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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 4

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Biddeford, Maine R 4 by Odvord Sago journal sat., mar. To 1961 editorial Page thought for the evening ii it and in this world that we must live. Andre gift there ought to be a Law and there is what s going on in the confines of the Biddeford Board of education that i to Gol turned secret and important. That s what we would like to know and we suspect that s what the Public which pays the freight would like to know. But that s impossible. Or so it seems in the Light of what happened at the regular meeting of the Board thursday night when the press which is a segment of the Public was barred from the session by the High handedness of Public officials elected by the Public to conduct Public business. This newspaper assigned a reporter to cover what was expected to be a routine business meeting of tha Board of education thursday night. Nothing of the nature of what happened was anticipated. But it did happen. And it happened Here. The reporter was told he could not sit in on the meeting and if he had insisted on doing to to would presumably have been ejected bodily if necessary. That s exhibiting undue arrogance we maintain. This smells too much of totalitarian tactics for the american Public to stand or understand. We have a heritage of Freedom of the press and when that press is shackled As it was thursday night in Biddeford City Hall it is not Only in american it is unlawful. We have a Law in this state which guarantees the people that they have a right to know what their elected representatives Are doing How they Are spending Money of the taxpayer and How they Are conducting business which belongs without question to the Public. And that right is being abridged when the Public has to surrender to handouts from those representatives. There Are without question times and circumstances when business of a Public body should be undertaken with private discussion As when personalities Art being investigated for instance but thursday night no a Uch subjects were brought up. Or at least not As far As the Public knows. We have every reason to question the motives of the Board of education for suppressing that rightfully belongs to the Public and we intend to pursue Tho gathering of that by every Legal Means. If there is a valid excuse for excluding the press from future meetings we demand to know what that excuse is and if the Board of education intends to circumvent the intent of the Freedom of information Law we want the Public to know about that too. We Are not accusing the Board of education of sinister practices. We a re not insinuating there is skulduggery abroad. But we do suggest that the Board of education is doing its Best to create an impression before the Public that All is not Well when such shenanigans Are permitted. If this arbitrary attitude of the Board of education continues something should be done. And it will. I m for it but rugged Highway Washington a Job for our time by Bruce Biossat the exact status of the developing 41,000-mile interstate Highway system needs to be cleared up. It in t proper to say it s behind schedule in the matter of Miles of Road constructed since Federal officials say there Are no year to year mileage deadlines. The Only goal is to finish the entire network by 1972. Right the record shows 8,000 Miles built and another 2,300 Miles of previously constructed toll roads tunnels and Bridges drawn into the system. Construction is under Way on another 4,100 Miles with engineering work or land acquisition proceeding on 10,000 More. Altogether work has been completed or begun on nearly 25,000 Miles about 60 per cent of the total. When president Kennedy says the program is in trouble he Means it could have trouble getting up the Money to finish by 1972. The 90 per cent or most of Cost generally supplied by the Federal government can under the Law come Only from revenues fed into the special Highway fund from gasoline taxes and other Highway user levies. With the total Price tag for the program having already been boosted several times to cover rising costs the judgement is that the 1972 deadline can t be met from presently authorized Revenue sources. Completion would have to be stretched out to 1977. Mounting evidence gleaned by House committee and Independent investigators shows that the rising costs include untold millions of dollars scandalously lost through Lack of proper Federal control in graft extravagant waste and mismanagement at the state level. To do the Job on time mens digging up another $9.7 billion. The president thinks it can be clone if Congress will keep the existing four cent Federal gasoline tax and add stiffer levies on the big trucks which use the roads. The Overall Cost picture won t be affected by Kennedy s order directing immediate release of $724 million which normally would have been allotted from the fund in the months up to june 30. About 10 states including York Ohio Texas California and the Dakotas Are sufficiently advanced m planning to put the Money quickly to use. Here and there contract letting May also be seeded. But in Many areas the Money can t be handled now. Already allotted funds Are backed up waiting for plans for the Long pull however the problem of rocketing costs has to be met tomorrow. An Optimist is a