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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 3

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Biddeford, Maine Church directory Catholic churches i Saco Biddeford second Parish unitarian Church St. Josepn Church it Rev school Street by Pepperell Oark monsignor Elie Hevy Edmund w Beal. Minister masses at 5 45. / 8, of. 101 morning worship service 11, Sec and 11 a. Ond and fourth sundays at this Andre Church. Bacon Street Church. Sunday school 9 45 a. H Rev monsignor Aime Giguere first Parish congregational pastor sunday masses at 6, 7. 8. Church Corner of main and Beach i. N a to streets. Rev. Harry Aufiero Pas-�tban5 a j?11?1 finding the Way prayer is a two Way thing by Ralph w. Roew . Written for newspaper Enterprise Assn. I d like to thank someone but i Don t know who to 8 if and 13 St. Mary Church. St Mary treet Rev Cornelius a night p r sunday masses at 7. 8 30, 10 and Ham Saco notre Dame de Lourdes Church Rev. Arthur j. Dube pastor. Sunday masses at 7, 8 9. 10 and 11 a. Moat holy Trinity Charon main Street. Saco Rev Maurice Boland pastor sunday masses at 7, 8 30. 10 and n a. Camp Ellis oar lady of Victory Church Rev. Arthur j. Dube pastor. Sunday mass at 8 a. Kennebunk St. Monica Church Rev William j. Kelly pastor and Rev. J. Henry Fournelle assistant pastor. Sunday masses at 8 30 and 10 a. Kennebunkport St. Martha Church Rev. William j. Kelly pastor and Rev. J. Henry Fournelle assistant Pas Tor. Sunday masses a 7 30. 9 and u a. old Orchard Beach St Margaret Church Rev. Edward f. Walsh pastor and Rev. Armand j. Landry assistant Pas Tor. Sunday masses at 8, 9 30 and 11 a. Wells St. Mar Church Rev. William j. Kelly pastor and Rev. J. Henry Fournelle assistant Pas Tor. Church school and sunday morning worship service at 10 a. School Street methodist Church Rev. Norman j. Langmaid pastor. Morning worship and Sermon ment came from a Young Man on a train in Japan. We had engaged in a casual conversation that had suddenly brought this expression of a desire to reach beyond self. But where each sunday at 11 a. No Church and to whom and How so Sci united3 Baptist Church " to is relevant to our own Corner of main and Cross streets situation too. All too often Rev. Stanley a. Bennett pastor prayer has become Only a Ges Church school at 9 15 . Morn Ture. If we degrade prayer worship service 10 30. North Saco congregational Christian Church mrs. G. Stephen Johnston minister. Sunday school at 9 30 a. Morning worship at 10 45 a. Christian science society Hamilton memorial 42 Beach Street Saco. Sunday school jo.45 a. Sunday service at 10 45 a. Salvation army. 292 main Street str it major tames c. Geddes Focer in charge. Sunday school at 10 a. Holiness meeting at r. A. Old Orchard Beach methodist Church Washington Avenue Rev. John t. Stahl pastor. Sunday school 9 45 a. Worship service 11 a. First Baptist Church Ocean Avenue Rev. G. Stephen Johnston minister. Sunday school 1 30 p. Worship service 2 30 p. Advent Christian Church Saco Avenue old Orchard Beach. Her by Cim it mar Thurlow pastor. Sunday Tor. Sunday masses at 9 30 a. So Boll classes at 945 a morn Ogun Diirr All saints Church Rev. William j. Kelly pastor and Rev. J. Henry Fournelle assistant pastor. No masses during the Winter months. Episcopal churches Christ episcopal Church Crescent Street Rev. Mark m. Mccullough priest in charge. 7 30 a. A holy communion 9 a. M., holy eucharist and Sermon 9 am. Nursery and kindergarten classes in the Parish Hall 6 p. M., evening prayer. Trinity episcopal Church main and Cleveland streets Saco Rev. T. S. Knox Rector. 8 a. A holy communion 11 a. M., holy communion and Sermon first third and fourth sundays 11 a. Tn., morning prayer and Sermon second and fifth sundays. St. David episcopal Church Portland Road Rev. Mark m Mccullough vicar. 10 a. A. Church school devotions and classes in the Parish Hall u a. Mchurch services Nursery care fro very Young children of parents attending Crich is available at this hour in the Parish Hall. St. John by the sea Church. St. Street old Orchard Beach Rev. Harold Mcelwain pastor. Holy communion. 