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Biddeford Daily Journal Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1884, Page 4

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Biddeford Daily Journal (Newspaper) - August 20, 1884, Biddeford, Maine By Dufford daily journal. Wednesday evening. August 20. 1884. Loan and Sale Agency. Woman and Home. paragraphs for Many anxious Mother. Ith it Fhy a run firs to six Seres Sun build-$60lj. In be a Allred Road. About six mile from Biddeford Fine and to alter location. Good Bouse. Known As Tbs 8eth Dennett place. A bargain. Do w aft big Trade in a farm of .141 i Xis a cres. One Story Bouse 9 room stable and other outbuildings All in Good condition fruit to rarity a about 160 Apple Trees one halt grafted and in bearing pears grapes currants and Straw berries. Abundance of Wood. Never tailing Well. Taoac Rasof growing crops. A is a to to new two Story Dusl k o or. Homos m. Davis Comer of Kadis Sod Osk streets. Fine Loos Ion 10.000 fast of is of enclosed by Grette Cor Betone with Chow Vine fire of frail thing new and in prime condition the owner desires to sell at once and offers this extracts from Jos Nln Miller and by Perkins a what is wanted a death in tile Teh hag a it Otee. If a baby cries warm its feet before Yon dose it. Remember that other people have children be Well is you self. As they grow older win their Confidence if you do not somebody else will. Show the children that Yon love them do not expect them to take it on Trust. Cultivate them separately and not As if you were turning them out by machinery. 8ing to the Little ones the memory of a Nursery song will cling to them through life. Let the children make a noise sometimes their happiness is As important is your boat and on easy tart. Pm in particulars consult k. Ii. Tom Quot a Gove or or. H. M. Davis. Loans negotiated tor Lender or Bor i Ywe Pectal attention Given to Sale of real estate in City or coun y. By h. Govess Sale Aud loan Agency so m sum we Kula lower prices i am Belling All kinds of Grain Ai greatly reduced prices. Look at my Price current below com per bag $1.35 meal 1.30 cracked Corn 1,30 Oats per Bushel .48 Cotton seed meal per bag 1.45 shorts per cwt by the bag 1.12 1-2 Fine feed per cwt., by the bag 1.40 flour 2 cts per la same per ton $38 00 also constantly on hand a Large assortment of West India goods groceries and canned meats of All kinds etc., at the lowest prices. A obits for Ike Model Alii Hay Teller a. 6. Prentiss is i Iii 5 Tariu san. Sis i go to in Brutto. The Washington Street Ca Eli Aue manufacturers to get your carriages and sleighs repaired. All kinds of repairing done in a first class manner at reasonable rates. Open carriages of All descriptions constantly on hand at the lowest prices. Old carriages made to Shine like new for a Small sum of Money. Give us a trial order. As the boys grow up make companions of them then they will not seek companionship elsewhere. Believe in a child a statements unto you Are sure they Are incorrect mistrust Breeds estrangement. Drew the children sensibly cover up their limbs i Winter and study health first and appearance second. Allow children As they grow older to have opinions of their own make them individuals and not Mere echoes. As Long As it is possible kiss them Good night after they Are in bed they do like it so and it keeps them very dose. Talk hopefully to your children of life Sod you have no right to depress them because you have suffered. Bear in mind that you Are largely responsible for your child a inherited character and have patience with faults and failings. Attend to them yourself a go Between betwixt Mother and child is like a Middle Man in business who gets the largest share of the profits. Reflect that a pert child is an abomination train your children to be respectful and to hold their tongues in the presence at their superiors. Remember that although they Ore All your children each one has an individual character and that tastes and qualities vary indefinitely. Respect their Little secrets if they have concealment worrying them will never a Irp them Tell and patience will probably do their work. Remember that without physical health mental attainment is worthless let them Lead free Happy lives which will strengthen both mind and body. Make your boys and girls study physiology when they Are ill try and make them understand Why How the complaint arose and the remedy As far As you know it. Teach boys and girls the actual facts of life As soon As they Are old enough to understand them and give them a sense of responsibility without saddening them. Impress upon them from Early infancy that actions have