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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1961, Page 1

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - March 11, 1961, Biddeford, Maine Weather fair Complete report of Page i Ornul our numbers news dept. At 21535 business deals. At 3-3625 vol. 77, no. 59 York comity s local news Dally since 1884 Biddeford Saco Maine saturday March 11, 1961 full leased wire service 10 pages  Price seven cents american is sentenced to death by Castro s regime the history of stamp collecting was outlined yesterday to the members of the stamp club in room 15, Grade 6, at the Burns school Saco by John Tarbox. He told the pupils Many inter Esting facts regarding Stamps. Pictured Here Are club officers seated left to right Robert do Mont Secretary Wayne Mckinney president and Timothy Begly vice president standing,1 usual order John Tarbox guest speaker David o Brien planning committee Thomas Lamb chairman of the planning committee and Linda Binette a member of the planning committee. Pacifists to protest at sub rites Portsmouth n. H. A the Navy today prepared to commission a $200 million Polaris missile submarine one of the most powerful fighting machines Ever built As a pacifist group threatened to Board her in a Campaign for total disarmament. The 3 p. A colourful and traditional ceremonies turning the u. S. S. Abraham Lincoln Over to her Crew were limited to 2,000 select spectators at the Portsmouth naval shipyard. Even though the general Public was not admitted to the a base. Navy and civilian police kept a close watch on municipally owned Pierce Island just across the tried boarding expeditions from canoes and rowboats in other places. Officials warned the new England committee for non violent action a Paci fist organization told officials it planned acts of civil disobedience including an attempted boarding of the intermediate mis Sil firing undersea Craft. The committee also announced its intentions to begin immediately after the commissioning a 340-mile, three week walk for peace from Portsmouth to United nations Headquarters in new York. Similar protests against Polaris taking part in an original skit entitled Hadassah profiles on monday at 8 p. In the vestry of Etz Chaim synagogue Biddeford Are these members of the Biddeford Saco chapter of Hadassah seated left to right mrs. Irving Chelder and mrs. Jon Wathanson co authors of the skit and mrs. Gerald Sneider standing usual order mrs. Daniel Lemovitz mrs. Arthur Simensky mrs. Julius Baker and mrs. Maurice Ross. Other members of the cast who were absent when the photo was taken were mrs. Fred Small and mrs. Leo Ross. In addition to this monday evening meeting and program a leadership training Institute sponsored by the local chapter will take place monday from 10 a. To 3 30 p. At the synagogue vestry. Water from the berth where the subs have occurred at naval Lincoln was tied up. Pacifist i bases in Connecticut and at holy groups in recent months have continued on Page two weather conditions to be subject of research Kansas City to. Up the largest research project Ever undertaken to study tornadoes Squall lines and severe local storms was announced Friday by the weather Bureau. It will begin next wednesday. Director of the project to be known As National severe storms project will be Clayton f. Vanthullenar chief District meteorologist Here. Operational Headquarters. ,.be. In Oklahoma officials said it will be the first attempt to collect Complete information on the circulation and atmospheric Energy processes which characterize the line Cycle of individual Squall cells. Ground network in addition to a network of ground observers stationed in concentric circles around Oklahoma City 13 planes will be used. The planes will converge on a sin Igle Squall line segment. They will Fly tight circles around it and at times Fly through it at various Levels up to 45,000 feet. Planes at the higher Levels will photograph the storm s development. The Federal aviation Agency Navy air Force National aeronautics and space administration air National guard army signal corps and various University research groups will cooperate in the project. Start in Oklahoma at the outset a ring of surface observing stations will be located in Oklahoma at 15-mile intervals. Another network with stations at 30-mile intervals will cover most of Texas Oklahoma Kansas and Colorado. Both of these will be used this year and in 1962. In 1963 and 1964, a network of stations seven Miles apart will be added. The stations will automatically record temperatures humidity winds and precipitation. Schoonjans disappointed by garlands wage vote among those modelling children s clothes at the fashion show taking place sunday at 2 30 p. In St. Andre Parish Hall Are these youngsters left o right Marc Malasnik Judith Perreault Joan Leveille and Charlene Boucher. The event is being sponsored by St. Andre pita with All proceeds going into the general fund for various association projects. In addition to