8 and 11 15 a. St. Stephen  the  Martyr episcopal Church East water Boro. Rev. T. S. Knox vicar. Wor ship service at 9 30 a. Biddeford St. Demetrios greek orthodox Church 35 Adams Street. Rev. Sam j. Kalamaras pastor. Sunday Matins or orthos 10 to 11 a. No divine Liturgy 11 a. To 12 noon. Sunday school classes Are held in the Parish Hall at 10 30 a. Advent Christian Church  Orneil of Hill and Chapel streets Rev. Delmar Lee pastor. Morning worship service at 10 a. Sunday school at 11 a. First Julve realist Church City Square Rev. Edmund w. Beal. Minister. Morning worship service at 11. First and third sundays. At this Church. The second congregational Church the White Church i. Rev h Lewi Cutler pastor sunday worship service 10 3n. A m. Church school also on sunday at 10 30 a. Foss Street methodist Church Foss and Pool streets Rev James Douglass Riddle pastor morning prayer each sunday at 11. Nursery for pre school children. Coffee hour discussion after the service. South Biddeford methodist Church on the Pool Road Rev James Douglass Riddle pastor. Morning prayer each sunday at 9 30 evening prayer at 6. United Baptist Church Jefferson Street Rev. Morley j Durost pastor. Sunday school a 45 a. Morning worship service at 11. Ing worship service at la a. Faith Tabe Mcle pentecostal Church Corner of Atlantic Avenue and third Street. Rev. Russell k pier pastor. Sunday school 9 4b Junior Church 11 30 a. trning worship la a. Salvation army. 91 Union Avenne capt. Robert Reid. Officer in charge 9 45 sunday school 11, holiness meeting 3, Street open All service. Until it has become the merely ceremonial we have emptied it of meaning. For prayer at its Best is conversation. There was an ancient worthy who had a dream. Having pillowed his head on a Stone he dreamt that Angels were going up and Down a ladder that stretched Between him and heaven. Jacob s dream has the Mark of reality. This is what happens when people Pray. It is this two Way traffic that makes the difference. Prayer in t self induced cheer or a psychological exer else. It is the opening of life so that the Power needed and which we can never achieve on our own May be received. It is knowing someone to thank it will be a discipline for us to Pray in this lenten season if we Pray for the russian people and for Castro and for that matter for some of our neighbors. What will some of the people Pray for in the place where i live sometime the music makers in Broadway Point up a need which we ought to have noted for ourselves. For instance there s a relevance to the words from my fair lady in which each verse of the refrain ends with the words show we the conversation of prayer demands this demonstration. Show me godly prayer demands acts of godly courage. I wanted to help the boy on the train and the intricacies of language made it exceedingly difficult. Yet i shall Pray for this unknown Friend. This is a time which requires men who can live in league with Power beyond themselves. We All need to know the god whom we can thank lest we try to distract ourselves from distraction by distraction. Or from frustration by violent rebellion. This is a time when our very consciences can be stirred by the simple invitation let us religion in the news min Wanca Star club is Given supper report the min Wanca Star club met Friday evening at Robinson memorial Hall West grand Avenue old Orchard Beach with the president miss Kay Mewer presiding. The final report of the Gay nineties supper was Given and the president thanked All who helped to make it a Success also mrs. Lillian Nowell and mrs. Edrice Bates for arranging the food sales on chapter meeting nights. ., and mrs. Richard Bliss invited the club to meet at their Home at a convenient Date for a picnic Outing. . Gertrude Leonard mrs. Helen Smith and Asa Douglass were appointed to serve As a committee to Purchase chairs for the Hall. . Patricia Strickland and miss Kay Mewer had holders for automobile number plates for Sale to the club. The mystery prize was won by mrs. Helen Smith. . Jean Mooers and mrs. Edrice Bates served refreshments. Miss Ethel Wight showed slides of the Gay nineties supper past matrons routines Beach scenes and other interesting scenes. Present were miss Kay Mewer or. And mrs. Asa Douglass or. And mrs. Donald Nowell. . Lillian Nowell mrs. Patricia Strickland miss Ethel Wight mrs. Eleanor Bradeen mrs. Helen Smith mrs. Ruth Durant. . Leora Bals mrs. Jean Cooper mrs. Jean Mooers mrs. Edrice Bates and mrs. Gertrude Wight. Bia Arfora Sago journal Gafar Fay Maeh it 196t % for americans Kennebunk unitarian Church first congregational Parish. Rev. Carl Bierman pastor morning worship and sunday school 11 a. Christ Church Rev. Frederic Holmberg and Robert , pastors. Morning services at 9 30 and 11. Ken bunk Baptist Church main Street Rev. Chester m. Staples a Tor. Bible school at 9 45 a. Morning worship service at 11 a. Christian science society 25 summer Street. Sunday school u a. Morning service at 11 the West Kennebunk methodist Church. Rev. John h. Jordan minister. 