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Biddeford Journal Tribune Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 4

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Biddeford Journal Tribune (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Biddeford, Maine Palestinian terrorists release French hostages by Donna Abu Nas associated press Beirut Lebanon the palestinian terrorist group led by Abu Nidal today freed a French woman a belgian Man and the daughter bom to them in Captivity. The couple had been seized from a French yacht nearly 2vz years ago. Jacqueline Valente 32, Ferdinand Hout Ekins 43, and 2-year-old Sophie liberte were released by masked gunmen who sped up to the main Gate of the French embassy in three cars with drawn curtains police lithuanians get a new warning by Mark j. Porubcansky associated press Moscow a Mikhail s. Gorbachev and his new presidential Council have issued a harsh new warning to Lithuania a secessionists threatening additional unspecified a political and economic measures a to rein in the rebel Republic. In a Tough statement the 16-member Council chaired by Gorbachev rejected the Baltic republics declaration on thursday that it would not repeal its March la Independence declaration As a condition for negotiations. Quoting the presidential Council Tass said monday a the reply by the lithuanian supreme soviet was not constructive and did not open an Avenue toward settling problems. In fact it leads matters to a dead the statement indicated that recent conciliator moves by both sides had done Litte to ease the tense confrontation Between the Kremlin and the breakaway Republic. Lithuania was forcibly annexed by the soviet Union in 1940 along Witt the other Baltic republics Estonia and Latvia which have declared their intention to seek Independence but Are proceeding More cautiously than Lithuania. A members of the presidential Council concluded that additional economic political and other measures should be taken to protect the soviet Constitution and the interests of citizens living in the Republic and the soviet Union As a whole a Tass quoted the presidential Council As saying. It did not say what kinds of Steps the Council had in mind. Gorbachev has ordered lithuanians to turn in their firearms and warned the Republic not to form Border patrols. Soviet troops have arrested some lithuanians who de said. A i embrace All my family. I am Well and the Little one also a is. Valente told French reporters who were Given exclusive Access to the three. Hout Ekins said the four members of his family still held by the terrorist group were also Well. A they have morale. They Are holding firm a he said adding a we expected our Freedom we knew it was coming one Day. Tile Day of our Freedom has arrived. For those who stay behind we keep the two accompanied by their daughter refused to discuss certain other subjects including the death of their second child in Captivity or their living conditions while they were hostages. A police spokesman said French ambassador Rene Ala a apparently had Advance notice of the release. Ala was waiting at a Cement outpost manned by French Marine guards near the main Gate of the West Beirut compound. French embassy spokesman Francois Ahi Saab said the three were he said Hout Ekins was a clean shaven and looked in Paris a special plane left for Beirut and was expected to return with the three later today. Hours after the release Walid Khaled spokesman for the terrorist group the Fatah revolutionary Council drove to the French embassy and said he would release a statement a after my talks with French Fatah announced on nov. 8,1987 it had seized hostages from the French yacht Silco in the Mediterranean off the Gaza strip. It accused them of collaborating with israelis Mossad intelligence Agency. Friends said the group was on a Holiday cruise. The Abu Nidal group had acknowledged holding Valente 32, Sophie and five belgians Hout Ekins his brother Emmanuel and Emmanuel a wife and teen age daughter and son. A boy born to is. Valente in Captivity in March 1989 died shortly after birth French government sources said. Because the boat hostages were believed to have been held in Libya the Case is considered unrelated to the 18 westerners held hostage in Lebanon by pro iranian shiite moslem factions. On wednesday libyan Leader col. Moa mar Qadhafi urged the release of is. Valente As a compassionate measure on the occasion of Ramadan the islamic holy month. Khaled had said monday three european hostages would be freed by the end of Ramadan about april 26 depending on when the new Moon is sighted. Jan Hollants Van Loocke a belgian official said at the same news conference he was in Lebanon to negotiate the belgians release. Soviet reforms face a fight economic decisions painful but needed by Ann is associated press Moscow president Mikhail s. Gorbachev has promised Radical Market oriented reforms but his top economic adviser says Public resistance must be overcome to push any drastic measures through parliament this year. A promised economic package is still being drafted and discussed Deputy prime minister Leonid Balkin said monday offering no specifics on the shape it will take. Gorbachev said today he will meet with top advisers saturday to agree on the shape of the economic Reform the soviet news Agency Tass reported. The news Agency quoted Gorbachev As saying the meeting of his presidential Council and the federation Council should make difficult but essential decisions on the Economy. Gorbachev said the economic Steps initially planned for 1992 and 1993 should be taken this year and Early next year Tass reported without further elaboration. On monday Balkin said the measures would accelerate a pro Gram for refolding the Economy Over five years approved in december by the Congress of Peoples deputies the full National legislature. Balkin a top adviser to Gorbachev said he expected a Quick transition to a Market Economy would come up against powerful opposition. A but we must do it whether we like it or the soviet people must understand that without painful economic Reform a the country has no future As a highly developed great Power a he said. A unless we go Over to the new methods we will deprive ourselves and our children of a highly developed and efficient Economy and a powerful country where people will want to live and which the people will not be ashamed of Kabalkin said. In speaking of the measures under consideration Balkin repeatedly dodged specifics implying key decisions had not yet been made. He said the state must lift controls on prices but would not specify which prices would be freed or when. He also denied reports that some form of convertible Ruble would be introduced by this summer. He said experts believe the soviet Market must have something to sell first and it will take years before the country a