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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - April 23, 1858, Biddeford, MaineM hoi re in by a 4 eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of ,u. Lons 0. Cowan editor amp proprietor. Bid Deford me. April 23, 1858. Vol. Xiv no. 17. A Jar 3nina Anil fast Ira sound it every Friday morning Corm Tutt Koom no so his Block slut a t urn. Libarty Mil Quot slut a curse a such is the title of one of those Temperance Talee of Sargent so Quot a a a. Or ii is if up Hlls which made a great impression when pub a Juul i Quot a Nuh a Quot a a in shrill some Twenty year ago. Johnny clix Les was a Blacksmith a Good. A St. Uiko hard working Nan but he had a drunk cd wife and was often forced to exclaim Olik Clos to a Tut Ihm wlm it a lbs a Quot a a a new York Busto a my . And to duly to us .i.r.t. A. My. Sad Al Tbs a saw rate a rebut red by As. He a floss Are be turf Trebas Bat deaf but Lousy a a build inf. Liln to Yitoi. N. sad cd staut mall tikium t third Jim sad card Natl us Russ mud with miso i to Dipasu h. In cd in the pams of death. It was a narrow pass. Watered with Nara an tears. For Loath had kept tha outer gats almost Sis thousand years. And the Cesar Les tread of a Worlin it was Assria my earan _ thronging jostling hurrying by fact by a if Taoy were Only born to i Rew a stately King Drew near this narrow pass to tread around him Hung a gorgeous robs and s Crown was on his head but death with a look of withering scorn. Arrested him and said Quot la Humble Dree must the King draw near for the Crow sad the purple Are useless next Rome a men of wealth. And his Rye was proud and bold. And he bore in his hand a lengthy scroll. Telling of sums untold but death who Creth not for rank Careth As utile for Gold Quot Here that scroll 1 cannot allow for the Gold of the richest is powerless another followed fast. And a Book was in his hand filled with the sashes of burning thought. That Are known in Many a Lana but the child of Genius quailed to hear death s pitiless demand Quot Here that Book cannot enter with thee. For the Bright Saab of Genius is nothing to int came a Maiden fair with that Era so deeply Bright. That stirs Witny you strange Sweet care should you meet on a summer night Dut death Ere the gentle maid passed through snatched away its Light Quot Beauty a Power in the world Quot he Saith Quot but what can it do a the pass of death ? a South of sickly Mien followed in thoughtful mood. Whose heart was filled with lots to Ood and the Early brotherhood death Felt he could not quench the heart that lived for others Good Quot i own Quot cried he a the Power of lore i must let it pase to the realms above Scott a Itu Troutn. Why Don t you take the Pipen ? by m. R. Willis. Why Don t you take the papers ? they re the life of my Delight except about election time. And then i read for spite. Bub Arribe a Quot Nefri Why you cannot 1�?o� a a a should we be afraid f for Cash thus spent is Money Lent on interest four fold paid. An old newspaper Friend of mine while dying from a cough. Desired to hear the latest news w Hils he waa going Olf. I took the paper and i read of some new pills in Force lie bought a boat and is he dead ? not Hearty As a horse. I knew a printers debtor once. Backed by a scorching fever. Who swore to pay her debts neat Day. If her distress would leave her. Neat Day she was again at work divested of her pain. But did forget to pay the debt. Till taken Down again. Quot Herr Ocasie take these Silver wheels Biopsy the Printer now Quot bar Isoac she slept and then awoke Witk health upon her brow. I knew two men at much alike As s or you saw two stumps. And no Phreno Logist could Hud a difference in their Bui Upa. One took the papers and his life it happier than a King s. Ills children All can read an write and talk of men and things. A the other took no paper and while strolling through the a Rood a tree fell Down upon his Crown. And killed him Quot Werry had he been Reading of the news at Home like neighbor Jim i la bet a heat that Accident would not have happened to him. Why do n t you take the papers f nor from the Printer sneak. Because you borrowed rum his boy a paper every week. For he who takes the papers. And pays his Hills a amp in due. Can live in peace with Ood and Many and with the Printer too. I new the Lton Irrsel inc old school House. By Anib us a Tbs. Its Humble roof is Grey. With the gathered Moss of years time stained Are its Walls within As i see them through my tears. A feeling Akin to sadness steal softly o or me hers As i visit the school room old Ultra ones Sake so dear. Alone in the Ija Iet sunlight tha gilds its Dusty a a alls i Yieu me to the vision. Tut All around recalls. Fair groups of Happy children come tripping through the door and softy seat them Elvea by the desks so Loae before. Familiar Little faces. Among their forms i see dear friends till now for Gutta. All smiling Gate on me. From one Low desk in the Corner a Sweet glance Meeta my of re. That face so pure in its Beauty. Belongs to Sweet Aliee Alon a Sweet Alice of All our Village. The Pride the chosen Queen the whom a fairer wild Flower the world hath never seen. Before her speaking softly a Manly form Bend Low by words bag mantling Hushee o or Cheek and up and brow. Of there s Many a task forgotten in this quiet Little school for the teacher Lores Sweet Altee More than All beneath his Rule Sweet questions not before her. In the new unstudied Book. Are