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Biddeford Kennebunk Wells Journal Tribune Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1977, Page 12

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Biddeford Kennebunk Wells Journal Tribune (Newspaper) - December 1, 1977, Biddeford, Maine Left out Wells Beach Hose company fire wants. The meetings Are held on Hie ulan Pinkham has t been in nights when Pinkham has other com olved with a fire company commitments and he wont comment on minces work exploring the Possi Hili quoth it this is happening i photo by John to of instituting paid ambulance Atten Hanlon Kennebunk High lists Honor Roll High honors freshmen Nancy Bennett Rosemary Carroll Jean Folker Marjorie Harriman Janet Lanigan Diane Mayo Christian Penny. Jim Smith. Janet Stukas Jane Warner Britt Wendland Dennis Whitten Jane Wyman. Sophomores Patricia Rooney juniors Nicolyn Bennett Mary Bryne. Meredith Drake. Linda Eaton Len Eek fled Pamela Hutchins. Tina Hutchins. Erie James Sara Jeglosky Vito Lavopa. Judith Mackenzie Vaie Rte Moulton. Karen Ober Kathleen Ober Brenda Peterson. Ned truest seniors Kathleen Best Karen Daley Manha Hyde William o Donnell Barbara Russell Dale Simonton. Melissa True. Linda Welch honors freshman Ann Adams Paul Adelhardt list Andrews. Steve Austin Pamela Bennett Laura Benson. Jayne Bergeron. Nancy Berube. Edward Bibber. Mark Burgess. It indy Camire. Steve Clark John constant i Betsy Cowgill Lisa Dagget Deborah Duff Kim Dunham autumn Durost. Judith Feeney. Brian Fraser. Susan Frederick Janet Gordon. Vicki Gosse in. Catherine Gilblair Bonnie Heim Letitia Hussey David Iriana Jon Jasper. Rose Lambert Peggy Leach. Timmy l Heureux Brenda look Elizabeth Lyon. Cindy Mackie Susan Mackenzie Debra Madore Jack Martel Raymond Menard Robert Michaud Michael Mitchell Scott Palmer Robert pastured Sally Perkins Agnes Pierce. Tom Plante Barbara Prescott Susan Roberts Norman Robinson Peter Rogers Jonathan sening Cindy Shuffleburg Cary smart Daniel Stimpson. Meade Swenson Robin Swennes Kristien thu Retmer Mike Titus Donna William son sophomores Brian Adams William Appletoft Heidi Best. Deanna Brooks Charles Brown Melanie Brown Loma Caldwell. Casey Campbell Phillip Crawford Kathleen Denger Lisa Doherty. Ann Donner. Etienne Emmons Catherine Gardner Helen Gaunter Rebecca Good Wendy Goodrich. Eliza Beth Gould Todd Goulet. Nils Groneng Mary Hill. Colleen Holbrook Christopher Hussey. Cindy Jackson. Christine James Kelly Joyce Leslie Kellett. Scott Kelly. Laurie King Susan Lashua Linda Lawrence Kimberly Waling. Chris Marcotte. Dorothy manello april Mclean Jane Morrow Lisa Moody. Katie Nesbit Nathan Nickerson. Heather Perkins Elaine Peterson Thomas Putnam Tammy Redlon Maria Reuillard Mary Shaw Karen Shields. Kelly Spencer Terri Sweet Sarah Swett Bruce Turner Lori Welch Erie Wendland. Sheila White Elizabeth Whitney Scott Wilcox. Juniors Karen Andrews Ronald Beard Douglas Beard Michael Bennett. Douglas Bernier Laurin Brooks Brian Burns Joseph Carroll. James Claus. Mary Cogswell. Sharon Onsman. Dana Dakers Shayne going Randy Hall Robert har Pell Darlene Heikkinen. Douglas Lamont Bonnie Lank Joanna Leach Merianne Leach Cheryl l Heureux Nanci Lomax Ellen Meserve Ray Michaels. Karen Obermeyer Jacqueline of Keefe Deborah Pierce Susan Pierter Kathy Plante Holly Russell Beverly Stuart Karen Stukas Renee Sylvain. Carol Thurston Tammy Turner Gail Weeman Marilyn Welch Thomas Welch Jonathan Wilson seniors Martha Barry Debbie Beveridge Joe Blasdell David Brown Launa Cable Donna Chick James Cluff Cynthia Dickens Howard Doane Veronica Donner. Abby Dubay Brenda Dumas Lorilee Durgin Kelly Emery Daniel Goodson Melissa Gray Kimberly Hanscom Sandy Harpell Ellen Houston Barbara Jaccoma Jennifer Lebarge Sandra Macdonald Heather Mclean Denise Merrill Donna Merrill Suzanne Messer David Mitchell Elizabeth Robinson Laurie Romprey Mary Shaw Wendie Sheldon Torrey Stone Bruce Strickland bulletin boar thursday Well baby clinics maternal child health conferences first second and third thursday of each month conducted by York county health services inc., at United Church of Christ Hall Crescent St Biddeford by appointment phone 282-6128 Cornish planners meet Cornish the Cornish planning Board meets every other thursday at 8 . At the town Hall. The meeting is open to the Public. Health Council Limerick Limerick