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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 2

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Biddeford, Maine May 1968 editorial Page in our opinion one Day for Mother should be yearlong americans Are Happy and proud to dedicate one Clay in the year to the Honor and memory of it is Dua in no Small measure to her unswerving Faith in her child her mighty her inexhaustible patience and indomitable spirit that this country has been forged into a powerful Republic in which the human being is the most free in All to the overwhelming mothers Day signifies much More than the abundant showering on her of worldly gifts and possessions in some Small Token of a it symbolizes the affection and esteem which is accorded motherhood and womanhood in this where the influence and touch of the gentle sex has been so pronounced and mothers for millions everywhere who have reserved this one Day for their is not simply the occasion for the tendering of a gift to her in re Mem but a time to extend to this gracious lady the utmost in loyalty and Paul Harvey news one neighbourhood moved to reduce crime rate by Paul Harvey i Sioux City councilman Donald is your town stricken by the shoning called it nationwide epidemic of Lawless Ness crime is increasing nine Bernard exec times faster than the population Tive director of the Iowa Citi is is your neighbourhood victimized by vandalism and break Zens Council on crime and de hoped businessmen in other cities will not follow ing you can do something athe example of bout i he i Hope its not going let me Tell you about morn to get started any place else or Morningside is a Bette class neighbourhood in Sioux to Well really be in but the men of Morningside we Are not vigilant representing about on third they we Are of the cites Only with we until that Commux merely report to police anything nity provided convenient pickins for Amateur and pro with a Pool of 80 la March of this four men on duty each it Morningside residents suffered was necessary for each Man to a crime of some kind most ego sleepless for Only four hours Ery once a volunteers in eluded an insurance agent and somebody robbed a variety a a store owner and a store by crawling through the a Florist and a front door transom at a lighted one serve Sioux cites police ice station was burglarized five James approved the times in five members of the local Corn Effort from the with in four nights his Confidence Mercial club contemplated Reitas vindicated we have not medial they consulted the police chief about the advisability of using civil installing burglar Hir ing off duty policemen and so then the clubs Larry m remembered that whenever local families left on had one break in since the surveillance there were 16 break ins in Sioux none in As i prepare this interim the men of morn inside have been patrolling their neighbourhood nightly for More than two months and there vacation they customarily alert1 has not been one instance of de next door neighbors to i burglary or keep an Eye on the he suggested organized citizen beginning March 1 of this the men of Morningside volunteered to patrol their own no no uniforms no guns driving their own car at their own would drive Back and Forth through the Community streets looking for reaction was immediate and mostly Iowa Harold Hughes announced him self unalterably opposed to Vig i elsewhere in the state and crime continued a Pace but none in the people were Church groups the critics now Hughes Ive changed my the efforts Larry figures criminals play the that Treyve gone to less protected communities now Hughes i would like to see similar Citi Zens groups in every City and county in our state Haroid coffin judging by All the Young peo ple following the Kennedy and Mccarthy bandwagons must be featuring Rock v Roll its easy to spot Richard Nix on its the one that has the big rocks bandwagon got a late and Hitchhiker Ronald Reagan is still looking for a free dont want to suggest that Hubert Humphreys bandwagon has a backseat but who that Guy in a Texas Sombrero behind the Bass drum in the George Wal lace keeps offering to fix every body three minutes a Day by James Keller a Large room and Bath rent free has been the yearly gift of a Baltimore woman to needy Johns Hopkins University since years William Whitridge still receives mail from her dozen grateful Board they include scientists and an editor some from As far As Ethiopia and Hun besides providing the Whitridge kept her ers Well coached some in do not neglect to show hos Fine Points of grammar and Othi vitality to ers in table she even hebrews helped one struggling student to where there is indifference or overcome a speech let me sow i wish More people would open their Homes to outstand ing Young men who need was her when you get right Down to there Are Only two forces in the world love and in varying each leaves a Mark on those it your scope May be no greater than that of the kindly Balti More in gods who can Tell How far Pourto debased actions May sex according to some disconsolate resort people who went a web Lor the Winter came to the right you know Youw getting old when the youngsters Washington merry ground hamburger Cost to soar by Drew Pearson and Corn fed for the Quality Market Gubser is a Long time which wants Tbone no water than february of dont know a meat tactical nuclear weapons which will boost the Price and in today he has com of hamburger to 99 cents a while the United states a lately reversed is now lurking in the is urging Australia and new 1 do not favor the use of wings of the it will to give More support nuclear weapons of any rushed out for Quick Vietnam and while we Are he recently told a group of Stan when roman retrying to promote the Alliance Ford University i do publican Champion of Nebraska for Progress with South amerino foresee circumstances where figures the Public is Hruska wants to Cut use of tactical nuclear Wea distracted by something off meat imports from these Pons would be appropriate a the meat quota Hill is part friends and the Gubser emphatic of a High Tariff Cabal of Australia now Huys Mil Jally rolling senators who Are out to lion of goods far More 1 do not now nor put quotas on in machinery and automobiles have i Ever Irra shoes and various oth than it Sells the United states tonal acts which could Lead to or consumer it was in Argentina buys nuclear said the frighten significant that when the textile million Worth and new de California quota Bill name tip in the reason for