9 00 a. M., morning worship and Sermon. Soloist miss Mary Vigue organist mass Eliza Beth Hersey. Wells first and second congregational churches of Wells u. S. Route 1, Rev. John Simpson pastor. Union worship services Are now being held at the first Church near the mile Road leading to Wells Beach at 10 30 . Sunday school classes also Convene at 10 30 a. A. Each week following the children s Sermon. Full gospel Church route 9-a, just off route lti9, Weils Rev Lula Nicholson pastor sunday school 2 p. M., sunday worship service at 3 p. Highpine Baptist Church san Ford Road Rev. Wayne a Porter of North Berwick pastor sunday school classes at 1 p. Worship service at 2 p. Wells Branch freewill Baptist Church. Route 9-a. Rev Coleman York of South Berwick pastor sunday school each week at 9 30 a. Morning worship service at 10 30 a. Moody Community Church Moody Community Hall u. S. Route 1. Or and mrs. Nelson Kimball in charge. Sunday school classes at 10 a. Worship service at 11. By Jules Loh new York a president Kennedy s education message to Congress has opened anew the question of Federal Aid to parochial schools. The president s Bill not include such Aid he explained in the message in accordance with the Clear prohibition of the con at a news conference he added there can be no debate Over the question. Actually few clauses in the Constitution have been the subject of More emotional debate than the 10 words which the entire doctrine As it is called of separation of Church and state Congress shall make no Law respecting an establishment of lines of debate debaters in the parochial school Aid Issue generally argue along these lines opponents say direct Federal Aid to parochial schools Means illegal be of tax funds to Advance sectarian ends in school systems Over which the Public has no control and to which parents Send their children strictly by Choice. The other Side replies parochial schools meet the same Basic educational standards As Public schools and Federal Aid would be for the purpose of raising the level of education nationally with Only incidental Benefit to the religious organizations. A number of supreme court which the court held 5-4, that it was Legal for Public school busses to transport parochial school pupils because the funds were used for the welfare of the student not the school. Kennebunk mrs. Edmund Cashen dial Yvo 5-2174 the majority opinion also said ai50ras Wjk we establishment of religion a Tell Ftp Fhyr Csiss clause meant that neither Federal Slimmer Street that their Daugh nor state governments can pass Laws which Aid one religion Aid All religions or prefer one religion Over another and that no tax can be levied to support any religious activities or the language of the opinion apart from the decision was applauded by Many churchmen but also Drew criticism from some. A touch of irony overshadowing All the argument is a touch of irony. America s Public school system evolved from the Early Church schools and in the 1830 s a Hue and cry was raised against levying taxes to support Public schools. Excepting the Battle for the abolition of slavery comments encyclopedia Britannica perhaps no question has Ever been before the american people for settlement which aroused such bitter we Handy ranch All rooms Are easily the front vese Bufe in feta 1,887 aqmtrej6ot ranch Type Home. In addition a rear bathroom is Handy to bom Kitchen an d Back Yard so children playing outside do not have to track up the entire House. The architect is Elmer Gylleck Box 77, j Elgin Iii and the plan is ha183g. Young embezzler new Haven Conn. Up Douglas e. Webber 21, has been charged with embezzling $1,700 from the Ashland Trust co. While working at the Ashland Maine Bank As a Teller. Webber who cases have involved interpretation of the establishment of religion clause notably the Ever released in $1,000 bail after a son Case which president Ken hearing before a u. S. Commis Nedy cited to support his position sooner. The Fri said Webber is decision in 1947 alleged to have taken the Money this was a 1947 decision i Between sept. 1 and oct. 29, 1960. Ter mrs. John Umstott has arrived in California Enro Ute from the Philippines. She is expected to arrive in Kennebunk saturday evening. Or. And mrs. Wesley Leech High Street have had As guests her brother and sister in Law or. And mrs. Chester Mcdonnell Rumford. . Leech was honoured thursday evening with a birthday cake and gifts. Attending were or. And mrs. Richard Leech and children Betty Gary and Craig or. And mrs. Robert Leech and son James mrs. Judith Lovett and son Bruch. Sending gifts but unable to attend were her Mother mrs. Ora Mcconnell and her Mother in Law mrs. Affie Leech the Webber Lefebvre Post american legion auxiliary will meet monday at the Home of mrs. Margaret Smith 32 summer Street. Members Are asked to take unwrapped gifts for a silent auction. A program on Community service will be presented by mrs. Lillian Hicks. Hostesses will be mrs. Smith assisted by mrs. Phyllis Truscott mrs. Betty Reagan and mrs. Albina Mcdonald. At the meeting of the web Han net club