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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 16 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - April 16, 1858, Biddeford, MaineFri i 44eternal hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of a a Louis o. Coax editor amp proprietor. I Felt Anion in if Serra journal a hni3<dlilmhaotfflttcjl�_ Biddeford me. April 16, 1858. Vol. Xiv no. 16. A a every Friday morning Coc Tuu room is bombs blocs j a tort ,.nddsfcrt, Mains Aud ten owl Mimi. Jub �r-1 card Natii Sissy Tod Stltt a a Udu palate a a. Ujj if i a Fri it Atlantia Mouth . Telling the bees. 1. O. Wait tier. Lift is the Plaro fight Over the Hill runs the path 1 took you can a the Gap in the old Wall still and the stepping stones in the shallow Brook. There a the House with the Gate red barred. And the poplars tall and the Barnes Brown length and the cattle Jirard and the White horns toe sing above the Wall. There Are the Bee hive ranged in the Sun and Down the Brink of the Brook Are her poor Flowers Weed of Errun Pansy and Daffodil Rose and Pink. A Vear has gone As the Tortoise goes Pleavy and alow and the tame Rose blows and the same Sun glows and the same Brook sings of a year ago. There a the same Sweet Lover Amell in the Brease and the june Sun warm Tanglee his wings of Are in the Trees netting As then Over Fernside farm. I mind me How with a lovers care from Tuv sunday boat i brushed Olf the burrs and smoothed hair and cooled at the Arroo tide brow and Throat since we parted a month had to love a Vear a Down throw the Breech be i looked at last on the Little red Gate and the Well sweep near. 1 can see it All now a the slant Wise rain of Light through the leaves the Sundown s Blase on her window pane. The Bloom of her roses under the eaves. Juat the same As a month before a the House and the Trees. The Barnes Brown Gable the Vine the door nothing changed but the hives of the bees. Before them under the Garden Wall. Forward and Back. Went drearily singing the chore girl Small drap tug each hive with a shred of Black. Trembling i listened the summer Sun 11 so the chill of Snow for 1 knew she was a telling the bees of one one on the journey we All must go then i said to myself a Mary weeps for the dead to Day Lla ply her Blind old grandsire Sleepe 1 he fret and the pain of his age away. But her dog whined Luw on the doorway Sill. With his Cane to his Chin. The old wan sat j and the chore girl still Hung to the bees stealing out Aud in. And the song she was singing Ever since in ear sounds on a a a stay at Home pretty bees Fly not hence mistress Mary is dead and gone a stir la or jul . Or j. H. Mur Aikaw. A modest and exceedingly pretty Young on per annul or Giro if paid Wii Ibia girl plainly attired entered one of the . Quot a Quot of Quot Kubu a Arnith b Alore on a Street and awing that a Gen Leinau waa engaged with the pro v. S. Fausta the american newspaper agent. Lathe Prit Tor the timidly shrunk a aide near the 5.d�?~> Udo Al a a a a did it it Leisure. The a it rred to Tak Aad Auhorn poem at Distant were also occupied with custom Chi and Tagi of a Quot drum and Quot appear once showed them Bri Odiay a Muruin. / a Law a. N. W. Crew or to Btry to belong to the Cassa of the Rich and she was a uttered to remain for Aonie tune standing there before the could be attended to. The gentleman who win a Hue Noble looking person with a remarkably polished address seeing her waiting courteously stood aside Aud said to the Goldsmith a do not occupy yourself with me now or. Boochard i can examine these watches myself Whilo you see what this Young person wants who has been waiting so Long and so patiently to get an Opportunity to speak to a what do you want. Miss a asked the Goldsmith with a look that conveyed a reproof to her for interrupting him while engaged with a customer of More value. The girl hesitatingly approached the counter and taking from her bosom a Small Gold clasp Bent Over to him Aud a Aid in a Low trembling voice a i wish you would be to kind a to keep this a few Days and let Ute have seven dollars on Low a Ahe spoke her soft trembling ones reached the Cara of col. Mchenry i the gentleman who was present and he turned to observe her face Aud hear the reply of the Goldsmith to this timid and painfully uttered request. The Goldsmith took the clasp scornfully Between his fingers and throwing it Down said sharply to Here a this is no pawnbrokers shop girls and if it was that thing is not Worth two a it is of inestimable value to me sir indeed it u the Only thing valuable that 11 have a said Ahe earnestly and her Cheek slightly flushed at the rude Uia Lucr of the rpm v. �?o1 d Don t know what you May value it at,1 he Taid with a cold laugh glancing at col. Mchenry whom he saw severely eyeing him. �?o1 would not like to give you six shillings for but sir a plead the girl unconscious of being overheard a i must have seven dollars to Day and 1 have no other Way of getting it. I was in Hope sir that you might let me have the sum of in 1 will certainly come Back and take it up 1 Tell you a answered he angrily a i keep no pawnbrokers shop go to the a they wont give to but two dollars and i want a and so you think to get it out of me a the Young girl was about to speak again but a if not knowing what further argument to urge hesitated and was turning a lowly away when she checked Hersell and a gain Apolis to sir she said in a thrilling tone of Earnest entreaty a Mother is lying very ill and our Reul is due at l i of clock to Day and the persons we sew for having disappointed us in our pay i have no other re a a Irin likable custom brought Froid the old source than tills of sir will you take this country formerly prevailed in the Rural districts clasp Only for a few Days and 1 Wilt thu of now in gland. On the death of a member of pay a us a the family the bees were at once informed of the m Boochard Fet that col. Mchenry a event and their hives dressed in mourning.