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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 25 1965, Page 10

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - October 25, 1965, Biddeford, Maine 10 Biddeford Saco journal monday october 25, 1965f Brief dear Abby compliments for Abigail by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby i shall remember you in my prayers tonight for advising thai m. Ner to forget what her neighbor told her about forcing her child to use his right hand instead of his left. My kid brother had a teacher who tried to break him of being left handed. She refused to accept any work he had done with his left hand. One Day she even tied his left hand behind him in class. Well at the age h her eyes began to Cross. I took her to the doctor and the first question he asked me was have you been trying to change her from being left handed when i told him i had he gave me a scolding i shall never forget. My daughter is still left handed and i am now a sadder but much Wiser Mother. Mother of twins dear Abby i am an English teacher in a Junior High school. I also teach remedial Reading to children with Reading problems. I was especially pleased to note that you warned your readers of the tremendous harm icy can do their children by attempting to change them in the name of convenience to the right hand. One of the Standard questions asked by remedial Reading teachers is which hand does women outnumber men on registration Rolls by the associated press called Trifolia or three Albany . A in leaves it symbolizes Man s de-1920, women struggled for and Pendency on Plant life for food Congress granted their right to vote. Today women in new York state apparently remember that fight As they outnumber men on the current registration Rolls 4250,428 to 3,944,481. Ant Omote Tor rett. Hall Street and or. And _lega1s_ 6a coffees to _ mrs. Alexander Burr summer Street ad-3 Burr Servin with training Center. Maine state on s service Center for excellent late Model one he us coast guard has re prison and Stevens training Complete car care is now Loveat owner used cars ready for de turned to his base and will be Center construction and Reno de m former Biddeford motor livery. Atlantic motors. To Al attending school in Florida. Mrs. Nations Burr and son. Steve Are re intent mailing Here with her parents. This. Act proposes until after the holidays. To raise legals sales building 133 Elm St. Glass table tops desks Etc. Custom fitted. Give your Coffee tables a new look with a Glass funds by a Bond Issue for construction and renovations of ,.buildings at the boys training,0p from Airport Auto parts.i\on�11 really save Atlantic motors. Authorized Ford dealer 474 Alfred re. Biddeford. 282-1566. Fall clearance state of Maine special election november 2, 1905 Center. Maine slate prison and Stevens training Center. Content the treasurer of slate May sell Bonds by direction of the Moscow a so Kimpor ant Votice to a11 Vot governor and Council in an Diers and their families talk too 0f the g ate 0f Maine amount not exceeding $500,000 much and risk handing military the f0nowjng Are a ref sex. For the projects. The Bonds Washington a Ameri can Farmers face the Prospect of having fewer Beans to Export this year. Bad weather in the form of excessive rain drought Snow Frost and Hail is blamed for what the agriculture department says could be a severe curtailment of the bean crop particularly of the White varieties. E use then which Eye of 15, my brother had a nervous breakdown. The doctor said that in his opinion one of the contributing factors was this teacher s trying to Force him to use his right hand. I m sure the teacher thought she was doing the right thing but i was glad to see you take a firm stand against it. Thank you. An a1aby fan dear Abby you were too kind to have told the Mother that if she listens to her neighbor about trying to break her child of being left handed she is a Knucklehead who said left handed people Are handicapped Leonardo a Vinci was left handed and i understand that Queen Elizabeth is also left handed. Also How about Sandy Koufax do you suppose he has been handicapped because he s a Southpaw i have left handed All my life and i have found More advantages than disadvantages. In fact i would Tell you How Many trophies i have for Bowling and golfing but you d think i was bragging. Sign me lefty Deau Abby i Hope that woman takes your advice and leaves her left handed child alone if she does t want Tol old Orchard Beach take your word for it please the fifth birthday of Kelly Tell her something for me. Gene travers was celebrated the