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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - August 4, 1854, Biddeford, MaineTime id easte1x Jol la al is Rusu Smyd we kill Friday. Or Kiel no. 1 Ceaf Rul Block. Bid Dord opposite Lite Biddeford Luumi. F 00 or annul or ii so if paid within three in Zolli Irwi of Suhta Ritmar shia. It 1 duty two ski a Chi e to Swie. Price 4 cents. Y b us in Auer visa newspaper a but is Lite / authorised a neat fur ten t per in the ulies of new York Ikoma nod Philadel phia Aud is duly empowered to take advertise Media and subscriptions at it Seine rate As required by us. I otties a Aew York to. Buus buildups lit Tutt Soo Llev a Tioila inf Patlaj Draut n. W. Corner third and be suit Street. Marcus Watson Prater. Poetry. The modern Belle. From or. Surl t Pom re at a Ulm mat uhf or a. Fair. To daughter sits in la prior Apil Rucks in by easy chair site s Clad in tier ilk Aud alias and jewels Are in Ber hair she Wink und and simpers and Limp urn of in Flis and winks and though tic uts but luts to vastly More Thau she Biuk. Her father of Clad in his russet and Rke l Aud Eedy at that his curl Are nil out at la Elbow lie War a Uto to shocking Iii Bat. He s Boa Linx and saving his shilling. So carefully Day by Day. While she on tier Brau mud poodles is throwing item 11 it Way. She lie in in Ibe morning till Llie hour of noon timid come Down a a pig and i Uluig Juci aur he a called i Miou jul r hair i still in Llie up is it f checks �lil1 Daulat with paint be Musiu of iter la a Siybl s blushes in torn Sti intended to unit. Site Donis upon men uus Huven. And it a Willi " ii Allowin Huir site s eloquent Over Mou a abcs they give such a foreign air. Site talk of Lialiou music. And fall in love with Llie Moon and Iho bul u mouse would meet bar site Ink away in a swoon. Her feet Are so very utile Iler bands Are so very White her jewels so very heavy and tier Bead so very Light Lei color is made old a relics though tin she never will own her Betly s made a � l of Collon her heart is ii de wholly of store. She Falls in love w Ith a Illow Wito swells Willi u lord Ign air he marries her for her Money Slit hint or his hair one of the very be a malt lies both Art Well i Uund he s got u fool for a Wile. Agricultural. From to Puetta us Oti rrt or. Farming in as00st0j.x. Tho Btu Laud in Maine is in Aroostook co., Ami mostly on the Aroostook River be tween 4t Ami 47 degrees of North latitude. The. Us yet scarcely broken finest is principally hard Wood containing a Large pro rrt iou of yellow and Rock Suar Maple. Should think the hard Wood growth fte-1 que utly ave age 70 eel in height and i measured a Pine lately Oil Llev. K. Knight lamp i letter d and Range 1, which is one Hundred and Twenty feet High. The Noil l generally a Rich Loam deep but easy to work. It appears to contain a portion of Potash and u particularly Rich in Lime. Lime hat already been burned in several place equal to the Best Thomaston. The abundance of Limestone renders nearly All the Springs of the Region hard. The water of the Aroostook River and Many of the Brook is to hard except in a fre Het As to i be entirely until for washing. But there Are Spring of Good soft water in no. 11. Range 5, Ashland where the villages some of whom Are Worth film $10,000 to 550 000, Are still using haul water there is a Mill a few rods above the Village full of Beautiful soil water which might be car ried by Aqueduct into every chamber of the Village. The sea succeed Well. Kven the cauliflower in cultivated successfully. Buckwheat to socially of the rough kind is a Maple Cip. Wheat Doe Well Winter wheat will probably succeed t e l. Though its culture is put jut introduced. The Spring wheat will produce 16 bushels to one Bushel s sowing. O to Are one of the Best orow to turn in to Money they find n ready Market at a found Price for u to. In con Coumou i would a. If any of your Rea lera want a Good farm in naw Rutland and Are willing to forego Home advantages and privilege for a it total and to enjoy More by aul by if they Hare of tons band Opp if rvs u Forward m in a i War rum qui Eoanou Tinl heart and hopeful spirits if they to willing to work for a living arid work for the up budding of witty we Otter you a Welcome. You ate the men Ami women Ariew Loolu want Roo Alook w the place you want. I had intended to a something of the religious and educational interest of r him to Illust it Nippo a four men should each have 100.000 bricks 20,000 Leet of lumber including beam. Boards similes &0. Throe Hundred Pound of nails and and one Hundred Pound of Uii mixed paint of two or three Dill went col of. Now Typo a the a four men having precisely the name amount of the different materials or elements set about putting up four stir cuties each having n Ditre rent object in View. One i lit Cost duct an ele Gant Cott be dwelling the Pecoud a Chuich the third a barn Ami the