results and that they cannot escape consequences even by being sorry when they have acted wrongly. Find out what their special testes Are and develop them instead of speeding time Money and patience in forcing them into studies that Are repugnant to them. As your daughters grow up teach them at least the True merits of housekeeping and cookery they will thank you for it in later ims a great Deal More than for accomplish Biddeford Bonds municipal loan. 4 Der sent. Bonds due 1904. J n Erst payable Semi annually. $6,000,000. Net debt $t76,000. For Sale by o. F. Pape treasurer. Farm for Sale. The Thomas d. Locke farm id Biddeford on the Road from Biddeford to Goodwin s Mills about three in lies Tom the City is offered for a als. Fifty acres of the beat of Laud House barn and other buildings. For information enquire of John by. Goodwin at his office in Biddeford me. May 15,1884. A. Oard. To a who Are Buffet no fro that will cum Yoc wha _ from the errors Aud Roos weakness Early -.ac., i will Send a recipe Frbnk of charge discovered by a mis Send a i self and afro any in South America dressed envelope to the a a Joseph t. . Station a new i mils Geo. E. Watson Temple st port most Central location. Terms tails to Exoe lied. Maintain a respectful tone to their father before them of he is not All you wish still make them respect him he is always their father and disrespect to him is a reflection upon yourself. Try and sympathies with girlish flights of fancy even if they seem absurd to you by so doing you. Will retain your influence Over your daughters and not teach them to a sympathy elsewhere. The tiresome stairs. Joaquin Miller How Many ambitious Farmers with ambitious wives have mortgaged their farms to build a two Story House and sent their women folks the remainder of their lives trotting up and Down stairs with aching backs How Many ambitious wives seeing their neighbors with two Story houses have had a double mortgage tacked on the farm and built three Story houses a those stairs for women woman a pretty feet belong on the level floor. She has not wings yet. Better build a House big enough to spread Over every foot of the farm than pile House on top of House and have the women Folk spend their lives climbing up and Down stairs�?1,700,000 Miles of stairs these Are the figures furnished me by a careful statistician. Half of this could be avoided. And How Many women a lives would that save annually do you think ? look at these two and three Story farmhouses and Homes tata country towns in the great West. Hight in the path of the Cyclone catching All the winds and storms of Winter absorbing All the burning rays of summer and sickly broken backed women creeping wearily up and Down the stairs. With All creation to spread out their houses on the aspiring occupants pile Housetop upon Housetop. And hideous phew besides building too High the american builds Bis House altogether too big How Many unoccupied rooms have you in your House ton have no moral right to have one. Or if you have a moral and a Legal right to have an unoccupied room in your House while so Many Are homeless you have no right to it under the Laws of health. For the unoccupied room is the room in which death takes up his abode with you and Waits for his victim. He does not have to wait Long particularly if the unoccupied room is new and Damp. No let us go Back to the lowly Little Bouse in which our fathers lived in honest and Humble Content. It does not take a very big House to hold love and Hope and rest meting for Beauty. By Perkins London letter a Why is it a i asked a medical Friend a Why is it that there Are no Beautiful women in England in a it is because poor people feed so badly from necessity that they cannot look healthful and because the Rich aristocracy drink Burgundy and Champagne in place of pure water. Beer bread a and old cheese a continued the doctor a will not make Good looking women neither will Burgundy Champagne and lobster salad. The poor Uve poorly from ignorance and necessity and the Rich Uve on unhealthful food because it is fashionable. If All our women would Stop a moment and think about their food if they would consume a bowl of health giving Idee Oatmeal or Plain bread and milk twice a Day roses would come to their Cheeks again their Champagney breaths would become Sweet As the breath of a baby and dimples would come to their chins. And if our Man toe pent inned the doctor a Weald Stop drinking brer and rum and Stop Enfin salads and a rare bits at night and astonish their stomachs with pure water and bread and Hulk diabetes Brights disease and dyspepsia would cease As it to All our Rich people Arn bucking their stomachs and kidneys