�?1 i ceremonial a a supposed Tobe necessary to Eye were n poo him a ailing an Ana to. Prevent the in trim fro i leaving their hive and and to her Wisma him to think him it mail of seeking a new Home. Life a poetry. The proudest poetry of youth is a a would i were Quot a Man Quot the Golden years that lie Between youth like s dream would Span tis in it thought a tis in its ass Rte a tis Ever on its Tongue but of a the poetry of see 1 this a a ill Aeu j Young Quot thus in the morn of life our set would Distant pathway and the Sun still face to face we Greet. The that tort foil Bokil but when the morn of life is Over and nature grows less kind the length King Shadow creeps before the Lua Hyat Falls Uku i f with Many a Munner slow end sad. The Stream of life flows on that which we prised not whew w a is doubly prised team Pons f and Many s sad and solemn truth lies written on life a Page Between the Quot poetry of Youta a Aud a up try of what i live for. I live for those who love me. Whose hearts Are kind and True for heaven that smiles above us and Waits spirit too. For All the human tie that bind me for All the task that god assigned me for the Bright Hopes left behind me. And the Good that 1 can do. I live to learn they Story who suffered for Sake to emulate their glory had follow in their Wake bards patriots martyrs sages. The Noble of All age. Whose deed crowd history a pages Aud tunes great volume makes. 1 Uve to hold communion with All that is divine a twist natures heart sad mine to profit affliction la top truth from Fields of action grow Wiser from conviction. And Lull la each grand design. I live to Hail that season gifted minds foretold we hrs men shall rals reason and not alone Gold when Man to a United. And every wrong thing righted. The whole world shall be lighted a Deu was of old. Be Centle with thy wife. No a sent new. Be 1 of a a you Little know How assay total. Rise although to thee they May be Saull 1 o her of Gunt Sis. Be gentle though perchance that lip May speak s murmuring tone the heart May Best with tis Luiu sat. And Jey to be thine Ewe. 7 be gentle weary hours of pain a to woman Slot to Bear than Field her what support thou can. And All her sorrows share. Be gentle for the noblest hearts at time May have seme grief and even in a Pettish word May seek to and Relief. Be gentle for Utah Miacha now May rout an angry storm. That All the sitar years of life la vain May strive to Calm. Be gentle none Are perfect thou it dearer far than life then husband Bear and still forbear be gentle to Wile. Business which meant in his notion a Man without a heart to answered promptly and sternly a do you think to arc simpletons Here to throw away Money in this Way a if you Havo nothing More to say please stand aside for customers. Well colonel what do you think of those ? they Are Tho latest importations Lull jewelled and warranted in ail Pouls. I will sell you the Oue just Laid Down for our Hundred Aud Tuety Livo the gentleman however was not heeding him but watching the Young Gul whom he saw leaving the counter with a heavy drooping step and approaching the door. Her face had struck him for its Sweet intelligent loveliness and her modesty had for him us Charm but her plea of poverty deeply interested his feeling and enlist Tel his sympathies in her behalf. He silently observed the Progress of the interview with him with emotions of coulempt1 for one and pity for the other. Her baud was of the Knob of the door when advancing towards Here a you asked i believe for seven dollars Quot to said with a gentle interest in his tone that at once awakened nope in her heart Aud again brought Light to her eyes and the Hue to her Cheeks As Sho Dilfia cutly answered a yes sir i should not have been so urgent a a none too much so. There is a ten Dollar Noie i 1 Havo to smaller a sir you Are too kind Quot a a not a word. I am Happy to do you a a take the clasp sir though i am ashamed to offer it to you Sucu the Gull Ems a ays it is so valueless. But to me it is As valuable As Lile and i foolishly thought it must be so to a i do not want it child Quot said Mchenry feelingly putting Tho hand aside while she urged it upon him. A indeed sir you must take it for i shall feel in some degree under obligations to a stranger. Besides 1 wish to Call and redeem it. Will you give me your address sir a and a she spoke to still declining Tho jewel she Laid it on the show Box. A to no matter but if you Lasist it i the United mute a a la Bank you sir you can never know the Blessing to others that will follow your kindness to me thus speaking and looking upon him with an expression of gratitude i her tearful Eye she left the Bop forgetting the clasp which she left upon the show Case. A will you look at Ono of these watches now col Mchenry 7 supercilious asked the