whispered Low and answered. By n trembling upraised look. Buteo in while casing upon it. My ration fades away and in in Stead 1 Only see. By the Light of flitting Day. The Low roofed utile school House. Again alone and still n dreaming in age almost s ruin. But yet very very desk to the heart that la Ita Spring time with no ill or woe to fear All a shadowed by life s sorrows a so Light and Happy Here. A what a curse can nothing be done a what a curse cried i Trio of her morning after a few hours spent in various Calls. Can nothing be done to put a atop to this intemperance ? i had promised to give a Man employment and a he did no tense at the appointed time and i had a few moments to spare i determined to go and see for myself if All were True that he bad told of his want and struggles and Quot doing his Best. I followed the direction to the second Story of a crowded tenement House and As i knocked at the door of carved that the place waa decent and an Effort at cleanliness seemed to have been made. My Knock repeated finally brought a Gruff Quot come to a and 1 entered a room in tolerable Good order and a tidy As circumstances would permit. In a chair near the fire sat the master of the Bouse with Dull complexion and cleared Aud watery Eye drunk. It was the old Story. Here was the secret of the Mournful tale of trying Day after Day to find employment without Success. Just As i was turning to leave saying in my mind Quot what a curse a his wife came in with a bundle of coarse work on her Arm and leading a Little child by Tho hand. A glance told my business and the slate of things. She tried woman like to excuse him Quot there could not to s Kinder or a better Man than when he was himself but to had no work and a Friend asked him to take a Glass and he had not strength to this was the end the Insatiate Devil was awakened and i shrewdly suspected that a Bruise on his wife s face had some connection with the drop he had taken. It was useless to talk with Bun so i left word for him to come to my when he was sober. Having a Call to make in the next Street i went on musing when my attention was arrested by sounds of uproar and confusion and from the door 1 was about entering rushed Forth the terrified wife and children of a Man Olio in Drunken fury was breaking All before him. And pelting them with Tho fragments. Fortunately a police officer was at hand who kindly took care of him and in arched him Oft to a Moro quiet place. Another Day i had occasion to Call upon poor woman to have some work done poor Lone Bachelor that i am and found her looking Pale and Woc begone but doing her Best to make things tidy and decent in the midst of half a dozen children. There Are no Moro discouraged looking beings in these Northern states than a poor woman with a drinking husband and a family of children. Fast present and future Are Aliko dark. She looked up eagerly at the mention of work As if she thought Only of the Reward Ami not at All of the toil and Tho Midnight labor to get it finished. Quot you see sir i must do something fur the children to put bread into their Quot hut where is your husband does he not support you a Quot yes sir when he can get work but like most of the men he is a Little unsteady a yes a Little unsteady Quot i thought Quot works half the time to buy rum to to drunk with the other half a a the next cull was but an Echo of the poor woman had just Chino in from a hard Dav s work having left Turco Little children alone All Day while she was earning a Dollar to buy them bread. Tho Mauiu old Story. Quot yes sir John a a Little unsteady a Quot does he do nothing for you a Quot no sir of late nothing he has got among a bad set and they have led him Quot of i Quot thought i Quot is he led or Leader a Quot but Why do you live with him a Quot Why sir he will come Home i can to keep him Quot then move Oft and Incavo Quot hut sir he follows me ind i can t hide away from him. Tho last time lie was so mad that when he found me he came in when i was out looking for a bit of work and drove the poor children into the Street and broke the Glass and All Tho plates and on another Day in one of my Calls found a Man quietly at Home having actually brought All his wages and looking tolerably comfortable As his wife was preparing him some supper she had just bought. The children looked up half afraid As if they were not sure in what mood they might find him. It seemed a Good Opportunity to reach him and when i was alone with him for a moment i spoke of steady work stud of Tho Comfort to himself and family that steadiness would bring. He listened with interest and his Eye glistened As he promised fair that he would never drink again. Alas 1 knew How Many times he had made that Resolution and broken it. So i tried once More Quot will you not sign a Promise with me not to touch a drop a i did not say pledge i knew he would take alarm at the very word. Quot of no in he shrunk Back he Quot would not sign away his in vain did i expostulated it was but to give him the strength of a written Resolution in the hour of temptation. No the master of evil had spread ins snare but too certainly and the poor Man was unmoved. With a sigh i turned away. I would give him employment so Long As he would refrain but what Power has a Man against the Demon with him in the shape of diseased nerves and craving appetite. So i went away crying with Jonny Hodges Quot what a curse Dan nothing be done to put a Stop to this intemperance a a Clook with