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Biddeford Daily Journal Newspaper Archives May 3 1945, Page 9

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Biddeford Daily Journal (Newspaper) - May 3, 1945, Biddeford, Maine Biddeford daily journal thursday evening May 3,1945 Page nine twelve from St. Josephus Parish give life in War twelve names Are listed As fatal casualties in the St. Josephus Parish Honor Roll of boys in the service and tribute to the Parish service men will be paid during the Celebration of the 7th anniversary of the Church sunday. The Gold Star boys i include Donald a. Baker Usa. Armand Raoul Belanger Usa Edgar Champagne Usa Lucien j. He naive Usa Andre Leo Labbe us Leo Paul Labonic Usa Andre r. Moisan Usa Leo Paul Ronald Deauk Summ Raoul a. Rousseau Saaf. Raoul Emmanuel soul Ieese Cap Raymond Tremblay Saaf and Herve j Valliere Usa. No Dull drab hair a it in you Uso thit amazing 4 purpose rinse in one simple Quick operation Loveion will do Oil of these 4 important things for your hair. 1. Gives Lustrous highlights. 2. Rinses away shampoo film. 3. Tints the hair As it rinses. 4. Helps keep hair neatly in place. Novalon does not permanently Dye or bleach. It is a pure odourless hair rinse in 12 different shades. Try Novalon. 5 rinse for 21c por Alc at or it �t77iijd�ug sept it others names on the Honor Roll include Guy Paul angers Robert Joseph Arbour Roland j. Arbour Wilfred j. Arbour Raoul r. Arrand Wilfrid g. Arcand John a. Archambeault Paul Ovide Arel Robert real Arel Henri arse Neault Arthur m. Asselin Edmond Felix Aube. Gerard j. A. I i Joseph a. Aube Lucien f. Aube Sylvio a. Aube Henri Robert Audet Francis Eugene Auger Philippe j. Auger Paul Marcel a Otto Robert Herve Ayotte Rodolphe Maurice Ayotte. Ronald e. Avotte. Arsine Babineau Boisvert Girard George Boisvert Lamia a. Boisvert Leo Paul Boisvert Maurice Boisvert Paul ii. Boisvert Ronald Raoul Boisvert Robert Paul e. Boisvert Roland Paul Boisvert Albert Boi Vin Alcine Boivin Alfred Boivin Antonio Boivin Arthur Boi Vin Paul f. L. Bolduc Raymond Bolduc Raymond George Bolduc Richard e. Bolduc Conrad ame. De Bonneau Joseph Henri Bonneau Albert r. Bouchard Camille Henri Bouchard Fernando Marie Bouchard. Jean Leon Baillargeon Maurice d. Bald Leo Baiguy. Armand r. George Baillargeon Baillargeon Armand Pold a. Bari Marcel Bari Raymond Bari Roland j. Bari Rob ,. Noel Barra Roland Jean not Barra Jean Laurier Beau Chwmin. Albert Lucien Beaudoin Armand m. Beaudoin Arthur a. Beaudoin Conrad a. Beaudoin Lionel Beaudoin Marcel a. Beau Doin. Marcel Conrad Beaudoin Paul j. Beaudoin Roger o. Beau Fin Roland g. Beaudoin. Urbain m. Beaudoin Ernest b a lieu Horace Beaulieu Philippe g. Beaulieu Richard Edmond Beaulieu Robert Beaulieu Gerald l. Beauregard. Armand Belair Lucien eclair. Raoul Roger Belair Roland eclair. John d. Belanger Joseph a. L. Belonger Leo Paul e. Belanger Leon Belanger Paul f. Belanger Donat by Lisle Geral d Maurice Bel Isle Juliette or. Bellefeuille Roland Bellefeuille Emilien