Goldsmith i condemned a Yew. A no sir a answered the gentleman sternly and taking his gloves and Cane walked irom the shop of Tho avaricious Goldsmith who too close to risk a undo to relieve the wants of a poor family had probably lost a Large amount the purchases i wealthy customers might have made As Well own sell respect such As it was for avarice always sinks into its own Shell before the Broad Sun of Benevolence. A a Noe there goes a Man who throws away Hia Money upon vagrants while i keep Mike to support Tuy family Quot said Tho Goldsmith looking after him. A the Juuls to a miser and i think him a fool. 0, Here is the altered a wild hysterical laugh and fell his clasp after All she left it for him on the i length in convulsions on Tho floor showcase and he was too proud to take it to was a few week afterwards taken away if he saw it. Is Ven dollars it is from his prison and tried for perjury but not Worth inure than i his reason forsook him and instead of i lie to opened it As he spoke and taking up prison he is now ruling in a a Sharp instrument tried the firmness of the thus was avarice and parsimony and India Gold. Terence to the suffering of the poor Pun a it is Good old mexican Gold. It might shed in this life. The sets of this selfish have once coat Twenty dollars. A what Man show to All How that acquisitiveness a Star of diamonds within it a a he exclaimed wrongfully directed is fatal to Ita possess As in working about with a Point of Tecl Ora. To discovered a cavity. Twelve Largo i col. Mchenry proved to be a Bachelor diamonds of the purest water this is in and though a Little turned of thirty his heart deed valuable. Let me see they Are Worth was keenly alive to All the finer sensibilities at least five Hundred dollars a list to ask of our nature. He could feel for the Down so Little ? no no she could not either for trodden poor and sympathise with the in Ahe would not let it go for so Small a sum fort Nalo. To this Trutlin none could More or else asked for nearer its value. 1 sup positively attest than Tho Young Friend of pose she was ignorant of the cavity which the Golden clasp fur Eru two Moons had i detected an Accident. She bus stolen waned Sho rejoiced in Trio Tup tonic title of it and never will return for mrs. Col. Mchenry surrounded Wii i Oil a nah a Abraham Boochard thou Hast Tho appearance of wealth that a grateful made a Good evenings work of it who said heart could enjoy or even wish exulting to himself. I her poor afflicted Mother waa Well pro then looking around among his shop video for when Sho Sonu recovered her boys to see if he was observed to carefully health and happiness and Prosperity smiled yet with a cheerful air locked the clasp in upon All. Ins private drawer and taking out Tho key a a a a placed it in his pocket. He had hardly done so Wen col. Mchenry re entered and without speaking or even looking at him cast his eyes upon the show Case for the clasp which he recollected after going out extract from Fessenden a speech. Sir let inc Tell the Prici ident of the United slates and All others that Tho of. Position to slavery in this country is now i the Young girl had Laid Down but did not ,t to Wea a not a. It sex take up again and to he returned Back for. U. Abr Uro Ocbo re. Very a Lvi a Lution. A where b engaged in Tho . To Tiren a jul of �1> Doeskin coverings and preserved silence its in Tho states not a desire to Lutc Rafure hut a do coverings and ignorance. At length col. Mchenry spoke a that Young person Laid her clasp on this Case sir which i neglected to take up. It is a pity it should to lost she valued it so a the clasp. Of i Havo not seen it sir. She took it up t a did you see her a a yes a yes. I had eyes upon her and said at the same time you a never see your ten dollars or the clasp the gentleman eyed him steadily an instant Aud then glancing around the showcase again us if in search of it he quilted the shop. Chapter ii. Several Days elapsed and col. Mchenry had quite forgotten the circumstance we have just narrated when As lie was Leisure passing along the Street to Felt ills sleeve suddenly pulled some one he heard running behind him and looking around he beheld with a Cheek glow ing with the Pursuit the girl he had seen at the Goldsmiths a to sir i am to Happy to have found you a who said at onco addressing him As he a topped and with pleasure listened to her. �?o1 was at length enabled to get pay and other work have earned enough to repay Ion the ten dollars you so kindly gave you done to know the Good you did the suffering you relieved the Ovil you timely adverted. Here is the Money a nay Good girl i do not want it. I made you a present of it at the time and did not expect you to return it. I am How. Ever glad to find you have the disposition to do so and that i was not deceived in estimation of a you must take it a she said with ingenuous earnestness. A i should be distressed to be longer under to an entire stranger. Be very glad to have clasp if you a did you not take it from the Case where you Laid it Down a he asked with much Surprise and justly directed suspicion. A no sir indeed sir i Hope it is not lost. It is of countless value to me. It was Given me a a Al a sweetheart added he smiling. A the is now dead air a she added with overflowing eyes. A you do Well to value it. I did not take it up. Are you sure you left it there Quot a Les sir hoping you