Peculiar compassion upon a Man with a Drunken wife and it is pitiable. There is something so unnatural in a woman s being a slave to so vile an appetite there is something so cheerless Aud forbidding in such s Home. Yet the Man has one resource he can leave it and leave her but alas still worse for the woman with a Drunken husband she cannot go or if she try he May follow and claim his Home the Law give All to him wife Aud children and she has no redress. Quot what a curse can nothing be done a after an absence i need not say precisely Bow Long these visits were repeated but i was astonished at the change that bad taken place. I to Maul in each Bouse comparative Comfort a smiling Wile tidy children Good furniture abundant food All Al Vuletta of simple Comfort. Peter Sykes overtook me on the walk and led me to his door with sary to its introduction waa still willing to evident Pride. John Holmes met to at his allow Richard a very Liberal share of thu door with a smiling face and each one profits on its Sale. Cd eted me with evident consciousness of Richard Tho became a sort of hero in Ter times. I was puzzled something 1 Hettye a imagination. She watched him in saw had been done but merely congrats silence for they Seldom exchanged a word lating them upon their happiness i refrain and saw How greatly he improved a to cd from asking any questions and had just grew to manhood and his Well knit figure stepped into a shop at the Corner to inquire lost the awkward angularity that had Char Fiat had taken place during my absence act cried the ungainly growing boy. To when i awoke and behold this was a would come in quietly at of Ching and if to dream. The evil was real the Reform Only had to wait for his Mother would sit Down a vision. In Tho Little sitting room below stairs take1 i was disappointed to have Wanked so a Book from his , or from Tho table soon Only Ngam to cry a what n Curso and presently become absorbed in its per still can nothing to done a my waking thou to Only to be aroused by his mothers announce do not Lead to any was out of Tho difficulty mint that she was ready to go borne. Sociol Norway and Sweden legislative enact ing his love of kooks and hearing from his ments have arrested intemperance by heavy Mother that he could spare but Little from duties on liquors putting them beyond Tho his income for his luxury Hetty would Enre reach of thu poor. Hut we have no such fully Pisco in his Ronch at Elioso visits such Power Here. Moro than this Quot whisky is the poor Man s Why should he exercise More self denial than thu Rich. Recently there Haa been a panic about poisonous liquors which has actually frightened some men into abstinence. Perhaps it m As she thought would most interest him and even suggested to her father that to should offer the Young Man Tho Usu of his Library. This kind intervention of Hettye a coming to his knowledge Richard took occasion to even Tho property of mrs. Gardiner the president of the United states in n hopelessly involved in Tho attempt to save speech which i made Here not in term a a him lie deserted his Home and having com Strong and so direct As those used by the Nii Ted some crime that led him to Fleo from legislature but in terms which involved the immediate Pursuit he was supposed to have same thing. I was sorry to be compelled left Tho country. At this period mrs. Gard to do so but i Hellevi it to to my duty to Iner overwhelmed by shame and Mort Ifica do so and in discharging hit duty i la let Tion died and poor Amy being left utterly myself As nearly As i possibly could within Alono and destitute was invited to become parliamentary and proper language taking an inmate of Richard a Homo not care however to express distinctly the idea now Trio pretty cottage but a mansion in which i entertained of that message. The size and luxurious appointments befitting legislature of Maine has terms rather i his great wealth and High station. Hero stronger and More direct As they were com-1 her Days were passed. And hero death polled to do in passing a Short Resolution in came Ere Long and carried away its weak expressing the same idea hut i have yet to learn that there Ore no occasions upon which and irresolute victim. Tho Quot mechanics and his wife arc still living and neither of them i think looks Back upon any event of their lives with their marriage has been Ono of uninterrupted happiness because founded upon Tou Tual esteem and an enduring five and not upon any base calculation of advantage or worldly Gaim and so to leave them Rich or than All in Tho heart s truest Content mint. In my dream they had grown so poisonous thank her in a few Well chosen words and that they killed Oil the drinkers and fright the two gradually fell into Tho first conver ened others. This on the whole would not station they had Ever had though to had be a Bud move. Frequented the House for years. It could hardly have been done by the acquaintance thus commenced was the pledge. Satan has attached too much not suffered to Dio out. Richard had too odium to that. A i much self respect to Baccomo intrusive but was there a liquor Law ? and was it en-1 to was no stoic to resist the opportunities forced ? i shall never know but still i continually thrown in his any of convirs cry with Johnny Hodges Quot what a curse a ing with an intelligent High Brod girl who Caus to something be done to Lessen the Sor possessed it considerable Sharo of Beauty Row of the poor drunkards wife end Savo and Whoso kindly in