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Biddeford Union And Eastern Journal Newspaper Archives Apr 2 1858, Page 1

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Biddeford Union and Eastern Journal (Newspaper) - April 2, 1858, Biddeford, MaineHail i Juii us Mafli Mowerr i hostility to every form of oppression Over the mind or body of Man. Run or Jug if paid Wili Kli tires a a Arvut Tuua a film null. Nails firt 1 Crau. V. N. , rfcs or am. I in i a Nurias a at he ims i i m it Tiwi 4 new two u t i rhodlj�i.i�. And is al re pm a Raj to Tel at la mar to a film to m i 1.1 it am 1 it Iri Ulm Kwh inf "b.4s, s la Udif Wir a x w. Traer thud u4 Chest set my full card Ruuk ii in talk Mihm Aad Uit us. 1 � if 3p it o tin work Harvist. At Smitm Oak lit. The it owing their a i in the Daw alight fair thy in sos ring their seed in the noon Day s Guro they i sowing their seed in the Toft Twilight. They axe sewing their seed in the solemn night. Witul Hall the a i it a ? ther to sowing thir my of plea ant thought la tie Anat a Green Light they have blithely wrought they base brought their fancied from Wood and 411, where the Homm creep and the Flower Buu Imp rare shall the it nil he. The Are owing their med of word and deed. Which the Eold know pot. Nor the Carelean leed of the gentle word my the kindly deed 1 hat have blessed the of Fri in in sore it need Sweet will the Harvest he. And Tome Are towing the seed of Paia. Of late remorse and a maddened Saiu and the stars shall All and the Tun shall Wane Kre they Root the seeds fro i the soil again. Dark will the Harvest he. And some Are Ita diag with Idle haad. Yet thy scatter ass on their native land and some Are sowing the seed of care. Which their Sod hath borne Aad still Moat Bear. Sad will the Harvest be. The Art sowing their seed of Noble deed with a steeples watch and an Earnest heed with a carotene haad o or the Earth they now Aad tha he Ida Are whitening where or they go. Rich will the Harvest be. Row in darkness or sow in Light How in weakness or sow in might. Sow in Nice knee or sow in Wrath in the Broad world held or the shadowy path sore will the Harvest be. Room the of Irma. Listen while the hour i Tell Tim just amuck the clanging sell. A your or yer. Then fall asleep conscience Pur in Luiu tax deep Bim rat god a holy Ester watches from the sky. Listen White the hour i Tell truck the clanging hell. Whosoever to work it in i we Imus w it cards yet plans a Mil to Luis Imir Lur Mil flour Tot Revtt Haa coma to 11. Listen White the hour i Tell to blvd jut truck the clanging Bell. If that any lick us weep. Wakeful Kepi by anguish jeep May thy father Cwa Foet enl. And their Gruff in slumber end. Listen while the hour 1 Tell a jut struck the clanging Bill if a satan led to Lurk a thief in Tome a irk Way lieu Reward let a Swift Steps by 5etk Luuri the judge on High. White the hour i Tell two Juat truck the clanging Bell. If thua curly any Start feeling can gnaw at the heart wish ones Why trouble borrow god will car for you to Morrow. Listen while the hour i Tell Vucu just struck the clanging Bell. Flor aug Light Bogina to break pc in Joy awake slow to Umi your gratitude. Go to work and keep you Good. The Maine Deu crat. Grandmother 8lipt. It pm m. C. A Ruc of. The aim tree bad Bun to How. The yellow Leaf unit the Green. And on the Graza a it were Wen. Laying ther Lightl like the Titow. The Corn a ripened in the Iii Mih the Apple on the Braathe Hung. And purple Ete Etere Ikone Saoai the Freet Grapevine Leavee. And the had reached he Ninetieth year. The old and honoured of her race the a u in a Mirror fare life i Yonata renew then ii appear. She had Een Orrow who a not ? the Liht the o or her path had one 8lowed Thorn among the roae strewn and Joy and grief the Cannoa lot. She told be of two Eona who died in die Tan land arnae the Tea. And � old a onetime fall a if Ahe Anne the they a eased the ease Bright Boye of Yore they had been dead for Forte year thee rime a Vieira through her tear. And Ahe we Young again once Mere. Aad a a ail eat a usaa eve. She went to Alec to peacefully. That Angel be sued there Ata uding by her life worn spirit to receive. And it Wae Midnight when the died All still and voice Lee a the right Aad Cleade. With a adage Eiler White. Lay Enue Henzea e a earn aide. The my waa up beneath her Lay the Harjeet Aichle Ripe and