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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 13 1964, Page 4

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - June 13, 1964, Biddeford, Maine 4bmdetoa-s. , s.1., pm. I3,1964 you suppose he s got a new set of blueprints editorial Page thought for evening you give but Little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give. Kahhal Gibran. Primary election monday but few seem to care from the talk on the Street or More precisely the utter Lack of it you d never know a primary election is in the works for monday. But a few patriotic citizens Secretary of state Paul Macdonald estimates the fewest in 20 years will do their civic duty zealously and dutifully go to the polls As they should while the bulk of the eligible voters apparently could t care less. Reason for the apathy on the part of the electorate Macdonald speculates is the absence of a gubernatorial contest and nominations for Senate posts. That is an unfortunate attitude because local government is equally As important a function As state and National. The american voter has a history of being lackadaisical All too frequently at election time and in comparison to those in other countries indifferent about exercising his franchise. Far too Many fail to realize the supreme importance the precious gift of heritage inherent in our political Way of life. They do not realize nor appreciate the comparison Between this democracy and that of totalitarian countries where voters just have no Choice of candidates. We suppose we re probably wasting time and Ink trying to inject some interest and enthusiasm in the voter and prod him Pollard but a Good turnout is so manifestly essential to Good government that the attempt is Worth the Effort no matter How infinitesimal the effect May be. The voter usually gets the kind of government he deserves and if it is not Good those who stayed away from the polls in droves must Bear a great Deal of the responsibility. For your own Protection and in the interest of Good government get to the voting Booth monday and make your influence Felt. That vote you cast is important to a democracy. Nuclear training the role of the Engineer in the nuclear age has been overshadowed by that of the scientist in pioneering the theoretical Way to fission and fusion. Yet it was pure engineering that translated complicated Laboratory techniques into production processing plants for the vital uranium and plutonium. Today engineers Are working More closely than Ever with the atom. Radioactive isotopes Are common on the Industrial scene in such applications As gauges for controlling the thickness of paper and Metal. Medicine too relies on radioisotopes both in diagnosis and for treatment. Similarly research in agriculture has been advanced by having a new method for studying nutrition and growth. At the same time increasing Reliance is being placed on nuclear reactors As a source of electrical Power. As never before Young Engineer s must have some training in nuclear theory and its applications. It is for this reason a new teaching tool called a subcritical Assembly has been devised. It is a reactor for student use which the atomic Energy commission has approved As being absolutely Safe meaning it is inherently unable to function in any Way like a bomb either by Accident or by design. The reactor will be As Safe As a blackboard. It will however supplement Chalk talks with actual demonstrations. A boost for Appolo the successful Saturn launching gave a slight but important thrust to Apollo the u. S. Program for Landing a Man on the Moon and getting him Back again. Saturn s achievement was in lifting a record working Load into space a Cabin big enough to accommodate three astronauts and their instruments. In this respect the thrust Gap that gave the soviets their initial advantage in space May be considered closed. After six faultless firings of Saturn i new stimulus has been Given to moving on to Saturn 5, the super Booster needed for a lunar launching. Whether the United states is closer than the russians to an actual Moon shot still is to be disclosed. There has been a perceptible slowdown in soviet launching. Whether this is due to economic or engineering difficulties Only the Kremlin knows and it in t saying. Whatever their intentions the soviets have taken the heat out of the Moon race a situation which Only Nasa appears to regret since Congress is now less disposed to vote Blank Check appropriations for space. Even though the Pace May be relaxed and the difficulties no less formidable Man will not easily be dissuaded from trying to reach the Moon any More than Columbus or Magellan would have been Content to sail the Mediterranean knowing there were oceans and a whole new world beyond. Fly old glory june 14 each year it seems fewer Homes Fly the Flag on patriotic holidays. Displaying the Flag is a Fine custom and Flag Day will be a Fine time for those who have become negligent to mend their ways. It May entail a Little inconvenience but that becomes insignificant when one recalls the sacrifices the Flag represents. Showing the colors is More than a tradition. It is the outward Symbol of an americanism which needs More than Ever to be in Public evidence. As the stars and stripes wave in proud Freedom Only because of victories purchased in blood let every american resolve to become still More vigilant to thwart the forces at Home and abroad that would lower old glory and raise the red Banner of communism. Each citizen his own color guard might be an appropriate slogan for Flag Day this year. What makes some people think they can buy a Golden Harp with a Silver dime in the collection plate people s forum Public opinion Speaks the journal is always Happy to receive letters from its readers Tor possible Puhl Kate n is people s authors