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Biddeford City Edition Journal Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 13 1980, Page 5

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Biddeford City Edition Journal Tribune (Newspaper) - August 13, 1980, Biddeford, Maine Adonai Chrysler hikes prices Detroit up a Chrysler corp. Has raised the Price of its 1980 import vehicles an average of $277, or 4.9 percent effective immediately. Affected by the Price hikes were Dodge Colt and Colt wagons Dodge challenger Plymouth Champ Plymouth Arrow Plymouth Sapporo and Dodge d-50 and Arrow pickups. Chrysler said tuesdays action was necessary to offset increased manufacturing and Energy costs incurred by its supplier. The increases do not apply to units in dealer inventory the company said. Chrysler said there were no equipment changes but there were selected option increases and a destination charge increase of $5 per vehicle. Kickapoo out again Eagle pass Texas up a the Kickapoo indians driven from their original Homeland in Wisconsin almost 150 years ago because they refused to be assimilated were forced to evacuate again by Hurricane Allen. Members of the tribe believed to number Between 600 and 1,000, had to leave their cardboard huts called Wick ups under an overpass of the Rio Grande when the River became swollen by rain from the Hurricane the Maverick county sheriff s office said tuesday. Sgt. Raul b Diaz said some of the Kickapoo left Eagle pass after the flood warning came and others were staying at a fall different places around town with people they some however refused to abandon their Homes during the temporary evacuation. Titanic search stalled Abilene Texas up a the chief financier of an expedition to locate the is titanic says he received reports a search teams efforts were Cut Short by 10-to-12-foot seas in the North Atlantic. A fall the equipment is sitting there waiting to go Back to the three target areas a a said millionaire Jack Grimm who reported last week sonar gear on the 175-foot . Fay had pinpointed three a a targets that could be the titanic. Plans were to locate and photograph the titanic this summer during relatively Calm weather and to return next july and descend More than 2 Miles in a submarine for an attempt at retrieving artefacts. Grimm and his partners Hope to recoup their investment through proceeds from a movie a Book Magazine articles pictures and merchandising. Grimm said tuesday he received the report of rough seas from the Crew a Day earlier. Near miss Bloomington 111. Up a a nude one armed Man fearing for his life escaped from three thieves trying to stuff him into the trunk of his car and ran from door to door seeking help police say. Clarence Feller told authorities he had been propositioned by two women tuesday and followed them Back to their apartment where he engaged in sex with one. The other joined by a Man took Fellers clothes and ransacked his car. Feller ran outside naked to confront the thieves. Out manned and out clothed he was chased through the streets and dragged Back to the apartment where they allegedly threatened to Cut off his remaining Arm and other parts of his body. Death penalty debated Boston up a capital punishment instead of deterring murderous acts increases the number of homicides committed shortly after the execution of criminals two northeastern University sociologists say. A we found that in the month after an execution there was an average of two additional homicides Over the Normal rate William j. Bowers and Glenn l. Pierce said tuesday. Executions have a brutalizing effect on unstable individuals the researchers said and do not deter potential killers. A it is precisely for such people that an execution May convey the message of lethal vengeance. The deterrence theory behind capital punishment assumes the potential offenders exercise rational judgment in deciding whether or not to kill a Bowers said. Soviets want to talk Moscow up a a senior soviet official has called for East West talks on medium Range nuclear weapons a without delay but said they also should cover american a Forward based systems in Western Europe the official Tass news Agency said. In a speech marking the 10th anniversary of Moscow a 1970 treaty with West Germany tuesday night Leonid Zamyatin also said president Carters controversial a presidential directive 59�?