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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 1

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Biddeford, Maine Weather Cloudy and Milder to proof Toni Lut cd today 0ft pita 4 it 213 Only daily newspaper to York count a amt to mifa n monday september 19s4 fall leased a Stltt Price cents double duty was order of the Day for Wilson Lyon of the Foss Street methodist Church the storm knocked a Chim Ney from the rear of the then smashed and dumped the tops of two Trees on top of the heaped Brick in the watched by Lyon and the was Busy aiding workmen in cleanup of the area in the an estimated 500 cubic Yards of gravel and Stone was eroded by Ednas rain deluge in the Vicinity of the Home of Henri 17 Clark the washout moved from the Road directly to his 1 removing its then veered around the cellar foundations and whisked off the supports of the Side the i mess of muck was deposited in the streets and Yards below to the of residents in Buckley court and Pike Oai iia proving heavy in Biddeford Vicinity loss is Slighter than in previous Hurricane Hurricane which this Way failed in ii it most furious gusts to match the is Rowtell un6s ferocity of its recent v v but it turned Loose a sneak punch in a deluge of estimated seven inches plus of rain which wrought havoc with prop the whine of portable pumpers mingled with that of the Chain saws As workers pressed to Complete the a tottering Church Steeple in City looking like a busted High Fiir Rewo of furrows of various sizes near Hedges of fallen limbs stack by roadsides continued to emphasize today that Edna had a Nasty precautionary measures spurred and made More efficient by the lessons Learned during the chaos of was believed to have aided in cutting property heavy duty burdens fell on the utilities linemen As damage to Power and phone lines piled Street department and Security forces worked overtime in keep ing the ways Clear and damage Topping was estimated in this area to Tele phone lines by Winfield Biddeford office said telephones were out of order in his York county District saturday with All but 193 re stored by this the heavy Rains caused most of this crewmen work ing the clock in Many cases were called to restore repairs made after Hurricane Cable broken worst phone line damage was on Beach where a con limited on two commies make peace with Brownell today invited reluctant communists with important information to come in and k peace with the Federal gov rip fhe under the Eden and Adenauer in full Accord on european Unity Germany British foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and Chan cellar Konrad Adenauer have reached full agreement on a drive to achieve european a joint communique declared the issued at the conclusion of two Days of added that German sovereignty and rearmament must be based 011 lasting German French understand the German Federal Chancellor and the foreign Secretary of the United King Dom discussed the restoration of German sovereignty and possible solutions for obtain ing a German contribution to the defense of free the communique they were both convinced that such solutions should be based upon lasting France German the two ministers shared the Hope that the diplomatic conversations now being con ducted would enable a con Ference to be convened at an Early Hurricane battered Maine voting today w he of per sons enmeshed in the toils of the communist conspiracy who have wanted to break with that conspiracy once they Learned its real these persons have wanted desperately to resume their Normal place in they been under the impression that if they went to the Fri and told their Story they themselves inevitably would be subject to prosecution for the role they had played in the con the attorney general quoted Fri director Edgar Hoover As having told him in a recent conversation relating the new immunity Law now is the time for those who love America to step Forward and be now is the time for those who erred and who realized they erred to Decare following a conference with Brownell and president Eisenhower at Denver told newsmen the Fri already has been approached under the immunity Law by communists continued on rage seven hits korean armistice by Bill Portland voting in Maines election watched for possible trend on control of the next reported Normal today in big cities despite Hurricane Ednas debris but Light in some damaged Rural Maines largest reported a Normal turnout up to Bangor and which like Portland were in de nine states Are holding primary elections tuesday by the associated press the biggest primary election Nas Day of the year comes up was the Row nine but Brunswick and also had Light so did Industrial Lewiston and Auburn reported citizen state police reported All major roads open but Rural roads to voting Booths still were at in Republican is continuation of 20 years Cintrol of All top offices in and a Chance to Point the Way to gop victories in