of such letters should remember however to write on one Side no paper Only. When a letter is written on both sides of a Sheet it must be copied Over and frequently time does not permit this. Washington news drive that never started by Bruce Biossat Washington correspondent newspaper Enterprise Assn. Cleveland Ohio footnotes to a governors conference that just about put the final Seal on Arizona s sen. Barry Goldwater As 1964 Republican presidential nominee Richard Kleindienst top Delegate rustler for Goldwater believes gov. Nelson Rockefeller of new York was 200,000 votes ahead in California after his upset Victory in the Oregon primary. Goldwater s final California margin was 60,000. In a purely social setting some key Goldwater men sat up until 5 a. M. Sunday june 7. Urging aides of gov. William Scranton of Pennsylvania not to Chew up the after Rockefeller s sarcastic jabs at Scranton for not taking a firm opposition stand Scranton men had some comments of their own. One says Rockefeller had made not one phone Call to Scranton since Early last november. Also regarded As symptomatic of the general Lack of Liaison among the moderate forces was the ironic fact that the fir St real Contact Between the political families of Scranton and Michigan s gov. George Romney came the evening of the Day Goldwater was virtually conceded the nomination. Goldwater forces were taking no chances that the governors might forget Barry s numerous vocal supporter around the country. To the governors rooms came streams of telegrams from their Home states and major Points in Ohio most following a few limited patterns of language.    Scranton had his own special deluge of telegrams most urging him to jump into the race against Goldwater. And even in he dying moments of his briefly enlivened candidacy two separate $10,000 contributions came his Way. Rockefeller is said to be extremely bitter since the California primary. What upsets him especially it is said is not so much his defeat As the fact that Scranton Romney and Richard Nixon All dispatched telegrams to Goldwater assuring him of their neutrality in the Campaign. Gen. Dwight Eisenhower s second major Telephone Call let s not be divisive to Scranton was not the Only Damp ener on the statement the governor made june 7 on his availability for the nomination. Scranton was unhappy Over what he regards As Romney s untimely blasts against Gold water. These came publicly before Scranton spoke on television. Scranton was aware that nearly All gop governors disapproved the timing if not the sentiments involved in Romney s move. The Pennsyl Vanian figured a Strong stand might then have left him out on a cracking limb. Reports circulated in the conference corridors that Scran ton s statement being prepared for his television appearance had a few real mule kicks in it. But the governor s aides steadfastly refuse to release any portion. Actually he had not finally decided to use it. In any event it was being revised at the very moment Eisenhower s sunday Call caught Scranton in his hotel suite. From that time on the signals were new. Reader is puzzled editor journal it s puzzling How some people can juggle their position around to suit themselves in politics. After approving the budget the Council members turned it Over to the assessors to raise taxes to pay for whatever items were on said budget. What can the assessors do about How can citizens of Biddeford put pressure on these gentlemen Are these appointees by the City Council to be made the goats to satisfy somebody s ego. If you take the figure that Boucher gave at his Boston Tea party we must concede that he does not know his figures very Well. We have More than $10,000, 000 of properties that have gone a since 1961. Most of these were not properly taxed if you believe a member of the past administration. Also if you add to the above those old properties in the Choice business sections of our City that were getting away with a Token tax you certainly will find a total of Over $10,-000,000 taxable properties. Now add to that the 1963 figures Given by Boucher $30,670,360, you have $40,670,360, which is about a f of Boucher s estimated Val a on for 1964, now just ask yourself what is i Cater $80,000,000 at $20 a thousand or $40,670,360 at $44 a thousand. Again to verify the above figures. I ask you taxpayers to look up the building inspectors s books and see for yourselves what new taxable properties went up s a 1960 and i do not mean or private Homes. And re pro Bering the conclusions made by or. Cadorette in 1962, we must multiply these figures by two to arrive at a just Market value. After you have checked the above records see what taxes Are paid by certain parties. Boucher wanted you taxpayers who were present at his Boston Tea party to protest that you in Hollywood Gene Barry not an epicure by Bob Thomas a movie television writer Hollywood a within this elegant exterior says Gene Barry there is a nonconformist trying to living up to his television image As Amos Burke the millionaire police detective of Burke s Law can be a bother. This is the second crime fighting Dandy for Gene who for three seasons was Bat Mast Erson Frontier fashion plate. Now As Burke he plays a millionaire policeman devoted to epicurean tastes. And some Roger Babson folks expect him to live the role. People Send me Champagne when i m eating out he says. I hate to Tell them that i m the kind of a Guy who would rather get the same results from a couple of belts of As for fancy food i m a meat and potatoes Man myself i d rather have my dishes without All the fancy a fringe Benefit of his Job is a Complete wardrobe tailored to his measurements by a clothing firm that foots the Bill. But even that can be a drag he sighed. It s a lot of electric Power transmission were taxed without representation. Please Bear in mind