tree that Rutal deftly in the Breese. The Hai Mager of coming Day. Aad Lihe we Ripe Aad Raey via. The Sharp Aad Root morning seemed. When the Braht in to to Moraig beamed Aad eeb a a Pree eave All divine. Aad on the third Dav Ahe waa Laid where Alt her honoured father lie t there seemed a hallowed Millnea nigh a boat that Peak evil narrow bad. Til Twenty year Aglae. And More and Spring Aad summer have come round Aad Green a grown that Grae a Mound a Twenty Hare gone and Mure. Or whoa ear a Alu upon Toee subject i which Haie aware will Toad to make Anothy a easy in company a an ill Brad Parvon. Or the Lea Oleaver ear that the Gurte la the a Charvot Hare caught tha boat agree of Fiat if ing their Nama by thae Bau Tuti to Oie Tor or. Ami a a. Baul to u i Naur i saas�3ji. Ichii a b to Raj Iamb Ali. Us Book. Art Ulm Vitura. Now Gilin Sny or. Elli Grey to her d tighter Liere it a letter Froin Georges a Victri and lie i to be 3o�n Here next week so i give you fair War Iulg mid Fanny Grey looking up Fnu tier embroidery. What do you Viean by that Uia mum now Ihal a jut like you Fanny mid the elder cuter laughing you dear Little simplicity you never Cau understand any thing a Norw it to stated a definitely a the jilt plication table. Hut we need no warning in ease of Cousin George i m Eure Aid Fanny. Cousin George to be Aure do you hear the Little innocent said Isabella Thea icon a later. I Aupp oae Fanny you never heard that he Haa been visiting All the court of Europe teeing All the Tine women atone picture and real that Are to be found Ucb an Amateur and c Ifo Aidea having received a Fortune of a million or to As id Kmita. I dare aay now Fanny you thought he waa coming Home to make dandelion Chain and play with Button balls a you used to heu he Ai a boy. Funny will never take the world a it a mid mra. Grey. 1 do believe Ahe will be a child a Long a Ahe or. Grey a id t i a in she were High ing Over Home Radical defect in the a find of her daughter and the Delicato Cheek of Fanny allowed a tint oui what deeper a be spoke and Ahe went on with her eau Broider in Amienee. Mra. Grey he been left by the death of her husband Aole guardian of the three girl whose Nam a have appeared on the Page. She waa a Active buy ambitious woman one of the tort for whom nothing a Ever Tinia hed enough without a few touched and emendation and As Auch people always make a mighty affair of education mra. Grey had made it a life a Enterprise to or Der and Jim and Settle the characters of her daughter and when we use the word character a mra. Grey understood it we mean to include face figure Dresa accomplishment a Well a those More unessential item mind and heart. Mrs. Grey hid t1-T�Riiiin to that her Daugh Ter should be something altogether out of the common Way and accordingly she had conducted the training of the two eldest with Sutich Zeal and effect that every Trace of an original character was thoroughly educated out of them. All Timeir opinion.-, feelings and actions instead of gushing naturally their hearts were according to the nut approved authority diligently compared and revised. Kina the eldest was an imposing showy girl of Home considerable Talent and she had been Agasid piously trained to make a sensation As a woman of ability and intellect Fler mind had been filled with information on All sorts of subjects much 1 taster than she had Power to digest or employ it and the Semrai in inti tier Anidi Tlouga i Tuiner had it for her being rather above the Range of her Abili Tica there was a con aunt sensation of Effort in her keeping up to it. La hearing her talk you were con aunty reminded i aug a woman of Intel feel i am entirely above the Ordinary level of women a and on All subject she was so anxiously and laboriously Well and Circum-1 at Antuilo informed that it was enough to make one s headache to hear her talk. Isa-1 Bella the second daughter was Par Excel-1 Leoce a Beauty a till sparkling Cleopatra looking girl whose neb color dazzling eyes and Superb figure ought have bid Defiance to Art to Lurriah a extra Charm Ntverthe-1 less each Grace had been As indefatigable drilled and sit urfred As Ute members of ail artillery company. Eyes lips eyelashes sculptured limb every intonation of her livery voice had been studied considered and Corte cled till even her fastidious Mother could discern nothing that was wanted. J then were added All the Grace of Belles Lettres All the approved rules of being de lighted with music painting and poetry,1 and last of All Camo the tour on the Conti j nent travelling being considered a sort of pounce Stone fur rubbing Down the varnish and giving the very last touch to character during the time that All this was going of miss Fanny whom we now declare our Bee growing up in the quietude of her Mother a country heat and growing As girls Are Apt us very much Faser than her Mother imagined. 