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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - April 20, 1855, Biddeford, MaineTheam Eastern journal. A a eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of Man Quot a Jorr Eudox. Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Biddeford Friday april 20, 1855. Vol. . 16. The Aid eaater.1 Jol rial i up muted a try fuds to it no. 1 cd aural by a of putt uti but Cronl Lluu or. Ton��?$2,00 or annul or 1,30 if Piu a Libio Broo it Uuttu for Vuu us Liam it tip by Chi ung. Stogie Volm to Obi Iuno it lie Jacw in Soalt a Patoo 4 Yoou. V. D. Pali a lbs american or Wipior a ont he lbs Only Mither god agent for he i a Par in the time of nov York Hilton Ami and to july a a a Pownal to take Ami Anber Lupone at the a tue Rato Are ulry by at. Lue bocce Teek Tribune we shiny. I e Buquing a i n. W. Comer Turu Ami Chanal Street. Marcus Matook Printer. Poetry. The Bachelor. By Marion. A Kita alone in hit quiet room a the wow Wing hours go by tit clock lick on with a measured Toone Aud lire Bachelor heaves a Aigbe. He tries to read. In a quaint old Book some tale of the Olden tune but lie Linde the Story excessively Dull and written in very bad Rhynie then he Takee from hit Case a Nica Cigar to e n Joy a pet Avant but the diag run wed Hae Loet Ita Charm the Charm he would invoke he least him Back in his easy hair and Trica Towbis Lle a tune but it Makee the silence Mort pm found and be Slopa it very soon. His room has lost the Home Lka look it used to Wear of old and the pleasures he then enjoyed now Stein Lake a wearisome tale twice told. The Coffee Hae lost its Piea ant taste and the papets their spirit and wit. Hie gloves Are always full a holes a no his Dickey does no fit. A the Bachelor knows Why the tune wont go and he knows Eliut makes him sigh he has found what makes the Book so Dull and the papers so prosy Aud dry. Uli the Bachelor knows that a gentle voice and the touch of a gentle hand would give i Home a t Herl us look and make hint a Happy Man. Or he mis and ponders it in his mind and he thinks of the coming years he re slav Doea it know what to do he u Lull of doubts and fears. A sup lib be the lady should scorn Ray suit alas what a terrible bother a take courage Good sir a if one says a no Quot just go Sod ask another. Agricultural i Wii Uiva a via a a a a d lying Idle is they were a thou if Why is it so Why do not a few facts for Farmers. And it any be As Well for a Low other classes to learn the sane facts and first the great of dict that of nil trades and occupations. Tho Farmer s is the Only one that never suffers by Quot hard Timos a a a commercial distress a a a grit full of stocks Quot or any other or the thousand and it it no terms that Tell of ruin to Many of the Donu uns or a tie Btij. It is a Gre it fact that the Farmers As a class Are now Tho Only class that is prosperous. While All other classes ire groaning in Dor the evils it depression in business and want of employment of tingo who labor to live and Are dependant upon daily toil for daily bread. At this Verr moment while Tho labourer of the City is suffering for food the Farmer is realising to it highest prices he a received for Many years for every description of form Psi Lee. Think of whole droves of bullets Selling for Over $100 each. What n for beef it is from 11 to 12 for Gray Pound of meat in Tho fore quarters and Tho present week even higher than that. Stoep that will dress less than 50 pounds have sold in drove at a Ami a per head. Thon we pay five or six cents a Pound for flour and we butter our bread it 28 to 34c. A Pound. Potatoes a that indispensable necessary of in american table Are still dearer than bread or meat for human . In Short it is Tho fact that every product of american soil is Selling it a Tiec More rerun rating to the labourer than any other laborious employment and yet the Earth lies untitled. Thousands and tens of thousands of Seres of Rich soil offered for Sale at a trifling Price and and Yea. These labourers taste their own bread and meat Why do not Farmers stick to their Trade and Why do not others fall Iulo that oct ipalion ? to think we can answer. The first grand reason is because there is a most abominably foolish opinion prevailing that any other employment is More respectable than of a Fanner. This false impression is quite As much owing to those engaged in the business is those who Are not. Children Are Knght from Early Ages by mistaken parents to look for some other Means of livelihood than the a dirty business a of their fathers. I Here is a continual longing to escape from the prison House of the farm. The natural consequence to that nil other occupation Are full and All in them in their turn ure taught to look with contempt upon the Farmer and Bis occupation. This great evil is a want of Pride of caste on the part of those who should hold the first rank in society die rank of land cultivators. It does nut follow because a Man is a Farmer that he should be a fool or even a laborious Drudge. None but a fool need be that. There it just As much room for Leisure study and improvement on the farm Asiu the store office or mechanics shop. Ii we could Only contrive to elevate the character and standing of nil who cultivate american soil we should have not Only a More numerous but a More Happy class of Farmers. The great difficulty now is they Are ashamed of their calling and do not try to improve their condition a id Hereford Ink Down into Drudge