would take it and keep it till i paid you the a Well child i have not got it but i believe the Goldsmith has. Let us go to on their arrival at the shop or. Brooch Ard denied Ever having seen it Sinco she pecuniary obligation beside sir 1 would Progress Over Tho Freo territories of this country because it is believed to to n cup. Although that sentiment was covered up in the ashes of the Compromise of 1850, buried so deep that it seemed As if it would never again Spring into life you yourself re humid it iou added Luc to Iho Sparks that were uric you kindled Tho sentiment into a flame you have been heaping combustible material unit from that Duy to the presi it until at last you Urc in a fair Way to make it a conflagration. Upon you to the consequence if it be so. It is not for Tho president to cry a peace a at the consummation of an outrage when the very beginning of it excited the detestation of the Community in which lie was Horn and bred. But sir we go further than that. That is to to Tho consequence on tie one Side. What is to Boon Tho other to Are told that we Are to have a crisis and Tho Union is to to dissolved. I expressed opinion on that topic four years Ngo. We have had Resolution in the newspapers from the Siatt of Alabama that if Kali ans shall not be pm milled under this Lecompton Constitution it would be time to look about and see How this Union could hold together. To have Hudt stated in one or two other of the slates of the Mouth. We have had it from the honorable senator from Mississippi or. La Row and from other senators. They Tell us that there will he a crisis the moment the people of this country get divided into parties North and South of a question that is important to them and Tho people of the North Triumph it Lam polls under Tom Constitution then lie Tiiu liar strive the crisis has come when the Union Ialo be dissolved. Sir if 1 did not think it was to to a very serious int tar in some Respecta i could laugh at the idea. At any rate it reminds me of a Story familiar to you All probably though i never saw it until yesterday. This disposition which gentlemen have on All occur sinus to get up u crisis whenever anything looks against their Peculiar views nth a subject and to inform us that the time Lus arrived with the idea that Tho peo Plo can be frightened from their propriety is illustrated a Story which 1 saw in them spa Pera something like this a celebrated general in Tho last War is four in one of the Battles on the Advance to the City of Mexico to have Rode up to cup twin Duncan who was in charge of n Battery and with n very grave and sober face told him a a Captain Dunican fire the crisis has Duncan turned to his men with matches Oil lighted and ready and gave the order to fire. Ail old artillerymen walked up to him and said a Captain i do not see an pm within Range of our guns w list shall we lire it a a fire at the crisis a wus the response a did you not hear the general any the crisis Ltd come ? fire it went out and a a he saw her take it with laughter so it is with gentlemen 1 her and place it in her bosom As she left the shop. The Young lady tur Neif Pale and was inconceivably distressed. A come with me. I will find Tho clasp for you a said col. Mchenry offering her think in reference to this matter. They Are always charged and ready to fire it crises. I believe it has arrived half a dozen times within recollection. What i wish to say on that Point is that i ins and leaving the Goldsmiths with look on with great seriousness but without her. A particle of apprehension. To in Tho free �?o1 do Hope i shall find it sir a Ahe said states Havo rights under the Constitution of As they walked along. A it was Roberts the United states and we have determine lust gift. It was Given him in Cuba a Tion enough to in Lorca and Suatrin Rich lady whose Lile to saved rescuing we arc not to to driven trom the position her from the water. He was a Sailor sir we have assumed any threats of a disband had Little to leave me hut his memory eruption of the Union. We have Iio Partick and poor clasp. A air if it is lost i Lar pretentious exclamation to utter w Ith a Hall never forgive myself for uttering to regard to our attachment to it. I it that Pudge in but sir our extremity was very attachment be proved our works. We great. A will stood the Union of this country so col. Mchenry stopped with her at a Long us it is Worth standing and let me justices Tolice and briefly and clearly made suy to gentlemen the moment the time Arlos complaint and in a very few minutes lives when it is to be used As ail argument or. Or Orchard was brought into the presence to us a you must yield on a question which of the magistrate. To appeared to be in you Cunt i it Ier vital to Toucin tomcat and your great trepidation and was paleas ashes rights or we shall Lake in assures to dissolve Lor lie had been suddenly taken without the Union a answer is that if we do warning from behind his counter leaving yield the Union has ceased to Hutc any his shop i charge of his assistants. Col. Value to me. To Long As i Aland upon Mchenry and the Young lady being sworn Amer Cuti soil n Freeman Wii i equal rights deposed that they had lust seen Tho Clamp of with others mid Power to enforce them a the show care where each went out and cording to ability unrestricted Urc left it. The former further deposed that he strained and too this Union