8he was a fair Alen Der girl with a purity and simplicity of a appearance which if it be not in itself Beauty had All the beet effect of Beauty in in the Restig and engaging uie heart. 3110 Iuo Vul in h Vii Xhuvi Iii my is bit. Her character a in precious Corres a a Lance with lick ppe re be its Firat mud chief Elena it i feeling and to Thia add fancy Fervour taste Enthus Hiaam a i Moat up to tie Point of Gemma Ami Juat common Aena Eenon a to keep All in order and you will Luve a Good idea of the i id of fancy Grey. Delightfully Paa eed the Daya with Fanny during the Abat nce of her Mother while without thought of Rule or con Ipava Ahe Tang her own Aonga painted Flowers and Aketch de Landac Apea i ruin nature via led socially All Over the Village where acc waa a great favorite ran about to rough the Fielda Over it Oncea or in the Wooda with her Little cot tag Bonnet and above All built her own Ca Atlea in the air without anybody to help pull them Down which we think about the Happi rat circus mataure in her ainu action. Uni Aff Tira wore very different a prot Hen mra. Grey with her daughter return i de from Europe a full of foreign Taal a and notion a people of artificial character and make generally do return. Poor Fanny waa deluged with a torrent of new idea Ahe Beard of Alyslea of appear 1 a Nee Ami Aly Lea of buy aty Lea of manner Laud Alylee of conversation Thia that and the other air a general effect and Partick Lar effect and of four Hundred and Fittje Waya of production and Viup Reabion in Short it teemed to her that people ought to be of wonderful Conat Quence to have to Tanj things to think and today about the How am Why of every action. Or. Grey who bad no manner of doubt of her ability to make a character under took the Point with Fanny away eternal Ica i Ina one would undertake to make Over an of dream. Poor fan who bad an Avera n to trying on Drea Aee a tiling Point i if in millinery went through with Moat exemplary Lee knee a entire of All to Virnala but when mra. Grey eel Herteli to work upon her mind and Patea do in on Jim or became Voaid Little she made a very Good use of her eyes and found a very quiet amusement in looking on to see How other people conducted Mattura. Well or. George Somers is actually arrived at mis. Grey s country seat and there he sits with my Isabel in the deep Rece a of that window where the White Rosea Are peeping in to modestly. To be sure thought Fanny to herself at she quietly surveyed him through the Shade of a pair of magnificent whisker and heard him passing the shuttlecock of compliment Hack n d Forth with the most As. Sure and Practised air in the world to be sure i w As a child in imagining that i should Aee Cousin George homers. I m sure that this magnificent Young gentleman full of utterance Aud knowledge is not the Cousin that 1 used to feel to easy with no in deed and Fanny gave a half High and then went out into the Garden to water her geraniums. L or mine Days air. Somers seemed to feel put upon i reputation to Austain the character of Gallant Avant connoisseur etc., which every one who makes the tour of the continent to expected to bring Home with hit a a matter of Courato for there is Seldom a Young gentleman who knows tint he Una qualifications in this line who can re Fiat the temptation of allowing what he can do accordingly he discussed tragedies and reviews and ancient and modern customs with my s Emma and with Mua Isabella retouched her draw Inga and exhibited his own ported the Moat Choice and Recherche style of Coin Phinest at every torn and in Short flattered Inma Elf perhaps justly that to was playing the irresistible in a Munner quite equal to that of his fair cousins. Now All this while miss Fanny waa mis taken in one Point for 5ir. George Souiera. Though in exceedingly Tine gentleman had after All quite a substratum of reality about