Joseph Bellerose Leopold Joseph Bellerose Paul e. Benoit Edmond Adi Ion Bergeron edouard Bergeron Paul Fernand Bergeron Rod Lephe Henri Bergeron Fernand Joseph Bernier Armand Birthiaume Lionel p. Bertrand Wilt id Arthur Bertrand Joseph Armand Bill Roland Bineau Antonio o. Bine in Gerard j. Minnite Joseph Roland Binette Joseph Romeo Binette Leo w. Binette Leonel Binette Reno w. Dinette Robert Binette Romeo i Billette Joseph Bisaillon Roland Conrad Bisaillon Walter 1 Ili Sailon Joseph Roland Bisson Reno Bissonnette. Josephat a. Blais Joseph a thur Boisjoly Raymond Emile i Boisjoly Allicia t Boisvert Fernand m. Boisvert Gerald Andre aim Henry Boucher Eli m. Boucher Hilaire l. Boucher Paul Hubert Boucher. Raymond Maurice Boucher real l. Boucher Rolande Boucher Urbain Joseph Boucher. Bernard Boudreau. George Henri Bouffard. Robert Paul Bourassa Patrick j. Bourgoin. Jean m. Boutet. Roland Bouthillet to. Leopold i Bouthot Lucien Patrick Bouthot Gerard Ernest Boutin Rosaire Joseph Brault Bertram Breton George Aime Brochu Joseph b. Brochu Joseppi Roland Brochu. Robert Brochu. Robert l. Brochu Philippe Brochu. Wilfred Brochu Henri Brouillette George e. Brune in Herve Roland Brunelle Urbain Raymond Brunelle. Herve u. Cabana j. Alfred Cabana Joseph l. R. Cadorette. Raynald Cadorette Robert a Cadorette Jean Gerard Callahan Robert e. Callahan James Camden. Joseph Albert Camden Arthur Cantara Arthur g. Cantara Marc Edward Cantara Paul e. Cantara real Alfred Cantara Rhea n. Cantara Armand j. Caoutte. Geral d j. Caouette. Joseph a. Caouette Lucien r. Caouette Muriad Caouette. Paul Emile Caouette Robert l. Caouette. Camille Caron Laurent for tuna Caron real Joseph Caron Roger Emile Caron Marcel r. Carrier Roland Carrier Harold Gilbert Carver wilted Casey Antonio Chabot. Raymond George Chagnon Donald o. Chamberlain Julie Ann Chamberlain. Florian g. Champoux Paul Emile Charland Reno Henry Charland Roland Charland her Man Charette. Charles Chasse. Conrad Leonel Chynard Gerard Chenard Alphonse Chretien. Gerard e. Chretien Henri Lionel Chretien Royal h. Chretien Joseph Mariel v. Cliche Gerard Magalia collard. Robert l. P. I Collette Arthur j. Cobweb eds Ward John Cookson. Paul Henry Cookson Alderic Corbeil Maurice Corbeil Rev. Raoul Corbeil chaplain. Raymond Joseph Corbeil. Joseph Albert a. Cordeau. Dot i a re Cote Fernand Cote infant abandoned wrapped in a Many a undershirt and an old Bedspread a two hour infant boy a a above sleeps beneath the statue of the Virgin Mary in Chicago a St Vincent orphanage after being found in a Church Pew. Sun spun dressing it red amp White vac. Pac. Drip or Reg. Coffee Tomato Plymouth websters no 2 juice can Rock gelatine pkg. To 12 potato Sticks acc 14c super suds it 23< v at kid amp Winn Misiax de pts. Heavy Western c Orn fed steer beef palmolive soap Ivory Snow red amp White Cut beets our value Maine peas red amp White diced carrots Inni Hife 3 20c 23c no. 2 cans no. 2 can no. 2 can a vegetables oranges Grapefruit celery tomatoes Cabba Genf Quot 2, 13c