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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 30 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - April 30, 1858, Biddeford, MaineW mme eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of , o. Cowan editor amp proprietor. Bidder fold me. April 30, 1858. T Tler cd nod Anil f Ostrau Siml i rom Iii a very Friday morning cock tiny Kush a a by mite Tuout or it if to Arthur a Horn tie Flint quarrel. A t Virginia r. Townsend. Tumult 00 Par annul or it if Sis Illihi a a Outha Ruai to. Us a of a Wun. It a a a a 0, Man May Bear with auf Frong Bia heart Wpm. I my. _ a # it Rob thing and god like in the grasp v. B. Fauna the amen idea of Ftp. A the of that Wanuga mortality but tear a a by la Luniw int Tor this in or to Ike min of use nerd Arfi skin Elnira to. Part one tie saw York. Wot. I., and a. And m adult a 1 Bat binds him to a woman a delicate lore to oort i Taka and a Utown Rte of Are a a the am rate a a ref did by a. Ilia a a Era Ara a a it. To Buea build Law Sato 41�. A Liui Dinc. . N. W. Car oar third a and a allot Aureata air Dob and card Anstias Ria Auland with aaa Tauaa a and Dii at Aud Bia great spirit Pic Delb like m Reed. N. 1�. Willis. Do path. The autocrat s verses. The Quot autocrat of the Atlantic monthly Cloa be his paper in the april number a follows a Quot but what Ahall i do about those Vera a 1 waa going to read to you ? i am afraid that half Mankind would accuse me of stealing their thou to if 1 printed them. 1 am convinced that several of you especially if you Are getting along n lit tie in life will recognise Tome of these Ementi Mente a having passed through your consciousness at some time. 1 can to help it its too late now. Thee Vera re Are written and you must have them. Listen then and you shall hear. What we All think. That age was older once than now in spite of locks untimely ahead or silvered on the Youthful orow that babes make love and children wed. That Sunshine had a heavenly glow. Which faded with those Quot Good old Days a when Wingra Caine with deeper now and autumns with n softer Hase. That Mother sister wife or child the Quot beet of woman Quot each has known were school boys Ever half so wild ? flow Young the grand Papas have grown that hut for a is our souls were free and hut for that our lives were Blest that in some season yet to be our cares will leave us time to rest. Whenever we groan with ache or pain. Some common ailment of the race a though doctors think the matter Plain a that ours a Quot a Peculiar Case. That when like babes with fingers burned we count Oue bitter Maxim More. Our lesson All the world has Learned and men Are Wiser than before. And when we sob o or fancied woes. The Angels hovering overhead count every pitying drop that flows. And love a for the tears we ahead. That when we stand with tearless Eye. And turn the beggar from our door. Thee still approve us when we sigh Quot a had i hut one to our us that weakness smoothed the path of Ain. In half the slips our youth Nave known and whatsoever its blame Haa been that mercy Flowers on faults outgrown. Though temples crowd the crumbled Brink overhanging truth s eternal flow their tablets dumb with Tekut we mini their echoes dumb with Waif or note that one unquestioned text we read All doubt beyond All fear above nor cracking pile nor cursing Creed can Burn or blot it Uoo a Lova mysterious music of Ocean. Quot and the people of this place say that at Eer Taia Beautiful sounds Aro heard from Tho lonely and wild it Rose that Strain of solemn music from the sea a a though the Bright air trembled to disclose. An Ocean mystery. Again a Low Sweet tone. Fainting in murmurs on the listening Day just bade thee edited thought Ita presence own then died away. Once More the gush of sound. Struggling and swelling from the heaving Plain. Thrill d a Rich peal triumphantly around Aud fled again. Of boundless deep we know thou Hast strange wonders in thy gloom concealed gems flashing gems from whose unearthly sunlight a sealed. Glow and an eternal Spring showers her Rich colors with unsparing hand. Where Coral tree their Graceful branches fling o Ergol dim Sand. But Tell 0, restless main who Are the dwellers in thy world beneath that thus the watery realm cannot contain the Jay they breathe / Emblem of glorious might Are thy wild children like thyself arrayed. Strong in immortal and unchecked Delight. Which cannot fade ? or. To Mankind Allied. Toiling with woe and passion s Flery sting like their own Home where storms or peace As the wind brings ? preside Alaa for human thought mow does it flee existence won and old. To win companionship with beings wrought of finer Mould tie vain the reckless Waves join with loud revel the dim Ages flown. But keep each secret of their hidden caves dark and unknown. Of Tom the new York journal of comm try. The lost Light. It Nan took Stu. A a tvs Light that Nevor was an land a on the Hanks of Spring old Winter s bark with freight of Snow fleeces. With shroud of Ico and sleety sails Haa struck and none to piece we re Well escaped from scuttled storms that May have perished with her. And those of late thrown overboard a Good Bye to All together the Bonney yacht the Spring Comet on. With petitions gaily streaming a the fairest Craft of All the four. She sets the fancy dreaming unlocks again the fount of