four u Pion Ami he mixing and applying the Pani dil Fei enily each of these Stic Iuie would Dif Fer from the o her i much inform Ami a Nisi that one Iii Jet be supposed to be built of Stone another of Brick a third of Iron Ami a fourth of Wood and they would be As u like in form color and outward appearance As Staich l us sugar and Wood. Hither of these building Giulii be taken Down and by simply rearranging the materials be changed to the form shape Ami color of one of the other build Ings and be made like to in every particular. Just so can a Pound of Wood be changed to a Pound of Star. We have often taken a Board weighing a Pound and by a chemical process re arranged the ele ments and changed tin same Hoard to a mum of sugar. Just so a Pound of Staich 1,0m o sugar can be changed to a Pound of Wood. Re artificial Means this change is somewhat expensive but in the natural Laboratory of the cell an j lubes of a Plant it is daily going on upon a huge scale al though the element Aie in themselves to Small that the change is not perceptible to the human vision. We Are not statin theories but absolute fact. Who e a Tock of Jurain is unripe it contains but Little Woody tire Ami its pore or cells ate tilled with sugar starch gum. The practice of sugar is readily perceive i by the Sweet taste of soft kernels of com and other grains and it is also found abundantly in Trio sap of stalks. The Staich Ami Uin is not so Ica Dily perceived by the taste though they Aio easily shown to be present. Now a the Groin and Malks Ripen a Large Poitou of starch gum Ami sugar is changed into Woody fibres. If the Nab Tual growth of Tho Plant be arrowed by cutting it this change i slopped Ami it dries up with the starch sum Ami sugar mini their is comparatively utile haul Woody matter. But we All knew that thoth ice substance Fust named Are digestible Noui Uhi in Arti cles of food while lie Louth Woody fibres is Compaq Stively indigestible and on this account Little Louii Hinig. Here then is a reason Why All such Gia is and grains As Aie designed for food for animals should be gathered before they Aie fully re that is while they contain a Large amount of digestible matter. Wheat for example if Cut eight or ten Days Beuie fully rip. Contains a Lar a pro motion of Tau Hill a thin skin Ami will yield a u be amount of Lour but when it i fully Ripe it is covered with u thick Haid Woody Switi or , which has Bee i funded out us a part of Lis starch Ami it will then yield u smaller proportion of Lour. The same May be said of its Sui a and sum. reasoning applies equally to other grains As Well As 10 Straw Corn stalks. Grasses a. Those portions of the Grain which Are to be used Lor re producing the Plant and this is the natural design of All seeds May Hij left to Ripen Natu ally. The Woody coating is designed As a protecting cover intr. Having thou endeavoured to stale very briefly some of the reason in for cutting Pruin Turly and it must be interesting to every one to understand these reasons we will Clive this at tide with two or three rules 1 whih Are not Only sustained by theory but have teen fully proved by careful practice and Experiment. 1st. A i Gra set should be Cut As soon As possible after flowering. Much More than s gainer it weight alter this is lot by the coup Eisidor of the nourishing Suu Tance into hard Woody matter. 2d. Core wheat and All other grains designed for Lood should be gathered eight or twelve Days before fully Ripe. A simple method of determining this is to try the kernels with the thumb Nail. the Guth critic commence immediately after the milk " begin to Harden but while the Ken al still yields to a gentle pressure of the Nail. An acre of wheat that if Cut when. Fully Ripe would yield 800 it of Fine hour will if Cut ten Days earlier yield from 850 to 1000 la. Of floor of a better Quality while the Straw will be much More valuable fur feeding. An acre of grass which when Cut fully Ripe would yield 1000 lbs. Nourishing digestible material and 2000 lbs. Of Woody matter will if Cut 12 Days earlier yield from 1500 to 1800 11. Of Nomi Ahng mat Ter and Only 1200 to 1500 lbs. Of Woody . Knob Moi s by k it or ii pcs. At the horticultural exhibition in this City 22d mst., there were exhibited several Bunches of Black Hamburg grape of remarkable sire from or. John j. Sullivan of Brook line one of which weighed Siren pounds and a Gulf and which therefore was by for the largest Ever exhibited in Tho United a entry and Farmer. T a the Wahington Union predict Taftt 1 at us next � Chi onion new York the friends a the will Rull up my Rity t a Doo t Tir Lieve the will Roll up by tiling Hui the White of their miscellaneous. From Turtan t emotional in tint a mistake and what came of it. By Rodman. A Mil Ilig Beland Cousin Silas 0 voting Zero Tiant lying to the City together. Auni Higbee who was lathe deaf. Although she never woul l admit it and the organs of