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Biddeford Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 14 1967, Page 3

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Biddeford Journal (Newspaper) - August 14, 1967, Biddeford, Maine Calion Between lie lightning and the Nilson said but we can t be sure. There is no Scarcity of natural food and the grizzly is an unusually shy animal. It s strange for them to Nilson said he has had sever Al reports of bears nudging people in sleeping bags this summer but they ran when the campers screamed. The Bear that killed miss Koons sniffed at four other sleeping bags while the occupants Lay Frozen with fear then attacked miss Koons Neilson said. The others escaped but the Zipper on her sleeping bag stuck. All three victims were employed for the summer in Park hotels. Miss Koons worked in the gift shop at Lake Mcdonald Lodge. Miss Helgeson worked in the laundry at East Glacier Lodge and Ducat was a Busboy at East Glacier. They were on outings on their Days off. The two girls were the first people reported killed by bears since the Park opened in 1910, although several have been injured. Nilson said Glen Cole. Park service biologist from Yellowstone National Park had been summoned to try to figure out Why the bears attacked. I Park rangers armed with rifles combed the Granite Park chalet area where miss Helgeson was attacked and the Trout Lake area 20 Miles West where miss Koons was killed. All trails in the area were closed to Cam jeers and hikers. Ducat who was recovering in a Kalispell Hospital told rangers that the Bear attacked miss Helgeson first then pounced on him in his sleeping bag nearby. He said he escaped and the Bear Biddeford Saco journal monday August 14, 1967 southwestern France rocked by earthquakes j Bordeaux France a earthquakes rocked southwestern France and Northern Spain sunday devastating one French Village and Felling scattered buildings elsewhere. One death was reported. In Arette France an 80-year-old woman was crushed to death went Back to miss Helgeson. Ducat staggered bleeding and in Shock to a nearby campsite and other campers helped him to a chalet a Quarter mile away. When her House came tumbling Down. The pyrenees Mountain Village population 1,000, was badly hit by the Quick tremors and its residents abandoned their Homes to spend the night in cars Jor huddled around campfires. Four persons were injured in the Arette quakes. Walls collapsed in Montory France and Many slight injuries were reported. Reports from Northern Spain particularly in the area of san Tander and san Sebastian on the Northern coast said people ran into the streets in fright while furniture shifted lights swung on their chains and Small cracks ripped Down plaster. Scores of cities from Bilbao on the Northern coast to Valencia on the Mediterranean reported quakes. Only the Shell of this House remained following a new Lown Road Biddeford fire yesterday afternoon. Gutted by flames apparently caused by children playing with candles was the Home of or. And mrs. Bobby Cope. The dwelling is a Little Over one mile from the Guinea Road. The Cope children who were alone except for neighbourhood children ran to the Home of or. And mrs. Wade Burnhan about a Quarter mile away and mrs. Burnham summoned the Biddeford fire department. The Biddeford Pool Volunteer department also responded. The House is owned by Walter Crepeau of Biddeford. Authorities said no one was injured. In Hollywood Ireland most censored English speaking country Canary chirps by Bob Thomas a movie to revision writer 1 Dublin a Ireland Long the most censored of English speaking countries is moving toward a liberalism that movie men never thought possible. Sweeping changes in film morality have affected the United states and England during the past five years and they Are being Felt now in Ireland. We Are moving with the times says an important official of Irish censorship but we Are stopping Short of the Irish in the past have banned such a seemingly inno Betty is looking for a nearby Witch doctor cent film As forever Amber and More recent victims have been the a shaped room these films arc shown with and the girl with the Grcen Mission limited to those Over 18. Eyes station 7 a the Irish machinery for Cen table of Honey and Irma la Sorshe a much like that observers feel that any of in Lance except that in Ireland these films would be passed if11 psf ?r,am,by., 1 i Verhn they came up for approval to tent not the flit 1 Al d  film censor currently a retired such problem pictures As doctor functions under the min the group and the servant have been admitted to Ireland after certain cuts were made. The Irish censor turned Down who s afraid of Virginia Woolf but his decision was reversed by the Appeal Board. Sales Don t just happen if you want to sell your property at the Best possible Price list it now we have prospects waiting for two three and four bedroom Homes All Price ranges. For realty service that merits your Confidence Call the. N. P. Scontras agcy. Realtors 194 main Street Saco 284-4712 guaranteed Roo Ivi you. Extra tars of Protection tars of durability of Ujj when Only the very Best is Good enough meets super Quality specifications now available exclusively at your Mary Carter paint stores. Ister of Justice. He is charged with inspecting films to prevent 1. Indecency 2. Obscenity 3. Blasphemy 4. Anything subversive of Public morality. If film distributors dispute his findings they can Appeal to a Board consisting of two judges two clergymen Catholic and protestant a Trade Union official a grandmother and three others. During 1966, however the Board reversed the censor s decisions Only 11 times out of 1,047 separate films including shorts and newsreels. One of the things that rankles film men is the fact that once a movie is