against a Copper distillery they Are re distilling a their food for nature absorbs nothing but pure water and pure food. If we drink fermented liquor or wines our stomachs have to red still i it nature absorbs the food on water and the motion is pushed off through the sewers of the body making a Poison bloated nose or a Burgundy coloured face that s what to the matter with the faces of our English aristocracy. That a Why our women look coarse. That s Why the purple and red none takes the place of the Pink Cheek of your healthful american _ death in the Olsta Clatt. Western Magazine a i had some neighbors once Clever Good sort of folks one fall four of them were sick at one time with typhoid fever. The doctor ordered the vinegar barrels whitewashed and threw about 40 cents Worth of car Bol in acid in the swill pail and departed. I went into the Kitchen to make Gruel i needed a dish cloth Ami looked about and found several and snob a rage a i burned them All and called the daughter of the House to get me a dish cloth. The looked round on the tables. Why a said she a there was about a dozen Here this morning a and she looked in the Wood Box and on die mantel piece and Felt in the dark Corner of the cupboard. A Well i said a i saw some old Black Rotten rags lying round and i burned them for there is death in such dish cloths As these and you must never we such a a i took turns at pulling that family four weeks and i believe those dirty dish cloths were the Ca use of All that hard work. Therefore i say to every housekeeper keep your dish cloths clean. You May Wear your dresses without ironing your Sun bonnets without elastics but you must Lreh a your dish cloths clean. Yoe May Only comb your hair tin sundays you need not Wear a Collar unless you go from Home but you must Wash your dish cloth. You May Only sweep the floor a when the sign gets right the window done to need washing you Cha look out at the door that spider web on the front porch done to Hurt anything but As you love your lives Wash out your dish cloth let the Foxtail get Ripe in the Garden the seed is a foot deep anyway let the holes in the heels of your husband s foot rags go unearned let the Sage go a gathered let the children a shoes go two sunday s without blacking let two heats sit four weeks on one wooden egg but do Wash out your dish cloths. Eat without a table cloth Wash your faces and let them dry do without a curtain for your window and cake far your Tea but for heaven s Sake keep your dish cloths clean. What is wast a. Mary h. Ford in Kansas City journal in the Olden times there would really have been More excuse for living without a Home than at present Fen the life was so Mach simpler the spiritual needs were ranch narrower that one really required Little else in a Home than Good eating and sleeping what else do you want a inquires Plethoria papa. Whose stomach is always the least satisfied part of his being or some fashionable Mamma whose breakfast raps and soirees Are so absorbing that she has no time for butchers and Bakers and children s Story boobs what else does one want in the place a quiet Corner far away from gossip and prying eyes where ones own individuality can grow and develop without fear of hostile criticism and where one can son times enjoy a moments quiet untroubled with one s children or one s friends. And in the second place a spot where the children of the household can keep their Little hearts Young and not grow too soon Learned in the Wisdom of this world. Most americans do not have Homes they have merely places to stay where the father can read his newspaper the Mother ply the sewing machine and the children make molasses Candy or have annual birthday parties. But the idea of a heart Center where love is cherished thoughts Are fostered and morals expanded is apparently unheard of in their philosophy. Mater families goes to Church on sunday without an idea that she is leaving the holiest Temple behind her of which she is High priestess and if you should dissect her brain you would find that in the Corner devoted to a a necessities the strata of clothes Cooks sewing girls and roast Turkey fill up All but the smallest Crevice conscientiously set aside for religious belief and Church membership. Delicately sponged with a Little Borax and water without injury a teaspoonful of to tiered Borax to nearly a Quait of water is my proper proportion use a very soft spasms and by the Way a sponge May be softened by boiling it in Clear water then take it out and rinse it in several Waters of not softened sufficiently repeat the boiling and rinsing proceed a sunshiny husband. The household a sunshiny husband makes a merry Beautiful