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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 7 1854, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - April 7, 1854, Biddeford, MaineMy Louis 0. Cowan editor and proprietor. Eastern journal. I i c b1ddef0rd, Friday april 7, 1854. Vol. . U. My my and i Tim Jov Mai is Ratanu Wurf not. Of no to. 1 Cea Tonj Block buds Ford apposite the Biddeford Houm. Tcima92.00 per Una or 1 30 if paid within three at oath from the Lime of subscribing san Lempi Taamy . Price 4 Emit. T b. Palm Kkt the America newspaper agent is Ike Only Auto tried agent for Thia paper in la cities of new York Bouw and Philadel phia and is duly empowered to take advertise by i and Suban Pipione at the mow rate a required toy a. I offices Are Jym Tel Tri Bune building of Rollay s Btl Dinar n. W. Comer third and Chea aut ?111. Marcus Watson of pricier. Poetry. The old farm2r 3 ele9y. On a Freen Moray Knoll toy the Baak of the Rouh. That so Long and so Oft has watered his Dork. The old Fanner rests in his Ion Ami last sleep while the Waters a Low Isom Lullaby in a he has ploughed Bis last Furrow has reaped Bis last Grain no Mora shall awake him the labor again. The Blae mid so 00 he Maple Bou i a warbling Oil cheered him while holding a i pow ufos and the Robins above him boo Litcht on the m u for he fed thru with or Uriba Ubea the Seabou was cold he Haa ploughed Hia last Furrow a. Yon tree with fragrance is full inc the air so Rich with its blossoms to i Najr end Tair. By Bis own Haa j was planted and veil did be say it Woald live when Ila plainer had Moul dered i and he Haa ploughed his last Furrow dec. There s the Well that he Haj Wilb its water to cold with its wet dip Pink bucket so Mosy and old. No More from its Depths by the patriarch drawn. For tie " Pitcher is broken the of i Man is gone lie Lias ploughed his last Furrow Sec. An j the seat where fax at by i own Coll air in a in the Atill summer eve when i Laur were o or with i can on the ii pm i and his pipe in Bia hand. I porn in i troth like a ire f the land he Baa ploughed Bia last Furrow dec. Two a a room giving Day win the old Fanner died the tout hearted mourned tie Aflee innate cried and the Ravera of Ilie in to Lor hire m ascend for they Allu to a brother a Man Ami a 11lend lie ban ploughed i last Furrow sic for up Wirht and line to the Obi Fanner in i cd tie Law though i Iii Leas lie lived lie Baa gone it lit re i Worth will outshine like pure Gold All tha Draa of the Earth he has ploughed i last Furrow see. Agricultural. Early planting work for the season. In u Lime to Plant pet orally they Lay in the night or about Day Light. By keeping them shut up at this time most of the eggs can be saved. M in ducks Lay Only every other Day some Twu Day but of three and some regularly every Day. Their eggs Aie Richer then Hen s leg and far Superior to use in Many kinds of cooking. The Crow of the Marland and my scurvy make an excellent Dock for Tii table but the hybrids will not Breed. All kinds of animals want looking after. Sows that Are ready to i should be provided with plenty of litter Short Straw in belter than Long and then very carefully left to the Inelve. They should be re Early fed on nutritious food. They should also have some Fie a meat As it tends to prevent them front devouring their i remedies for these Peats which should i. Tome Way be exterminated immediately. Cows that Are Goin to calve to would h. A ome roots or meal every Day. The Benefit will be one i in the Aize and Quality of the calf Mill in the Quantity of milk and Oon Ili Tion of the a w for a no time to come. But if heifers have swollen and inflamed bladders previous to calving avoid feeding them on Indian Meul. The oxen that Are to do your work should not be neglected. Some Indian mea1 or Oata every Day with a much Good Bay a their will eat up clean will soon atari off their old Ooatha brighten their eyes improve their spirits quicken their step and strengthen their my Cle. As Tor Booe to keep a hone and not to be him Well is at All Lima to in Iero is. Sheep should be suitably House. And have dry bedding. Wee that have Lama or Are going to Lamb should receive some Grain very Day. The sheep re do better for ii and the Lamba will Ali fur enough More to pay the difference. This Deti pc Teal weather should not warm the Earth Only Bat it Shea in face warm the heart of the Farmer and make him Gener Ous Antl considerate towards All animals that depend on i kindness Aud Bounty for their nun port. The other and trouble which can be saved by repairing at an Early Day the fences which the Winter Baa thrown Eduwu and damaged will be appreciated when they Are experienced if they Are not in and Vance. Transplanting Trees. During March april and May. Through nut the length Aud breadth of a Erica. Ten thousand Inen will be