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Biddeford Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Oct 24 1947, Page 1

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Biddeford Daily Journal (Newspaper) - October 24, 1947, Biddeford, Maine Weather forecast Clear and Cool maj Eforo vol. Xiii no. 250 founded in 1884 by c. Ii. Prescott journal want ads bring Quick results Biddeford Maine Friday evening october 24, 1947 full leased of wire service Nea feat Liest to pages Price five cent fortunes rocks is swept by Blaze fire Burns Cape porpoise resort so structures / destroyed Atka bunk Pond raging Forest fires which swept a 20-Mife area on both fides of this City last night destroying Over too Homes cottage and Camps and causing damage estimated at Over $1,000,000, weve red Quot a d Imide Roa a 1 a Oday at West Kennebunk. About 50 Homes and cottages were destroyed at fortunes Kolas i As flames swept unchecked 1 through that area last night from 1 the Newtown District and a fire sweeps nearby Woods the Forest fire above swept through the Cape summer cottages two summer hotels and a Grade port. More than too other Woodland fires were porpoise Section of Kennebunkport destroying school and then burned itself into Kennebunk raging throughout drouth parched new England. Limerick Countryside lies desolate in ruins by Robert Xvi. Crocker a Limerick oct. 24�? up a this Little town still has its pleasant farms its peaceful old churches j its up to Date stores but the country Side North West and South lies desolate Many of its Fann stands smoking ruins its Pine and Hardwood growth blackened and dead. I completed a 40-mile night trip by car Down the southwestern Corner of Maine from Fryeburg to Waterboro much of it Over roads barely passable rimmed on each Side by fire. I followed the course of one Forest Blaze to East Brownfield. Nothing was left there but walkers garage and two houses spared by some crazy Freak of the wind from the Fate that overtook All the rest of the villages 175 or so buildings. Twenty two houses were standing in contiguous Brownfield illuminated by the flickering yellow Light of debris burning in cellar holes. An old Man who saved his own House while his neighbors Homes were burning walked with his dog through streets littered with. A Tho fire flashes Roger Walker and Richard Maxwell this City were forced to spend the night in a Rowboat on Kennebunk Pond last night after being pinned in by flames while fighting in that area. Richard Challis merchant Marine student at Christian. Miss., who has just returned from a Hurricane in that area donated his trousers to a weary water soaked fireman at Goose rocks Beach. Challis later found that both his grandmothers and aunts House were razed and was preparing to investigate if his own Home had burned. Constantine Karvonides son of Nicholas Karvonides local shoe repairman of 23 Adams Street received a broken nose in an automobile Accident at Falmouth foreside last night while returning from Bowdoin College. He is at the Maine general Hospital Portland. A Bangor companion was Kiu cd in the Accident. Fallen wires peering into. Yellow heat of cellar holes and j Telephone service in the Goose babbling vacantly. I rocks Beach Section has been re i two horses plodded unattended stored but the area is still with j Down Hie Road and cows Lowed i out electricity it was reported fitfully in a nearby pasture in j today. Police officer Leon Reed harmed although the Fields in said no one but those on business i which they stood were Black. J will be allowed at Goose rocks j dying embers glow i for several Days the whole seven Miles from East Brownfield to Hiram was Over a Road bounded by flickering embers glowing on half burned Telephone poles and Trees. Here and there a dead Rabbit j Lay in the Road. But i saw no big Ger game. From Hiram which was soared through Cornish to Limerick every Ridge to the West was outlined against the Dull red of Distant fires. In Hie Waterboro area and Newfield the same pattern was repeated Ash covered roads on which stood at intervals knots of weary firefighters poles tipped at crazy angles or broken their wires sometimes scraping the ears top. Embers spraying Sparks Down the wind and everywhere the acrid i foil tin tied on Page three cattle found wandering in the Woods and Field bordering the Cape porpoise District of Kennebunkport Are being Rounder up by Farmers in that area it was announced today. Telephone communications Between this City and Sanford were interrupted list night and today by the fire and efforts to reach Sanford this Forenoon brought the reply from operators that a fall lines to Sanford Are Light rain is forecast for saturday waning winds to Aid firemen Boston oct. 24�? up a the weather held Little Promise today of any Aid to worn fire fighters in ravaged new England areas. A a a Sprinkle of rain saturday night and slow