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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 3 1855, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - August 3, 1855, Biddeford, MaineIt Simian and a Minnii eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of. Louis 0. Cowan editor Maine Friday August 3, 1855. Volume 1. Can be obtained the Farmer certainly has i no excuse if his Fields to not produce annually the Moat Ai Luent crop. By Avail ing himself of Thia source to can at All. Times Hare ample Supply of the most tuto.? eur cent for his crop and can so b it Uljon of it Rollo Oak a i a owe rep i Quot a a easily keep up the desired and re Iuis Ite 1 Quantity of humus the soil that even the most exhausting crops will to grown with Union and Eastern journal Tea Union Rvl vbo4.ni Jon Raat to Gnu whet Rory is most i a. 1, Couo Roi Loek of it ii a so by air frs Man. Or t if Psi a us la Niue Montho r of la list it. So a la a Pios i Muir. 27 v. H. Pass a tip Law Robsn act to aft it is us Tutor run of sir tbsp Runas so us list rotes of met ural by of. Ills. Tribuna roil Olufs a oils sol tear us Sklios it Ktestes to a. W. My Interj Otei Smoos a lost Marcus Watius Ito Lar. Org Pirn Lorol. It or Lii 4its it Sci lies journal. Materials for compost commence with the first favourable weather to accumulate materials for manure allow no particle of matter susceptible of being converted into the food of plants to Pasa your hands. Manure it Shotts tvo remembered is the Farmers capital the Wand by the favourable instrumentality he is enabled to diversify Tho Earth s surface with Tho smiling beauties of vegetation and i profit and without any apparent injury to his Wear he to soils. Meat muck however it May to amiss to remark contain prussic Icid or some other acid which requires Limo to neutralize it and Render it harmless when applied or it May be carted out autumn and allowed to remain exposed during Winter for Tho frosts to Correct the acidity. Far Etc Union and journal. Wheat Tho Timo 16 cat it or. Editor a until recently the practice pursued almost Zaire really by our i Farmers cutting and curing wheat has Caus othe waste place Quot thereof Quot to Bloom a Teneous and based upon entire and the Decort to Blos it Mas the Rose. A a map Whymon of the nature and a a give me a sufficiency of manure a a id a menu of he Pant Man it did to cd elderly Farmer to me recently and a l a by a is dead Ripe and then permit will work out a living any country and. L ,0 Rem �p01 tax ack it he from any the merchant must Hall. Straw has become Black and capital the Mechanic must have a a Quot a a of much of vah a but lion material., and tools and the Farmer who cd Quot of heat air and rain. Whose heritage is the Broad Fields and Fertile valleys of his a a Mother Earth a must have manure. It therefore behoves every where seed is required it is proper Aud not Only proper but necessary that the crop be allowed to acquire full development one to to attentive to this grand Point and Mau it a i cd Bot to gather up Tho Means of enriching and Obero the Grain is intended for hour Early growth of elders Bat to a a fixed a a them by blowing and carefully picking up Tho roots drawing them piles to some Largo Large log or stump Hoap and enjoy aug a Beautiful Bonfire after Thoy had become Well dried so ended All troubles with our a a Olden a hut not betters As they had failed to establish themselves oar estimation As Cor. Ohio Farmer. Fruitful the Oil the a of Jock of a a a a us it a of a a a a a a which to relies for sustenance Happy. To the value of Tho wheat. Ness and life. No one who Las not made Tiro for cutting May to considered a the Experiment will be Able easily to a we a Njo cd Ted with Auffie Eisot accuracy by Precy ale the importance of attending Pracho Chansy a a k#rno1 a a a a a a a from the trally and habitually to the tules thus cur it a Luid to Pul Tadeous or a a Doug hey Stato. Sorely Laid Down d0 we rus contained within the hulls As they Chango progressively and be Somo Aro Opl i. Indino that my a my. To Ialy i .h.jrh.t.noj.pwitoormook.mailurp.al. A a no nearly choir farn., comp�lin3 u a a a a pc a a no key a it t,?,.,a a item Wilmont Cutaia cd Haj a and Low. Incl ho�.�., �?z0 Houd a a a Btl who is by no Means the fast. Though there be 7,. _. A. I who introduction of reaping not atom of either of Tho above named substances your land yet Ycu have abundant materials Tho spurious vegetation of your pastures and cultivated Linds the Clay loom and Sand of your was a places and High ways the Haum of your Grain crops and the decayed vegetable matter which is everywhere so Prodi Gally revealing its valuable riches to the Eye of the observer the Forress and every hand. By accumulating these at favourable seasons and mixing them judiciously with who assistance of and Mineral matters compost of a very Superior Quality May be manufactured almost any Quantity desired und at Small expense. If Tho soil to which you intend applying it be of a Light and Baccous description approaching to Sand Tho amount of Clay can scarcely be too Largo. Tho More of this Earth you apply to such lands the better will be the of Eccl of Tho Putre scent animal and Mineral matters you bestow. It a Recti a speedy mechanical amelioration by favourably modifying the constitutional character which is originally too Low. Manures