dominant Eye can be found by asking the child to look Lei scope style through a rolled up newspaper a Clear sizable majority of our problem readers use heir left Eye and their right hand. Questioning of the parents usually reveals that these children showed Early left handed preferences but were forced or encouraged to use thir right hands. These children often have poor hand Eye co ordination. They also tend o read words or parts of words backwards was for saw is a characteristic error using coordination exercises and sometimes switching the child Back to his original hand we Oflyn make Progress. Sometimes of course we fail and they never learn to read properly. I add this to your excellent Point concerning emotional problems which can arise in a child who is told he is using the wrong hand. Sincerely mrs. , Boston a a Bronze sculpture by Eric grate of Sweden has been presented to the Harvard school of Public health As a memorial to president John f. Kennedy. Secrets to foreign spies con Dpi Anatomy statements prepared Wollod be serial Coupon Bonds lends the military newspaper by the aug Rev general in a pm of within 20 years from pc ordnance with the provisions of the Date a Issue the act enu title 1, Section 353 of the Revis pm ales Jevera projects de statutes of 1964, with refer and. Approximate costs of each ence to the intent and cont tip ,.- Mir,ctm., of the referendum questions Brendum question and proposed constitutional 1ti p5 t 10p,. Amendments As passed by the t so 1 it .1965?u 102nd legislature i s500-000 Bond Issue to Stab referendum question i1 1. York county regional to i National education Center Orch. 162, . 1965 "53,960,000 Bond Issue to Autho. My. In i in 1 Rize construction of self liquid t1?is. Act proposes to raise dating student housing and Din finds ? Bond Issue to assist ing facilities for the state an a. He la e pubic school Agen red Star. It warned that foreign spies Are Clever enough to piece together the big picture from scraps of information. Washington a american radio and television industries grossed More than $2.5 billion in 1964, the Federal communications commission reports. Television revenues accounted for about two thirds of the total. Washington a the Agency for International development says it is sending thousands of blankets to refugees in South Viet Nam. A a ?7r, or special report editor s note you re in or out in new York is a question of growing concern to lots of people. Just who and what decides has never been discovered. But one Man now feels he is in position to be the social arbiter of the new Young social set. Kelly Gene travers has birthday party when one of my twins showed a tendency toward being left handed i too Felt she a Oxild be at a disadvantage in life because everything was geared for right handed people so i tried everything i could think of to break her. When she was five years old she started wetting the bed. Then she started to stutter and Honda reduced prices on used bikes use our Lay away plan Jack Reynolds & son sales a service route 1, Biddeford-282-1660 across from Roll a Way lanes saturday afternoon at the Home of her parents. Or. And mrs. John travers fort Hill Avenue at a birthday party she received Many gifts games were played and refreshments including a birthday cake were served present were Terry Guarino Kobyn Bryan Denise Leroux Michele Beaudoin Diane Kelly Lori Aranovitch Muriel Des Rosier Cathy Briggs Mark Kelly Douglas Benway Joyce Bryan Ricky Bryan Mary Desrosier Carrie Briggs David Kelly Mary Mcallister Lynn White Paul Kelly Nora Hickey Cheryl White Donna travers Leif Gustafson and the guest of Honor Kelly Gene travers. Invited but unable to attend were Lynn Kelly Donald col lard Christopher Hickey and Thomas travers. Mrs. Leon a travers. Mrs. Anne Gustafson and the misses Carol travers and Linda trav ers were also present by Jean sprain Wilson new York a Igor Cas Sini is a self styled social arbiter who believes that a Good Many people Are like sheep and he As editor of a sophisticated new Magazine called status is willing to Lead the flock into Chic pastures. His Rod is his staff and it will Comfort them providing them with the secure knowledge of what and who is in or if something is not in it will be just As soon As the Magazine says it is. The onetime new York society columnist then known As Cholly Knickerbocker makes this very Clear. Things work out that Way when you Are a social arbiter. I was the one to launch the discotheques and promote the twist lamented Cassini in his Small but Well appointed office recently. He paced the Gray carpeting drawing on a fashionable Cigar like