him of real heart real feeling and real opinion of Bia own and the Conan quince waa that when tired of the Effort of Conurs to he really longed to find somebody to talk to and in this a Good to one evening patrolled into the Library leaving the Gay party in the drawing Robin to themselves. Miss Fanny was there quite intent upon a Book of selections from Tho old in glib i p01 really Misa Fanny said or. Somers you Are very sparing of the favor of your company to Zathia of i presume my company is not much to Iid said Fanny with a smile. You must have a poor opinion of our 1 taste then said or. Somers. Come come or. Hooter replied Fanny you t urgent the person you Are talking i to it a not at All Necea aary Lor you to com Plu nent me nobody Ever Doe so you May feel relieved of that nobody Ever Des miss Fanny Pray How is that v 14beeiuse i m not the sort of person to say Audi things i and Pray what sort of a person ought one to be in order to have such things said replied or. Somers. Why like Isabel or like Emma you understand i am a sort of Little nobody if any one wastes Bis Fine words on Ine i never know what to make of " and Pray what must one say to you Aid or. Somers quite amused. M Why what they really think and really feel and 1 Aiu always pulled by anything accordingly about half an hour after wards you might have Wen the much admired or. Somers once More transformed to the Potuin Tir orge and be and Fanny engaged in a very interesting Tate a Etc i about old and things. I no Jou Kaaya Ipac from this evening and just look in at the me old Library it the netting Bud is looking in at its Western window end you will Seo funny sitting Bick a Little in the window with one straggling Ray of Light Illuminat ing her pure childish face and Sho is look ing up at or. George homers As if in some sudden perplexity and dear me if we Are not mistaken our Young gentleman is Blush ing. Why Cousin George says the lady what do you mean of i thought i a poke plainly enough Fanny replied Grope in one hat might have made he Winaker Plain enough to be i ure. Fanny laughed outright and the gentle Man looked terribly Aeri Oua. Indeed now Don t be angry raid the a he turned away Wilh a vexed and Morti fied air indeed now i can t help laughing. It Naeema to me no Odd what will ther think of you it a of no consequence to me what they think said Somers. I think Fanny if you had Tho heart i gave you credit for you might have been my feel Oga before now. Now Ait Down my dear Cousin said Fanny ear Neaily drawing him into a chair and Tell me How could i poor Litlo Mia pm nov nobody have thought any Uch Hing with Ai Atera As i have i did think that you liked Row and the Yon knew More of my real feeling than Mamma and Wiater but that you should that you Ever should Why i am astonished that you did not fall in love with ," thai would have met your feeling then said George eagerly and looking a if he would have looked through her Eye soul and All. No no indeed Aho said turning away her head but added Ahe quickly you will Loae All your credit for Good taste. Now Tell me serious la what do you like i me for a Well then Fanny i can give you the beat reason 1 like of for being a real since re natural girl for being Airn ple in your appearance and Aiu Pilc in your Man j nera and Lor having heart enough left a i Hope to love Plain George homers with All i Faulta and not or. Somen reputation or or. Sombre Well the a All very reasonable to me,1 of course said Fanny but it will be 00 much greek to poor i dare soy your Mother never could understand How acting the very Nemo of cultivation in All countries should have really made Iny eyes Allie and Kiti for something As simple an Green Grain or pure water to re t them on. I came Down tolled it among my cousins and i found in your sister Only just such women As i have aeon and wondered at and admired All Over Europe till i waa tired of admiring. Your Mother has achieved what Alie aimed at perfectly. I know of no Circle that could produce any higher specimen but it is til Art triumphant Art after All and i have to Strong a current of natural feeling running through my heart j that i never could be Happy except with a fresh. Wimple impulsive like a a i you g6tng to say said funny laughing. Well full admit that you Are right. It would be a pity tint you should not have one vote at rum the new