engaged in killing Trees. Not that Thev intend to kill them on the contrary they have in some cae been to great personal labor to obtain them and in others they have purchased them at a great exp be with the sole View of Plant ing them again to Jiow fruit or make Shade or be ornamental to Street Road Side court Yard Lawn or Park. Now look at Tho inconsistently of these people who gravely Nasute you that Thev expect the times they Are planting til grow How can they grow Wei will suppose the Trees Are Maples one of the kinds most easily transplanted. The gentle min who is poo Essed of the laudable desire of Pla uting a Row of them upon each Side of the narrow Lane running i when he House and barn goes to the swamp with his cart and . Hopt off All the Root he can yet at with his a Hiie Hes Hin oxen to the 1ml#. Which Nav to about two Inch through and pulls in Over until he ran Cut the remainder of the roots ? in chop off All the limb and lop. And loads the Slick with a Knob at the end upon his cart and and when he yen a Load drives Home in tending to Plant them next Day. Lit perhaps Doe not unlit three Days Afie remd. Then a hoi ii do with a pick a a and Crow bar just Bis enough to stick the clump of a ool in in i expected to pow. Sin. Volar a in Rary seem such a planted Tice Dot Home tines Row but More commonly it is used As a i Iuliu p a by the old w and pairs nil in the course of the summer i pulled up and used for oven Woods the be tse Oil d of Anvi Hiu to be had. In Iron spa to tins Irma Trees the roots Are about is much Cui o f or lore off by pulling the tree from the around and Ait for lop it is pro ble the thirty never had enough Foi the wind to blow Orr. And it is set in the ground with this diet rence from 4 at of the male instead of a Hole eci a Iree to Grovv in either w Hen planted i i thin manner is simply ridiculous. There i Muo Folly Manil pled in i Branch of than in and Sibyle thin Winthe whole rare of Ayr Cultum Simlie Mility to be seen upon almost every farm in America. We Urvie you to Plant Trees. Now is the Liine. Plant Ihen. To cow. Do not Lake of much pains to season your own oven Wood. Speech of w. P. Fessenden of Maine Gaius i i r a til of the Miu Onri prohibition Monk of 30" 30. Deliver ton me. Though a member of the whig convention at Haiti More which made Tho a cum Promise mess i ures a part of its Plitt form my he Norahle Friend from go a or. Datum will Bear me Wituck fur we were built member of the committee which reported l Hose resolutions that i refused my assent to the r Elution endorsing those measures. Rut they became the Law of the Laud. Und Aie r. Cognized throughout the country a a cum Promise and by those in ensures the \ South of info All it could reasonably Antic-1 Iii Aie or desire. Or. President it has been churned for Compromise mean uses of 1850, thai they satisfied All Paitie Ami restored peace to a distracted country. Secessionists. Dis unionists at the South men who stand i Upo a in Thi Pale Norih Ami South seemed willing to avoid All Fui her agitation and wait the event. Why were they so disposed sir the whole country had been threatened with a dissolution of the Union. We heard much of Concool and brotherly love. We of the free state Cialli. Were ominously informed that certain tiie eating gentlemen of the South were about to i Ulve the Union within a w Elk mid if 1 rightly recollect it was dissolved some two or three times in this very chamber. At any rate the Day was appointed but from some defect ill the arrangements it slipped by and the thins was not done the Bolt did not fall. Sir it is Well understood that upon that threat that Piet Enoe the free state Weie induced to yield the Wilmot proviso. I know it was argued that slavery could never go into those territories and new Mexico that it excluded by a Law of Providence in repeatable in its nature stronger than All human Laws which rendered the ordinance of 1787, As applied to those territories not Only useless but a urd. If such or believed to be the fact what was the occasion of so much angry excitement was the Union to be dissolved for a Mere abstraction an idea that if carried out could Lead to no practical re ult ? Well sir the people of the free states have pretty generally chosen to submit. As a private citizen 1 have been willing to Content myself with the right to abhor the institution of slavery As much As i pleased not wishing to interfere with it in any Way within the limits of any state either that of the senator for Georgia or. Dawson or any other having no desire to disturb his rights under the Housti motion or the rights of any other person directly or Indi Cecily but feeling through my whole sys tem a great aversion to the thing itself and Labouring moreover As a citizen of this Union residing in a free state under the Strong pre Iuro arb Iliff from