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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 4

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Biddeford, Maine Biddeford Saco journal monday August 14, 1967 editorial Page thought for evening the past is Only the present become invisible and mute and because it is invisible and mute its memories glances and its murmurs Are infinitely precious we Are to Morrow s past. Mary Webb. In our opinion Golden years can be easily tarnished America suffers from and with More than one kind of discrimination. Just As millions Are barred from full participation in the economic life of the nation by reason of the color of their skin other millions Are excluded by an equally arbitrary classification their age. There Are nearly 20 million men and women aged 65 and Over in the United states today in generally better health and with More years of productive life to look Forward to than any previous generation. Vet our system of mandatory retirement decrees that when a Man reaches 65 or 60, and sometimes Only 5 5, his services Are to be considered no longer needed by the nation this system is completely unrealistic and ought to be abandoned says or. Irving s. Wright of Cornell University and president of the american College of physicians. While some persons look Forward with relish to retirement a vast number of others says Wright feel that they Are still productive and would like to keep on working. After a few months of idleness the doctor has observed even those who looked Forward to retirement often become disillusioned and depressed and develop a Host of aches pains ailments and neurotic complaints. There is no gain in longevity even with Good health if the extra years Are without meaning to the individual he emphasizes. The benefits of medical Progress Are but empty gestures if the beneficiaries must be dependent on pensions social welfare or the support of others while still capable of self supporting Effort the Law depriving people of their social Security checks if they earn More than a pittance should be abolished says Wright. Retirees should be encouraged to work. Not Only would it bring benefits to them in terms of self respect and interest in life but the taxes they would pay on their additional earnings would help to support those unable to work because of actual old impressions of Inez for the bored traveler Ere s a new adventure by Inez Robb Horace Moros who operates a fifth Avenue travel Agency is Busy hustling the airlines these clays trying to sell what lie swears is a billion Dollar idea Cor a billion Dollar travel Market. It s the Hijack tour for fun excitement. Romance Surprise and adventure he explains. It s the old pirate bit Good for Young and old. It would work like this you buy a ticket say to Paris and you end up in Havana the Hijack capital of the world i said. Not necessarily although it does seem that Havana gets the lion s share of the Amateur Hijack Trade he agreed. What the Hijack Trade needs is the professional touch and that s what i propose to give it. A As i see the Hijack cruise of the future travel agencies and airlines would sell a ticket for Buenos Aires and then land the plane in Honolulu or Vienna or new Orleans. Or even in fun but would t a passenger who bought a ticket for Buenos Aires be pretty sore to find himself in Honolulu or fun City 1 asked. No because he would he disappointed if he did in . When he pays for a by Jaek cruise the customer knows Only one thing for sure he in t going whore the ticket reads. The big kick is being off loaded maybe in Tel Aviv of Tahiti. Did the passengers in that colombian uc-4 squawk last week when their plane was hijacked Between Barranquilla and san Andres and set Down in Havana instead did anyone complain of course they did t. Thev had the time of their lives. Cuban officials put pm up in a class hotel took pm sightseeing and loaded pm up with presents All on the cuff when even Only land they got Back on their plane. They loved it and Why not they got a free Detour to a place they never expected to see. They were wined and dined. They got presents. And they were kidnapped to Boot. Look they la be talking about that Hijack for the rest of their lives. All the airlines and the travel agencies have to do to tap this Market is to duplicate with a professional touch what these Ham handed amateurs have been doing in the Hijack business for the past decade. I going to make this the now thing in travel. What you Don t understand Horace said kindly is the now Type of traveler. With the go now pay later plan  the modern traveler has been every place and seen everything. He s sophisticated. Lie s bored. He yawns at. The Folk s Bergere. When i was in Rome last month i stepped into the coliseum just to see if it was still there. And right next to is this now Type traveler. And what s he doing he s yawning and he s complaining because the gladiators Aren t what they i cd to be. Every place this kind of traveler goes he s been there before. You know today s tuesday this must be Belgium so with the Hijack cruise we really confuse him. We might even dump the now traveler in Nome the last place he Ever expected to go. All we really have to do is get some out of work revolutionary types from Central casting to run up and Down the plane aisles a time or two with toy guns and then organize the City or gov eminent officials Lor pay to do the hospitality bit at the end of the run. Look at it this Way Horace concluded the whole Deal would be a fun thing in the now Groove Bahy. Like maybe a travel three minutes a Day by Rev. James Keller a Larmer May be Able to sit on his front porch while his tractor is operated by magnetic tape fed into a special computer. It was built by f. V. Mac Hardy head of the department of agricultural engineering at the University of Alberta. The tractor not Only knows the direction