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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Biddeford, Maine We cult mail ten in daily 1in wednesday june to Londonderry is now largely under Sway of contending mobs situation in Irish City grows hourly worse and All residents who can Are leaving reports Tell of bodies unclaimed in the streets june there was no cessation today in the Battle Between unionist and nation Alist factions which has kept Londonderry in a terror stricken state for some Days during the night the rival factions erected additional barricades from which they kept up a continuous at times the cached the in Tensity of the malcontents today were in entire charge of most of the City and it even was impossible to learn the number of casualties from the a reports were in circulation that several bodies had been seen lying in Bishop but any attempt to get to Bishop Street to verify the reports was virtual the military remained the troops watching forces of armed men pass through the Side streets to their Battle considerable fighting occurred on the which was Cut off from the rest of the the Central police station was isolated from the other stations and the police virtually were be it was rumoured that a Force of sinn seiners was gathering out Side the City and also that the Irish volunteers were about to take a no More troops had arrived in Londonderry up to this it was that an additional battalion had detained at col about 80 Miles Northeast of this and was marching in t escape the danger of its train being As Many persons As can do so Are leaving june by the associated do Derry was again the scene of riot ing at Oclock this morn ing fighting was going on Between opposing parties of unionists and who shot Over Barri Cades that had been erected at Varia Ous Vantage the military was Active in preventing citizens from venturing into the which were deserted except by the Active looting occurred ing the in the City Dur june War continues in there being fierce fighting in the streets Over a wide area of the City last according to a Central news Columbkill a Catholic in was attacked by Rifle and a Catholic named Mckenna was shot dead in Bishop on which the College is numerous other casualties Are technology to teach housewife Art of making perfect Coffee new june has been called upon to Aid the housewife in making a perfect cup of chemists at the Massachusetts Institute of under the direction of Samuel soon will commence an elaborate re search into the whole Art brewing Coffee according to the joint Coffee Trade committee in this which will finance the the in making the announcement declared that even experts differ As to the Best method of More than half the responsibility for a poor cup of cof fee is due to Kitchen the committee Bond new june Bond final prices second first second third fourth Victory Victory executive committee pleases republicans names of 20 who will conduct the presidential Campaign Are very satisfactory to party leaders june leaders generally expressed approval today of the personnel of the executive which will conduct the party presidential Campaign Twenty one including sever will constitute the commit tee and the names of 20 of these were announced last night by chairman will of the National commit one said to be that of a National was omitted because Hays had not had time to communicate with the Hays Heads the executive com which includes former Sena or John weeks of leaders claimed that every group of the party was represented in the committee and that this amalgamation insured Harmony with in and a solid front against the dem the senator to Day was engaged in his affairs in Washington so be leave in july for his Home in yales 219tii new june Yak University at its 219th commence ment exercises in Woolsey Hall to Day conferred a number of honorary among those honoured being John new Hampshire june Hampshire College conferred on 97 senior clansmen at the 50th commencement of the institution to honorary Degie of doctor of Laws were Given to governor Bart Lett and professor James Tufts of nonpartisan league loses in Minnesota candidate to head the Republican ticket in state beaten by an june 550 precincts of the in the state state today led Henrick in Dorset by the nol partisan league y More than votes for the re publican gubernatorial nomination n returns from mondays for the democratic nomination mayor Hodgson of Paul ahead of Hargadine by More Han except in the second and seventh districts All present in Congress apparently were the Only upset occurring it the seventh District As Ells representative for the second did not stand for in the seventh vol author of the prohibition enforcement was defeat virtually Complete unofficial re turns by Kvak endorsed by the nonpartisan friends said has been an advocate of prohibition for More than 20 no anti prohibitionist need apply says Bryan great june speaking before several Hundred people Here last night William Jennings Bryan declared that no candidate who stood against the policy of prohibition should he nominated by the democrats at san Dartmouth june election of Frank of As Captain of the Dartmouth baseball team for was announced Ross was Catcher for the Green team for three but in gently has been the pitching Star of the formation of new German Cabinet reported june of n new German Cabinet is reported in a Berlin dispatch printed in a late Edi Tion of the times this the message saying new men have been found for a couple of posts in the this Cabinet is regarded As an emergency the dispatch quotes the Tage Blatt As the news league of nations Issue Likely to be submerged in Beer at Frisco convention Bryan says ton need not be considered As candidate in discussion of democratic possibilities completely eliminates the president from the in an article in his declares june stood ready to but the pro the possible Crno Craft candidates fitter seems to have things All his for the William own and the attorney general is thu Ivow from the he William me adds that the attorney general is in having