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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 3

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Biddeford, Maine Dear Abby youre lady Abigail Van Buren dear Abby when i married Light their own cigarettes first and have wondered Why ladies first does not apply someone said a Man should Light his own cigarette first so that the lady Doest get the first fumes of the is that so curious dear curious ladies first applies Here As it does in other i would let the match Burn off the first then Light the Ladys cigarette first if its cancer she and a xxx l i pestered dad for a sports but when i Back Home in going to promote bicycles in my says Jan Johnson of its a great Way to keep in she says a Bike is the simplest form of wheels an practically nothing to re m nine years his Mother whats the hurry Abw vase print this Ana Cliea As i noun a Juan Nau and make a of Guy just sentenced her son to i should have known then that she would never love me like a although she used that phrase often fortunately my husbands Boss transferred us out of town soon after we were Guys dear lost some blood i wish you Exma Rines would quit trying to collect glory for doing what a lot of men in the other branches of the service did and took in their come the War has been Over his Mother came to visor 18 years we Al Naco a rough it but up until this year wet Mei forget the rest of us went to visit when she put our two Young sons in a Large double while my husband and i were Given two army cots placed at a 90degree Angle in a room with no door and advice like a daughter dear like dont go Mountain climbing with dear Abby Man of fers a lady a what is the proper procedure for Light ing it does the Man Light his cigarette first and then offer the Pacific Veteran dear Abby i want to let you know that i dont think you Are an old fog for not approving of affection showing in i am 15 and am going to have a baby in i wish my Mother been More strict with me in Public and maybe i have done so much in t sincere whats on your mind for a personal Send a at movie snack Library and there Are Bike parking and it int just teenagers who ride when dad and family get off the ferry from Massachusetts they head off for one of the Many bicycle put in their bid for rent als like go off with dad in the though Nantucket looks like the place where the Bike was in Roger Young who oper ates an enormous bicycle shop says his dad opened it in 1931 with two today 600 bikes Are rented and 12 employees ser vice the some Young peo pie ride tandem bikes often have Little Carrier seats in the rear for tiny everyone has a Basket strap Ped in front of a Bike and in i they Are Likely to carry grocer picnic Anc in skin diving equip bathing automobiles do not impede the Progress of bicycles cars and bikes wend their Way Down narrow much to the amaze ment of traffic is heavy during the Peak but cars and bicycles move rap idly at a steady in some sections there Are bicycle one about six Miles lady a Light or does he stamped envelope hers first i have seen so care of this Seliad t o bicycles Are popular on Massachusetts Island comeback is or Young people who complain about the High Cost of car Upkeep should investigate another Mode of such As the trusty old after watching bicycle Brig ides on the Island of Nan tuck once the whaling Center of one is convinced the Matache bicycle is Here to stay and is a mighty useful it May even be the most fun for Young visitors ride bicycles you Are considered gauche if you use a one College boy pointed there Are few Classy Chassis Al though there Are plenty of and old Homes that reflect Mon notice our fall Flushing program will commence sunday night 29 at 10 to minimize the inconvenience to our Custo we will have two Crews operating simultaneously in Biddeford and this program should be completed in one weeks Harry Wooster general manager Biddeford Saco water company new York be faced with a Tion the and on its Way members of the Barbers unions As Well As representatives of the Trade press say it has been a gradual growing style for the past and in deed it May be a Compromise Between the Beard enthusiasts and the clean shaven most vocal about the hairy is a former British Barber whose name is coincidentally Harry Harry witnessed a Sim Ilar trend toward the fringe on top of the lip when he was bar Bering in England a dozen year Tew months before his now in its second and operating with a modest it processes 13 million pounds of laundry a Biddeford Aeo september 1963 3 decorating a cake chocolate shot and candied Orange slices make a simple pretty Garnish for chocolate or White the Orange slices can usually be found at a Candy p May i freshman class officers have been chosen at Andres High school and left to front Muriel us Kisin Suva and Secretary second usual Frances Claire Council and Diane a librarian Hack same Priscilla and Odette vice it started with a trend to values galore throughout the store super right Quality tender Young pork pork wards edwardian clothes then at first a few people sneered a the but eventually i became the the clue that american males Are following in the same bristly path across the lip 5s the growing interest in All says he cite the increasing number of Victo Ria decorated an in mens clothes slim trousers colourful jackets and Stripe the inclination is unexplainable contradictory to the Curren emphasis on a Mustach invariably adds years to a Man Young men Don of the very Youn ones cant wait to prove the can grow a bumper crop and maybe by the time men get to be Thev too attached to part with out of style is the mis placed Eyebrow the More profuse the fringe on the under lip the Harry engineers exploring ways to mate space vehicles by James Harpster Denver a youre floating in the eternal Midnight of space at Miles an an artificial satellite of he up ahead looms another Lehi your its enormous Dulk a pinpoint in this endless Black sea of your task is to wed these two link ing tons of delicate equipment As gently As a tailor threads his Nee How to do it the answer to that question is being sought by engineers at the Martin missile Plant with a remarkable space rendezvous can and must do for what he must As sign to computers and so the other things Martel Hopes to learn from its Rendez Vous facility include what Type of latching mechanism will function Best How to illuminate and identify the vehicles in space what sensing elements Are required to Tell the Pilot How far away is the linkup vehicle and How rapidly he is approaching How to Transfer crewmen and cargo from be vehicle to the facility s one for training space pilots the techniques of blonds Are less cultivating them successful at than Brunet they Are the most Likely to no duct troublesome and