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Biddeford Kennebunk Wells Journal Tribune Newspaper Archives Sep 5 1980, Page 11

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Biddeford Kennebunk Wells Journal Tribune (Newspaper) - September 5, 1980, Biddeford, Maine Journal Tribune Friday sept. 5, 1980 la sheinwold on Bridge go to the Centipede by Alfred sheinwold the Centipede gets its name not because it has a Hundred feet but because most people can to count above ten. Similarly you Call somebody a Bridge player if he can count up to 13. East took the Ace of hearts and returned the Queen to South a King. South saw that the slam would depend on guessing who had the Queen of diamonds and since South was a Bridge player he did some counting. Ruffs clubs South led a Trump to the eight cashed the Ace of clubs and ruffed a club led a Trump to the Jack to Ruff another club and then a Trump to the Ace to Ruff Dummy a last club. By this time it was Clear that East had started with three Spades five hearts and four clubs. Since South could count to 13 he knew that there was room in the East hand for Only one Diamond. It was therefore both easy and Safe to Cash the Ace of diamonds and then finesse through West for the Queen of diamonds. Daily question partner raises your opening bid of one Spade to two Spades and the opponents pass. You hold a k q to 9 62k30 a j to 3 a 6. What do you say North dealer both sides vulnerable North a a j 8 4 <p86 0 k96 a q to 2 West 4 none <?95 4 2 oq8542 87 53 East 4753 a q j to 7 07 k j 9 4 South 4 a a 1096 2 <5>k3 0 a j to 3 6 North i 24 4 0 5<p East South West 114 2v pass 3 0 pass pass 4 it pass pass 6 4 All pass opening Lead a v 2 answer bid three diamonds. This bid invites partner to bid four Spades if he has Good value for his raise or even if he has modest values coupled with help for diamonds. If he bids Only three Spades you will pass. A pocket guide to Bridge written by Alfred sheinwold is available. Get your copy by sending $1.25, including a stamped self addressed no. To envelope to sheinwold on Bridge in care of this newspaper . Box 1000, los Angeles Calif. 90053. �?�1980 los Angeles times Syndicate today a Horoscope by Stella Wilder Friday sept. 5 born today you Are one of those extremely practical individuals whose image of perfection is nothing Short of the Ideal. Your mental and emotional contradictions May cause you considerable internal trouble As you attempt to reconcile your need for reality with your desire for the impossible. You possess a Good head for business and an instinct for the arts. You know How to organize your Talent and your time to get the most from each. You Are Quick and accurate when it comes to judging other people whether in terms of personality or work. On the other hand you Are tactful and sympathetic and Are More inclined to keep your judgment to yourself if it is of an Adverse nature than to verbalize it. Only when you believe it will do Good will you speak up. Also born on this Date Are Edward Howard House noted author editor Florence Eldridge famed actress of another Era. To see what is in store for you tomorrow find your birthday and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday Star be your daily guide. Saturday sept. 6 Virgo aug. 23-sept. 22personal relationships May be a Little worse for Wear before Days end. Try to be Independent of them now. Libra sept. 23-oct. 22an invaluable piece of information comes your Way today. Done to be deceived by Dennis the menace actually it d0e5n t really matter because we re not havin6 pancakes this m0rnin6 i just th0u6ht you p like to Tell me How Mank pancakes to like if we were havin6 pancakes this m0rniin6. T Pear humane society crossword i assure you the work Hao nothing to do with the Birds and the bee5&Quot/ cd to Biz x go Esh i Shuppen be Hap that last Prink in you ask me you should t / ver have Hap the right first Prink chaplain Jimmy you and Milo Are going to get in your Poat and leave Mere. And you re not coming pack. False indications. Scorpio oct. 23-nov. 21 this is an excellent Day to ask for special consideration on the Home front. Be ready to state your Case. Sagittarius nov. 22-dec. 21 share Good news As Well As bad. Know your own mind when it comes to changing directions goals. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. 19 take the advice of loved ones. Rest relax allow tension to disperse. You need time out now. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb. 18 a the favor you do a Friend now will be repaid Many times Over in the future though not in kind. Pisces feb. 19-March 20 plans projected Early in the Day May not suit your ultimate goals. You May make changes with impunity Aries March 21-april 19 accomplish even More than you expected to simply by sticking to your own schedule. A Good Day All around Taurus april 20-May 20 keep on top of developments in your particular Brand of expertise. Children bring new clues. Gemini May 21-june 20 seek More details regarding an offer of gain. You May otherwise place your health in jeopardy. Cancer june 21-july 22facts and figures should be written Down today. Otherwise when the time comes to use them you May draw a Blank. Leo july 23-aug. 22 follow your instincts and you will find the solution to your financial problem though you May not like it. Copyright 1980. United feature Syndicate inc in you Hap wrapped Nour lure around lab Many limes As i 1 have it would come ea5v7 a the first fire hydrant 95 whom ppm my. In a Tow Row Here worrying. Of Tepee Quot Quot pm Rny aka twp t Nancy now appears on Page 17 of weekender Yoo Zub re it stay on i tees i a fill might As Well me off we never pm no in ii you la fint me a lot sooner a than you a nusa is / aim. They smell that me i Hao a like a staff. Hotdog for lunch. One of them in lying. Th�s6 tracks Tiu us / i a a a 1/ i 19 0 amp a a a a c a -. Who How answer tomorrow. Edited by Margaret Farrar and Trude Jaffe a Imo in a Grin Ham synodical across 1 ornamentation 6 Hoover and others 10 greek letters 14 All 15 fail to include 16 time half 17 name meaning Quot pretty Quot 18 wealthy in Palma 19 Carol 20 tourist Stop on the Nevada Border phrase 23 allay 24 adjusts 25 painted tourist Stop 29 Long Long 30 nickname meaning Quot elfin Maiden 31 relatives of National Parks 38 to love lat. 40 rubber tree 41 Utah s memorable senator 42 tourist attraction in Florida 45 gaelic 46 electrified particle 47 kind of bicycle 49 set everything 53 55 61 Praise Indian reservation tourist Stop phrase shot and Shell abbr. 62 College in new Rochelle 63 muscle 64 links locales 65 moslem dignitary Clemenceau be 66 67 68 69 certain poetic contractions word with up or Down Iron in Bonn Down 1 narrow Island of be Alaska 2 Lamb 3 out As a motor 4 wave on the Seine 5 digging tool 6 namesakes of a Dickens heroine 7 chemical 8 isinglass 9 kind of room 10 Don Quixote s Sancho 11 nose around 12 Wallet card for Short 13 Spanish rooms 21 fast foods matinee sir sailors Saint wow Wildcat of Quot up and 1&Quot title in the Orient fifteen certain Church Corner 35 Sud s opposite 36 re item ski turn Root supper items grape juice fideles Marble Ouida s name Large Lake s of Leningrad polish historic russian Leader prize alaskan City Louis participle endings Bird s head part Quot the virginian Quot author Wister 22 25 26 27 28 29 32 33 34 37 39 43 44 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 56 57 58 59 60 1 2 3 4 5 i 7 8 9 i i 11 i5 13 14 i i 17 i i i 20 21 22 23 a 25 26 27 29 56 i i 34 38 i 46 a 45 43 i r i 46 it 48 _ 49 50 51 i 64 55 56 6? 58 to 61 i 65 i i 63 64 65 66 67 68 65 hunh it is to to to i that scrambled word game by Henri Arnold and Bob Lee unscramble these four jumbles one letter to each Square to form four Ordinary words Rypar Ain s hero 0 Geurt n utto i Ito what the Bartee 5af7 when a customer Ccaa-pla1njep about his haircut. Now arrange the circled letters to form the Surprise answer As suggested by the above cartoon answer Here it la cd yesterday s jumbles answer while vague answers tomorrow Pelvis horror Why the fugitive from Justice jumped on a scale to get Quot a weigh Quot Jumble Book no. 13,containing 110puzzles, is available for $1.75 postpaid from Jumble clo this newspaper Box 34, Norwood n j. 07648 include your name address zip code and make checks payable to newspaper books. Test your horse sense by Chester Marshall score one Point for a Correct answer to each of the first five problems. The last problem counts five Points. Score yourself As follows 0-1, poor 2-4, average 5-6, above average 7-8, Superior 9-10, very Superior. 1. Who developed the idea of leotards a j. Leotard b p. Tights c b. Acrobat d s. Torso 2. The most important Mark on a ship is the a Deutsche Mark b Plimsoll line c tilde accent d ampersand 3. What a the former name for Schuylerville a Santa Anita b Saratoga c san Mirabel d Burgoyne 4. The color of the offstage resting room for actors is a Pink b purple c mauve d Green 5. With what is the Rorschach test concerned a profiles b bread Crumb readings c inkblot d liquid leftovers 6. Match the rider in this paragraph with the horse in the following paragraph. Score one Point for each Correct answer. A Ken Maynard b Tom mix c hop along Cassidy d the Cisco kid e Zorro v Tornado w Diablo x Tarzan y Topper z Tony answers Ope Jox a a Obj of a Lois Etc m a Patyi Orosio p Odd of x a a pissed d Fox z a Xii q tue Jex x a Preux Ejov e 9 Sion Qiju s a Obj f f so Ibibs g Audij nos Luna z pub pay to

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