Crost in his welfare he poor children from Tho miseries entailed up had Long since Learned from Ilia Mother. Icv Cral i Richard knew that he loved senator Fessenden and the Maine resolutions. On them body Aud soul As the drunkards children. We must Stop this accursed traffic this dealing Iii Quot souls of it is curious to hear men excuse the wholesale business As doing no harm. Quot we do not sell Small quantities a As if one should refuse with horror to sell a single slave but should import them by the cargo. We know w hat taxes we pay to the Demon of drink. Beyond those imposed by Law and we know Elioso to be heavy enough we have All our charities our hospitals our asylums Aud Quot Homes a und All we give from Day to Day not one tithe of which would be needed but for Strong drink. It is like Tho dragon of old devouring our strongest and Best. Can nothing be done what a Curso . Eve. Post Murr Yinug a Mechanic. By Mart c. Vaughan. Quot Well Hetty i Hope you Liao counted the Cost and a a ill not complain of Tho consequences of what you Aro about to Dof Quot i beg your Pardon mrs. Gardiner but 1 really do not understand Yuu a answered Hetty May to this exclamation which followed her affirmative reply to the question Quot if it really were True that she was about to marry Richard Harvard r Quot not understand me Hetty hut of Conr Ali a m us in him of Tho i girls Delight in. Why with your Good sense Ami knowledge of society you cannot fail to comprehend my meaning. Quot if you mean , the sacrifices i must make in leaving my Good Home and in conforming to the necessities imposed by a narrow income i Dommer Chind you and having counted the Cost us not afraid to follow Tho dictates of my own Quot i meant that and much More Hetty a mrs. Gardiner answered. Quot do you not know that you Are about to exclude yourself from Tho society ill a a Inch you have always moved that you Are going Down several degrees in the social Scalo by marrying a Mechanic a Hetty Rose up her Cheek flushed with a unit a Long time elapsed in fact after Hetty May before he dared to Tell her that his sentiments a Vero warmer than the grateful regard her kindness would naturally have inspired. Lie waited patiently and yet often with tremulous forebodings of lie saw rivals More favored by Fortune and Cir cd instance bowing at her shrine waited until his Sisters whom he had educated and supported were Well married waited until his two Young Brothers were each in situations which yielded them a comfortable maintenance waited until he had built a pretty cottage with a room for his Mother still his charge and thus made a Homo tiny but Beautiful to which to might invite his Bride. Then to told Hetty of his love and without attempting to conceal from her the sacrifices she would Liuvao to make in by coming a poor Many a Bride he Besought her to believe and Trust in Tho love that would never forsake her but grow truer and fonder and brighter As together they walked up the Steps of life or hand in hand pcs cd along its downward slopes. And Hetty Laid her hand in his and promised to become ins wife As uncaring by and proudly As if he had Boon n crowned King. Llor parents refined a Little that she and not chosen one whose station More nearly equated her own hut they too had something of the same regard for Richard Hor-v., it i it ii. a a rendered him a hero in her estimation. Her Sisters could not amply fill her place in Tho household und they Felt that they had no right to refuse her the privilege of seeking her own happiness in the Way that seemed Best to her. They knew Well that such a Man As Richard blur Vord was sure to make his Way in the world to impress his Mark Oil the Community and they uttered none of those Sage suggest ions which first disturbed Hettye a peace at mrs. Gar Dincin a. Hetty was greatly grieved As to have seen at the conduct of her friends hut it did not deter her from doing a hot she know to be right. She Only changed her plan of inviting them All to make the acquaintance of Ilic Bard Harvard on her wedding Day. Generous indignation her flashing eyes and she would not subject herself to the Morti the trembling of her Small hand telling How i of location of Relo Sals nor would Slio permit deeply Tho wound was Felt. I the dignity of Richard Harvard True Worth Quot mrs. Gardiner i do comprehend you to to outraged by the sneers Ami super now. And you dare to Tell me Hetty May i Cilli outlets of those who ill no respect tint i am about to lower myself socially a perhaps his equals yet. Might feel them by becoming the wife of Richard Harvard selves listed by wealth or position far above \ Oil who know so Well Wlms he has done him. And what he is to degradation for am speak As if it were a lady in the inn to be so a Richard Harvard and Hetty my were married quietly in Tho parlor of her lathers come his Wile had not my ears heard House Richards Mother and family Only your words 1 could not have believed that being present save those who lived beneath such sentiments had Ever been expressed by i the Root. Then they Hud a Short bridal tour y0u<&Quot Richards first journey Suva Tho few hurried Quot Well Hetty i act that my Well meant j jaunts undertaken for purposes of business suggestion Are useless. Hut you will re and rapturously enjoyed of course with member them by and by when it is too Hetty dissented by a Ala Cly Bow and the two indies parted. Hetty May Lud been reared in a comfortable and even luxurious Home. Her experiences of life had always been pleasant such n companion. Afterwards they came Back and Hetty took her place As mistress of Tho Little cottage. It would be foolish to say that Hetty did not find Many lonely hours there when her husband was away und no Lively friends came to relieve the tedium of her Solitude. Though she had known some cares for her1 it was no slight trial to find herself rigor Mother was an invalid and though never Boualy excluded from nearly All the social buffering so much As to cause her friends j enjoyments and the accustomed companion any apprehension of immediate danger ship of her Maiden Days. Hut Sho Boro it had for several years been too delicate to patiently found other employments and in by troubled with household details. 