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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Biddeford, Maine Weather fair Complete report of Page fat vol. 82, no. 166 Tork county s Loca Newi Dill met my Biddeford Saco Maine saturday july 16, 1966 associated press wire service 10 pages our numbers Newt dept. 282-1535 buil neti Dep ii. 283-3625 a Price ten cents i with splashes and sputters the beginners in the Biddeford Beach. Directing the action is mrs. Jean Michaud left in the red Cross swimming classes take off in a flutter Board race at water while her assistant miss Anita Baiguy right keeps an the Pool at coach s Day Camp Olympia Avenue old Orchard Eye on the youngsters. Story on Page 2._ guard police restore peace to riot area Chicago a flying squads of impressively armed National guardsmen and police restored relative peace today to the 3carred streets of a West Side area ripped since tuesday by racial violence. You haul gangs who had bolted burned and fired sniper style from rooftops faded away Friday night As guardsmen told to shoot to kill if fired upon went on patrol. To through the streets of a 140 i Square Block area rolled trucks loaded with soldiers rifles at the Leady bayonets fixed jeeps with machine guns mounted police cars with shotguns poked out windows. Knots of negroes lined curbs in some areas cat calling occasionally but there were Only scattered incidents one reported sniper shooting with police returning fire but finding no one a fire bomb thrown into a Street outside a Home a few sketch of killer brings new leads Chicago a an artist s sketch of the killer who slaughtered eight student nurses has brought a flood of new leads and a burst of new Confidence to detectives determined to Hunt the Man Down. We be been inundated with phone Calls tips and leads since we add a the sketch to our description said Michael Spiotto Deputy chief of detectives. A police artist sketched the killer s face after closely questioning the Only survivor of the town House massacre who roused from heavy sedation Fri Day after the Long night of horror. Spiotto said the two hour interview was eminently fruitful number one we re confident we re going to get this Guy he said. Number two we know the girl can identify the girl Corazon Amurao 23, filled in details missing from her first hysterical account blurted out to police when she finally fled the blood splattered House of death thursday at Dawn. At least one mystery remained however and police shed no new Light on it after the interview with miss Amurao Why were there no loud screams no outcries for help during the time the killer bound and gagged the nine girls herded them into a Back room and led eight of them out one at a time to their deaths there were some Light outcries by the girls who came in late but it was t much Spiot to said miss Amurao told him. An autopsy report showed the girls had not been drugged to prevent screams. Three of them arrived Home after the killer today s chuckle Ever notice How teenage girls seem to develop curves and angles at about the came time to War Gen. Fea. Corp female help wanted chambermaid experienced j full time 1 part time steady Job Long season Good pay and tips Diplomat Motel East grand ave. . Dial 934-4621 had already gathered the other six into the rear room. Spiotto said he believed the killer was no stranger to the area of the town House which served As a dormitory for the student nurses in training at a Hospital about a mile away. Miss Amurao told police she never had seen the Man before the autopsy report produced no evidence any of the victims had been molested sexually according to Coroner Andrew j. Toman. He said Laboratory tests for conclusive findings would be available wednesday. All the same police showed miss Amurao photographs of about 200 sex offenders. She did not Ideal ii any of them Spiotto said but he added there Are a few individuals we Are very much interested in some More than the sketch drawn from miss Amurao s description shows a Crew Cut Young Man with High cheekbones aquiline nose jut Ting Chin narrow set eyes be Neath brows of medium thick Ness and thin lips. She said he definitely was a White Man and that his hair was somewhere Between Blond and Spiotto said the sketch had triggered scores of leads. He said his staff of 40, work ing around the clock with Days off cancelled plus 40 More detectives from other departments were checking out More than 100 tips. Many were from other parts of the country. Spiotto worked without sleep from 6 30 . Thursday until 11 p m. Friday leaving word to be called at Home if there was an important development. Detectives had picked up about 50 suspects for questioning. None panned out. Laboratory technicians were checking about .100, fingerprints lifted from the town House. They had to be sorted from the victims own fingerprints and those of their frequent visitors. Chicago s crime lab staff also was sifting possible evidence from eight plastic bags of effects taken from the House blood stained sheets clothing and the like. Police and officials of the continued on Page two store windows broken several fires in houses and stores. By Midnight police reported streets were virtually deserted the Calm contrasted dramatically with thursday night when an estimated 5,000 were abroad then two negroes were killed by gunshot and 30 were injured amid widespread shooting looting and burning that continued into the Day Friday. Gov. Otto Kerner called to the guard 3,000 Strong Friday at the request of mayor Richard j. Daley the mayor said he Felt police alone could not Cope