applied to dry Sands usually product but comparatively slight streets it Dies does not decompose from Lack of moisture and when deposited Tho Hill is often particularly dry seasons harmful rather than beneficial to the crop. If the soil to to ameliorated be Clayey or Argillaceous the basis of the come Post Heap should to Sand. This produces As wonderful effects Clay As that Earth does Sand though by action precisely Tho Reverso. It depresses it of plasticity and makes it dry. It has been computed and i Havo no doubt that upon Correct and accurate Experiment the computation would be found Correct that the liquid excrement of our do Rno Stio animals is Point of actual value As a stimulant equal to the solid this important and valuable adjuvant the great work of economizing manure is however generally overlooked. By depositing stratum of leaves saw dust Rotten Wood Chip dung Straw or Haum or indeed any other material Ca pacified to absorb the nine and sprinkling every night a Quan Tity of Gypsum Over Tho surface to attract and fix the ammonia its eco nomination will to Epe Eddy and thoroughly secured. Some sections where much lumber is manufactured the Farmers have lately found that the saw dust and Tine shavings thrown out by Tbs artistic processes of sawing and turning afford excellent materials for compost. Thurio such situations sri easily attainable As the owners and foremen of tithe manufactories readily permit them to be taken away free of Cost. They Are generally used As bedding for Swine oxen cows sheep horses ko., and Aro thus saturated with the liquid mailers and so thoroughly intermixed and blend red with the More sordid and fermentable substances that when removed to Tho compost Boap and subjected to the action of More to woeful decomposing agents Thoy Are soon broken Down and resolved into energetic and efficient manure. The refuse of the comb maker and Turner is also highly valuable compost heaps. Blood and Wolfol of All kinds from the a tumbles As Well As Chipa from Ibe shoe manufactory and tags Aud Wool of every description Are possessed of great Worth for manuring lands. La Alvet every Placo there Are Large tracts of Low land which produce pushes to legs and other kinds it aquatic plants. These if Cut at the proper season placed some situation where they can to decomposed and broken Down afford another valuable source of Agresti enrichment and As lbs labor of cutting Cao generally be performed a times when there b Little else the be attend so to or to engross the attention of the Farmer the profit resulting from their eco nomination and preparation is greater perhaps than would be realized from the same amount of Effort expended any other Way where much Able Tho tar nor who has Many acres to Cut his Emiro crop before any portion of it has become Flinty or Are deprived by cd pcs Ivo Neq ass of that Fine Whito a pea Raneo which constitutes so desirable a characteristic tour intended for Domestic us of. As s general Rule to should rcom med the housing of the crop so soon As Tho Straw is perfectly cured. Nothing is gained by permitting Tho Grain to remain out after the haul assumes a dead where the crop is not very Large Tho sheaves May be placed around the Walls of Tho barn or deposited Racks Sheds care being taken to arrange them such a manner As not to Loduco beat or Mould which will rarely occur if Tho crop is properly cured Tho Field Erin under Tho most disadvantageous circumstances. By cutting Early Tho Sapid and my Tricou properties of the Straw Are saved and the Samo when chaffed and mixed with meal or rasped roots which is now very economically effected by chaffing and rasping machines makes a must palatable and Mut i Cious food for Stock whereas if it to allowed to dry and become hard Tho Field and Der Rcd of its alimentary properties it is Only to be used a litter or to be added to who contents of Tho manure Heap or thrown away. All Grain when Cut at the a Lago of maturity above indicated that is when the milk is becoming hard is much More valuable for feeding purposes it is contended that the stalk at this stage is sufficiently Replete with the Rich juices to perfect the operation of filling which the sickle is supposed by Many to arrest. Experiments carefully made and often repeated have Lully demonstrated Tho correctness of this View. To would however remark conclusion that All Grain intended for seed should remain uncut till Tho vital principle or germinating Power has been fully perfected. But even where seed it the object Tho Grain is no Means benefited or anyway improved by Long standing. It also much Toro liable to shatter out and the of a any Way is often More than equivalent to the gain. Especially is this True of wheat Ryo and Oats. Value of their labor the Market a All that labourers can pretend to All that they should Havo. Nothing Acta Moro per viciously than the absurd out raucous support called a a hear hear of said or. Collott. A Aro a Clevor fellow i Eter. Go Tny dear boy go a a what results from charitable Aid continued Peter. A eth Ovalo of labor is kept at unnatural Lovolo. State Charity is state robbery pro Valo Charity a Public a a that a it Petor a ibid or. A what do Yon think of our philosophy John a a a i done to like it i i done to believe it Quot said John. Quot you Woro quite right to give the Man a shilling i would Havo Given him a