Hope. Ere Cloudy sorrow looming. Chased our lost Light Adown the Lopo Aud left us in the grooming. O Sweet wot list of boyhood s Lea. To thu deathless Joy Elysium thou Art not found on land or Aoa by manhood s Wiser vision a but sometime to Hie inmost soul. To inward eyes reverted. Returns that Radiant control the Presente Long departed it May he but a Wood Bird s Wing we Flower its cold grave breaking a some breath or tender note of spun with fairy Charm e retaking a that flashes on Tho heart again i the Long lost Light enchanted a that shines not on life a ripening Grain. But shone whoa it was planted o fair loot Light of Early Days Khali we forget thy Story 1 shall Dancea overcome our ways and Blind be to thy glory till prone to Earth we feel no Mora Spring s winning any that s o or lose those pure gleams of heaven that wort nor Roach to those before a new York March 23d. Ism. A to think he would have said that in such k tone too and i have not been Bia wife but six Little and a deeper Shadow drifted Oyer the Beautiful face the Small Rosy fingers tossed Back with a purulent motion the Brown curia that flowed Over the Cheeks and a fresh flood of tears poured from to sort Eyre. Those Bright bitter tears they looked strangely out of keeping with All the surroundings of the Young wife. The Pale Light of the Winter Day came through the damask curtains and filled the tastefully furnished room with a Rosy Spring like Clow the fire curled with its thousand Bright serpentine tongues up the Black Mouth of the Chimney and a Ellen Howard sat there in its Shine it seemed As if Only Happy thou to could find a nestling place in a heart around which so Many of Earth a blessings club Tara. But that Day for the Firat time a Shado had drifted across her married life it had originated in Nomo trivial matter but the inclination of the wife and the opinion of the Hufhand had been brought in collision and alter considerable pouting and an an Gry remark from Ellen which she would the next moment have recalled Henry How Ard had spoken peremptorily almost angrily to Hie Young wife and left the House. She was the Only a Ubeart Flowers of the Home whence he had transplanted her and a he had been nurtured in an atmosphere of love and kindness such As Little strength ens the spirit for the trials and the strife which sooner or later All must encounter. Henry Howard loved his Young wife with an intensity of affection which Strong proud natures such As his can alone feel but she never dreamed when her Brown head rested against the heart whole very pulse throbbed with a love for her which it is Seldom to lot of woman to receive that a Strung will and resoluteness of purpose which no circumstances had evolved to her perceptions night for a time hold in subjection even love for herself. A lie shall not Sec How his remark pained me i will wipe away these tears and he a Hall never dream i have shod any a said mrs. Howard rising up and pacing her parlor with flushed Cheeks and an unsteady step. A i will meet him with Cool Politan on his return and he shall learn that Ellen Howard a not a child whom he can order at Hie will. Of Henry Henry to think a the tears were dashed away and the rising sob hastily swallowed Down but a very Bright vision in the past had evoked them. Quot Well i suppose i did speak rather hastily to Nellie due noon and i feel half like calling myself a scoundrel for it a Soliloquy sized the Young merchant As he paced Small room situated at one end of his Large building hat afternoon with an abstracted air and rather troubled brow. A i dare say the poor child sits there All alone feeling As if her heart was almost broken but hang it he remark touched Ziy feelings at a Point where they Are most sensitive and the words had passed my lips Bufore 1 was aware of it. I ought to remember too How i took her Blesa her Sweet Little self from a Home where never a Stern or angry word had met her ear and How i told on that night when Ahe lifted her Blue eyes to tru Stingly to Ine ail d laying her Little hand in my own promised to be mine that i would guard her from the very Shadow of evil that her happiness should be far dearer to to than the life which would be nothing without her. A and now when Sho has been the Sunshine of my Home for Only six months i have Henry Howard you re a Rascal and there a no use in denying it and you done to deserve that Little jewel of a wife you have any More than some other persons you thou to did the heart of Ellen Howard beat quickly that night As the Sun went Over the housetops for her ear caught the Well known fun fall in the Hall. Then a quiver of in do rippled Over the red lip and when her husband entered the room instead of springing Forward a Ahe had always previously done to receive his Caress she remarked quietly lifting her eyes from the pages which she had been for the last two hour pursuing a you Are late this evening the voice the manner chilled the tide of warm feelings which had been gaining depth and strength All the afternoon for Henry Howard had returned with the full intention of making full confession to his wife for All that was Hasty or unkind in his conduct at noon. But the words be was about to speak died on his lips As he met the Cool almost ironically courteous reception and he simply remarked a yes i was unavoidably detained a and seated himself by the fire