to espouse the ratification of the treaty without Wilson j to con1 speaker Champ Clark is mentioned As having his own state be paper adding that it must walk Waria Doo is handicapped As a candidate 1 by to maintain but will at least his dose relationship with the 1 president need not Mcadoo is unable to Call to his support those to whom the presi dents candidacy appealed with sip Ciciala and that he would furnish an easy Mark for All of the presidents the article that Mcadoo has strength among wage referring to president be Able to go to spa As representing a while Large majority of the German himself he the Tage Blatt says further that Cabinet will meet the Reich Stag on asserting that also i Hind Whilo opposition to cover when Konstantin Fehre handicapped by his silence on the nor Edwards of Jersey and gov the new will read a peace Bryan declares error Cox of is declaration relative to the policy of the Winter Heads women clubs Des june Winter of Minneapolis was chosen president of the general federation of women clubs at yesterdays says that while vague it was announced officially at and suggestions have been thrown question of what do we seems to be of importance to democrats just wets want platform to repudiate volstead act san Juno brings of democratic discord Over the prohibition Issue became hourly More ominous today As delegates and party chiefs arrived in increasing numbers for the National Hope that the might spend itself gathering storm behind the closed the biennial convention Gray is now at head of Bates College new president formally inaugurated at exercises june Clif out no one claiming to speak for the or near Eno Usri to lie assumed to express his wishes has announced his Hoover out of Herbert Hoover is eliminated from the Liston candidates whom Bryan considers while senator Owen of and Secretary of agriculture Meredith Are described As among the few available men thus far to be available this Bryan a candidate must be known to be for woman prohibition and against Wall Bryan says attorney general Palmer entered the Campaign in i governor Coxs the Arti Cle will urge him As a com Promise Between the wets of the Edwards Type and the Bone Vic president Marshall is accused of a feeble bid for the wet Gerards candidacy has South Dakotas support and he has Many personal friends among other Bryan position to Deal and an sternly with the expectant Public Hoover Dartmouth confers degrees on both him and major general june Mouth at its 151st commence ment exercises conferred the honorary degree of doctor of Laws upon major general George Goethals and Herbert Gen eral Goethals was characterized As the accelerator and a comply scr of the greatest Supply programme the country has Ever known in his contribution to one of the greatest crises of the War and Hoover As the eloquent spokes Man of a great nations better and exponent to stricken Peoples of its practical brotherhoods May Sanction Ufal Kout of employees statement to Secretary Payne says that wage adjustment must come soon or unauthorized strike will be june Wilson sent a message today to tin Railroad labor Board at Chicago urging that it make an immediate award of the wage the text of the message was not made Public at the White con Gray was formally inaugurated president of Bates College this the exercises were held in presence of a numerous and distinguished including governor Milliken of Maine and govern or Coolidge of in his inaugural address which was Gray specifically recommended a new a new recreation an addition to the Library and the establishing of u department of he made no mention of any contemplated in administrative Fie approved the action of the governing Ioard in voting to embark upon financial covering a five year to raise the degree of was conferred upon Calvin govern r of Massachusetts Cecil Charles educator and and fied Williams june prepared for submission to Secretary Payne today indicated that unless assurances were Given immediately to railway workers that a wage adjust ment might be expected soon the unauthorized strike of trainmen at Phil Baltimore and Many other Points might not Hij opposed further by the vice president of the brotherhood of railway was expected to discuss the situation with who is director Ren of the Railroad i reports to labor Headquarters Here i today indicated no improvement the situation and pointed to increased unrest among the labor Lead ers said that since the lie ginning of the unauthorized strikes men had been dismissed from the but that the feeling was growing that to continue disciplining the men was report some men Are returning to break the strike and to forestall formation of a local Branch of the Chicago Yard ens Many strikers Are imported to have joined the new a statement issued by the Pennsyl Vania Railroad says this morning in the Philadelphia District there Are still train service employees who Are not work their places Aru sheing filled by volunteers and with thu result that out of a total of nor 90 Are since 4 21 Mien have returned on the Salt Inoru Divi there Are still 21 conductors and brakeman out on this in the Balitmore District proper out of doors of the platform committee virtually was abandoned by the leaders and they prepared to face an out break of tempestuous debate on the floor of the convention such a it was agreed would hold Many drama tic including a further complication of the Uncertain out look As to the presidential Nomina the overshadowing already the overshadowing Issue in pre convention the question of a platform declaration against the present Bone dry almost took the whole stage for itself today As the gathering delegates heard of postmaster general Burle sons announcement for a Modifica Tion of the volstead by Many to regard the postmaster general As a political spokesman for the White the development was accepted As a warning of which Way the wind of administration ence would others among the party leaders re fused to take that but no one Here assumed to know with certainty How far the sentiments of president Wilson might