8o Joy intents and the Rich compensations of a Hetty had stepped into her place at sixteen heart satisfied in its borne and like hich had attend cd to the wants of the younger Ard she sided her time children looked Well to Tho ways of the such a Man As Richard Harvard could household and had been at once companion not stand still. His course was steadily unfried and daughter to her invalid Mother Ward and upward. Ii never so tube Reg in Chance alone had brought Richard liar Tullett Rich in Aci Cutich love a it by Liia Vord to her acquaintance. Mrs. May who Timo had become was constantly Labora had known or. Harvard in Tho widows Ting old principles or discovering new ones belter Days still retained a warm interest in to became a Lamous inventor mingled her Aud often employed her in such outer much with men of thought and research Geu cies As will occur ill All families the and soon ranked nigh among them. Riches sudden illness of children a press of sowing poured in upon him. Ills name waa in every or the preparation for guests at w hich times Mouth and Nailon and at length the whole to Ough she came As a Friend and was treat a civilized world acknowledged Jiuu its Bene Edas such she gratefully received thu com Factor. Pens Alion munificent by bestowed for her ten years from her marriage potty found labor. Herself in a position to look Down upon cd Richard Harvard often came to fetch his cry one of the summer friends of her youth Mother Home from these visits and some she had married a Mechanic hut her Hus times he would be forced to wait fur her. Hand was now a world famous Man a Man at first a great bashful boy he Only at it whose feel Tho Small people Hetty slays ridicule. There was bpm cd him Bent in lowly admiration. She something ludicrous in the ill fitting Ger was in a situation to repay scorn by scorn inputs fro n Winch his big wrists Slid Ankles hut Only moved quietly on in the path of life would protrude so awkwardly. And his finding now a Trier her truest happiness in Sharp features meager and Sallow fur he her husband s unfaltering love worked a id and was ill fed during his and How had it fared with Amy Guardi tedious apprenticeship had an old shrewd nor it her old playmate and the daughter of expression that was wont to excite thu Little the woman who had so depreciated Rich lady s mirth. Try ? she too had married married re still he spoke to her so deferentially and Dolph Bragg a Liu or of brr Al wealth a was so to his Luoler that Sho youth Whoso vices named lollies because of could not help respecting and liking him their gilding and whose weakness of into especially As she was always hearing his pct becoming Wisdom in the Oyes of the praises a favorite theme from that Mother s worshippers of mammon were forgotten or Ltd Over looked by Tho worldly Wise Mother wars passed on in this Way. Richard anxious Only to secure a High position for was out of his apprenticeship was earning her daughter. Excellent wages Aud his Mother proudly ten years of her married life had passed told of his successes How he was made her husband had never truly loved her but Foreman of the shop at a very Early age had been induced by her mothers Flat teries and Over the Heads of old men and at to make her his wife. Sho had experienced last with All Mother s Triumph How he neg tract and abuse. His vices grew As such had invented an important improvement and rank poisonous weeds were sure to do in that his employer having gut it Patel cd. Auch a soil. He squandered his Fortune and Aud having advanced All Tho capital no pcs or Oun and at length when All was gone on the 2 it the ult. Or. Fessenden presented in the Senate of the United states Tho resolutions Quot relating to Kansas and slav cry a adopted by Tho legislature of Maine and already published in Tho and after Thoy were read by Tho clerk the following discussion ensued or. Fessed n. I move that Tho resolutions to Laid on the table and printed. Or. Mason. M. President there is Rule of the Senate i think which requires that All petitions or other comm Micat ions made to it should be couched in respectful language a Rule adopted not to preserve or from regard to the dignity of those w to arc senators but to thu character and dignity those whom senators represent. I take for granted that the honorable senator from Maine who presented these resolutions considered Flint his duty As the senator of the state whose resolutions they arc required him to present them but the honorable a Cantor knows that in those resold Sions the act of the legislature of Maine Thero is charged directly and in terms Krlly upon Congress falsehood upon Tho Sid Cut and infamy on the judiciary. Now sir i have always considered it a duty in the Senate to receive