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Biddeford Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1953, Page 4

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Biddeford Daily Journal (Newspaper) - June 29, 1953, Biddeford, Maine Pace fou Biddeford Dau y journal Biddeford me. Monday evening june 29, 1953 old amp a Fao Mea v Leo Joncas t. J. Mahoney publisher editor business office dial 4-5861, news room dial 4-8921 monday june 29, 1953 thought for evening there Are two Days in the week about which i never worry. Two Carefree Days Kent secretly free from fear and apprehension. One of these Days is yesterday. And the other Day i do not worry about is Jones Bur Dette. Taft s foreign Aid proposals Are in common sense vein senator Taft sitting on the sidelines in illness still is exercising his influence in Congress for moderation and common sense. His newest proposals for the foreign Aid Bill Are in that vein. The House has passed an authorization measure that would arbitrarily withhold from Western Europe $1 billion in military Aid until the six nations signatory to the european defense pact All ratify it. Only Western Germany thus far has done that. Taft understanding that foreign policy cannot be wielded like a club proposed that president Eisenhower be Given discretionary Powei to withhold funds until Edc is a reality. His evident expectation is that the president would choose not to withhold the Money. A i done to think we should make this a compulsory thing a the senator said. If his voice carries the weight it always has then perhaps the Senate will strike from the House Bill the a do it or else provision which Many foreign affairs experts believe is most unlikely to accomplish its goal anyway. Both Taft and Knowland have declared they will support the Senate a $5,318,000,000 foreign Aid authorization a figure $320,000,000 higher than the House Bill and within $200,000,000 of or. Eisenhower a recommendation. This important measure will be watched to see whether these two key senators Are Able to take the bulk of their gop colleagues along in backing it or whether decisive support will have to come from the democrats. In the House republicans voted 119 to 81 for a minimum Bill while democrats voted 160 to 21 for the Aid proposal. This hardly classifies As thumping gop support for an administration program. Taft knows this sort of thing is not calculated to gain for the administration the stature it needs if he republicans Are to retain their hold on Congress next year and on the presidency in 1956. Positive achievements must be rung up. Since their own political future is at stake in Many cases the lawmakers grudging Concession to this necessity is puzzling. It was the presidents popularity not theirs which was attested in the 1952 election. Politicians used to take the hint but times have changed. Nowadays Many a National lawmaker appears Bent not on Riding the presidents triumphant coattails but on trying to tie them into a noose about his own neck. What you done to know wont Hurt you unless you try to Tell your friends All about it. Every disaster makes people More proud of their blood relations with the red Cross. National notes in a pastor says Young people love driving a a the Moonlight. And when their car is parked too a lot of youths Likely will leave the farm this summer because they object to blowing through life. Local names in the news ten years ago York county a allotment of automobiles for rationing during july is 24. Newman Mcdonald who has just been commissioned a first lieutenant at fort Levett Portland is visiting at his Orchard Street Home before being assigned to Texas. Mrs. Priscilla Cunningham resigns As Captain of Saco red Cross motor corps. Mrs. Beulah Curtis is selected to fill vacancy. Prices of milk increase 4.64 per cent in United states during past year. By Peter Edson Nea Washington correspondent Washington Nea a Republican committee Headquarters in washing n was now moved into fancy new air conditioned it flee space just a couple of blocks for in i e White House. The entire Headquarters staff is now All together on one Moor one flight up. There. N Auto ramp in the building Core which a few of the hot shots to Park their cars univ a few Steps through a fire door and Down the Hall from their desks. Incidentally a part of the now contracting International information administration of Tho state department was moved out of this space to make room for the Republican National committee. Formerly tile gop organization in Washington was scattered in a hotel anti a couple of other buildings. One of the buildings was so narrow that people practically had to sit on each others laps. Now under the new National chairman Leonard Hall of new York a lot of files have been put in storage the staff has been Cut by 50 people to a Little Over too the rent has been Cut the committee is $100,000 in the Black and the Goose hangs High in Jovial fat Man optimism. The fact that taxes Are not being reduced this year is