Gilbert you re elected at Large and with the other three councilmen at Large you do not represent one certain Ward and the people within certain boundaries but All the people of Biddeford. How can you ask these people to revolt against yourself it s beyond me. Because the budget you voted for is at the Root of what you now condemn. Then Bergeron another councilman says to hold any tax Bills that seem and i m not saying Don t pay the do you pay the Bill or Don t you also he stated that the City needed what Are we to conclude that the City needs revaluation upwards for certain unlucky ones and downward for the elite Are we going backward with the hit and miss valuations of the past Only a few will Benefit by the latter Deal. Are you one of them i Don t blame you for being up in arms when asked to pay your share for three percent of the Market value is much lower tax than a 40 percent of the same. Come come let s be sensible about it. If you have a grievance about your tax Bill see the proper people and if you can prove that you Are overtaxed. I am sure these gentlemen the assessors what did you think i meant the party Bosses will Correct the Stan regrets loss of Casino editor journal what has happened to old Orchard Beach most of us Over 20 years old remember when old Orchard was patronized by a class of people that would make any Beach proud. We All know How it is now. What has brought about the change the Beach itself is the same still seven Miles of a Beautiful refreshing coast Paul Harvey news All things work together by Paul Harvey it was another springtime 1940. Other godless dictators threatened to enslave the world. A Young girl was delivering the valedictory address at Trinity College Clearwater Florida. Her name was Vera Resue. She spoke of other dark periods in the history of the world and said each time god has chosen a human instrument to bring his Light into the world s darkness Luther Wesley now said the valedictorian it is time for another Ordinary Man who will be ordained to minister the extraordinary word of i do not know that her prophetic words were inspired. I do know that in her audience that Day was a Young Man president of that graduating class in 1940 named Billy Graham. The slim son of a Carolina Dairy Farmer was a Dynamo even then. They remember of biblical theology i Learned there Are still Basic in All my preaching and As that was not the end of the Story neither was it the to ginning. The wondrous ways in which All things fit together imply a frightening responsibility on us All. You see it was Billy Graham s Mother who first wrote to Trinity and asked about enrolling him. In her letter she said yours must be a Good school or it would not be advertised in the Moody to me this Means that every editor every writer every employee who had helped preserve the integrity of that publication had contributed to the emergence of Billy Graham. For each of us at every Crossroads the Road signs Point every which a Way. There s a Promise in Ecclesiastes that a Wise Man s heart inclines him toward the but one looks Back and won cleaner than Ever due to the sewer project of a few pc s ago. Accommodations have improved. Old Orchard Beach can now handle a greater crowd More comfortably. Yet o 1 d Orchard is not the famous Beach of 20 years ago. T n e reasons for this Are Many but i d like to focus on one which i find most important. But first let us consider Hampton Beach. As old Orchard has lost ground Hamp. Ton has gained. In Complete sincerity and impartiality i think that anyone who has compared the Beach itself that is the coast of Hampton with that of old Orchard would judge ours As being far better. But Hamp ton is More popular. It provides its visitors with Good adult entertainment. I am referring in particular to the name bands which appear at its Casino. Speak to anybody who knew old Orchard in its glorious Era and it did have a glorious Era and he will immediately mention dancing at the famous old Orchard Beach pier Casino to the music of such men As Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Freddy Martin Xavier Cougar Glen Miller and the list goes on. Something is lacking dreadfully in old Orchard Beach today and that is dancing at the pier Casino. There Are two arguments against this statement 1. Name bands Are not As popular As they were 20 years ago. 2. The Palace ballroom has in fact featured such bands As Louis Armstrong Maynard Fer. Guson and Glen Miller under the direction of Ray Mcknley in the past two years. To these i answer 1. Yes it is True that name bands have lost in popularity. But the fact remains that adults Are hungry to hear them again to dance once More to a full throbbing orchestra our guests have told us so. And what better cleaner entertainment is there for the younger set i. The Palace ballroom indeed has done its Best to bring big bands to old Orchard but the fact remains that the Palace is better known for its Rock and Roll entertainment and actually it is better suited for this purpose because it has none of the Glamour and excitement of dancing on the pier. Or. Duffy May have his very Good reasons for changing the Casino to a miniature Golf course. The fact remains that the pier is dead but worse old Orchard is Lively in a Way that can make none of us proud. I beg old Orchard Beach Motel and hotel owners and in fact All Tri City businessmen to act to bring Back to the Beach its greatest asset next to its Shoreline the pier dancing Casino. A Motel owner when it was his turn to Wash Ders How different it All might dishes it took five girls drying have been if a certain Magazine had Ever disappointed that devout Mother. Or if the boundless energies bother to go through the fuss of five fittings apiece for 25 suits each year. Sometimes i d rather just buy my suits off the naturally he must keep his Waistline