understanding Silas Over ii in were like the mirrors hat present eve Ely Teliin in a Iii torte a shape. There with the noise engine were materials ii onus fur even greater mistakes than thai which in i til their Couve Isaiou was carried on in u sort of suppressed screech owing to the noise of the cars and much Mote than a in Enile a leached the Public ear. " have you Feen the St Pixie new Parroit commenced Silas thinking it incumbent upon him to entertain his neighbor. mean 1 screamed Back aunt Higbee m no i Ain t bin there hence the win was put on but what on Aith can he want of a new Palor i should think he needed a Wile a great Deal Silas wad just preparing to scream " what 1" in his highest key but having Chi Vuht the Woid u wife to concluded lie Hail heard alight and went Oil with that s Jet what i we say in there it a wife in the Case you May depend on l 41 he sail aunt Higbee following the Precept of doing As she would be Sloue by and screaming so that All the Pseu yrs around her started. 44 / say repeated Silas in a voice that left not a Chance of his not Teini heard " that Trai Uford is Giuy to to married " this assertion was accompanied by a series of winks and knowing looks meant to arouse h is Coin pan Ion to a conviction of Lii shrewdness in guessing but aunt Lim Bec was obtuse and far from give Ilia Silas any pail Cular credit thought this merely the Vox Pontili speaking Ilu Ough a single Mouth. Well i Declue said she. Meditatively her fingers Busy with the Black a which she a ways ,441 had t even Heerd of their Lien engaged " 14 in Gand repeated Silas i thought that was ? who did you t a she was enl aued to " he continued bending eagerly toward his companion. Aunt he Bee however thought this ques Tion merely u ruse to entrap her into a display of ignorance and determined not to let Silas have the pleasure of supposing that she considered him at All overstocked with information. She answered quite tartly. " to whom should Hobo Emjay Eil but Mary Enfield Don t All the Village know that i " in it possible exclaimed Silas delighted with this unexpected intelligence. 44 Well i m really glad of it Mary s a Nice yen replied aunt i Bee who Hail Only head the latter part 44 she s almost past Bein a girl now but i can very Well remember Uno she win the Beauty of the place. Tint was fut alter her father if Eil. " gracious Silas reflectively " How i used to set in the Church watching them eyes of Hern Ami think in that Thoy looked As though she d bin polish of them with a piece of soft velvet or some lieu they Ain t so Bright u Roor thing Taid aunt i Bee Coin Mise actively " but even now she continued " she s got a kind of look about her not proud exactly either but then somehow or other i never could take the Liberty of asking her if she was engaged to Squire u Well Saki Silas think that All thing considered Phe has done pretty Well Foi herself and Squire tia Iii Oral will yet a Yood wife. But they might jest As Well have done it years aunt Ali Bej made no reply and after a while her companion relapsed into silence. The truth is the old lady was anything but pleased that Silas should have gained this information before her she who so by prided herself upon knowing just what was Goin on among her neigh Bors and who As she often informed them could 4 put dial and that now too she could take no Pleasie in iter trip to the City so anxious was she to yet Home and inquire into particulars. She loved to make a prominent Ligure in every occur Tevice and alter pondering Over the matter a Long time she determined to signalized he Stilt m a manner that will to aspire Here alter. Those who have attempted to Converse in the cart under the before mentioned will not be Surpri de at the Lub nature of the communication veil Ami rec ived of although aunt Ali Bee would have Swain in any court of Law that Silas of i aug Laid old her of Mary infield s engagement to Qune train Ford and Silas Siou ily maintained Ilia aunt i Bee her Tell informed aim the limit of the Mallei was Liat neither bad told the other anything of he kind and there was nothing of lie kind to Tell. Hut while aunt Lii Bee Ami seas their differ Tui Way from Ibe ear station we May a Well lock in upon the parties most inter filed. A Lutle Way or from Tho Village a though too to mingle with Ibe residences Mound Tood Lite dwelling known a Qune Tain folds it was beaut Tumy Situ aled on a piece of i Iii ground and clasped in from the outer would by Tail lines that in summer Iuie made an aleut so j or Pel Ual ii Litcht. Having entered the immense Hall which looked like a room itself visitors were it Wii into a Par for thai seemed exactly in keeping with the test of the place. The Cane bottomed Sola and chairs locked Light and Sura Mei like the Large Flower pot in the health of the a that Franklin was always arranged with Pelli Cular canc and the asparagus lops Over the look Itig Glass i nodded