and look Upa Book. In a Little while they went out to supper. How unlike it was to former ones. The lamp still poured its soft Silvery Shine on the White China and the glittering urn but the smiles which had sweetened the Tea and the Loving words which had Given a Richer flavor to the Wiuf fits were do longer there. But a Shadow on two Loving hearts and a breach Between them a Tebee were there. And so the meal ended. Alas it was but the Type of others. Two Days had passed away and the coldness which had sprung up Between the newly married pair still continued. A i can Bear ibis do longer this very night i will go to him and Lay my Cheek against his just As 1 used to Ami say to him Henry put your arms around me and Call me your own Nellie once More or my heart will break."1 a i can to Bear it any longer i be got a dread logo borne 1 doubt believe Nellie love uie As Well As i thought she did a said the Young merchant As he made his Way homeward with a weary step very unlike his Quick joyous gait. And they met again and the old Demon Pride came Back to both hearts and neither dreamed of the bitterness which each was of tag to the other. It am going out a Little while to night Ellen shall return she bowed Ber head that was All for the tears were coming 11 the would Dot that be should see them. A and he could leave me thus All alone without one kind word a murmured the now really wretched wife a Ahe heard the door close and the footsteps grow fainter in the distance. Then she threw herself on Tho lounge and burying her Brown Bead in the Crimson cushions wept loud and bitterly and Between the sobs that convulsed the figure of a Len Howard came the self accusing words a ooh if i had Only told him a at last exhausted with her violent weeping Tho lids closed Over her eyes and mrs. Howard Sank into a heavy slumber. But not a word said Ahe and to with a pal pirating heart i moved on. I went Down town up town and All Over town and my foot was As rest iras As Noah s Dover i Felt As if i had done a wrong i did no to exactly know How but there was an indescribable sensation of guilt resting upon to All the Forenoon. It seemed a if dinner time would Dover coins and is for going Home one minute before dinner i would As soon Cut my ears off. Sol went fretting and moping around town till dinnertime. Home i went feeling very much a a criminal must when Pussy old Man whose color had Juat been gotten me but my Youthful memory in inflamed to fever beat by the inadvertent stronger than yours is it possible that you descent of a heavy nailed Boot Heel on Bis have no remembrance of me a Favorito Corn. At All times be considered i the old Man Shook his head Orange boys a nuisance but just now his yet it is Folly to expect it when i so so slender quota of patience was entirely exchanged. Listen air a he resumed with a Bausted. He aimed a muttered oath and a Bright Earnest smile have you any recon furious blow at the fair haired boy and Rush Lection of a forlorn boy a it a c crowded pier cd past to catch a retreating omnibus. A whose Little ill was a attired by a rude a Mio sprang aside just in time to escape Tho blow have you forgotten that a kind Tel blow but it descended full upon his stranger stopped to Comfort i vol. Xiv no. S3. In to will no doubt by Cox Ono of the worst men in the Community. Let every boy u to reads this resolve to be a the Best boy in him not Only Sho started up quickly for the Silvery the jury a having in their hands his a satiny iced time Oreee had broke in with its store a Lile or death. 1 make up my voiced time piece had broke in with Ila Story of ten o clock on to hush which filled the room. A and he Haa not come yet he who nov or let me alone an evening before of if harm should have befallen him a and a Pang shot through the heart which had been very heavy before with its weight of shadows. She went to the window and looked up it the Clear cold stars. She vent to the door and listened for his footsteps then she went to the grate and stirred up the glowing bed of a tharcile until a Golden Light filled All the room but still lie came not. Eleven of clock came and yet to was not there. Twelve of clock came and still Ellen Howard sat alone. One of clock a what pen shall record the up my mind How she would meet me but some sort of a storm i expected. Will you believe it ? Ahe never greeted me with a sweeter a Miles never had a better dinner for me than on that Day but there was the churn Juat where i left it not a word waa passed. I Felt confounded Fly Cut and Ivory Mouthful of that dinner seemed As if it would choke me. She did no to pay any regard to it however but went on As if nothing had happened. Before dinner was Over i had again resolved and shoving Back my chair i marched up to the churn and went at it the old Way. Splash drip rattle i kept it a if in spite Tho butter waa never so Long coming. 