the 47 states voting in democrats insist the Issue int the elections effects elsewhere but whats Best for Treyve called for and end to 20 years of on party generally fair weather was nominees for five six governor and 92 House tomorrows primaries Are in average new Massachusetts new Vermont and most of the incumbents seeking renomination Lave no Bridges Rah and Sal Tonstall mass Are unopposed for renomination and Humphrey is regarded As an easy Upton r no is in the midst of a three forecast but which a Urrico the St e s most facing possibility of asian disaster Van Fleet Washington of Van Fleet says the United states has failed to capitalize on free world strength in the far East and faces the Strong possibility of a catastrophe in our real strength in the far today chuckle in not much to look admitted the said his Bride youll be at the office most of general features corporation House listings wanted have buyers for 3 and Nuvil houses located in also Liao buyers for Sint to located around Lemothe Listati broker 35 old Oit Baru dial 44456 notice to Sac Olowu foundry workers a foundry resume Normal operations september 14 Sac Lowell shops easts rests in the Philippines and Van Fleet said in a Cor ignited article in the Magazine news and world Southeast Asia has Little to offer in either Mili tary or moral but in the Eastern area of we have 1 prevented Japan from 2 isolated the government of the re Public of China and 3 immobilized our Power in Korea by an so now red with com plete immunity in the North and is free to 1 consolidate 2 move South against weakness and 3 talk Tough at any and All Van former commander of the 8th army in said he wrote the article a year ago but did not make it on his return from a president Ial Mission to he it is just As timely As when denouncing the armistice in Korea As one of political sex Van Fleet said the loss of Korea and Indochina to the communists would mean that they would irresistibly overflow thai Burma and the Philippines probably without firing a and he added once the free world is shut off from these priceless raw materials what Hope remains for the Middle for Africa or for Europe or for us As a Soldier i can Only Admire the Brilliant simplicity of their Battle Sonthi died on Pace chemist reports new method of obtaining uranium new York new method of obtaining uranium in commercial quantities from cheap Industrial wastes was re ported yesterday by a Columbia University Victor la the report by la an International authority on Colloid was addressed to the american chemical society and made Public on the eve on the society 126th annual the process utilizes specially treated potato Lime water and other Basic chemicals to curdle and Settle uranium bearing solid materials out of Slimy water that up to now has been a useless byproduct of phosphates manufactured for two associates worked with la professor of chemistry at in developing the process in a three year research Way fight for renomination to remaining two years of the sen ate term of the late Charles Upton is now serving by the fifth Senate Senate is that being relinquished by John son running without opposition for the democratic nomination for governor of his former John a Carroll of Denver and Denver mayor Quigg Newton Are in a hoi fight for the democratic Nomina Tion to oppose Gordon for the sen ate Allott has no primary Foster state treasurer and former House member is generally believed to have an Edge Over two other candidates continued on vows seven jail breaker requests Pardon Augusta Caouette of serving a Small Tower on the Home of Armand and Delores 643 main Corner of Ross received the full Force of Down Allins tree at p the giant Elm swiped the top off acid shattered the Tower through the second floor Hurricane Edna leaves 8 dead in late of Maine Cross estimates Over 7 million dollars Carthy censure charges inquiry wearing finish Zwicker in witness chair typhoon cuts path of death across Japan Tokyo typhoon june Cut a 300mile wide path of death and destruction across the Southern japanese Mainland to at nine persons were eight missing and Kyodo news service the storm slammed into teem ing Kyushu Island with winds up to 110 winds slackened to 90 As the typhoon roared three Southern Kyushu lashed by an 88 tidal Waves and cloudburst were they Are with residents Miyako 75000 and the newspaper yom Iuri said a Flash flood May have virtually wiped out storm in the the air Force said the storm lumbering North eastward at 17 would move across Western Honshu and into the sea of Japan its present course would carry the storm through but it would miss the populous centers of Osaka and weather experts described the storm As even More powerful than the 1934 typhoon worst in japans Moroto killed More than people and demolished some japanese in the path of typhoon june left their Homes for higher ground to escape raging Waves churned up by the All planes on Kyushu were schools were the typhoon was expected to smash