trim and that can be a bore. Too. I kind of look Forward to Middle age when i can let the stomach go and Wear pants with the double pleats to hide the flab he said. Before you shed any tears for brother Gene it should be added that he in t displeased with the Success of Burke s Law in its first season. Far from it. He s the principal shareholder. Babson Park the Early fifties in the flush of the atomic age and with some evidence of limited reserves of Fossil fuels to meet an expanding demand for Energy it was logical to suggest that nuclear Power would be called on to fill the deficiency. Bernard Mcgarva of Babson s Canadian reports disagrees let me give you his reasoning. Engineering analysis had indicated that if under this rising demand prices for Fossil fuels followed their projected rising pattern the Cost of Thermal Power would increase to Over 6 Mills per Kwh. Only then if costs for nuclear Power could be lowered to that level would it become . Further factors Mili Tating against nuclear Power have been engineering developments that increased the efficiency of the conventional methods of electric generation. By design improvements plus vastly increasing the size of individual generating units so As to obtain efficiencies of scale Thermal Power can still be generated at an appreciably lower Cost than nuclear. This differential should be maintained or even increased by the current trend toward construction of super Large generating plants located at the pit head of Coal mines or under developed Large water Falls. Similar benefits Are Likely to derive from recent developments in the Field of extra High voltage transmission equipment. This by reducing Power losses would enable electricity to be transmitted economically Over much greater distances. In contrast to the previous Canadian maximum of around 330,000 volts Power from the Mani Coragan development now under Way but not completed will be transmitted to Montreal at 500,000 volts Over equipment of Canadian design on the Hamilton River Falls in Labrador. Lines in Russia Are said to be currently operating at this voltage these techniques would permit the six million horsepower from the Hamilton River to be transmitted to new York City. Note that consolidated Edison made engineering analysis of the Cost of purchasing Power from Labrador against that from nuclear installations relatively near . Cost factors favored import of the Canadian Power there Are a number of possible River developments of Large size in the Canadian North that could via extra High voltage Supply Power to Chicago new York and Richmond. However nuclear Power would appear More practicable for Florida than attempting to bring anything from Labrador or the North on wires. Hence Florida should give careful attention to All nuclear developments however slowly they May occur one final word the time May be coming when wires will not be needed to Send these 500,000 or More volts from Labrador to new York or Chicago or other Points. This May come about through wireless or through the development of lasers or other experimental processes which could make the use of such High voltage wires wholly or partly unnecessary. Progress Here should be carefully watched. E. A. V. Transmission techniques also strengthen the economic advantages of Large size mine Mouth Thermal plants Over the extensive Coal reserves in the depressed Appalachia area. Dealing now specifically with the Canadian scene let me Point out that uranium production in Canada is presently Only a fraction of that experienced in 1960-61, As a result of termination of government contracts and producers operating under the government inspired stretch out program. It is said that Only Rio Algol and Sta Rock will be operating after july 1 of this year. Consensus of the experts is however that there will be sufficient demand for uranium for peaceful purposes by the mid-1970 s to allow mining at a profit. In fact one French company has been in Canada investigating the possibility of purchasing an interest in a concern with Large reserves of uranium in order to assure itself of sufficient supplies in the years to come. To keep up. In addition to his work about school Billy caddies on a Golf course near the school. It was one night when he was restlessly strolling that Golf course that he came to a momentous decision. He had accepted Christ As Savior during a revival in Charlotte. That night on the Golf course he accepted Christ As his master and surrendered his time his talents and his life. Members of the Trinity faculty remember yet the purposefulness with which Young Billy would practice preaching in a room before a Mirror on a stump in a swamp beside the Hillsborough River. Sometimes he d be overheard in the barn or the garage rehearsing a Sermon. But when once a fellow Stu Dent said i m praying you la be a great preacher. Billy Graham acutely conscious that men calling themselves nazis and fascists and shirt lists were making of another Eden another hell replied Pray instead that i will be a great Billy made his first broadcast on radio station Sun in nearby St. Petersburg Florida. By now the world knows he went from there to Wheaton College and to Many Micro phones., ,. And one Day the boy who had preached to nobody from a stump in a swamp preached to millions in the stadiums of the world. For All his study since. Billy Graham says it was Trinity that taught me the he says the fundamentals 11 Adams Street published daily except sunday at Biddeford. Maine. W. Paul Casavant publisher e. P. Ingalls managing editor Telephone business dept. At 3-3625 editorial dept. At 2-1535 subscription rates payable in Advance one month. $1.85 six months $10.50 one Vear $21.00. Member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. Entered As second class

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