Home Worth having Worth working in and for. If the Man to Breezy. Cheery considerate and sympathetic his wife sings in Ber heart Over her puddings and her mending Basket and Renews her youth in the Security she feels of his approbation and admiration. You May think it weak or childish if you please but it to the admired wife the wife who hears words at Praise and receives smiles of commendation who is capable discreet and executive i have seen a timid Meek self distrusting Little body fairly Bloom into Strong self reliant woman Bood under the tonic and the cordial of companionship of a husband who really went out of his Way to find occasion for showing her How fully be trusted her judgment and How fully be deferred to her opinion. There is much mors in a Good fit than in style. Annual Mark Down Sale of foliate in shoe which Tala women persistently i bore Princess Loa ices poot Covern and Bateu Terry a boots. Too Bash Al Philadelphia Presa Boom ladies Are beginning to complain of the killing nuisance As now practice Between members of their sex it is declared that the practice of one woman saluting another Arith a kiss whenever she meets Ber after an absence to becom no too common and that the ejaculatory Welcome should be limited to ladle who Are very dear Friend a and to gentlemen when properly authorised. Many ladies who do not like to seem rude Are compelled to kiss other ladle of their acquaintance when they meet them because it seems to be expected and to refuse to return the salutation would be embarrassing. To Lei Tho new York evening poet it to Only when a woman to morbid from in health or overwork that the dust which accumulates on the table or along the edges of the carpet or in the Corner of the stairs lire like a Burden upon Hor a hopeless Burden for it Tias she knows in stronger and brighter moments a simple matter not requiring much time or muscle to remove of she feels like this for Days together she should summon Resolution enough to walk out of the Bouse and look it the outside work the heed not go far to see a great a Deal that will give Relief to her mind. Women la Sarita Leaff. Foreign letter women both in France and Hwi tier land have a far More important Rota in the family among the Middle and lower classes than the female though net exempt from hard work undertakes the thinking and managing department in the family affairs and the husband is but the executive officer. I Switzerland especially the female to note by Superior in manner habits tact and intelligence to the husband. White Alskog Tho hands. Nothing will Whiten the hands so quickly As wheat flour. Sift several quarts of it mix it with a Little water add a cake of yeast and then put an a pair of kid gloves dusted on the inside with flour and go to bed. The next morning take off the gloves Wash your hands and then return to your vessel of flour and work it with your hands for half a hour. Let it stand for awhile then work it again the same make into loaves and Baka the Irish lass hand. Chicago Herald noted for their pot Atim poor the Irish peasantry Are t Beautiful Banda whether living bog trotting and Damp climate improve the hand we know not but the Irish lass has a Well formed and pretty hand. They Are a Small handed people no mutter now much they was a Iron Cook or dig the English in the contrary ars a people of big Knuckles so Are the scotch. A word Tapa re a to. Rev. E. P. Roe Hee that your child never leaves any task half dupe or slovenly untitled and therefore give not too Many tasks. Thoroughness to the Corner Stone of Success. There to no place in the world now for Smat carers who know a Little and Only a Little of everything under the Sun. There is always an honorable place for those who can do any kind of honest work in the Best manner. Napkins and Flager bowl. Juliet Corson in the housekeeper Hie dinner cloth should be fresh and spotless and the napkins Large and White after the dinner is Over the napkins should be Laid loosely at the Side of the Plato. If the Napkin should happen to fall to the floor during the dinner the guest should not attempt to recover it but should wait until a sign can be made to the waiter to restore it if it Falls under the table out of easy reach no attempt should be made to regain it because that would inconvenience ones neighbor at the table. The White Napkin to used to dry the Mouth and angers after the Finger Bouti have been used. The Finger bowls Are placed on the table after it has been cleared for the service of the dessert they Are usually set on a fancy China plate on which a pretty embroidered or etched Napkin is Laid. If a fruit Napkin of a Wash material is Laid under the Finger