complacently in the summer Breeze that came in through like open windows. Blight Ruys of Sunshine slanted Down on the Glass without and the wind murmured among the pities like a tend child sing ing itself to sleep. This was Mary s favorite room and al i though with her Tate for Iho refinements of life she would Hugo liked picture on thu Walls and Hooks and Bronze s scattered around die never Mentio Neit these improve Zients to " the Squire who pretended to despise everything thai was not meant entirely for use. U the Squire Asho was called from deference probably to i Superior position a one of the Uii Niest Tofu pied iut Gen Erous minded. Set distrustful men that Ever reached the age of forty five in a stale of Tingle ble Ednes. He was proud of his Arm and Mikeil to Hare it praised but his neighbors were quite Welcome to the Benefit of All his new improvements and he really enjoyed jiving away his posses Sion. Notwithstanding his disposition he continued h Rich to a and everything prospered with him. If to win the Matt Beautiful in the country his oxen always looked so sleek and Well fed his hired help so diligent and his barns and storehouses so hoisting with plenty. A custom ten years it Landing had Ren dered it Iho most natural tiling in the world Foi Mary infield to keep House fur him and yet the neighbor could Well remember tie time when they considered Hei abode Lher something strange and new. The orphan child of a ruined City merchant who when dying had no nearer Friend than Edward train Ford Mary was taken at once to his House and place d under the care of his Maiden sister. Hut after a few years the sister departed to a Home of her own and Mary remained As before except thai she now look Iii whole Chutro of the household or died tilings entirely her own Way. This " Way never failed to please her guardian an office which boasted Only a name but Mary would not have acknowledged even to herself that the re sult was . When Mary Enfield first went to live with the train Fords in the Lull Bloom of youth and Beauty she had without know ing it a Huu it Tiesi of manner that effectually distanced her Humble minded Guardi nil who neither surprised nor an re that she should a lie imagined look Down up on aim meekly worshipped his divinity no a rope Ciul distance. Very Beautiful was this haughty idol j eyes that though generally cast Down yet when lifted from this drooping attitude seemed to scotch any pair detected in the act of watching them arms borrowed from one of those wonderous statues that we gaze on in a shaded room Hung with Crim son drapery and features moulded Niter those classic faces that captivated greek and roman warriors. Sometimes when the " squirt " sat in the Shade of a Butternut tree during haying season my would trip of to him with a Pitcher of fresh water and the Good Man who was More familiar with his Bible than any of the modern romances thought As he marked the curve of those Beautiful arms in balancing the Pitcher on her head and the wealth of Rich dark hair of Rebecca at Jho Well and then he imagined himself fastening a Gold Bracelet on the snowy Wiist until to was aroused from his reverie by Mary s laughing remonstrance and per haps a Dush of cold water. At first the City bred Belle had imagined herself in love with one of the airy Noth Ings " Vohu had hovered around her As Moths seek a Blaze but As time passed Ami he who had sworn Fidelity until death de parted with her other i lends Mary began to smile at her past life and gradually dawned upon her conviction he Noble qualities of her so called guardian. Indomitable Pride was Tho prominent feature in Mary s character and the idea of an encouraging look upon Man who was not on his Knees was a Moust rosily not at once to to thought of. When the Young Beauty first blazed upon Lis is ight the kind head cd " Squire chilled by her proud bearing had said to Hin self that it would not by generous to Tell her of hid leptin then for it would go Iii to imply that t he was not Welcome to u Homo there upon any other terms and As years passed tie made up his mind that it would by an utter for Mary Ever to love him and magnanimously be solved not to let her even suspect his Folly. And Mary did not suspect it though whether she would have called Itu Folly " remains to be decided. In the years that had passed Mary had become u thoughtful woman and a Long communion with nature had imbued or with a reverential admiration of the Pood and Noble. She beheld Edward Trai Uford without the trapping of artificial life and Felt that had she Given vent to the constant murmur in her heart it would have been " whither thou guest i will and so matters stood another proof that the world is full of paper Walls. A Cloud Lem june Sun Hail dawned upon Mary info evil s thirtieth birth any and the Iii St Grey hair Lay like a thread of Silver amid her clustering braids. She leaned against the