tract ively scraggly unit although the Mustache design must compliment the general facial characteristics of the the most annular mus Tare today is military looking with waxed keeping this stiff upper lip a even brought Back into favor one of Only three known to exist in the because the problem has no it is All the More difficult to within a few spacemen will be accomplishing this feat with according to some Martin Scien the technology of a rendezvous n space Between two objects Hur Ling along at phenomenal speeds Las been likened by some to a switch engine hooking up Railroad by others to inflight re Uehling Between but speeds and motion Are wholly different and there Are no rails in out says a Martin in youre at Zero g and in orbit the reactions demanded the Pilot will be quite different the dynamics Are entirely foreign he adds confident were getting quite close to the Point where Well actually mate an Barbershop cosmetic Best Center Cut what do women think of this Ann ardently they like Barberin authorities oth the Brush would come end Cut pork chops 39c you get valuable plaid too seedless grapes s 2 39c All week specials Fried fish cakes u 39c Fried Haddock instant Coffee Sav Moc Lona tomatoes 4 cans 49c corned beef super right canz39c marshmallow fluff Jane Parker Large 8 Inch old Orchard Beach Clement Wight dial we 42015 two vehicles in Martins facility is a building 30 feet Square and 80 feet Long the ends and ceiling cushioned with a Black beaded plastic designed to soak up radar wave like a sponge absorbs at one end is a fixed head representing the Latch mechanism n a space mounted o ails at the other end of the build supported by i movable head with a late hat mates its counterpart month fixed to simulate conditions of Spac the movable apparatus beaded for up and Yaw and pitch the Pilot Aill be required to match All these will hold the first meeting of the fall season at tuesday at the Home of Muriel Colby the speaker will be George Donald Jones will enter lain the tuesday afternoon Des Sert Bridge club at her Home on Portland Avenue at 1 tues Day for the first meeting of the Apple pie lib 8 of Reg 59c save 20c each v i prices effective at All super in this Community and annual production of paper and Board in the United states out weighs the yearly output of a fall has fell Sale inlaid linoleum Vinyl tiles 5c 10cea and for scientists to learn More bout the problems the Mission is essential to the business of establishing and main dining space stations which even rally will serve As bus stops and launching platforms for Ven ures into More Distant there really is no in surmountable says a Lartin its a matter f relative velocities and know no How far away you Are from he other a crash can jut with theres no Rea on Why it the speeds involved Miles an hour or Arent As much of a problem As hey might since both vehicles will be travelling at about he same the difference in heir velocities is the critical fac in the rendezvous lockup he movable portion of the facile y will approach its target at a ate of from on half to two feet per that would represent he difference in the velocities of the two orbiting you have All the room in the world to Man Euver in out says the Engineer in com and you can always put on the brakes if you get in movements exactly to those of his a seemingly impossible ask to the earthbound Man on the in therell be additional factors to complicate Mission the Pilot will be weightless and from a control Cabin adjoining astronauts in Tram ing will be Able to guide the movable head through the Cru Cial final 50 feet of a rendezvous in because the problems Are so Many and Televik radar and a Host of advanced technological equipment including computers will be used to assist the rendezvous will be Al a woman mar tin spokesmen one Man Wil Monitor the data and the other will do the among other we expect to learn jus How much can be expected of the 13 million pounds of aseptic Wash Boston a because Wash Day was popping up too Many times a week for Bostons numer Ous they got together and solved their problem of Asep in laundering with a cooperative washing and ironing it was a British army who worked out the Solu Ion to the Boston in years of planning he set up he joint venture hospitals laundry association col Wili Iam who was director of at Bostons childrens Hospital medical was Able to launch the Enterprise in 1961 Vinyl Asbestos tiles closeout Price per Carton of 80 tiles solid Vinyl tiles and up 4 Vinyl baseboard Black Howes Highway store route Well open every weekday 9 to i sunday 1 to saturday 9 to 5 advertisement does bladder irritation make you nervous after common kidney or bladder irritations affect twice As Many women m men and May make you tense and nervous from too burning or itching urination both Day and you May lose sleep and suffer from head backache and feel de in such Oyster usually Brines relaxing Comfort by curbing irritating germs in acid urine and by analgesic pain get Oyster at feel better Legal advertisement Legal advertisement City of Biddeford tax collection division if you know you should or just suspect you should pay a poll a personal properly tax or a real tale but have not yet received a tax Bill for the year Call at a Call now could the difference Between paying a penalty or avoiding a Maytag Washer plus Vics appliance Center Happy washing Days this insist on insist on Maytag the dependable automatics Model a709 erf orman natures exclusive Lin filter agitator new kind of filter works under water where the lint no pans or traps in the Way for loading or plus automatic bleach dispenser just pour in full strength Maytag dilutes and adds to Wash water at the i right Pushbutton selection of water temperatures and a versatile Washer that returns a sparkling clean and thoroughly rinsed automatic water level control saves Gallons of water safety lid switch stops action in seconds Zinc coated steel Cabinet to protect against rust famous Maytag agitator action for cleaner clothes dependable Only As Maytag can make you can own Maytag dependability for As Low As Maytag Speed Washer 2 speeds 6 cycles unsurpassed big Load capacity with lint remover tub Zinc coated Cabinet projected against rust safety lid stops action m seconds swirl away draining hot or warm Wash water Maytag agitator action with Trade Model a101 Vics appliance Center Victor Fleurant 190196 main Street of 9 1ca1 Saco next to canal Bank appliances Are our main line not a sideline free personalized key Chain to any adult who comes in to look Over our Maytag dryers no strings attached also Register for the of a Dainty maid 4 fully automatic toaster to be Given away to the Lucky Winner on october 31 no Purchase required Vics appliance Center Saco

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