the constitutional inequality i have already spoken of. With these sentiments i have Felt and shall Ever feel bound in duty to resist Here or elsewhere so far As i constitutionally May the Extension of slaver in this country to the utmost of my Power with Little effect it May be but the obligation is no Leas imperative on that account. But peace was obtained. We were a Happy people. We sat Down under our own Vine and our own Fig Trees. We endeavoured to be quiet. Brotherly love a All abroad. We met our Frienda from the South in perfect Concord. All differences had been settled. There was no trouble anywhere. We were All to use a familiar expression " Happy As the Daj a Are Long. Suddenly in the midst of Thi Concord of ones comes a proposition to take from the free slates just that which had been Niiori most carefully calculated to excite nil the angry feeling that can be excited in the Bottoms of Northern Moti. Sir this wan u Coni net. Will they not yield something for Good with 1 it is demonstrated Here that the South received its consideration Ion Ayo. Will the free state feel nothing it being robbed of their portion 1 it is shown palpably shown that slave to Haa gained great advantage from tia new territory will you take away All the advantage you agreed thirty years ago that Freedom should rec Iva from it ? or. Douglas. Who Saya it was a com pact or. Fessenden who Saya i was a Oom pact everybody has said so sine i have been on this floor. It Haa been said to Over and Over again. Or. Douglas. What Friend of the Bill said so 1 or. Fessenden. I cannot Call name but i have heard nothing else. Or. Pratt give one name. Or. Dudula Yea live one name. It Haa been culled a Compromise. Or Fessenden. Well Lam not particular about words. If it waa a Compromise what else was h but a compact if Inal com Promise resulted in a agreement 1 or. Butler. The gentleman Naeema to argue the question very Kirly. Will a i allow Roe to make a Iagle remark ? or. Few Widett. Certainly. I or. Butler. I wish to pronounce what i think is consistent with the purpose of this f Bill. Iii the Constitution now Mark what ii say the gentleman sett to Trace distinctions very clearly in the Constitution there were no such parties As North Anil South their were thirteen state entering into this Union and Noder the con Tito Tion or. Fessenden. I deny that the thirteen states As stale framed the Constitution. It was the act of the people. Or. Butler. Very Well go on. I have no Hope for you. Or. Fessenden. The Constitution was not formed by the state As states. It was formed by the people of the United state As i have always understood it. I am not Choice As i stated in the use of language and i Iio not care whether gentlemen admit the word compact to of an pliable or not. I Luau by that the proposition that they made themselves and enforced by the Aid of Northern votes those who voted for it from the North being pledged to go Home and defend it before their people on the ground that they had received Lilii consideration for it that is the doctrine and no other that i have heard and is All i wish to say in reference to that Point. I Hope it there is agitation if there is excitement if there i fanaticism if you Choo to Call it so if there i sickly senti mentality if you like that be Lei in the tree states Iron this Lime Forward you will Jimial cant your eyes Back to those who made it started it and save occasion for it. If you hear of Cav Illings at the North coupled with denunciations of Davery at the South recollect the state of quiet from which you brought it Forth. It is not Eri ouch to Tell the p Oplene the free styles that this was ten dered by the North to the South. We do not admit lie authority of the senator Mak ing i though he Muy occupy a most err ii neut position 10 speak Lor me Norm uni Hart no More no Thrity than i have. All any rate we repudiate Liim an a citing for a in our part of the country. I can answer for my own slate. With All the re pert that the eople of my slate May for his character and position he cannot claim and the gentlemen of the South can not claim for him. Or for any other gentle Man from the t Oil who net with him that he Speaks Lor us except so far As his own state is concerned. They cannot claim for him that he has any Lyhl to tender from the North this release. And allow me to say that i do not understand that principle of Honor it ouch it seem to to Well understood Here which allows that what can not honorable be taken directly can be l Rask d with to or when of failed by another having no authority to give it. Their May be some very Nice i Tinct Iii in the minds of gentlemen. They mar by a to reconcile the difficulty. Uliey Coul not ii seems move in Chi Mailer the Cunt not undertake to briny in up in any a e or Oiin but inasmuch the pm Silivi has come Liege they