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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1967, Page 1

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - November 20, 1967, Biddeford, Maine Weather cold Complete report Oft Page two mint i 1 our numbers new Deal 282-159$ bus nest dept. 2839626 vol. 83, no. 271 York Cotty g local news dully since 1884 fit Deford Saco Maine monday november 20, 1967 associated press wire service 16 pages Price ten cents the blood Bank Supply at Webber Hospital was enlarged saturday afternoon when 24 members of the 173 medical battalion and 303 postal unit u. S. Army Reserve Saco Reserve Center Franklin Street Saco made donations of blood. As mrs. Yvette Dubois and Richard Martel of the Hospital s Labora tory make necessary preparations Thomas Gulliver front and Roger Nibur rear representing the donating groups relax and enjoy the attention they Are receiving. According to authorities the servicemen donate blood to the Hospital regularly. In Saco City manager is key to proposed charter change by Bill Houston editor s note this is the first in a series the journal plans to publish on what the proposed Council manager charter will mean to Saco municipal affairs. Saco residents will vote on whether or not to adopt the new charter at the dec. 11 municipal elections. One of the first changes which will be noticed in the new Council  manager charter for the City of Saco which comes before voters in the dec. 11 election will be the change in the elections themselves. Under the present Charier the election of the mayor and the seven councilmen is held annually in december. Under the proposed charter approved by the 103rd legislature the mayor and the seven councilmen Are elected for two year terms in the City elections which Are scheduled to be held the second monday of october in each Odd numbered year. The two year terms for the elected officials begin on the first Mon today s chuckle a Gold Digger is a girl who forgets All about the past and future and simply in. Joys the present. To War Gen. Fea. Corp Day of november in the Odd matters of policy established by numbered years. Although the mayor and councilmen Are elected under the new proposed charter the same Way they Are at the present time except for the length of term the key to the proposed charter is the Post of City manager. As is presently the Case the mayor shall be recognized under the new charter As head of the City government for All ceremonial purposes and shall preside at meetings of the City Council but shall have no administrative duties. The City manager who will be appointed by the Council will be the chief administrative officer of the City. The manager shall be responsible to the Council for the administration of All City affairs placed in his charge by the Council or by the new charter. The manager will be empowered to appoint and when he finds it necessary for the Good of the City suspend or remove any City employee or department head. In addition the manager will direct and supervise the administration of All City departments. Although the City Council under the new charter will act As the sole policy making group in the City government it will fall to the manager the task of implementing and carrying out Cook your thanksgiving dinner on a new Whirlpool electric Range you still have Lime to pick out your new Range and have delivery and your thanksgiving Lurkey free. At Cochrane s appliance 171 Graham St. Biddeford me. The Council. This necessarily Means that there must be close cooperation Between the Mana Ger and the Council and that the manager keep the Council informed on matters affecting any and All City departments. In this respect it will be the responsibility of the manager to prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the Council and to submit to the Council and make available to the Public a Complete report on the finances and administrative activities of the City. Another duty of the manager will be that of purchasing agent for the City. At the pres Cut time the mayor acts As City purchasing agent. But Many feel that the manager since he will be a full time City employee and would reasonably be expected to have had some training in this area would possibly be Able to save Money for the City by consolidation of Pur chases for the several City departments and through better buying practices. Although the duties of the manager Are Many and varied under the new charter he would serve for an indefinite term without a contract and at the discretion of the Council. The salary of a manager will be determined by the Council depending on the executive and administrative qualifications and experience. Although no firm figure is yet available authoritative sources indicate a realistic figure for a manager of a City the size of Saco would be continued on Page three casualties High us paratrooper battalion surrounded by the enemy Saigon a North Viet namese regulars surrounded a . Paratrooper battalion on a Hill near the cambodian Border in South Vietnam s Central Highlands today and with heavy ground assaults and mortar attacks apparently inflicted heavy casualties. An american Relief Force reached the scene at dusk. The battalion of the . 