shilling ii of Yon would a would you Oak or. Collett. A a you Are very generous with your shillings. Would you Fly Tho face of All orthodox political Economy you Van. Dal a a a yes a said John a a As the vandals flew the Faco of Romo and destroy of a but had Baccomo a falsehood and a a a poor John said or Collott. A i shall never make of Nythia out of him Peter. Really wed better talk about something else. John toll us about Tho last new they conversed various topics until Tho arrival of Tho invalids Early bedtime parted Uncle and nephews for Tho night. Mary Sutton seized Opportunity the not morning after Bica fast to speak with John Meado alone. A a John Quot said Sho a do think Moro a of your own interest of our interest. What a a Well Mary dear ill do my Best Quot said John. A a it was that confound of Poter with his Chain of Iron maxims that made me try out. Pm not iceberg a thank heaven you Ato not Quot said Mary a a but icon org floats think of that John. Remember every Timo you offend or. Collett you Picaso or. A a so 1 do a said John. A a yes i la remember a i if you would Only try to to a Little mean and hard hearted a said Mary a just a Little to begin with. You would Only stoop to conquer John and you deserve to a a May i gain my a sorts Thon Quot said John. A Faro you not to sit at Needle work my studio while i paint my great Viatori Cal picture How can Thia Como to pass if or. Collett will do nothing for us a a a a How indeed a said Mary. A a Bui heroes our Friend Petor Finch coming throw cain8 and Peter Finch ground his Teeth again but a manner hardly Tiow a did it. Somo to Clra years since my father bought a farm which was a a worked to death a As the neighbors said. Well to soon found out How it bad been worked when to put a heavy Caru and now plow at work and Tho Virgin soil was turned up six inches below the four inches worked to death. Our neighbors prophesied a failure and when our crops vied with and co Eedo their own they were full of eur Misi ogs As to the wonderful strangers so Suc a Wiful renewing the till killed soil. A a what manure did you put that Field i Quot a neighbor asked of my father one morning As they were looking at the deep Green waving com growing to frankly therein. A slowed deep slowed deep answered he there s nothing like blowing deep and thoroughly pulverizing the soil to bring Good crops All kinds of weather. That Field had Boon need As a Meadow some fifteen years producing from one fourth to one Hall a ton of Hay to Tho acre we broke it up deep planted one year sowed to Oats the next with Clover and Timothy and the third year Cut two tons of Fine Hay to the acre. Another Field had been used for Oats the same length of time. To slowed deep but had poor Oats As so much deep new soil was tums up never having been exposed to the weather a hard and almost impenetrable crust having been formed at the depth of three of four inches Wboro the plow had scraped for years. As soon As possible to grassed it and had excellent Meadows webers others thought nothing but a bad Weed called Devil gut could grow. All the Pastora land bad a vigorous from die Lent Lionet Kohl it Alt two nephew8. At Tho parlor window of a pretty Villa near Walton Bamos sat one evening at dusk old Man and a Young woman. Tho age of Tho old Man might be some seventy Whilo his companion had certainly not Ruacho minute. Her Beautiful Blooming face and Active Light and upright Figuro Woro Strong contrast with Tho worn countenance and Bent Frame of the old Man but his Eye and a to Comers of his Nuth Woro indications of a Gay self Confidence which ago and suffering Hail damped but not extinguished. A a no Uso looking any More Mary a said to a a neither John Meade nor Poter Finch will be hero before dark. Very hard that when a sick Uncle asks his Twu nephews to Como and Seo him Thoy can to come at once. Tho duly is Amplo Tho extreme a Only to help to die and Tako w hat i choose to Case leave them my will Pooh when i was a Young Man i d have Dono it for my undo with the utmost celerity. But Tho worlds getting Quito heartless a a a of sir a said Mary. A a and what docs of sir a mean a a said i occasion for you to to so violent lost night to. A a Dye think i Shan t die i know and contradict or. Collett so shockingly bettor. A Little Moro and there la Bonn a i saw Peter Finch laughing to end of old Billy Collett lies la Havo left John you must to More careful or to shall this dirty world for a cleaner to Tho great a never to sorrow and advantage of Hia affectionate relatives Gogh give to a Glass of Tho doctors Tho girl poured Somo Medicino into a Glass and Collett after having contemplated it for a moment with infinite disgust managed to get it Down. A a i Tell you what miss Mary Stutton a Saij he a i done to by any Means approve of your a of sir and a dear sir a and Tho rest of it when to told you How i Hato to to called sir at All. Why you could it be Moro respectful if you were a Charity girl and i a Beadle a Gold laced hat a Nono of your nonsense Alary Sutton if you please. Be been your lawful guardian now for six months and Ycu ought to know my Likings and a my poor Fathor often told to How you disliked ceremony a said Mary. A a your poor father told you Quito right a said or. Collett. A Fred Sutton was a Man of Talent a capital fellow his Only fault was a natural inability to keep