communications from one of the states of this Union whatever May be cont ipod in Tho general rules of the Senate taking for granted that the states of this Union would respect themselves in their Intercourse with the Senate of the Union. I have not a word to say either in censure or advice to the honorable senator representing the state of Maine and who has thought it his duty to present resolutions of this character. My respect for the states of the Union will deter me from doing Flint if the communication came from any other Quarter i should Scein it my duty to those whom i represent to do moving that the resolutions to rejected. I win Continuo to respect Siw of Aiea Uci Tiu Union who arc particularly represented hero in the san Etc and who no parties to Tho government. Hut i have risen Only to Call Tho attention of Tho country to the tact Flint because of this slavery agitation one of the slates of this Union hns thought it not us becoming in her in n communication to Tho Senate to charge in terms perfidy upon Congress falsehood upon the president and infamy upon the judiciary i shall make no motion. Or. Fessenden. Or. President i sup pose the fact that i presented these Ruso unions renders it incumbent on me to say i lord or two in reply to the honorable son nor from Virginia although lie has been kind enough to say that lie would not hold to responsible for the action of the i Egis Saturn in adopting them. 1 think he must have mis apprehended some what the resolutions or else i have mis apprehended them and i say to him that i have no desire to escape irom Tho responsibility of presenting them arc also it was my duty to do so but i go further and say most distinctly that i approve and i Dorso what has been snid in Tieso resolutions. I say sir the senator has mis apprehended them because they make no charge whatever upon the present Congress. In speaking of perfidy they speak of the past. Tho Resolution with reference to Tho Missouri restriction has reference to a previous Congress and 1 have yet to learn that it is disrespectful to this Congress to Sacuk in disrespectful terms of one of its predecessors. I do not know that we Aro called upon to vindicate in this Way what May have been Dono by our Here. With reference to the opinion expressed As to the repeal of the Missouri restriction i Havo said the same thing upon this floor substantially Ovid upon any proper occasion 1 am Reedy to soy it again. I always have considered Tho repeal of that restriction a breach of the plighted Faith of Tho nation and i have said of Here and i think that Resolution Days no More. I May Havo mis apprehended it. I read the resolutions hastily. If i am incorrect the senator will Correct me Asho has the resolutions before him. The senator has spoken of Tho Chargoy of corruption upon the judiciary. Why sir the judiciary of Kansas not of Tho United states. 1 go just a far As the legislature of Maine docs and say that i consid i it a corrupt judiciary to All intents and purposes. Duty May compel a member of the senat or my compel the legislature of n Sovereign state to speak distinctly and directly of the character of a communication made to Congress by Tho chief magistrate of the United states. Sir if Tho chief majr tract of the uni Ted states chooses to Indurai and make i own what is false in fact it is a matter that involves his own personal Honor Sui flip must to responsible for it like other men to pub lie opinion. Tho president of Tho United Stales made statements in the communication alluded to in these resolutions which i undertook to show upon this floor he must have known to be incorrect when he made them. I used no offensive epithets w Ith regard to him i use none now because i choose to use no offensive epithets with re Gard to any person unless absolutely compelled to do so but if my duty Calls upon me to Stutch a fact and to expose statements that have been made by officers High in Tho i Blic Confidence it makes no i Flronce now High they Aro the higher they stand the greater is the breach of duty they perform and the More Clear and distinct we should be in pointing out the fact to the attention of the american people. The legislature of the state of Maine has done no More than that and the senator from Virginia May make such motion As lie chooses. I presented the resolutions on my own responsibility As a senator. I do not Desiro to shield myself behind the fact that i Ain a senator of Tho slate and bound to present them. I present them willingly cheerfully because they Tell thu truth in a judgment and whether they Are print 1 or not according to thu common Mode of proceeding of the Senate is a matter of great Indi Florenco to inc. I Havo present d them respectfully to the Senate. I leave them at the disposition of the Senate with the Ordinary motion that they be Laid upon Tho table and printed. Tho resolutions were ordered to lie on Tho Tabic and be printed. I have expressed that opinion in private and 1 Ain perfectly willing to express to in Public. L he Acta of Tho judiciary of Kansas 1 consider to have been disgraceful to any persons holding the judicial office. Thero is Ono other Point of which the senator has spoken Ami that is the Chargo made upon the president of Tho United states of having falsified the state of things in Kansas. 