working like cart Hor is Lor their daily allowance of folder. This is the cause of Scarcity of Larm labor and that Scarcity produces the present High prices without Miodu citing a Corres binding profit of the cultivator. Why ecu so he a to pay a i extra Price to in a the most of them Are As ignorant of the first principle of their business As Holten tots. They dig and delve in the same path that their antiquated Grandfather trod in the previous Century without Ever thin Kin whether it is right or wrong. Beside our own native ignorance that still exists is blowing the surface of land Only two inches deep of that it is drowned at one season and Burnt to dust at another we Aro constantly importing ship Togaila of peo a be More ignorant still than Vith this native and imported Ign Ordaneo with Only about one half the hands that should be employed upon the farm we Are trying to grow food enough to feed the workers and idlers and make Largo annual profits to Tavesi in 44 Stock a other Luau farm Stock. With the present High prices Stock in Good farm should to the Best Stock in the world. That it is not the fault is in the Farmers themselves. Thero is certainly a a screw Loo so in some of the machinery of society that needs a Little lightening. If it be a fact that the Price of cattle now prevailing throughout the United states is in consequence of an insufficient number in the country is a fact that ought to make every Farmer in America b us with shame. Out upon the Man that cries hard times or want of Money when he might have fifty Bullocks for Sale it $100 a head yet has not Oue perhaps has to buy his own meat. We close with a repetition of this one fact that there is no employment in the world More honorable More respectable or More honestly and certainly remunerative than that of cultivation of the soil. The bit sine a Only nods . Y. Tribune. Culture of fruit we hate during the Winter commenced the preparation of a series of articles on the culture of fruit. Which to intended to Lay before our readers but Tho press of other engagements followed by impaired health has. Thus far prevented Tho accomplishment of and object. But. As the season Tor planting and grafting Are it hand to have concluded to give the list which we would to commend for general culture accompanied by such Oft baud remarks of Tho subject May suggest. The culture of Good fruit is far too much neglected amongst us whether we consider Tho profit to be derived of on its Pursuit or its beneficial influence on Tho health and morals of Tho Community. Man is essentially a frug Vorous animal and nil experience us Well As theory shows that the Uso of fruit in diet to n far greater extent than is customary in this country is attended with the most salutary effects. But the pecuniary consideration is the one which in this sordid age seems to present Tho strongest incentive to action. And Thero Gin by no Aouni that the judicious culture of fruit it this Liras aft mls a Mora adequate return for the labor and capital it requires than any other Branch of husbandry that is followed in new England. Twenty years ago two Scro assured by those who professed t it be extra Wise thut the fruit culture was being entirely overdone and Tho Samo cry has been kept up Inoru that time to the present. Yet to find that the demand Lias increased More rapidly than the Supply and is at this moment greater than at any former time with n fair Prospect for its almost indefinite Extension. Tho last year was one of uncommon productiveness a for the Pupplo generally throughout this state. Those who a Ero in haste to get rid of their fruit obtained for i different prices according to the kind and Quality ranging from $1,20 to $1,75 per barrel although some Choice new Lall and hourly Winter varieties brought from $2 to $3. At these prices in productive years the culture is very profitable. But those who held on a Short Lime were Well paid for so doing the prices advanced with considerable rapidity and to suppose a fair Market Prico for any Good Apple at this time is about $3 por barrel. The following list prepared with some care will Giro a first rate collection of apples Lor new England culture. We propose in another article to Mako some remarks on particular varieties in the list and to add also other varieties adapted to special purposes and special culture with remarks thereon. Sarrus. Trinter. Baldwin. A Ero left without sowing. By the Middle of april the effect was very perceptible and the sowed und unbowed portions were of daily to be distinguished even at a Tho Superior growth and thickness of Tho manured crop was maintained up to the time of haying. I had no Means of comparing the Quantity of grass Cut at Tho time with what had been obtained in former Yean As this was my first summer on the place but the men who mowed Lor to and who had worked a number of years for the former proprietor said tent it was Tho Host crop that they had Ever seen on the ground. Nor was i Able to discover whether Tho guano to efficacious in promoting the growth of the aftermath inasmuch As the severe drouth set in just after having and entirely prevented the growth of any grass until full. At that Lima the growth As far As it went was thick and luxuriant but i should judge not to any unusual degree. I sowed in a similar manner about acres of pasture land putting on however in the neighbourhood of 230 lbs. Per the vegetation Here was of the richest Green and was undoubtedly improved by the application. It