slackening of i winds which have been driving flames Over Broad fronts were the Only Hope sighted by the Dis i i rift weather forecaster. Winds in Maine and the rest j of Northern new England will i hold at above 20 Miles an hour today he said. A it wont he quite so wild As yesterday there a a he reported a but the wind will still make it very hazardous today. In Southern new England however winds should drop to 12 to 15 Miles per hour. Rain hoped for in Many new England regions that have been drouth gripped for nearly a i month was sighted Only As a i Light fall of one tenth of an Inch j saturday night the forecaster j reported he said the fall might reach i half an Inch in some Northern new England spots but not in the Portland fire Belt. That rain he said was All that so far is indicated except for possible Light showers next tuesday. A smoke layer from burning Woodlands overhung much of coastal Nev England today from j the Maine to Cape cod the forecaster said. A the a is concentrated in a layer so that it looks like a Cloud a he explained a but it if proximately 50 Homes and cottages were destroyed at Kennebunk Pond and on the Alfred Road in a conflagration spreading from a terrifying Blaze at water i Boro. Mayor Louis b. Lousier estimated damage at the fortunes rocks Section at $750,000, while damage to the Alfred Road Newtown and Kennebunk Pond sections will amount to Over $250,-uut. Only six Homes of the estimated 56 at. Fortunes rocks Are now standing among them the Home of John Kerr. Marblehead mass., superintendent of general electric Lynn. Mass. Kerr who was reported missing last night As the Blaze surrounded his Home found Saf there this morning his nouse a scratched. The Blaze at fortunes rocks started from the Coulard residence and burned toward the Pool Road to the Bascombe residence. The fire is now heading toward fortunes rocks and one prong is moving toward Oak Ridge among the residences razed at fortunes rocks was tanners inn a pretentious hotel operated by Chorizo v. Tanner jr., who was recently married and brought his Bride the former Shirley me Wei to reside there. The Kennebunk Pond area was to of inuit it i Oil t site Imo Bangor newsman describes fire in bar Harbor tin follow in Eye witness a count of Fiji Nizik Hor liar tier was written for tin associated press ii lot ii l. Or Klimi Monitor dully new sports editor who Mach his Wax into tile mined Seaside town by John k. Mckernan i bar Harbor Ort. 24�?/p>�? i smouldering ruins were All that remained of bar Harbor a hotel i and residential District late last night when i arrived in this fire swept Atlantic summer resort. Travel out of town had nearly ended along Eden Street main artery Between bar Harbor and Ellsworth. Most of the big estates along Eden Street were in fiery ruins marked Only by tall chimneys. Residents of the town peering through swirling smoke at the fire blackened ruins seemed to find it difficult to say where familiar buildings had stood. Firemen pointed out Sites which big de Gregoire hotel the Lyman is wiped out by flames to perish in Maine fires Portland oct. 24.�?j.p a Forest fires roared anew in Maine today after a destructive 24 hours that saw six communities wiped out. Leaving at least ten dead thousands homeless and damage mounting in the millions. The most spectacular and destructive fire was that we hich swept through bar Harbor famed a Way Down East millionaires resort. Five of the dead were in the bar Harbor area. Twe Rity mile an hour winds fanned the fires into fresh life today. Lyman a Little York county Dairying Community of 500 people. Was the latest to fall victim. John l. Elliott tax collector. Who lost his own farm estimated that the town was a More than nine tenths fear rising winds at Hough the fire in Hie Lyman area War believed under control. I fire officials feared that rising i winds would cause additional damage. The Blaze that wiped out j Brownfield and East Brownfield in Oxford county yesterday moved towards the Saco Riv-1 or town of Cornish today. Kezar Falls near Cornish and East Hiram where a Sawmill burned last night were reported out of danger. State officials unable to talk l immediately the rapidly mounting property loss said they were eel j Tain it would top the $25,000,000 damage in the 1936 flood. In bar Harbor police chief1 George c. Abbott estimated More j than $8,000,000 lost in buildings alone. The Maine Central Railroad i three of w Hose lines were Cut by i fires last night reported Normal dance let the institutions under this roaring Forest fire forced scores of families to flee their Homes on the outskirts of Biddeford before it veered away and headed towards the seacoast. It wat the most serious of Many blazes Iii new England where Woodlands have been parched by the fall drouth. Nurses ready Cross sets up four for duty in is at fire areas i emergency shelters Loaid fire refugees Bere Beds available