window and her still Beautiful Cheek wan wet with tears. Or. Trai Uford rallied her non her de pred Ion at thu breakfast table and her lip curled with something of Ila old scorn As she proudly determined that he should not suspect the cause. It was n weary Day Ono of thu longest that she had Ever known and in the eve Ning May sat leaning her head sadly on her hand thinking Over All those past years while Edward Trai Uford under the pretence j of his newspaper was watching her by the Toft Light of the shaded lamp. The Curvo 1 of that Beautiful lip seemed to be engrave a upon his heart and he half trembled lest she should Iai c her eyes suddenly Ami Flash upon him the full Light of their scorn. One of the House servants entered the room and deposited a Large Box directed to u miss Mary the a juice " started up glad of an excuse for conversation. " May i open it Mary Vou look too tired to take the trouble m any gave n Calm assent and yet she did feel a Little natural curiosity to know what i it contained. Several Wupper were re moved a d a Large cake with a great Deal j of pretension in the frosting was discovered. Mary looked at her guardian in Surprise and to looked it her. Well exclaimed the Squire with his pleasant laugh this looks As though you were a Little girl it bounding to shool and your friend1 were afraid of your being sinned out. It is very kind of them cer i but Mary wan not to be put off so. The i " Squire " returned his search Ami soon brought to Light a letter which Mary Caie Lessly requested him to read. It was from aunt Hiya be and run thus my Deab Mary you be bin most awful sly but a Little Bird has whispered in my ear that you re Goin to be married to Squire train Ford and Honin that i m not too late i be taken the Liberty of Makin you a weddin cake. I had great Woik with the top part to make it Mick but if you Are right Kerful i think it la lat sometime. You a night list As Well have got married years ago but i Spose you both took time j to consider of it. Give my respects to the Squire and do not forget my aunt i Bee considered this a very cred Itable performance having 14 squared her self out " for Tome hours to accomplish her task and Little dreamed of the reception it was doomed to meet with. Edward train Ford read on to the end in a stale of Complete amazement and when he finished Mary burst into tears. Indignation shame and every other emotion seemed " niggling together but the Squire poor Man was terribly alarmed Leal she should suspect him of spreading the ,1 and in his consternation he exclaimed " i did t do it mar i would not for world have said such a 44 r fully believe you sir and Mary seemed to have i dded two c three feet to j her height for she supposed thin particular july intended 10 disco age any Hopes that he might have formed i fully believe you and i shall leave Thia House to mor her Worda fell upon him like Thunder Holla and hastily seizing Hia hut he commenced Pacini the Piazza in a state of desperation. Ii did not poses the Power of rating precisely the right thing at the right moment and he did not dare to look Tow Ida the Pailor or he might Lulu seen Mary on her knee beside the table sob Bun As though her Liepart would break. 4 Well Squire exclaimed Silas Over intr is he mounted the step completely out of breath i be come to Oiler my con 44 i Don t know what for replied the Squire " More shortly than win his wont unless it a for the Mia take of a silly old woman who has made a feel More unhappy than i Ever did be 41 so it s a mistake a ill said Silas while Ilia countenance visibly fell what awful stories that old woman does Tell but i Don t see either lie continued re ,14 Why it is of very 4 ridiculous after All it would seem very Nat Ial for you and Mary to get married. What a there so ridiculous in it 44 because was the dejected reply 4 it a ridiculous to think of Mary s fancying 44 Well now i Don t think so said Silas in a matter of fact Way 44 Alio Ain t very Young nor you neither she Ain t Jot no Money and you be got plenty she s kind of stuck up like and you re kind of easy 1 guess you re nigh enough the " Squire " Shook Hia head quite unconvinced but Silas who seemed deter mined to stick to the subject. Next inquired Lias she Ever told you she could t fancy you a i never gave her reason to do so re plied the 44squire." 