it should Lake but automatically puts itself Back on course when it a Stone or other obstacle. A Farmer will still have to handle a few special problems for instance when the tractor gels stuck in the mud. But or Mac Lardy sees no reason wily Lone operator should not be Able to handle a half dozen machines when the new invention is perfected. I we should be grateful for the numerous labor saving devices that modern technology is pro. I Viding. But we should likewise i show our appreciation to cod by putting to Good u c the Tim o and Energy that have been saved. I let us not grow weary in Well doing for in due season we shall i t galatians 1 9 thanks to you Bountiful realtor for your endless Blessing. Washington merry go round Svetlana instant capitalist by tack Anderson Tish publishers and time in Europe Louis fussed and Washington the inter should be in a position to know fumed. He got on the transit National intrigue Over the pre Harper and Row set october lactic phone to find out whether mature publication of the Mem As the release Date for Svetla he could sue. He claimed Plain oils of Stalin s daughter Svet a s memoirs and the new Lively that he was merely an Lana Allilu Mcva is even Strang York times planned a 12 enterprising russian journalist or than so far has leaked into instalment serialization begin and there is no denying that he print. Ning in late september. Life made a sizable capitalist profit the mystery Man in the Sto i Magazine will print its excerpts on the Deal by is Victor Louis a bes Penetac led 39-Ycar-old soviet journalist. The autumn publishing Date. However. . Intelligence is whom . Intelligence has now happens to coincide with the convinced that Louis is a soviet identified As a Kremlin agent soviet Union s 50th anniversary agent with excellent pipelines the intrigue began after Svet Celebration and the conspire into the Kremlin Lana s startling defection to the Lorial minded men in the Krem meanwhile the russians arc West an event that jolted the Lin detected a plot. They darkly exploring the possibility of filing russians As severely As the de i concluded that the United states suits in the United states and Section of Caroline Kennedy to hoped to detract from the Ccle Europe for the profits on the Russia 20 years from now bration by raising the ghost of memoirs. The soviets contend that Svetlana wrote her memoirs originally As letters to her children therefore they Are the Legal owners of the manuscript. Note a spokesman for the Greenbaum Law firm refused All comment except to a knowl would Shock americans. Stalin by Way of Svitlana s the state department not memoirs wishing to get involved official soviet intermediaries first trily asked sex ambassador to de to persuade Harper and Row Moscow George Kennan to keep1 to change the publication Date Svetlana from stumbling into but the publisher refused any Pitfalls. He called in his then Victor Louis suddenly next door neighbor attorney appeared on the scene with the Edge that Harper and Row and Edward Greenbaum whose a manuscript Svetlana had left the new York times were Eli Dis ii Avenue Law firm oblige behind plus pictures from . Singly took Svetlana under its family album. He offered these1 Wing. Last May to Parade Magazine. Some congressmen have Pri Svetlana had brought out of. Whose editor Jess Gorkin turn-1 Vatcky urged taking military a Russia her memoirs All neatly Jed him Down. Gorkin consider lion against Cuba. As just Ifica typed and ready for it unethical to run a Story lion they Point out that Cuba but she also left a copy behind that other publications had Pur has virtually declared War on Greenbaum immediately Par chased. The United states by calling for celeb out the rights to Svetla Louis finally peddled his Boot guerrilla warfare in our cities a s writings to his own pub leg manuscript to european cuban president Dorticos. In Lishing clients though they did publishers. To protect their co this opening address to the Corn not submit the highest offers. In right the legitimate British Monist Solidarity conference in publisher. Hutchinson and com Havana announced a policy of Harper and Row. A Green Pany rushed a russian Langu armed struggle not Only Baum client purchased Telage version of the Book into against the United Stales but Book rights. The new . Against other latin american times another Greenbaum Eli the highlights of Svitlana . He spoke openly Cut bought the first serial Story were picked up and print of organizing guerrilla forces to rights. Life Magazine also Pur de around the world. A Csuma stir up revolution and Vio chased rights to print Advance excerpts from the Book. Although life is not a Greenbaum client it is in the family so to speak. Marian daughter of the Bly this was the Kremlin s Lance on the . Mainland aim since the Story will now be this formal statement by the stale news when the soviets be-1 cuban president the Congress Gin celebrating their 50th Anni men contend should entitle the Sulzberger pc Rosary. United states to use military new York but the new York times and1 Force against the Castro gov times publisher is married to time life which paid through Andrew Heiskell the time life Board chairman. A All belong to Greenbaum s de. Circle of friends and clients. How much these distinguished publications paid Svetlana has t been announced but it s no secret that she became a millionaire capitalist quicker than any communist on record. Time Magazine claimed she collected a record $3,200,000 from both american and Bri the nose for the first rights were furious Over being scoop they began digging into eminent. A Public statement announcing preparations for guerrilla warfare against this country constitutes a belligerent How it happened and found i act they say. Victor Louis at the Bottom of their private statements the woodpile. However Aren t Likely to influx time angrily accused him offence