presided Over by school articles before Dayton meeting now lives in Meriden Conn., was Leon Hicks members heard a talk on the red Cross Given by miss Madeline Hussey Augusta Volunteer Field consultant for the red Cross. Hostess for the Coffee dessert were chairman mrs. Archie Turner mrs. Carl Russell mrs. Andrew Peterson and mrs. Clarence Crosby. The rotary club met under the direction of Norris Stephens Secretary. The program was in the charge of Leonard Angell. The speaker was Daniel Webster from the Portland Cement association. Due to the storm attend Ance was meagre. There were no committee reports and no business in the absence of the presi Ogunquit Ogunquit Baptist Church Shore Road Rev. Paul s. Hazlett. Pastor. Morning worship at 11 a. A and evening worship at f 30 p. Kennebunkport Advent Christian Church Rev. Milford g. Butterfield minister Church school at 9 45 a. morning worship service 11 a. Village Baptist Church Corner of Maine and Spring streets Rev George p Urban pastor Church school for All Ages sunday at 9 45 a. Morning worship service 11 o clock with supervised Nursery and children s Church provided. First congregational Church North Street and Arundel Road Rev Robert m Howes pastor morning worship service at 9 30a Cape porpoise methodist Church on the Cape. Rev. Henry o Megert minister Church school 9 30 n. morning worship service at of a. Mormon churches Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day saints mormon Church meeting at the Advent Church Cleveland Street Saco. Elder j. Maurice Dupuis superintendent elder William w. Howard first assistant elder Roger v. Mar Den second assistant. Priesthood meeting 9 a. Sunday school meeting 10 a. Old Orchard menu week of March 13-17 monday american chop suey South congregational Church Pickle chips White bread and but. Temple Street. Rev Robert m. J Ter Grapefruit sections milk. Kowes pastor. Morning worship i tuesday Tomato soup italian at 9 and 11 a. Goodwins Mills methodist Church Rev Norman j. Langmaid pastor Church services each sunday at 9 30 a. Church school at 10-30 a. M., under the direction of mrs. Stanley Stearns superintendent. Advent Christian Church Rev Lloyd Osborne pastor. Morning worship service 11 a. To. Sunday school at 12 noon Lyman Baptist Church Robert 1. Vance pastor. Sunday school classes at 9 45 a. M., and Sandwich butterscotch pudding milk i wednesday blended juice fish chowder pan Rolls and butter fruit cup milk. Thursday beef and Gravy mashed potatoes cabbage pineapple salad dark bread and butter cookie milk. Friday Tomato juice grilled cheese Sandwich peach upside Down cake milk. Note subject to changes. The question of opening the fourth classroom and to authorize the hiring of a fourth teacher at the town consolidated school is expected to highlight the Dayton town meeting monday. A considerable amount of discussion is expected concerning the necessity of opening the room. Present enrolment plus expected increase for next year will probably be hashed Over before a decision is reached. If the additional teacher is hired the town must vote to raise Money for the salary. At present three rooms Are being used with grades 1, 2 and four third Grade pupils in one grades 3, 4 and 5 and 6, 7 and 8 in the other two. The fourth room has been unoccupied since the building was constructed in 1949 the faction in favor of opening the room claims that the present rooms Are overcrowded and that the students Are not receiving the educational benefits that Are due them. Others feel that there is ample room in the classes the Way they Are set up now. Money for fire truck the town will also vote on the question of borrowing $4,000 to cover its share in the Purchase of a new fire truck in goodwins Mills. The truck will Cost $11,000 with Lyman appropriating another $4,000. A connected article deals with appropriating $1,000 to the fire equipment account which will go toward the new truck if the Purchase is approved. $500 was placed in the account last year. The town will choose three selectmen a Road commissioner town clerk member of the superintending school committee tax collector Constable treasurer. Democratic selectmen Candi dates Are incumbent e. Alfred Grantham Coyle Meserve and Reynald Gonneville. Republican nominees Are incumbents Joseph Mullett and David Smith and Robert Colejr. Meserve and Cole have been selectmen in former years. Gonneville is running for the first time. Vying for Road commissioner Are Arthur Grantham and incumbent Richard Tozier. Other candidates Colye Smith school committee Ethel Mullett tax collector and Constable Ruth Harris treasurer and Virginia Charles town clerk Are unopposed. The meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m., and the polls for election