is had not gone three Steps from the door vol Uahle to to hut when that hour comes before he returned and found it missing when that privilege no longer exists when St Iii no Ono in the Vicinity but i hold inv rights the tenure of yielding thu Goldsmith was then called upon to to weak years i am willing to see any con sworn As to his knowledge of Tho facts sequences follow so far As 1 am concerned to approached Tho stand where Tho magi or so tar As people Are concerned. Let Trato Belt the lib la and Laid his hands of no gentlemen indulge themselves with the it we a a perceptible tremor of his whole Hope that All these resolutions passed body but love of Money waa stronger than Southern Legislatures about Diao Olving the the fear of Tho Law and he took Tho oath. Union and All these mass meetings held for it appeared As if he would sink through Llie the same purpose Anil All intimations thrown floor when he took it but the Moi but to out Here to the same a Fleck Are to produce was done he recovered his audacity. J any possible result so tar a the determine at this moment an officer who at the Tion of free state men a concerned on this suggestion of col. Mcl Leury had been Pri-1 question. Vat uly Destt Stcloud the Justice with a the senator from Mississippi spoke of search warrant to the shop of the Goldsmith compromises that had bib made and said now entered and placed something in Tho lie wanted no More compromises. Sir i magistrates baud alter briefly whispering want no More compromises on this Milter to Jiuu agree with him that there have been com a did you Ever see this Gold ornament before a added the magistrate holding up the Gold clasp before the Young lady a eyes. A to it is clasp a she cried springing Forward. A a yes it is the same a Snaw Rod the colonel. A and did Youey or Sec it before Quot demanded the Justice sternly Bolding it in the direction of the Goldsmith who had seen it at the first and waa appalled with fear and promises enough. As addressed Toa Northern Man if Tho Senate will allow me to quote poet again and i shall not trouble them much again in that Way it Means this Only a northward it hath this a rate alone that Vou your con Clynce blinding should Bow your fool s use to the Stone when slavery Foci like sir i wish to to ground no More under such compromises. The question that consternation. Instead of replying he ut-1 is presented to the people of this country is a simple question shall slavery with All daughter of the Lile or. Woodward of that its blighting and All its political Power be town. The services were in the Church extended Over Tho free territories of Llie performed Rev. Rulus Ellis of Boston a Union not consent. Never will former pastor. The writer say a i Compromise upon one single Point so far the Church was very beautifully decorate a i sin individually concerned that will Al cd with Flowers and evergreens provided Low what i consider to be a death blow to and arranged the Niemz los Ltd the sunday All to free principles of our institutions to school. The Center is in which were be extended Over one solitary foot of free twelve Callas a Large number of Tea roses soil beneath the circuit of the aun. And other White Flowers mingled with the Rich Green of the Laurel with a full Wreath coloured Flowers at its base was exceedingly Beautiful and lies Ido vases were very pretty. Brides Are said to be always Beautiful but Tho Bride of a a our Church a in her White dress and veil w Ith no ornaments a tvs a few real and fragrant Orange Flowers a. The Dratle it the altar. A Usho stood before the altar Young pure and Beautiful. Thought intellect and go Nina were stamped on that queenly brow and in Thomac flashing eyes. Never had she looked so Beautiful As on that bridal morn. _ a Robe of Burcat while encircled her Lovely to than Beautiful for she is Belov form her Only Orn Omant a White Rote placed old nil he a Quot we or a i a Ito Etc in her dark luxuriant hair. Flint n Lido of n ,�?~cu"0 of do a p interest and Beauty a emotions a a Welling within her bosom As up Cluro we it it inc Pencil of poet a Painter thought after thought rushes through her mind in Quick succession All that Tho oust has known of happiness is present with her now. The joyous hours of childhood Trio Youthful friends who Havo twined like tendrils around the affections of her Young heart a mothers undying Lovo and Enre the deep affection of venerated father the pure Jove of a nolo brother Alio feels keenly that she is leaving per lips forever. Should he upon whose arms she leans prove unkind Scroi Atco from those loved ones to whom can she look for Lovo and sympathy ? it was but a moment the painful thought tilled her mind yet her Bright eyes Are suffused with tears. Sho raises them to the face of the Noble Manly form at her Side and banishes the idea forever and with woman a Confidence and unbounded Lovo pronounces the vow which decides her future happiness or misery. Beautiful being May the dreams of thy Young heart be realized map Tel thou Nerer know the misty of Bligh Ltd injection May he upon whom thy Best it acc tons have been bestowed fondly cherish thee Ond never wound Liec with indifference or neglect May Trio Sunshine of Prosperity beam upon thee May you live holy useful and Happy and when death shall separate you May yen be a Mitred to the Homo of Tho Engels where the roses of love forever Bloom a this piece