for evacuees align Iii oct. 24�? a a Maine a 45 Public health nurses were made available today to the red Cross operating in tin Forest fire areas. Commissioner Harrison c. Greenleaf of the department of institutions also said a 40-bed cottage at the state school for Boyr South Portland had be n Efte cd to the red Cross at Portland for temporary emergency Heiring of children made homeless by the fires. Greenleaf said the school would provide housing fool i and re thing for evacuees and a few Beds in the institutions Hospital unit could lie used if necessary. Inmates fight fires he also raid the department would permit selected inmates of a he school and the reformatory fro men at South Windham to fight fires within reasonable Dis no serious injuries resulted in an Accident at the Corner of main and Elm streets Here yesterday As a fire truck driven by Thurston Mcintire. York crashed into the rear of a police car driven by fire and police chief William Sullivan continued on rage three natural water Supply is holding up in new England Boston oct. 24�?</p a a government geologist reported today that new England a natural water Supply now ranges Between 50 Register now for your sewing course As we Are going to Start new classes very shortly. Also order your new sewing machine now for Christmas or you May be left out. Singer sewing Center 258 main St. Biddeford Tel. 3180 and 60 percent of Normal but said that is not a danger condition sex i copt in possible isolated areas. C. E. Knox of the geologic Survey reported a Low ground water level and Low Stream flow but explained that the situation is not yet considered a definite drouth condition. Small towns which had to Drain their reservoirs to Battle Forest fires May find themselves in difficulty Knox said but he reported most communities Are equipped with spare reservoirs or have nearby systems upon which they can draw for Aid. I the level of water in the ground is below Normal in Maine and dropping steadily and considerably below in Central Massachusetts he said. He reported As an example that Lake Winni Nesaukee in new Hampshire is now 51 percent of Normal. I this however does not compare with conditions resulting from an extended drought such As held i new England in 1941 or its record i three year dry siege in 1909-1911, n. E. Fires at glance by Hie associated pres Maine bar Harbor fire under control Fluter destroying Many Homes including those of Walter Damrosch. B. F. Goodrich and the late Henry Imogen thai or. Northeast Harbor a evacuating populace at bar Hor Hor fire swings southward. Coast Cliuard Cutter standing by for sea evacuation if necessary. Augusta a five deaths attributed directly or indirectly to fires and state officials say fire loss May top Hurri Cane flood damage of s25.-000,000 in 1938. Portland City in danger if wind does not shift. Massachusetts Pittsfield Between 75 and too fire fighters trapped for hours Safe As october Mountain fire brought under control. Fitchburg a Forest lire checked one Quarter of a mile from Large Burbank Hospital As buses stand by to evacuate 50-60 patients. Bostons gov. Robert f. Bradford says All Massachusetts fires should he under control later in the Day. New Hampshire Rochester a two blazes Raused by the same Forest fire brought under control hut danger now threatens Somersworth to the South. Sunapee Blaze roars to Summit of Sunapee Mountain. Forming huge Torch. Service restored except on the Bangor Calais Branch where a 50-foot trestle near Whitneyville burned out. The Freedom train reached Augusta after devouring through Lewiston and Waterville to avoid Malvern hotel and the Malvern fire areas. Cottages had occupied found Brownfield. East Brownfield tons of As Many As 30 Homes still a and East Waterboro suffered Blaze fiercely. I knockout blows. Only five of the fire. Sweeping in from the Brownfields 200 building re West had been stopped at Eden j Maine standing Street safeguarding temporarily at least half of the villages of Tho main business District to the Newfield. South Waterboro. Westward. I Waterboro were destroyed. Rich grim faced weary firemen still mond lost about 50 buildings in were playing water on the embers i eluding 25 Camps. Most of the cot of Homes on Eden and of. Desert tags around Little Ossipee Bond. Streets. Few firefighters remained Waterboro were razed in the of. Desert Street Section As Blaze sweeps on the main fire drove South along the Blaze that enveloped Ocean drive sending flames High Brownfield pressed Onward Tow into the sky. I continued on Page two institution personnel supervision miss Helen f. Dunn director of the Public health nursing division was in the Bangor areas to expedite assignment of nurses i at bar Harbor where or. Dean feint stat in Aith director re mined to rope with and health i charms portable Chlorinator were i available from the sanitary engineering division Foi u a a a in areas where v Dei Supply facilities have been disrupted. I staff health officials aided City land town officials in preventing i water pollution. N. Ii. Fires Quot contained Quot j Concord. N ll., oct. 24 i i state officials today reported All i new Hampshire Forest fires a von -1 tamed a Only the Metal remains Maine red Cross chapters to Aid victims of fires feeding stations Are established new York. Ort 24�? up the real Cross Here said today that six feeding stations had been it to abolished at Ellsworth me., for too to 500 bar Harbor families who were forced from that resort last night when it was invaded by one of Maine s Many Forest fires. At Machias 50 Miles Northeast of bar Harbor. 