173rd airborne brigade was Cut off for 24 hours before the reinforcements arrived to break the communist attack and bring out dead and wounded. Heavy enemy ground fire kept Rescue helicopters away. Associated press correspondent John Lengel reported from Dak to about 15 Miles from the fighting the heavy communist fire set off a huge explosion inside the . Perimeter possibly causing heavy casualties. It could not be determined immediately what caused the blast. The fighting perhaps the most vicious yet in the Highlands Campaign came As . Planes bombed the Hanoi Haiphong area for the fifth straight Day on sunday. The attacks included blows against the fifth and six targets to come off the Pentagon s restricted list in four Days. They Are a Concrete Plant and a Barge Yard near Hanoi. The . Command announced the loss of four planes bringing the total number of losses Over the North to 749 aircraft. The editorial Saco voters should study charter Issue when Saco voters go to the polls on december 1 i they will be faced with a decision which we feel will have a tremendous effect upon the future of their City. They must determine whether they will continue with the present form of government or change to the Council manager form. Our feelings in this matter Are Well known to the citizens of Saco and obviously it is our Hope that the Council manager form will win out. Whether the change takes place however is up to the people of Saco and for that reason the journal will devote As much space As possible to the Saco situation during the next few weeks. Beginning today we inaugurate a series of articles explaining the proposed charter. We also intend to solicit the views of mayor Donald Doyle and those of candidates for office in the election which will also take place on december 1 1. We think it is important that the people know where these candidates stand. Furthermore we Hope that the people of Saco will take advantage of our people s forum to debate the pros and cons of the Council manager form of government. Through these articles interviews and letters to the editor we would Hope that every vote of Saco will become Well acquainted with the matter at hand. In addition to the above we propose to establish a question and answer column which we Trust our Saco readers will want to use. Just Send us any questions you May have relative to the proposed charter and we will attempt to have them answered. It will not be necessary to sign your name. Just address a Post card or letter with your questions to Saco charter questions " Biddeford Saco journal Biddeford Maine. Saco is rapidly approaching a very serious crossroad. The voters must determine which route will be followed. Read the articles. Write letters. Ask questions. If this is done then we can truly say when the final tally is in that the decision was reached by an informed electorate. Social Security Bill is near passage Saco Motel Rte. 1 nine 1 pm. Efficiency apts. Heated private Bath. Kitchen ettes rented by week. Maid service and to. 284-6952 a a super Market extra special this week at Biddeford & Saco open every night this week until 9 p. M. Washington a the Senate appears ready to wrap up before thanksgiving its work on one of the most sweeping social Security Bills Ever considered by Congress. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield has set Early opening schedules for the next two Days and obtained a strict limitation on debate on All remaining amendments. This is expected to bring final passage of the legislation on wednesday. The final form of the measure then will be determined in a conference Between the Senate and House which passed the Bill last August. In three Days of debate last week the Bill s managers succeeded in maintaining it in nearly the form in which it won Senate finance committee approval. Many More amendments re wanted licensed Hairdresser for information Call Yolande s Beauty Silhouette 284-5564 main to be acted on. The big Gest test is expected on a re publican move to substitute the House Bill for the version worked out by the finance panel. #   in passing on this the Senate will determine whether it wants to go along with a much larger Benefit increase and also much higher taxes that the committee wrote into the legislation the committee s Bill would assure All persons now on the Benefit Rolls at least a 15 per cent increase with a 59 per cent hike for those at the Bottom of the scale. The minimum payment would be raised from the present $44 a month to $70, the House voted for a boost of at least 12 /2 per cent in benefits and a $50 minimum. On the tax Side the big differ continued on Page three four planes carried six crewmen All of who Mare missing. The belief grew among american commanders that the communists at Dak to Are trying to do what they achieved earlier this cat just below the demilitarized zone draw Large american forces away from thickly populated areas and pin them Down in the sparsely settled mountains. Some 6,000 americans and 4,000 South vietnamese now Are Yule shopping hours listed the Biddeford Saco chamber of Commerce has announced retail store hours for nov. 30 to dec. 24. They arc nov. 30 open until 9 . Dec. 1 open until . Dec. 4 through dec. 8 open until 9 . Dec. 9 closed at . Dec. 11 through dec. 22 open until 9 . Dec. 23 closed at 5 . Shopping centers will observe their regular hours until further notice. At Dak to 270 Miles North of Saigon opposing an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 North vietnamese. North vietnamese soldiers dug in on a Hill 14 Miles Southwest of Dak to killed 40 paratroopers of the u. S. 173rd airborne brigade and wounded 42 in an All Day Battle sunday. The with the . Command reporting 868 enemy soldiers killed in the Dak to Campaign this brought the claimed total of communist dead to More than 1,200 in the Campaign. American casualties of 197 killed and 750 wounded have been reported while the Battle for Hill 1416 Cost the South vietnamese 32 paratroopers swept the Battle Field today but there Yas no killed and 153 wounded. Immediate report of How Many enemy bodies they found. Field reports told of three clashes within 800 Yards of each other. The North vietnamese broke Contact after seven hours under a heavy bombardment by u. S. Fighter bombers and artillery. Elsewhere in the area two u. S. 4th infantry division companies fought four Miles South of Dak to and the South vietnamese reported a Victory saturday on Hill 1416, five Miles Northeast of the Dak to Airstrip. The 4th division reported three . Infantrymen