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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1965, Page 4

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - December 13, 1965, Biddeford, Maine 4 Biddeford Sie journal Mon. Dee. 13, los editorial Page thought for evening wealth is the Parent of luxury and indolence and poverty of meanness and viciousness and both of discontent. Plato. Auto thefts mount and teenagers Lead the Way 5 crime in almost every category continues to eat into the fabric of american society. But even among rising statistics for Aeri Ous crimes such As murder rape burglary and armed Holdup one crime Tanda out above All the rest automobile theft. A Milestone in Auto thefts will occur in 1970, based on projection of current trends. In that year one million automobiles will be stolen in the United states. One third of them will never be recovered or will be badly damaged and stripped of expensive components when they Are. Car thefts this year Are 12.5 percent higher than in 1964, and they were 16 per cent higher last year than the year before. Auto thievery has grown almost three times faster than Auto registrations in the last decade. But the surprising and most dismal statistics of All Are those dealing with the nature of the thief. Only 5 to 1 0 per cent Are professionals. At least 64 per cent Are teenagers. Auto theft is a felony. Conviction on this charge carries not Only heavy penalties but severe social and citizenship restrictions for life. Convicts Are not permitted to hold City state or Federal office. Many employers will not hire them under any circumstances. Auto theft is not the Joyride so Many Young people think of it As being. Throughout the remainder of his life the kid who takes a car for a Lark will be reminded constantly of the seriousness of his crime and the Burden of suspicion it places upon him. The sound s the thing in popular music the sound is the thing. Experimenting with electronic instruments Youthful combos aided and abetted by studio technicians have been coming up with sounds never before recorded. They Call it music and no doubt it is. A Good Many adults Are prejudiced against it and reject it As degenerate. They should recognize the new sound like pop in Art As an interesting exploratory cruise into uncharted seas. The sound is the thing and the Story recurs of recording men happening by Accident to hear a handful of youngsters making music being struck by their unusual sound and the youngsters going on to momentarily hit the top of Best Selling lists. As part of this phenomenon Young combinations of Youthful players Are sprouting from every Patch of Fertile land in the country. Rare Are the neighbourhoods without their throbbing. An oddity staying Home to practice was recently cited As a major cause of absenteeism in California schools. The instrument which this music centers on the guitar needs no real virtuosity on the part of the player Only a few chords and imagination. The sound is the thing and the sound depends on electronics. Future social historians May note it As a sign of our electronic times. What May give them a wry 6mile, however is what this music is costing and what it reveals about contemporary parents attitudes toward their children. The school or neighbourhood group probably consists of three guitarists and a trap drummer. The guitars need amplifiers and speakers. The More the merrier. Like i i the higher the Quality the More expensive. Go on from there As the pocketbook allows to microphones for singing mixers More and bigger speakers. The ultimate at the moment is an electronic Organ to augment the group mounting a combo to play for a Junior High dance easily requires about $2,000 in instruments and equipment. That s just a Start. A popular group can have $6,000 and More represented on the stand with it. That should make those historians blink. Ill of rights endures the Bill of rights which went into effect 174 years ago on dec. 15, is the part of our constitutional heritage which is uniquely of the people by the people and for the people. All its provisions the framers believed were implied in the seven articles of the original Constitution. But Public sentiment opposed ratification of a Constitution in which these rights were not spelled out and Public sentiment won. Even so it had to be recognized that every human right implied by the spirit and the letter of the Constitution could not be specified. And so the Bill of rights to avoid freezing and limiting human Liberty in America included the ninth amendment the enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the the tenth amendment underlined this emphasis. Although it assured states rights and was the Only place in the Bill of rights where instead of individual rights the rights of governments were asserted it ended in four words too often overlooked the Powers not designated to the United states by the Constitution not prohibited by it to the states Are reserved to the states respectively or to the scientists report a new glue whose grip can t be broken. Here s hoping it s used on the kids Christmas toys a presidential committee is investigating deceitful packaging. We know some gals they ought to subpoena. There s nothing like a big Grin on a boy s face to make his Mother wonder what mischief he s been up to. What s so reserved about that in Hollywood Washington news Rockefeller Lindsay feud dims by Bruce Biossat Washington correspondent newspaper Enterprise Assn. New York leading new York Republican figures Are working hard to moderate further the diminished but still persistent hostility Between the Camps of gov. Nelson Rockefeller and mayor elect John Lindsay of new