children s styles from the Little folks shop Saco adult fashions and furs will be furnished by the t. J. Murphy company hats by Bernard s millinery and jewelry by the Juliette and Yvonne gift shop All of Biddeford. Mrs. Joseph Plamondon is general chairman of the affair. Maurice Chevalier see you at the City theatre wed., March 15th in can can nigerians in change of moods Lagos Nigeria a three weeks ago the american embassy in Lagos was stormed by screaming nigerians in an outburst of anti White feeling. An angry mob protesting Patrice Lumumba s death overturned cars driven by Whites and hurled stones and spot on White Friday night More than 100 per sons mostly. Nigerians from All walks of life honoured an american in peaceful cordiality contrasting strangely with the turbulence of three weeks ago. The american was a 2vz month old child. Michael schoonjans local joint Board manager of textile workers Union of America Al Cio called rep. Peter a. Garland s vote against the minimum wage Bill very disappointing in a letter to the first District representative yesterday. It is indeed a National disgrace that Only one out of every three workers in this country Are protected by the minimum wage and maximum hours provisions of the fair labor standards act schoonjans wrote. He pointed out that of 66 million workers Only 24 million Are presently covered by the act and that another 22 million Are not covered because of self employment or government or professional work. He furrier stated hat the 20 million left who should be covered Are mostly in the retail Trade or in the service industries. There is no Legal or economic justification for the continued sex attending the Church of their Choice tomorrow in Observance of girl scout sunday will be left to right Luella Goodwin and Jeanie Hilt members of Saco girl scout troop 2. These girls did research on their Church the second Parish unitarian Church school Street Saco As part of the heritage hike in connection with girl scout week. The unitarian Church oldest in Saco was built in 1827. Girls in the Saco Biddeford areas will be among the Many of All faiths Catholic protestant and jewish who will be attending the churches of their Choice tomorrow throughout the country. That Santa syndrome can very easily reappear folks delusion of these men and women indeed sound Public morals and economic Good sense demand that at Long last we extend the coverage of the wage and hour Law to just As Many persons As can be legally brought within its scope he said. The Bill was approved thursday by the House labor committee in Washington. The legislation Calls for a two step 25-cent increase in the $1 minimum presently in effect and for extended coverage to Over four million More workers. In pointing out that Congress last adjusted the minimum wage six years ago schoonjans said if Congress does nothing More than merely update the minimum to take account of changes in the Cost of living and increases in National productivity since the last adjustment it must increase the rate to $1.25 at once rather than by stages As proposed in the administration by Joy Miller a women s editor new York a sturdy Par ants who by now have shaken off the Santa syndrome an ailment that strikes in december Are probably Strong enough to be told. Next Christmas toys Are already with us. I with Spring not quite at nodding distance 15,000 buyers and toys manufacturers Are crowding into town for the annual american toy fair. By the time it runs its Gamut from March 13 to 22n the question of what toys you will be buying for Christmas 1961 will be settled. But backstage it s not All fun and games in the toy Industry. Over practically every item on display some Long suffering de signer has lost sleep hair and maybe Money. I still like children sighs Marvin Glass of Chicago a top toy designer but i can get mighty sick of making toys. We can t just design toys that Appeal to us. They must Appeal to a child and he wants direct honest entertainment without circumlocution. He can t be fooled like an adult with a Gimmicky feature or on the basis of his new offerings include a doll that purses her lips and kisses a puppet like mechanical boy with a telegraphic voice a Coffee pot that Perks a Teakettle that whistles a frying pan that sizzles a robot commando Soldier that shoots rockets and can be con trolled by voice through an attached microphone. Harvey to study move of Board today s chuckle narrow roads where two cars could barely pass Are being replaced by wide freeways on which six or eight cars can collide at the same time. Copy. Gen. Fea. Corp tonight. March 11 8 15 p. Formal fashions on Parade at St. Joseph Parish Hall presented by Paulette s bridal Salon proceeds to Benefit St. Louis school band admission 75c the latest in bridal and formal Wear will be shown county atty. John j. Harvey said today he would have to look into the matter further before making a statement concerning the legality of the Biddeford Board of education s actions thursday night. The Board