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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives May 11 1968, Page 1

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - May 11, 1968, Biddeford, Maine Biddeford Saco May deaths Beatrice Dallaire funerals personals the weather Wilfrid hard ing has return both gown Jed Home after having Bren a funeral for surgical patient at Maine med Ahnor your gun f Hollis Crnick Cai conducted yesterday mor de Beatrice a a sol Sidell of old Salt this emn requiem hi4h mass was died Early this celebrated by Balmont morning in a Biddeford Hospital with Paul Jal Hertl old Orchard Beach Noria from Damn Cloudy following a Long illness Deacon and Donald la past presidents Portland increasing cloudiness and not so cold to Munu Tasi tres iams of York lows in the upper30s or she Vas born in july tranche As sub Singi county american Ciway Ana cd a daughter of ins was by the ladies choir pj0n will be enter of with of rain and Marie Nadeau Methot and was accompanied by gained during a meeting tonight was a communicant kvant 8 at the Kennebunkport my gaels this interment was in the family Morial Post members of surviving Are her in the Kennebunk unit will be Chica this Rommuno Biddeford with father i w to a Paul Hills Yaying Bear 12 two were Roger the and l club of the la Carmen Saco and miss Paul Kenneth Donisco school methodist Church Patricia this co Muaid Normand and will meet monday Al v1 Nily Foster and Andrew no the Home of Virginia Leo Paul Nortel Kinney 1 May tides High a miss Mary Lous angers and a funeral services or Maurice and a brother angers of the Buxton treat three grandchildren and Here conducted yester several nieces and nephews Day morning from notre Dame funeral services will be held do Lourdes with Mondov at 9 from Marthe Joseph a on sunday at 21 Faith Here and inter celebrating a solemn costal Tabernacle Assembly ment will be in Cere Quiem High assisted Corner of Atlantic m2fi meter Biddeford Paul Jalbert As Deacon Enue and third old or27 friends Mav Call at the Cote and Donald Chard Beach a Young people i Toi serv burial was in the family lot ice for All at Josephs bid with father the youth Fellowship of the graveside bears advert Christian route Jers were John will meet Vid Alfred Day at Low Francis golfers Down new England Francis Collet be Golf i returned Home last night Golf win Over too a funeral 87 James singing was by the Semcer Christ Sambas a tonight from 7 to 10 an ladies choir accompanied by will be held at tomorrow from 2 to 4 and 7 to Eva by an evangelistic i i k to recipients of awards from the National and state federation of music clubs present cd it the biennial Maine state convention in 8 Augusta Are these students of Josephs school of Adams now England of be Arsaga try the linesmen went into the Mach with a 91 the Rob Plowman coached Knight to new and 43 Over Quin Lipiac College n a three Way contest the after noon before on the Road i Leavih took i inc England match with sparkling the knights own a 67 Stonehius is the next opponent j the summary Francis College new Haven s Dah Ancy lost to ghz bowl 4 and 3 j Leavitt lost to vol Unis no 3 and 2 Devecchi lost to Taragano left to Joyce Cecile Nin 5 and 3 use Celeste Roberge stand Bolduc Defeated Gaffney same Pamela Gisele lit alien and Janice 10 Sun and Portland at the i n Jufith amp so melt today in history for students through in grades North Berwick Carrie Robinson tor1 Gerard Robert Guignardi Merly of Kittery died last night land Donald j the unitarian universalist flt a nursing Home i delegates from the Raythelon Corner of main met was born in company of a daughter of Wil were in Liam and Carrie Harris surviving arc a Stacy Boston a Virginia Ken no Lemk a Oscar to two Sis Mildred Amesti and Addie six 22 great Grams children and several nieces and funeral services will be Mon it Ltd Day at 1 from the local piano special Reading Dennis Dery students win program is set hurls three mothers Day club awards for Saco hitter for win 50plus club observes Kennebunk the 50plus piano students of sister the a lie thursday Josephs m 81 Reading summer Biddeford blanked in Saco yesterday in no 2 and 1 Hardy Defeated Mista no 2 up Reagan lost to dearth no 1 and 3 Leclair lost to Rebello no 1 up Francis College Quin Lipiac College 3 Tahaney lost to Connolly q 2 and 1 Leavitt lost to Johns q 3 and 2 Devecchi lost to Santillo q realms Xvi Gina m f Tri nirl to j j Adams Street Hedu fed to run for six at Louis alumni Field Bolduc Defeated Disler q 4 participating in the Between july 8 and with Ruth president Viola be co annual Maine Junior festival Saco Reading and 3 Hardy Defeated Odea q All Biddeford