1 suppose the Cream standing so Long had got warm so i redoubled my efforts. Obstinate matter the afternoon wore away Whilo i was churning. I paused at sufferings which during those two hours bad i real exhaustion when Alio Poko been the portion of mrs. Howard. I for the first time a a come Tom Iny dear the Bell Range it waa a loud startling i you Havo rattled that Buttermilk Quito Long peal and Ahe hurried to Tho door for All the domestics had retired. There were two gentlemen there the recognized them a acquaintances but Tho third one glance and As she looked she grasped the door handle or she would have a a done to be alarmed mrs. Howard a said of the gentlemen a your husband has not experienced any a Good nights rest will restore him. Lie was at a supper Given by one of our club this evening and unfortunately drank rather Slipy carried him in Hia wife leading the Way with faltering Steps Laid him on the bed and immediately departed. She was Alono with him and the scale had fallen from her mental eyesight. She saw then How truly he had loved her How the Pride of both had driven him from his Home that evening and to the Ain of which he Hod been guilty and she shuddered at the Brink to which both had been drawing nigh. She put Back Tho thick hair from his Broad burning forehead moaning All the time Over the unconscious Man words of love and tenderness which had they been spoken Carlier would never had found him there and at last when to had fallen into that heavy slumber which is too frequently the acc oui pan Zinent of in Briety she went into the enough if it is Only for Lun you Are doing 1 knew How it was in a Flash. She had brought the butter in the Forenoon and left the churn standing with Tho Buttermilk in for to to exercise with. 1 never set up for Houa Huld matters after this. Parlor and kneeling Down in the fire Shine prayed the great father to forgive her Ain and Grant unto her that a Meek and quiet spirit which is the chief ornament of woman. During All that night Sho Hung Over Hia Pillow bathing his forehead and watching his Ristl nos movements in his troubled slumbers. The woman a heart waa awakened now and the Pride had All gone before its holy whisperings. The Gray Dawn was streaking the cast when weary with her night s watching mrs. Howard once More repaired to the parlor and throwing herself on the lounge was soon in a heavy Alu incr. The Sun Light laughed brightly throw the Muslin curtains that draped the windows and Henry Howard opened his eyes a Merit the Story of the by gone night flashed into his mind he closed them. A i shall never be Able to look Ellen in Tho face again a he murmured. At last he Rose and went into the parlor. She was lying there her Cheek pillowed on her hand and her Long luxuriant curls sweeping upon the carpet. He Bent Down and kissed her Cheek very softly a tear fell on her forehead she opened Ber Eves and smiled. A ooh Henry a and the White arms were wrapped and the while Cheek Laid on his own. �?o1 have been so wretched. You do not know you cannot Drain of All i have suffered during the last two Days and lost night Henry it seemed of if it would kill me a a and i deserve that it should me Nellie. You see 1 was very desperate last night when i left you for a terrible fear has been haunting me Ever since i made that cruel a pc sch to you a fear that you did not love i. It was this that drove Ine to that dreadful act last evening. And 1 feared you would never forgive me this look up my Sweet wife and Tell uie with those dear Blue eyes that you Quot and now Henry a said mrs. Howard As Ber husband was leaving Home very late that morning a we have promised that the past shall be forgiven and forgotten will you Promise me one thing More and i shall be very a Well what is it Darling i will do everything for your a that you will sign the pledge this very he did so and when any angry thought came to the heart or any angry word Lothe lip of mrs. Howard she went and looked on that pledge and it was a Bond of peace Between tier and her husband. A ii Tislau lid s confession. I never undertook but once to set at naught the authority of Iny wife. You know her Way Cool quiet but determined a Ever grew. Just after to were married and Alt waa going on Nice and cozy she got me in the habit of doing All the churning. She never asked me to do it you know but then a he Why it waa done in just this she finished breakfast one morning and slipping away trom the table she filled the churn with Cream and set it just where 1 could t help seeing what was wanted. So 1 took hold regularly enough and churned till the butter Caine. She did t thank uie but looked so Nice and Sweet about it that 1 Felt Well paid. Well when the next churning Day came along she did the same thing and i followed suit and fetched the butter. Again and it was done just so and i waa regularly in for it for every time. Not a word waa said you know of course. Well by and by this became rather irksome. 1 wanted Ahe would Juat ask me but she never did and i could t say anything about it bread upon lie Witters. A t Helen Forest 0eaves. It was a gloomy room in a crowded tenement House Low narrow and unwholesome and a Pale faced child waa Ila Only inmate Sho waa a confirmed invalid you might Trace that in her hollow Cheeks and the a Trango unnatural Lustre of her Large Blue eyes the flame of life was burning Low on the altar of her childish being yet Here a he was alone. The old Arm chair in which who reclined with one or two pillows and of a rude Pine Box was Tho sole support her tiny Blue veined feet. There carpet on Tho mouldering floor and in More than one Placo door and window and yielded to the remorseless hand of Decoy and pie rented a most dilapidated aspect. Yet All the scanty furniture was arranged As neatly As possible and there was even some faint attempt at taste As in a bit of gaily