across Kyushu and hit the Southern tip of the main Island of Honshu before roaring out to the weather Bureau said the storm May veer toward the Tokyo j damage estimated at was caused by floodwaters to the i equipment at the new dam on j the Moussam As Hurricane Edna roared into the coastal summer resort sat urday leaving evidence of its violence two Large pontoons and coffer dam material were swept away at the several Road washouts were Scotchman which runs through the business Section of overflowed and filled Many of the store cellars and caused damage to the Road from main Street to water the downpour caused the wonder Rook to flood on route one half mile North of Kennebunk and also caused a washout on the Boston and Maine Railroad route 9 from Kennebunk lower Village to cozy Corner had a number of washouts while the Maryland River at cozy Corner flooded j route 1 and left several washed i put stretches on route 1 and the readings by the and Wells water District pump ing station inches of rain dropped in that at High tide the water was level with the Durrell Bridge Over the Ken debunk River at the the Board sidewalk at Ken debunk lower Village was torn up and made impassable and the Bridge near wishing Well farm on lower Brown Street was washed out along with a 20foot Washington Ralph Zwicker swore today he told Only the truth when he testified before Mccarthy last Mccarthy testified last week that the decorated general at least misstated the this and other conflicting Tes Timony went into the record As Portland officials today heeded Maines plea for help in recovering from Richane Ednas staggering which was Felt from Massachusetts to Burton who estimated Maines loss at More than 7 million with 8 of the 20 lives both National and regional offices of the civil defense administration have approved request for re habilitation Aid and have sent it to the White House for final a teams of engineering perts Are being formed to damage thirteen persons died in new England highways railway tracks were of Uff and crops ruined saturday by Hurricane Edna Only 12 Days ter Hur Ricaide Carol blew disastrous the new Hampshire counted its the special Senate committee considering censure charges against Highway damage at 4 million Mccarthy moved through what Lars and also has applied for fed May be the last Day of its hear one of the charges against Mccarthy is that he abused Zwicker at the 18 when eral reconstruction there from Gaithol was 5 was 10 Lio hand 3 lives v Maine state police reported Jii Wii i a Mccarthy questioned Zwicker that Alt major r about an honorable discharge give were open Soine Rurue in Irving Mccarthy roads remained has called Peress a fifth amend1 sch bps ii Many Maine ment in Quick the erect general told the special censure committee he has searched his memory carefully and has no recollection of muttering at the february hearing in new that Mccarthy was an William Harding of new York City Tes tied last week he heard Zwicker make that he had no intention of being arrogant or irritating when questioned him behind closed doors about the disown Star defense witness last told the censure committee Only t unities cancelled classes became neat arid lunch Proe Ramsi of Pya Scotia four million crop was All Maines drowning victim four per sobs perished in 6rie in a hither in six Highway fatalities new York state were attributed to the y v Southern braced for the estimated by the flooding of the Metal shop and the boiler room of Kenne bunk High school but superintendent John Seekins announced sunday that there would be no school today due to Lack of heat and hot most of the damage at the school was caused to the electric motors in the boiler Ken debunk fire department crewmen pumped for four hours saturday they Are Robert Smellie of Trinity col and a research associate at the process has been made available to phosphate manufacturers for More than a and possibly have adopted it without Public an it is not classified As secret or Stork visits during storm two to four years in prison for escaping from today applied for Pardon or commutation to give him time to move his family to Canada and find he said in his petition that deportation proceedings Are Pend ing against him charging illegal Caouette was imprisoned june 14 after pleading guilty to escape from the Oxford county where he was awaiting grand jury action on a charge of Selling mortgaged Cross and his Council will hear the petition wind Straightens Bent to Antenna Windham Edna fixed what Carol when Hurricane Carol swept Maine the wind Bent Albert do Irons 35foot Tele vision along came Hurricane Edna saturday and straightened Doiron but Edna didst put Back the weather vane Carol ripped from the Antenna once affair Stork didst let a Hurricane Stop him from making his Way to the Webber on saturday evening at 7 a son Weising six 10 was born to ail Roland 17 Spruce Fower went off at the Hospital but was replaced by the auxiliary lighting during Hurricane