York City. The chief go Between Are Herbert Brownell former . Attorney general and Walter Thayer president of the new York Herald Tribune. They have spoken directly to the two principals and to other involved. _ encouragement is Felt on both sides that some improvement has occurred and More seems possible. All top hands agree that any sort of open warfare could be severely damaging to Rockefeller s re election Hopes and to Lindsay s prospects As mayor and beyond. Even with maximum Good will in the two Camps one gop Leader suggests that in 1966 the Rockefeller Lindsay relationship inevitably will be subject to Boyle s column heavy strains As the new mayor s need for Large new sums comes athwart the governor s determination to hold the state tax line and keep within presently seen fiscal capacity. Lindsay associates mutter that Rockefeller is used to having his own Way and argue further that the Rockefeller official entourage is heavily faction Ridden. They say that the governor is going to have to cough up a Good Deal More state Money for new York City than the added $101 million due the City under escalating formulas in present Law. In equally aggressive rebuttal Rockefeller men say the state Treasury is no pot of Gold for easy tapping by the City. They contend that the balance of state legislative Power rests with suburban lawmakers who Don t Rush to help new York a few in the governor s Camp insist that Lindsay has never Learned the Art of co operative politics and is so Little interested in the substantive detail of government that he is too dependent on such aides As Robert Price one of his two Deputy mayors. More detached onlookers think both Rockefeller and Lindsay Are loners and that this May to the real key to their problem. But. Runs the argument they Are not in fact rivals for any office Lindsay is seen by some As Rockefeller s natural heir. Instead they badly need each other. Any notion the Lindsay people May have had that the governor was headed for politic Al disaster is now shaken by the mounting evidence he is on the upgrade for 19g6 and cannot safely be kept at a distance. Contentions of this sort underscored by the careful Brownell Thayer ministrations Are carrying weight. Consequently despite the continued stumbling on both sides the momentum is All the other Way toward the kind of Lindsay understanding considered vital to their Good prospects and to the Republican party s Prosperity in new York. Remembrances of Long ago by Hal Boyle new York a tomorrow is hard to climb. But it is always easy to slide Back into yesterday and relive with friendliness the past. The farther you have gone in life the More you have to recall. One of the troubles of the Young is that they have too few memories to cling to when times get unsteady. However you Are no Sophomore if you can look Back and honestly remember when you could gain a reputation As a wit by remarking Why did the Chicken Cross the Road to get on the other Side of course after taking a muscle building course from a correspondence school to avoid being a 97-Pound weakling you discovered you had Only become a 102-Pound weakling. One of the things you knew for business Mirror sure was that if you picked up a Toad you would suddenly get warts. If you were sick your Tongue was coated if you were Well it was t. You made a summer evening part of your Joy forever by catching a firefly and putting it in a fruit Jar. A girl who was t too smart was called a dumb Belle. Most children smelled of Licorie. You could always Tell what time it was t by looking at any of the four faces of the courthouse clock. A Man could win a name for himself by blowing a straight Furrow. People would travel for Miles by horse and buggy to hear a politician make a speech about the Tariff problem. Everybody in the neighbourhood knew a wife was Lazy if she bought bread at the grocery store instead of baking it at Home herself. On new year s eve the head of the family at Midnight would take a revolver and walk outside and solemnly empty it against a startled sky. The children fought for the shells As souvenirs. One of the things a smart girl Learned Early was never to beat her suitor at croquet. The leading family in town pastured an Iron Deer on its front Yard. Suspenders were a status Symbol. No responsible business executive would Wear a Belt. People would stay up late at night with headphones on trying to pick up Pittsburgh on their Crystal radio set one of the chief problems in a Small town on saturdays was to find a place to Park your horse and buggy. Lbs business clash tops list by Sam Dawson a business news analyst new York a the clash of government with Industrial and financial leaders provided the Best business stories of 1965. The see sawing of the Stock Market at dizzy High Levels and record volume was a close runner up. The steady climb of the Economy in the Fields of jobs profits and incomes made an important if less exciting background. Here in one Man s opinion Are the 10 top business and finance stories of the year used to get aluminium and Copper producers to rescind Price hikes and to hold Down the rising Cost of bread. 1. Showdown of the Johnson administration and monetary authorities on interest rates. As Bankers applauded the Federal Reserve Board raised interest rates saying this would head off the inflation it feared coming. President Johnson deplored the move saying easy Money was needed if the Economy were to grow faster. 