onions ass. 3lbs Calif navels Fla. Seedless Andy boy Pascal Celo pkg. 53c 19c 29c 25c 25c apples r�?z31 is 29c Doz. For sch. Gerald edouard Cote Gerard r Cote Joseph Dollard Cote Lur Ier Wilfred Cote Leo in Cote Marcel Cote Roger Cote. Robert j. Cote Roland Alfred Cote Fernand couture Gerald a. Couture Paul a. Couture Leo Paul couture. Raymond couture Robert couture. Leonel credit Raymond credit Laurence Joseph Croteau Leopold w. Croteau Raymond Marcel Croteau Reno Leopold Croteau Roland Maurice Croteau Alphonse c. Custeau Lionel Al Cus teau. Rene Alfred Custeau Alphonse Cyr Ernest Cyr George Leo Cyr. Gerard Cyr Gilbert Cyr. Henry it Cyr. Joseph e. Cyr Joseph Edgar Cyr Lionel Cyr Louis Cyr Louis d. Cyr Patrick e. Cyr Raymond h. Cyr Robert Laurent Cyr Roland Roch Cyr. Reginald Daigle Marcel r. Daigneault Ronald Daigneault James h. Danforth Richard e. Danforth Albert Edward Danis Leo Paul Danis Marcel o. D Aust Andre Dauphin Urbain Dauphin. Reno Dufond Raymond h. Delisle Urbain a. Delisle Armand Deloge Roland Paul Demers Jean George Demeule Antonio a. Deschambault Edward Deschambault Josephat Deschambault. Nelson a. Des Chambault Albert j. Descoteaux Arthur r. Descoteaux Theodore Desloteaux Jean Levi Deshaies Paul Abel Deshaies Raoul Jeffrey Deshaies Ernest Desmarais Leopold Desmarais Paul r. Desroberts. Gerard Desrochers Adrian Desrosiers Albert r. Desrosiers Armand Desrosiers Arthur pcs Rosics Louis Desrosiers Lucien Desrosiers Joseph Romeo g. Dion Leopold j. Dion. Maurice r. Dion Robert l. Dion Lionel Dionne Kenneth w. Dixon Roberts Dodge Armand Dorais Jean Paul Doyon. Arthur Edward Drapeau Jean Paul drap eau Joseph c. S. Drapeau. Leonard Drapeau Charles Edward Drouin Philias Gerard Drouin Joseph Albert Dube Gilbert Dube Arthur e. Dubois jr., Lionel Fernand Dubois Robert George Dubois Raoul a. Dubuc Samuel Duguay Hempy Dumais Armand a. Dumont George Dumont Roland Dumont Jacques Robert Dupont Jean Paul Dupont Loo Paul r. Dutil. Ernest j. Dutremble Leo Paul Dutremble Urbain Gerald Dutremble. Gerard Wilfrid Eon Leo Paul Eon. Florian e. A. Exposito. Roland Leo Farrell Leo Paul Faucher Raymond Edward Faucher Leo j. Feet eau. Robert h. Fecteau am Rico Dan Fer Rante Ernest Nelson Fontaine Jean Maurice Fontaine Paul Gerard Fontaines Simeon Joseph Fontaine Henri Eugeno Forcier Alphonse Fortier gibes Fortin Raoul Guy Fortin. Joseph f. Gagne Joseph Marcel Gagne Nicolo Gagne Omer Gagne George Henri Gagnon Lucien Gagnon. Raymond Gerald Gagnon Ronald gag Ion Robert h. Gagnon Robert Leopold Gagnon Samuel g. Gagnon George Canache Edgar Paul Garon Jean Emmanuel g. Garon Marcello Garon Paul Emile w. Garon Joseph Roland Gaudette Rodolphe a. Gau Lin Roland a. Gaulin Antonio Gendron Arthur Gendron Charles e. Gendron Charles Edward Gendron Gerard r. Gendron. Leo Paul Gendron Paul c. Gendron Arthur Gervais Joseph Alfred Giguere Leopold Fernand Giguere. Paul Emile Girouard Raymond Henri Girouard Armand Giroux Paul Leo Giroux Alphonse l. J. Godbout Emile Godbout Paul Emile j. Godbout Oscar