president Johnson who peddling the manuscript and believes that the $1 million a pictures like a Salesman of of Day that Cuba is costing the scene the new Kremlin hurts Russia More York times ran a series of Sto Ithan All dictator Castro s Ries exposing Louis As a Krem breast beating is damaging the Lin agent. I United states. Mac s world a reason to select Morse by Don Maclean Wash ing ton sen. Wayne1 Morse d., Ore is one of the great talkers of our time. He is not one of the great Point Mak ers but he is one of the great talkers. In some quarters Here it is Felt that the Wise people of Oregon persist in sending him i to Washington just so that they will not have to listen to him at Home. One of sen. Morse s pet Prev i is is booze. He is tee totally against it in any form even when it s used As a Snake bite remedy or As a Means to relieve human suffering. That s unfortunate because sen. Morse might have eased his own pain with a stiff shot that time he was kicked in the head by a horse several years ago Morse discovered that there was nor rows drinking going on in the Capitol building. The fact that some of his actions and speech-1 is often Are what drives his colleagues to drink seems to have escaped his notice. Morse so frequently launches his Long winded orations at the end of a weary Day that he has been nicknamed the five o clock j it at least once every session sen. Morse introduces a Senate Resolution which would prevent has introduced a Bill to ban the serving of alcoholic Beve Beer and wine commercials rages in any of the Capitol from radio and television be building function rooms. Some a tween the hours of 3 and 10 p. How his Bill always seems to m., when kids listen. The Pur get lost somewhere and never pose of commercials is to incomes up for a vote. It has got crease the use of Beer and wine ten so that Morse in a rare do-1 by the american people sen. Parture for him no Longeri Morse says makes a speech on the subject the record does not show but simply inserts into the con a How Many senators were As Gressional record his original ton shed by this revelation but remarks of 1962. In know for a fact that at least on that occasion five years one senator at that Point turn ago sen. Morse said that at de off his hearing Aid. Least a dozen senators told him Wayne if you Ever gel a vote on your Resolution 1 will m1cboscoops i be been thinking about that vote for in the years since movie is Paris burning it seems Safe to say they should have made Morse s Anonymous hard Core it in Detroit support probably has dwindled. Away due to voter fickleness i judging from All the Narco retirement and death. Ties the kids Are getting their but Morse goes on. 1 like the bands on their educational a part of his now classic speech Stit ution could t be better in which he says that visitors named High school Are shocked when they disco " or that hard liquor is served in a congressman s stall was the Capitol of the United Able to talk him out of sending View is that what this note to Fidel Castro about shocks them is the and Chaco a. A. That liquor is being served but a now lies our problem in this son As a corollary to1. The City of Washington is go this vision of senators gathering to have an air conditioned around to discuss War and system this is the no Dollar programs Over Cook urst time in memory that conies and lemonade sen. Morse Streis has decided that what Washington news needed Way to close Promise performance Gap by Bruce Biossat i mints in . Society Are sex Washington correspondent capt from the spell of the newspaper Enterprise Assn. American syndrome. Liberals Washington some vet who want to make it a sin be Cran observers Here Are pre Culiar to Johnson should review Wertly faulting president John their own history son not Only for trying to do for More than three decades too much on too Many fronts they or their earlier counter but for trying to persuade the parts have been trying to in american people that every Vest particular pieces of legis thing is possible at once. Lation with the special magic of he is specifically charged the ultimate with not establishing needed a perfect example is the area priorities As among the Viet redevelopment program a scat Nam War the racial struggle Ter shot Only partly effective As and Anli poverty Effort foreign Sault on the Dis Aid. And so on. I dressed in the late the complaint ought to be 1950s, its loud exponents por lodged not against Johnson traded Ilas a sure Means of alone but against what might lifting the curse of distress be termed the american syn i drome. I americans arc an impatient for the fact is that no pros people. Being Rich in resource ident nor any other kind of they Learned Long ago thai for Leader has Ever spoken forceful the most part they did not by for a system of priorities in1 have to be patient. From this this country with or without history arose the notion that emergency situations. I they would not be patient that this was True even in the of they want Only the optimistic Vious extremity of world War word and cannot Lake bad ii. In 1943, a juror went up news. When it was disclosed thai i Franklin Roosevelt was con in sector after sector of . Life the idea hardened Amer tide ring drastic cuts in civilian1 icons must be promised the output. The plan was buried scholars now say wartime civilian production was kept at an amazingly High level. World tomorrow if the y Are to get through today. A terrible irony in is that rising numbers of . Negroes 1,1 should begin urgently imitate it is the ingrained habit of ing the impatience of estab-. Leadership across Inci listed White society at a turn Board to assume that in Rich in history when the Gap by America everything can be tween easy Promise and real done and that therefore no Hope has become so huge really harsh priorities need this country May be Overca Ever be set More than this our leaders have for