York our err. I the item next Giitl love due from i i Lii Tami to parents. It i not the reluctant performance of an appointed Tak that fulfils the spirit of the fifth commandment. It is not the willing and prompt fulfilment of a duty that an Swers the requirement of that Law. It de rounds a sentiment of res pct that is never wanting in thu breast of a youth who has his heart in the right place. The spirit of the Young especially in the present Day too often shows itself in throwing Oft reverence for the Parent and a naming an air of Independence that will not Brook restraint and pretends to a great contempt of in rental authority. It is a bad sign when a child becomes bold enough to Lay Rosido the tender names of father and Mother or those briefer or More affection ate titles of i Apa and mama to which our infant lips were accustomed using in the place of these words of Eudos Zinent those coarser terms thu old Man or the old woman affecting to live no special re Gard fur the parents who bore him literally casting off tear and refusing to recognize the relationship of Parent and son and daughter. This habit of speaking my be All unknown to the parents and Many Young people who Are Given to it Are very cautious never to use these terms when their parents Are within hearing. This shows a very in amiable state of heart. To May be thoughtlessness on the part of some children who have caught the habit from their Anocia tons with others but no youth whose principles Aro pure will after himself to speak of his parents in any other terms than those of Tho highest respect though they Are a thousand Miles away. A father once said to me that when Wysik. In in the Street lie overlies a Bis own son speaking him us the old Man and it Cut him 10 the heart if if the boy had pierced him with a knife. The habitat of do Rataic Intercourse have undergone a great change in modern times perhaps for the better perhaps for the worse. But it in said that when the elder president Edwards in Torch a room where his children were sitting they Rose always and remained standing until their father had taken two generations acts this was a common i practice in Many families. It Wei an a heme of it cd Lor parents but it is far i More worthy of being observed than the of parents which in Troia and of Tum Ilies has taken the place of River Cnoc. Obedience Ami re pet Are to be rendered with love. Love and love Only is the Ionn Lor and there is nothing1 poets and novelists May dream and write of an Ideal love that has no existence in the every Day life we Lead there is nothing in the world of human of Lvalion deeper purer and More enduring than parental love. Be ginning Long before Lite object of it is con. Scions of the love it receives strengthening with every Day and night of helpless Liufau i by and brightening web the budding Beau ties of childhood and youth it lives and i grows surviving the waywardness rebellion j ingratitude Slid apostasy of youth and Riper years. It follows the prodigal son or daughter into the Street into the prison. It j lives on when neglect and insolence and i penitence would crush it and scorn it,1 Slid shut the heart forever against it. It1 bleeds and weeps and lives on to weep and bleed and would give Rivers of tests and blood to bless the Wand ring prodigal and 1 win him tuck to ways of virtue and the paths of peace. It lives even on the grave of a buried profligate and when the Par Cut i has become a a i. In heaven if borrow Ever altars that abode of Lisa it Urga re in Ibe paternal Boson Over a child not Karu such love demand and a right to de Mand the love of the child in return. The Mother la their to object of the infant s love and that Firat emotion ought to be Cher hed with Peculiar Foode a and kept Bright and pure while the life of that Mother Isata. All other earthly Frienda May forsake and forget. But when la Tad heart pick with disappointment and in gratitude turns to the breast on which it boat brat it finds it just warm and Loving a in it morning hour. That is a Friend to love. There Are no claim on Earth so1 Strong a those that bind you to the parents1 that gave you birth. You May love your Brothers and Sisters and by and by you May love one whom you May take to your Aido a wife or husband but Naver Pever while life lasts let any love diminish that which you give to your parents Liia duct