Carol Stork made two trips to the Sterling quits As acc member Portland Sterling said today that he submitted his resignation As a Mem Ber of the Federal communications the 60yearold old est member of the acc in Point of said he has been in ill health out of con Siderati Wonfor my health and at the urging of my to drop the water level at the Mercury dips to 34 in Portland Portland to Day threw its earliest Challenge at summer in the history of the Portland weather the temperature dipped to 34 degrees shortly before Daybreak coldest 13 on record and the earliest Date the thermometer has dropped so the previous record Low for the Date was 36 in and not since the Mercury registered 35 on has Tho temperature been so Low at this plane flying to Greenland with Aid for crash victims Westover air Force plane today headed from this base to Thule air with med ical supplies for the five survivors of a plane which crashed yesterday with the loss of 10 air Force officials Here identified the plane which crashed and burned As an air four engine c124 it crashed about a half mile from Thule 900 Miles South of the North while making an emergency Huly Bray of the Atlan tic division military transport service reported 10 of the 15 persons aboard were their names were withheld pending notification of next of Bray said the plane had left Westover a few Days ago on a regularly scheduled flight out of Thule when its commander declared a state of Emer gency 12 minutes after becom ing Bray said he does not know what caused the planes com to declare a state of was Bam Vepr much the v v Telephone lines went put of service an a scale that once again repair Crews from Southern where their task was Road washout that caused a trip Horary travel by but main routes open late last night Tate police said main routes again were hundreds of new in glanders left their coastal returning to find Waters although at River Rose feet from Normal feet higher than its Peak last Springs two of Maines Hurricane Vic Tims perished in a daring seven hour Effort to Rescue a family of 10 an Auto Mople engulfed by Little Sandy Stream at fire chief Alton Mccoy and Rush one of the Wereb swept downstream when floating debris broke a human Chain to her parents arid Fred Brockway of and her seven r Brothers and Sisters All were pulled safety despite the tragedy Viring the and George eur wards in a Bro that swallowed up their Rita Lebreton of Clinton drowned broken chromed into a Stream aged of continued f age military might will thwart assault against Dulles 9 York county Farmers again hard hit by Hurricane Edna Hurricane weary Farmers the York county area estimate crop losses in the hundreds of thousands of dollars As a of Hurricane the second storm to hit the county within two a spokesman at Extension service in Sanford declared that after speaking with Farmers in the locality and viewing their most of the crops Are a total loss and not much May be flooded streams and swollen Brooks caused washouts in Many Fields and deposited on the another blow was also suffered in Apple Orchards where five or ten per cent of the remaining apples were lost not too Many Trees were downed in saturdays damage to farm buildings was not yet several silos were blown Over by the Gale Force they included those of Charles Noyes in Merrill Stone in North Kennebunkport and two others that were reported in All of the remaining Corn was Denver Secretary of state from global strategy conferences with presi Dent Eisenhower and the nation Al Security Ameri can military might will thwart any chinese communist assault against nationalist and Fri chief Edgar Hoover and Brownell say that so far As the red threat on the Home front is the administrations goal is to utterly destroy the communist party in the United they reported a new drive to Ward that objective is Well under Way and that some comm by a new Law granting from prose been going to the Fri to Tell about the activities of Hoover and Brownell made those statements at news conferences at the summer House yesterday after the then vice Cret discussion of the communist Meance in the far Dulles hinted in Advance of that meeting that the Council might reach a decision As to pre Cise policy on the question of whether american defense of the nationalist Island of Quesnoy is essential to effective defense of Dulles told newsmen that in the first instance that is a ques Tion for americas military chiefs to and military Council advice of we ibid Verv Little can be How Inen Ever que to it of Serge com president Nixon and is expected to be total Bers of the National Security losses were reported to most Council met for three hours in the other vegetable extraordinary for top be political advertisement attention Ward i and Ward 4 Votkl e so Fattal change in voting Ward 2 Church pc Baiei Eit Ward 4 but joint Mefs of member it in hand flirt secret recommended a Jefe on Pettig chairman is m the for
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