banned it can never be submitted again. Some of the films banned 20 years ago might easily pass today. But the Law does t provide for resubmission. That May soon be changed said an official. Recently the parliament passed a Law permitting banned books like some of Sean o Casey James Joyce Frank o Connor and Yeats to be submitted for approval again. If that can be done for books the Law concerning films might Well be altered the increased liberality of Irish censorship does t mean Ireland is altogether ready to accept the growing frankness of american and English films. The Catholic Church retains a i firm hand on matters of Public Jans telling me by Betty Canary newspaper Enterprise Assn. Of boy there Lias been another announcement. I read the news about a study by doctors j of the Northwestern University paediatrics department which said that sick children do not need bed rest. And then i burned that Section of the paper. After All it is Only reasonable to assume that what they Don t know can t Hurt me. One of the physicians or. Jerome j. Schulman was quoted As saying what appears to be bed rest is often Only then he says instead of lying still the child is often found running in the bed itself i d say the doctor is in the running himself. I predict he s going to make it big As a Deadpan comedian. Well i am not Goins to lose my illusions. Sick Little children around Here arc going to stay in bed. Perhaps it does t help them any but it gives me the illusion i am doing something. After All i believe any woman Worth her Salt has a bit of the great White nurse in her. Probably my Reading air those biographies about Florence Nightingale when i was a girl did this to me. Anyway when i am dispensing Orange Flavoured aspirins i am really out there in the Field tending the wounded my soft feminine hand upon the Soldier s brow. I guess i have carried this a bit far at times. I used to tiptoe around carrying a candlestick when i checked on the kids and Bob made me Stop just because one of the neighbors told him he thought our House was haunted. Of course i be had paediatric morality. Nudity in films is still closely censored. 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Palmer Happy As kid Over classic win Akron Ohio a Arnold Palmer the 37-year-old millionaire golfing great was As Happy As a kid sunday after winning the $100,000 american Golf classic. It was t the $20,000 Check or just another Triumph in an Ever growing list that had Palmer grinning radiantly. It was professional Victory no. 50, a Long sought Milestone which was becoming More evasive with every attempt. The $20,000 vaulted Palmer to $138,189 for the year to keep him Well ahead of the pack boosted his official career earnings to $892,640 and put him Over the $1 million Mark in unofficial earnings. The 50th win has been an obstacle i be been thinking of for a Long time said Palmer who had not scored a Triumph since the Tucson open last february. When you go any length of time without a win it seems to become All the harder to win again. Right now my game is Good but i was becoming cautious of not having won a tournament in Many cautious has Arnold Palmer the great Gambler of the links become cautious no no i did t mean it like that said Palmer whose Victory was forged in typical fashion. It just gets you wondering. When i came up to no. 14 and saw the pin placement in the Back Corner i wondered if i could still make that shot. Palmer not Only attempted but made the shot Only to miss a Birdie putt by inches. He started the final round sunday tied with Jack Nicklaus one stroke behind a relatively unknown Trio of leaders Jack Mcgowan Allan Henning and Kermit Zarley. Doug Sanders who was in the running until he bogeyed no. 14, finished with a one under Par 34-35-69 and a 279 total to take second Money of $12,000. Palmer s final round of 34-33 -67 gave him a four under Par 276 total one shot Over the Firestone country club record set by Ken Venturi in the 1964 Clas things before. Like my Swabb ing the children with Salve and slapping flannel cloths on their chests did not help their colds. I do it anyway. I used to warm the cloths Over a lampshade before pinning them on but Bob made me Stop that too. Personally i think the smell was medicinal but he voted for nauseating and he s the biggest. Bob is like most men usually science minded and sometimes sarcastic. Just the other Day he said if you could get some voodoo beads and a Turtle Shell you d be trying dances and actually i have never thought of it but it s an idea. I checked our yellow pages and everything but they weren t listed. So if there Are any Witch doctors Reading this i m in the Market for some chants and things. Grizzly bears kill girls in National Park West Glacier Mont. A the superintendent of Glacier National Park says lightning May have goaded two grizzly bears into killing two 19-year-old girls Early sunday As they slept in sleeping bags in this rugged wilderness. Killed in the separate incidents 20 Miles apart in the mountainous Park on the Mon Tana Canada Border were Julie Helgeson of Albert Lea minn., and Michele Koons of san Diego Calif. Roy Ducat 18, of Perrysburg Ohio was seriously injured by the Bear that killed miss Helgeson. Forest rangers pressed a search for the killer animals. Park supt. Keith Neilson said his Only theory on the attacks was that lightning strikes in the Park alarmed the normally shy near sighted grizzlies into attacking. Lightning started 14 Forest fires in the Park saturday and sunday. More than 400 firefighters tried to control them. The Park has had no rain since june. There seems to be an Asso sic. Mcgowan with 36-36-72, Zarley with 38-34-72 and Nicklaus with 37 34-71 finished in a third place tie at 280 and collected $5,-600 each. 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