Ion should be shown by Worda and deeds. It is True there Are a Grem Many Goya of showing our feeling and there Are some who think it hardly Worth while to make any show of feeling at All. They Mav love their friends but they Koo it All to themselves. To lick Are reserved if it cold silent if not a Elijah. They Moak when they Are spoken to but they never scatter around them at Niles and Flowers and gentle Loving thoughts that Gladden those Oil whom thy fall. Words Are very cheap but they Are very precious. Fitly spoken they Aro like apples of Gold in pictures of Silver. They Are the Efflo Readence of the heart. Happy a he who can make other Happy by words of love. Thia is a Joy which every one May have and give. For Thia was the Power of speech imparted. How Sweet it must have been to our first Parent to hear thu voice of five in the Garden when to found her at Hia aide Tiow Sweet to the Mother a car the Firat Worda that her infant s Lipa arc Ablo to pronounce Aud then As those lips grow Wiser and the heart u tilled with stronger passions and tiie mind is cultivated and improved How Doea the Parent love to hear words of kindness from a child children rarely think of this. They never feel the full Force of it till the come to be parents themselves. Speak kindly speak very kindly Ami very frequently in kindness to your Parent. They must reprove you for your faults. Their in tinge May be severe and you May be half inclined to think they do not love you bul believe it not. It is for you Good they chide you. Receive in in ivc and speak to Licin in tones mud word that will Tell them How much you prize thir tenderness and How deeply you regret your fault. Let them know that you remember with grateful hearts their unceasing Cato for you and that you would gladly now re turn their care with filial love. Show Theiu your love by Loving deed As Well in Loving words. There Acta May be very Little things but life a made up of Little thing. And none arc so sensitive to Little attention a parents Are in the Intercourse of their children. They have Beena Waya doing for their children giving to them minister Iii 0 to licit wanta and when the child Begina to return Liia kindness by ministering to the Parent auth attraction in received with thrill of plea Urc that none Mill appreciate who have not Felt it in it sweetness and Power. Some feelings Are to mortal riven with less of Earth in them than heaven and if there be a human tear Krliu passion Dros i turd and Clear a tear do Limpid and to Zierk it would not stain an an al s Cheek to that which Piou Tashara hard upon a duty Una daughter s head you think that you would willingly Sutler for your parents toil fur Ulicni die for them. You would rejoice to have atone Opportunity to make a great sacrifice for them to prove at once How much you love them. Such Are not the evidences they Demairo. They would rather find the proof of your love in your habitual obedience your Csc Irful performance of the duties Thev enjoin your improvement of your time and opportunities and your constant Endeavor to make them to thu return for what they Are doing for you. Ink Kyui. Common St list. The to members of the Universal Yankee nation wherever they May direct their Steps Are always celebrated for their no Teneni in conforming to the custom of Thomao nations with whom they sojourn and their readiness to undertake anything which promised to be profitable. Strangers Are often surprised at the Success of the Yankees among them elves in enterprises which they Havo undertaken and abandoned. The difference Between the Yankees and thus among whom they perform their achievements is imply that the former Potacs a Good share of common sense. The Early education of now engenders contains a Good Deal Oft Esb which is found to be inapplicable to the concerns of life. But the Pupil Haa been taught by example if not by Precept to propose Coati usually to himself this question will it pay ? and in the with which to practically answers this consists his common sense. If urged to neglect studies which Are indispensable or to defer his work to asks at once whether such neglect will not finally cause him to grow up in ignorance and whether such delay in his work will not Ere ate habits of idleness in answering these questions to himself he becomes both Stu ious a d industrious. The effective element in the