of officers will be open from 1 to 7. Six candidates accepted by Ivy Temple is Ivy Temple pythian Sisters met at Kennebunk for a covered dish supper and business meet ing. Having charge of the supper were Millie Coyle Stella pills Bury and Margaret Jewell. At the business meeting following the supper six candidates were accepted to be initiated at the Western Maine Jubilee in Kennebunk in april. Reported on the sick list were Carrie Burgess Persis Moulton in the Hospital were Eleanor Merrill and Shirley Hutchins. Jack Ephross is Home from the Tri old Orchard Beach mrs. Clement p. Wight dial we 4-2015 Dent John Alheim. U11., the men s club of Christ Butler fresh fruit milk Church will hold a supper meeting. Thursday beef pie bread and at 6 30 monday evening. The butter pudding milk sneaker will be Linwood Brown Friday Salmon salad mashed of the Sweetser Home Saco. Ipotatoes5. Peas bread and butter Circle 10 will have charge of the ice Cream milk supper with co chairmen being mrs. Clarence Crosby and mrs. Lenn Hicks. The Berean class of the Advent Christian Church will hold its March meeting monday in the Assembly room of the Church with a covered dish supper at 7 r. Dessert will be provided by the committee consisting of mrs. Spencer Andrews. . Finest Tate and mrs. Robert Spofford. A silent auction will be held following the business meeting and All Are asked to bring an item to be used at that time. The hour of St. John Church school has been changed from 10 30 a. To 9 30 a. This change will take place on this sunday. Orchard Lodge of am will hold a stated meeting on monday March 13, at 7 30 p. M., at Robinson memorial masonic Hall West grand Avenue with regular order of business and work in the Fel Rowcraft degree. On monday. March 27, a special meeting will be held with work in the master Mason degree. Refreshments will be served at both meetings. A meeting of c. Fayette Sta pies unit american legion auxiliary will be held monday evening at the legion Hall. The District meeting of Rebekah lodges of District 2 will be held this afternoon and evening opening at 2 30, under the direction of the District Deputy president mrs. Avis Briggs old Orchard Rebekah Lodge. The vice president mrs. Evelyn Gammon is expected to be present. Reports of the lodges will be heard this afternoon and a question period and demonstration of the work. Supper at 6 will be served by the hostess Lodge. A memorial service will follow and degree work in the evening. The meeting n u ii v to i will be held at Robinson memo West Forss Dona masonic Hall West grand a Tion to the cerebral palsy foundation and a report was Given that the grand Temple will meet at the Eastland hotel. Portland april 7 and r. Eleanor each will usher at the banquet in the evening. Members were asked to make fancy work articles or Candy for that table at Enue. The grand Temple meeting and these May be Given to Eleanor Leech. Miss Karen Clough was chosen As Ivy Temple pythian Sisters candidate for Beauty Queen to be selected at the Jubilee. Lions card party series winds up the final card party in the series of 10 sponsored by the old Orchard Beach Lions club was held Friday evening at the Lions Hall Hoffman Street. Women s prizes were won by mrs. Jeanne la Pointere High mrs. Avonell Pettengill Low men s prizes Bob Pettengill High and Albert Pettengill Low. The Queen of hearts prize was won by mrs. Jan Simpson. Cakes were won by Albert Pettengill and mrs. Louise Lapointe and a special prize by mrs. Jan Simpson. The grand prize for the series of 10 parties went to mrs. Clara Demers. The Roar of Victoria Falls on Africa s Zambezi River can be heard 20 Miles. Its great plume morning worship service at 11 of water vapor is visible for seven a. No a mile. Gateway to tomorrow striking 114-foot structures Mark one of Mexico City s modern suburbs Ciudad satellite satellite City. Presently Only 300 Homes have been built in this City of tomorrow but envisioned Are 50,000 within 10 years. Kennebunk school menu Cousens school week of March 13 monday Macaroni and cheese buttered beets Peanut butter Sandwich peaches milk. Tuesday Tomato soup egg Sandwich Carrot Sticks cookies milk. Wednesday american chop suey Green salad hot Roll and emergency boy Power when a sleet storm knocked out Power at the John Freeman Home in Wickliffe Ohio Freeman was ready. The Furnace was burning but the Blower motor was out. Ingenious Freeman rigged a bicycle to the Blower. He removed the tire from the rear wheel connected a Belt from wheel to Blower and called on John or. To Supply the Power. Then warm air circulated throughout the House. Though cheered on by Aud sister Kathleen 12, John or. Appear disenchanted with the idea

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