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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 4

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Biddeford, Maine 4 journal 1963 editorial Page thought for evening learn to read slow All other graces will follow in their proper Liam Webber Hospital drive near end help needed target Date for the Webber Hospital building fund drive and we Hope substantial segment of area Resi Dent will respond generously before that while the drive has been progressing the goal has not been and final reports of Volunteer solicitors will be submitted next the Campaign for funds to enlarge the Hospital deserves the support of All in the the Webber Hospital in a Community by the area it it a voluntary nonprofit operated solely for the Benefit of the Community by a no paid Board of a voluntary Hospital of this nature can Seldom charge enough to take care of its Capi Tal when the patient pays Only for the services he he pays Noth ing toward building or equipping the ins Titu the Cost of constructor was contributed years before by Public spirited in this ease in when the last building program waa since that time the webbers physical Plant has remained virtually yet Over that same admissions have in creased 68 per patient Days of care have xray examinations have increased by 77 per cent and emergency outpatients have gone from to per As a result of these there is an acute shortage of Beds at the and the rapidly growing Public together with remarkable advances in medical techniques Over the past decade have rendered certain major Hospital facilities out Moded and unsuited to the Complex procedures of modern by subscribing to the Webber Hospital building fund residents of the hospitals service area will help provide for their own health which they will need and use in years to unlike annual the Webber Hospital must rely on pledges payable Over a period of which in this Case is three that is because a building fund of this Magni tude cannot be raised through out pocket Only through pledges can the Public subscription goal be reached and the creation of the urgently needed new facilities be the Hospital is for now listen everybody an american dramatist has said a Good listener is not Only popular but after a while he knows in a discussion of the Art of it is revealed that 45 per cent of the time spent by the average individual in communication with others is devoted to listening and Only 30 per cent to of the remaining 16 per cent is taken up by 9 per cent in clinics have found that Many persons Arent Good in the 45 per cent of their time that elapses while others have the floor they too often do not put their hearts into their they ave Likely to be think ing of themselves instead of what is being perhaps prejudices or a dislike of the speaker affects a persons evaluation of what is being per haps the listener or if he is listening to the speaker he is intent upon framing a reply or a refute he May merely be pretending to listen while his thoughts Are Miles an improvement of at least 25 per cent is believed possible in the average persons ability to think ing Back to the dramatists comment on a Good listen it is obvious if More persons listened attentively when others talk they would be in upon acquiring the to provide More pleasant listening for potential killers Loose its heartening the number of people who ardently subscribe to the theory that the careless Driver is As big a menace to society As a person who kills in cold in a University professor says he int entirely facetious when he says the world would be a safer place if murderers went Scot free and careless Drivers were few will subscribe to that even though it is a highly effective Means of exposing the careless Driver for the potential killer he those guilty of murder should pay the but persons guilty of careless driving should also be severely the number of careless Drivers is everywhere in downtown areas Drivers can be seen breaking traffic out on the main highways it is just As there careless Drivers Are really danger Ous because at High speeds a minor mistake can Causa a major careless Drivers Seldom have a reasonable de not knowing the rules of the Road is no not being familiar with traffic Laws is no not having a car that is in proper shape for careful driving is no there int any in except the sudden Onset of an illness or something else equally unexpected and unavoidable that should stand up in there should be an open season on careless Drivers every Day of every a joint checking account plays havoc with moms and dads budget you cant feel sorry for people who do such a Continua a Job of it on dad sometimes sneaks away to go fishing and Doest catch a thing until he gets maybe it would make kids think if a sign on each Auto door handle dont slam this any american May Start by digging ditches and wind up behind a if he Doest object to the Small to blazing glory and rusting