True new England Cliar Acter a Tho Devotion of our people to the use they can make of their acquirement and their labors. We Are eminently practical and herein consists our common sense. As property however be comes consolidated among a and the wealth y Are imitating the extravagance and show of foreign nations not Only Tho wealthier but the middling und poorer classes arc be ginning to sacrifice their common sense and ape the miserable Par venues of the eld world in what they Call the fashions and accomplishments of refined society. Were there Sny True refinement or any ennobling accomplishments in Tho imported fashions and tastes which the Kaui ton so promptly follow sad their Lomblo imitators Endeavor to copy we would be among the last to Dis courage such tastes. But when they Are practice for the Sake of gaining notoriety and exciting the envy of others they do vol Ope such miserable dispositions in the Par ties concerned that both they and their imitators May be said to have lost their com Mon sense. Common sense has ill synonym in the # word tact. Without it any a mount of Tal ent Only disfigured its possessor. Both tact and common Sena eare indefinable and yet however paradoxical it May seem everybody knows what they Are. Those who plod for Ever Boul accomplishing anything Valu Able Niay Bare Talent but they have no com Mon sense. Bev do Dot discover Bow they May become affective and consequently fritter away their lire in abortive enter Prinea. The Young Man who Impi school with the idea that Hia acquisition herein Are to make a Man of Hin without to Thor Effort has to common a Nae. So of the Young Mao who Tridiea away the opportunities of Hia minority and expect that he Ahall be fitted for ban inc when he arrived at age. The girl Alao who up Point that Ahe can neglect All Hona Ehold Duim and allow her understanding to remain uncultivated during her Teena while Ahoia thrumming a pm no Forte and pretending to to incapable of duing anything oae Ful will find on arriving at i womanhood that neither she had any com j Mon a Nae nor her Parent in reference to her education. Our Young men and women Are very Forward to boat of their accomplishment. I these in their minus Coq Himi of a new i fashionable , which they Trade on ovary occasion until everybody la nausea Ted with their pretensions. My first of i comply Ament of All we mean that of conversing sensibly fluently and correctly up on Tho current topic of the Day i a i Moat entirely neglected by both sexes. Com. Quentlyn when one excels in a particular Branch and thereby excites admiration the whole effect is destroyed on finding that the performer is ignorant of the plainest Princi Ples of science and Perl up of his or her Mother Tongue. A truly accomplished lady or gentleman arc welcomed anywhere. But Flint Welcome is extended because they possess common sense. Their associates perceive that they possess accomplishments not in the lower sense of that term but that Are High minded intelligent persons and that they can adorn any Mircic in which they move by the variety extent and Richness of their minds. All else Are Mere pretenders aed their frequent discomfiture arise simply from their deficiencies of common which they Endeavor vainly to conceal. The dropped letter. A Peculiar sensation is Felt in dropping n loiter especially if h in urn of value into Tho Box of n dirt Moth Poal office like tint of now York for example. One feels a sort of revulsion As if part of himself a it were had fallen into an unfathomable abyss never to be recovered. The act strikes Tiiu heart like destiny Ireve Sabto forever. It any error has occurred in the letter it is beyond correction if anything happens at the instant As there sometime does which ought to Mako a change there a 110 help for it. What m done a done and Paat redemption. No repentance will Avail. Von would have something otherwise but it cannot be. It it too late. The inia Iivo has passed away and is no longer yours or subject to your alteration or control. So it is with every hum a action a it not ? Tho beyond recall. The deed is done and there is an end of it is a common expression heard especially often irom the impulsive and careless. Out there is not the end of it. Slappy would it be for the doer if it were. Hut larg consequences allow from those rets so Reck Lessly done so slightly viewed