of grasses in which White Clover should make a part. Will some person make this Experiment and let us know whether it prove better than the annual cutting of Bushee dra Niku. Our summer droughts usually Aiford a Tine Opportunity in August to ditch and Drain the wet portions of the farm. Let it be improved. Meadow muck. N one thing has wrought higher advantage to the Larmer Ihan an Exchange of a portion of his sunken swamp land to the High ground and return ing some of the Sand and gravel to the Low. It greatly benefits Poth. It is not necessary to recapitulate these advantages Here but Only to suggest that Tho time is at hand. As an absorbent to the manure Heap Meadow muck is Worth at least 92, 00 per Cord where the farm contains what is usually denominated Plain land. . The englishman s exploit j and How much he made by it. By al Taxon Cobb or. Many Yean ago whoa we were a mete boy we used to it upon a Low Stool at the feet of Commodore Samuel Tucker and hear that old Veteran relate the incidents that had come under his own observation daring the late straggle with great Britian. Among the thousand and one stones thai we have heard fall from the Lipa of that Ocean Warrior the following has remained fresh in our memory. On the Western Shore of Penobscot Bay Between Belfast and Camden there was a Small club of fishermen s cots inhabited by a Hardy set of men who had irom in fancy been brought up amid the music of the breaking Waves and who knew no fear beneath the Power of mortal Man. Fine most among Ibee children of the sea and occupying the station of ruler among them was a Middle aged Man named i Enoch Nightingale or. As he we generally ? called Captain Nightingale and never was there a Man better titled by nature for the Post a held by general Convent Man he Vul powerful and athletic in i phys ical Mould bold and fearless As the Ursi Monarch and Frank and Generou in i Octal relation he was beloved by All who knew him. Lie was a Joller fellow too and often a i Small Grey Jeri twinkled in their merry mood a Clu of observer Nii it have see that a keep love of practical joking liked m their gloaming depth. At the time of which we writ the Taihei Ines dare not venture far out for a doer blockade was kept up along lie coast Ami of they were forced to forego the advantage of their beet i Ehing ground. Bat a new idea bad been taking to aerion of their brain and they had thought of fitting out a Privateer against the in Glieth. For two weak bad tie matter been talked Over lid All the arms necessary to personal War fare had been procured but no vessel suit al the for the Enterprise could be obtained nor could they raise guns heavy enough of her use even had they possessed the ves Sel. 01 pistol and Cut Laues they Hai enough and that waa All unless we add on old Sii Pounder which served a a kind o signal gun in cases of heavy fogs am Stormy Righta. It was just at Nightfall that Obed Nightingale s Shallop Obed was the old Raan i son came up the Bay and As the Young Man came on Shore he reported thai there was an English Topsail Schooner a clean Clipper built Craft laying Oil and on be tween Monhegan and the ledges. Shu was heavily armed and seemed to play about in the water a though her heels were made for running. Now rpm. Enoch Nightingale Hal mid vory Little about the various projects that had been aet on foot with regard to the Privateering expedition but he had thought u Good Deal and As soon As Bis son communicated the above intelligence his thoughts came to a focus. A plan of operation was clearly marked out in Hia mind and to at once sat about the work of putting it into direct. The Man who stood second to capt. Nightingale mate was Jabe Haskins. " Jabe said the Captain do Yon know there is a British Clipper just outside 1" 14 Well a Postl we go and take her take that englishmen we new " but i m in Earnest. Jabe looked at Nightingale with Tho utmost astonishment. " i can go of in my Little Zlody an take her before she knows where she is. Now will Yon help me i la Foller yer Captain of you go Tew Thunder was Jabe s Hearty response As he saw the old Man was in Earnest. Capt. Nightingale took his mate by the Arm and led him Ott. The night was dark but till there was a Busy scene on Board the Schooner Rhody which was the heaviest fishing vessel in the place. Torches wore gleaming to and fro All night Long Ham Iners arid saws were sending Forth their music and when the morning dawned the Rhody we ready for sea the old Iron signal Gen was hoisted on Board and placed on a rude tort of Carriage amidships the Compline buckets and bait boxes had been cleared away and take her All in All she bore some Fain resemblance to an embryo pirate or Privateer. She was managed by twelve Mon of whom Jabe Haskins took command. The people wondered where Cape. Nightingale was but Jab set their hearts at rest by telling them he would get outside As soon As the Schooner did. In an hour after Daylight the Rhody Hove tip her Anchor and made sail and in less than five hours she poked her Blunt nose into the Waters of the Blue Atlantic. Shortly after the Schooner had passed White head Light the englishman was made out about two Miles Distant to the South re and West re just Olf the ledge and hauling his sheets al Jabe brought his vessel up to the sheets wind which was fresh from the North re and East re and stood Oft to wards the utter Point. This looked like trying to run away at least so the English Man thought and consequently the clip per was immediately put in full Chase and though she was somewhat to the Leeward still it was evident that she would not to Long in overhauling that Yankee. About our o clock a the afternoon the englishman came utmost within hailing Dis Tance and fired a gun. As the shot came whizzing Over the Fisherman s deck Jabe Haskins at once Hove of and Ero Long the Clipper came up. " Schooner ahoy v " Mellow returned Jabo. " do you surrender " Wal of you want to take a. I s Poso i can t help the Clipper Hove in her fore Topsail to the Mast and lowered a boat and in some five minutes afterwards Hor commander followed by fifteen men came Over the Yankee s Side. The first object that met his gaze As he stepped upon deck was the Small gun amidships and though he thought of an american pirate made him feel sore yet he could not help laughing at the almost ridiculous scene thus presented to his gaze. The twelve Green looking fishermen together with that gun did present rather a Ludi Crous appearance. " so you Are on a piratical expedition 1" hauntingly remarked the British officer. " i Dono returned Jabe with an offended a u i Spose if i d Como across Oue of your efts at i could have took i should have done it but Dono As should a been Pira Piug Anne Mure u Yeou Are u How Many men have you got to " Here s twelve on us an of Yeou be got twelve men at Ken lick us i d like to see pm ? never mind that Jonathan. Well take you into Halifax and there perhaps you will find your the Schooner was searched fore and aft but All that could to found were a dozen old pianola and about As Many swords which were in the Cabin while in the bold they discovered nothing but an array of empty boxes and barrel. The englishman loll twelve of i own men to take charge of the Prie and look in of Tho prisoners on Ike us his own vessel leaving the other six under the charge of the officer who had been appointed to the command of the Thody and gave order that the Schooner hould be kept Cloee in Hia Wake during the night u he iut and

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