health Council will meet at to . Thursday. Dec i at the town Hall babysitting will be prov seed York county chapter Harp Ogunquit a the Southern York county chapter Harp meet the first thursday of each month at 2 pm in the Dunaway Community Center Ogunquit Ogunquit fire department Ogunquit members of the Ogunquit fire department meet the first thursday of each month at 8 at the fire station. School Street Ogunquit. Members of the auxiliary meet the third thursday of each month at 6 for a Buffet supper la leche league Saco a meeting of la leche league will be held thursday dec. 1,7 30p.m., at the Home of or. And mrs. Travis Belton 326 main St., Saco Saco tops Saco tops chapter take off pounds sensibly meet every thursday at 7 . At the Parish Hall of most holy Trinity Church Saco Shapleigh selectmen Shapleigh a the Board of selectmen meets every thursday at 7 . At the town Hall the meetings Are open to the Adah chapter Biddeford a a stated meeting of Adah chapter order of the Eastern Star will be held Friday dec 2, at 7 30 . At m sonic Temple Pool Road Biddeford visiting officers night will be observed. Refreshments will be served after the meeting preschooler s Story time Biddeford Story time for preschool children three to five years old is held every Friday at to a in at Mcarthur Library 270 main St., Biddeford. Saco Al anon Saco a an Al anon meeting is held every Friday at 8 pm at Trinity episcopal Church main and Cleveland streets Saco. Charismatic prayer meeting Biddeford spouse of the holy spirit charismatic prayer meeting is held every Friday night at 7 30 at St. Andre Hall High Street Bolus selectmen meet Hollis a the Hollis selectmen meet every Friday from 7 to to . And every saturday from 9 . To 12 noon at the town office. The meeting is open to the Public. Senior Fellowship old Orchard Beach members of the senior Fellowship will meet Friday dec. 2, to at the salvation army Center Church Street old Orchard Beach. A luncheon will be served at noon and the old Orchard Beach High school band will entertain at i . Kennebunk the women a Fellowship of Christ Church Kennebunk will hold its annual Christmas fair and luncheon on saturday dec. 3, from 9 30 to 3 . In the vestry and dining room of the Church. 12-journal Tribune. Thursday dec. I 1977�?� fire command continued from Page i Pinkham has attended few Hose company meetings pertaining to the project says Chase. Selectman Chase says the reason Pinkham has been left out of planning for this proposal is because Pinkham belongs to several associations and attends firefighting classes a so he has Little time to become involved with the ambulance committee. Firefighter Moody says that the three paid firefighters at the Wells Beach Hose company Are responsible to both the town and the chief. Paid firefighters often Are a left on our own. For instance we take care of the company building As we see As for ambulance committee meetings Moody says notice for those meetings Are Wells Beach Hose company paid firefighter Peter Moody is supposed to inform the fire chief for such things As taking Days off. But because the chief who is a Volunteer and works at arson trial continued from Page i his testimony referred to a 10-foot-Long Black Bear Rug on the second floor which the fire inspector said also smelled of gasoline or some Petroleum product. Three witnesses a the Absentee owner of the House and two of its former tenants a testified that the accused Cousens had been a guest in the Home on several occasions Tor card games and socializing. Richard r Chevalier the owner of the House testified he has known Cousens for 20 years and that the accused occasionally had been Chevalier s guest at regular sunday morning card and Dice games at the House at june and cottage streets. Owner Chevalier told the jury and Superior court Justice Louis so Lek that at the time of the fire he had a $42,000 insurance policy on the Sanford dwelling and that in 1974 he paid $27,000 for the Corner House. Though the House was rented to two tenants. Chevalier said rent payments did not fully cover his mortgage payments. Asked directly if he had authorized anyone to set fire to the House Chevalier chamber continued from Page i five members who annually Are appointed by Ogunquit overseers operates the information Bureau now the operation currently costs Village taxpayers about $12,000 per year a and overseers wanted to know if the chamber would consider assuming the financial and operational responsibilities for the Bureau chamber members attending the overseers meeting said though they May be Able to help operate the information Bureau the chamber probably can to afford the necessary $12,000 Ogunquit s overseers said the Village will fund the operation As Long As is necessary but they added their Hope that the chamber ultimately will assume All operating responsibilities. The overseers also said they think the information Bureau should be operated by a committee consisting of both chamber and publicity committee members. In his nov. 22 letter to Ogunquit s overseers Drury said a the main problem seems to fall in the area of incoming and outgoing mail. Everyone agreed the merger is logical that funding is no longer a problem but that the additional work Load cannot be considered at this kits get tryout Kennebunk sad 71 has been chosen As one of three school systems in the nation to test . Office of education teachers self evaluation kits. A the evaluation kits will be used by teachers in a team situation to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching Quot sad 71 chairperson Jackie Kellett said wednesday. The program which will begin next week will test the teachers on their own Reading readiness Quot mrs. Kellett said. A teachers will evaluate themselves Quot and she added that it is an Experiment which if found to be a a Worth could be used on a Large scale perhaps nationally in the breakdown makes Wells kids tardy to school Wells a though the Bells at Wells schools rang at the appropriate times thursday morning some of the students were late. One of the bus Drivers could t get a bus started this morning says school superintendent Thomas Vose. Since the schools spare bus is being used by the York school system the Wells schools other buses had to compensate so students who live at the cozy Corner and Drakes Island area of Wells did no to get to school until about 9 a in school begins at 7 45 at the Junior High and High schools says Vose. Elementary school classes begin at 9 . The situation was not expected to have any Impact on Normal dismissal times Vose says noting that a this seems to happen once a sent Over the radios which All firefighters have in their Homes. When Pinkham does no to attend a a he a not interested i presume or he has other meetings of his fire chief Pinkham says a most meetings have been held when in a at school. I have my own thoughts on that but i done to want to comment a a when Moody is going to be absent from work says Pinkham finding a replacement a is supposed to be done through me. I done to think i dare comments on the fact that Moody often finds his own substitute worker. A a it a part of the problem of being a Volunteer though company policy and rules of command sometimes Are not followed however there is one situation where the Chain of command is strictly followed. When there a a fire the chief Calls the shots. No one questions that. The Moody Post office Isnit always accessible. Moody says he sometimes has to assume the responsibility for finding his own replacement. Photo by John Hanlon answered Chevalier testified that on the night of the fire he was in Greenville where he had been living and working. Chevalier told the court that Cousens last was a guest in the House sometime during the summer before the fire. Neither Chevalier nor the two tenants of the building could pinpoint the exact Date that Cousens last was in the House but All three witnesses said is was not close to the dec. 7 fire. Chevalier said Black Jack and Dice and other gambling was a regular event on sunday mornings at his Sanford Home he said Cousens was a conservative Gambler and Only played $5 or $10 at a time. The Only hint of amusement seen in the courtroom wednesday afternoon was when Chevalier said Cousens still owes a three year old $20debt to Chevalier. He testified that his Sanford House had been on the Market for approximately eight months prior to the fire Edward a a ted Allen 33 River St., Sanford who testified that he had been a Boarder in the House for several weeks prior to the fire said he was with his a wife the night of the fire. Joseph c. Lavertu who said he now lives in Hampton. N.h., testified that owner Chevalier told him the