Farthing his pocket. Poor Fred to loved to i am Suro to did. Lie bequeathed inc his Only child and it is it every Friend that would do that a a a a kind and generous protector you have been Quot a a Well i done to know to tried not to be a Bruto but i Jaro say i have been. Done to i speak roughly to you sometimes 1 Haven i Given you Good prudent worldly advice about John Mcado and Mado myself quite disagreeable and Liko a guardian ? come confess you Lovo this Penni Ess no How of a a penniless indeed a said Mary. A nah there it is a said or. Collett a a and what business has poor Devil of artist to fall Lovo with my Ward and what business has my Ward to fall Lovo with a poor Devil of artist 1 but that s Fred Sutton a daughter All Over Havno to i two nephews Why you fall Lovo with Tho discreet one a the thriving one Peter Finch a considering How san attorney is a worthy Young Man. Lie is industrious Tho extreme and attends to other people of a business Only when How a paid paid for it. A despises sentiment and always looks to Tho main Chanco. But John Meado Ray dear Mary May spoil canvass forever and never grow Rich. How Sall for Art and truth and social Reform and spiritual Elevation and the lord knows Peter Finch will ride his Carriage and splash poor John Modo Asho trudges Tho Harangue was hero interrupted by a ring at Tho Gate and or. Peter Finch was announced. He had scarcely taken his seat when another pull at who Boll was heard and or John Meade was announced. Or. Collott eyed hit two nephews with a queer sort of a smile Whilo they Mado speeches expressive of sorrow at Tho nature of their visit. At last stopping them a a enough boys enough a a said a a let us some better subject to discuss than Tho Stato of old Many a health. I want to know a Little Moro about you both. I have it seen much of Yon up to Tho present time and for anything i know you May be rogues or John Meade seemed rather to Winco under Thia a Drc amps but Peter Finch sat Calm and conf Jent. A a to put a Caso now a said or. Collott a a this morning a poor wretch of a Gardener Camo begging Here. To could get no work it seems and said he was starving. Well i knew something about Tho fellow and 1 believe to Only told the truth so i gave him a shilling to get rid of him. Now a afraid i did wrong. What reason had i for giving him a shilling what claim Hail he me what claim has to anybody the value of his labor the Market is All that a working Man has a right to and when his labor is of no value Why then be must go to Tho Devil or where Ever else be can. He Peter 1 that a my philosophy what do you think a a a a i quite agree with you sir a said or. Finch a a i perfectly agree with you. Tho of boldly for Tho part of the worldly Man what tight had the to marry As you observed with great Justice air ? lot her Abido Tho consequences As Yon very properly remarked Finch. Done to she carry Tho oilman a business i dare say it will support her vory Quot Why no a said or. Collett to Briggs did a bankrupt and his widow and children Are a that does not alter the question Quot said Peter Finch. A a let Briggss family do something for u to be auro a said or. A Brg Gss a family Are Tho people to do something for her. She must it expect anything from us must she John a destitute is she a said John. A with children too Why this is no Thor Caso sir. You surely ought to notice Here to assist her. Confound it a for letting her Havo the Hundred a a Job John John what a break Down a said or. Collett. A so you Woro trying to follow Poter Finch through Stony Arabia and turned Back at the second Stop hero Isa Bravo traveller for you Poter John John keep to your Arabia Felix and leave St nor ways to vory different men. Good Byo both of you. To no voice to talk any More. Ill think Over All Yon Havo to pros cd their hands and they loft the room. Tito old Matt was too weak to speak Tho next Day and three Days after that to calmly breathed his last. As soon As Tho fun Oral was Over Tho will was read by who confidential Man of business who always it bonded to or. Colletts affairs. Tho group that sat around preserved a decorous Appo Aranco of disinterestedness and Tho usual or Camblos to Tho will having been listened to with breathless attention Tho Man of business read Tho following a Clear voice a a i Tacq Cath to my Niece Emma Briggs notwithstanding that she shocked hot family by marrying oilman Tho sum of four thousand pounds being fully persuaded that her lost dignity Fisho could even find it again would do nothing to Provido her with find or clothing or Johi Meado smiled and Poter Finch ground his Teeth but a quiet respectable Man nor. Pulpit and the government and that the boasted liberties of the american people Lio crushed and bleeding under their Iron Heel but despotism is under whatever Narno everywhere Tho same and its chief and last resort is Force. To that has Tho Slavo Power now Como. Its organs threaten to drive out Tho now Congress with arms renewed violence swells Westward and Cannon and Tho Rifle and Tho Bowie knife overthrow Tho civil Power and despotism rules supreme places of vaunted a a popular sovereignty a Tho great Prairies so often solemnly pledged to Liberty to civilization and christianity. When governor Reeder is threatened with a Halter and assaulted with intent to kill the representative of Tho american sover a intr. My