14 Well now look Here continued Silas shuck with a Bright idea 44 my advice is jest to go and give her reason at once and i la bet any thin that she won t aay but Iii of Llie Aorl it seems so kind of foolish like to have Geode believing tilings that Ain t Silas appeared to consider this Aselti Cint reason or immediate exertion but he now wisely left the 44 Squire " to himself and after a few More turns on the Piazza during which lie had Lully persuaded himself that he was doing Noah Iii wrong and that Mary could at the Woidat but say 44 no Edward train told entered the Pat Lor. Mary averted her head to be sure and was angry that he should see her crying and with Moie Confidence than he had Ever supposed Hii Niclo possessed of the 4 Squire seated himself near her and began the longest speech that he had Ever made in his life. Having set before her All the whys and wherefores nud because to began to think that Silva overing possessed More sense than he had Ever Given him credit for. Mary smiled at last through her tears and then did Edward tru Buford learn How Long Ami fondly he had been loved. Mary Ami lie sat to Liege in the parlor a ions Lime thai Iii i Ami he thought with a nigh that As aunt Higbee said they might just As Well have i hurried years Ngo. The wedding cake was put in circulation and lie donor had one of lie most honoured peal at the nuptial feast. But this it must be mentioned was Enli Tely Edward s Wink who exp Essed of much gratitude to out Higbee for her most foil unto of viciousness. That the old lady went Home from the wed Ding vast considerably pulled up with self complacency. The summer parlor at the 11 Squire s " presents quite an altered appearance for As soon As Mary Felt ire to make the Iii Iii pm allusion to improvements pictures bronzes and books sprouted up As if by magic. Mary laughingly declares that there is an Aladin s lamp somewhere among the Kitchen rubbish which the Squire " rubs in secret but he As positively asserts Liat the Only witchcraft about Tho place i that lodged in Mary s keeping. Aunt Ali Bee and Sii to have not to this Day settled the quarrel Between them As to who was the relator of that disputed piece of news but keep up a perpetual chorus Okaly did Ami " Katy did biography of the Angel Gabriel the new Yolk sunday courier gives the following As a True history of the famous struck preacher generally known As the an Cyl Gabriel tie crud name of Tiiu celebrated Man whose singularities have gained for him so Ureal a reputation and we so popular cog Nomen it the Ansel Gabriel is me swish though he is sometimes called Ott or Hon in the Public papers. His lather belonged to the Elan Goninen and was in Early life a House servant in the employ of the mar quis of Huntley. To married a Feulo i Umelio in the utne is Aplin Homant by the name of Sau leis and emigrated to the me of Skye in which place the Angel As he is now called wan born on the 3d of september 1809, which Tinkes him 43 veins of age. Lie was Chii Steucy by his Mother s name of Saunders and was always 1 called Sandy my swum while to remain cd in his native town. The present writer who know Hin Well Ami who in tended Ihu name school with him kept by the i ainu Ler of the place the Kev. Archibald Cameron has Colteil been on a Bird s nesting expedition with him j and once rescued him from drowning when he fell from a High diff into a Little Black Pool called the Devil s Loch. Sandy was a very Dull boy and was often flogged for not knowing i lesson and the Rev. Or. Cam j Eron if he were alive now would hold up his hands in utter amazement to know his1 unpromising Pupil had become a famous Miett preacher in the great City of new Yolk and was kicking up a tremendous Row under the name of the Angel Gabriel. Sandy was bound As an Applei lice to a Weaver at the age of thirteen but Bis Mother having become a widow and married an itinerant Baptist preacher ii amid Ott she soon Ieth he me of Skye with her new husband taking Sandy with her. Who for convenience Sake or to disguise Bis celtic origin assumed the name of hit Stepfather. What became of him after leaving his native place until he turned up in this coun try a an evangelist is known Only to the present writer at second hand and May not be strictly authentic Hough the fact Are probably not far from Correct. Or. Ott the itinerant preacher went i circuit in the Highland Lor a year or two until Fiu Diug that was of life rather hard his convert few and Bia family increasing lie came to the conclusion that he would change not Only his pasture but his occur motion and his name lie was not a cell himself but ail englishman u native of Bini Nagem and it is said Bui with what degree of truth 1 do not know that in his Eaily life to had been u member of an e que Trian company at All events he joined u troupe of Edue Stivans at Newcastle and having taken the name of w glint assumed the Post of ringmaster. Ills Yoong step son Sandy still called himself Oil became a member of the company Ami you attracted attention by his feats in ground hid lofty tumbling. Having Duar relied with the manager he gave inn parents the slip and uni Tuut n company a Sci boats with whom he Vii de the Princi pal towns of England and it last at liver Pool when he Fel in love with the daughter of the Bro Prieor of a wine and spirit vault near the Prince s Dock. He eloped with her and was married in Wales where he Decarne a local preacher of the methodist persuasion in the Village of Lla Tii