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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 10 1955, Page 2

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - October 10, 1955, Biddeford, Maine October 19s5 editorial Page thought for evening peace is such a precious jewel that i would five anything for it but Matthew Navy rights a wrong by Bryce b1ossat Secretary of the Navy Thomas took the Wise course when he reversed a special review Board and granted a naval Reserve commission to Eugene he previously had been denied it because of Landys mothers past communist the nation had been shocked months ago when it Learned that who was graduated second in his class this summer at the merchant Marine Academy and won three special awards and two had been penalized for things his Mother did when he was a the theory behind the earlier refusal of quite Landys own loyalty was never in he was nevertheless judged a Security risk because it was assumed his Moth ers record might make him subject to danger Ous this theory is applied in numerous cases where there Are questionable past or present associations involving one or More members of the family of prospective armed forces or fed eral civilian no Blanket Rule can be Laid each Case must be considered but the rec Ord of the last few years shows a regrettable tendency among government Security officials to resolve doubts against individuals undergo ing in matters of this facts Are not a sufficient the intangible elements of Char Acter and personality and can easily be the special review Board and the others who studied Landys Case were operating by shallow they failed to give proper weight to his character and he was a Model of conservatism in Outlook and was clearly made of Stern he had persuaded his Mother to drop her communist it was highly unlikely that a Young Man with his performance record and personal traits would yield to blackmailers pressures and give away military prodded by Public Secretary Thom As has now corrected the but his reason ing in so doing was not he said his evaluation was the common sense but praised the special review Board which obviously did not employ his tribute to the Board is nothing More than feeble Navy Thomas with the air of a Man Mak ing a that he Felt Landys association with his Mother was the natural one of Mother and not a sympathetic political but this should have been As obvious to the various Security reviewers As it was to the final result in the Landy Case was but the Means by which it was attained do not inspire Confidence in the judgment of the navys Thomas retrieved their Fum a kick from a cow restored a Tennessee Farmers we can imagine a few of the first words he when thieves left an Indiana factory they had 850 pounds of they had a lot of brass to Start a doctors advice is what some people pay dearly for and then neglect to before the Days of the women were the Only ones who could see through a National notes by Dot Glas Larsen Nea staff correspondent Washington from pure politics theres another motive Why the White House staff would want to keep alive the Hope that Ike could run for a second that to bolster for As Long As possible the morale of the approximately 1500 first and Sec on level officials of the government who Are political As soon As its a solid fact that Ike will not run practically All of group Are painfully aware that they will be out of jobs As of and it will probably happen whether the Republican or the Democrat candidate wins the a new Republican president would want to bring in his own below the upper crust of policymaking officials in the executive Branch there is a thick layer of about super Grade civil service salaries Between and will be worried about the jobs and duties they Are Likely to get out of the shuffle of a changed the effect of this insecurity hanging Over the Heads of the mass of officials running the government for the next 15 months is a grave problem in Public there were Only seven months Between the time former president Truman announced that he would not run and the during that period the morale of the Federal service and the Quality of government probably reached a mod Al time it was no fault of president what happened in the government during this period added considerable evidence to support the re publican Campaign charges of a mess in Wash it was impossible to fill the growing list of vacancies in important there was a wild scramble among the career civil service people to find Safe Many of the key political Jobholder during the last six months of the Truman administration were spending More time looking new positions than they were tending to their government this is a perfectly Normal reaction of a wage and president Truman an As tute student of Public was aware of that is Why he delayed the announce ment that he would not run until the last pos sible theres no question about the top officials on ikes team letting Down or goofing of during the final months of the tenure of their and the level of officials just below the Cabi net consists mostly of successful Busi Ness and professional men with a High sense of Public but even there the temptation to leave government As soon As possible when they know that they will be All through As of begins to get when it becomes a question