held out uncommonly Well during the dry weather. The ground was rather of a Low wet nature subsoil Clay. When guano can be obtained at about �50 or s55 per ton and Tho Price of Hay is from $15 to $20, it May in default of other manure answer a Good it is convenient and Nauful manure for improving lawns and grass on grounds where for various reasons it is not desirable to introduce the plough. It answered Ray wishes in this respect last season. I used guano lust summer on Corn Oats and potatoes but there was no extraordinary result visible principally i suspect Fiton the unwonted dryness of Tho season which hardly allowed crops to grow Arall. I must say that the crops did Promise to Excel during Tho first part of the summer and no doubt they would have fulfilled expectations had they been permitted to do so. I was myself sufficiently a i fied with the application of regard grass to determine to try it again on two other Fields this coming season. H. L. Young country gentleman. City ordinances. City of Biddeford. No. 1. Summer s varieties. 1 a Early lure it i Early set re Hough. 3 Early Strawberry. 4 Katy William. 3 rot Art Rachau. 0 a be Yonl. Lutnen. 1 a Init to. 1 Duc Ihm of Orfu Surg 3 Lra Iii urn. 4 or Tiro. 3 a Mother. Al fall Larrry. 7 a a ii pen. H Mamou. Ulvah. 5 Dyer of Spier. 10 Maui it i pen. It so Ephrai reverting. 12 Beauty of Kant. 13 Kuret pump Sweet 14 rum nonpareil. 1 2 thit Cli morn tone. 3 Darrn Winter Sweet. 4 Lull it Bank it inn Nour Tuch 3 Llumbet. C Jonathan. 7 Konya spi Neuburg. A . V Nune Euch. 10 blur in main. 11 in eke pet Avant. 12 a. L o renting. 13 Kin a pie. 14 Melon two 13 Kol it Ury Rune. 16 ladle Sweeting. 17 Twenty ounce. 18 rom Tuoc. The kinds marked with a Star a Aro of a Superior excellence and would make a first Rato reduced ii Ore Ester spy. Guano on grass lands. Wishing last Spring to improve my grass ground at once without breaking up the Sod and reseeding i sowed Home peruvian guano with u very beneficial result. One piece of grass was in any House lot a an open space of several acres surrounding my dwelling and too much broken and covered with scattered Trees and Shub Hery to be ploughed with advantage. The and Here is dry and Gravelly yet with sufficient Loam and naturally fert Iio. Tha pieces had been in gras for twelve or thirteen or More years without oils e receiving any top dressing on this plot of a it i g acre 1 sowed in the neighbourhood of 175 lbs. Guano per Sere a fearing that i might injure the gras if Tai were put in in its whole strength i used a an ordinance relating to the style of or Daing. In it ordained by the City Council of Lla City of Biddeford at follows suction 1, All by Laws passed by the City Council shall be termed Only Nance Ami the enacting style shall be�?14 be it ordained by Tho City Council of the City of Biddeford As follows approved match 20, 15oo. No. 2. An ordinance authorising the election and prescribing the duties of a he City marshal. Lie it Ord a ined by the City Council of the City of Biddeford a follows Section 1. The mayor and aldermen shall in the month of March annually elect a City Marshall who shall hold his office until another shall be appointed and qualified in his Stead and Tho City marshal shall also be appointed a Constable in and for snid City. He shall be sworn to the faithful discharge of the duties of his said office and give Bond with sureties to Tho Atiz Lac Liou of the mayor and aldermen for the faithful discharge thereof in the sum of five Hundred Dollar. Sect. 2. Tho City marshal shall authorized by lire mayor and aldermen. Employ one or More deputies who shall be approved by Tho mayor and aldermen and who shall in Liko manner take Tho said oath of office whereupon Tho said deputies shall have Power and authority to assist the said marshal in the execution of his official duties or when Tho City marshal is not present to officiate for him in his Stead but no Deputy shall remain in office for a longer term than shall be deemed advisable by the mayor and aldermen. Tho City marshal shall to responsible for the conduct of his deputies respectively and May require of them a Bond with sufficient sureties for Tho faithful Purfor Nanco of their duties. Sect. 3. On the expiration of the term of service or dismissal from office of any Deputy the City marshal shall Render an account of the time and manner of his service to the mayor and aldermen who shall allow him such sum a compensation for in service a they May deem just and . 4. It shall to Tho duty of Tho City marshal from Timo to Lime to inspect Tho streets wharves and lanes of the City and cause to be removed All nuisances obstruction or impediment therein. He shall be vigilant and Active in detecting any breach of and Law or City ordinance taking Tho names of Tho offenders that they Nav be prosecuted to receive complaints of the inhabitants of any breach of to ehnts and for that purpose shall daily attend at some convenient place at stated lie shall prosecute All offenders against the Laws and ordinances of the City w within one week after detecting the offend is and ascertaining the offences by them committed and attend regularly and punctually All trial of offender by him prosecuted in behalf of the City and use All lawful Means for their effectual prosecution and final conviction. He shall Lay before the mayor and aldermen a Correct statement of All prosecutions by him or his deputies instituted before the Munro pal court within fourteen a after their