cigarette a very fashionable smoke or certainly soon will be. He s sorry now because those discotheques got out of hand. Those places Are full of shaggy haired boys and girls in Kookie these Are sure to be out momentarily because social arbiter Cassini plans to say they Are. Whether Reges worn with baby bonnets and boots Are in because my brother Oleg believes very much in the new fashion people will buy a Picasso not a Good one but any atrocity because it s in rather than because they have any inner judgment added Cassini. Take Louis Xiv furniture. All the millionaires raced to buy it until All their houses looked the same. But pacesetters Oleg and Igor saved the Day by selecting medieval florentine furnishings signalling the switch in the right thing to Ead manners Are out Igor says. It s Gross bad manners to talk about Money. Ostentation is bad manners. Publicity is in bad taste unless of course it is for business reasons such As the promotion of my when he was a gossip columnist Igor was known As Ghighi among the High flying Jet i coined that sex expression but it s out now. I m calling these people the restless ones at the same time he operated a Public relations firm until Uncle Sam chastised him Over his dominican Republic account feeling he should have registered As an agent for a foreign government. State of Maine a raw Ulm Bomfim proposed constitutional amendments to to voted Typo november 2, 1965. X Jodi who Fles Poya to Iet ont a to women mint Mam tin election to a huh it pertains is Over shall be furnished a Fine of not More Tlam ?1,000 or by for not than i ninth to or by both Kenneth it. Cliitis sir Starr of Slot specimen ballot state of Maine summary of bonded in Ketki Nisi As of november 2, ims if Shiray and Bride re i Jan. Kennebec Urief a a loan. Bangor Lluc War Lori Ilsc Loun. I Ore River Bridge loan. Jon sport reach la ride i,oau.,. Lilal Kerry service loan.,. Funeral improvement loan. State leathers College loan ,.,. University of Maine loan. Educational television loan. Deer Isle so Winvick Bridge loan.,. Total amount of. Bonds issued and . $ 67,3m,fl00 Highway and Bridge loan. ? 2n,i00,00 mortgage insurance loan. J0,l Letl Iilah state teachers College loan. I 0u Maine maritime Academy in an. general fund i an. Total amount of Ilonda authorised but unissued $ s1,4mi,ii i0 total state bonded debt currently authorized. Al 13,821,000 total amount of Bonds contemplated to be issued if Liefer Wendum questions arc ratified by the in Pili. $ .17.5 10.00. A Al ? Ator of my or n11, of he Al log i a referendum que Slinns ind proposed constitutional Amend a rats will plow n Cooks x or a Cheek Nurk v in each or my. Of the nun marked iks Opp Ifa the qty Mon or ii nylons for which Altey de ire to vote thaw oppoed Mill place n cum x or a Check Mark m the oppo Aito Square or Sqires naked a referendum question no. 1shall. An act to authorize the construction of self liquidating student housing and dining facilities fur the state teachers colleges and vocational technical Institute Anil the issuance of not exceeding ,500.000 Bonds of the state of Maine for the financing thereof passed by the 102nd Logi la. Ture be accepted 11efekbndum question no. 2 shall a Bond Issue be ratified for the purposes set Forth in an authorize the issuance of blonds in the amount of nine million Sis Hundred thousand dollars on behalf of the suite of Maine to build state. Highways passed by the in and Legisla. Yes referendum Al Kestion no. I shall an act to authorize the construction of housing for a la of Mainc 1,11 1 " e issuance of not Kxccccliin-s6.000.000 blonds of the state of Maine for the financing thereof passed by the Sjolind legislature be accepted referendum question no. 4 shall a Bond Issue be ratified for the purposes set Forth in a act to authorize Bond Issue in amount Sis million nine Blun red seventy thousand dollars for capital improvement do. A Truclio and repairs at University of Maine parsed by the i02nd legislature referendum question no. 5 shall a Bond Issue he ratified for he purposes set Forth in an act to authorize Bond Issue in amount of Fite Hundred thousand dollars for construction Ami renovations at Lvovs training Center Maine stale prison and Stevens training Ceil far passed by the 102nd legislature " referendum question no. 6 shall an Art providing a Bond Issue in the amount of five Hundred thousand dollars for a regional vocational education Center or centers in York cd Only passed by the 102nd legislature be accepted Frol used constitutional amendment no. X shall the Constitution be amended As proposed by a re Olu. Van of the legislature to eliminate