300 to 400 More refugees from fire swept areas were being cared for. All of Maine s 50 red Cross chapters have been mobilized to Aid the hundreds of homeless and chapters in Nev Hampshire also i were alerted a Mobile canteen has been taken to of. Desert Island to feed the men fighting the Blaze at bar har Bor and nearby communities. In Washington the red cd announced ii was sending six Dis a Aster workers by plane to port land that a Good Many a others i were leaving new York and other Eastern states for the disaster j array the red Cross said it expects it oui i a number of workers from the Florida Hurricane area Aud i Rush them to main or Eaton is honoured Chicago get. 34 i the a i Horn i association of travel officials today elected Everett Grea ton of Augusta Aas up deut. I succeeding j. Herbert Walker of f Harrisburg a. Four Hundred and six houses have been destroyed in the York county fire area and approximately 200 persons have sought shelter in this City from nearby stricken areas according to a Survey made today by the Rod Cross National disaster Relief organization functioning to bring Relief to fire victims of the area. Open four shelters four shelters have been opened Here one at Pepperell Hall one in St Andres Hall one in St. Marys Hall and another at Siloam Hall. These Are in addition to the Headquarters established by Tho red Cross at it he St. Josephs Parish Hall. Nurses were on duty at the heifers through the night and Volunteer workers were providing food clothing and needed supplies a fire refugees. Emergency Aid it get eve washes were doing provided for firemen Many of whom Are suffering from eyes badly affected by the acrid smoke and heat to which they have been subjected for three Days. Feeding firemen n intern communities nearby have been listed in the fire area and it was estimated by red Vass a workers that 15.000 men fighting the various fires have been supplied with sandwiches and Coffee and other food from the red Cross Headquarters Here. Volunteers were rom my in steadily last night with sandwiches they had made up and Crews of Volunteer work ors were being dispatched to the fire areas where the food was found to be needed. First Aid work from the nursing service at Headquarters Here there were 65 bundles of first Aid supplies ent out and 600 first Aid treatments were Given at the St Jos a a pcs Hall South Street. Or. David e. Doloff local chairman for disaster Relief during the War who is again in charge for this emergency has assigned or. William 11 nut ill ii. Oil Png three we �4 Salt by / keep a poultry less Days. Washington oct. 24�? Pic the citizens food committee will keep thursdays As a poultry less Truman will Tell nation tonight Why he ordered special Congress session 14 v 5 1 the twisted Metal of three other Homes in 40 cottages at Goose Beds is All that remains of a summer Home foreground with fireplaces of background after a Forest fire swept Down the coastline destroying More than rocks Beach. Nearly 400 Homes were destroyed by flames from Forest fires in the entire Biddeford Kennebunkport area. Washington of president Truman drafted a re i port to the nation today on his a a compelling reasons for order-1 ing a special session of Congress nov. 17 to meet a billion Dollar economic emergency in Europe i and to Check a a alarming inflation 1 at Home. A the chief executive is sched used to broadcast the report Over All National radio networks a to of clock e k. To tonight. Officials predicted that it will be a sweeping analysis of the critical economic conditions or Truman sees this nation con fronted with both Here and abroad. It will set Forth in detail what the president himself called pie a compelling reasons for summoning the lawmakers Back to Washington seven weeks ahead of their regular january convening Date. And it w ill furnish the background again which upon Cut Luuru in Rase four inspection stickers get yours nou Mill City Chevrolet co. 150 Alfred St., Biddeford attention Tel. 1165 full Liue of groceries and canned goods a wholesale sole distributor for Kph Toni inside Aud Pinc outside paints twin City grocery company inc. 7 Clifford so Biddeford \

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