coloured Chintz spread Over Tho child a foot Stool and a solitary Flower placed in the window seat where Tho sunbeams could touch its Amer Aid leaves. Tho Flower it had been poor in Tyr a companion Long. Its Royal Beauty and Luti Fiance seemed strangely out of place in the squalid room yet it grew and flourished As if in the velvet Sod of Bandec to cry a Stream. And Little Katy Lay Back in her comfortless chair and looked at the splendid Roso which quivered like a Ruby drop among Tho Leaver and watched Tho sunlight writing its Golden message on Crimson folds of Tho Blossom with a vague feeling of wonder. It waa so strange that the Radiant aun Whoso glory Lay on Marble pillar and stately dwellings far away should come to Peep into the lonely lonely room. A is that you Jamie said she softly As Tho door opened and a boy of twelve Cuino in. Yen. Do you feel any better Katy ? arc you tired of being Luft alone ? and the boy looked tenderly into her Blue eyes und parted the Auburn hair from her forehead with a Loving touch. A not very but Thuro a such a weary aching around my heart and sometimes it seems All on fire. How Cool your hand feels Jainie a never mind Katy. In be been sawing Wood and Havo earned a whole Quarter and am going to Lay it out in apples and oranges to Acyl Down town. Ill make a mint of Money and then won t we Havo a Good a upper when Mother comes Home from work a i wonder if we had a bit of cake and a Bunch of grapes Over and Auvo the Medicino the dispensary doctor ordered for Katy Ami cd and Hook her head As if deprecating this piece of extravagance. Yes to will Katy a resumed her brother taint often that to taste anything but dry bread and cheese and i Haven t forgotten that it is your birth Day Sis your a ten years old to Day. Besides you need something to put a Shade of color into those Cheeks the doctor said you must have something to tempt your appetite Hobent Down to kiss the Marblo forehead As he spoke. Allow Lovely that Rose is to be sure it is almost of Good As company to you Katy Isu t it ? Aro you willing i should leave you alone for a a Lyllo while dear yes Jamie 1 done to mind it much Aho answered with a deep weary sigh a but Boback As soon a a possible please. And the Wistful hollow Oyes watched him from the room with that Earnest sturling look that to would find Only beneath the Shadow of death. Down at the piers All was confusion and uproar Busy passengers hurrying from newly arrived boats turbid Waters dashing and rolling against Mossy posts swaying crowds and loud dissonant voices created a Small bedlam around the docks and Little Jamie wandered about with his Board of fruit feeling very lonely and bewildered. He had piled up the Golden oranges with their Sunti Iest Side upward he Hau polished the red cheeked apples until they shone like mirrors yet nobody stopped to buy. A Carriage sir ? take you to the Astor Houser a lip Broadway in a twinkling May aug Ere a your Lyrald Tri Bucu and tunes. Latest Steamer from Europe have a paper sir re poor Sinie amid All this tumult what Chance has lie of being noticed ? he had picked out the Bunch of grapes bit to intended for isl i in Taylor s window As he came by a plump Sepo poetic Bunch dangling from a Crimson thread where the Sunshine Lay full on the purple Bloom and am Ethy Stic shadows lurked among its fullness of fruit age. Just at present the templing so on we went. At Iasi i made a resolve morsel seemed very far off to Jamie a i inst that i would not churn another time unless in Lions. A he asked Roe. Churning Day came and determined not to give Way without a when my breakfast Ahe always got Nice i vigorous Effort however Jamie stepped bold breakfasts when that waa swallowed there a by Forward to the first person be saw and stood the churn. I got up and standing a held up his wares with a modest buy an few minutes just to give her a Chance put Orange air on my hat and walked out Doore. I stopped i now As ill Fortune would have it this to the Yard to give Ber a Chance to Call Roe. Possible customer was a St ill Tom Percy brutal Stock in Trado scattering the apples and or by Money but by cheering words Anges far and wide he was standing close is it possible a stammered Tho old Man. To Tho pier and most of Tho fruit fell into yes it is possible i Aiu that forlorn boy. Tho water where it wont Bobbing up and your Money which that night supplied my Down with the tide in a most tantalizing dying sister with luxuries nod pleasures manner. A few apples rolled under Tho feet proved the stepping atone to my princely of the crowd but it was impossible to Securo wealth. Sir i waa a ragged friendless boy them again. But my heart treasured up your kind words Jamie a first sensation was that of Indig As priceless ice Els and now the time has Nant Wrath the blood rushed in angry Tor conto when i May in Aouino measure repay rent to his Cheek and brow and to Shook them with interest.4 his Small fist in potently in the direction 1 the old Man moved his Palo lips a a though which the fat Man had taken. But in an in to would speak Tho banker resumed in at ant n feeling of forlorn wretchedness came stantly Over him no tempting bit of cake no Pur-1 i am alone in the world Iny Mother is Pic grapes for poor Katy perhaps not even dead and my Little sister whose last words a a upper for he know that his mothers a were of your kindness has