person who is foolish enough to lend Money to relatives. Few people stick their necks out when they Are. Keeping their chins up. Change lets you have a better View of life if you have enough of it and spend it wisely a girl s face does t have to be her Fortune to Lead into a Nice figure. Some apartment janitors Are so stingy with the heat the tenants Are burning up. If you re overweight reduce is the word to the wide that should be sufficient. A Minnesota Man called police to escort a Bunch of neighbors out of his basement. When you have spirits your friends haunt you. By Peter Edson Washington correspondent newspaper Enterprise Assn. Washington Nea inauguration of Brazil s president Janio Quadros with a sweeping Reform program just at the time president Kennedy begins his administration has Given inspiration to executive vice president t. Graydon Upton of the inter american development Bank which recently made its first loan. Upton Points out that a unique Opportunity exists for Awakening and mobilizing a spirit in the Western hemisphere. And he does t mean by lending it a lot of Money either. Upton is a Republican and a Philadelphia banker Republican at that. After a varied experience in foreign investment Fields he served As Treasury undersecretary with the Eisenhower administration. But he was born in Salem mass., and he s a Harvard Man which should make him acceptable to the England democratic Bunch running thing Here now. In an unpublicized paper before a conference of corporation executives at the school for advanced International studies in Princeton Upton recently gloved perfectly the hand for president Kennedy s proposed Alliance for Progress Alianza Para Progreso with latin America. To and radio Upton admits that operation pan America is burned out. It was conceived by the brazilian poet politician Augusto Frederico Schmidt. It was promoted by Brazil s previous president Juscelino Kubitschek. It was documented by the organization of american states act of Bogota and a Promise of half a billion dollars from the United states. But says Upton the fire of operation pan America has hardly survived a barrage of financial arguments opposing economic concepts and conference dead in this vacuum the voice of Fidelismo presents to the people an attractive alternative to that which they do not have. What is needed in this element says Upton is the development of a counter mystical Force to Castro which by its intensity will create reservoirs of capital by individual and group Effort the greater share latin american. There is today a surprising Lack of any attempt to mobilize the spiritual and emotional strength of latin America in support of the current struggle for economic and social a Simon Bolivar for latin America cannot yet be identified Upton continues but the concept in there. It could Bubble up from the Bottom. But More effectively it should come from the top and Here one can Eatch glimpses of a future pattern. One can visualize says Upton an address by the president of the United states dealing Only with latin. America in the inspiring framework of his inaugural words. One can foresee a meeting of the presidents of the americas to rekindle the fire. One can guess at the desirability of forming a Public relations staff to develop. Widespread acceptance of the concept in latin America and the United these Are perhaps strange words to come from a Philadelphia Republican banker. But in this connection business week has just reported that the communist bloc is spending Between $100 million and $200 million a year to help Castro Export his cuban revolution throughout Central and South America. There is a no comparable Effort by the organization of american states to Block it. What is apparently needed is an Effort such As Nelson Rockefeller another Republican made for the democratic Roosevelt administration when he was made coordinator of inter american affairs in world War ii Era. Rockefeller s Job then was to keep latin America from going nazi. The Job today is not just to keep it from going communist but to make it Rree Independent Strong and stable.  cartoon films gain popularity by Bob Thomas a movie to writer Hollywood a Here is the cast of one of next season s most promising to series top cat Chiao Choo. Brain Benny the Ball. Spook and fancy fancy. Sound like a strange Bunch of cats they Are. But they will be adding More Gold to the already booming cartoon firm of Hanna Barbera. Now the world s biggest. The series is titled after its Star top cat and was snapped up in a hurry by Abc for showing in the prime time of wednesday at 8 30. As described by Joe barbra top cat lives in an Alley behind a Bowling Center and next to a policeman s Call Box. The policeman is officer Dibble who is always admonishing him about using the phone. We see top cat As a kind of sergeant Bilko. He s always dreaming up outlandish Roger Babson schemes for his fellow Walls Are bulging the Sale of the series adds More Strain to the bulging Walls of the Hanna bar Cera studio outgrown after six months of occupancy. In to you keep creating shows expecting your old ones to be dropped said bar Bera. Then we sell the ones but the old ones Are renewed. So we have to keep expanding. It s a Nice kind of problem. But the team has conquered others in the past including what to do when they were abruptly dropped from Mem s cartoon studio. They turned to to and