Gubser Sud Western cattle senators voted secret strategy of the cattlemen right about face on to for it was part of the Price men senators is to sneak the Clear weapons is the fact that hiking Western cattle so meal quota Hill onto former mayor of san actors have no political interest piece of legislation As an is challenging in textile Mills in in the same Way the Tex him in the Republican South Georgia and a tile quota Bill was slapped onto also Gubser has found a lot of they had a the excise tax i for autom peace sentiment in his California secret Deal with senators from these textile states to vote for Hruska knows that a meat quotas a he has now pro a meat if the Western to Bill could not stand on its claimed that the whole War senators would vote for merits and must be a ride was a and has said actually meat quotas would on another vital piece of oppose More troops for Viet effect Only the cheaper of meat used to poor of the textile quo after the gyr scoping con such As Frankfurt Hill is Ernest Gressman name Home to find a corned beef and chopped Mastermind of the steel peace candidate running against while the poor peo quota Bill is Vance him in his own he tried pies March is converging on Mastermind of the Oil to line up two dozen business Washington and while both the quota Hill is Russell men to Fly to Vietnam to study Johnson administration and working together they the this would have meant sighted business leaders Are try control a sizable Hlozik of a free flight for but ing to lift the level of Tho be note the steel and textile inthe businessmen Nomy of big cattle which Are lobbying Tor ser then appealed to his Friend tors Are preparing to sneak import recently Mendel Rivers of South through a Bill boosting the Price bounced their profit figures for chairman of the House of the poor mans first Quarter of this armed services who profits had gone up 40 per cent came to his a warns the National restain steel Over the same period in was glad to help out rant association the result and 30 per cent in a Republican Rivers this Bill would he to increase the compared with the first Quarter himself is a great Cost of hamburgers to the Conin yet lobbyists for these and he okayed a free trip for Sumer by 30 per cent to 50 per industries informed California Republican that they needed quotas because on the trip Gubser spent three boasts author of they were on the Brink of in Hong Kong visiting his the Bill american beef is a tailor and Only four Days in Premium delectable to Charles he spent Only one Day the taste but not cheap to the has just come Hack 1romin where there Are con a taxpayer financed junket to slant hostilities across the 38th Ruskas cattlemen admit that South Vietnam to turn Han parallel with danger of another practically All american beef is Springs regarding the War always in style macs world marching out of capital by Don Maclean Washington Florida governor Claude Kirk was Here the other Day to address the National press while his remarks there have been adequately reported Hes for Law and i was the Only reporter in the room when he attended the Florida state society Little Bash in a Ray Burn building party after shaking a few Hundred Kirk got on top of a table and made a but funny looking Down at the he this is the first Chance Ive had to walk on the government in washing ton and i like warming he continued future Wel come i Call you that because most of you probably will Reti re and some of seeking adequate Protection by a responsible police May be headed that Way everybody seems to be marching on in Here to Lead a March out of washing that the pied Piper of reporting the foolish spend ing Here seems so repetitive one hesitates to go on with yet someone must keep the rec if Only for Otis Pike looked from his office window recently and noticed that work men Are replacing a Concrete edging around the Lawn of the Longworth House office build the new edging is solid we Are spending vast sums for the following j under the food for Freedom program we Are financing so be Ingup stations for alcoholics in Poland a study of the disappearing metalworking crafts in Pakistan and a study of the behaviour of elephants in the plight of the american Farmer is rather neatly illustrated by Eligio de la Garza Texas with this Story two Farmers Are asked what they would do if they inherited a million dollars one said he would quit work and Hunt and fish All the the second Farmer if i inherited a million dollars i guess i would just go on farming until it was All this is the time of year when the political parties go crazy forming task forces to investigate wrongdoing by of i think perhaps this should be the Credo of both parties a Force for every task and a task for every Force Stephen Young Ohio tells about four Congress men who made a three hour Stop in Saigon on their way1 Home from a conference a it was during the Viet songs tet the congressmen were Vised not to leave the Protection of the air so their 1 entire time on the ground was spent they saw nothing of the death and destruction taking place in the outskirts of Saigon and else where in the neither the brie Ness of their nor the fact they saw prevented the con Gressmen from on their return a statement say ing they were extremely optimistic about the favourable out come of the fighting in the cities of South William Ryan recently toured his District accompanied by sign a sound truck and pretty girls in Short he said it was a Way of gathering people so he could find out what the Man in the Street is if nothing ill bet he found out what the Man in the Street thinks about Short those who would Burn their draft cards Andor flee to Ca Nada could do worse than Pon Der these words War is an ugly but not the ugliest of the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing if worst Washington news Viet mobility is needed to keep reds off balance by Ray has this capability and it Nea Washington correspondent for other Northeast Thailand j this is the time to look bark at lao officers with Long exper the siege of Khe Sanh and see hence in guerrilla warfare told the lessons this reporter they Rould not in the More we can learn Why at Khe Sanh the better we will take advantage of tha Able to meet to Chi mints next communist build up there to moves in this complicated the we could by pinning Down at have made lightning commando Khe to out Down Mil iraids behind the communist try interference on the striking hard and fast with with his troop Supply move airborne troops of hit the North ments and