saturday before the fire that he had increased the insurance on the House. Lavertu previously was a tenant in Chevalier s House at june and cottage streets Lavertu said he considered Chevalier to bt1 like a son to him. Lavertu said numerous people had keys to the House including Chevaliers and Allen s sex wives who did their laundry in the cellar. At one Point Lavertu told the court he a heard a lot of jokes about the House burning and quoted Chevalier As saying. A i would t have that problem if the House were gone. Lavertu said Chevalier said a Elf you dropped a match it Hurt nothing. A Lavertu said the jokes were made when Chevalier was a having a Good Sanford a assistant fire chief. Keith Goodrich said he was at the site of the fire three minutes after he heard the whistle on the Way Home from a town meeting. He said the major area of the Home burning when he arrived was the Kitchen on the first floor he too said he observed a Strong odor of a Petroleum product. A it was very Strong in the garage area a he told the court. Firefighter Goodrich said he contacted the police department when he discovered the severed fuel line in the cellar. The trial is expected to continue at least most of the Day thursday. Cousens has been out on $5,000 personal recognizance bail since being charged with setting the dec. 7 Sanford fire. Noble principal George Anderson Noble band continued from Page i Anderson says the Board Felt there was enough negative feeling about the overnights to warrant a five to four Board vote against them. This was the second Survey taken of band parents views on overnight trips. The first Survey was taken last Spring after a letter of complaint was received by a Parent who had been Host to a visiting schools band member. Anderson says the visiting band member a unfortunately was Quot ungracious and created quite a scene in a Home where Anderson says the girl refused to stay. A these problems Are minor but they accumulate my sometimes it seems to parents there Are a Large number of problems a the principal believes. He also thinks there Are fewer problems with band members than there would be with a representative Sample of the school body. He thinks the band students Are a much better than the average students and Are not a reflective of the average student there Are normally problems with to to 15 percent of the student body the principal says but a the band is usually a group of kids More dedicated a a better Type of Anderson disagrees with the trucking continued rom Page i they Don t like to Brown nose the Boss but a Brown nosing is what it takes they say a to get the Good Larry Archibald has been driving across the country More than most people drive out of Maine he s from St Petersburg. Fla., hell be 51 on monday he s married has a boy who s a fireman in a Rural Pennsylvania town and Speaks with an accent that Sticks out in the Snow. A people up Here Are the most unfriendly plural noun deleted you go Down South and you find All different people. They live slow Down South nobody s in a hurry. Nearly a half dozen Drivers a All listening intently up until now sort of suspicious of reporters a come Down hard on Archibald a a he a giving you a Crock Quot Nelson Lavoie 29, of Biddeford says. Quot Why Are you up Here then Quot Archibald smiles Arch Bald estimates that 80 percent of truck Driver Are married. Joe Radivonyk 28, of Ogunquit says a i Don t know How the hell they stay Radivonyk is married but would never take his wife with him on a run. A i Don t think she could take while Archibald says he knows Many of Subler s 490 Drivers in six major terminals across the country a Michigan Ohio Florida Georgia Texas and Maine a he acknowledges that Quot you Only see them now and Radivonyk agrees a this Guy Here might be 500 Miles from Here Radivonyk a Mechanic says he has not taken a Cross country run although he would like to. Archibald says he gets Back to a St. Peter about every eight Days. And when asked if he takes Pep pills to stay up while on the lob he says. I Nave never popped a p Pill in my whole life and i never will. Me of these Guys. I be seen them take four or five at a time Start shaking no that a not for me. If you re sleepy and you Don t pull off you re Gonna kill yourself or kill somebody he says a Driver needs Quot to eat Steak once a Day a tossed salad a potato