voting restrictions on a pauper proposed cons Titu 110nal amendment my. 2 Shal the Constitution be amended As proposed a a Resolution of the legislature fledging credit of the state fur Iguaran. Teed Loans on personal property Lor Industrial purposes a proposed constitutional amendment no. T shall the Constitution which now with certain exception provides that the credit of the state of Maine shall not lie i Nelly or indirectly loaned in any Case he amended. I proposed by a Resolution of the legislature l leading or Vii of the slate and providing for a ten million Dollar Hund is a Lor Carau teed Loans for recreational l he also plans to sound the out Knell for the Debutante game. It s a mass Public display of girls like cattle on the marriage Marina his 16-year-old daughter is too intelligent and sophisticated to want a debut he said. Tanned Blue eyed and curly haired Cassini also has a son Alexander 12. They share a town House in socially respectable Gramercy Park area with Igor s brother Oleg once mrs. John f. Kennedy s official Couturier. The world is full of people who love to be told what to do Igor said on the eve of the birth of his new publication. He was wearing Belless Gray Continental Slacks Moccasin shoes a Skinny Gray tie and a custom made Pink faintly striped shirt with his initials embroidered n a surprisingly modest size. Some women Wear French fashions whether they Are right or not for them because they Lack individuality. They just have to earlier Igor had decreed that those Welt seamed thigh High styles by parisian Andre Cour in his Magazine Igor writes a chatty column Cholly style. For instance he Points out that a French mob at a Paris zoo was very mad at a Leader of England s gambling set for feeding the ostriches 5,000-franc Bank notes. James Baldwin a contributor in his Maiden Issue is in because he is controversial topical. " in and out Are not who belongs to what party group but what is in As far As the world itself goes like racial rights the arbiter defined. Status is not a society Book not at smack in the Middle of a collage of 13 candid photos of himself Cassini states the Aims of the publication. My Book is not for Ordinary people Only people bored with he banality of the world the ones who Don t mind accepting the facts As they who knows just what the facts Are we do he said unhesitatingly. Later he adds what might seem contradictory to the Quibbler. What is really in is for the individual to be Able to live life the Way he wants with courage and no fear of criticism from organized and if Cassini says it is it must be. Teachers colleges and vocational technical intent this act proposes to raise funds by a Bond Issue for the purpose of constructing at the stale teachers colleges and vocational technical institutes self liquidating student housing and dining facilities including additions to existing dormitories together with furnishings and Utility approaches thereto and interest payments on Bonds sold As listed below. At Aroostook state teachers College men s dormitory $400,000 Central dining facility 455,000 at Farmington state teachers College men s dormitory Wing 706,000 women s dormitory 664,000 at fort Kent state teachers College Central dining facility 268,000 at Gorham state teachers College by in the construction of a regional vocational education Center or centers in York county. Content the treasurer of stale May we also have custom sized Mir Ros. Call 282-9024. Halloween at Singer s no 66 Dodge equipped save $500 65 Impala convertible was s2.995 now Only $2,595 65 Pontiac Bonneville 4 door tricks lust reals refer Lothard of full equipped. Save classification 60. $1000. Lyn lil Beauty Salon 59 mid-65 Ford galaxies 500 Hardtop die St., Saco. Specializing in jts St new As s2 995 now children s haircuts. All typos of $2 4j of hair styling. Marilyn couture Lillian Larouche. Proprietors. For appointment Call 282-0838. Vic s appliance " Center of 237 main St., Saco features a Complete line of Maytag Whirlpool and Kelvin Tor appliances. Sales and service. 282-1661. Woman alone retired desires lady companion. Call 284-6381. Woman desires babysitting in own Home. Reasonable Rales. Inquire at 36 my. Pleasant St., Biddeford front downstairs. 