junk in Hollywood foreign actress likes work Washington news overseas Trade lags by Peter Edson Washington correspondent newspaper Enterprise pres ident Kennedy goal for a billion or 10 per cent increase in exports to wipe out Ameri Cas balance of payments deficit in 19fvl was not equated in 1962 and will not be achieved this this is the opinion of Fred Foy of Board chair Man of Koppers and vice chairman of the today White House conference on Export sex so the going for next year will be but the drive to increase americas foreign Trade now moves out of Washington and into the coun try with 39 Little White House conferences on Export this which has been dubbed operation ten thou is intended to interest More american Man fac who Are now Selling Only on the Domestic to get into foreign at the present time Between and manufacturers sell nobody knows the exact the final report of big White House Export conference of 200 private business leaders has now been submitted to president Ken Nedy by Secretary of Commerce Luther it contains de tailed recommendations from 11 subcommittees of businessmen on what should be done to build up exports 10 per the conference itself got off slightly on the wrong foot by holding a press briefing immediately after the 11 committee reports haunt been fully Analysed or properly sum the result was an impression that the principal recommendations were to give Industry an incentive tax to get them into the Export business and to resume Trade with soviet rus Sia and other communist bloc those two subjects were mended for resurvey by the government in View of changed world but both would re quire changes in existing and Congress in its present mood on taxes and Russia wont Grant either this Only last Congress unanimously approved a three year Extension of the Export control other recommendations of the 11 As summarized by Eugene director of the Bureau of International include these main Points revise Ocean freight which now make shipments from Europe to America cheaper than from America to set up a commission to review american antitrust Laws As they affect Export provide for better financing of Export push Tariff negotiations under foreign Trade expansion act of with hard bargaining to give firms Equality in improve foreign Commerce education in business take commercial attaches in american embassies away from state department control and return them to department of where they were prior to continue and expand existing department of Commerce pro Grams for Trade fairs and centers Boyles column Ailman provides a column by Hal Boyle new York tilings a columnist might never know if he didst open his mail More Middle class wives Are now holding jobs outside the in move than half the fam Ilies with income from to the wife works at least part of the the average working girl is getting half of the 25 million women in the labor Market arc Over heros Why so Many parents look up to their children these Days Young people Are about two inches taller than those of 60 years teenage Mommy almost 40 per cent of brides now mar re in their Over half of them become mothers before their 20th betcha never knew this mens fingers Are approximately 10 per cent longer and 20 per cent wider than ladies our quotable notables i have no use for a Man who lies in bed after nine Oclock in the morn know your language the word sincere is said to come from two latin Sina and meaning without Wax remember when it was being predicted that Man soon would be Able to live 150 to 200 years Many scientists today doubt this is possibility in the foreseeable but think that better medi Cine and Hygiene trl enable More of us to live to be Small Fry comedienne Marion Powers tells about the Little girl who make three times two equal seven cause that what 1 wrote on my exam paper in White plague Many people erroneously believe Miracle drugs have solved the problem of to a Scourge through the is still one of the most widespread human afflicting some 50 million people throughout the and killing yearly in the United states patience test researchers have found that most people dont mind waiting 30 seconds for an ele but As the interval approaches a minute they begin to fuss and it was Arthur Brisbane who of its a Good thing to know How to satisfy your own conscience and make the Cash Register ring business Mirror fiscal unbalance could Hurt Sam 1mwson a business news analyst York Dollar claims by other nations exceed sold and currency these claims Are growing despite the efforts of this worlds strongest economically and to get its books closer to and this year a major run on its sold stocks is being averted to considerable extent by the Rood will and sym Pathy and self interest of its this fiscal unbalance could go deeper than just Hurt it could Lead to a Hurt if unit could end up in a blow to All the Western worlds Structure of finance and How did the United states get into this in its simplest terms the prob