l. Gonneville jr., Conrad Gosselin Louis Goudreau Robert Gerard Goudreau y. Gerard Goulet George w. Greenwood Conrad r. Grenier Emile Simeon Grenier Jacqueline a. M. Grenier Joseph Roland Grenier Robert g. Grenier Romeo m. Grenier Simeon j. Grenier Wilfred e. Grenier jr., Adrien Conrad Grondin Lucien d. Guay Napoleon l. Guerin Armand Guilbeault Fernand j. Guilbeault Ernest a. Guillemette Oscar Guinard. Conrad Hebert Edgar Hebert Gerard Charles Hebert Herve Paul Hebert Jean Baptiste Hebert Maurice Hebert Henri Hen afre Joseph Albert Henaire Joseph o. Henaire Roland j. Henaire Wilfrid Henaire Paul Philippe Henri Yvonne Rita Henri Bernard l. Hevey Claude r. His vey Henry Hevey John i Thomas Hevey jillion Morelle Hevey Paul Emile Hevey Reno edouard Hevey Robert Hevey Edward Albert Horsfield Roland Houle Roland Raoul Houle Rosaire Houle jr., Alphonse j. J huot Harry n. Huot Maurice j. 1 huot Roland huot Edgar Hurd i Carl t. Jacobsen a Idric Henri j Jacques Gerard f. Jacques Ralph e. Jacques Rosaire p. Jacques Joseph Alexandre Jal Bart Larry f. Janelle Lucien Janell a Robert Laurent Janelle Albert Jariz Raymond j. Jariz Ramie j. Jariz Reno a. Jariz Antonio Jarry Arthur a. Jarry Gerard Albert Joncas Jean Paul Joncas Louis Robert g. Joncas Rodolphe Emile Joncas. John Charles Kunz. Charles Emile Labbe Henry William Labbe Maurice i. La be Raoul Edward Labbe Reginald Labbe Ronald Labbe Raymond f. Labelle Robert a. Labelle Armand Laberite Harvey u. Laberite j. Leopold Labreeque Paul Emile Labrecque Rene Labrecque Alfred Joseph lace Rte Jean Paul Lachance Louis n. Lachance Lucien Lachance Paul Emile Lachance Charles e. Lacroix Gerard r. Lacroix Herve l. Lacroix Jean Paul Lacroix role j. Leopold Lacroix. Paul Emile la Flammi Raymond laudanum a Paul Emile Lafortune Reno real Lafortune. Albert Lajoie Lionel Joseph Lajoie Willied Michel Lajoie Leo Lamarre. Oliva Pierre Lama re. Joseph Aime l. Lambert Paul Lami ranch Emile a. Lainon Tagne Lucien p. E. La Montagne Albert Clement la Moth Robert Lamoureux Aime w. Landry repaid r. Landry Paul Emile Langelier Lauria u. Lantagne Joseph Gerard la Pierrc Joseph finnic Lapointe Paul Telesphoru Lapointe Napoleon Laprise. Marcel r. Larose Georges Lariviere Raoul Lari Viere Odias Laroche Onil la Rose Ovide Larose Paul a Larose Raoul Larouche Edmond Lasante Marcel Gerard Lauzon Raymond Laverriere Roland g. La Vertu Robert Edward la Vigno Arthur Alphonse Lavoie Henri Paul Lauzon Paul Leblond. Paul l. Leblond Theodore Joseph Leblond Joseph Leo Paul la brim delphis Ledoux Henry Ledoux Wallie Ledoux. Joseph o. Maurice Legare theode h. Legare Jean m. Gerald Lehoux Raoul j. Lehoux Jean m. R. Lemieux Armand Leriche Paul Adrien Leroux Adrien Joseph Lessard a Roux Adrien Joseph Lessard Armand Maurice Lessard Bertrand j. Lessard Jean lamber Lessard Lionel Lessard Marie Cine m. Lessard Maurice j. Lessard Fernand e. Letarte David Paul Letellier Lucien Letellier Raymond a. Letellier Denis a. La Tourneau Eugene Letourneau Arthur Levasseur Edward Levesque Raymond