10 strayed lost found Council in amount not exceed ing $500,000. The Bonds would be payable within 20 years from the Date of Issue proposed constitutional amendment no. 1 cd. 34, resolves of 1965 eliminating voting res Eric tons on intent this resolve extends voting privileges to paupers and per sons under guardianship except for those so placed for reasons of mental illness. Content the resolve removes the word pauper from those persons not eligible to vote. It adds the limiting phrase for women s Upton Hall Dor reasons of mental illness to Mitory Wing 947,000 persons under guardianship. At Central Maine vocational Institute combination dormitory cafeteria 309,000 lost Vicinity of Washington and main Sis., ladies dress in sell Bonds As requested by Thel Box. Reward. Dial 284-8856. State Board of education with err approval of the governor Andle v?1. Pm in la St a South St., Biddeford. Cream col total housing and dining a i Wilities 3,749,000 interest payments As required until facilities Are completed 211,000 today in history by tiie associated press today is monday oct. 25, the 298th Day of 1965. There Are 67 Days left in the year. Today s highlight in history on this Date in 1812, . Navy capt. Stephen Decatur captured the British frigate macedonian in a Battle some 600 Miles West of the Canary islands. Of this Date in 1854, the Battle of Bala Klava was fought. It was there the British Light brigade made its spectacular bit futile charge at a Cost of 247 lives. In 1888, explorer Richard e. Byrd was born. In 1918, the germans flooded the Argonne Region of France in an attempt to halt the Advance of american forces. In 1936, nazi Germany recognized Italy s Conquest of Ethiopia. In 1941, German troops captured Kharkov the Pittsburgh of the ten years ago the air Force announced it would develop a ovations of the building total $3,960,000 Content this act would authorize the treasurer of state As requested by the state Board of education with the approval of the governor and Council to Issue Bonds to an amount not exceed ing $3,960,000 to raise funds for such projects. The Bonds would be payable within 30 years from Date of Issue. Board and room fees or rentals Are to be collected by the state Board of education to pay the principal and interest on the Bonds. Referendum question no. 2 cd. 163, . 1965 "$9,600,000 Bond Issue to build state intent this act proposes to raise funds by a Bond Issue to be used for construction or reconstruction of roads and Bridges in the state of Maine. Content the act provides that funds shall be raised by the Sale of serial Coupon Bonds in an amount not to exceed $9,600,000, and payable within 20 years from Date of Issue. 23 m.r.s.a., sections 129,130, the economic advisory Board shall make recommendations to the governor and Council relative to conditions favourable to the issuance of such Bonds taking into consideration the method of issuance terms of years and repayment interest and probable trends and other economic conditions in general. Referendum question no. 3 cd. 168, . 1965 " $6,000,000 Bond Issue for construction of housing for the University of intent this act proposes to raise funds for the purpose of constructing acquiring or improving housing including dormitories and dining Halls and Mai ried student and faculty housing with Utility approaches thereto and furnishings therein for the University of Maine. Content the act would authorize the treasurer of state under the direction of the Board of trustees of the University with the approval of the governor and Council to Issue Bonds to an amount not exceeding $6,000,000 to raise funds for such projects. The Bonds would be payable within 40 years from Date of Issue. Board and room fees or rentals Are to be collected by Board of trustees of the University to pay the principal and interest on the Bonds. Referendum question no. 4 cd. 191, . 1965 " $6,970,000 Bond Issue for University of Maine capital improvements construction and intent this act proposes to raise funds by a Bond Issue for capital improvements construction Gibson. Final plans were made land repairs of property operate for the installation of officers de by the University of Maine to take place at the Knight of Content pythias Hall on Friday evening. The treasurer of state May prior to the installation Cere sell Bonds by direction of the monies supper will be served Board of trustees of the uni to members and guests by Bers of Ivy Temple Sisters. They discussed the red at West Branch Iowa his Birthplace. Kennebunk mrs. Edmund Cashen dial 985-2174 men s night will be observed this evening at Fellowship Hall of the Advent Christian Church lower Village from 6 30 to 8 30. Supper will be served at 6 30, followed by a program with Pat Bryant singing. A coloured film on slate of Maine will be shown. There will be a meeting of the executive Board of the confraternity of Christian doctrine this evening at 8 at St. Martha s rectory at Kennebunkport. A meeting of Myrtle Lodge knights of pythias was held at the Hall on