will not Wail to see whether in is a Ihori a by those who alone Are competent to make it but will Lake in at once and Settle that question afterwards. Us i do not understand such a i a Lulb my sir Whit Are the particular ground of excuse fur he introduction of this trouble some question it he present Lime Maik you no practical r ult is expected Horn it. No change of position is to arise from it. Nut hint is to come out of it at All except the re a al of this restriction in he act for tie admission of Missouri. That is All and that All is nothing say Southern gentlemen. Why then is it to to Donel because say several senators that restriction is uncool Stith ional. But upon this obit Thoie it a of Terence of opinion among themselves. I understand my honorable Friend from North Carolina or. Badrkh to say and i have great respect Tor his opinion As i lawyer that he h -. No doubt of the co of that it Striction. I under a stand other Southern gentlemen to affirm its unconstitutionality. But it is singular that in the history of to is question the unconstitutionality of this r strict flip Laid dormant in the minds of Southern gentlemen for More than thirty years. It is very singular that it Laid Long enough for them to Avail then elves of the admission of Missouri As a state of Arkan Sas As a state and of Texas As a state. When the latter question came up in t Senate not the first Man that i know of. O. Evet heard of breathed the idea or Sugges Ted it in and Way that a rest lion thus lived and determined was unconstitutional Why did not that objection Diriso then what new list is been shed upon the county when did it Cornel did it pie sent itself at any time before slavery was ready having seemed All it at first claim it to grasp All the remaining territory ? How far is this to to Are we next to re move the Resti Ilion in the Resolution ail milling m All new territory Rivere after to he acini a. I to be subject to no re Striction i think the country will be led to to quite what is to he the effect of this Lucieane of slave Sitf gentle talk of the balance of Power having been a cried to the free mate. It strike to that there will be some Little Power serried to the sooth or to the Lave state. Bot upon this question of constitutionality we have had an ago mint from the Learned and honorable senator from Connecticut. M. he was not Content with the View taken by other gentlemen but hit argued the matter in full an a lawyer. Allow me to a sir that upon that ones Ion i never had the least doubt. I can give a reason for it. Sir in my Early Reading there was such a thins found As Sov Eruin to. The senator from Michigan has Given us an argument on the subject of this con Power of conure a to prohibit slavery in the new territories. Or. Ca a. Do you find it in the const tuition t or. Frenden. Suppose ij0 ool does it exit or Doea it not Estl or. Ca. It live you no Power. Or. Be Etu in. I there such a thins a sovereignty recognised by the people 1 or. Casa. I will tie to the senator that it give you no kind of Power. You Are Sovereign in relation to other National. When you want to know what Voo May do Yoo May Oon Ault the Law of nation to Maeer Tain but As to who i to do it and Bow it is to be done you most look to and if you do not find it there it a with the people. Or. Fessenden. I acknowledge the very High authority of the honorable senator Bot i want to ask again and gentlemen May answer it or not whether there a or a not soph a thing a sovereignty the Power to command and the Power to make Laws ? it strike me thai there a. Well if Foch a thing existed Over Thia territory before it was of deity Fie aae it equated there when the territory a ceded to the United slate of America did or did not the Sovereign pass with the territory it ceased in France did it become extinct or did it lire Miki pase to the United states 1 if it pasted to the United slates it pawed to the people of the United states. Sovereignty what if not granted by the Constitution is in the people. All sovereignty with us is in the people. They parted with none except in the form of the Constitution. If it existed in the people to whom do the people Dele Gate that sovereignly 1 How do they exer Cise that sovereignty 1 Why sir they Delegate it to the officers of the Constitution whom the Constitution made to the con Gress of the United slates and the presi Dent of the a filed slates. What sovereignly Thev May have so far a they did act upon the subject was delegated to the Conurs of the United states. In not this particular subject provided Lor in the Constitution 1 is nothing said about the Terri tories in the Constitution 1 do we not find them mentioned there 1 i believe we do. I think we find it said that Congress shall have the Power to make All needful rules and emulations regarding the territories. Or. Cass. 41 