f. Levesque Raymond Andre Lizotte Oscar Loignon Pauline Loignon Al Wisteria Queen cd i Naillo. Oscar Bernard Neault i aul a. Neault Raoul r. Neault Iii Bald Neault Georges e. Nev us i. Henri edouard Neveux jr., Paul Emilien Neveux Robert Adrien Neveux Paul l. Noel Conrad Nolette Leo Albert no Lette Ronald f. Nolette Robert r. Nolette Oscar Normand. Pauline Normand Raoul Ronald Normand. I raid t. Meteau. William John o Meara Josephfa Praneis Ouel a tie Louis Joseph Ouellette Paul Ouellette. Louis r. Painchaud. Jr., Harvey William Paquette Jean Charles Paquin George a. Paradis j. Raoul Paradis Oscar g. Paradis Raymond Arthur Paradis Alphonse j. Pare Joseph Edmond pare Normand pare Louis p. R. Parenteau. Paul f. Parenteau Paul Ruel Lucien Rue Lucien Conrad Ruel Urbain Ruel Paul Leo Ryan Richard Ryan. Joseph Jovite salvos jr., Raymond Paul Salvas Rene r. Sal Vas Paul Sanville Hertel j. Saucier Hermond Saucier Roland Sauvageau Roland Scott Gerald Robert Sevigny Thomas e. Shiehan William r. Sheehan Carl f. Sheltra Joseph Earl s. Sheltra Royal n. Sheltra Leonard g. Shevenell Georges Louis Sicard Jean Paul Simard Oscar Simard George h. Simms Edgar Joseph Simoneau. Joseph Hon Oro Simoneau Marcel Simoneau Raymond o. Simoneau Robert Simoneau William Paul Simpson Roger Lewis Small Georges Eusebe Souliere Joseph Raoul son Here Milford St Amand Charles Emile St Louis Paul Honor of tile title a a Wisteria Queen 1945�?� goes to Bettyjo Adams of Sierra Madre calif., pictured above surrounded by blossoms on the worlds largest and most famous Wisteria Vine. In prewar Days the giant Vine attracted some 50,009 visitors from All Over the world during its three to six week per a Rind of Bloom. Fred in Loranger j. I. H anger. Leopold Jean Baul i i Hanger. Looped i Loranger Leo Fig hand lot i Enville. Andre Maillot Clement Maillot Leisso Gerald Maillot Lames Paul Mal finish Ley. Antonio mar hand Raymond mar hand Albert Maurice mar Cotte Raoul Joseph Marcoux f Ranei is Edward Martel Gerard Martel Jean Paul a. Mallei Laurie r Martel Lucien Joseph Martel Raymond Joseph Martel Alfred a. Martin Harold j Martin Kenneth l. Marx Jean 1 Paul Menard Marcel Urbain Menard Joseph Leopold to Reies a j Paul me crier Raymond Marrier. I Leo Paulel j. Methol Raymond Al me Tho Gilman Michaud Jean b Michaud Regie a Michaud j Romeo Michaud Harvey r. I Michel sem. Robert j. Michelson Jean Marie Migue l. Emile Marcel Minette Roland albeit Milho Etc Joseph Antonie Mininni. Leo Paul Mininni Roland Mininni. I pm in Mon Pas Alfred erne St Moreau Ovide Moreau Albert Lei Morin Armand w. Morin. Emil-1 Iez ii Morin. Fernand Gerald my Iii. Marked Dollard Morin. Norman Gerard Morin Paul a Moi Iii Pierre j. Morin Raymond Morin. Sylvestre. Albert Tachereau Roland j. Tardif Gerald h. Tardiff Harvey l. Tardiff. Paul Emile Tzyy Lor. Maurice j. Tetreault Jean Paul l. Thibault Rinaud n. Thibault Roland g. Thibault Daniel Thibeault Theodore n. Thibeault Paul e. Thibodeau Arthur Wilfred Tourigny her vey in. Tousignant Leo Rheal Tousignant