main Street with vice Chancellor John Lindsey presiding in the absence of the Chancellor commander George these two amendments have the effect of allowing paupers and persons under guardianship except for reasons of mental illness to become eligible voters. Proposed constitutional amendment no. 2 cd. 49, resolves of 1965 pledging credit of state for guaranteed Loans on personal property for Industrial purposes " intent this resolve enlarges the Power of the state to insure mortgage Loans for the purpose of encouraging Industrial and manufacturing enterprises to Settle in the state. Content the resolve adds the words and personal property thus authorizing the insurance of mortgage Loans on real estate and personal property to Indus trial and manufacturing enter Prises settling or resettling in the state. Proposed constitutional amendment no. 3 cd. 51, resolves of 1965 pledging credit of state for guaranteed Loans for recreational purposes. $10,000,000 Bond Issue " intent this resolve is to enlarge upon the present authority of the state to insure payment of mortgage Loans. It extends this authority to recreational projects within the state. Content this resolve authorizes the legislature to enact legislation to provide a method of insuring payment of mortgage Loans to assist in the settlement and resettlement of recreational projects within the state. A maximum limit on such insurance is set at a total of $10,000,000. The legislature May authorize issuance of Bonds to make payments insured As provided. Or answers to 284-8695. Teddy Reward. Automotive autom hues Tor Uay a Buick 1959 convertible Power steering radio Heater electric wipers and a Standard transmission. $595. Maine line motors 538 Elm St., Biddeford 282-1448. 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Zoning appeals notice notice is hereby Given that a Public hearing will be held in the office of the Board of zoning appeals City building Biddeford Maine on thursday november 4, 1965 at 7 30 . To hear the Appeal of Charles e. Bolduc 20 Hooper Street to be permitted to build a garage less than ten 10 feet from the lot line in an 1a single family Low density residential District zone. This property is shown on map no. 40, lot 19 in the records of the assessor s office. All interested parties please take notice. Conrad a. Grondin chairman Board of zoning appeals Biddeford Maine Ford 1958 Fairlane 500, convertible automatic transmission Power steering Power brakes dual exhaust 4 barrel Carburettor on interceptor engine. A Sharp car. Maine line motors 538 Elm St., Biddeford 282-1448. Ford 1962 galaxies 500, 4 door Hardtop automatic Power steering. Very clean. Was $1,310 now just $1,095. Crepeau rambler Biddeford 282-1586 or Kennebunk 985-2770. 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It pays to Deal with parties please take notice. Left & Frank Chevrolet 464 Elm Conrad a. Grondin is Biddeford. 282-1531 chairman Board of zoning appeals Biddeford Maine. Announcements 6a notices vertical rising Man bearing plane resembling a flying Saucer. Five years ago France and West Germany signed an agreement Pernik in Nghi Trini of i Rerp Jirjos want a Good used car Sei Herman Thurlow Reed motor co. Saco me. 284-4556j_ birthday specials 63 Falcon Futura $1,295 62 Pontiac 4 door $1,495 62 Plymouth Signet $1,095 62 Ford Wagon $1095 62 Chevrolet 4 door ,395 condition. Call 934-2249 Between 7 . 15 motorcycles and bicycles bicycles boy s or girl s 20-Inch, for $15 26-Inch boys $20. Western Auto store. 249 main St., Honda 1965 super 90, Only 2,200 Miles. Like new. $300. Call hoi Lis 929-1521. Yamaha 1965, Model 90, 4 Speed. Priced to sell. 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Oct red in larger quarters in the Many More to choose from at Germany army Ami air Force ad-3 and mrs Alexander referendum question same building As Biddeford by a troops at bases in Frame Burr Iii and son stove of now no. 5 dramatic route 1, s garage one Vear ago the 31st presi York Are veiling with their parch. 192. . 1965 Call Days or evenings for free 407 Elm St., Biddeford Dent Herbert Hoover was Bur cuts or. And mrs. Ralph bar " $500,000 Bond Issue for boys estimates 284-4648. 282-1575 Auto painting Bodywork work guaranteed. Roy s Auto body 557 Elm so Biddeford. Auto tune up minor repairs to Complete overhaul welding Etc. For Good service at a reasonable Price try a & d Ouela Lette Portland Road Saco. Brake service and front end work. Buster s garage 41 Foss St., automatic transmission specialist free estimates. Maine line motors 538 Elm St., bid. Deford 282-1448

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