� was the real reason for a nato plan to deploy nuclear missiles in Western Europe. Directive 59 puts More emphasis on the capability to wipe out political and military command centers in the event of nuclear conflict. A these Are dangerous plans both for Europe and for the whole world a Zamyatin said. Khomeini meets Premier by United press International Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini conferred with virtually every major politician in Iran in separate audiences to discuss the future of the nation under new prime minister Mohammad a summoned both president Abolhassan Bam Sadr and Rajai who Bani Sadr initially opposed for Premier for talks tuesday to set the course of Post revolutionary Iran reports from Tehran said. But at the same time Bani Sadr was reported to have lashed out again at the fundamentalists who forced him to accept Rajai an islamic hard liner and former education minister As prime minister. Allen Cost $600 million Corpus Christi Texas up a although Hurricane Allen hit South Texas with less fury than expected the storm and its aftermath still caused at least $600 million in damage. Forecasters say the remnants of the storm wont spawn any further flooding or tornadoes. Among the hurricanes most noticeable casualties were three ships grounded off the Texas coast by the storm or its aftermath. The latest became stuck tuesday prompting the Federal emergency management administration to ask the coast guard to compile a list of All vessels still in the Vicinity. A the entrances Are sanding up silting up and you done to really know where the channels Are a said Frank Cox state emergency coordinator. Cocaine country Washington up a government officials say they have evidence drug traffickers May have bought themselves an entire country Bolivia. Administration officials told United press International tuesday there Are established financial links Between the new military government in Bolivia and drug traffickers and they fear the South american country could become a Sanctuary for narcotics growers and dealers. Administration officials said the overthrow of Bolivia s democratically elected government in july was a Sharp setback for plans to control and Cut Back the cultivation of coca he Shrub that is the base for the drug cocaine. Journal Tribune wednesday aug. 13, 1980�?5 with his supporters demonstrating wildly behind him sen. Sea of support Edward Kennedy walks slowly from the podium and gets a kiss from his wife Joan after his emotional speech to the democratic National convention last night. Up photo and now ifs Jimmy s turn new York up a president Carter made a triumphant return to new York today to accept the democratic nomination for another four years in the White House and to mend party wounds Over his defeat of sen. Edward Kennedy. Carter who got a big hug from new Jersey gov. Brendan Byrne parliamentarian o Neill up photo at nearby Newark Airport will be nominated tonight in Madison Square Garden in a replay of 1976. Meantime he will hold strategy sessions in his downtown Manhattan Sheraton Centre suite and Pera seek a Quick peace with Kennedy to improve his dismal showing behind Republican Ronald Reagan in political polls. Carter took a helicopter from the Airport to downtown Manhattan for morning receptions with supporters and party officials. But there was no indication of a face to face meeting with Kennedy a or even if Kennedy will appear on the podium with Carter thursday night when Carter makes his acceptance speech. A i can win much better with him a Carter said tuesday when asked if he could defeat Reagan nov. 4 without Kennedy a support. A i Hope ill have his support but that a a decision for him to in his first political Man Euver of the Day the president flew into nearby Newark Airport from Washington so he could get a warm greeting from Byrne a Strong Carter supporter. The president thus avoided a direct Welcome from new York gov. Hugh Carey who pushed a bitter and unsuccessful Battle to allow Carters convention delegates to vote for whom they pleased. Carter his wife Rosalynn and daughter Amy 12, flew to Newark aboard air Force one from Washington after the president spent a week in seclusion at Camp David my. After the receptions at the Sheraton Centre Carter arranged to see a Parade of visiting politicians in his suite. Party Unity apparently was much on the presidents mind As he returned to the White House tuesday from Camp David. Asked about Kennedy the president told reporters a i Hope ill have his support but that a a decision for him to make. It certainly would be beneficial for me to have his full support in the Campaign. We had very Good talk last night and i was very pleased with what he Kennedy telephoned Carter monday night to announce he was dropping his Long fight for the nomination. The Massachusetts senator congratulated Carter in a tuesday night speech to the convention a but left his full support an open question. Thursday afternoon Carter will go to the Plaza hotel to speak at a congressional Campaign luncheon. In keeping with tradition he will not go to Madison Square Garden tonight but will watch the vote on television. Carter has spent Many hours of work on the acceptance speech he will deliver at the convention thursday evening with emphasis on the need to end party divisiveness. The president plans to return to Camp David Friday after he delivers a Pep talk to a democratic National committee meeting. He will remain at the Mountaintop Retreat for several Days resting up before embarking on what is expected to be an arduous election Campaign. Victor Jimmy Carter up photo Carter gets Liberal platform but was it an endorsement new York up a a frantically struck Compromise that grew from an overwhelming show of affection for Edward Kennedy gives president Carter a More Liberal platform than he wanted for his re election