Lem now being thrashed out in government and banking circles Here and abroad is this for several especially since the United states has been sending abroad move Dol Lars than it has been getting the steadily mounting piles of foreign held or credits easily turned into now adds up to Mure than by Law other governments or their Central Banks can turn in their dollars to the Treasury for Gold at an and off and on Treyve been doing just the Treasury now has Only billion of Gold Down from Bil lion some years and Bil lion of this Hoard is earmarked As a Reserve backing paper that is Uncle Sams Gold pm his trouble arises from a deficit Between outgoing and incoming called the deficit in the balance of Here is How the deficit has run since 1957 billion in 1958 billion in 1959 billion in 1960 Bil lion in 1961 billion in and this year the deficit has been in the first three months we ran million he Hing in next three months billion this made the first half of 1963 about As bad As All of but All along the United states has been exporting More goods than it has been this is called the balance of what has really counted has been that balance of payments deficit the amount each year by which All the outgoing dollars have smothered the favourable bal Ance of Trade As some of these accumulated surplus dollars abroad have been turned in for the Treasury Hoard has shrunk in this fashion Down billion in 1953 Bil lion in 1959 billion in 1960 million in 1961 and Mil lion in so far this year the Gold loss has been disquieting As the Gold Drain has whats worrying Washington and Many Bankers Here and abroad is the buildup of Dol Lars and Dollar claims answer to previous Puzzle by Bob Thomas a movie television writer Hollywood feel As if in 55 years old and ready to groaned Romy Schneider As she suffered under los Angeles hottest weather in eight she appeared her own 25 years of age and vibrant with the viennese born act Reid is Here for her first Hollywood a comedy called Good neighbor Sam with Jack it is her first work is fun i like to she it is Only the preparation that is the hair the especially in weather like Romy came to Hollywood As a teenager six years ago to help exploit a German film about the Young Queen Victoria which Dis Ney was then i was with my Mother and it was All she re All i saw were press Par although i did get to Disney Romy now lives a sophisticated life in where her flame is French actor Alain Del she moved to Paris five years ago after achieving Fame in Ger Man Romy figures her career started to climb when she met italian director Luchino Visconti who launched her on the Paris stage and then in the episodic Boc Caccio since then she Hai starred in the the Vic tors and the the actress seemed unaware that her sem nude scene in Boc Caccio 70 had created a stir in this i did not consider myself she i had never done it now too Many actresses Are doing nude scenes just for i would never do the bookshelf novel is not written for tender minds no Adam in by Grace the deadlier sex is portrayed in this new novel by the author of Peyton and in this portrayal the females Are venom Ous and the Story is about three generations of women of a French Canadian family riving in a new Hampshire Mill in the first two generations the females destroy their in the there is a contrast Between one girl who goes her self entered Way and another who turns out to be wholesome and first there was who trapped Armand into marriage As an escape from Drudgery in the and then drove him to Moniques later Fate is a matter of ironic then there was their daughter an ambitious Little slut who trapped Etienne and Etienne escaped her Only by the route of a Navy enlistment and a numbered grave on a Pacific and finally there were the decent and who hated their Mother Angelique but chose to make precocious use of Angelique lessons in the Story unfolds with plenty of Lustful and the Dia Logue contains a full share of crude so it is not a Dainty the writing is there Are several scenes in which vile emotions and corrosive hatred Are etched with such vivid acidity that the effect is such a neurotic however graphically is not for tender Miles Smith current Best Sellers compiled by publishers weekly fiction the shoes c the Fisher West Michener Elizabeth 0 Kara the lofts the Dumaurier non fiction i owe Russia Hope my Darling Fishman the fire next Bald win happiness is a warm Pup Schulz the Day they Shook the Plum Lewi Security for you and veterans guide special to program is pleasing to elderly folks by Martin Segal retirement i am living alone and very you most people seem to think that old people have no sense or feelings some times i feel but watch ing your show made me see that both the old and the sick can do worthwhile its Nice to know that someone cares about that letter was written to the comeback the name Given a television program in the new York City area put on by come the shows were Broad cast to demonstrate