1 am yet to learn that it is a breach of Tho privileges of this body to present a Resolution hero disrespectful in terms to the president of Tho uni Lud slates. I do not know on what ground we should reject a petition or Resolution for that reason. To have a Rule or an understanding among ourselves that resolutions and petitions presented to Congress should be respectful in their terms to the body to which they arc presented. That Rule is very Well but 1 think the immunity goes no further than that and i know of no reason Why the people should not in their addresses to Congress speak As they feel with reference to other branches of the government. I know nothing that they infringe. If in Lii Hasty Reading that i gave to these resolutions 1 mis apprehend their Tenor in Auy particular Tho Begalor Asho Lias them before him can Correct me but if there a any breach of the privileges of this body soft Ras 1 have committed any i so ready to be responsible for it in Tho proper Way. 8ir, i have spoken of Tho message of 1 Ami the London it i to girly Lite a a a. Till philosophy of Pitin. Sir Humphrey Ivy when a boy with the defiant cd Nanncy of youth which look a yet Sull Rcd nothing held the opinion that pain was no evil. To was refilled by crab who bit his too when to was in bathing and in ado him Roar loud enough to to heard half a mile Oil. If to had maintain a by Siroi Smitly Ila Osl Zaiss a a a Row Oil Ilu so cd Trine would Honvo been unless the whole Constitution of Tho world were altered our very existence depends upon our sensibility to suffering. Ail anecdote which is quoted by or. Carpenter in his Quot principles of human physiology a from Tho Quot journal of a naturalist a allows tit fatal fleets of a temporary suspension of this Law of our nature. A drover went to sleep on n w interns eve Ning upon the platform of n Lime Kiili with one leg resting upon the stones which had been piled up to Burn through Tho that which was gentle warmth when in Laid Down became a consuming fire before he Rose up. Ills foot was Burnt Oil Abov the ankle and when roused in he morning by the Man who superintended Tho Lime Kiln he Pul his stump unconscious of i Mial Ortune to thu ground the extremity crumbled into fragments. Whether lie had been lulled into torpor by inc carbonic acid driven Olf from the Limestone or what pvt r else May have been the Curuso of his insensibility lie i it it no pain and through his very exemption from this lot of humanity expired a fortnight Aller words in Bristol Hospital. Without Tho warning voice of pain life would be a series of similar disasters. Tin crab to Tho lasting detriment of chemistry might Havo eaten Olf the future sir Humphreys foot while he was swimming without his entertaining the slightest suspicion of the ravages which were going on. Had to survived Tho injuries from the crab he would Havo been Cut Oil in the morning of his famous Cacor if when experimenting upon the gases Tho terrible oppression at his Chest had not warned him to cease inhaling the Hydrogen nor alter a Long struggle for life would he Havo recovered to say to ills alarmed assistant Quot i do not think 1 shall without physical pain infancy would be maimed or pariah before experience could inform it of its dangers. Lord Kuimets advised parents to Cut Tho fingers of their children Quot cunningly with a knife that the Little innocents might associate Sulci aug with the glittering Blade before they could do Tacina Clvis a worse injury but if no a Mart accompanied Tho wound they would Cut up their lingers with the Samo glee that they Cut a stick and Burn them in a Caudle with the same Delight that they Burn a piece of paper in Tho tire. Without pain we could not proportion our actions to the strength of our Frame or our exertions to its Powers of endurance. In Tho impetuosity of youth we should Striko blows that would crush our hands and break our arms we should Taku leaps that would dislocate our limbs and no Lunger taught by fatigue that thu Muscles my cd repose to should continue our sports and walking Tours till we had worn out thu living tissue with the same unconsciousness that we now Wear out our coals Aud our i shoes. The very Nutriment which is thu support of Lite would frequently prove our death. Mit Accuu said of a Mun who was As Idle Asho was corpulent that ins Only Usu was to show How far Tho skin would stretch without bursting. Without pain this limit would to constantly exceeded and epicurus experiencing no uneasy sensations would continue their festivities until they met with Tho Fate of Tho Frog in Tho fable who was ambitious of emulating the size of Tho of. Hir Charles Bell mentions the Case of a patient who had lost the sense of la a i in it a a a right band and Wiljo unconscious Llinat the cover of a pan which bad fallen into urn lire was burning hot took it out and deliberately returned it to its proper place to the destruction of Tho skin of Tho Palm Aud lingers. This of itself would be an Accident of incessant occurrence if the Monitor were want ing which makes us drop such material More hastily than we pick them up. L Ain is the grand preserver of existence Tho sleepless sent i lie i that a Ratchus Over stir safety and make s us both Start avy Iron the injury that is present and guar j against it carefully in the time to come. My o in Lar Turnt. In Reading n daily paper not Lert so we notice i illusion to a concert a a h i a. To to gun 0 by or. Doll met pm it i As a Singer Ltd a some of tic no re in a a Ltd. The writ As expert a is Ltd that a i to would favor i no Dirance with Tho Tong to a titled Quot Mary in heaven a Rol Crri to two suppose to that written