Roland p. Tousig Nant Andre j. Tremblay Jean Robert Tremblay John Louis Tremblay Paul u. Tremblay Reno gonad Tremblay Gerard Pomerleau j o s e p h i do had Trot Lier Florien Joseph Pothier Liliane m. In ure Oue Gerard e. Turgeon Leo j. Turgeon. Alfred Rene Valliere Andre o. Valliere Fernand Conrad Valliere Jean Louis Valliere Louis j. Valliere Noel jillion Valliere Raoul a. Valliere Raymond Edgar Valliere Rodolphe a. Van Asse jr., Cecile Jeanne ver Mette Pauline Therese Vermont. Raymond Leon Vermette Leo Paul Verrier. Andre j. Wagner Robert v. Wagner Roger Wagner Leo Joseph Warner Raymond Joseph Warner Gregory a. West William l. Whitten Alphonse Wick. Philippi Perreault Raymond a. J Perreault Urbain Perreault Joseph r. Perron. Paul Perron. I Hart Perron. Roland d. Perron i John Baptist Petit. Lucien Mau Rice Petit Jean Armand i trill. I Leo Paul Petrin Gerard Joseph Plessis Adrien Aime Plourdi. Florence g. Poirier Georges 7, Poirier jt., Jean p. Poirier Joseph Victor Podric r. Laurent Jean Poirier. Lucien j. Poirier. Maurice Jean Poirier. Paul octave Poirier retie Poirier nor Poissant Andre Poisson Joseph Poisson Armand Gerald Charles Pothier Roland Pothier. Ray mond Leonard Potvin. George Joseph Prejean. Emgene j. Proulx Lucien a. Proven her. Maurice la. Proven her Roland r. Proven her Urbain j. Pro pm cd Lier. Norman Oscar Racine Georges la. A Nenort. Roland i. Regis Alphonse j. A millat a f Francois j. Run inlaid. Laurent m. Remillard Armand luny Philippe j. Rent Jean Paul of a chaume. R o i a ii i Ernest Rheaume j. Arthur Roberge Clement Roberge Conrad Roberge Jean Paul Roberge it an Paul r. Roberge Lorenzo j Robe re Raymond Roberge Richard Roberge Mathurin s. Robichaud. Richard i. Robichaud Edgar Robida Robert Henri Robida. Cli rare Frobin Ai i ii Conrad a Rochefort Henri Hooray Joseph Agenor Rodrigue Florian Ross. Henri Norman to Ronald Morin. Wilfred a. Morin Armand j. Moussette Joseph Leon Morissette Edward mid Derig jr., James it Kcf a Jyce Donald Simeon Mckenney Jame Eugene Mcneil. Arthur Alfred Nadeau Camille Joseph Nadeau George Noel Nadeau Hercules Nadi a non Mand Nadeau Oscar Henri Nadeau Paul a. Nadeau. Urbam j. Nadeau Albert Neault Armand Neault jr., edouard Marcel Neault Felix Neault. Gerard Robert Neault. Joseph Pierre Neault Leo Paul p. Neault mar i Licien Marcel Ross Paul Rudolph Ross Rudolph i. To s. Leopold Rossignol Lurien j Rossignol Raoul l. Rossignol. Wilfrid r Rouillard. Paul Roger Hon a. Henri Wil Ham Roussel Alphonse Thomas Roy Andonia Antonio Roy. Arthur Maurice Roy Auguste Roy Conrad Roy Emile Joseph Roy Georges edouard Roy. Leonard Wilbert Roy Leo Paul Roy i Lorenzo Roy Paul Joseph Roy Raoul v. Roy. Raymond Roy Robert j. Roy Roland Roger Roy Wilfrid Henri Roy George Famile Ruel Gerald it. Ruel. Jean a Bell tied around tile neck of a bottle of Poison is a Good safety first measure for the Home. You May not see the Label in dim Light or when tumbling in the Medicine Cabinet in the dark. 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