territory or Othor property or. Fessenden. I know that it is " our Mitory or other from. Not territories or. Fessenden. Well i to territory of the United states because it that Lime there wan but one territory. Hut " territory is a torm. It Means just a much of it it Wai in the plural Ami Anil m or. Weller. Does not the senator re car a the decision of the supreme court of the United Stales or. Fessenden. Undoubtedly to Are bound always by Tho a decision though on one Side i sometimes find they Are of very Little Mith Onty but we Wal not dispute a jut that. I am not about to cite Eye. I am speaking of what the Constitution pro. and it declares " the con rest shall have Power to Dis Ose of and make All need Lul rules and regulations res Tec the territories or other probity Belou iut to the United is. or. Weller. Territory. Or few Friden. Well territory. Ii makes no difference the territory of tin United states. Gentlemen argue Thi to tiny As if that included nothing but the Regula Tion of the lauds. Is not that a new idea 1 flow loner has h existed or. Cas. Since the decision of the supreme court. Or. Fes Uden. When was that or. . Some Twenty ears oyo. Or. . I cannot dispute the senile. Then that is to by that there is no fuer Power Niven by that clause of the cons tuition than to take and no Dunn land. Has the supreme court decided 111111 / or. Caw. 1 will Sale to the gentleman thai tin supreme court decided that territory or other property in that connection Iri ant Ishimi. The supreme Couit decided Antler weds independently of that that the Tower to regulate Ami Dir Poe of the land did include Lar erupt of jurisdiction. Or. Fes Enden. What blocs the sex pro ? Ion me Iii " to make nil needful Rule Amir Foliations Doe it mean Tomak Elros How Tili twi a do we to Nair Rule and regu lations can Congre a speak in and form except in the lorm of Law ? what Doe the Constitution menu when it says that con Irrena shall regulate " Commerce ? How ? by Law. Wii i Doe it menu when it says Congress shall " regulate the value of Coin How can it do that by Law by statute. How Doe it make " Rule and refutations " for the government of the army ? by statute. How does it make regulations Lor the Gove Wernent of the Navy by Sta Ute. Congress can make no Rule or Regula Tion except us a Law. Very Well then if Congress has Power if so much of the sovereignty and Power of Tho people of the United Stales is Given to make Laws for the territory i should like to know where the limitation is on Thil Power to make Laws the honorable senator irom Michigan or. himself says that there Mut be Power to organize the government. Where Doe he gut that from and Why do you go to n Ces atly when there is a Poiure provision found in the Constitution of the United states i sir i do not Deal in Abs actions but in Plain and palpable provisions. 11 Congress shall have Power to Muko All needful mles and is any gentleman he a who Cori ends that the Power to Organ ize and govern is not found this clause of the Constitution or if not Lound their under the a Tal Power which it has As proprietary of the land ? i bought it was contrary to Southern doctrine Ever to re ii to Mere implication when you find a Iosi Iive provision in the Consin Fotiou on the sub l it. I say then that not Only is this a new doctrine but. In my judgement it is a Loc Triue in the Constitution and i say moreover to the senator from Mich Igan that it you carry out your doctrine o. Quarter sovereignty is it is called i see no Rea on Why the eople of those Territo Ries May not Mil Iuie a monarchical lorm of government or any Oiler a turn Mey choose my lout a a territory j lie Caune although the constituting of the uni Letl Olalea Yuan ii a Republican form of to every stale it does not Iruh rarity it to the territory and if they have the exclusive Power of legislation and taking care of themselves and Revulta Iii their own concern i see no limitation upon Rhein until they become a stale. I am no con veil to the Doe Fine new As it is that this provision this re tiption upon the slavery Tower introduced into the act of 1820, a otherwise than constitutional. I believe that the similar restriction in the joint Resolution for the annexation of Texas waa equally constitutional. I believe that the Dmoi proviso is quite m Constitution i arid i Hare said that under Ray impressions i would Bava adhered to it. I know of no other position taken a Cep that assumed by Southern gentlemen who say that this restriction is at War with equal rights. We demand equal rights we wish too into that territory with our property say they. I do not mean to argue that matter. It Haa been exposed by the senator irom Michigan fully and conclusively. Bui i would ask Southern gentlemen Why they cannot go there on As Good terms a we can t f they go themselves it would be a pertinent