gone years ago yes must go towards Tho rent of Tho room to her eternal Home. I owe everything to hey depended entirely on his exertions for you and now i Havo a favor to ask their evening meal and Tho aun was decline in Tho West already. The reflection was too much for his Boyish heart and he was sobbing violently when a gentle hand was Laid on his shoulder lie started up and before him stood a pleasant gentleman who had watched the whole transaction. A there my boy to said laying a Silver Dollar in Tho boy s hand that will act you up again. No thanks Tho Money was in tended for a piece of extravagance and Clio Oao to use it thus. But remember this my boy when you arc pushed Down in the race Don t Stop to rub your bruises but pick yourself up and Start again Jamie thought the smile with which this was said the pleasantest and Kin cat cd pics a Ion that Ever brightened a human lace but Cru he could stammer out i thanks Tho gentleman was Gono Tho boy started for Homo with a Light and joyous heart stopping to Purchase Tho Cher shed morsels of fruit and cake on his Way the gentleman walked leisurely up Broad Way. Seeing in a Bookstore Tho title of a newly published work that he had nuclide sired to read his loot at Ops involuntarily turn cd in that direction but in an instant to went on buttoning up his pockets and incur Muring to himself with u smile can t afford it one luxury in a Day ought to be enough there wus a vast difference be tween Tho my and the child in their Ca parities for enjoyment but both were Happy that night. The supper was a Joyful ceremony in the Garret room that evening. Tho grapes pleased Kate s delicate taste to a Charm and the Stury of the Dullar was listened to with interest. I wish i could Sec the kind gentleman a Aid the child earnestly i would give him my by Dutiful Rose if he liked Sho looked strangely Beautiful that night her Hend resting on her brother a shoulder while Jamie fed her with the Juicy berries Ono by Ono As a Bird might feed its Young. A Why How Bright the cols in her Cheek is a said Jamie i believe you have been stealing Tho red shadows from your favorite Rose. Mother i am sure Katy will get Well the next morning while Yot the Golden a Pear of Sunrise was in rest among the Pur Plu Hills Katy died. The Moss of Twenty years had gathered upon Katy s head Stone the violets of Twenty years had blossomed Over her grave and it was a glorious autumn Day Whoso Light streamed along Tho Busy thoroughfare and shone on Tho magnificent Marble erection devoted to Tho extensive operations of the celebrated Bank of k. A splendid Carriage cushioned with vol vet and glittering with the Sunshine was drawn opposite Tho door waiting to take Tho great banker to the palatial Home. The spirited horse foaming prancing could hardly to curbed and the Driver looked wonderingly towards Tho door and marvelled Why his usually punctual master did not come. Or. Arnot stood in a Little of Loco opening from Tho main Bank where the Long rows of clerks were bending Over their desks. He had been looking Over a Little pocket Book which lie always carried about him for Tomc note or Bill and As he turned its pages a bit of folded paper dropped out. The banker opened it and although Twenty years had deadened Tho first cd go of his sorrow Tho tears rushed to Hia eyes As they Feii on the contents. A Pencil sketch rude and unfinished of a Meek bowed child a lock of soft Brown hair and that perfumed dust of Crimson Rose these were dearer to Tho banker than his vaults of yellow Gold. As he looked at them a tremulous voice without arrested his car. A i would be glad if you would buy gentlemen Lor my need is very great. I have a sickly daughter at Home who must be fed a to off about your business was the a Harp rejoinder 1 wont let you in. Done to you Sec you Aro not wanted Tho voice seemed to Striko a responsive chord in Tho Rich Many a heart surely lie had heard its mild tones before. To partially opened the door and cried out sternly a a or. Waters show Tho gentleman in if you Tho abashed clerk obeyed not without a a reprise and the bowed old Man with ins heavy Basket of strawberries came humbly into Tiiu private room of the great banker. A will you take a chair politely inquired or. Arnot moving Forward a luxurious a Auteuil. Thu old Man took off his hat apologetically. A sir i fear i intrude on your valuable time. If you would buy some of Iny fruit necessity you know is Strong and my poverty is extreme. I was not always in such a or. Arnot watched the proud turn of that Grey head with a singular smile then sitting Down to his desk he wrote off a Check and handed it across the table. A Ono thousand dollars 1�?~ faltered Tho old Man As he read turning red and Whito in e breath. He held it toward the banker. Is i hoped you wore Loo to sch of a gentleman to Mako sport of ago and distress. Is there anything to jest about in my want not at All sir. You spoke of a sickly daughter. 