was copied Iron the ladies repository for August 1850 its author miss a. Crout. Impressed upon our memory forever. An Ilour in the Dritel letter Oiler. Moi Jiuu in sickness. In no situation und under no circumstances does the female character appear to such Edvun tug As when watching beside the bed of sickness. Tho chamber of discuss May indeed to said to be woman a Home. To there behold her in her loveliest most attractive Point of View firm without being liars i tender yet no weak Active yet quiet gentle patient uncomplaining Vigi a female correspondent of life illustrated gives the following a count of a visit to the dead letter office of Washington we had been fortunate enough to pro cure the entree to this place through special favor and influence although As n general thing no visitors Aro admitted. It was Large Light room with two or Turco desks at which were seated need officials in silent occupation among literal Dri it of letters. The Walls were lined on every Sido with huge mail sacks which had been returned full of unclaimed epistles from myriads of Post offices there might have been titty or a Hundred of these sacks and each probably contained thousands on thousands of letters a How rapidly you dispose of them a said i watching Tho lightning Speed with which the clerks Tore open the epistles glanced Over them to Sec that no drafts checks or other important documents were enclosed and then threw them into an immense Heap of open letters at their feet. A it is All in habit May am said the gentleman nearest me. A we Oro accustomed to open n certain number daily and to those who do not understand the expedition and accuracy with which we work would seem utmost As he spoke a tiny Gold ring rolled from the folds of o Rose tinted letter whose pages were evidently written Over a a Cicuto female hand. A a child a to said taking it up a would you like to look it it May am a i took it in hand it wus u fairy circlet j of Virgin Gold w Ith the words Mary to k. In engraved within and wondered who the a Murys was and whether Toni Little be. who never received the tiny Gilt was dead or living. Meanwhile the clerk had been inking n rapid note of Tho signature direction Etc. Lant. Every sympathetic feeling that so j a what will you do with it a 1 inquired re peculiarly graces the feminine character is Turi ing the ring to his care. Hero called Forth while the native strength be Lay All such things aside in of mind which Hus hitherto slumbered Hihi they should he culled activity is. Roused to its fullest a uru they often redeemed a with noise Lesa step Alio moves about the i a not often not onco in a Humbrud in chamber of Tho invalid her listening eur j stance a who replied Ink org a Little Gold Delever Renoly to catch the slightest murmur or from beneath Tho Seal of another Letti r. Her Quick kind glance to interpret Tho laying it carefully on the . Uttered wish and Supply Tho half formed pc stood in silence regarding Trio pile of want. She smooths with careful hand Tho opened letters which was growing higher uneasy Pillow which supports Trio aching with every moment. It we a Strongo mull cad or with Cool bund smooths the fevered ,.y of styles und handwriting. Home were brow or proffers to the glazed and marching a inscribed on huge sheets of Foo Cap in u lip the grateful draught Happy if she meet Maime that conveyed the impression to your one kind glance in payment Lor her labor of Nind Eliut the writer must have grasped his love. Her s is the Low whispered voice pen with Bolli builds and gone it the a per which breathes Ollile and Hope of health is a would dig a Spade into the Earth and in store Tor Happy Days to come or tells of folded with n glorious disregard to Oil Geo better and of heavenly rest where neither j metrical precision others again Wen sorrow nor Dianse can come where the i daintily written on coloured tissue paper and Dink Power of death so ill no Inore Timve Ionio were i that Eusy flowing hand Dominion Over the frail suffering Paris Hiya bespeaks Energy and refinement of Char us Clay. Through the dim silent w niches of j Ter i the calligrapher the night when All around arc hushed in j 01i, How 1 should like to read these let sleep it is Here a to keep Lone vigils Anil to a a a a in i involuntarily. The official hold coming noun with her god mid silently a Iii do that is a iut Trio Lurns say. It lilt up her heart in fervent prayer for the would he n i most imm its Ilc to preserve our prolongation of u life for which she would charge from the curiosity a f the la mule sex cheerfully sacrifice her own. And even of fortunately our rules did not protect us w Hen exhausted nature sinks to Brief repose from Many visitors. Forgetfulness is denied. Even in sleep she a but do i ii never read them a seems Wake to the one great Obj a it of her a never unless they very important care. She starts and Rise from her slum or contain enclosures of value. It is All we hers cruises her drooping head watches can do to keep up with the Urr Ivul of dead with dreamy Cycz Trio face Alio loves then mails now. If we were to Stop and Rcd sinks again to rest to Start with every chime Olla letter in a Hundred we should he lament of clock or Distant sound which formerly ably behind hand besides the privacy of had passed unheard or Only served As a Lul j these letters is a Point of Honor Wii i Luby to her Sweet repose. How Luvly