currency will be convertible. Several officials have said the soviet Union was considering a plan to provide a polish style a Shock therapy for the soviet Economy which would boost prices drastically Cut the value of the Ruble and raise unemployment. With the Economy stalled part Way Between Central planning and a Market system Industrial production fell 1.2 percent in the first Quarter of 1990 compared with the last Quarter of 1989. The country is beset by serious consumer shortages. In november Gorbachev called for strict and unpopular measures to revive the faltering Economy. He reiterated that pledge last month when he was Given sweeping new executive Powers As president. Approved reforms to introduce a regulated Market Economy before 1995 Are being seeded up due to a destabilization of the political system development of ethnic and regional conflicts and deficits in the consumer goods Market Kabalkin said. Cmap wire photo conservatives win greek elections a demonstrator dressed in traditional georgian clothing makes his feelings known during a rally in the georgian capital of Tbilisi monday marking the anniversary of the slaying of 19 pro Independence protestors by soviet forces a year ago. Sorted the red army and they have also occupied several Public buildings in the Republic. After a meeting last week Between lithuanian representatives and a major Gorbachev adviser politburo member Alexander n. Yakovlev however both sides made conciliatory statements. But on sunday lithuanians prevented hundreds of soviet soldiers from entering a Plant that prints pro Independence newspapers. Pro Moscow communists had ordered the Plant closed. The Republic also told its Young men who will be called up in the soviet draft this Spring that it is up to them whether they want to serve. Athens Greece a conservative Leader Constantine i Tsitakis received a mandate to form a government today after working out a Deal with a Small party to Clinch a one vote parliamentary majority. I Tsitakis head of the new democracy party that won half of parliaments seats in an election sunday said his government would be sworn in on wednesday. The party wants to liberalize the inflation plagued Economy slash the government deficit and attract foreign investment. After a one hour meeting with president Christos sarzetakis the 71-year-old i Tsitakis told reporters a i done to have much to say. As you know i met with or. Sarzetakis who gave me a mandate to form a Mikso Takis received the mandate after he assured sarzetakis that he controlled 151 of the 300 seats in parliament after sundays elections. New democracy won 150 seats in the balloting then received the support of rightist Costis Steph Nopoulos. Whose renewal party won one seat. Steph Nopoulos said monday he offered the vote of his Lone victorious candidate a without preconditions and that he would not be a member of the government which will be an All new democracy Cabinet. His support broke an impasse that had gripped greek politics since inconclusive elections last june and november. The Athens Stock Exchange reacted favourably to the conservative Victory. The pays Safe it Retina coastal Ira a Vuu. Days it take the Ute to in. A i or non Ety Khz k thousand in i f rat ctr yield _ j 8.40 8.76 3 to get a cd f. Hundred sixteen h $4 916 i 1 i a a in err t tour coastal Ika is kit Orth a completely Sale and sound investment it s a very smart one too lot example ii von contribute $2000 per year. You can get a great lax deduction now. And in a years your nest egg will accumulate tax deferred to a whopping $94,916. So for an Ika you can count on today and Down the Road take the coastal route. Murry and take advantage on or before april 17th. Ici coastal Bank is he smart route to take. To anon Portland i Simm. Biddeford 282-1 so i. Brunswick Maine Street "2s Smyj Cooks Corner "2s och reef but Hooi to Hollis 929-6601 Kennebunk ohs "222 Faits 62s v216, Saco 282-6121, Topsham "25-59so. Member Fok Pilis equipment problems delay shuttle launch Cape canaveral Fla. A Nasa scrubbed the launch of discovery with the $1.5 billion Hubble space Telescope today when a problem developed four minutes before liftoff in a unit that supplies Power to the shuttles Wing and Tail surfaces. Nasa quickly decided to wait at least until thursday before trying again said launch commentator George Diller. As the five astronauts began emerging from the cockpit where they had lain on their backs for More than three hours engineers worked to determine the extent of the problem with the auxiliary Power unit. The scrub was a disappointment to the hundreds of astronomers who had gathered at the Kennedy space Center to watch the launch of discovery and the Telescope that it carries in its cargo Bay. Hubble the most expensive unmanned spacecraft Ever built has related Story Page 30. Been waiting to take its place in space since 1983 a delayed by technical problems and the 1986 challenger explosion. Diller said Nasa was disappointed at the latest delay a but the stars will be Here if the Apu has to be replaced entirely it would mean a delay of at least several Days said Keith l. Hudkins chief of nasal a shuttle orbiter division. A a there la be something changed out a Hudkins said. A a something a broken that will have to be the space telescopes batteries will hold their charge through Friday but after that would have to undergo an eight Day recharge on the ground. Once Hubble is in orbit its Solars panels will keep its batteries supplied with Power. Police search charred Cabins for More victims of ferry fire Lys Ekil Sweden apr police picked through burned out Cabins on the ferry scandinavian Star today looking for More victims and for the origin of the weekend fire that killed up to 200 people on a trip from Norway to Denmark. Investigators working on the theory of arson said they found no evidence yet of the spark that ignited the 20-year-old danish ship carrying More than 500 passengers and Crew in the North sea Early saturday. Police had not inspected All parts of the ship and were painstakingly moving through the Hulk searching for clues said Roar onto District police chief in Lys Ekil on Sweden a Southwest coast. A we Are not going Over the whole ship to count bodies a he said by Telephone. A the work is slow. We Are going Over one part at a time and finishing that before we move on to the norwegian police today took charge of the investigation of the fire which occurred Midway through the overnight voyage from Oslo to Frederiks Havn Denmark. The ships owner has said the Blaze was deliberately set because it was one of two fires that broke out on separate decks. Two other ferry fires occurred monday off the european coast. A Blaze on the Irish sea car ferry nor Rona with 297 aboard killed one Man and injured 32, and the ships Irish owner suspected arson

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