bowl it is to be used if fruit is served with the dessert otherwise the dinner Napkin continues in use until the end of the repast. The Finger bowls Are of different coloured Glass a variation in color being desirable a Little water is poured into each one before they Are placed on the table and in some houses a Small Glass of perfumed water is set in the Finger bowl which is raised to moisten the lips and then replaced. The tips of the fingers Are dipped in the bowls and then dried on the dinner Napkin. Care of the Home. Philadelphia Call a Friend who has several Small and careless children who continually scatter articles about her sitting room keeps her Home in order by a picking up All the after several Days spent in her Home we saw that she really did this but so deftly and easily that we did not at first observe it. The table cover was straightened As she passed it for her thimble the baby a toys were put in order As she stooped to Pat him and the Dis arranged ornaments of the mantel found their proper place by a move or two of her hand. This constant Oare is the foundation of Good housekeeping. A minority report on a foxed question. Minneapolis journal mothers in Law Are usually Good Loving and lovable women whose occasional errors lean to Virtues Side and arise rather from an excess of affection than from its opposite Quality. To clean flush. Chicago journal that Plush May be chewed is a fact of interest children a Plush Coats that have become soiled on the front can be softly and Ruurd Hall subscribe Fok the daily journal Only 50 cts. Per month delivered a Uteri can to Asea. Sir be pc i Griffin s Book the position in which the americans have placed their women is the Best guarantee that the nation will outgrow the blemishes which now disfigure it and will in the future attain a higher civilization than has been enjoyed by any people who have regarded their intellectual and political life As the undivided Dominion of Man. A thousand to due. Grace Greenwood i believe that for one woman whom the pursuits of literature the ambition of authorship and the love of Fame have ran dered unfit for Home life a thousand have been made undo Estic by poor social striving Tho follies of fashion and the intoxicating distinction which Mere personal Beauty confers. To warn oar porn too. New York Post an appetizing Way to warm Over potatoes to to heat them in a Saucepan containing a Coffee cupful of beef Stock Well seasoned with a Alt Pepper and a Little Parsley which has first been browned to butter Cut the potatoes in thin slices and let them Cook slowly until they Are saturated with the Gravy of disk w asking. Chicago journal dish washing is without doubt a source of constant annoyance but this difficulty a Philadelphia soap manufacturer promises to overcome by the introduction of am automatic method of dish washing and drying a was soon As women make up their minds to cease their almost idiotic opposition to new All women. One of the Boston theatres is now occupied by no other employees than women by whom All the parts in an opera Are played the tickets Are sold and collected the auditors shown to their seats and the orchestral music made. Afternoon Tea. A slice of candied fruit is one of the newest fancies for Sweeting the afternoon Tea cup. Lemon juice instead of Cream makes a refreshing drink either for Bot or cold Arthurs Magazine the prudent use of credit in personal expenses forbids its employment for the obtaining of anything that one can do without. _ Philadelphia Call mirrors Are now often Hung with curtains caught Back in the old Way As if draping a window. Beware of the girl who never talks a Ubab talk to a pretty infant subscribe for the daily journal Only 50c. Per month delivered Chicago Tribune a i Tell Yon what it time. Reporter women Are responsible for All or nearly auth ill shaped feet extant they done to know How to have a shoe fitted themselves and they wont let a shoe dealer fit it for them. In Short a woman buying shoes will not be reasoned with. Americans like the French have always had a reputation for Short fast a not Small fret mind you but Short fret with full ankle Broad toes and arching instep naturally enough they have been desirous of maintaining this reputation and they still cling to the belief that Small shoes make Small feet smaller. Whether the Shore ars for herself her grown daughter any of their children or even the labs in arms she insists that they must it in length and Width. The result is her own fest ars deformed with bunions protruding joints and such swelling from distorted Tom and i growing Natal As makes her existence in a walking Boot a perfect penance. Poor baby who grows