final determination. And it shall be i duty a in the Fust week of March in each year to Render to Tho mayor and aldermen the names of All persons from whom to or his deputies May have collected fines during the then past year together i tha sum collected from each nod pay Over said Money in full to the tie is Iier of the City. Scr. 5 on alarm of fire Tho marshal ing the fund or appropriation from which said orders ire to do paid. And Tho mayor is hereby authorized to draw on the treasurer for All compensation to City officers at such time As May to filed for their payment by the City Council and also for the payment of All account within a reasonable time after their allowance. The Monios raised and appropriated for specific purposes in the annual estimates by the City Council other than those above referred to shall to drawn by the mayor on the written request of such officer or officers or individuals As May have the control of that business to which the expenditure of the Money called for relates and the request a Hall designate the reasons therefor that the mayor May determine How Large a Sura the internet of the pity require in to paid at that rime. Sect. 2. There shall be annually no edited by the City Council joint standing committees on account and on finance the committee on accounts shall meet once a month and As much oftener As they shall deem expedient. They shall examine All Bills which May be rendered against the City and allow them or such part is they May deem to be just and report a Roll of the same with the amount allowed on each for the acceptance of the City Council and Tho sums so allowed and accepted the mayor is hereby authorized to draw his order upon the treasurer therefor. Sect. 3. The committee on finance at such time As they shall appoint in the month of March annually und prior to the second monday thereof shall examine and audit the accounts of the different depart merits being All accounts of monies received expended and paid out and shall to poit thereon to Tho City Council whether a Uch accounts of receipt and disbursements Ato Correct or otherwise. Sect. 4. It shall be Tho duty of the mayor to keep or cause to be kept a set of books in which shall be stated the appropriation for each object of expenditure and an account shall to opened with the treasurer and collector in which to shall be charged with the whole amount of taxes placed Duee labor to flow into that Channel lie a con it of 2 parts us Earth Horn to a no of so to with Ault patin�?Tand"1eon-Vinun appear guano. Lain now convinced that this was it to his is Tny a needed with badge of unnecessary As far is injury to the grass uhte. To Tho place of alarm for the per poach Wraa concerned jul i preserving tace peace removing disorderly a a a Quot a a a a Quot a a a soft in preventing Ali Chi und destruction of Proferis is in a struggle to keep up appear anew and rival i speculating neighbor who i flourishing us pm borrowed capital a and generally Doe break whether in Mir. Uniformly distributing the guano he ought to or not i chd Dren Are bound i enter the or Rand. When this manure a to to a a Young Ladie and gentleman�?��?that1 brought directly in Contact with the delicate la. Idle and useless upon Erm of a Plant a it Issue from the seed it the farm and to de Pic their Home to stimulating . Such Apa Lead of Loving and clinging to it forever. To Lotf Cip Rio acc 0f Multi 10 his hand for collect Ion and All Otho or monies received by him on account of the City. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to keep an account with each appropriation and to shall receive nil flues and penalties which shall be paid to him Frum time to Timo on no count of who City. Approved March 26tli, 1s5s. No. 4. An ordinance defining the duties of the City clerk and clerk of the common Council lie it or hit tied by the City Council of the City of a Idle Ord As of lows Section 1. The City clerk shall keep a full record of All the doings of Tho Board of aldermen and of All conventions of the City Council. To shall seasonably notify All persons appointed to office by Tho May or and aldermen or by the City Council Ira a Ira 11 .1. Ray a Ira a a a a a a a a a Llly l a a All committees the appointment of which shall originate in the Board of aldermen and to the chairman of All joint committee and shall transmit to Tho common Council nil papa is when no Cess Ary for their con currency. He shall preserve All papers belonging to the City in Sui Leblo files prepared Lor Tho purpose nil shall keen ail ordinances after they shall have finally passed in a Bock or books kept for that purpose he shall procure All stationary and other necessary articles which May be required by either Branch of the City Council or any City officers and keep an account thereof to to Laid before Tho City Council. He shall perform such other duties As May to pro scribed by the Board of aldermen or the City Council and shall generally do and perform All Tho duties hitherto Ilonne and performed by Tho town clerk of Biddeford. Sect. 2. The clerk of Tho common Council shall Scopa full record of All Tho doings of the common Council. He shall give notice to the chairman of All committees of Tho common Council and he shall traits Mil All papers to the Board of aldermen when necessary for their concurrence. He shall preserve and keep in suitable files All papers which pro pet i y belong to Tho com Mon Council and shall Call on the City Clatk for such stationary is May to