Franklin pier. Who Rajiv Ftp wli.0 Tho Imron and summon info Tho nnlion1. Pm a no the re eap Turo of a poor trembling fugitive from slavery repudiates his own government and plunges who sword of Jua Jeo into the heart of his own Standard bearer it cannot Boop Oclad that i should Advance unopposed the Vanguard of Tho a a Republican army the midst of its enemies. I Sec now i Havo Long even Tho meshes gathering around to. Lot no Man therefore too harshly reprove to if who instincts of self preservation havoc caused to to cry out too wildly for Tho composed cars of a self deluding nation against Tho Onward March of despotism. When Douglas k co. Repealed the Missouri Compromise How could i retrain from denouncing them As worthy of death f not from me not for to comes the imprecations. I and Mino will to forgotten Tho great issues of this Crimo and my voice will to silenced amid Tho tears Tho blood Tho woo which will follow its Wako and Tho lamentations of Tho widows and Tho orphans which it will Havo no to All America Tho Timo has Como Liberty or despotism Tho courier of Louisville found us quietly at our our work. It called upon its Myrmidon to Imp Talo Tho deeds of Atchison and Douglas and stringfellow. Ready with pistol and Bowie knife Thoy silence John g. Feo Tho Foa loss Martyr spot of our party religion. If a Lio had not Havo followed the chinese Adam. Nusi Latte re or a Frisch Kosct Corsbia. A a before heaven and Earth existed they were commingled As Tho Contenta of egg Shell this egg Shell Hlavon is Lik Onod to Tho yellow Tho Earth to to White of egg a a or Thoy Wero together turbid and Muddy Liko thick Dregs just beginning to Settle. Or they were together like a thick fog Tho Point of then was the beginning of Timo when the original Power created All things. Heavon and Earth Oro Tho of from of Tho first Cauto. Thoy turn produced Oil other things another part of Tho tradition Runa a follows a a to Midat of this Cabot to mass War Hoo lived a during eighteen thousand Tho Earth were being Cre ufos rite Superior lighter elements forming Tho firmament a the inferior and coarser Tho dry again a during this Timo the Beavens creased Overy Day ten feet bight Tho Earth As much Tubich Ness and Plank of stature. Tho period of eighteen thousand years being is signed to Tho growth of each respectively during that Timo Tho heavens Roso to their extreme bight Tho Earth reached Tho greatest thickness and Plank of his utmost stature. Tho heavens Rose aloft nine thousand Miles Tho Earth Wollod nine Thour annd Miles thickness and the mid Dlo was Plank of stretching himself Between heaven and Earth until to sep rated Thorn at a distance of Nino thousand Miles from each other. Tho name of Tho bin so Adam a Penn Kook Means a a Basic ancient a that is a a a since it is probably mount to Denoto How this father of Antiquity was nourished originally egg shall and hatched Liko a Chick. Among Tho portraits commonly stored up by Nativo archaeologists to find various representations of Plank of. Ono is now before to that exhibits him with enormous Hoad tipped with two ibs hair which of a puritanical Cut Tho brow flows Loose and Long Over Tho Back and shoulders. Iio has Largo eyes and shaggy eyebrows a a very Flat nose a a heavy Tho substantial Stona form House it surrounded by a Largo door Yard High it reached rom Tho Stone Road by a a of Paulino Road through a wooded Lawn. A of Moroto at nuo bordered by Cedars Snow Bahia and lilacs loads to to door whore kind Bossu Talvity and a former s Woi Torao afoot Tho numerous visitant that through Tho rain toss months throng to Plano to Broo Leo Jho fragrant air and Luxuriate fora Brilt Tho Beauty and Flowers. Parterre i Boico Flowers nurseries of rooms Blossom la Tho Sun by Tho half acre. Bordos a folks summer houses arbours fines Sty hand Ina magnitude or magnificence that keep you ail to Whilo wonder Aud admiration and form a whole that must to soon to to appreciated and has Seldom it a Vot been surpassed. Tho Whoso Stock of if cos Chr she Vinos and Over greens numbers two millions. Or Sigurson says it is nearer three millions and to puts it Down at two millions loot Tho incredulous should to fright god at its vastness of number Aud Sot to Rholo Down a a Kublo to Spont two and a half Honra Riding through Tho grouted and examining to Fields pastures Orchards lawns to Adsms Garden shrubbery a looked Down into Tho oils examined to Spring Tho stood Quarry saw to Fino Durhams Tho Good Bersos listened and laughed at Tho proud guttural Crow of Monsieur Shanghai Hoard Dimatto Poland cackle and re turned convinced that to had not Seon All and that no Ono can truly realize Tho extent of Tho Fatm a if High state of culture and Tho labor and a it Canso necessary to keep it Progress that has not taken a Rido through its of Iuva drives its bordered of cuss Ond hedged a a having always hold Tho opinion that woman should to rendered a rational and ind pc id ont being and having duly considered the fact that society practically Donies her Tho right of earning her own living-1 hereby bequeath to Mary Sutton Tho Only child of my old Friend Frederick Sutton Tho Sura of ten thousand pounds which will Nablo Hor to marry or remain single As Sho May John Meado gave a prodigious Start upon Tho Gato from his walk. I Incavo you and so saying Sho withdrew. A a what Moa do a said Peter Finch