of loyalty to your family welfare or loyalty to the gop administration a Man begins to have at the Pentagon Charles Wilson would have a special problem of keeping his organization he has created a whole string of assistant or vice in the defense and a Hierarchy of lesser officials exist below each this has turned out to be a More efficient Way to run the Pentagon than any previous Secre tary but it could also tend to be weak in the circumstances of a dying any postponement of an announcement that Ike definitely will not be a candidate will be a help to maintaining morale in the govern and it will give officials a Little time to soften the up until practically every official in the government kind of assumed that his Job was reasonably Safe through expectation is most of the Joy of living except with foolish people who always expect Only the local names in the news ten years ago Saco fire chief Arthur pm Mons is named a member of the legislative committee of the Maine state fire chiefs Asso miss Ethel newly appointed is welcomed into the York county childrens Aid Roland 27 institution of a new commander in miss Lillian daughter of Margaret Thorn ton enters Shaws business today poem i i How awesomely Remote begin of Star medal according to his Madeline Rachel Chenard and new How mysterious t mind the Geneis of All a Little Rock upon the Shore seen million years or american legion Twenty years ago Albert pare is installed pres the Start that shines in Sunset sky shed this Light in age gone Man must be for he ident of the Volti eur Snowshoe should be the vice president is Alin the Parade of yet destiny Bezique tells Philip this is a that he is the ruler of All that on pointed a company commander the Earth with rank of Captain of the uni Hersity of Maine j yet Only Mary Boothby and i Man Annie Hurley Are in charge of a can Ponder on this Nice hey plan series of whist parties for the can write a simple Little thought Benefit of most holy Trinity of or of wonders thirty years ago the first Snow Squall of the arrives this Dorothy Huff new twist Robert principal of a school legionnaires have red hot topic to handle by Esther Van Wagoner Tufty Mem legion at tending the annual convention in this anticipated a Lively and this int a reference to the legions reputation for convention the expected excitement is a political Row Over the legion has officially censured the United nations educational scientific and cultural Organiza but a report from the legions own special committee headed by Ray Murphy of Iowa former National misses As utterly without Dation charges that Enesco is that enough for some Mem but others still contend tha communists Are using Enesco to corrupt the minds of our Chil All this has the state depart ment worried and the legion was asked to appoint a representative to the lesion set up the Murphy com Mittee to study the legion has a effective lobby in Washington and take a definite stand on International re Ito Teri principal 01 a san oui a definite stand on International v has a new twist to the participation in the Samuel make yourself at Home i league of nations was opposed id William Rennu Annn he Efre ets new Nii Nils with come hut Hin a Tate Gap i Kyj a 14 w William Brook Saco he greets new pupils with come but the t i i 4 in j slim i exemplars attended the in and make yourself at Little Lix when the men Stort looking a girl straight in the she prob ably should diet to improve her r and Aid Marshall to Greece were another Issue opposed nato and Turke is segregation a legion auxiliary the fort and eight society excludes col ored members and this maj cause the members to withdraw from the others want to pull out of the United although the number is said to be on the de but even with All the expected fights Over the legion is still considered the most pow Erful veterans the membership is said to he nonpolitical any candidate is eager for legion a yippee be in Many cases surgery is Neces one operation is often Toueh but occasionally it takes everal operations to straighten More than one crossed eyes Are a Handicap in More than one the Ter not Only has trouble in school and at play because he cannot see s Well As other children but also in appearance puts him at a so Ial Andy is a shy withdrawn lit be Chap and one reason is that Hes been tormented with youre midget sub joins the navys first midget the steams across Long Island sound toward the submarine base at new the tiny fireman feet Long and seven feet in diameter was built by Fairchild engine and air plane in a hangar at it was designed to test Harbor defense installations in american coastal standing topside on the 25ton Craft is William Engineer of the company that built the the tiny Craft i powered by diesel engines and Early attention important if baby s eyes Are crossed Maine include governor Edmund senator Frederick representatives Robert Hale and new England news briefs one Man was killed and three Dinar Pel Fujio i dual Cyb Liitt Cir nut no thins by Dorothy a new features Andy will to fuse the two images from each Eye into one that gives us our ability to see not outgrow his i the Cross eyed child is too crossed eyes need treatment Young and too inexperienced to when the child is pos before the age of under the age of one we dont worry about eyes that Are