be in Accord with those of what everyone Here docs and bringing their for a finish Crews Are during the night men at 1otts Villa went one at Pottstown and seven at owing to the strike by yardman in Rutherford Yard of the Reading company at Harrisburg the inter change of freight with that company at that Point been is that both sides of the controversy arc cementing their lines heaviest artillery after Many conferences in an Effort to Lay a basis for Homer the National said today it seemed to be a fair but that the question would be taken to the convention floor for a settlement regard less of what decision was made in the platform league in closely intertwined with the prohibition question is the problem of selecting a nominee in Accord with the platform finally agreed and among Many of the practical politic ians there a feeling that the two decisions must be settled virtually at Ono so the pleas of Candi dates managers Are falling on deaf ears for the while leaders get their bearings on the More imme Diate question of a Boedry or a Beer the league of nations disagree along with several other disputed platform has followed the question of candidates into temporary among most of the leaders it is agreed that whatever trouble develops Over the treaty will be Only a drop in the bucket com pared to the prohibition Drys leaders of the Bone dry were predicting and Many of those in a to know were de Claring the outcome iwo ild be votes will be seme of the oldest leaders in that the division might be close enough to make argument and oratory on the convention floor tha deciding in any such an open fight would it is pre to furnish Many thrilling William Jennings Bryan would be expected to Iliad the Bone and he probably would find pitted against him strategists and orators of the first Bourke Cochran of new York was mentioned As one of those who might be to match wits and eloquence with the nebraskan the although Bryan is expected to make a fight also against the administration treaty the general belief of his friends Here is that he will Reserve is greatest Effort for the prohibition Secretary Glass of who is credited hold ing president Wilsons commission to write the administration league of nations is the leading Candi Date for chairman of the platform and the general prediction today was that he would be chosen to that position with Little May nominate chairman Cummings said today that it still was an open question whether the adoption of the platform or the Choice of a nominee would come first on the convention pro the Prospect of a prolonged flight in committee Over prohibition and perhaps some other subjects has led to a movement to go ahead with balloting while the committee such talk As there was today re Garding the candidates seemed to Strong Hon the prospects of a deadlock for several some of those in the inner Circle of plans said it was hard to conceive How the two thirds necessary to nominate could Ibe brought one column for two of three Rol Calls at and they pointed out that if two or three Candi dates divided the bulk of the voting among favorite sons and dark horses would be encouraged to prolong the deadlock by holding to balance of the generally accepted the withdrawal of William Mcadoo will operate to make a deadlock More Likely by distributing Imore or less widely the strength which had been lined up behind that a considerable follow ing would vote for him despite his Public while the most Tylius Laktic of the Mcadoo supporters still were predicting that he would be the million dollars Worth ordnance gone forces weve confident today that they would Lormand a Good majority in the plat form where each state has Only and could keep out f the committee report any Vedara for a change in the present with this View Anost of the oppose ii Nana Geis privately but they declared that when an Appeal was taken to the convention itself the vote would Tell a much different the Large it was wanted while Only one vote apiece in the will have a much greater voice in the whole body of delegates who make up the final court of a Dele june ment agents investigating the Digap and most of the largest hunted on for support by Yearance of ordnance equipment at nations Are co the Erie proving grounds at port the advocates of a Beer 40 Miles East of re doubled their efforts today to find the total close to a million questioning of civilian employees at the decree of is conferred j june in Sylva upon Margaret author of Nia and Reading a Hilmu i Lii also upon James Stanley Day reported that Sescial employees of parties guilty of the thefts that will educator and of upon Lorenzo it Hoe lines who joined the my Edward educator and Leti had applied for permission to return officials expect More will it a class of u8 received strike express approximately former students icon licence that Many More w u join in Lewiston today to attend the i the various Baltimore hit by a million Dollar fire june Early wrecked a seven Story build ing in Hopkins and spread to four other the according to insurance will Likely reach this brings the fire damage for Baltimore to for 12 the Blaze being in the seven Story Darby which swept the wholesale House of Blumberg today fire started near the spot where Baltimore great fire of 1904 Mexico denies Mexico june of revolts in various parts of the country were officially denied in 4 statement issued at the foreign office information Bureau which said that with the exception of the Villa move in Chihuahua the country was a complicating feature of u con1 Vii ton Root tight would be the which Many state Are instructed to vote As a it Cefulu was suggested that eneral agreement j Mexico june to let each Delegate be counted former mexican charge to his own conviction when fares at has Dauwd the government station was Contin there might be used by a squad of department of jus citizens might lie prohibition Issue came to a final As envoy to the foreign Oft on that basis both sides nce Union leaders arc said Lote trying i be

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