considered of minor importance. Individual income tax rates will decline automatically Jan. I. It do to allow the excess profits tax to expire before individual income taxes Are Cut. So the fat As its now called for Short will be continued till the end of the year in fairness to the Little taxpayers. Then with the casualty lists from Korea ended everything will be Rosy from the Republican Point of View. The drop in farm prices is not considered a serious obstacle. This is of course the Eastern thinking. It May represent a serious Blind spot for Republican strategists but that a the Way they talk. Aike is everything and everything is Ike. Ike is said to have More popularity today than for had in 1933, at the beginning of his term. The democrats gained 14 seats in Congress in the 1934 election. The republicans Hope to beat that in 1954. If they do it will be the second time in u. S. History that a party in Power has increased its congressional majority in mid term elections. Customarily tile party in Power loses seats Iii a mid term election. No particular Effort is now planned to get Republican congressional candidates pledged to support president Eisenhower a program. That apparently is not considered important since their have been no open splits Between Tho president and Congress thus far. Any kind of Republican will apparently do just so he a labelled Republican. The Republican patronage business is gradually being straightened out. Instead of being concentrated in the White House office of the assistant to the president. Gov. Sherman Adams of new Hampshire patronage is now being handled by National committee Headquarters. It is being liked to marginal states and districts. The businessman Cabinet is now said to have been fully indoctrinated on the importance of patronage. The plan now is to have government officials Call up and say a we need half a dozen or personnel men engineers or whatever Are needed. National Headquarters then picks the states from which the men should come and the state political leaders Are asked to recommend candidates. But the system still Isnit perfect for in a number of states the two senators or Tho governor and state chairman Are in rival local political Camps. Its the detours that really make you realize you Are driving to your vacation spot. Twenty years ago Cabanas old timers nine with Perreault on the firing line Are mowed Down by Kennebunk to to 5. The Biddeford cardinals continued their winning Streak by whipping Belmont a. C. 5-4. Go Beil hurled for winners. Tommy Romano Boston disposes of Eddie Doyle Bridgeport in one minute 50 seconds of the first round of main bout at pastime a. C. The two cent rate on local letters which becomes effective july i applies to letters mailed for delivery from the Post office where mailed. Thirty years ago miss Beatrice Atkinson and miss Dorothy Finney win in Low Gross and Low net prizes respectively at Biddeford Saco country club women a Golf tourney. Harry j. Muqueen manager of the Central theater for seven years is feted by employees of the local movie House before leaving for Waterville to become manager of the Waterville opera House. James p. Rundle will succeed him As manager. The University of Moville athletic Board is slated to meet at the Montreal House old Orchard Beach tomorrow to discuss the athletic policy for the 1923-24 season. Horace free 70-year-old Saco pedestrian challenges any resident of two cities regardless of age for a match Between this City und Biddeford Pool and return. Today s poem mid simmer s night Moon lit the world is still until a Nightingale salutes the summer liquid flow of Praise. Louise Darcy. Somebody s father he was Reading in the Garden with his Bible on his knee when the sacred words were carried through the tree tops out to me. A Grieve not the holy spirit a his voice both Sweet and Strong seemed to reach a hidden part of my life that had gone wrong. I hurried up the Garden path i Knelt beside his chair his kind eyes met my tearful ones i he heard my Story breathed i a prayer. That dear old Man with Snowwhite hair whose understanding heart could say the words that sent me Back to god was somebody a father mine too that Day. Lily d. Pearce old Orchard Beach. Or Bath who has continued hearing on charges that la Bath Clam dig Gers had taken clams from tin closed Mats. Elected director chief Oliver t. Sanborn o i Ortland was elected a direct of the new England fire chiefs association at the 31st annual conference at new Castle n. Of May adopt system Deputy Secretary of state Paul a. Macdonald said a Point system of penalizing Drivers of traffic violations with suspension of licenses if too Many Points Are accumulated May be inaugurated by next Jan. I. Such a program has been recommended by gov. Cross Highway safety conference. By Kelman Morin for Yipu new ?