Ini. Up to this Lime flirt budding Angel had been a very Jolly fellow Ami was much liked by hit acquaintances but he entered to , upon his new vocation that he lather alarmed his Welch hearers whom he tired to Aroi a from their a palsy by blowing a tremendous tin Horn from the pulpit. Crowing tired of his Rural position and having Pought on a lit of dyspepsia by eating to nicely of Welch Rabbit he disappeared one Nair he leaving a few debts behind him Lis tokens of his affection among his and taking Wilh him by Way of remembrance the Pewter Tankard which had been employed in the Chamch sacraments. Lit made in Way Lollio nearest Senoit which was Liris Iol where he Lii Afteu a Cook on Buaril a vessel bound fur Jamaica Ami on hit arrival in that Island he again assumed the functions of a preacher but finding that the hip in Dert Hasioti nil Mote popular Liun inc methodist he joined dial sect. How Long to remained in Jamaica is not known Kut probably no Long for he taught a dancing school in Lite town of Mcgraws Ville a few years Airo alter which he be came a convert to mormon ism but when Joe Smith went to ill Isoif to turned hit face towards the Atlantic Stales and Afier liar aug been by turns Check taker at a circus an assistant in a menagerie a tem Terance Lect ice a tin Pedler and Edi or of a to Alvist paper in Philadelphia he found hit Elf in new York with just Money enough in his pocket to Purchase a brass hum pet and with this for his Stock in Trade he commenced the Angel Gabriel line of a Jshii pm which has proved to highly profi table and made his name so famous. His career in this City is Loo Well known to re quire any comments but his future career May be As varied and remarkable As the past. We have had Many a conversation with him about old limes when we Wem boys together and he Onieu Reveris with gratitude Loho Day when the writer of these lines saved him from an Eaily death. The Ansel is a Good fellow naturally and though rather ecce tiie Means Well he is not the on Man who has made his Way in the world by blowing a trumpet. Disgraceful Lutr nge. For n week past the citizens of Liia and to neighbouring town of Fairfield have Houn excited by Tho development of one of the most disgraceful outrages known to the cat Aliguo of Dixsie Putin and lechery. The Par to Cebirt arc too foul for detail although the Tunin facts Are due to the Public. They pm a the Tho abduction and Furcillo detention and prostitution of a Young girl of some sixteen years named Smith residing in fail yield the work of four or Toro Ines re Riding in this Village and All of whom Are married men and parents and connected with several of the most respectable families in this place. The Orrest of James is. Gray and Clarles Scribner before Justice purring ii at Ken Dall s Mills disclosed Tho facts thus far brought to Light. We give no names except those this disclosed although four or five others arc confidently mentioned is con corned in Tho affair and known to All. It appears that Scibner went to Tho House of the girl s Parent in Fui Geld and procured her to go and take care of his wife who to Suh was sick. He brought her to this Vil Lage and left her at a House near the depot Pru tending that to lived out of Tho Vil Lugo and wanted to procure a team to Inko them out. After dark to called Tor her took her out upon a Back Road where they Wero Mot by one or Tuoro of his associates and she was induced to drink freely of Somo kind of liquor which Sho says helpless or insensible. For two or Throe Days Sho was forc imy detained by these devils in human Shapo part of the time in a Burn and at other places and was at last found among them in a Bain by iter own father it is duo to humanity to add that most of the men engaged ill this foul outrage Wero drunkards of Tho most beastly and Gutter soaked class although it cannot to denied that Ono or Moro stand unshielded by this expense. Gray waa required to give Bonds in the pricing sum it seems to us o five Hundred dollars. To us taken to jail us Norridge Wock by Deputy sheriff Nye but soon succeeded in pipe urine bail and wan set it lib erty. Scribner was arrested but for some reason which to live not yet Learned ids examination was deferred several Days Dur ing which Limo he was permitted to go with Little if any restraint and after Tho release of Gatny the two Duap Neuroda out the Saunio time and probably together. Their partners in Tho affair so disgraceful to humanity and shameful to our Village yet walk Unar rested though pointed at is Spe Iwens of moral Carrion hardly equalled to Tho Cabinet of prostitution. To charge no official wrong in this mat Ter but to imy that the sardine a of Law and Justice dment of the Bube Artber la Cea Laft Modi u offed a with Are Alee Aad Tea i hat will enable Bla to rur Aith he pm Mik work mar i mid with the great Una a or True Ura hit flu we r 111 Compart Taruc a with of Erk Tom of