1 have t collage vacant just outside the City with a Fountain grounds and Observatory. If you and your daughter will occupy it rent free i a Ball be very glad to have you Lake care of it for the old Mao stood White and breathless As if in a dream. In a moment Bia hand was taken in the clasp of the great banker. A my Friend Ray Benefactor you have for a favor Ono of me a that you will henceforth allow me to provide for you and consider Moos your a on. My Carriage is at the door and will take you wheresoever you choose to but s moment first he took a tiny volume from Liis breast bound in faded velvet with clasping of tarnished Gilt. A this Book was my dead Sisters Biblo it Lay on her Pillow when she died and since that hour it has been Iny constant Comann Ion. There is e passage hero that has Ever been present to my mind since your kind deed gave Hope and courage to my Lii lie opened the volume and through a Oft Mist of grateful tears Tho old Man read the scripture words a cast thy bread upon the craters Jor thou shall fir i it Ajmer Many Days of u Happy Home. The main Endeavor of those who desire their children s spiritual welfare should be to provide them with a Happy Home. It is vain to expect that Young persons can in brought to Lugo what is not amiable in itself. If religion be presented to them disfigured and deformed As it too often is How Enn it to imagined that they will prefer it to the smiles and Blandishments of the world ? if at each return to the Domestic Circle they arc met with moping melancholy and dismal looks if tire Side squabbles and Petty provocations if a constant Wear and tear of family rudeness unkindness and affronts a which make up in multitude what they nut in magnitude if this be the repast prepared to satisfy the ardent longings of the Youthful Soulor pleasure no wonder that it should Fly to forbidden paths nud take Refuge wherever it can from so comfortless and intolerable a scene. It was not of a cheerless Homo like this that Tho prodigal Bethought himself when to said a How Many hired servants of my fathers have bread enough and to spare and i perish with it was the remember acc of a father s House which haunted him in exile and followed him through All the stages of his misery it was the image of his Home drawn upon his heart and wrought into the texture of his soul it was the magic influence of that thought the rising of that solitary Star in Tho darkness of the hour of his extremity it was this which a truck out Tho last spark of life within him which converted memory into that resolve which stands on record to the great and endless Comfort of spirits who have wandered far from god a a 1 will arise and go to my father a amp a. But it wus Moro immediately to our Point to observe that it was the Sweet attractions of a peaceful Home and Tho Blessing of such a father As presided Over it which kept the elder son from Ever seeking amid the dangers of the world that repose which he found in Tho bosom of a Happy family. A Short Story by Dickens. Dickens tells Tho following Story of an american sea Captain on his last voyage Home Tho Captain had on Board a Young lady of very remarkable Jura Ozial attractions a phrase i use As being Ono entirely new Aud Ono you never met with i think in the newspapers. This Young lady was beloved intensely by five Young gentlemen passengers All of whom Wero very repossessing in appearance and in return she was in love with them All very ardently but without any particular preference to either. Not knowing How to make up her determination in this great dilemma she consulted my Friend the Captain. The Captain being a Man of an original turn of Nind says to the Young lady a a jump overboard and marry Tho Man that jumps in after Young lady a truck with Tho Odd idea and being naturally very fond of bathing especially in warm weather As it then was took the advice of the Captain who had a boat manned in Case of Accident accordingly Early next morn ing the five lovers being on deck and look ing devotedly at the Young lady she plunged into the sea head Foremost. Four of tin lovers immediately jumped in after when Tho Young lady and her four devoted lovers were got out again Sho says to the Captain a what am i to do with them now they Are so wet re a says the Captain smiling a take the dry one a and Tho Young lady did and married him. Silo pc for the cure of wound. A correspondent of the country gentleman it commends smoking As a cure for wounds in men and animals and relates a number of instances in which this remedy has been tried with the greatest at his suggestion it was used in the Case of a horse which had been gored in the , nod effected a euro after everything also had failed. He says a in the same year i Cut my foot with an axe. The lady of the House seizing Tho foot while it was yet bleeding freely held it Over a pan containing smoking . In n few minutes the bleeding stopped and the smoke was removed jul a Bandage applied to protect it from accidental blows. The wound or err saturated and consequently a Terr pained me. I tuve seen this remedy tried in Many similar cases and always with the same results. Let the Reader Bear in Nind that no liniment or Salve draw ing or Healing should to applied. You have merely to amok the wound Well Aud nature will do the rest. I suppose the smoke of burning Wood would produce the same results but it would not be so manageable. There is a principle in the smoke of Wood which when no. Plied to flesh coagulated the albumen thus rendering it a susceptible of it Atrit Ciuti. The same principle stops bleeding by coagulating the blood. It promotes Healing and May be applied with decided Benefit to almost All ulcers wounds and cutaneous diseases. Bee Turner s Cirei mistry by Liebig and Gregory p. 124�?Ti. For chapped hands and lips to a pcs is the Best remedy i Ever used. If cows have sore teats or an of Chales off the outer skin so As to occasion Tiiu blood to Start 1 apply molasses. Skipping Hie la Tirol words. There is no excuse for profane Nam. It is a vulgar sin and a useless sin a Jwo cannot account for its Coin Mission except on the ground of human depravity. In old tunes when stage coaches were More in use than at present the la not of the Christian traveller was often riled by oaths from the tenge Driver. It our lot on one occasion to be in the stage alien the Man on the Box with Tho reins oru shockingly. Almost every sentence us an ont i. The Blush Homer was heard ,.