sold a show called Ruff and they still had something to learn. We aimed the show at kids and that was a mistake said Barbera. We still Haven t gotten our Money out of it after three years. For our next show we took an adult the next show was Huckle Berry hound and it Drew a wide and Rabid audience. It was followed by Quick draw this season Hanna bar Bera leaped into the top nighttime ratings with the Flintstones a Domestic comedy set in prehistoric times. Needed approach for All their Bright ideas the firm s operation could t have succeeded without a different approach to animation. It s something that goes Back to the Early Days of cartoons Barbera said. They used to be a caricature of human action. Then Disney began photographing live actors and copying the film to make the cartoon Prince move like a real Man. The result cartoons weren t funny any More. We be gone Back to the caricature of human action. It s cheaper you Don t have to draw so Many pictures. And it s people s forum the journal believes in free expression of opinion on topics of real local interest. Letters for this department Are Welcome lews expressed in this column arc not necessarily endorsed by the journal. Letters must be signed by the writer with address but the name will not be printed if the writer so requests. Duty of journalism editor journal those who expected to give the journal its customary perfunctory perusal Friday evening received quite a Jolt. It was surprising but most encouraging to see the journal emerge at Long last As an Independent questioning voice in municipal affairs the voice and conscience of the Community congratulations. This is truly the right and solemn duty of journalism to keep the Public thoroughly informed and to arouse them when need be from their feeling of Complete helplessness to do anything As individuals to change local conditions. An indispensable prerequisite to True Community Progress is enlightened journalism a journalism which necessarily includes ten pious crusading for Community betterment. Now that you have started i hone that you will not filter but will press Forward Sten for step to eliminate any and All Sircar flagrant and absolutely indefensible practices which you a sure to encounter. A one with this i Hope that you w l devote some attention to the almost criminal indifference or Lonrance of our municipal for Era int with regards to zoning a Unity a Lannino. Enactment a Forcen Al Parkin recreational up Hes Narks Etc., Etc. T a extremely difficult to understand How we can Ever seriously hone or expect to attract adequate industries to Biddeford until we cleaning to and modernizing 0 " government and our cite. As of nov we Are known As a apr pc a Peri and shabby Mill town the to is re Tai nov not unjustified. To s up to the Neonile to Correct Tbs situation and i hone that the journal will have the courage to Lead the a. George h. De Roberta on charter change editor journal there is one word that has a special meaning to our taxpayers of Saco and any mayor in office should be in a position to convey it and that s apprehension has developed in Saco Over the mayor s proposal for an increase in salary of $1,000 More a year for himself also the position for a civil Engineer at an undisclosed salary for a term of five years. Some of the City government who will be up for re election for 1962 Don t want the question of the pay raise and these other changes in the charter on the ballot with their candidacies. They believe that the voters will tie the candidates and the pay increase together and possibly lose the election to the opposition. Most of the members who would suffer Are democrats. One prominent Democrat pointed out that about 75% of the signers of the referendum petition circulated by the taxpayers group were either democrats or independents. So the democrats would suffer More than the republicans in that they would be More casualties in the Democrat ranks. Many if not most of the citizens firmly believe that the pay boost is not justified. They think the Way it is being presented to the legislature is wrong. Their belief is there would have been less criticism if the mayor had held Public hearings in Advance on the Issue of the charter changes and allowed time for a full Public scrutiny. There Are still Many voters who Are against these Bills being passed in the legislature thereby forcing a referendum special or otherwise upon the City. Some interested people cautioned mayor Cote against arbitrary passage of a pay boost without a Chance for a demonstration of Public opinion on the Issue but that s the Way the mayor wanted it done and May be regretting it. These changes in our opinion Are a thoroughly bad piece of legislation bad enough to justify the legislative committee to vote ought not to a member of the Democrat City committee. Security for you and veterans guide by Ray Henry the question Box by Ray Henry from w. W. Of Martinez Calif my father was self employed during most of tils life. He retired before the social Security jaw was amended making self played persons eligible for coverage. He s in his late 50s. People from time to time Tell him that others with the same or similar history collect social Security Money. Is there a Chance he s eligible no. There has been no change in the social Security Law which would make your father eligible. The work i have always paid maximum social your Assumption is