Asho entered. A a skulking door a Fine morning Liko this to been All through the Village. Not ugly Placos but wants looking after sadly. Reads shamefully Muddy pigs allowed to walk Tho Footpath a a a a dreadful a exclaimed John. A i say you Camo out pretty Strong Las night a said Potor. A a Quito defied Tho old Man but i Liko your a i Havo no doubt you do a thought John. A a of when 1 was a youth i was a Little that Way myself a said Peter. A a but the world Tho world my dear sir soon cures us of nil romantic notions. I regret of course to see poor people miserable but what a who use of regretting ? its no part of Tho business of Tho Superior classes to interfere with Tho Laws of Supply and do Maud poor people must to what can to be cured must to a a that is to soy a returned John a a what to can to cure they must a a exactly so a said Peter. U or. Collott this Day was too ill to leave his bed. About noon he requested to see Bis nephews his bedroom. They found him propped up by pillows looking Toty weak but Good spirits As usual. A a Well Boya a said he hero i am you see brought to Anchor at last the doctor will to hero soon i suppose to a Hake his head and write recipes. Hum big my boy patients can do a a Nnoli for themselves i believe of doctors can do for i ctn they re All the dark together a Tho Only differ no is that the patients Topo English and doctors Grope latin Quot a a you Aro too a optical sir a said John Meado. A Pooh a said or. Collott. A lot us Chongo who subject. I want your advice Petor and John a matter that concerns your interests. A going to Mako my will to Day and i done to know How to act about your Cousin Emma Briggs. Emma disgraced us by marrying a a oilman Quot exclaimed John. A a a vulgar shocking oilman a said or. Collett a a a wretch who not Only sold Oil but soap candles turpentine Black Lead Birch brooms. It was a dreadful blow to Tho family. Her poor grandmother never got Over it and a Maiden aunt turned meth Odist despair. Well Briggs the oilman did last week it seems and his widow has written to me asking for now i Bavo thought of leaving Hor a Hundred a year my will. Aah hat a to you think of it a afraid Sho Don t deserve what right had Eho to marry against the ads co of her friends aah hat Havo i to do with her misfortunes a a my mind is quite made up a said Peter Finch Quot no notice ought to be taken of her. She made obstinate and unworthy match and let her Abido Tho consequences a a a a now for your opinion John a said or. Collett. A a upon my word i think i Moat say the same Quot said John Meade bracing himself a manner Nanny re Spect nolo. Both Howo Vor by a violent Effort kept silent. The Man of business wont with his Reading. A a 1 into paid some nil mention to the character m my Nephew John Meado and Havo proved to find him much possessed with a fooling of philanthropy and with a Gen enl preference for whatever is Noble and Trio Over whatever Baso and Folgo. As this tendencies Aro by no Means such As can Advance him Tho world i bequeath him to sum often thousand pounds hoping that to will thus to kept out of Tho workhouse and to enabled to paint his great his Oacal pictures which As Yot is Only talk of a about. A a As for my Othor no How Peter Finch to views All things so sagacious and selfish s Way and is so certain to got life that 1 should Only insult him by offering Aid which to does not require yet from his affectionate Uncle and entirely As a testimony of admiration for his mental acute Ness i venture to Hopo that to will accept bequest of Firo Hundred pounds towards the completion of his extensive Library of Llew Poter Finch stormed and cseled names How John Meade broke into a delirium of Joy How Mary Sutton cried first and then laughed and then cried and laughed together All Theeo matters 1 shall not attempt to describe. Mary Sutton is now mrs. John Meado and her husband has actually begun Tho Groat histories picture. Tet i Finch has taken to discounting Bills and bringing actions them and drives about his Brougham already of us a Luctta Liberty or despotism a a letter from Cassius m. Clay. Ctr 19, 1855. Eds. Gazette to Morrow i go to the Field of contest to determine whether the Liberty of speech and religious Freedom is Longcr possible a Slavo state this unequal struggle of the result cannot to Lowreen i Deom it duo my own character Anil Tho great issues pending to say a parting word through a press where suppression is impossible. Born and Broil a Slavo Stato Overy hour of my exp Crenco compels me to avow that the world has not yet begun to conceive Tho consistent Jesuit ism and unfathomable atrocity of Tho slave propaganda Thoy who stand at the Cradle ignoring Tho holy sentiments which consecrate Tho pledges of devoted and Mutual Lovo to Catech be gods noblest work and to stifle the a immortal aspirations of a Hunau soul ate not Tho men to show magnanimity or indulge who weakness of Justice mercy and truth it is their vocation to dominate Over the human mind and to subject brute Power to the Sopor or Force of intellect. Gentoo polished and winning Stem bullying and remorselessly cruel appealing at Ono time to the sentiments now to the passions and then to Tho fears of men they most be a a cunning Fence Quot invited who can stand up under Anch Odds. No wonder then that they Havo taken Possession of the press the. I moustache and