2. Crackdown by the government on Price increases in selected industries. Steel labor negotiations were transferred from Pittsburgh to the White House to help keep wage and Price increases within government guidelines. The Power of the government s stockpiles was 3. Record trading volume and wide Price swings in the Stock Market. Prices hit a Peak in May dropped sharply Rose to a still higher level in the fall and faltered again. Rumours turns in the Viet Nam War talk of inflation Rocky government business relations could Send volume soaring and prices into a Tail spin and then into equally startling recoveries. 4. Rising government spending and deficit from Viet Nam War and the great society Washington was pumping More Money into the Economy than planned and the Pace of business quickened. The Federal debt climbed. 5. Controls Over corporate and banking investments overseas. Voluntary curbs on spending abroad were stiffened As the Dollar outflow continued. 6. Drain of Gold takes big jump. Government drive to trim deficit in balance of payments was partly successful. But other lands especially France turned in More dollars for . Treasury Gold than last year. On Gress freed some Gold by eliminating Reserve requirements for Bank deposits. 7. Excise tax Cut. Consumer spending was stimulated by elimination or reduction of some sales levies. But Early Hopes for further Cut in income taxes Are All but killed by rising government spending and bigger Treasury deficit. 8. Drop of the unemployment rate. A booming Economy furnished More jobs and created shortages in a number of skilled classifications. 9. Rash of mergers. Railroads and Banks grabbed most of the headlines both with their plans for combining and with the opposition of government agencies particularly the antitrust division of the Justice department. But engagements were announced in Many industries and Many were broken. Some that went through linked such diverse companies that the survivor dreamed up a new name since the old ones no longer fit the current activities. 10. Feuds with de Gaulle. There were Many. Washington and the French president did t see Eye to Eye on the Gold Standard need for monetary Reform nor political and Trade relations with the communist bloc. The movie Star falters recovers turn Momee bored charge refuted by Ruth Mullett newspaper Enterprise Assn. In predicting that life in the future May be so mechanized and computerized that most men will languish unhappily in a Leisure they Don t want or know How to use a University f f a Alifornia psychologist Points to the american housewife As example of what could happen to the american male. Surf edited with labor  saving devices Many housewives he claims have found it difficult to occupy their Leisure time and have allowed themselves to become bored neurotic fat. De Liq Nucal and even alcoholic. Do you believe that i Don t. The woman today who is economically Able to have her House cluttered with labor saving devices would in other times have had hired help to do the work machinery now helps her to do herself. It takes a Good Deal of her time just to keep those machines working for her for never have the standards of cleanliness been so High As they Are today. Every Day is was Day in Many Homes and what the automatic Washer washes the housewife has to Iron and put away. Never have women spent so much time on child rearing As they do today As they try to keep their children Happy and healthy and fit them for a complicated competitive world. Never have women put themselves out so much to be real companions to their husbands As they do today or worked so hard to keep up with their men intellectually. Never have so Many housewives been wage earners As today when Many a womb n works the same hours her husband docs for a pay Check and then spends her so called Leisure time on homemaking chores. No doubt there arc some housewives who Are bored neurotic fat delinquent and even but they Are few in comparison with the hard working responsible companionable Young looking streamlined women who use whatever labor saving devices they have to give them More Lime to be homemakers in the finest sense of the word. Security for you and veterans guide changes in medicare May be expected by Congress by Martin e. Segal president retirement advisors inc. As president Johnson was signing the 1965 social Security Bill including medicare he said if the Law has a few defects i am confident those can be quickly remedied. And i Hope they will the president s Hopes carry a lot of weight with Congress. So what defects in medicare can we expect to be remedied in the next year or the next Congress under the present Hospital insurance program if an elderly patient has an operation and the anaesthesia is Given by a doctor the patient has to pay that doctor s fee. Charges by an Anaesthesiologist Are not covered by the social Security Hospital insurance program. The same applies for a Ray or radiation treatments while in the Hospital As Well As with the services of the Hospital pathologist. Of course the fees paid to these doctors fees that Are often included on Hospital Bills Are covered by the supplemental voluntary medical insurance program. But this half of the medicare program costs $3 per month and not every 65-plus person will Lake advantage of it. A few Days after the president s remarks senator Paul Douglas introduced a Bill to enlarge the Hospital insurance coverage to include Anaesthesiology pathology radiology and psychiatry when they Are charged answer to previous Puzzle a full boo Bogie a Odd Anabo Nonn Nana Hanaa Nora Duncin a Oran Nan Una Oak Ona Odds Naan Nan in Nanny Vonbonn Curau Aan Craa Oba Obb Eio Usu Ali Una Booth Ebeb Hula a aaa Kaaa Kaaa a Baa Alae 11 Adams Street published daily except sunday at Biddeford Maine 04005 w. Paul Casavant publisher e. P. Ingalls managing editor Telephone business depts. 