runs came m and 2 j i i Ivea ulue a Iii i no Idit cled the meeting at recipients of awards from children in both Public and Pathe seventh inning after both Reagan Defeated Welt q 4 time it was voted to sponsor a the Ancl state Federal Ochial schools Are now Regis nines played scoreless Ball for and 2 gift 1 pm 1 1 1 i ubut w i the senior youth group of Sale m in Resen cd Ati Terine to attend the classes j six the South m at the Louis Temple Kenne mrs Lee announced lat the which was held at c meet monday at j and this program title i of 6 pc Pate in an exhibition sponsor 2b is Jour of the five Gold clips Mondary school education is it was suggested that the Superior Leclair Defeated Smith 1 up Francis new England h r College 3 3 Tahaney Defeated 200 be 2 up 301 Leavitt Defeated Anderson 1 0 0 be 2 and 1 301 Devecchi lost to Burnham 200 be 1 up u Cortri Roh Uinn Stu Uve sup uni at cd the solving of of Nezim Wilh the f and Roberge problems which was wholly c Ward of the Kennebunk Baptis s in the oar she i of with Goodship were awarded a Gold to this area at the of Church interment v118 fact a knnphtink4rt St Uichi accumulating totals of 16 and of them was the in in the family lot in a Mary Millner a four also received Ion of an individualized p Chard Grove Luxembourg s Neutral Onica s be group to a cookout at her program for each child there will be no this Date conducted each monday evening in july Nouis in Israel was admitted at at marthas Church in of Nowog the bands will play concert tonight in Kennebunk i to the United Henry Megert ten years ago the United the which was a states hailed a soviet agreement the methodist youth Jav with Ivi at opened to the Maine federation of mus Cotner was the program of urological development for those five of the 11 Superior ratings with severe visual per r 1 i Bolduc lost to Burke be 0 0 and 0 Hardy lost to Evans be t 0 and 6 0 Reagan Defeated Jones 0 0 4 and 0 0 Leclair Defeated Bozek be 2 and Biddeford 23 0 3 i o lid 1 1 Cut Al to discuss detection of nuclear j ship of the school Street metro i tests As a possible step toward dist will meet j sunday at 6 at the i five years ago it was an i bounced that Canada had a accept nuclear warheads Kennebunk the kennels missiles installed in bunk band boosters Are Vear a u it Soring the second part of u Thant on of May feared the initial phase of world i in1 went to the Mel tones of bid deception motor 2b the recipients Are Janice third was the providing of a 3b t i Dri it Lii 1 Cecile fam healthy emotional climate is Short talk in Honor of this Auger Gisele Litalien in the Fordery p Joyce t All children and for use a Junior at with emotional Boucher a 3 3 3 3 in of c if of Kennebunk rams Wallop 134 25 Nard High school band of May War Iii was being fought and the kennebunk1 Vietnam High school concert band to night at 8 at the Khz gym Nai the Kennebunk High school band visited in Maynard for the first part of the tonight program will i Wells the Kennebunk 0 High rams walloped Wells 0 High with a 134 win Friday aft 0 Kennebunk batters 1 were Good for 15 hits in their 310 second win in a Row after drop Ping three 4 5 Milt Smith hit a two run Homer and a while Brooks Kennebunk Edmund Cashen dial 9852174 mothpr1 wet suns he Deford be taught to be it totals Celester a Junior Athas been a Point of debate in innings Iqbal circles As Toi Biddeford 0000004 4 Dennis Lamontague is possible to 1st Louis 0000000 0 and Gerry Stone were Good 133 Foss Overall Long Range St Louis Biddeford 0 for three hits and will be the Louis 214 Biddeford Advent Christian Good wins will meet sunday at 7 the senior High youth nun lows hip of the United Church of larded Toan mrs Albert 8 the curriculum As q Widde Yod 7 Louis Willy Wentzell carnations were awarded to of Biddeford 7 Perreault Kennebunk d in 7 innings Dery 3 in 7 in Wells a incr i i he put Inree i uns Ftp Stewart with mrs Janice a seventh motion of the Joy of rib Fecteau across in the last inning on in Volvo rams in student at Joseph is which is inherent in2 2 Baiguy Lou double by Steve Steve it p the daughter of j each Allen Biddeford Lou Glenville Pinch doubt and Fea Ture the Maynard High school under the direction fare a Yan Ecland chorus members Christ he will meet sunday from and to mrs to in the rus members Mother nip sent baked bean a Quin Fellowship of the Jwill emphasize the areas of 10 Kennebunk i Pamela a fifth Grade and 5 7 innings Der 3 in 7 inkwells Pupil Josephs school is the study of we Perreault Lamontagne and Smith ithe daughter of the building of concepts i Oser Perreault Barrow and t 1 Green Anc a ulary m these Edmunds followed by Windy by Friedman and also vill feature the