inquiry How Many negroes a slave Hohler must take with him from a slave state in order to place him on an Equality with a Northern Maul Doe your Equality consist in having negroes about you Why there in no Southern gentleman within the a mind of my voice or any where who would not scout the idea that he was not,1 in every respect equal if not Superior to my Northern Man. And yet gentlemen Rice in this floor Tod gravely argue thai j they cannot go into thai territory on equal Terma and with equal Highla with Northern 1 men Una eat they Tjui be protected there in l hat property which � to Necea aary to their social enjoyment. I do not intend to carry out this inquiry to any greater extent. I roae merely to state Home of my own View and the View which a i believe the peo ple of my state a meat unanimously enter Tain upon Thia question. They consider it a Mere matter i will not aay of robbery for that would not be parliamentary Bat a matter of Gro a injustice they make no appeals to the Magna Amity of Southern senator or . They know list they gain nothing by Ucb an Appeal from those who come Forward under Auch a state of think to repeal Thia Compromise line after availing Thema Elv of All the Advant Jaa which Nave eau led from it. They would gain no More by a sealing to their magnanimity than they w id by appealing to their love of peace. Bel we May Appeal with Home Bone to their Jua lice for i Auree with my noun Able Friend from Ohio or. Wade that in the matter of Justice a administered in their Courtla they have been ready to tender Juat judge ments. But air if shia a designed As a measure of ence let me Tell you not by War of Emphey but an my opinion that anything it peace you will have. If gentlemen expect to quiet All Shete controversies by adopting what my now Cotini or and very Well consider an act of Gro , under a Haiti a pretence it May be. Whether on the Uroe of the unc Mitu Tion Lity of the former act or any o or. After having routed to Kinic Kalis Fiertl Wilu it Lei me Tell them thai Len in my is the beginning of their troub1 i can i Zitwer Foi one ii Clivi Luul. I have avowed my own of m Tiou to slavery Ami i am As Simiona in ii As my Friend Hom Ohio or. Wad. And i wish to Sny with nil Ceri-1 , that if this Mailer is Loha pushed i so far beyond what the Constitution i iffy j Nally contemplated if for political Pournos j is and with a jail tical design Ami Elt eci i Bransc it is a political design and effect j we Are to he ill veil to the Wall by Legisla lion Here let me Tell gentlemen that tin is not the hut they will Itear of the question. Terri Toile Are not slate and if thin Resl Ric lion is bedded with regard to that territory it is not yet in the Union and you May l e prepared to Gudets and leu with the Iii Keiit of the free Sia. In my judgement it never will come into the Union except with the exclusion of slavery. It May he that we shall be overborne an we have been Ite me. I know not How Many people of Iho North will yield to in Ory of fraternity and Concord and All that Sweet Lullaby which has been Sung ill their ears so loner. I Only know that in their rights Are outraged in one particular they mus. Look to the next Point. I i eak to gentlemen As they have 1 spoken to no Thein men on this floor. If the Cuini Tonise of 1820 is to be annulled if the Texas Compromise is to be consider no unconstitutional and go for nothing. Ihn time will come Ere Long when we shall be called Upo i to not ii a n another Quesi Iori than this of the Mere Sorgini Caiiou of Terr i to ies. 1 Pelc Lor myself Wuh All Frank nest. Gentlemen have talked Here of a dissolution of the Union. We have heard Lii at threat until we Aie fatigued with the sound. We consider it now let me say. As Mero Brutus Fulmer noise and nothing in produces not the slightest Ini a. Ion upon the thinking portion of the Public. Of laugh at in yourselves. Or. Built who laugh ? i laughter or. Be Nulen. You at the South. You do not carry it seriously into private conversation. Or. Butler no sir if your doctrine is Cinieri out if such sentiments a yours pre Vail. I want a dissolution right away. Or. F Enden. As has been said be fore do not delay it on my account. Or. Butler. We do not on your account. Or. Fessenden. Do not delay it on account of anybody at the North. I want the gentleman to understand that we do not be Lieve in it. We love the Union i Well As Vou do and Yon love it As much As we do i am willing to allow All that. But air if it has come to this that whenever a ques Tion comes in Between the free s r Tes and the slave states of this Union we Are to be Threa ened with disunion unto s we yield if that is the Only alternative to be consid ered it Vium of be u very grave quest to for Honorah men and freemen to decide. I do not wish to say anything offensive to gentle Meir but i desire them to