school Board decision. He thinks the advantages of the overnight Exchange concerts outweigh the problems. A that kind of relationship friendships with visiting students be denied youngsters a says Anderson who explains that his own children have gone on the Exchange trips. He says one daughter who graduated three years ago still receives Christmas cards from visiting band students. Anderson thinks the past experiences with overnight trips for concerts have been a very and he wonders How students can get the same experience meeting students from other schools in the future. He thinks the problems have been identified and a no ones defended and picked out the Good of the trips. He Speaks of visiting band students who have visited in his own Home and Given his wife a present when they left. He also notes that local people hear the complaints about visiting students and not the problems caused by local students in other towns. Quot i have found the visiting band members to be just As a Fine a group of kids As those who have gone away on trips from Here a he says. One Board member who voted to discontinue the trips Deborah Clement told the journal Tribune that she heard of drinking problems with visiting students. She says band students have had a bad experiences and Are no longer a a Hep on taking the trips. Principal Anderson recalls an incident when two visitors who shared the same Host Home a got into something liquor a but he describes the incident As a an isolated he thinks its not a Large scale problem on band trips. He adds that he thinks however that teenage drinking is a major problem. The High school principal says he realizes that a maybe the social aspect of the trips Are not necessary anymore because a Rural kids Are Mobile these Days but he thinks schools have the responsibility to arrange social events in a structured environment rather then always an unsupervised environment of students Quot doing their own thing. Quot a i guess in a just old fashioned Quot says the concerned principal. And a Good breakfast of eggs Bacon and Home Fries he says Are a must. Often he save he goes without lunch on the Road. Driving a 45-foot, 18-wheel tractor trailer is exhilarating the floridian says. His face lights up and he pushes his chair Back when he talks about the a Sweet noise Quot the tractor makes when he shifts gears you get a sense you arc talking to a Man who loves his work a seventy five percent of this business is knowing where you re going the roads and so on and the other 25 percent is common sense and Basic skills a he listens to a radio station out of new Orleans that features a truckers slum a the Charlie Douglas Road he ays that there is a truck Stop in new Jersey somewhere that 20 years ago he could get two donuts and a Coffee at for less than 50 cents now its $1.10 i give the Guy some grief but he says what am i Gonna do a a Archibald says. The tractor Archibald s Home away from Home has a comfortable size bed right behind the Driver s seat a powerful radio and tap deck a cd radio and although he does t have a television set he says a and this was confirmed by other Drivers a about one of every two Drivers plugs a portable to into the lighter outlet in the tractor. He keeps his shaving equipment and Luggage in a compartment under his seat and a few tools in another compartment. Everyone Here agrees that the Job pays. Archibald says he clears nearly $500 a week and while he drinks a lot of Coffee a sometimes five cups in an hour a he does t smoke cigarettes and does t carry booze with him on the Road. Subler trucking inc. Is based in St Petersburg Fla out of the Saco terminal it usually hauls paper Beans sardines Clam chowder paper plates and a when times get Tough potatoes a Radivonyk says. Archibald takes a slug of his Coffee and says a in a few years in a Gonna retire and buy me a Brand new Rig put in in my Back Ard and Pound it every Day with a Sledge Ammer until when they put me in the grave there wont be nothing left of that old he was kidding when he said that a i think shoot ii the Breeze Mike Hoffbauer left and Larry Archibald second from an afternoon Coffee break at Carl Subler trucking inc in left listen to a fellow truck Driver talking the time away on Saco. Photo by John Ewing assuming the chief s responsibilities

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