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Biddeford Journal Tribune Newspaper Archives Nov 30 2007, Page 3

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Biddeford Journal Tribune (Newspaper) - November 30, 2007, Biddeford, Maine Friday november 30, 2007 journal Tribune a3 meals from Page Al about 250 people each month up about 20 to 25 percent from last year. A the level of need is Way up a said Gray which he attributes to the rising Cost of fuel. A when you Start to see milk at $5 a gallon and Gas at $3 a gallon it does t help a he said. Because of the increase of patronage to the pantry organizers of the churches dinner weren to surprised to see More diners this year. Gray said they had planned for More this year and had just enough Turkey to Bernanke from Page Al falling into a recession. But he indicated that Consumers could turn More cautious As they try to Cope with All the stresses. The Odds have grown that the country could enter a recession. A Sharp cutback in consumer spending could Send the Economy into a tailspin. Against this backdrop. Fed policymakers will need to be Quot exceptionally Alert and flexible a Bernanke said. That comment probably will be viewed As a sign the fed May lower interest rates when it meets on dec. 11, its last session of the year. A Bernanke is leaning in the direction of a rate Cut a said Brian Bethune economist at global insight. Twice this year the Central Bank has trimmed rates to keep the housing collapse and credit Nuttin from Page Al Industrial Park. He credits economic development director Bob Dodge with much of the Success in the area of economic development in the City. Continuing this development of the downtown the Mill District and other areas of the City is something he said the new and future administrations will face. Other positive accomplishments of his administration that Nutting pointed to were Steps taken in making the City and school More Energy efficient. He said Energy audits of All the City and school buildings have been done and Steps Are being taken to implement these Energy efficiencies. He pointed to More awareness being brought to drug and alcohol addiction and the Steps taken to address this problem such As the creation of programs and the approval to hire someone who will work on this Issue. Most importantly Nutting said he thinks the City a image has improved during his two terms and pointed to articles in Down East Magazine and the Boston Globe which report approvingly on the changes taking place in the City. Although there were successes Nutting a four years were not without controversy. One of the biggest controversies during the Nutting administration revolved around the negotiations with Maine Energy recovery company. A we All want it closed Quot Nutting said about the incinerator however he thinks that the Way to do this corrections an expected reduction in the allocation of state funding to the Biddeford school departments area of system administration uvas overstated in an article published wednesday nov. 28. The Uncle also understated the Cut facing the departments budget for administration. The allocation reduction will be 5 percent for transportation special education and facilities management the reduction will be much greater Over 40 per ent in administration. The current allocation is currently approximately $1,012,000 from the state to the Biddeford school department. The projected allocation for next year is estimated at $577,. That is an estimated loss of More than �435,000 to Biddeford. Make it through until the end. James Marcotte Volunteer coordinator for the knights of Columbus dinner said that 250 people had signed up prior to the dinner for delivery service. This was up significantly from the 130 requests last year and gave organizers a Heads up that there might be More people coming for dinner this year. A we had a Hunch. The indicator in my mind was that we had so Many people sign up for take Home meals a said Marcotte. In preparation the knights made sure they had a Large number of volunteers on hand and the event ran smoothly. The knights started running out of food during the event but through what Marcotte Calls a divine intervention a they made it to the end serving bigger portions than last year. When organizers ran out of potatoes one Volunteer came through with some instant mashed potatoes and when they ran out of Turkey they got one from across the River at Stone soup food pantry. When they ran out again they were Able to get another one from Stone soup. They also received help from the United methodist Church in old Orchard Beach. Any leftovers they did have crunch from throwing the Economy into a recession. Those cuts came in september and late october. In the october meeting Bernanke and his fed colleagues signalled that further cuts might not be needed. Since then however financial markets have endured More turmoil. The housing slump has deepened consumer Confidence has plummeted and consumer spending a has been on the soft Side Quot Bernanke said in a speech thursday night to business people in Charlotte . A copy of his remarks was made available in Washington. The economic Outlook has been a importantly affected Over the past month by renewed turbulence in financial markets which has partially reversed