Campaign. The party platform a the statement of goals on which Carter will base his Campaign against Ronald Reagan a not Only will have Kennedy a Mark on economic issues but will show that women represent a major Force at the democratic National convention. Women a groups stronger than Ever As a result of a party Rule giving them half the Delegate slots pushed through Strong statements calling for the democratic party to withhold support of candidates who oppose the equal rights amendment and backing Federal payment to poor women for abortions. Kennedy came to the convention for a showdown on the Economy tuesday night and aroused delegates so with his pleas for the common Man Carter forces backed Down and accepted three of the four proposals Over which the candidates still differed. Democratic chairman John White said the proposals were accepted by voice vote a after a Quick bit of Telephone negotiating because of the a mood of the House Well its Kennedy a Kennedy aide Paul Kirk said a the Kennedy imprint went on that in Exchange the Massachusetts senator agreed not to contest chairman Thomas o Neillis ruling on a voice vote against Kennedy a comprehensive proposal containing a commitment wage and Price controls. New York up senator Edward Kennedy a dramatic speech had barely concluded when the speculation began in Earnest. Was that paragraph near the end of his address to the democratic convention tuesday night an endorsement to president Carter yes contended the presidents Campaign director Robert Strauss. A the speech Speaks for itself a said a top Kennedy aide. With the convention delegates and millions of television viewers hanging on his words Here is what the senator said a i congratulate president Carter on is Victory Here. I am confident that the democratic party will re unite on the basis of democratic principles a and that together we will March toward a democratic Victory in 1980.�?� whatever the meaning Kennedy a 35-word paragraph Drew thunderous cheers and left Many in the audience with moist eyes. One thing about the whole endorsement controversy is Clear. Kennedy could have put All the questions to rest with a More forthright statement. The Kennedy aide was asked if the speech was meant to be read As an endorsement. A i done to want to embellish it with a whole Bunch of speculation a he said. The next big question is whether Kennedy will join Carter on the podium thursday night in the presidents ultimate moment of Triumph. Whether on purpose or by Accident the Kennedy aide clouded that Point As Well. Egypt in new Mideast peace drive by United press inter nation to egyptian president Anwar Sadat has sent his Deputy foreign minister to Bucharest causing speculation that romanian president Nicholae Ceausescu is trying to arrange a Middle East peace initiative. Butros Ghali who left Egypt for the romanian capital tuesday for a four Day visit was carrying a verbal message for Ceausescu who in 1978 played a part in arranging Sadat a historic trip to Jerusalem. Ceausescu whose nation is the Only Eastern european bloc country that has diplomatic relations with Israel making it a natural go Between bridging the Arab and israeli Camps met tuesday with a palestinian delegation from the popular front for the liberation of Palestine. Ceausescu stressed a new initiatives and Concrete actions were necessary for extinguishing the hotbed of conflict in the Middle East a romanians official age pres news Agency said in reporting on the meeting with the a flip delegation. Observers also noted Ceausescu held extensive talks with Palestine liberation organization Leader Yasser Arafat earlier this month at a romanian Black sea resort. A the certainly has been very Active a a Western Diplomat in Bucharest said of Ceausescu a contacts. A it would seem reasonable that he is pushing a Middle East initiative. A Host of other signs indicated Ghalie strip was part of an emerging diplomatic initiative on the Middle East where the palestinian autonomy talks Between Israel and Egypt have been postponed by Sadat Over the jewish states Tough stance on Jerusalem As its a eternal an israeli newspaper Edioth Ahrnot quoted romanians chief rabbi Moses Rosen As telling its correspondent Ceausescu was planning to meet in the near future with Sadat israeli prime minister Menachem begin a and other also although it has not been officially announced in Bucharest Western diplomats there say Ceausescu will be making a visit to Jordan next week aug. 17, and is expected to Stop Over in Syria also. Ceausescu according to Edioth brought up his intention to meet with Sadat and begin during a talk with american rabbi Arthur Schneier and Rosen who was at that meeting told Edioth Ceausescu was looking for the support of jewish organizations All Over the world. One diplomatic source in Bucharest said it would be More Likely for Ceausescu to try to arrange an International conference on the Middle East. Both israeli officials in Tel Aviv and the israeli embassy in Bucharest denied any knowledge of any attempts at initiatives on Ceausescu a part

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