tiling Offlee la Day or to angry w Hajj a Iligir Emu Faim with a Aie pfc Aei an la Thi Art. Order Tor Plain 6 fat try teiht1xv la Colon o i tits b on a la i will mall of Lefert Kiowa la thie elect fair. The huge Aad increasing doa us Tor card a inti .0 Jiu induced be babe Artber u Pun be it kit for cutting card Board Aad Purchi gift l a tear forum w with Hope in Allty heart. And a tunic in Thituc Eye " look aloft " and do Purt. Macaulay. I Ltd met with before but As to have not Yuu will of course ask a Ludy s first question How aloes he look Well my dear so fur its relates to the Luero outward Husk of the soul our engravers and Daguerre typists have done their work us wee t editions flu works May he considered suppose fair representation of How to look when lie sits to have his picture taken which i generally differ ent from Tho Way anybody looks at any other time people seem to forget in taking like Nesses that Tho features of Tho face ure nothing but an alphabet and that dry dead map of a person s face give no Mora idea of How one looks than the simple presentation of in alphabet shows what Uicon is in u poem. Muc Ainlay s whole Phis Iquo Given you Tho impression of Reut stick Goth and stamina of Constitution. To has Tho kind of Rurue which we usually Imu Jne As Mccu Loury in glue Short Stout and firmly knit. There a Nom Lhing Hearty in a l his demonstrations lie Speaks in that full round rolling voice deep from the Chest which to also conceive us Wing More common in England to lieu America. At to his conversational is Juit like his writing that is to say it shows very strongly the Samo qualities of mind. 1 was informed that to wus famous for a most uncommon memory one of those lieu to whom it seems impossible to forget a tiling once read and he Litis read All sorts of things that can to thought of in nil languages. A Gen 11 final told me that to could repent Ull the Newgate literature hanging ballads last speeches and doing confessions while his kno Welgo of Milton is so acute that if his poems wore blotted out of exis tence they Muht to restored amply from his Itie Mury. The same accurate kno Welgo extends to Iho Lutin and Cucuk classics and Loo much of the literature of modern Europe. Had nature been required to make a Man to order for a perfect historian nothing bet Ter could have been put together especially since there is enough of the poetic fire included in Tho composition to Lute Ull these multiplied materials together and color the his Toi married yet there ure unmistakable Eviden Ces in the breathing and aspects of Tho fam ily Circle by whom to was surrounded thai Tho social part is not wanting in his Confor mation. Some very charming Young lady relatives seemed to think Quito us much of their gifted Une e As you might have Dooe had to been yours. Macaulay is celebrated As it controversial list and like Coleridge Curylo and almost every one who enjoys this reputation he has some time been accused of not allowing people their fair share in conversation. This might prove an objection possibly to those who wish to talk hut As i prefer greatly to hear it would none Provo to Luo. I must say however that on this occasion that mater was quite equitably managed. There were i should think Somo Twenty or thirty at Tho break i to table and lilo conversation formed itself into Little eddies of two or Turco around Tho table now und thru swelling out into a great Bay of general Dis . Sluice. Delia Webster who is in jail at mad Ison Indianna on a charge of assisting slaves to escape from Kentucky published in no Cal on the 4th, charging her arrant to Newton Craig. Warden or Tho in tertiary at Frankfort where Sho served but n portion of her first sentence for Slavo stealing. If Sho states Tho truth it is bad enough. She says the motives of his malice As near As i can account for is in a few words Are first that to experienced a decided repulse and totally failed to have his a gentlemanly and uncivil izod desires accommodated und next that 1 was unwilling to have him visit my House even under the pretence of seeing his children whom he Haa by n previous con tract engaged to keep under my tuition for a certain time. Then after finding his entreaties and looters to had written to the availed nothing he in his rough Kentucky manner swore with an oath that if f would not agree to marry him incas i wife should die which to expo cod would take Pine before Long As she was then sick to would it somebody to to enough on the old indicia Cut to tend me to the be intently by where his will should to my Law and Here resistance would be in vain Skakle fascination. The St. Louis of to 13th, relate a Wutt Oxtra Ordinary Case or the total Saacina Ion of a could by a Black Fodako. A daughter of a or o Mara residing in Coppe Roa Creek Franklin count Missouri waa noticed to be growing thin end Pale Aid

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