the improvement that occurred in september and october Quot Bernanke said. A these developments have resulted in a further is by creating conditions that make it attractive for the company to close of its own Accord. Many voiced loud opposition to signing a new contract with the downtown incinerator demanding that More proactive measures should be taken. Yet eventually the Council signed a five year contract with the company earlier this year and in the subsequent City election six new City councillors were elected and Maine Energy critic Joanne Twomey was elected mayor. The defeat of the three Bonds that were on the City ballot in november was a disappointment to Nutting. Repairing the clock Tower of City Hall putting Money into a federally mandated storm water and sewer separation project and building a satellite fire station in East Biddeford Are All important to the City said the outgoing mayor. He thinks residents will have to Deal with these issues in the not too Distant future and end up paying More As a result of the november votes. Nutting said he thinks the lesson Learned is that putting Bonds before the voters in the same year that their property has been revalued Isnit a Good idea. There have been successes there have been starts of projects that will continue into future generations there have been controversies and disappointments but during his four years of service to the comm tightening in financial conditions which has the potential to impose additional restraint on activity in housing markets and in other credit sensitive sectors Quot he said. Bernanke spoke hours after the White House lowered its economic growth projection for 2008 due to the deteriorating housing Market. The White House also raised its estimate for unemployment next year but said inflation should moderate. The Commerce department reported that the Economy grew at a 4.9 percent rate from july through september the fastest Pace in four years. The impressive performance though was not expected to carry into the final three months of the year when analysts expect growth of 1.5 percent or less. Just a Day before be Mankey a speech the feds no. 2 official suggested the Central Bank May be inclined to slice rates again nity Nutting said he had Only two major regrets. The first he said was not achieving greater integration with Biddeford a twin City and his new Home. Saco. A i tried to consolidate the fire departments a said Nutting but that did t pan out. However he noted that there Are established working relations Between several departments in the cities including the fire police and Public works departments. Nutting Hopes that greater consolidation Between the cities can take place with the new administrations. During a period of rising costs and less Money to spend Nutting said that the cities working together will be the Best Way to spread dwindling finances further. The Airport Issue Quot getting out of control Quot was Nutting s second regret. Tensions Between two opposing factions on the former Airport commission led to the dissolution of that committee this year. Although some residents Are of the opinion that the Biddeford Airport should close or at least not expand. Nutting said he thinks that the Airport is important to greater economic development of Biddeford. The mayor has Only a final few Days left in his term. He has been saying his final farewells As he prepares to leaving not Only his position but also his Home. The mayor and his wife Jane have sold their Biddeford Pool Home and Are a going Back to their roots. Quot a dried Floral a portraits a quilts a stained Glass panels a jams amp re i saturday amp sunday a december i amp 2 a to a.m.-4 . S annual Christmas Craft show 5 Una Ini verify of sew England fort land Campus 716 Stevens Avenue Portland i Finley gymnasium old Westbrook colleges Between armory and Evergreen c cemetery More information Maine made crafts Lois Taylor 946-7079 sign up for gift certificate to the Sedgley place Greene Quot Best prices in the state of Maine 3 email it promo a Ltd a fleece blankets amp items a original artwork a photography a woodworking a and much more1 a Minter of wonderland a festival of Quot ire is november 23 december 8. 2007 Dyer Library Saco museum a 371 main St. Saco a free admission and extended museum hours a fabulous displays of More than 40 designer Trees. 13 children s Trees and Holiday wreaths a drawing contest for a hugs k 8, sponsored by the a a a Tord Saco to a Gingerbread Village Complete with train a display of an que toys a school Field trips offered to area schools a spec Ial free children s events a ongoing silent auction for Trees and wreaths concluding at the gala december 8 tie part of this magical tradition celebrating the Holiday in it Saco Jed Deford and our surrounding communities were donated. A nothing went to waste a said Marcotte. Organizers from both events said the help of members of the Community has been great. This time of year Gray said Church donations Are typically up and this year has been no exception. A we be seen a lot of people wanting to step up to the plate. They Are not always giving a lot but they Are giving what they can. Its great to see communities pulling together a said Gray. A Contact Liz Gotthelf by calling 282-1535, ext. 325, or via email at . Because of Wall streets turbulence and the worsening problems in housing and in credit markets. Donald Kohns remarks sent the Market soaring with the Dow Jones Industrial average gaining More than 300 Points. Bernanke echoed some of the same concerns. Kohn had said policymakers must remain a a nimble and he spoke of the need for a flexible and pragmatic some analysts believed the similarity in tone and language of the fed s top two officials was deliberate. It appears they Are trying Quot to Send a message to financial markets that a rate Cut could be in the offing Quot at the dec. 11 meeting said Richard Yamarone economist at Argus research. A when you have the top two people at the fed Reading from the same script that is in itself a both he and his wife were raised in Saco and they Hope to move into their new Home there later this month. After 35 years of being told where to move while in the military. Nutting said its a new experience to be involved in the construction of a new Home and All the decisions that go along with that. It is with great regret. Nutting said that he and his wife Are leaving Biddeford. However while the City a soon to be former first couple May be moving out of Biddeford physically the emotional leave taking will take longer if it happens at All. A two Hundred years ago Biddeford Saco and old Orchard were one Community Quot said Nutting a it should be that Way Contact Dina Mendros by calling 282-1535, ext. 324, or via email at Mendros Gwi. Net Hannaford from Page Al interested in using Hannaford a program because it would be too costly to a reinvent that wheel a said Caren Epstein a spokeswoman for Scarborough based Hannaford. Epstein declined to say How much Money was invested in guiding stars other than to say it was a in the that does t include the time and Effort put into the program and setting up an advisory panel with experts from across the country. The program introduced in Hannaford stores in september 2 x 6, rates food items with Zero to three stars based on nutritional value. Under the program vitamins minerals fiber and whole grains earn More stars. Added sodium trans fats saturated fats and cholesterol mean fewer or no stars. Hannaford is seeking a Patent for the formula which is a secret for now. Hannaford reports faster sales growth for items that receive stars indicating the k port from Page Al a issues around Public hospitality facilities in town will continue to plague the Board. Discussing the Issue about restrooms at Goose rocks Beach elicited deliberations about the towns contract zone ordinance. Selectman Mike Weston said he feels that contract zoning needs to be repealed or that the process needs to be changed. Language in the land use ordinance is unclear and does t necessarily allow for a full site plan review he said. This led to confusion and voter opposition to the proposal to put Public restrooms behind the current tides inn. As part of a plan to convert them to condominiums. He suggested that proposed contract zones go through a Complete site plan review prior to bringing them to a vote. Program is steering shoppers to healthier products. The idea of the guiding stars came from shoppers who were frustrated and confused by available nutritional information. As it stands the system consists of signs and shelf tags in the stores in addition to an advertising Campaign collateral materials training materials a web site and Community outreach. The spokeswoman said. There a also interest by at least some vendors in having the guiding stars placed on the products themselves similar to heart Check Symbol on products receiving the american heart associations Seal of approval she said. Interest from outsiders has picked up since the first year results were released in september said Mark Doiron Hannaford senior vice president. A we know we have a program that works and has demonstrated results a he said. A a we re optimistic about the Opportunity to share it with a broader fifty five percent of voters voted it Down Weston said. A a there a a real flaw in the process. We need to be sure the voters Are informed before Quot going to the voting Booth added. But selectman Allen Daggett said that costs for full site plan reviews Are significant and thinks it be fair to developers. A that s Why i think its a great idea to repeal it a replied Weston thanking Daggett for making his Point. Board chairman mat Lanigan agreed that the end result was unclear. Quot there were a lot of what ifs Quot he said. He suggested working with land use boards and committees to possibly Amend the contract zone ordinance. A Contact Jodi Hausen by calling 282-1535, ext. 329 or via e mail at . Bright Ici est. A it sell your unwanted items in the classifieds your closing May be closer than you think with no closing costs you can afford your new Home sooner. When you get your mortgage with Ocean communities you can also expect Low fixed rates along with great service. Plus we offer a process that a convenient and easy to use. Call or visit us today to learn How we can help you get Home. Ocean communities Federal credit Union More than just the numbers 800-418-1486 a cred approval and mamber step eligibility required other restrictions apply ii Nacua Tai cuu Ukia

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