afterwards. A considerate person on responsible Occa Sions will experience something of the feel ing of the irrevocable nature of the act which strikes upon the heart of the letter Dropper. Lie will a disc and reflect before dismissing his deed into the abyss of time lest some error might be wrapped no in it. That could then and then Only to rectified and save the actor from remorse. A few moments of reflection at thu proper time May save a life time of co Punctious visit a of Luvert Lorr. Walter Day the selfish boy. Harry said Little Walter Day to Hie younger brother Harry will you lend to your Ball ? mine is lost no not lost either Enuse i know where it a. I tossed it upon the roof and it rolled Down the tin Leader into the Cistern but then you Aee i can t get it and no it i a Good an lost As bad a Loat i should think Anid Harry. That makes the fourth Ball you be lout Walter and i Don t want to lend you mine if i should that will go too 0, no said Walter i Haven t Lott my balls 1 Lull you. The first Onu rolled into the sewer Down at the Corner i know where that is. Tho next one popped into mrs. Wilson s Yard right behind her pile of Wood 1 know i could hit my Sud upon it if it win not for the Fence and the last two arc both in the Cistern. Come now Harry lend me yours cause i Don t really lose mine Only they arc where i can t get them Well i Don t see the difference Naid Harry i am afraid mine will go where 1 can t get it and Mother said to must not buy any More when these were gone. Out i will lend it to of very Little while if you will not Bat it Over into mra. Wilson s Yard i should t like to go Thuru for it i she is so Cross the Mother of these Little boys overheard this conversation and she a glad that Harry was so condescending to his brother but she Folt of omit anxiety about the Ball for she knew that Walter wis often heed Lee in i splay. You shall hear what they said a halt hour after. Harry came into the House crying Mother Walter has lost my Ball. His own has just come Back Johnny Wilson found it and threw it Over the Fence. Don t you think Mother Walter ought to Gito it to me 1 think he ought Harry certainly said mrs. Day. That i can t do anyhow said Walter with the air of one whose mind is made up. Hsrry e lip trembled and Large tears filled j his eyes. To was several years younger Thun his brother but he had always Muni tested a Clear a enc of Justica whenever any trying circumstance happened. If sometimes for a moment he forgot himself he needed Only to be reminded and he was prompt to do unto others a he would have others do unto him. Never mind Harry said mrs. Day i Walter can enjoy his Ball when he know in Justice he ought to Fife it to you 1 would not Trot Boot it i am not going to fret any More said Harry the tears dropping upon his Mother s hand As he came to kiss her. Walter Boond de Bis Ball upon the carpet and whist gayly thinking i suppose to drown the the Small voice that would repeat. Comunas self accusation. As mrs. Day looped to kiss Harry she whispered gout Sud Puy my Little boy your brother will soon see and confess his Selfie Bocsa. When they were left alone the Mother called her wilful child to her. Walter s Ballee in willing to hid itself in Bis pocket a it ashamed to be Maia Neueli m m i he Ami Trie pay Winsier Nea by Rora the Young lips trea Julous with undercoat i lion. Walter in Hia Mother you know that Harry would not treat you in Thia nun. Nor. Am pained to witness auth an act of injustice. L o Uia know Attiat a Tapo Aioo like Thia it Aull cred to at Ruthen with your strength would make Vou a Man air itch and Man i have often told Vou that Harry waa morn ready to do right than you and you have loin Timica said you could never be Good a Harry waa alway a better boy than i said Walter meekly. It a no Ain Walter Hia Mother replied that you Are beat with Elfi a Nara. The Ain Lica in the indulgence of that feeling. It Coata you a greater at Tingle to be a Good Bor than it do. Harry but remember my child Liou Eye m irk All your etl Orta Anil that Cli Riat Waitl Oliero m morn Joy in Lloa Veu Over our sinner that re ent Etli than Over nifty and nine jilt Peru Ana who need no repent no " Walter heart a reached to leaned Lii hrad. In singly for a upon Lua Mother and then ran lightly out to aces he brother. I it Plo

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