Beard. Only the upper part Cut Tho rooftop of thu elocution tin. A emf Ion m had not Boon Tho land of slavery Iio u 11_ ,.n i. A i us a of distributing tracts to slaves and exciting insurrection or. Feo sends his denial to Tho courier with the Tho Man of business wont with his. Remit. Vhf. A Ift Tibulcio Umu c0.d a a till a a a a it it Gtna a or Hifp. I by Tell whether the Painter represents it As programme of his action Laid Down the annual report of Tho american missionary society. Did to retract his calumny a did to publish its refutation no that would Havo been Liko Tho mercenary tool of despotism. Unheard he is condemned and is Lon Cetl i i Como to Tho re scum of my Friend Tho defender of my Causo. Now onco Moro against me also unheard the courier publishes a libellous letter and Jesus locally invokes bloodshed the resolutions passed at Tho pc Starnino meeting and published Tho Cincinnati Gazette were read at Tho assemblies at Brush Creek and scaffold Cave that hero might to no question about our motives and actions. I know too Well the sound holism of that party to Trust myself to their magnanimity. I flatter myself that my Namo is place beyond the sphere of calumny and All my past history gives Assurance that my friends May Havo cause to mourn my Fate but never my principles. 1 Call your attention onco More to my letter to Tho new York Tribune after Tho Nebraska Crimo. I ask of you Tho favor of its republication. I am cheered that i find myself sympathy with Tho great minds and heroic hearts of Tho nation. Thank god for this foretaste of Tho a a Good Timo coming a All Hail Ohio a All Hail Tho North a All Hail Tho Piner go than with the sentiments of the 13th of july inscribed your banners july Tho 4th and july Tho 13th May Thoy both let a eras to to Ever Rome bored among men a when Tho aspirations of Tho great Jefferson shall to fulfilled and Tho revolution begun 70 shall common co being completed �?t55 i but to shall not Havo a peaceful Triumph. Deity vindicates and expiate Tho violation of his eternal Laws. Blood consecrates Ever Tho remorse of great wrong. Standing Here under Tho acknowledged responsibilities of Homo and country which no Man can at will Pat or off i calmly look destiny whatever it Boiu Tho Foo but living or dying my aspirations shall to immortal May our country yet be free your obedient servant c. M. Clay. Skin. Ilis arms Aro Baro and his hands thrown carelessly Tio Ono Over Tho other is if completo satisfaction with another picture represents him with apron of leaves round Bis loins Bolding the Sun Ono hand and to Moon Tho other. A third artist has pictured him with a chisel and mat lot his hands splitting and sculpturing Hugo masses of Granito. Through Tho a Menso opening Mado by Bis labor Tho Sun Moon and stars Are Scon and at Iris right hand stand for companions Tho Unicorn and dragon Tho Pha Nix Aud Tho Tortolero. He appears As a Strong naked giant taking pleasure the carving out of Tho mountains stupendous pillars caves and Dens. During Tho eighteen thousand years of Effort we Are told that a this Heoy a Locarno mountains Liis breath winds and Clouds and his voice Thunder. His left Eye was Mado the Sun Aud Iris right Tho Moon. Ilis Teeth Bones and marrow wore changed into metals rocks and precious stones. His Beard was converted into stars his flesh into Fields Iris skin and hair info herbs and Trees Ilis limbs Mccamo Tho four poles a his veins Rivers and Bis sinews for Moil Trio undulations to lace of to Earth Liis vory sweat was transformed into rain and whatever insects stuck to or crept Over his Gigantic body were Mado into human beings the Philadelphia slave Cash Ai tract or tub ii. Liquor Portsmouth chronicle gives Tho following abstract of Tho liquor Law passed by Tho last now Hampshire Logi Laturo it begins by allowing the Salo of pure Domestic wino and cider any Quantity but not to drink Tho premises where sold. And Alio allowing importers but no other to sell original packages of foreign liquor. Sellers Ore fined 550 for Tho first illegal Sale �50 for Tho too Ond with 30 Days jail �100 for Tho third with 90 Days jail with costs every Cao. Common sell or Are fined $50 for Tho first offence with thirty Days jail $100 for Tho second with from three to eix months jail a. Cities and Toimi must establish agencies not exceeding three each or Purchase and Salo of liquors for medicinal mechanical chemical and Sacri mental purposes. Trial by jury is Well secured and to search and seizure clauses Well guarded against abuse. Case of Teixuro where Tho defendent prevails he is to receive Cost from the county liquors when confiscated if Good sold by the agents if bad destroyed. The provisions for taking up drunkards and defining evidence Are costly understood and applied. The act it the Tako effect 30 Days from july 14 and will we presume to executed faithfully a Missouri farm. Messes. John sign Roc k brother of Missouri Havo challenged Tho whole Union to product a form which equals theirs variety and amount of production and extent of aur Foco cultivated each competitor to de polite 5500, and the whole after paying expenses to to expended a service of plate to to awarded As a Premium to the Success Ful competitor. Their Arm is situated so thu Miles South of St. Louis and has Beon cultivated less than ten years. It is thus do scribed by correspondent of Tho