and seven North vietnamese soldiers killed and 12 americans wounded. The South vietnamese said their paratroopers and . Planes killed 390 North vietnamese regulars on Hill 1416. Communist gunners on sunday shot Down five u. S. Helicopters but All were recovered intact. Eight engine b52 bombers went after suspected enemy positions 14 to 17 Miles Southwest of Dak to near the area of the american paratroopers Battle in four raids sunday night and today. The Northern air War s new targets sunday were a Concrete production Plant six Miles West Northwest of Hanoi and the Thuy Phuong Barge Yard and transshipment Point one mile farther on. U. S. Pilots said heavy ground defences prevented them from assessing bomb damage but they reported Good target Cov continued on Page two red China seating debated United nations . A foreign minister Wei Tao Ming of nationalist China told the general Assembly today that to seat communist China in the United nations would encourage peking in aggression to the Point where War would be necessary. Wei s remarks were for the Assembly s annual debate on the China Issue. Cambodian ambassador huot Sambath launched the debate with introduction of a Resolution to substitute communist chinese for nationalist chinese delegates in the United nations and All related bodies. Diplomats generally expected the Assembly would vote Down that proposal and friends of nationalist China said it would do so by a wider margin than last year. The chinese minister said the red chinese claimed the right to subvert the Independence of neighbouring states and . Membership would not change their belligerence but Only give them an Opportunity to carry out their Long standing threat to Reform or rather destroy the United those who want to scat peking Are motivated by fear of War he said but to admit peking purely on the basis of fear is to encourage it to move from aggression to aggression until there remains no tolerable alternative to the 122-nation Assembly is expected to vote by Friday. Sources close to the chinese delegation anticipate a vote of 59-45 against the pro peking Resolution a margin of 14. Last year it was 57-46, with other members abstaining. They said almost All the governments changing their stand Are african the sponsors with Cambodia of the Resolution Are Albania Algeria Congo Brazzaville Cuba Guinea Mali Mauritania Romania and Syria. The United states and 13 other countries Are sponsoring a Resolution reaffirming that any change in China s representation requires a two thirds vote in its favor. It is expected to pass., As did similar resolutions in1961t1965 and 1966. Continued on Page two in Cambodia newsmen find Viet Cong Lair editor s note the . Command in Saigon for years has charged that Viet Cong and North vietnamese forces find Sanctuary in neighbouring Cambodia charges which Cambodia s ruler Prince Norodom Sihanouk has repeatedly denied. Western newsmen were admitted to Cambodia to cover the visit of mrs. John f. Kennedy two associated press men went to the Border across from War zone a which they have covered from the vietnamese Side. Garage wanted for Volkswagen Vicinity 246 North St., Saco 282 1045 Portland 1-773-4047 Bailey 934-2678 a Titi sonts congratulations Biddeford tigers state football champs Saco free parking 184-6781 by George Mcarthur and Morst Faas phenom penh Cambodia a the discovery of a Viet Cong Camp site four Miles inside Cambodia has angered Prince Norodom Sihanouk and raised doubts about his past denials that vietnamese communist forces were Given Sanctuary in his country Cambodia s ruling Prince reportedly regards the discovery by american newsmen As a fabrication and part of a Campaign against him by the . Press. We found the Viet Cong Camp very recently used on the Border opposite War zone a about 70 Miles Northwest of Saigon. It had been used for several months and was most probably a staging area for the Loc Ninn Battle Only nine Miles away earlier this month. The outspoken Prince who contends the United states is the aggressor in Vietnam reportedly told intimates our reports were part of a Campaign inspired by the . Command in Saigon to justify military operations against Cambodia. We informed prime minister son Sann of the Camp site before the stories were published. His initial reaction was cautious and he said he would make an official investigation. However Prince Sihanouk reportedly accused us of hypocrisy said our evidence was doubtful and questioned whether the Camp site existed. Evidence of Viet Cong occupancy found in the Camp included military records written in vietnamese North vietnamese medical supplies and similar items. Dated scraps of paper indicated the Camp had beep used for several months dating Back to last february. There were unmistakable signs that several Hundred men probably from a major Headquarters command group had used the Camp. Occupants had left Only a few Days before. From the Camp a heavily travelled Road went through the dense Jungle to the Frontier crossing it nine Miles from Loc Ninh. Logs had been put Down to counteract the Monsoon mud. Tracks indicated Many heavy continued of Page two a reception honouring to state officials of the Rebekah Assembly of Maine took place saturday evening at Kennebunk High school. Among those participating were left to right seated miss Priscilla Mcmillan president of the ladies auxiliary patriarchs militant r. Claude Tomilson grand master of the roof grand Lodge of Maine and mrs. Lillian f. Matthews president 0 the main Rebekah guest standing same order mrs. Ellen f. Washburn past president mistress of ceremonies Everett Mitchell grand High priest of the grand Encampment of Maine Brig Gen. Newton Crowe of the patriarchs militant department of Maine and mrs. Evelyn a court also an honoured guest marshal of the Maine Rebekah Assembly Story on Page &

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