with the Riciny. Worst in the North since 34 were killed in massive rioting in los Angeles last August. Maj. Gen Francis p. Kane held 1,500 troops in Reserve and sent 1,500 into action operating from a be in a parking lot. They teamed with 1,000 police. If anybody shoots at my men Gen. Kane told newsmen my orders Are to shoot Back shoot to kill the word must have gotten around. interviewing negroes on the streets reported an attitude of fear among Many especially of the guardsmen. Their was much comment about weapons. And their were some who said the guard will leave sooner or later and trouble will come anew. It can t Cope with the stuff they got on those guard trucks a youth told a newsman a t we can Cope with the police. As soon As those gis go Back these cops Are Gonna make a we All gotta die some time Well fight said another. The trouble began tuesday night a Ven police turned off a fire hydrant spraying with water during a hot spell. A crowd gathered. Rocks flew. Violence began. There was More wednesday night then the Climax thursday night and Friday during the Day with police reporting at one Point they were unable to control the mobs. # mayor Daley said that he blames the outbreak in Large measure on aides of or. Martin Luther King or. Chairman of the Southern Christian leadership conference. King and his staff have been conducting a civil rights drive in Chicago. Said Daley surely some of the people that came in Here have been talking for the last year of violence and showing pictures and instructing people in How to conduct violence. They re on his King s said King it is unfortunate that one in such a High position of authority As the mayor of Chicago should perpetrate such a continued on Page two Harriman warns reds on care of captive Washington a Rov ing ambassador w. Averell Harriman publicly warned Hanoi today that mistreatment of . Captives will change the whole feeling of the War which he up to now has not been aimed against the people of North Viet Nam. In the strongest words yet issued by a Washington official concerning red threats to try american prisoners As War criminals Harriman said North Viet Nam still indicates that they believe that the United states will give up just As France did some years ago if they hold out. Now if they think there is anything in this at All. One of the surest ways for it to assure that the american Public will stick to this thing to the end no matter How Long it takes would be their mistreatment of our airmen. Even though i can t give them any encouragement that we will give up the president has made it very Plain that we will stick to it to the end it will change the whole feeling of the War. So far there has been no bitterness on the part of the Anver ican government or the american people against the people of North Viet Nam. But this Barbaric act would heighten the temporal feeling and can Only react against the interests of the North Harriman speaking in a voice of America radio interview noted that president Johnson had offered to let Hanoi participate in Southeast asian economic development after peace comes to Viet Nam and prom probe of division ordered Augusta a gov. Reed has called for an inquiry into the state liquor commission s enforcement division at the request of state sen. Philip Jutras a York. I am immediately directing the state liquor commission to look into the complaints you raised Reed said Friday in Telegram to Jutras. Earlier Friday Jutras had wired the governor that he is receiving mounting complaints from Southern York county businessmen concerning the practices of enforcement division agents. Discourteous treatment unfair requests crude threats convince me this division of state government is not acting in the Best Public interest he said. Timothy j. Murphy director of the enforcement division when told of Jutras request for an investigation said i Don t even know what he s talking about. I la have to find out what or. Jutras is trying to say before i make any ised the United states would contribute $1 billion or More. But mistreatment of . Prisoners he said would have a great effect against any future relations Between our two countries on the kind of live and let live basis we Hope would come Harriman also reported that efforts to Exchange a captured Viet Cong terrorist for a . Civilian prisoner held by to Lac guerrillas in South vict Nam had fallen through. Vict Cong representatives in Algiers had at one Point indicated they would undertake such an Exchange he said. The prisoner is Aid official Gustav Hertz. On other Points Harriman said the North vietnamese have refused to give any information about the number or names of the u. S. Fliers imprisoned believed to total 34 or More. Nor have they allowed the International red Cross committee Access to the captives. He added that Hanoi has refused to accept the International red Cross committee headquartered in Geneva As a protecting Power. Harriman s voice of America interview was aired hours after sen. George d. Aiken r-vt., warned that if Hanoi carried out its threat to execute . Airmen the american people will demand the Complete destruction of North vict Aiken who has criticized acceleration of the War thus put into blunter words the carefully phrased warning of 18 self styled democratic doves Friday that such action by Hanoi would provoke the greatest reprisals and further Blacken the Hope for Senate democratic Leader n.y., and Edward m. Kennedy Mike Mansfield who endorsed the statement by the 18, agreed generally with Aiken s appraisal of prospective Public demands for retaliation. Vice