televisions potential for serving the and recreation needs of Home bound people the the and the chronically the program was broadcast once a week for 12 weeks last season by new York cites Sta Tion Channel the fed eral vocational rehabilitation administration made a Grant for the project which finally Cost about each of the 12 half hour pro Grams was divided into three or four each segment Dea Ling with a different a Moderator introduced each por Tion of the program and provided the transition Between Seg in every program included an activity an in formation and an audience participation for example the execute director of just one break discussing Job possibilities for the a film of a wheelchair Basket Ball teams trip to a woman designer and a Model discussing and demonstrating fashions for the elderly and the a discussion of the Public Library services to the ill and a demonstration of gardening in window then there were interviews with and demonstrations by people who had overcome their Handi Caps bookbinding at Home by someone who had to about in a wheelchair a woman Psychia Trist who went through medical school after being paralysed from the neck Down in an Auto Acci Dent a Hospital patient who in vented attachments for cameras so they could be used by people with arthritis and other hand ail experts came in to discuss subjects of special interest to the elderly and and there were audience participation programs name that writing captions for car essay the prizes were shirts or records or other simple the letter from the 84yearold woman was Only one of Many All giving much the same reaction to the it was a breath of life to most to in addition to demonstrating the need and the value of the program to the come Back club Aso proved that the Little used uhf television Chan Nels could be used for such Public service at most to is limited to vhf very High frequency channels 2 to but uhf Ultra High frequency channels 14 to 80 Are becoming available in some communities and there Are Many More uhf channels than As a matter of by order of the Federal communications All to sets made after i9fi4 must have Builtin uhf the comeback club demonstration proved that uhf convertors could be put into to sets in Pri vate Homes and institutions to allow special programs for Spe Cial comeback got its viewers sets converted for about a is a National Agency exclusively concerned with developing recreation As a Basic element in the treat ment and rehabilitation of the and Chroni Cally it provides education to and Othir institutions and if you want More information on this to idea for Home bound write to 16 West 46 new do you have any questions on retirement you can write to Martin Segal in care of this questions of widest interest will be dealt with in future Peoples forum the journal la always Happy to receive letters from its readers for possible Publica Tion in Peoples authors f1 such letters should to write on on Side of the paper when a Tetter is written on both or a Sheet it must be copied Over and frequent v Imp hops asks for support editor journal i am a student at Louis High school and i am proud of Many years the Louia alumni became Active and through their efforts we inv Hove n top notch football a couple of years a band boosters club was their work has produced one of the finest bands in the these associations have helped the students develop their bodies and display their musical a few interested alumni have gone a step they Are presently organizing the science and Library club to help develop the intellect of the they have plans to hold a science improve the Library and Many other items to enrich the minds of the they will hold their first general meeting open to the Public 1 october i sincerely Hope that Many will attend and give their support for so worthy an Organ a daily crossword Puzzle across 1 useful 5 Rork 9 Bachelor of explorer 15 Island of polynesian 16 17 Man from Kansas 19 game 20 chemical 21 Small 22 Cincinnati 26 27 diminutive 28 shipment 34 detective deep in 36 unwelcome one 3 40 Nancy Hanks 41 52 Type of 54 55 in defense 56 refrain 57 evenness of 60 61 pays 62 biblical 63 Way of 64 True state of affairs 65 Down 1 equipment for a 2 Western 3 4 creator of John 5 6 7 8 popular Lial Larl 2 42 43 turns aside 10 Lively 45 son of Rural 47 hot 48 11 12 11 Adams Street published Dally except sunday at Maine by the journal publishing Paul Casavant president Ingalls managing editor Telephone business at 33625 editorial at 21535 subscription rates payable in Advance one six one member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news entered As second class Sec Ond class postage paid at Post 14 Peg or if 23 in a 25 feast of 26 Soldier of the Indian 28 rounds of a 30 poetic of Naiu 32 goddess of 33 held brew of a 37 not a minor 2 38 30 sloping 41 storm 46 4k leave 40 50 51 f2 fi3 Texas 51 egyptian 58 who 59 Queen in 7t

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