does Trio wife the Mother the sister or the trend become to thu Eye of grateful affection while administering Cise Comfort nay almost life itself to Tho husband the son the brother or the Friend. We have no More right to Reud them Here unless it is necessary than to pry into any personal Here one of Tho clerks leaned Over handed our companion a tiny package. A from one of the letters a he said 1 thou to r cd interested in it. It was a single curl of Golden hair tied with a hit of Pink ribbon and wrapped in a Little piece of paper on which was written Lullaby t hair f i know Tho history of that letter in on instant. Though 1 Hud never looked on its folds i could Seo the fair Young Mother patting the sunny Tress from the infant head Aud placing it with half a smile and half a tear music. At first it was n whisper among the lowly in the dwellings of Tho poor. Stealthily it afterwards was murmured in the Palace of Tho in sars. In the dead night in the Depths of Tho catacombs it trembled in subdued melodies filled with Lulu of Jesus. At length the grand Cathedral arose and the stately spire courts and Arches echoed pillars Shook with Trio Thunder of the Majestic Organ and choirs Sweet within Trio closely written Page that wus to attuned joined their voices in All Tho glad the heart of Tho far away moods und measures of the religious heart and he never received Tho letter. Ivr Hap in its most exalted most profound most in he died under the mighty Shadow of Sierra tense experience put into lyrical expression. Nevada perhaps the turf of some Mississipp. 1 know that piety May reject May repel i Valley Lay cold and clog a on his pulse less this form of expression still these Sublime heart while she the fit Hull Wile ritual harmonies cannot but give the spirit growing Umoru sad less hopeful w Ith Czuy that sympathizes with them Tho sense of a Day that brought no answering word mightier being. But sacred music has pow baby a hair a i could not Bear that the or without a ritual. In the rugged Byiung Bright curl should he thrown carelessly which connects itself not alone with Immor among the Host of letters it seemed like tally but also with the memory of Brave desecration saints there is Power. There is Power in a May i keep this Little lock the hymn our fathers joined. Grand were a certainly if you and 1 placed it Elioso rude psalms which onco arose amidst carefully in ret culo with tender hand Tho solitudes of thu Alps. Grand Scro i know not where Tho sorrowing mothers those religious songs Sung in Bravo Devo heart is breaking Day Day hut certain i Tion the persecuted scotch in Tho Depths am there is an invisible Bond of sympathy of their moors and their Glens. Tho Hun Between her soul and mine clasped u Dredla psalm rising in the fullness of Turco link of Curling Silky Gold Blaby t hair thousand voices up into the Citar sky Brok it would he in vain to attempt to Chroni in among Tho rocks prolonged and Mode clo the numerous enclosures w hich dropped muted through valleys softened Over the sur from the various letters which Weic oped face of mounted guarded lakes had a during Tho Short space of Timo to Sundt grandeur and a majesty contrasted with there. Bits of Rainbow col Rod silk sent which Mero Art is poverty and meanness fur patterns tiny Muslin collars news Pap r and while thus reflecting on sacred music paragraphs Bank Bills Gold cards coarse we think with wonder on the Christian written messages from Little ones at Home Church on its Power and of its Compass. Less than Nineteen centuries ago Ita first hymn was Sung in the upper chamber of Jerusalem and Elioso who Sung it Weru quickly scattered. And now the Christian hymn is one that never coast so Ono that a heard in every Tongue and the whisper of that upper chamber is now n chorus that fills Tho world.�?7f�r. Henry Giles. Marri Auk or a i Astor in Iii own Chi Kui. The Northampton correspondent of the Springfield Republican reports the marriage of Rev. Or. Mils Beo of the unitarian Church to miss Maria Woodward w Hose hands were guided Mother or Sis Ter so that the absent lather Cousin or1 brother might have a Little letter und innumerable other inflict log relics. A where do Ull these letters go when they j have been opened and examined ? Are they burned. A no that was formerly Tho Ceay of no Ever. We used to make great bonfires of them hut Salde from that bits l a n paper would Alt a Capo from the . S Sis destroying a ii pm 10 a a �uc��?~11 was found that own p Ople made Ita business to seek among the ashes for Tho Gold jewels dollars &c., which often escape our rot ice Imre and go out in the opened letters. So now they Are All Cut Tua Piper null and a writing we pissed another room where wore Many mementos of the Good old Days boy fire the jaws of part fraying Matago went into effect there were two or three huge stones we tire and in ii sent for a a joke a in voicing an immense amount of postage to be paid some unfortunate who luckily never received the it on Derouis picking Csc a Gigantic rag Buhy to have been sent to sumo vinegar faced old id a neatly manufactured Niht Cap which some indignant old bachelors name not recorded re. Fused in High dudgeon to receive and which con qui utly found its Way Here and a Daguerreotype of a Young which had cracked across the Imse and Wrath fully sent Buck some fair Damsel with whom a Ilo bad asked the postmaster Genera to