president Hubert h. Humphrey in a speech Friday at fore Worth tex., also warned that the staging of trials would set Loose emotions very hard to control in this i can t think of anything that would be More dangerous than such a step Humphrey told a news conference before making a speech at Texas Christian University. If the people in Hanoi have any sense at All the vice president said i would think they would be very hesitant to take that in an interview Aiken blamed Moscow for encouraging the North vietnamese to step up their resistance. No persons in the world wants to establish peace More than president Johnson Aiken said. The soviets could help bring this matter to the conference table. But i fear they want to bog us Down to the fullest extent in Viet Nam and put themselves in a position to attack us. The situation never looked worse in our efforts to head off a nuclear Mansfield told the Senate he has not lost Hope that the conflict will be settled at the conference table through negotiations. But he agreed with the 18, headed by sen. Frank Church a Idaho that . Prisoner executions would bring the War to a peril Point of no Sens. Robert f. Kennedy d a mass Rose also to endorse the statement by the 18, which was signed by among others chairman . Fulbright of the Senate foreign relations com Mittee. Robert Kennedy said that regardless of anyone s opinion about the . Bombing of areas near Hanoi execution of Ameri j can prisoners would be an in tolerable act. Of barbarism i have dissented at Manj Points from this War and its conduct he said but i am All one with All americans in Rej Garding any reprisals against these Young men and indirectly against their families Asar intolerable act contrary Tel the Laws of War contrary to past practices in this War plunge into barbarism which could serve the interest of no Man and no Edward Kennedy said i looks upon such threats Witt the greatest possible degree of he said Secretary state Dean Rusk had Voicel assurances that Viet Cong and North vietnamese prisoners irl the hands of the Saigon govern ment Are getting just treatment under International red Cross supervision. Communist dispatches Fror Hanoi have indicated that Tivi trials May Start july 20 or aug 4. There has been no official word however from the United states or from the government of North Viet Nam. Church said the statement i read to the Senate was signed by a roster that pretty Well exhausts the list of the so called doves in the Democrat world s week horror pervades Chicago county draftees Are three years younger than in 61 now open the vegetable bin 631 Elm Street Biddeford directly opposite animal Forest Park sign Garden vegetables picked fresh daily Alfred Chasse prop. Selective service boards across the country Are calling up men three years younger than the men who were eligible for the draft in 19g1. Mrs. Jacqueline Raymond clerk of the York county selective service office in Kennebunk said in 1961, men Over 22 were called up for service. Now 19 year old youths Are inducted. In the first six months of 1966 some 74 men were called up for service from York county As compared to a year s total of 43 men who left this county for service under the training act in 1961. Pre induction physicals Are scheduled when the prospective draftee is 18 years and nine months old. No time is wasted under this setup with the youth ready to leave for the Indue Tion Center As soon As he reaches his 19th birthday and be comes eligible. Visitors or workingmen. This in the selective training and service act of 1940 expired in 1947, at the end of a year and a half on june 24, 1948, president Harry s. Truman signed into being the Universal military training and service act of 1948. This is the act under which present draft boards operate it is renewed periodically. Needs for men Are specified by the services and this num practical Nurte wanted from 8 a. M. To 4 p. M. Call j83-3903 after 3 p. M. Ber is allocated to each state. From there the number of men needed in a Call is divided among the state s draft boards Maine has 17 boards in opera Tion. The same age group is tapped throughout the state at any Given time. Selective service offices receive their quotas one month in Advance although this is not a hard and fast Rule mrs. Raymond stated. N # classification follows registration almost immediately where As in 1961, men weren t classified until they became 21. Only men from 19 to 26 years of age Are called up even though the Legal age limits for selectee under this act is from 18 /2 to 35. First called Are the 19-year old delinquents those who have not fulfilled obligations set up by the Board. These men Are called in order of their dates of birth the old est called first. Next Are the volunteers in the age group from 17 to 26. The next group is the non volunteers the single men or those married after aug. 26, 1965. In the fourth category Are the non volunteers from 19-26, who were married prior to that Date who have no children. Next in line Are the non volunteers Between the Ages of 26 and 35 and last the non volunteers Between 18v s and 19 years of age. All men in these groups Are classified 1-a. Any requests for deferment Are considered by the Board As they Are received at each of its two regular monthly meetings requests for deferment May come from an employer from teachers from families who May suffer hardships if a Man is drafted and from students. All boards follow the same guidelines in considering these requests. These guidelines Are set up by National Headquarters mrs. Raymond said. # a Man has the right to a peal a denial