right in figuring the size of retirement payments the social Security administration drops out of its calculations the five years in which you had no earnings or in which your earnings were lowest. Thus the years Between your 60lh and 65th birthdays will not substantially affect the size of your payments. From mrs. J. T. N. Of Annapolis my i worked in a Job Cov ered by social Security for some years before going to work for the government. As of Jan. 6, 1960, i had to retire on total disability due to a heart condition and can t go Back to work. I m wondering if i might be eligible for social Security you might be entitled to either retirement payments or disability payments. If you re at least 62, you May qualify for retirement payments. Or if your disability is permanent and so severe that you can t do much work you May qualify for disability payments regardless of your age. Talk with your local social Security office about these possibilities. From mrs. S. P. G. Of Columbia to i am collecting social Security payments based on my own monthly earnings not on my deceased husband s salary. Will my family receive the regular Lump sum for funeral expenses on my death a Lump sum May go to the person who paid your funeral expenses or to your funeral Home to help cover such expenses. From h. L. Of Fostoria Ohio i became 60 years old this month. I am going into Early retirement As of april 1. Is it Correct tin at at 65 i will receive nearly As much in social Security payments As if i had continued to from s. C. Of Jackson Mich my fatties passed away two months ago. Can my Mother who is 82 draw the full amount of his social Security payments my father s funeral expenses were s700. Will social Security cover this your Mother will be entitled to three fourths of the amount your father was drawing. She will also be eligible for a Lump sum death payment to help toward his funeral expenses. The amount will be three times the size of his monthly payments up to a maximum of $255. Your Mother has to apply for both the monthly payments and the Lump sum. Am saw to previous Puzzle he he nil n or. .0 r is Scina he Chi Anna a Hhd Mem Ana a m 0 e b i Civy Liu Bibie be a do go pith heiehs1 in i i in rat re Shu so dbl Fobb by Diania 11 Adams Street published daily except sunday at Biddeford Maine Paul Casavant publisher t j Mahoney editor Telephone business depts. At 3-3625 editorial dept. At 2-1535 subscription rates payable in Advance one month $1.85 six months $10.50 one year $21.00. Member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local printed in this newspaper As Well As All a dispatches. Entered As second class second class postage paid at Post office Biddeford Maine. You May obtain Ray Henry s revised social Security handbook Security for you by a i no to him at 2017 Massachusetts ave., n.w., Washington a. D r. Enclosing 35 cents m Coin. The handbook includes All the 1961 changes. From a features of Init thru red Cross Little Why does it take most Peop a longer to Tell what they think than what they know a a. Daily crossword Puzzle suggests Way to provide jobs by Roger Babson Babson Park mass. Each week some proposition comes from the White House promising to reduce unemployment. These vary All the Way from paying veterans insurance Money in Advance of dates clue to increasing the minimum wage. To my mind none of them Are of any real value. The first suggestion would put More Money into circulation immediately but would. Reduce the t amount available later. As to in creasing the minimum wage this will cause merchants and others to reduce the number of their employees so that the higher wage will not Cost them More in total. This will result in increasing unemployment without increasing total purchasing Power. Purchasing Power is unemployment when discussing these two factors it is much like asking which came first the Hen or the egg Kach is dependent on the other but in most cases increased purchasing must come before in creased employment and i think president Kennedy believes this in his heart. Hence the soundest cheapest and quickest method of increasing purchasing is to increase advertising. Advertising appropriations Are upside merchants advertise most when they have plenty of Money which usually Means when business is Good and there is full employment. Then when business slows up and unemployment develops these merchants reduce their advertising. This is Why 1 say that the present advertising policy is it May help the temporary profits of the merchant but it is not for the nation s Best interests it is not economically sound. This especially applies to newspaper advertising although it also May include radio to and mail order advertising. Furthermore Congress would surely be increasing unemployment by increasing postal rates. Government should sometime subsidize advertising think what would happen to employment if All advertising should suddenly be stopped such an action would create a National panic with Over half the people unemployed. Certainly the government would be As justified in subsidizing merchants Selling certain products As in subsidizing Farmers living in certain states. These merchants Are doing As much for the nation As Are the Farmers. In fact the Farmers Are dependent upon the merchants to sell their farm products. No one of us goes to the Farmer direct to buy wheat

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