>r tunic time in silence. At length a fellow on the front sent putting his head out from the stage said in a mild beseeching tone of voice Driver please skip Tuo e hard we feared that the Good Man would have u Volley of oaths Actu Rudd for his rebuke of sin but in this be Wero narc curly disappointed. The Driver kindly received the reproof. No Nuflo a tue from ids lips to the end of the route and to devoutly Hope that the hard words were skipped by him for Ever after. Oaths Are hard words and they will to found to to be when that Book of gods remembrance in which they arc recorded is opened and the person who uttered them is called to account for messenger. The Best scholar. In every school there is one who is called the Best scholar. Teachers and pupils Havi no difficulty in deciding who is entitled to this honorable distinction and when to once heard the pupils of a school exclaim As i Brlit coed boy entered Tho room a when Chines Frink he is the Best boy in school a we thought a what a Good introduction to a new after becoming a minted with the scholars to found that by had told Tho truth. Frank was Tho Best boy in school and will no doubt become one of to Best men in Tho City. Think of it boys. A the Best scholar in who would not be proud of such a lift is Worth More than millions of dollars. Perhaps some scholars will say a ill to Tbs this i s Riffat to try and the one who will try Bard it will succeed for there is Power in Little word try. Frank could not Botne Best boy in school if Bedi not try. If you cannot to the Best be cd Reful and not be the worst. Every school has one boy who is worse than any other scholar. We pity him we pity his parents Bis Brothers and Sisters. What t disgraceful title a the worst boy heroic conduct or a jailor a a correspondent of Tho new York tunes writing Trout Watertown n. Y., describes the following heroic instance of Ranly courage Early on sunday morning three prisoners named Wilson , Lissieand Ward by feigning the sickness of one of their number got the jailor at this place or. Baker in their Power gigged and bound him and locked him in u cell. This done they robbed Tiitu of Liis Money and the keys of Tho prison and Wero calmly taking their leave when they Wero a brought nil up standing by beholding the jailor s Little wife pointing at them through a Ratling u loaded revolver and calmly informing them that she would put n Bullet through the first Ian who attempted to come fair word. A conversation something like this followed prisoners Tho Devil you will you done to know How to shoot it. Mrs. Bakery try it and see if you Liko i have been practising with this pistol for the past few Days and i Promise you i will kill the first Man who comes Forward. Prisoners Well if that s your game Well be quits with you. Now take your Choice Young Woi inn either let us pass nut in Chace or submit to have your husband s Rains knocked out ugh just the Walls of Tho jail. Which do you like Best perhaps that won t be Gay nor nothing just to see him laying out there cold and still with his brains laying around. A has d pretty picture ainu to it ? i d pretty we of you arc ainu Tye to get your husband died ? come now what Dye say ? let us out and it la be nil rights won t be ? and the speaker moved Forward a St up mrs. Bakery the first Man who Steps Orer that Sill Dies and there that Bravo woman held those men at buy fur something like Hall in hour until help came and they were driven into their cells. Mistaken conversions. A a correspondent furnishes the following instances of mistaken conversions in new York City ,1 repentant dry a noels among the recent conversions Sas Lewt of Large dry goods dealer. After his conversions he went to a neighbouring minister Slid told him Thuro were of o. By tricks in the Trade that he was convinced that no Man could be honest and obtain a living by Tho Sale of dry goods. A then a a Aid the Minuter i up Poso you intend to give up our business cud go into something else. A Oil no Quot replied the hopeful to Nvart a i shall All and Only a it a he Purchase of a Wooda and issus a ii the Selling to my i a a Tabie sister. A Young lady fond of the amps and vanities of this world had Beautiful set of jewelry. Sho Mccamo converted. In relating her experience Sho mid a when i had found the lord i was convinced that if i continued to Wear Tho jewelry i should go to hell and to i took it All i of and gave it to my York evening Post. A a do not Hun a Man because you own Lim. First owe no Man but if you do look him steadily in Tho Eye Tell him your Cir Cupi stances and prospects As they Art Sud eave him to Bis course. Pay at the earliest moment

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