St. Louis Democrat a a statistics will better show its proper Trona than elaborate description of so cry. Four Hundred acres of pasture Grovo and lawns Ono Hundred and fifty acres of Meadow eighty of wheat sixty five of Oats and Ryo Corn and potatoes enough to Supply Tho numerous family and Stock a Nino Miles Osengo Orange hedge Well trimmed and much of it Large enough to turn Oattilo Odds greatly to Tho picturesque Beauty of the rolling Prairie enclosing pastures Orchards nurseries Flower gardens and Fields a verdant not work binding All together protecting and Orna menting at Tho Samo there Are two Hundred acres of Orchard just coming into vigorous usefulness a eight thousand peach and Apricot Trees and from present appearance some of them will give Many a Rich treat Ere Tho wintry winds sweep Over us again. Pear apply Plum and Cherry boar Swift witness of to 1 Good Timo Twenty five acres of strawberries have air Cay Given our St. Louisiana a foretaste of the future and dozens of men Are now cogs cd replacing Tho old Beds and enlarging Thorn by Tho acre. Three Hundred thousand Grapo cuttings Lavo been set out this Spring and most of them Are doing Well forty thousand evergreens Fine and fresh conditions two Hundred and ten thousand quince Trees Are ready for Tho budding of pears Twenty bushels of peach stones and seven bushels of apply Soledi Hare this Acason been planted and acres Are covered with the uprising life. A great variety of Forest Trees Are cultivated for to Market and it would be easier perhaps to Tell what the Meurs. Sec sons Havo not that is idea out to the climate than to enumerate what they Bavo. A somewhat novel Caso Haa Rafte of Tho u. S. Court at Rhi a Touphia. Or. John h. A heeler Toft Ava Ugto of who l8<h under a order from to at new Yolk from Nicaragua to a Toti country he is the accredited minister of ills Republic. To had will him Throe coloured persons a woman and two boys whom to styled his servants. Tho party reached Philadelphia and went Board l oat which was just setting for new Whilo the boat was lying Tho liver a Golloman named Williamson went aboard and having been told that who coloured people desired to to free he approached who woman asking her a a if Sho know her Rightor if Sho know that by Law Sho Wal fou 1 Tho Diplomatist objected to these proceedings who part of or. Williamson and stoutly declared that who coloured lady did not desire Freedom thong a to asserted Uro contrary. Whilo Uio dispute was Jet leg soveral coloured men Camo Aboite took to woman and Hoy two int and conveyed them from Tho boat Cinco which tvo us love they Havo not been heard from. Tetef i upon or. Whoeler no plied to Jago Kaalt a for a writ of Hareas Corpus i rooting or. Williamson to bring Tho bodies of Tho three rescued persons. Or. Wilma Nam responded to who writ by averting that bodies mentioned therein had not Bee to his custody at any time and Woro vol now. At Tho heating before Tho judge wheelers attorney moved that or. Void Liaison to held for contempt Mosior a also return and also to answer to a Oharow of wilful perjury. Tho judge passed Over Tho motion for contempt but required or. Williamson to give a bail Tho charge o perjury. There is perhaps no great reason Tot a Prito at a stretch of authority the part o judge Kane a a Caso Ideo this a hero the question is Between a Man claiming to oct it other men Liko cattle and another who has informed the chattels of their rights and Pul. Thorn Tho Way of Bra Oming fad is they were Law their own still it a difficult to under stand or Btu Principio to held or. Williamson for perjury swearing that to had not the Arto Tody of these emancipated Blacks. That Thoy Wero legally will to presume not be did up i Loco Thoy i been brought into a from Stato voluntarily by their former master. Nor will u be do Nice that it was Tho Prev Lego of Afy Atu Liaison to so inform them if he choir to do it. Indeed As to All that target profi Errod against him to fail to discover a Shadow of evidence Whereon to Baso them. Doe not appear that Tho people Over note by keeping and if Thoy were not Mure has Beon neither contempt nor perjury Tho Caso. To do not to Reivo How it is Teu it St we that any crime has been committed exp it be a Como to inform slaves who Anfu a the free states that they Are no ton a laves. That or. A heeler feels to Ion to has sustained is very probable. Tho old lady and to two boys were Wurf to him some hundreds of dollars cd Rollem. To is entitled to sympathy his Milfor Tuno from All persons similarly but after All he can blame no one but him a Elf. He should not have brought a prop erty into to free states. A a Diplomatist Learned the Laws of Nat Loas he should have known that it messed to be a property Quot to instant it set foot to soil of Freedom. If slaveholders will bring their slaves where they can no longer be they must Tako the consequences. Neither Locosa Torr of per jury nor Monte Mil of Cost brought against abolitionists can restore Tho Fetters to Tho limbs of those who Bare thus been endowed with the supremo right to Tho Dent Rel of. Their persons and Tho a Pursuit of Oppi Nesaw their own , y. Tribute. A scholarship literature jurisprudence Art mat Gnu rim Wax a Davkd rut a Enterprise of goodness ornate. I it will tit a Cirz a higher Palm til a a Taxa

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