thus reopened major from the then infiltration routes for the North getting out fast before being vietnamese Southern expedition Ary the Iron of this was that the major convoys from the North in Large numbers could have been ambushed by Mobile Khe Sanh defense was set airborne infantry equip in this important infiltration Ped for i Landrun tactics could area to Block the communist have made ruinous attacks on Supply but to Felt no these forces have need to break he demonstrated in a number of forced troops into a tight places their ability to perimeter fixed them in one mine and carry out effective hit spot and then moved around and run attacks on red and Forward at a stepped up especially where the comm Pace with comparative nist movements have been we thus fell into hos the tet offensive channelized on major a similar Mobile strategy is needed to meet communist tet forced and South Vietn Type there Are not Mese forces and pacification enough and South Vietnam teams Back into the cities Terni Mese forces to occupy cities the communists were permanently and keep the Corn thus Able to move freely in them units from making sudden Countryside to resupply their turaids As at tet and still ral weapons and ammunition carry on the War in the coun Short forces with new but with proper Intelli ment and sizable food gence it is possible to and move Allied forces in rapidly to it also made possible the wide meet a Quick communist Cit open recruiting or commande eries thrust and move out fast ing of new troops and Volu again to hit the red movements Teers in Rural regions which Are cer against this Type of to follow each City nist what is wanted is the communists not a fixed but a mob Lewill continue to use the same strategy which would enable us shuttle tactics against us that to hit the North vietnamese and they employed so successfully retire the United states against the to the Point falling american birth rate has Many facets by Russell Kirk by a realization on the when nations grow bored of younger married you or when a Genera pies in America that rearing Tion feels that its children children in this complicated would be the birth and expensive world rate that occurred in the big so this old roman world and i a noth1 allegedly so affluent and so Lei or fashion among Many of the finds the Cost and both polynesian Peoples of the or of offspring difficult South Bear it May be in rising costs of modern although decreasing Competition for Educa or the scientific especially at the collect by of is no such As still it seems Clear these cannot be ignored by that the birth rate is enthuse Young Cook tearing upon a period of pro says of Youthful i bounced Egypt and some other lands May continue to suffer from acute increases of population but not this nor West think this a healthy yet is it healthy or is it a sign of social de cadence if the problem of enrolment in the College of Ern your Choice looms so enor today the american birth Mous in parents have rate already is at the lowest j we not become a curiously to Point in our in 1910 mid and feeble Folk most of there were 30 births per Lour forefathers never dreamed adults less than of enrolling Little Johnny i per even during the 1 even Podunk state teachers Depths of the great depres1 let alone Yale or the birth rate was a life exists for its higher than it is in j own not for the Sake of a 19 per cent fewer babies were social status certificate from per born than in Are birth control devices the the Ivy there exist less trivial i or cultural and they aspired to a certain immortal t3h their Cawren their childrens w v Uva talc 1c 30 by 1 v Alii cause of this not Why Par ing to Arthur grow discouraged at the who is in charge of Natality Prospect of having four or five statistics for the National the increasing ugly Ter for health the Ness and violence of modern real Factor in this the concentration of popu is a different pattern in the Little apartments of the Only colossal Urban expanse the considerable element among melancholy symptoms of wide american women that bears spread moral condemn More children than formerly Sims Many children to be born the crowd of females who Pheno refit from the Federal Aid Are deterrents to dependent children life bestowing Many of those infants born but in earlier parents hop of and swelling to on to the rising be population of the Jne ration their family continue the typical american hold has 2 23 children today even if youve never seen Twoy through their children and thirds of a this mean their childrens children to tha the survival rate among bang babies into existence was Young people considered so onto the survival of ones the population will be stashed and ones civilization and then begin to decline seven the expectation that ones supposing that daughter might live in present tendency old family House was a to the american woman bears inducement now de children earlier in life than med to most her Mother but ceases to but some of us Are Undis Bear them once she is out is an alternative her statistically abolishing and that the average american Couis to Reform and improve our pie seems to desire fewer the Rei Vieora Dre but Why one of our Dull and confused is that in All of cheerful times children were will keep breaking Inland to be a prop of their parents married for the first old but the welfare stat and last Lime at the age of 45 now has assumed a great part of this though if fewer Young people come into the there must be fewer vigorous Young bodies to sus Tain the vast economic Burden social Security and medi care and All there exist other 11 wl11 mean that our baby n51steurs Meek in spirit shall Merit the and they must redeem the the population reference by that the declining birth rate is in russian Gold the truth about russian Gold How much of it russian mines Are producing and How much of it the Kremlin now holds is one of the Best guarded secrets of the soviet than a War is a Man who has nothing which he cares about More than his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no Chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than John Stuart English philosopher in the except sunday 11 Adams Street at Maine Wpaul Casavant publisher Ingalls managing editor Telephone business 2833625 editorial 2821535 subscription rates payable in Advance one six one member of the associated press associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news Oil entered As second class Sec Aid class postage paid at Post

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