and crows by the Day has a shoe the exact length of his Little foot but the foot not Only works Down but grow Down also there to no room fear the lengthening Tore so the joints us pushed up and there to a lateral expansion instead of a pushing Down. The consequence to the foot becomes Broad the Tore Are cramped the Heel flattened ankle thickened and the natural Beauty of that Organ lost Quot the clerk darted off to wait a the wife of a prominent lawyer and As he paired to get a Box of Shore called the reporter Over to look on. The was a Tan woman beautifully dressed and the delicate lace in bar sleeves had a suggestion of Sweet Clover that a both pleasant and refreshing to the Massa the wore a pair of Beautiful Black silk stocking a a color to which All women with Large fast Ara inclined and when she asked for 4�?�, the brow of the clerk involuntarily wrinkled. Quot if you win allow me to suggest i think a b win be much better for your style of foot you see your foot to Quito full and it win take a Long Ade to counterbalance the a that to your idea but it win please me very much if you will give me the Bise i a i beg your Pardon in Bee i intended no offence i assure you and i have just the Boot you the gentleman for such he was in every sense took out a pair of 4�?ch, smoothed the crease out of Tbs Suky bom Shook a kit of frae powder in Tbs kid tined Boot sad getting Down at Bor tide on one knee prepared for a Tua eel for such it proved to be. The shoe went on slowly the clerk was Rad the woman stamped her food Well to get it Down and before attempting to Button it he kneaded the leather into the Foci until it was a As a snug Jersey in a fat Girt. A just let me stretch it a Little a he said As is pulled it off with much of the same difficulty experienced in getting it on. The Boot was stretched the buttons were moved some oat and some in and handing the Clark it. So she ordered the soles to be blackened and sent Home before supper. A that to just the Rase i was citing a the owner said As she left the store. A that woman should have property a Jya Boot her foot would look hotter and the Boot last Jota twice re Long. But she rides a great Deal and a Ber feet Are Mars or ires exposed getting to and out of the Carriage she prefers to make them appear As Small As possible. But she pays dearly for her vanity. Her feet Are one Mare of contusions and bunions and i am told she hires a chiropodist to treat her by the year. A about our male Trade there to very Little to contend with. A Man comes in pays anywhere from 4 to 26 for a pair of Taos and wants it distinctly understood that if the goods Ara not what they Are represented to be that will be the last of his patronage. The fit is left to our judgment and when such is the Case we give him an easy Width and a length just three wises larger than measure of the stockinged foot. A i have a family who have traded with me for thirteen years and i take great ride in the Beautiful feet i am shaping or cultivating if you will in that House the Mother and i came to an understanding about it and As the children have pedals totally those of either parents they concur to giving me the entire credit. The girls Are the eldest one la and Ute other iut and As i Maist on their wearing no. Amp shoes which to three inches longer than the foot you May it Quot a a grim there is some disposition toward rebellion. Bota however take a treble a which in the narrowest last made but i want the toot to have plenty of room and As soon As Tho growth stops i will retrench on the length. Were this plan More generally adopted there would be a smaller number Tif misshapen feet than there Hie same authority tells us that Spring heels Are now being mad in sizes As huge As no. 5, and girls Are kept to them until they Are 15. The Good sense of this seems to be endorsed by physicians who claim that Taall the running and romping done by children there is a great danger of turning the ankh or twisting the cords because the heels on the school shoes for ratings and youths Are not Broad enough to be Safe or sure. Ail the Garden shoes and those for Tennis Archer Rifle shooting and similar out door sports for women Are made without heels. The spies Are thick and finished with a coating of leather done to Horseshoe Nail cutting. The uppers Ara Black Morocco. It May be stated that mire Terry coaids not be induced to Wear a tight Boot har Low shoes were so ample that she could put them on and take them off without Unla cing the strings. When the matter was mentioned the charming actress said a blare your heart i be bothered with tight boots Why a woman to not sure of her footing when Ber fest Are Ina trap and Grace