whom of. War introduced How u happened that All the employees of Tho dead letter Uff Ico were Gray ii Una old men. A in Camic they Havo More discretion and less curiosity a he said smiling. A younger Ini ii could not be depended upon they would prob Ihly read the letters a Why Don t you employ ladies i am sure they could did charge thu duties a indeed a said Tho postmaster general mischief Trusly a i am afraid their curiosity would be to extreme that Tho department would fall into inexplicable confusion to say nothing of the nor of secrets they would ferret out of the dead we were so indignant at this in Triblo and heretical opinion that to asked no further questions but took our leave much gratified with our novel and interesting experience in Tho dead letter of Licat Wash Ion. Posthumous Benevolence. John Mcdonough w to died a few years ago in now Orleans loft nil enormous Fortune which to Hud urns cd through n inn wild of miserly toil. He allowed Hini sctt no indulgence Hud no society no friends no pleasure intellectual or animal lie was not a scholar nor a Man of taste and to never even allowed himself the happiness of doing a generous action. To never sought the reputation while living of being benevolent Orch writable. To the Day of his death to devoted himself to accumulating Money and increasing his possessions. He left lands and property equal in extent and value to Many a european principality and to died totally ills will showed that his object in accumulating was to build up a Mino for acne Volency alter death. To could not entry his Fortuno with him end lie i Queil hed lie greater part of it to the City of Baltimore of Zero he was Horn and the City of new Orleans where Iio resided. Tho wonderful vanity of appearing to be a Ere it Man after he was in the grave undo him deny him of full rational Lippi Iii in life in be instances Are very arc in which Large estates let fur Hin it Volent and charitable purposes have been d so As to fulfil the testator a wishes. A will of kind can Rugelj to a Lite fully executed. A great Omu int of is always wasted in litigation and trustees always Trike a wide Wicen o in the management of their Trust. This Mellon a h estate which was hot in Ved Lobo Worth Many millions has brio i Plestid lid reduced litigation and at length after some years have claps d since Tho i re it ase of Mcullo Noigh Tho supreme court of Loui Siaiku have substantially declared Trio will n nil Iii. The estate i be distributed among n number of private inns. In Lle cities of now Orleans and Baltimore will obtain considerable prop cry which May become very valuable hut it will not amount to anything like what was i a Pecten and the grand plans of the testator which formed the dream of his miserly life jul never to carried a a Hila. Jiu Uttin. Humor in the Pil fit. A old Bishop a lung Nimg Lus congregation pretty Gen Bialiy a took he hebrew Bible Iroku i Quot pock t and a .<1 a chapter w hich roused All it Ion when the old minister sharply rebuked them fur sleeping when they might have understood him and listening when tin knew not a word lie said. Of the Willy or. Smith it is said that preaching i lore King Charles he saw that put Tulc asleep lie stopped Short mid in a loud and altered ton a of voice three times called out a Al re his lordship stood tip and looked Al Tho preacher who addressed him with great composure a la Ord i am sorry to interrupt your re pose hut i must hog of you not to Szorc so loud lest you should Wake the Andrew Fuller one sunday afternoon saw the Poplo during the singing of Tho hymn before the Sermon composing themselves for u comfortable Nap ibid taking the Bible he heat it against Tho Sido of thu pulpit making a great Noi a. Attention being excited he said a i am often afraid that i preach you to sleep but it can Tho fault to Day for you uru asleep before i Havo a certain Man went to a Dervish and proposed three questions first a Why do they say that god is omnipresent ? i do not see him in any place show to where he is. Second Why is a Man punished for crimes Sinco whatever he dots proceeds from god Man has no free will Lor to cannot do anything contrary to Tho will of god and if lie Hail Power lie could do everything for its own Good. Third How Cun god punned Matan to hell fire Sinco to is formed of that element ? and what ii prestion can lire nuke in itself the Dervish took up a Large clod of Earth and struck him on the head with it. Tho Linn went to Cady and Suid a i proposed to lire questions to such a Dervish who Hung o clod of Earth at head Winch made head Tho Csc having sent for Tho Dervish asked of him a Why did you throw that clod or Earth at his head instead of answering his ques Tion Quot the Dervish replied. A the clod of a sri was an answer to his sic Latch. Ii it a he has a pain ii his head a let Buu a How that to me and 1 will Mako god visible to him. And Why Doea to exhibit a complaint against me r whatever i a a Al was the act of god and i did not Strutko wit Boot Llie will of god. What Power do 1 possess and As he is n compound of Tho Earth How can Fie Sutler from that Clement. Re a a memorandum is posted to Nebo Liverpool underwriters rooms to the re jct Hist a the ship air tide Fiou new Orleans to Liverpool win to Fetn toil pub duty Iff key West having put Bunyk 400 Miles to give up a runaway negro

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