necessary for them and shall generally perform All such duties a my be prescribed of him by the Board of common Council or by the City Council. Approved March 2c, 1855. No. 5. An ordinance providing for the appointment and prescribing the duties of City solicitor. Be it ordained by the i by Council of the City of Hidle Ord. As Fol Losas Section 1. Tho City Council shall annually in Tho month of March or april cd Torso a solicitor Ltd agent for said City who shall to an attorney at Law and who shall it Mcmo Kublo it Tho pleasure of the cite Council. Sit. 2. It shall to Tho duty of snid solicitor to draft All Bonds deeds and other instruments which Tny to required of him by any Ordinario or by order of the mayor aldermen or City Council for said City and which by Law us no re or arc cont Aro to to drown it to cipo Nso of Tho City. It shall Bohi duty to draft any ordinance when required thereto by Tho mayor the City Council or Citler Brunch or any Cote Mitto thereof also to commence und Proso Cuto and Ruit for a broach of Tho by inns and ordinances of Slid City when requested by Tho mayor also my other suit by order of Tho mayor in waking or bar direction of the City Council or account of any of Tho estate rights priv Ibgos claims or Der Nan of the City i Ami to Jeff d nil actions and suits brought or to he brought Ngui Nat the City or any officer thereof wherein any of the estate rights privileges ordinances orders or acts of Tho City government or any Branch thereof a Nebo brought in question before any court ii this state. And the snid solicitor shall also when required furnish Tho mayor Alderman or common Council of said City or any joint or special committee there Quot with his Quot Pinion on tiny Legal subject whirl May to submitted to him and to shall Render proves Ina and Vico to la overseers of Tho poor a 6. An ordinance establishing the office of City physician. Beit ordained by the pity Council of the City of Biddeford As follows Thoro shall to annually elected by Tea City Council in Tho month of Marob or april a City physician whose duty it shall he to have an ovo Reighton Tho health of tha poor to Intond upon Tho paupers of Tho City when sick and in need of medical Aid and to Render them Auch Aid and Amish such nod icings As May be necessary and he shall receive such sum in full for Hia services and medicines is Tho City Council shall annually Dover mine. Approved March 2g, 1855. No. 7. An for the appointment of com Mission re of streets and defining their duties. Be it ordained by the City Council of Ike City of Biddeford a follows sect. 1. There shall to annually elected by tha City Council Ono or Moro commissioners of Roa a and streets and oath of said commissioners shall be sworn to the faithful performance of his duty and shall roce Ivo such compensation As the City Council shall establish and shall to remove bloat their pleasure and if either of said offices shall become vacant by a Cathy resignation Oroth Criso Thoy shall forthwith elect another Porson. Sect. 2. It shall be the duty of each commissioner of streets to Auto intend Tho gooral Stato of the St roots and reads Sido walks and lanes in Hia District to attend to Tho repairs of Tho Samo and Tomiko All contracts for labor and materials therefor and to give notice to to mayor or to Tho City marshal of any nuisance obstructions or encroachments thereon to superintend the building and repair of any Drain a ewer or Reservoir in his District and to Mako contracts for labor and materials for Tho Samo to Taka to general Enre of All Carls and his general care of All carts teams owned by Tho cily to be used in District except such As shall to kept for the use of fahd City farm and to Mako All no pcs enry arrangements for cleaning the streets and disposing of Tho manure in his District sect. 3. All the Powers vested in and duties required of Road commissioners by the Laws of this Santo to and Thoy Are vested in and required of each commissioner of streets within his District and any damage or expense which the City May sustain in consequence of Tho Gross neglect of duty on the part of either commissioner of , shall to paid by him and each shall perform such duties in his said offices As the cily Council May require. A Isact. 4. Each commissioner of streets shall Settle and pay All accounts contracted in Tho discharge of his official duties by funds to Quot to supplied him from Money raised and appropriated for that purpose and he shall give Bond for Tho faithful application of nil funds entrusted to him and shall in a via mount of his receipts and of Senait tires and Lay the Samo Taforo the committee on too Hunt for Ali or examination and allowance sovino time prior to Tho Sec Ond monday of March annually which committee shall report Tho Samo to Tho City Council and each of them Hull Mako himself acquainted with Tho lines and Bounds of Tho roads and streets within Iris District and they or either of them May Mako such arrangements with the ovo scors of the poor fur procuring labor and materials from the City Furm As Tho interests of Tho City May require and May Havo Tho teams kept and men boarded it said farm upon such term is shall to agreed upon fest Ween them or either of them and said overseers. Sect. 5. It shut be Tho duty of each commissioner of streets to so that no on crash mints Aro mud upon any Street Square Lane or ground of Tho cily by fences buildings or otherwise within Bis Slitni s und any encroachment shall Here after be made upon the same und Tho party making Tho sumo shall neglect or Foluso to remove Tho same it shall to the duty of Tho commissioner of streets in Whoso limits the encroachment is Rande to Causo Tho person so offending to to prosecuted and to Nui Sanco abated. Approved March 26, 1855. No. 8. An ordinance to regulate the use of the streets. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Bill Dejard a follow Section 1. No person shall Rido on horse Back or drive a horse or horses attached to n Carriage of any description or Causo them to he driven through any part of Tho City in wards 2, 3, 4, 5 and g within a half a mile southwesterly from and parallel with the River upon an in Moderato gait on Pons to of two dollars. Sect. 2. The mayor and aldermen May appoint from Timo to Timo it their discretion is Many stands for trucks carts Wagon or sleds As they May think requisite und no owner or Driver of any such vehicle shall permit Tho same to Arnd in any Street unless in a stand so appointed on penalty of Ono Dollar. Sect. 3. Every person who shall to concerned in hauling or removing any House store or other building through any Street without permission of Tho mayor or without giving Bond to the City to Tho satisfaction of Tho mayor to indemnify the City for All damages sustained thereby shall forfeit not less than five nor Moro than Twenty dollars. Sect. 4. No Porson shall expo so any Arvicio of g it ods for Sale at auction in any Street Lane or on any sidewalk without a written permit from Tho mayor on penalty of Firo dollars. Sect. 5. When Lacavo shall to granted to any person to occupy any part of a Street for building or other purpose such person shall before occupying the Samo erect or cause to to erected around Tho part to be occupied a suitable Fence and also to keep a Lun Tern burning during Tho night in a conspicuous place to prevent injury to persons animals or vehicles passing Tho premises. Sect. G. No person shall play it the grime j Bati it not a Hill. Or strike any Hull i with a Bat ror throw any stones bricks. Approved March 20, 1s55 no. 3. A w is ordinance establishing a system of a traced directly Homo to that cause can \ of Quot the liability in the expenditures of the City but ithe sail Hilory of Many of thaw who Are Garden but the Ordinary herbage of the Field be it ordained by the City Council of the City of a offering famine in this City at Thia moment. U in Urt Ltd to Contact with Guinn. I Asci jews there i another cause another great the cum. Middle the guano was sowed in the Middle of Section 1 no Money shall to paid out Iaci Tor Armor to Pointer Over. Ing March two up Cei. One on the North and of the City Treasury except on order Uta want of Aci Attitio education for Farmers the other on tha South aide of of my House i Druso Aud signed by the mayor Dea Ignat Vii v to in Etc twi i to a nor or not t $ a a officers of the cite government who Muy re e,ul1"�?T,now�?� 0,.h,r z7 quire his opinion in my subject touching i up i1 ,6 or ,u.r1� of Annj feb la the duties of their respective offices nor fire any Cockcr car sect. 3. It shall be Tho duty of raid pets or other Firo work Marie of Gan pow solicitor to account for and pay Over to to ? Volt or of in 0,he City treasurer All Donie by him retired 1 f5�, a Quot a red Tronu nor any Ore arms for Cost in any pan caution or suit wherein Hadid Voith powder and Hall or powder or the City is or Muy be interested and said other danger tip con in Oati Ion Sivo and of solicitor .ll receive in fell for Hias Vire Quot a execution of the Laws this City under a penalty of one Dollar. Approved Monk 29,1855. No. 9. An ordinance providing for the appointment of police officers. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Biddeford a Folia tee Section 1, the City Marshall with the approbation of the mayor and aldermen May appoint police offie ors not exceeding ten in number who shall be removable at Tho pleasure of who mayor and aldermen end unless removed shall bold their office until tha third monday of Moreh succeeding their appointment. Sac. 2. Tha police officers shall to tha utmost of their Power preserve tha Public pesos and prevent All Nota disorders and unlawful Prasi Loes we in Tea City. They a Hall be under the direction of to City marshal and shall perform such Polios duty Asha May require of them by night or by Day and the marshal May employ one or More of said Polico As a night watch for such periods of rime and upon Sueh Beata Asho May appoint provided Hote Ever that in no ease Are the services of the polio to be require d so of to exceed the amount appropriated by the City Council for their pay. Sect. 3. To City marshal shall furnish Tho Polico with suitable badges of office which shall he worn by Thorn on All proper occasions. They shall report to the marshal weekly Tho Days and number of hours in each Day actually employed by them on police duty stating on Whoso Call for what Pur pose and with what result and the mar Siml shall report Tho same monthly to the mayor and aldermen with Hie approval of such ser Rico As an allowance should be Mado Lor and Tho amount of such allowance. Sect. 4. Police officers shall Roccio for their services such compensation As Tho May or and aldermen May from rime to time determine and allow. Approved March 20, 1855. No. 10. An ordinance providing for the payment of accounts. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Bride Ford a follow e Section 1. All accounts against the City requiring Tho action of Tho City Council before payment shall to examined and allowed by Tho committee on accounts who shall from time to Timo report a Roll of the Samo arranged under the several Heads of appropriation with an order for their pay mint and Elnra the same shall have been finally allowed by Tho City Council and an order passed providing for their payment Tho mayor shall draw Iris warrants on the treasurer for Tho amount under each appropriation and shall deliver the Samo to the treasurer taking Iris receipt therefor and Tho mayor shall also cause to be a Book to to kept for that purpose the Rolls of accounts As the same Are allowed by Tho City Council with a suitable Blank for the receipt of those to whom allowances Havo been in 4o, and shall deliver the same to Tho treasurer. Ducr. 2. Tito to insurer shall to accountable lot Tho payment of All Rolls of accounts for which to has received orders for pay mint and when the same Are finally paid by him shall receive full allowance therefor. Sect. 3. The committee on accounts shall when reporting a Roll of accounts accompany Tho Samo with Tho vouchers by them examined which vouchers of All accounts allowed shall remain on file with the City clerk. Approved March 2c, 1855, no. 11. An ordinance establishing a fire depart mint. Part meet shall weat Asiaa suitable badge when on Doty to be determined upon by Tot engineers. Sit. 8. Pie chief Engineer shall employ Home to notable person or persons to take care of tha reservoirs and shall direct and authorise All repairs of the engines and apparatus approved of by the assistant engineers. Sect. 9. The engineers and Mataban of Tho fire department shall be allowed snob Compon Svahn for car Viola As Tea City conned May from time to time determine and allow. Sect. 10. The chief Engineer shall certify to All Bills for services rendered by members of tha fir department at any fire and to All Billa of repairs and other expanses of Tea fire department pertaining of the fire apparatus Bof Ratha ass Are presented to Tea committee of accounts Lor allowance. No. 12. An ordinance relating the laying out and altering Public ways and streets. Btu a bks City Council of the City of Huid Rford As follows Section 1. Whon application is made to the City Council to Lay out and establish any new Street or Public Way or to alter any Street or Publio Ray and tha City Council shall direct an order of notice upon such application it Hull be Tho duty of Tho City clerk to cause a written notice of the intention of the City Council to Lay out or alter the same stating the Termini of such Publio Way or Street and notifying All persons interested to appear at a stated Timo and Placo before a commit co of Tho City Council having that matter in charge to to potted up in two or More Publio places in the City in Tho Vicinity of Tho proposed Way or Street seven Days at least before the time of mooting of Tho Cor Mittoo aforesaid. Sect. 2. No Public Way or Street shall to established As Laid out or altered until such laying out or a iteration with the hound and a measurement of the same shall Hyvo Boon reported to the City Council and us Cep cd and allowed at a regular mooting thereof nor unless Sueh laying out or alteration with the Bounds and a measurement aforesaid shall Hava been filed with Tho City clerk seven Davs before such mooting approved March 26, 1853. Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Biddeford As follows Section. 1. The fire department shall for Tho present consist of three Firo wards who a Hall lie chosen annually by Tho City Council and shall to culled Engineer of the Firo department and As Many online Mon Hose men and Houk and ladder Mon to to divided into companions Tho nut flier of engines and Tho number and Quantity of Tho in to the other Firo apparatus belonging shall from Ticino to Timo require. To Tho City fire such sum As the Citer Council shall think 1 or for Tho destruction of Somo dangerous on Ward first Clisson shall to chief Engineer. Tho second. First Assi tent Engineer Tho third second assistant Engineer. And said engineers shall Porforio Tho duties required of and shall exercise the Powers conferred upon Firo wards. By the Laws of Tho site. Sect. 2. Each company May organize by choosing a Foreman two assistant fore men and clerk and May adopt such rules und regulations for their government As they May deem expedient subject however to Tho approbation of Tho chief Engineer and the mayor and aldermen and a copy of such rules shall to deposited with Tho City clerk. Sect. 3. In All cases of Firo Tho Chol Engineer shall have the Sola and a Solute control and comte and Over Tho other engineers and other members of Tho department and in lbs once of Tho chief Engineer the next aah mutant Engineer in rank who May he present shall have the Powers and perform the Samo duties that belong to and Ere required of the Clief Engineer. Sect. 4. It shall to Trio duty of Tho chief Engin Cor at least once a month and also Wii in three Days after every fire to examine into Tho condition of nil Tho fire apparatus belonging to the City and see that to same is in suit ibo order Lor instant service. To shall on or before Tho 2nd monday of March annually report to the City Council the Stuto of the said apparatus Tho service performed by the department during the year and All who accidents by Firo which May have happened in the City with the cause thereof so far As they Oan to ascertained. Sect. 5. It shall to Tho Doty of the members of Tho fire