by Burnt co. Nun my a "1 a Ltd Star with Cutuno by that Len it info Riet the or Jim in Amin thou Uhrt to in the or my Mary lion my you a a a Lorna after in my aside Tom paper to coed a i Carrel Kep from repeating to of , in heaven a and it Bhakti i i 4 Peculiar train of reflection. I horns of it Why bul reference specific a Quot to on a dear Fri Ltd it i of his who bore that trim Stul Lead depart d. Hut she rot known any of Wiir readers perhaps by any Proa How in to. There in inn Ness in these words and they Are Suyes Tivet thoughts dear to Many a i Quot Mary in heaven a How Many who a cry once Call d by that name on Earth ire now a pm re mud were they All collected in any part of Tho he act by world w hat an interesting company would to y be How it the songs of Praise which they a our Forth and How tender at org the love they har to their redeemer. The Matron Tho maid the child the in fint would to there and among Litu Quot Mary the Mother of Jesus Quot in a Bably Marc of that name Honvo gone to heaven than any other name by which Man or woman a Milf i j. And every month and Day perhaps to should say every hour Ilia number a a increasing. Of the thousands who read your Piper is Thero Ono that not in no Somo Mary in heaven ? to can for our Les recall inure than n scat re of them without l oing beyond the Circle of Elioso to dear loved and Many others do Tho same to presume. Manx in to lion a Many Fumii lies these words have a significance which t o language can describe. They or co hid n Mary among them loved Loving Aud pure. Hut now she is there no longer. A and in How Many an individual have there words n still More significant meaning Limo that Burns gave to them. Kacell of then had a m try once to whom was Given the affection the Confidence the i do of a True Siirid Earnest heart. Hut Lite spoiler Cai a Tho Fiir form was prostrated Laid awry in Tho grave while the jewel which that c it contained a As treasured up in Jav 1.�? they each loved their Mury i. Y l Avo loved perhaps a they can love so it hut it is Sweet for them now to f. Of Quot Mary in a Ell lit with us will soon be Over if True to god we go to i loved ones in their celestial Home u in their cell still Cindilu quient. I t Tell Ami Watt until the a Quot to Fol and ten n go to he 1. Quot Mim in Loai a Sion so Loco id e to 3 n us go a r with u. A Suil t Ulii Suity a correspondent of the now y�.-, tintes gives an account of the burning old Fenily a. A Bouse in the t town of Lar near v it. Own n. A. 11 w which has been reported by Teberh. If Comstock Tho owner and occur. Of i House was i Farmer cud be d tighter Only r n it u e. Ege were �.<1 pit g m one bed to m. Tho j it a it wee d -.1 m red to to m to in o clock in the five Ching. Tho Tiro to i to have comm need from a Keg of est a in n Wood Siml at a distance from the , Ami Tom building must into been t la ivies before they reached the by cd a i rom the nope of the Budh a h old opening the window and in. they ail might hew done or. T must have go Ioup stairs to recur 1. Of vain ill a As his Holt cd cum. Was found lying Omro i to Box in of Uail i lock Bux body Cef i a where to lib in y i ii to it it to. The b alies of Tho children were Ion my m a i a Cut plucks nil they doubtless Anvi i out with their father in the Dirk nov i t flow m diff sent directions Blind i by the Stuko end flies. Or. / Comstock s wife was absent it Tho tiny having been in Auburn for two months put under medical teat mint. The follow it f it ii r in rec Ved at the Post it i b r. On the morning alter the ii rally and White the Iii ins a re still burning a a a Wal a tar ones at lome a Yuu will All i or pried and i Trust like me Jay blow surprised when i Tell you that i am Cwm leg h i to m x we i should have a i this Itab Ramg to i had had an answer j the i iter that i sent Orf tuesday last. 1 feel a if i cannot j or Sibly a rail my it coins. A a a a a i am not Strong enough to endure much though i am gaining. 1 am very much excited with the Prospect of going Long ? i a Hull get Calm before 1 of tort. I think i see you All looking very Happy by d or children when a reads this to he Good children Ulm i Hope before Friday noon to be with you. Your Mother a. M. C. Alas alas for this poor woman a when who learns the Fate other Quot dear Chat la no am realizes that after All she is alone in Tho world May Gud pity und her Only a and a v. Ord. Two Little buys stood Togo Dick in Tho Corner of a Street. Tho face of the elder w to flushed w Ith anger hut the Rottiger was crying As if hts poor Little heart would break. Quot what is the matter with that Chi 1 a a ked a gentleman of the larger Quot did you strip him a Quot no i did to i did no to do anything to him. I Only Gate him a lock and a word and to Pegau to cry like a a by just for that a Quot Only a he a or Quot la word a a but a hat kind of a look and a word were they think it of dear Little readers surely not 11,00 of love and gentleness or they w Ouid not Havo nude the lilo boy cry so bitterly. Only a look am o word Tieso str both Little things a glance shot from an a Era motion from Trio lip that is All. Hut it is the meaning of the glance tin. Coo eyed by the word which give them thir Power they come from the heart did go to Tho heart. They have done u leg d in the world Ilian Gold Muir Tii Tau War and pestilence. Maw the Mother look or word can a dict childhood a feats quell its pm she uni concluded on fourth it Vic a

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