not know whats for a time he squints his tilts his head making every Effort to Combine the things he sees with his sep a curve on Cumberland Hill the Man killed was identified As Elmer Riding alone in one of the injured and taken to Woon socket Hospital were Theresa Joseph and Nicholas All of Walter was Kille de yesterday when the front wheel came off his bicycle and he was thrown to the Lillian Jennings of was elected a vice director yesterday of the 20 the american Lei Gions Honor society for women the new England unit of the National federation of Catholic College Stu dents suggest that educators from new England i Catholic institutions be designated members of state delegations to the White House conference on that result Ion was adopted yesterday by some 60 students representatives from 24 new England Catholic the meeting was told that neither the Massachusetts nor Vermont delegations include representatives of Catholic Boston police Are seek ing two Young men who boarded the Auto of a South Boston woman Early yesterday and tried to rape her in parking Thelma told police her screams attracted a taxi Driver and the men fied on Ter the first birthday an Eye that wanders occasionally when the child is tired is nothing to be concerned but eyes that Are crossed All the time after the first birthday so after a time he just for gets to look with one Eye and does All his seeing out of the other this Way he is no Loneer plagued with double but with Lack of use the unused will riot improve without treat Eye becomes less and less the child will not outgrow to vision in the unused eve the there Are three kinds of Cross becomes very poor vision in an unused eve you look Areej until hed rather stay by himself than go out and play with the Andy will Erow up an unhappy Little suy unless he Petg Good Nye treatment right his eyes can be made As Eood As anyone but if treatment is delayed some years the results will not be As the gentle and polite tribesman of Southeast East Pak have a strange Way of expressing they stick out their Dennis the menace by Hank Ketcham Chi c till it i Anwa de in the first Type one Eye can usually be brought up to nor turns inward in the one Mal if treatment is started Eye turns outward and in the if you suspect that your Young one Eye turns Ster is Cross eyed have him sex the Basic cause in All types is mined by an Eye and if in the Muscles that turn the possible one who works a lot with each Eye has six Small Muscles that move it All the Eye doctor May first recon Muscles must be exactly mend glasses if the child should if one is a bit stronger than its be either nearsighted or far mate the eyes will not move conditions which Are of aptly i ten present in Cross eyed Chil when the two eyes not working together they cannot fo1 sometimes an Eye doctor will Cus on the same at the same recommend placing a Patch Over the brain of a Cross eyed the child receive two there youngster use the poor when fore he sees thus the Eye world to the Cross eyed child is probably a place of Flat double in because its our ability out our Way Good this makes the r is its vision in Eye exercises pre scribed to strengthen weak Eye by authorities Are looking for Theresa missing since 21 from our lady of the mountains the daughter of Irene Houle of Crystal had in Robed at Tho girls boarding school Only four Days Yearance from a study she is believed to have had Only when she All gone theres not a single Trace left of once an Oil Boom town of population near it mushroomed in the great in t Oil Boom of disappeared the legion members m when it was i told you once youve Hap a Brush with the law1 mean a Bawlin out youre a a Arkep Mam per life this this proves i seen Vou jump up of th1 Fence am out that knitting when you saw me comic whats the pee that Sam old sleeve a wore out socks whats thai to Borm thirty years too soon got a Quarter ill 6how a it dont take it Fop granted i Peyo hours Rouen is acorns of a Plooma a Var to Veaz we Racket i consumes More Twat 50 consumed in hom6s in the in tub first six months of i55 Sopt drink advertisers used Moke space Thau Vavy similar period on record i newspapers for granted i highlights tonight 6 Portland visit with Agnes Gibbs world of Sweeney modern romances Pinky Lee show Howd Doody Superman news journal youth cavalcade Tony Martin show John Cameron Swayze Caesars hour medic Robert Montgomery China Smith news weather feature theatre bbl new Crosley refrigerators Cadorette to Center Fua Kim St Hoffman televisions Goudreau radio pc to service Motorola 61 web Luton 4wu Chubb Al 13 Portland brighter Day secret storm on your account adventure land weather sports news dour Edwards and news Penny to a million1 Robin Hood show Burns and Allen Talent scouts i love Lucy december Bride studio one news weather theater thirteen Spear to All Zhoor 1 Hajri a week Job 14021 saw machines rebuilding parts for All makes Monier 3 Rousson 6447s old Orchard a each rhythm ranch secret storm the Little rascals Mickey mouse club Tri state news the Early show John Daly and the cavalcade theatre club Wal i 00 30 00 30 00 00 8 8 9 9 10 11 11 11 to readers digest concert Dotty Mack show confidential file Lawrence walk show tomorrows headlines Washington weather snorts final
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