took official action at the session an act which appears in violation of Maine s right to know Law. The group voted to go into a closed session barring journal reporter Don waterhouse and failed to reopen until the meeting was Over. According to the Law no official action May be taken by a Public body at a closed session. The Board voted to set the school hours at the High school and Junior High school Levels for next year and also Drew up the school Calendar. Harvey said he would become involved Only if court action were taken against the1 Board. According to the Law a Fine of not More than $500 or a jail term of yank to be shot Havana w american a venture William a. Morgan was condemned to death today by the Castro revolutionary regime he gave up his u. S. Citizenship to help bring to Power. A military tribunal ordered Morgan 31, a Soldier of Fortune from Toledo Ohio shot by a firing squad for treason against his adopted country. Morgan s cuban defense lawyer promptly filed an Appeal. He said Hope is not lost and that he expects Good but military Appeal courts rarely Over Rule sentences handed Down by revolutionary tribunals. To hear arguments the appeals court agreed to. Hear the arguments of lawyer Luis Carro this morning. The death sentence must be carried out within 24 hours if the Appeal is rejected. That Means Morgan and an aide doomed with him maj. Jesus Carreras formerly attached to the chief of staff in the Castro army might be executed Early sunday. During his two Day trial at la Cabana fortress Morgan was accused of supplying arms to anti Castro rebels in the Scambray mountains the same rugged peaks where he joined Castro s guerrillas in 1957 As a major. Before the trial ended Morgan pleaded innocent and insisted his Faith still lies with the revolution. Morgan has been locked up at la Cabana since his arrest last october. Shot anyway at another trial 18 months ago when a group of cubans faced death for an anti Castro plot that Morgan himself pried open As a counterspy Morgan suggested hard labor for the guilty instead of execution. Some were shot Laler anyway. His part in exposing that plot projected Morgan As a National hero in Cuba. He was put in charge of an experimental Frog farm that exported $2 million Worth of Frog legs to the United states. Last october the Castro government arrested him and charged he used the farm As a cover to smuggle arms to anti Castro rebels in the mountains. When Morgan was seized the cuban wife he married after the revolution took Refuge in the brazilian embassy Here with their two children to escape arrest. She left the embassy a few Days ago for an unknown destination. Olga Morgan was tried in absent a with her husband and 11 other defendants. Eight were sentenced to 30 years in prison and three were acquitted. Only Morgan cd and Carreras were ordered executed. The Fate of morgans wife was not announced. Morgan s appearance in Cuba came to Light when the u. S. Government threatened a few years ago to take away his citizenship for lighting in a foreign army. But Morgan saved Washington the trouble when he renounced his citizenship in 1959 and declared i am Morgan s first wife an american divorced him for deserting her and their two children during his cuban activities. Dentist has Toothache Houlton up a Toothache forced Houlton dentist or. Ira k. Tarbell to cancel afternoon a not More than one year May be a ointments Friday. He had to go a dentist Lee s pastry shop main Street Saco closed monday. March 13 due to death in the family re opening tuesday the Marie Joseph Academy choir will appear on wish to sunday March 19, at 1 p. M., in a half hour program under the direction of sister Marie Saint Basile and sister Marie Camille. The performance will include Les soirees de Quebec Ernest gag non bless this House Helen Taylor and May Brahe the syncopated clock Leroy Anderson choir dream of love Liszt prelude in c minor Rachmaninoff by Constance Gosselin when Irish eyes Are smiling Ball Maclean choir a tap dance by Anita Mutty and Emalene Letournlau italian Street song v. Herbert Scotson Laudate Dominus p. Lucien Deiss and hallelujah from the Messiah Handel by the choir. The choir includes front Row left to right Lorraine Guay Muriel Albert Constance l Heureux Elaine Benoit Constance Gosselin Patricia Cyr Diane Bettez and Claire Sayer second Row Rita Bergeron Monique couture Kathleen Stovall Mae Beth Laroche Paulette Fortier and Suzanne gig ire third Row Linda Tubbs Jacqueline Lacaste Claudette Poulin Joanne Doyon Joline begin Jacqueline Luneau and Jean nine Caron fourth Row Eveline Lafleur Jeannine Uppgard Monique Cote Sylvia Belanger Dorothy Foote Rose Belanger and Annette Lemelin. 2nd annual Spring style show sponsored by the p. F. T. A. St. Andre Parish Hall sunday afternoon March 12, 2 30 p. Donation 75c furs and clothing by t. J. Murphy co. Millinery by Bernard s jewelry by Juliette & Yvonne s gift shop children s clothes by Little Folk s shop Saco 71

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