then is not to be Princess Louise teas seen by the writer on state Street one very wet Day two years ago and As her dress was Shorter than usual on account of the weather the Opportunity for observation was most favourable. The a of her Royal highness were not unlike new York Pointe now worn by Mea the toes were round and tapering heels Low and Broad the Width appeared to be about a and the last must have been a 6. They were laced Over four or five Hooks and so Low in Cut As to leave the ankle exposed. She wore Black stockings As did her maids of Honor and tire writer was informed that ?8 style was used All year the leather varying with the season. An English woman a shoes Are never Tore than an Tach and a hat longer than the foot and this no doubt is one of the reasons Why she gets so much real enjoyment out Al walking Ithmer dress goods Leighton sharing completed our annual Mark Down we shall Owr the following special bargains on monday july 14. Too Yards of French sateen at 12 l-2c per Yard former Price 25c. 10oo Yards of beet Quality of Gingham at 8c, marked Down from 10c. For a few Days Only we shall offer our Best Quality of coloured Silks in All of the desirable shades at the extremely Low Price of 87 l-2c, former Price $1.25. We Hull close the balance of our summer Silks at 35 and 42 l-2c per Yard. Our 69c Black silk will compare favourably with any $1.00 silk in the Market. Bleached and Brown Cottons at Cost. Bleached Cottons one Yard wide at 5, 6 1-4, 8 and 10c. Unbleached Cotton 4, 5 and 6 l-4c per Yard. Our object ii to close out summer goods and make room for fall purchases. C. H. Leighton. Mark Down of great millinery at Cousens Milliner Emporium in Mhz Street Biddeford me. Job lot of Lack Chip hats Only 50 cents won to be cheap at . Also a Large assortment of trimmed Bonnet and hat will be sold at extremely Low prices to Elope. Done to fail to secure some of these bargain. A Large assortment of Harper Bakar pattern for ladies Ansi children a snits will be old for the Small Sam of to cents to Clear. Foil direction tor making and trimming inside of each pattern. These Are decidedly the heat paper Cut pattern in the Market for fit and style. Done to forget the Placer mrs. F. H. Cousens 135 main st., Biddeford. Spring and Sommer of 1884. Would respecting invite the attention and consideration of every careful and economical person in this Vicinity to the fact that Money can he saved by purchasing their Lui boots and shoes at Bis store. He has a larger and better Stock to select from than aver before. The latest styles and Moat reliable goods and the lowest prices that the same Elsas of goods can be possibly sold for. I still intend to retain my reputation for keeping the Best and most reliable hoots and shoes Ever sold in this Market and Don t intend to be undersold by any dealer in Biddeford. For gents we keep a splendid line of shoes which embraces a Large variety of Standard makes which we Are Selling at extremely Low Price. We have a full Unk of Fitzptrick s Hotd Jed Butin Hank til which cannot be excelled tor style and fit. We also have the m. A. Packard amp �3.99 calf Sho the greatest bargain Ever offered in Biddeford. Try a pair of them. They Ara equal to any $6 shoes in the Market. Every pair warranted As Good As represented or the Money refunded. We have the exclusive Sale of them in this City. Try a pair of there Bagful in ladies misses and children s shoes we shall ofter tremendous bargains tor Tho next so Days. All these goods we have marked Down fully 25 per cent., As a want the room for summer goods. We also have severs Odd lots that we will Clote oat without regard to Cost. The first Comers will get the Best bargains. Wichael by debits 26 main st., Crystal Arcade Biddeford Libby amp Etchells have just received another car of Nice roller Price $5.95 per bbl. We have just opened a lot of masons self sealing Glass fruit jars. The most reliable in use. Shultz amp soap. We give each purchaser of a two Pound bar a Chicago citizen theft Tan form of super j Noe so Loeb plated Napkin ring. Titi of if we May no the term More revolt teas which to spiritual thaes it party Pantie a super subscribe for subscribe for we have pure Paris Green. The daily journal the daily journal Libby amp. Etchells ohly 50c. Per month delivered. Only 50c, per month delivered. I 71 Hun Streit. Biddeford. Choice butter Cedar Hill Creamery Lien Rose Creamery two of the finest creameries. It has a perfect flavor is fresh made and will keep. Parties desiring Nice butter should try it. D. F. Littlefield sole agent for Saco and Biddeford 110,112 amp in main st., Saco. Me
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