�?1took a a pm ride with a Bush Pilot in mex a while Back. This is not a a forming experience. He had a Little yellow with props about As Long As Span of a tall Man s arms plexiglass Blister in the roof tested that the a Plum might h been a Light bomber from the Maine matters to be represented Maine will be represented at the annual memorial services for american War dead july 4 in the Cathedral of the Pines at Rindge n h. In a Roll Call of the states a White Rose will be placed on the altar of the nations As the personal tribute of gov. Burton m. Cross and from each of the governors of the other states to make Survey a new pollution Survey of the Clam Mats on the lower Kennebec River that have been closed since 1951, will be made by the state according to municipal court judge Gardiner r. Deering of Community press ibs main St., Saco dial i-5i.jh free How to make your wedding go smoothly with each wedding invitation order and a wedding sorry. Winnie the Whitewash does t help that i can to be sure. I Jill having seen any in it be was used to fasten War but it not re which a i the door. There was no radio in the ship but then in the Region this Pilot covers it would have been simply excess baggage. There is no place to radio to. Our boy Hies Jungle and mountains exclusively. He probably would not feel at Home Riding a radio beam or even putting Down on a Concrete runway. Any old strip of reasonably level and uncluttered ground is Okay with him. So he was just the Man to take us to Palenque. This is a Village in Southeastern Mexico not far from the Border of Guatemala. Some seven Miles or so from the Village is a wonderful mayan Pyramid two or three exquisite temples and the ruins of a Palace. It would be Worth seeing even if you had to go through the Jungle on your hands and Knees. Last year the body of a King was found in that Pyramid a discovery of immense importance to the people who poke around in the remains of vanished civilizations. It raises again the ques Ever existed Between the mayans and the ancient egyptians. May be even the lost continent of at lantis if this sort of things interests you go to Mexico. The regular j mexican airline will put you i practically along Side most of the great archaeological Sites j j Palenque however requires a i Little doing. That show we happened to engage the services of the Bush Pilot. First there was the weigh in i which meant the passengers not their baggage. You can to take j anything except a lightweight i Toothbrush. There were some seats bolted to the Moor facing a Ach other in i i the manner of bucket seats. You i have to sit up near the cockpit Ion the Takeoff and Landing. There i was no door on the cockpit i which permitted an excellent i View of a first class Pilot flying As the wide Blue yonder boys used to say by the seat of his s pants. Well we got off Tho ground j played tag with a couple of Mountain tops and headed Northeast. Presently we were Over the the ill ave subscription Kates payable in pc Vance one month $1.30 six months $7 50 one year $14 30 by mail to members of the armed forces one month 70 cents six months $3.75 one year $7.00. Member of the associated Ekiss the associated press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of All the local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news dispatches. Entered As second class matter it the bid Deloi d put Vilice. The Best in television is yours with an Roa Victor set from Roberts jewelry 22 Alfred St., Biddeford for Fine clothing its n. Nadeau amp son Ralph a. Nadeau prop. 203 main St., Biddeford City building Saco Little league tonight 6 15 Boucouvalas Bros. Is. V. F. W. At Saco memorial Field see George about the new Westinghouse to ready tor Tup Garnache furniture and appliance 140 Elm St., Biddeford Antenna specialists Goudreau radio so to service Admiral amp Motorola cd Washington 4-ch81 tonight Loo 44 7 4 30 4 5 00 4 7 5 15 4 7 5 30 i 7 0 00 i 7 6 15 4 6 30 it 11 7 0 45 4 7 00 4 7 7 10 7 7 15 4 7 7 30 4 7 7 4r, 4 7 8 00 4 7 8 30 4 7 9 00 4 7 9 30 4 7 10 00 7 10 30 i 11 00 i 7 11 05 <7 11 10 4 11 10 4 12 05 7 in your account Tonto Basin outlaw ladies Choice Hawkins Falls songs of the West Gabby Hayes time for Beany Ilo Wuy Doody big game Hunt science sketches kit Carson news adventures your to theater bump Hadley sightseeing news service weather service news yesterday s newsreel Boh and Ray news news tvs top tunes what a my name Burns Aud Allen voice of Firestone Godfrey a Talent Eye witness i love Lucy Robert Montgomery masquerade party summer theater Douglas Fairbanks news news theater quirk As a Flash night owl theater news and weather solid Clouds. This Pilot has a few Streak of Grey in ins Black hair Anc he must have been around quite a while to acquire them. Or else perhaps they All came at once when he was trying to get Down through a ceiling like that in mountainous terrain. Our flight was to have taken about 50 minutes. Sure enough some 45 minutes after Takeoff the Captain nosed the Bug Down into the Clouds. As usual it was Lite flying through a bowl of milk except that nobody was below to calmly radio data and directions for a ground controlled approach Lancing. Some 30 seconds later he turned