understand we t i mean t is that we Are Roady to it t every ques Ion Oil this floor fairly and hones by weave willing to be bound by the dec Ion of lie majority As Law. If it operates hardly Iii Jii us we will Bear ii ii is unconstitutional we Mut so to the Piorier Foi a decision and not Thiea j in each other with what no one of us de sires to execute. Suh sir Are my views in reference to this matter. I have not spoken them so much for the Senate As for the purpose of living expression to what i believe to be the sentiments of those i have the a nor to repro edit on Thi flow. Whether right or not Tim Only can decide and i am Wil Ling to abide that decision. From it try out Magoline for my Rte. Th2s fibhsbkaf8 hat. It till acth0r of pallet film Dora atm Kathon pc. The awful Winter of 18waa very Mai Lar to thai which Hadju i in id. The news papers were filled with tale of Shipwreck and Zimm of life the of the terrible Tempo la which swept the clean. It waa toward the Cloae of the Winter one morning that a Little child toddled to. Ward a Wilt Beach in one of the a fat. In stale of new England. The any waa dark and lowering. Lor the atom Wieb had Hook the Cabin All Tiisha had not yet in. Tirely blown away. The Waves thundered on the Rocky Promontory within right. Throwing their array Ozien Clear Over to and urged and read red in Tuni Olotoa flow no and Down the narrow Atrip of Rand that at forded a Landing spot in toe Little Bey before the fun Hennant Cabin. A Superb Newfoundland dog accompanied the child now frolicking around it now scampering away and now Leto Raing atom to it Little charge. Bod Denly the child Paoa Eil in mixed wonder and terror Lor the receding wave had just brought to Ita set a i re Relt Liat which seemed even to it almost infant mind not totally strange. The Doc aug. On Pere Eiring the Bat Drew bark utter Iii a to whine. It waa at Thia Cruz that the Mother in the neighbouring Cabin first Raia aed her child. Be had left the boy Lew minutes before sitting on the floor and playing Jeisi both App unto a to look up from her wort be gave aah try Adream Toyee the child Milf if and ipg to file door Hoard Simoli Eisou a the melancholy whine of i to dog. At tin Opal to which bet Little one had Goto waa to via Bla Iron where oho stood to most look Poon Rin of Hoty Aad Hani hed frantically toward Tho Ebro bricking my child my child of i god to my child to bet oaf for in truth aha had Baa All tha mom. Ing in a state bordering on Diazo Flaa. Hoc husband. Who waa a Faberman had Boon Aba eat fur two Daye a pariah far Jean or than to Hod Lota Odd j and tha frightful gala which bad raged for to last Twenty four hours rendered the Cacao of tia to Lay Only too Clear. During lha preceding ight one bad not adopt a moment indeed had not even undergone the mockery of � ing to Bod bet kept a Light homing at a window that oof at Aea and had watched and prayed through All the weary Houre often w the momentary Lolla of lha Gale she had cheated Bervely into to fancy that Aba Beard the hallo of her Boe Banu and More than once bad actually flown to the door to admit him. Bot when morning broke at last without bringing him she had Given no the Hope of Erer seeing him again. " he will new. Never come Back 1 Ahe Eaid. If Hie boat lad lived he would have been Here before a Ahe thue Apoc her child Wolf by Der Fiatt Roarn accents Mcgan in Vij. She snatched it from its Cradle covered it with Kii Wes and Banting into tear sobbed " poor orphan you have no one but hat. D one Abe Bald gazing badly at him you will never knew what a father a. But you will recall to me Ahe added pressing him to her breast that father for Vou have Hia eyes bleat god Lor that of Darling Darling you Are the Coly Comfort left me. If it were not for y a i should Pray to die. But i must live to take care of Yoo dear dear Little and Ahe almost smothered it with will of Ciales. Lost in this her Firat grief Ahe had not observed that somebody from the Village waa at last approaching. A Ahe spoke these i t words the visitor had even gained the conf door and his Brond Shadow fell directly across her though without her Bein Evaro of his presence. But the Ohil linking Over his Mother s Aho Uldee held the intruder and Hia face instantly lost i half wondering half terrified apr Aion while he stretched his Little arms out. And springing up began to Crow glee Folly. Simultaneously the dog which had been lumbering on the Hearth alerted up a if Home mater Iowa influence had routed him. And with a Joyful bark a Tang at one Ito und upon the intruder. " Down Calo Down cried a cheerful Manly voice. M a Johnny you know father Don t Yon 1" " Why Hetty Dearest added the speaker a the startled woman Prang up with a wild shriek drawing her into his Arma " you did t think 1 waa Loat

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