Maynard High Charles Harmony supper Landig free Arre 3rivileed to 2 Tania and s so 6 to 7 at inc Union society will meet Gisele a fifth Grade select their preference of area1 Fol f High school at 6 of of to pm s and raised from this supper will the daughter of Ana i Obj Holn raft Fra their no lenses in the methodist youth Jqhn 70 West Cutts have specialized knowl the West Kennebunk Nette methodist Church will meet win be the French rendered nay at s Rah by Morrissey Patio French Richard Muskie continued from Page one in Hartford Conn ship of the West Kennebunk m t an interest for Are m me nor Sauneu scoped the e general was c with fihe Church will meet Joyce a to plans Muskie the mos pm up Enog six the Baptist youth Fellowship Phyllis f the Ogunquit Baptist Church n Cun swirl meet sunday at 6 at the suicidal Banzai charges third movement from of her parents use of lakes and t j Joni in Ivov knowledge of should be instituted by refreshments were served by it an interest for Are land the nor Joyce a to plans Jat Biddeford Junior made for Field trips this 1s advocated Medure was seeded up school is the daughter of which will build concepts by one of the s the tet offensive of the North Jruth 28 Oak bid Lin nomination and Viet Cong or the study of biography by state Horace Hildreth january the firsthand Active of and other the had said prior Tel ending of phony train u by Iii a Teriw j he Junior High Baptist the mrs Carroll Matthews Fellowship of the Saco us Tell in the foggy Japa Street her sister Palrei Baptist Church will meet sunday j nose their idea Hollywood went to Payette Mujat 6 shooting and i i re pm want Iho or n Tim 4 no Poi Iii t n i till Yukii ill v i n i Al j by featured will be rhe senior High youth fellow can Forward firing the Kennebunk High school a no Eris and me Jorette with miss Sandra Dick White and Blue March by Skelton Mirov Nueil is ser Vii Usu an the in a Seres of will be be services to clucking will play trilogy concert March by Osterling impressions of a Welsh air Ployhar All and was born april 9 at fort Bragg Lahi Pothe Saco United Baptist j wildly into them army airman Wal meet Tot narrow at Barry Roberts is serving with0 the air Force in Vietnam to return Home in summer Camp activities listed for season Orchard Beach republicans continued from Page one fridays meeting that a major the draft favored maximum Factor in deciding which firms Extension of the territorial Lime would get the orders was their its off in an obvious to meet the army de Terence to the recently Anun ands for onetime bounced undersea explorations according to the task Force working in this for natural Gas and quoted prices by the two firms afield and plans recommendations to the next of nearly Law professional and prosecutors Are a and Philip with old Orchard Bliach one draft Are a use Eaic when Dawn the War Day Camp for boys was composed after the supplement to professional Andoh Attu was open for its 16th season on committee held a series of and who had not fallen june me Camp is hearings in an of committee fire had clasped by William Earle Lomei i it also advocated improved re Cape grenades to their chests Andjelic school supervisor and coach la will not necessarily be the final Mil time once manufacturing Are the army the prices will be sub to negotiation e on sunday at pulled the p and Fame who have been re o Pue e n Sid non Are no the film is entitled City of the p among identifiable bodies so in Massachusetts for More than new hemp uni new Home on by through the night and ulc Civ no Anil free by Barry Intervale when Economos will Fondue both officers if the hands Xvi i Lemon Merin Ulm by Stuart said tip can legion a us ill dry will be by arranged by Alpert and featuring the majorettes of both schools in that dreadful Panorama was it is the policy of the a preamble and 15 subject training and pay for divisions among oth police or these ments economic development state government renewing a Campaign which failed with Curtis veto last invaders the draft called for a the committee urged re the Home of the Johnnie Ann be Wayne that of another Earle to place great was the indestructible Captai stress on teaching the Basic Iii from of swimming As Good measure of the part Square three months by Effort toward attract from election ballots and doing in of Wrai ing new including away with straight ticket Vot american and Canadian troop she also said that discipline will i stormed ashore at 240 play a major part in the Over the last number on the pro at will by Gram from pinions ranged by there Are members of the mavnard1 in Sils fid he those tax reforms and other Catherine Ai tailing of Cor Ana sue t Ivill be