her nose up again and gunned the motors. The plane burst out above the Clouds. He kept on his northeasterly course. From time to time he glanced at his watch. Once or twice he flipped the switches on the fuel indicators. The Needles were not encouraging. Finally he went into the Clouds again. This time he kept going and presently broke through. We were Over a Plain and All he had to find was a level stretch to put Down on. He picked an Avenue Between some Trees that looked about As wide Trade in Sale refrigerators and washers Stop look and save e. L. Miniutti 190 main St. Saco Sale a greatest in town cons furniture store 32 water St., Biddeford me. Dial 4-6522 or 2-1263 you get a clearer picture with Maine to Biddeford me. 313 main St., dial 2-9371 television Armanda radio service while u Walt atkinsons Yea t aria Westinghouse appliances Biddeford sea for the be to reception it Zenith r Al eviction see Leblond radio and to 471 Elm St., Biddeford dial 2-9239 dial 2-9432 for emergency repairs petites television service 131 Elm St. Had deform As a Bowling Alley. And there we were. In that Type of flying he explained you must More or less smell your Way through the mountains. The first time he started Down through the Clouds things did no to smell right. Next time on that run i ride with Jimmy Durante. Indians Cotton new Delhi up a India s land under Cotton cultivation in 1952-53 totalled 13,700,000 acres agriculture minister p. S. Desh Mukh says. There is a room for some increase in acreage but the government placed greater stress on increase yields in areas now cultivated. Maine my k commission ionised schedule of minimum milk prices tor tile Ridden re Saco Portland Aud Kennebunk areas. The Maine milk commission does herein establish and ii Hie following minimum wholesale Ann retail prices in the following a Biddeford Saco. Portland and Kennebunk markets designated by the commission As natural marketing areas. Said schedule of prices is established and fixed after investigation and Public hearing thereon at Augusta Maine january a to. I of watch Healing due notice was Given. After consideration of the evidence said prices so lived Are found to he just and reasonable taking into due consideration the insuring of an adequate Supply of mire and wholesome milk and conditions affecting the milk Industry including a reasonable return to the producer and dealer. It in a Foch Saco Market Means the cities id Biddeford and Saco in Hie county of York. Kenneht no Market Means the towns of Kennebunk. Kennebunkport North Kennebunkport and melts in the county of York. Portland Market Means the cities of Portland South Portland and Westbrook and the towns of Falmouth Cape Elizabeth and curb. County id Cumberland old Orchard reach including any parts of the pier or Beach near the business Section id soil town in lie count id York revised Scheriff of Minimi w prices Al Ici i in e Iii i v>3 Prohl Lek to re it Elk s lies dealers within these areas shall pay tor milk Parcha Seil from producers i. O. It., dealer s Plant per cwt. Per of. For class i milk of 3."\cf a. F. Test si.31 Cor skim milk sold for fluid human consumption not Flavoured 0,33 95 for class la milk the weighted average Price of 10-quart units of tie non Ling Quality Cream received in Carload lots i. A. A Ruston divided in 33 \ 3.7. Such prices except skim shall be tor each 1/10 of iof average lint Ter fat creased a like amount for each 1/10 of 11 Low said test. Increased he per hundredweight Content above said test and Dent average butter fat Content be wit. K White or Flavoured quart. Pint. To of. Bottles. H pint i dint school Iii Mil Only Hulk k it. Caus per it. Hulk 20 audio it. Cans per it. Kei Xii. Xxx ii orcs sales sales s.23a. 135 $.21 .1225 .0875mi7 a Quot a .0025 .21 .20 skim for fluid quart. .15 13 consumption Hulk per gallon. 50 not Flavoured the above schedule of prices shall be the Iii i ii i Iii ii Iii wholesale and retail prices to be charged tor milk distributed within tii Csc areas for fluid consumption wherever produced and shall hold until further revision in tin of Mission. There shall he a bottle charge of 5c to All wholesale customers excepting benevolent Aud educational institutions. Milk in non returnable containers shall be sold for in More than Hie schedule Price. Mutation of these rules will result in revocation it License and a Tine. I x i n i milk Hill Mission. Earl p. Indoor ban Luau. Or 3rd big week Jar / done to miss it Jamboree a amp a super Market Ocean Park Avenue at route i main St Saco prizes no obligation to buy a thing in order to participate. Jamboree continues through july la. Come Early and often you May enter your name every time you visit the store. All tickets valid for drawings. 4 to sets table Model 17-Inch screen i to set to be awarded this Friday at 3 30 p m 72 food baskets value., Good thing 5 baskets to be awarded daily at 3 30 p m in tort is Sim Ime 1� m me grm0 Prue is bring the family and x friends of

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