decades tended consistently to exaggerate the Prospect to enlarge the Promise Al tended trying to do More than it should or it can. But if president Johnson is guilty of veiling that fact he is hardly different from critics who propose most without limit. The Outlook laying out hundreds of billions in War is painted Bright the Economy is found encouraging major legislative proposals Are offered As final solutions rather than As patches on problems almost no influential ele they attack . Cities in Quick sweeping strokes with no genuine attention to How it can be achieved or paid for. They Are caught up in the syndrome to the Point attempted Aid May prove to be that kiss of death by Russell Kirk Archibald Macleish poet wants Money. Not for his own coffers though but for sen. Frank Church of Idaho sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota and other United states senators of the Dove persuasion who May discover at next year s elections that instead of having the people at their Back they have turned their Back upon the people. So Macleish who never fails to recall those dear dead Days when he was one of . S ghost writers serves As front Man for an unidentified group that is Bent upon raising funds for Church and Mcgovern in particular. His form letter to this commentator is dated with poetic vagueness simply summer 1967," and bears no return address just his name at the top of the Sheet. He kindly encloses an envelope nevertheless on which is printed Archibald Macleish co 1968 Campaign committee at a District of Columbia Post office Box.  almost any left Wing outfit can count on the endorsement of Archibald Macleish since he suspects practically everybody this Side of Gus Hall of being a reactionary. A dozen years ago at the height of the Joe Mccarthy juror Macleish published an article denouncing Walter Lippmann As an enemy of Freedom and democracy. The fact that Lippmann has sternly criticized sen. Mccarthy Only made matters worse Macleish reasoned it was simply a Clever Dodge by that columnist to conceal his own innate Mccarthy ism. Yet the anonymity of this "1968 Campaign committee is interesting. Why does Only Mac Leish s name appear at the head of this fund Appeal let people s forum the journal believes in free expression of opinion on topics of real local interest. Letters for this department Are Welcome. Views expressed in this column arc not necessarily endorsed by the journal. Letters must be signed by the writer with address but the name will not he printed if the writer so requests. She saw ufos editor journal 1 read with interest about the women who saw the object in the sky on wednesday evening. I think it was the same thing i told husband 1 saw. It was just about a minute or two that 1 saw the lights and then they went but it has bothered but i was relieved to read that others had seen it. Camp Ellis resident is Kus India s sikhs cremate their dead eat no beef worship Only one god oppose the barriers of caste never shave wind their hair into a Topknot and wrap it with a turban. Good enough for the Senate is Good enough for the rest of us. Is gov. George Romney has Learned his lesson the next time he wants Federal troops first hell renounce his presidential ambitions. Ter where Are All those academic doves who have been so eager to put their names to full Page advertisements in the new York times denouncing american resistance in Vietnam Why this sudden shyness is Macleish the Only surviving pea Cenik Well hardly. Can it be that there is some interesting coincidence Between the leadership olm this "1968 Campaign commit a tee and the leadership of that National conference for Neva a politics which wants to Nomi Nate or. Martin Luther King for the presidency the a cup in eludes such organizations As the Dubois clubs listed by Lac Fri As a communist front association. Why this touching modesty upon the part of Radical Folk who ordinarily Are Only Loo Happy to see their names in print this commentator entertains a notion of the cause of this re a freshing Radical reticence. If it were known by the voters of Idaho and of South Dakota that the Campaign Money of senators Church and Mcgovern was being raised outside their own states by people who think that the Vietcong and ideologues of Hanoi Are saintly friends of All Humankind Why then those two Dove senators might As Well apply for jobs in the United nations bureaucracy. Sens. Fulbright Clark Gore Morse Gruening Nelson Mcgovern and Church Are in deep trouble with their constituents because these democratic senators want the United states to abandon All responsibilities in Southeast Asia. They won t get from president Johnson in their 1968 campaigns for re election. And the help of Macleish and his Anonymous chums May be the kiss of death. I put no Money. In Macleish s prepaid envelope. The Needle by Harold coffin when Lyndon first dreamed up the surtax gimmick he mentioned 6 per cent. Now he s talking 10 per cent. Sounds More like an auction than a tax plan. Lbs promised to take inflation out of the Economy,.but nobody realized he was planning to put it into the tax Structure. A fool and his Money Are soon parted now Tho government is working on the Wise Guys. But let s not complain about the government. We owe it . We re proud to live in a free country even though it s the most expensive one in the world. Diki Orti Uco Vurnol published daily except sunday 11 Adams Street Biddeford Maine w. Paul Casavant publisher e. P. Ingalls managing editor Telephone business depts 283-3625 editorial dept. 282-1535 subscription rates a payable in Advance one month $2.60 six nth. $15.50 one year $31.00. Member of the associated press the associated press s entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a new dispatches. Entered As second class Sec i mid class postage paid office did Deforce. Maine

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