assisted by Joan Ravine by Albert Lerer is it the Maynard band while Robert Kingsbury is lugh school Charles will he served at be seventh Day m l i ill Ila i under cover ration courses will be conduct Sion and improvement of Trunie by they had sneaked daily As Well As a Complete highways and More facilities of the Gisi North America was free of its program of physical it also called for Law from the Only foreign invaders this Cen health and All sumo sharply curtail the number with certificates placement and use of Bil Gertrude cur True Jefferson a senior at director of music c j he Lay in a Hospital ship off and Leonard Maine vocational y reached the Summit of coast guard navigational St summer season Iholtz no jeep Ever made Tith battled the american red Cross swim it neither did the pres Institute in South Portland snore on a Ridge overlooking the Dent of the band parents clubs s Dass on Mav 9 aboss1 by in w foggy sea is the grave of of i if Jui crafts Oil 7 dlr to 11 4 h a h no noon resources should be passed re or 1 i ii f i o c Field is strewn with the rusted Ming program will be ii revved Quiring that the overburden re debris of a Long ago of that John Seekins is the superintendent of Kennebunk High school and Robert High school principal Alexander Economos is the baud director and Heber president of the band Booster pm Ray by a certified instructor and courses will be offered from the beginners class through jul George Fletch n 17 i or is substituting in the funeral directors office of the Kennebunk Kenne chamber of Commerce marked by a plaque Nior and senior life scr try Somers of Nej erected four years ago by Mour veterans of months Iners from Japan Ai w i Only the falling Down Iron at other Aleutian decaying Shell casings and w to t t i the san of or and mrs i rotted boots memorialize me son 01 Ana ashore in homely rubber shoe son Merrill lower packs hundreds of the Early in vaders already were saving moved in strip mining be re placed at the end of the mining operation to reproduce the Origi Nal Laving a Large elections in places with More than one rep indians the committee called for a Long Range program to assimilate finally the Indian population of our state in the general with All the privileges and responsibilities of other Many Maine indians say they went to retain their tribal identity and avoid i protective planning for of being r a new Poland this americans who fell the Emonds funeral 284ln Frank Shumway funeral Hospital in Spring Philip Gross crippled with Vic Tims of the soggy mass which the mud and Tundra made of their Sharp looking leather com i i Kennebunk Dunn the Abb t by is the Day after Dennett main dial 365 card of away with Rifle crawled in with bayonets and dug the Japa Nese from their Fox holes and machine gun fire there came a night when All soft the surviving japanese were softball tilt set by local departments police and i w Ilen i to h of i Ball game tomorrow at 6 p m a squeezed into a pocket in a Cove she was treated by Joseph the Driver but at press Ftp s area called Chicha Isol there Patane for minor had not found the Biddeford youth is struck by car a Fivey Earold Biddeford stolen car damaged in Kennebunkport Kennebunkport police Are investigating the crash Frances 28 Hill of a stolen car Here last apparently escaped serious inia vehicle owned by miss Joan jury yesterday afternoon when 55 Green bidder she was struck by a car on Hill police Driver of the vehicle was Jeremie of 88 Pike told police the girl crossed in front of his Auto and he was almost Stop Ped when Contact was the May 1 wish to All who sent the game is the second meeting called Couch ago Yamabuki posted an historic order we will attack and there were Only 600 radio Sta was found off route 9 demolished according to Kennebunkport police officer Fausti no the Auto struck a Utility pole inflicting major damage to the aided by Biddeford searched lae area for time car was found off the Road about one half mile from the bidder Raoul the firefighters thus was launched the first of line police earn Money at Home experienced stitchers wanted for shoes All equipment furnished and set up in your Home at our Opportunity for Good work win be delivered and picked up by our if interested Call collect 6762234 and Contact Lindy Mclaughlin mainline shoe North Berwick Maine Beac Hway Home of the finest selection of Choice meats Cut to order Mea Cuiter on duty at All times open sundays we also feature fresh produce Frozen foods health Beauty aids Complete line of grocery items open for your convenience daily sundays 88 Friday saturday til 9 the Beac Hway 153 Street Saco re

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