department any Firo shall break out in the City forthwith to repair to their respective in genes and other apparatus to convey the same to or near Tho i Ico where Trio Firo m to he to place themselves under Tho control of Tho chief and other engineers and upon Porr Biasion from the chief or presiding Engineer in an orderly manner to return such engines and a Jar utus to their respective places of Deposit provided. That in a a no f nil the engineers such permission and ill orders shall proceed from their re Yective foremen. Sect. 0. Etch company of engine men or Man ticks of the Firo returning from any fire shall cd of their respective engines and other apparatus to be Well cleansed and washed oiled and securely housed and Between the month of april end november both inclusive shall take out How bad will not Bloom without air. Comuso a Mobil attic Abs to comic a to Cirr. A a dear Mamma please to let to go with you to Day it is so Long since i was out and the Sun look very very warm and Bright and. Only think Mamma i saw Ono Little Bird to Day and you said when the Birds came i should Quot it is too Chilly for you to go yet Darling and Yon have not quite lost your cold Quot said the Mother languidly and then closing Iho a Loor la Tho i Het constant Imler not to let miss Alice go out of the Nursery As she was in a burning feet and wondering what could give the child such a ten Letroy la Oroliu a he sealed herself in her Carriage and nodding gaily to the flushed entreating face it the Nursery window was soon deeply engaged in making morning let us return to fhe Nursery where still sits the Little one it the window eagerly watching the children As. They Pas a some returning from school a to we Ith Haskia picking up Inife pieces of nobody know what Ami others out for a walk a All Well Ami apparently Happy. And the wonders Why it is any More Necess Ary Lor her than for them to stay in n single room All Wilny for fear of catching cold a not but the Nursery i a very pleasant and pretty room a not hut she has every thing Money can Purchase to make her Happy but the pleasure that her child nature most craves and Long for the pure fresh air i denied her. She is kept m a room hot enough to kill and adult if constantly confined Thero Sasho has been fur weeks. If we Pas Over a few Days we Aee the same lady by the Side of a Little bed her eyes swollen with weeping. The Little sufferer it contains is now beyond to o reach of care or Hope. Tho free Nir of heaven for which she pined Tho affection of a Mother who has Here offered an awful sacrifice of Blind and murderous custom neither can Aid her now in withstanding the great conqueror. Fixing her Large Eye first on Tho Blue sky Ami then on her Mother she asks a Are there Flowers in heaven dear the though of the Sweet Bud she is about to Loso mingles in and inspires a tender Quot yes Quot Quot then i would like to die for god would let me live out among them and i should to Happy but Why do you cry Mother i am better now please take me to the window dear and with her Eye fixed on the Cler Bright by her spirit take its flight a another seed sown another Flower to Blossom in the Garden of heaven. Be and another added to the number of Little ones whose feeble frames cannot Bear the close and heated atmosphere of our Hothouse nurseries who visit Earth from an upper a hero Only Long enough to find a so engrossed with the gods of this a to cast irom of most recklessly and harshly the Angels who would beguile is unawares to a holier and truer life. Another Butl choked from it Stem that might have fired and bloomed. Another infant death to be recorded another narrow Home another Little Mound to be raised on which tardy affection shall Plant and the heaven shall perfect Flowers whose every it Etal should to enough of Point Ulo our Lolly whose every Leaf and Twig shall freely wave in the breath of Tho passing wind As if mocking the Relio of frail humanity beneath. Alaa a i could Only find in death a More ill ventilated Homo than it had had in life. The grave is alone potent to aug get a greater satire upon our coasted civilization than does every Dave a existence Bessie. Reasonable. And .never it Nav become nor Apon Minlu j 0c. I. A nce Ossar to have then id of additional coun full a Wluka to or on Board any Thor re a a tic eng inca and Ankara to. For Sel. In the opinion of City government nor shoot with Bow and Arrow or often As the chief Engineer May such counsel tray be at Tho 04h"ln>truraent, when raid direct not exceeding onco a Arooth and at of to citv1 i shooting or thru fing would Endon tar least once in two Ino. Tha. Approved Krch 26,1855. The Ufa or property of any inhabitant of sect. 7. All members of tha fire do a Vert Niel wat to Cook chickens. Cut the Chicken up put it in n pan and cover it Over with water let a i Stow a a usual and when done make a thickening of Cream anti flour adding a piece of hotter and in a per and Salt have Mado and baked a pair of Short cakes made a for pie Crest but rolled thin and Cut in a mall squares. This i ranch better than Chicken pie and More simple to make. The crusts should be Laid Oti a Isiah and the Chicken and Gravy put Over it while both Are hot. Cost or a pm. Pliny Cooley in Palmer a been Fried $17.46 for kissing or. Mary m. Clark against her will upon this the Don Juan of the Springfield Republican i non density Sayat Quot we know damsels Over there who Mike a fun about Inch a Little

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