283-3625 editorial dept. 282-1535 subscription rates payable in Advance one month $1.85 six months $10.50 one year $21.00. Member of the associated press the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. Entered As second class second class postage paid at Post office. Biddeford. Maine. 04005. European common Market which Washington backed was All but stymied when France withdrew its representatives. Hopes for further Tariff cuts which Washington Calls the round got nowhere feuded with its for on the Hospital Bill. The american Hospital association is in favor of the Douglas Bill the american medical association is not. The next session of Congress will decide. The Compromise medicare Bill adopted by both houses includes the following provisions for hospitalization patient pays the first $40, plus $10 a Day after the 60th Day with total coverage to 90 Days of hospitalization. But that leaves the problem of Long term care which is not answered by the nursing Home provisions which Are limited to 100 Days. The next session should also see the introduction of several Bills dealing with the nursing Home provisions of medicare. Another mid Western senator Stephen Young got the Senate to adopt fire safety and Protection standards for almost All nursing Homes but his provision was also lost in the House Senate conference and did not become part of final Bill. Look for it in the future. The medicare Law requires that a patient spend at least three Days in a Hospital before becoming eligible for the nursing Home coverage and the continued of Page five by Bob Thomas a movie television writer Hollywood a from movie Star to ditch Digger and deckhand that s the curious Saga of Jeff Richards. At 41, his Black hair is flecked with Gray and his Frame is no longer lean and athletic. Rut be remains a startlingly handsome figure of a Man As he stalks hero Howard keel Down Para mount s Western Street in a decade ago Richards was playing keel s brother in the musical hit seven brides for seven Brothers and he was one of Mem s brightest Young players. Later Richards starred in a television series Jefferson a More recently he has been digging storm drains for a construction firm working As Secu Rita guard for a Miami Beach continued on Page five people s forum the journal believes in tree expression of opinion on topic of real local interest. Letters of this department Are Welcome. Views expressed in this column Are not necessarily endorsed by the journal. Letters must be signed by the writer Ith address but the name will not be printed if the writer so request. Slaves to the state editor journal what a terrible blow it would be to the russians if All the newspapers in the .a. Would use Only the name slavery ism. Which it really is instead of communism. Use the name slavery ism it will be the biggest blow yet to communism. The russian line or propaganda for communism is of course that All Are working for the common Good a share and share alike process. It is not. The people Are All slaves to the state. The individual has no right to decision of preference As to what he does. The English and the French thru the Magna Carta and the French revolution helped the common Man make his first great Steps to Freedom. We have All been thinking this had achieved an impetus that could not be stopped. The russians have stopped it. They have not Only tightened the Yoke of Sla very on their Many millions but have imposed it on the peo pies of their satellite countries. It is a great step backward in the history of men s fight for Freedom. You newspaper men have the Power to change it. George Saint George wants team support editor journal three cheers for Chris Anton and his cohorts As they strive to bring pro football to the twin cities. I Hope my two or three letters published in the forum helped to goad things on a bit. It s True the Mustangs flopped at the Gate Here last september but i blame that on very poor management Lack of advertising tickets Etc let s not let Arch rival Lew Iston grab this Opportunity away from us let s give Chris and his troops All the help they ask for. Opportunity knocks Only once. Top cat daily crossword Puzzle across 1 Conifer. 5 false god. 9 italic abbr. 33 put to flight. 24 figure of speech. 15 Verne Captain. 16 free 3 words. 18 hebrew letter. 19 profane. 20 that is to say . 21 regretted. 22 bit. 23 common suffixes. 26 observed. 28 besides old style. 31 Servings of butter. 33 out 3 words. 35 relative of a Rood. 36 former dictator. 37 fair lady of Camelot. 38 party fare 2 words. 40 City on the trucker. 41 destroy As a letter. 42 Down with for 45 Dombey and 46 grouper of warm seas. 47 la Kaday 49 unfounded. 51 Complete As a fixed term 2 words. 56 Spring Bloom. 57 absolutely impossible 3 words. 5? one of the bronzes. 59 Gucek Princess 60 pinochle term. 61 certain digits. 62 user of a prayer wheel. 63 historic dates. Down 1 poke. 2 novel heroine 1834. 3 Mcauliffe s famous retort 4 the Clear sky. 5 expanded. 6 August in Paris. 7 Church recess 8 one of the Louviers. 9 jittery 3 words. 10 household appurtenances. 11 Iowa City. 12,part of a barn. 14 age of innocence 17 old coins of France. 20 put one s foot _ 2 words. 22 water Bird. 23 excess of solar year Over lunar year. 24 revenge Ger. 25 design for Seoi 27 water wheel. 29 Type of acid. 30 lured 2 words. 32 Crystal gazers. 34 the big wheel. 36 Gourd fruit. 39 certainly Colloer. 43 name of a Blue. 44 window Frame 48 something outrageous. 49 Sanction. 50 american cartoonist. 51 song 2 words 52 paragraph. 53 something unique Brit. 54 Western Campus. 55 spreads Hay. 57 nothing. R Kennedy while France allies. All in All 1965 was a very prosperous year but full of surprises and problems and upsets

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