of his deferment request to the state s appeals Board in Augusta. Mrs. Raymond stressed the fact that a Man who has completed his period of service in any one of the armed services must report to his draft Board within 30 Days of his release. He May report to any Board she said. This information will be forwarded to the selective service Board where the Man is registered. A Man s registration remains with the same Board even though he May move out of state. He May take n physical anywhere in the country however. All stung men should Register within five Days after their 18th birthday. Most town and City clerks will Register the youths or they May Register at their draft boards. This includes Young men who Are residing in the state at the time they become 18, whether As students visitors or workingmen. This information will be forwarded to the selective service boards in their Home states. In the Case of a 17 or 18-year old youth who enlists before registering he must Register after his release from the service aliens who Are in this country on a permanent visa must continued on Page eight by the associated press for Chicago it was a week of horror. Rioting Shook the City and in the midst of it one of the chilling senseless crimes of the Cen Tury was committed. Tempers frayed by a Long heat wave negroes began riot ing tuesday night when police attempted to turn off fire hydrants to preserve water pressure. Wednesday night the rioting was worse but the next morning the City and nation were to be stunned by a mass murder of insane brutality. Just before Midnight wednesday in a quiet Section on the South Side a Young White Man entered an attractive apartment House used As a dormitory for student nurses of the South Chicago Community Hospital. One by one he bound eight Young nurses and a visiting girl Friend. And then one by one he strangled or stabbed to death eight of the girls in various rooms of the House. Only one escaped. Corazon Amurao a filipino student nurse rolled under a bed and hid in terror. Early in the morning an awful silence in the House she summoned All her courage dashed to a second floor window ledge and screamed they re All dead they re All dead my friends Are All dead of god i m the Only one alive Robert Hall walking his dog heard the girl and called police. Even Veteran officers were shaken by the carnage in the House. The killer was gone and at week s end was still free despite the most intense Man Hunt in the City s history. Miss Amurao was under police guard and heavy sedation to ease her horrible memories. # thursday night a few Miles away on the West Side the negro rioting was worse than Ever nine Hundred policemen heavily armed strove to contain the looting and shooting. Two negroes were shot and killed six policemen including a Captain was shot and More than 300 persons were arrested Friday morning gov. Otto Kerner called up 3,000 National guards men and ordered them into the City to suppress the lawlessness Chicago Queen City of the Midwest had never known such a week. If Hanoi was not ready to negotiate neither was Moscow. Prime minister Indira Gandhi of India arrived in Moscow with the Hope of getting soviet agreement to Call a Geneva conference to Settle the Viet Nam War. Premier Alexei n. Kosygin blasted that Hope by declaring the United states was guilty of vandalism and barbarism on an International British prime minister Harold Wilson arrives at the Kremlin on sunday with Hopes similar to mrs. Gandhi a and with prospects As dim. Perhaps the most ominous Cloud on the horizon what Are Hanoi s intentions toward captured american pilots thirty four pilots Are known to be held with possibly As Many As 183. Some already have been paraded in Hanoi before jeering crowds and statements of shame and guilt read in theft names. If Hanoi tries and punishes the pilots As War crime Hals said Secretary of stat Dean Rusk. This would be " very very grave Developer indeed. On Friday 18 democrats senators who have opposed policy in Viet Nam asked Hanc to refrain from any act of vie Lence against the pilots. Exd cution of the airmen they sail would include a Public demand for retaliation Swift and the strike of 35,000 Mechanic against five airlines handling some 60 per cent of Domestic traffic ended its first week with a serious impasse betwee the parties according to a fee Oral mediator. The strike Ove wages and working condition j also was slowing air mail Del eries the Post office Depar ment said. It was also a Busy week on to espionage front. Tuesday to government announced Williar h. Whalen 51, a retired Arr lieutenant colonel had been i rested charged with conspiracy to give atomic weapons Missil and defense plans to two sovia embassy employees. The Char said Whalen got $5,500 for no formation he passed to the Rul sians from 1959 to 1961 while a held a staff Job with the i chiefs of staff. Whalen could executed if convicted. Wednesday the govern Meil announced two czech Diplomat had tried to Bug the office a state department official said they had been thwarted a government employee far j. Mrkva 38, who had pretend continued on Page two the local . Army recruiting station on main Street has a new Boss in the person of sgt. 1, c. Paul l. Connatser. A 20-year Veteran in the military service sgt. Connatser comes to this duty from a tour in Korea and prior to that be recruited for about Wii yes in water vice. He is married to the Formi Theresa Pomerleau a 1951 graduate of m Deford High school and the wwfi.se"1 parents of Catherine 12, Paula 10 and Tina

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