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Biddeford City Edition Journal Tribune Newspaper Archives Aug 13 1980, Page 4

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Biddeford City Edition Journal Tribune (Newspaper) - August 13, 1980, Biddeford, Maine 4-journal Tribune wednesday aug. 13, 1980 editorial doing it the right Way Saco mayor j. Haley Booth has come up with another of his preposterous ideas. His latest is to Call the City Council into special session for the purpose of asking them to recommend a major change in the City charter. The mayor wants to abolish the City administrator form of government. He wants to give himself the mayor More of the real Power and responsibility for running the City. Booth has in the three years he has been in office been a Strong opponent of the City administrator Way of running things. He has Long claimed that the set up demands unnecessarily big salaries that part time people can do the Job just As Well for far less Money. He is of course entitled to that opinion no matter How misguided it May be and no matter How much it ignores the fact that the complexities of modern Day government demand full time professional leadership. Mayor Booth wants the City to return to the Strong mayor form of government in effect prior to 1974 when the City went to the City administrator set up. And he wants the City Council tonight to agree and to place the matter before the voters of the City on sept. 23, when they will be going to the polls to decide the nuclear referendum. But the mayor has totally ignored one of the primary rules of municipal government operation today the one that says major changes in a government Structure can be effected Only through a charter commission process. Saco has just gone through a charter review process. A charter commission has recently completed a year of deliberations and their recommendations Are scheduled to go before the voters in november. The commission has recommended retaining the City administrator set up. Earlier drafts of their proposals had recommended reverting to a Strong mayor form but in the final analysis commission members could not agree that this was the Way to go. One of their concerns was that the Success or failure of any system is really dependent upon the person filling the key office. And who could blame them for wondering if j. Haley Booth was really the right Man for the Job. They have however suggested increasing the Power of the mayors office by giving the mayor veto Power Over City Council decisions. At present the mayors Powers Are limited to appointing members to City boards and commissions to presiding at Council meetings and to ceremonial duties. City Council member Bruce Burns said this week of Booths proposal a i really think its just another example of How out of touch with reality our mayor really there is a proper process to be followed for change and it must be followed. Convention on to Breeds Good readers letters to the editor this week in an absolute fit of self destructiveness All three networks Are filling prime time with Gavel to Gavel convention coverage. This wet Blanket of news is dreary enough to Lead millions of Normal everyday television addicted americans to such a Radical action As Reading. By default then this May Well become the real National Reading week therefore As a Public it ervice to All of you who will spend this week hibernating on a screened in porch or in an air conditioned bedroom let me submit a Small and utterly Eclectic August convention dog Days Reading list. This list is a product of my own Reading patterns and prejudices. Any resemblance it bears to the Best Sellers list is purely coincidental. The fact that i have excised All mention of politics is not coincidental. Let me begin with a Book that a just being published this week Maggie scarfs a unfinished Ellen Goodman this is a comprehensive and thoughtful psychological pressure Points in women a lives from adolescence to aging. Ifs based on scarfs thorough studies of women and depression. In a totally different form Elizabeth Hailey a novel a a women of Independent Means a has been around for a while but is still being passed from daughter to Mother to sister to daughter Etc. It is the life of a Complex fascinating woman seen entirely from her letters. As for our fathers and our selves a China men by Maxine Fong Kingston is a sequel that seven better than a the woman in this Book Kingston uses her considerable Story telling Powers to Wade into her immigrant fathers devastating experiences on the Golden Mountain the chinese name for America. Kingston does no to know How to disappoint you. Nor for that matter do Martha Weinman Lear and Barbara Grizzuti Harrison a two bylines in be followed for a Long time. Now Harrison s essays Are collected in a off i especially enjoyed Harrison on Jane Fonda As housewife a i throw out my own a yes a woman of the people. Learns Book a hear sounds a is an extraordinarily Well controlled moving account of her doctor husbands Long and lost Battle against heart disease. It is also an honest tale of the Side effects on her own life. The list of medical insensitive and mistakes committed on Harold Lear should be required Reading at medical schools. If you prefer to believe that All doctors Are not like that try Mark Rosenberg a Book. This doctor photographer has really listened and looked at illness. He lets us share the Point of View of the patient in a big picture and caption Book called simply Ann Beatties characters have never been mental candidates. I read her a falling in place with fascination because she describes a condition a terminal aimlessness a that is familiar and spooky. She can read the inside of children a minds and describe the Post-1960�?Ts Drifting generation like no one else. Vintage Beattie a maybe things just fell quickly because of Gravity and when they stopped you said they were in Walker Percy a main character Golf courses. In a the second coming a will Barrett is suffering from vivid memories of his childhood and loss of meaning in his adulthood. A a person nowadays is two percent himself a says Barrett to restore the ninety eight percent a he devises a wonderfully absurd Way to test the reality of god and himself. I made the mistake of Reading the Beattie and Percy books Back to Back. At that Point i needed and found an antidote for angst. Its a Helen and teacher a Joseph lashes amazing Story of the binding and complicated relationship Between Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan. While you Are in the history mood i am alas always in a history mood read Carl Degleris a at Degler has some perspective on the deep conflicts for women behind the values of Equality and the values of family. Lastly read at least the second half of Elizabeth Janeway a new Book a Powers of the we All seem to be exercising at least one of the Powers of the weak this political season disbelief. Ellen Goodman in a syndicated Boston Globe columnist William Loeb and the Maine outhouse in the past William in web has used his newspaper to destroy Many careers. Maine a senator Margaret Chase Smith and senator de Muskie have been victims of his poisonous pen. Who can forget the Job he did on senator Muskie in the new Hampshire presidential Primay it appears that character assassination is not enough for or. 1,00b. He now is attacking the outhouse on 1-95. I find it hard to believe that anything in that a a outhouse could have As foul a stench As some of the editorials written in the Union Leader by or. Loeb. I have read the Manchester Union Leader and i have used the outhouse. I prefer the outhouse i believe that the a a outhouse should become a state historic site. There should be a affixed plaque to the outhouse stating a this is the outhouse that drove William Loeb away from Maine. We have historical Sites where our ancestors drove away the indians and the British Why not equal credit to the outhouse the outhouse would become to All responsible journalists what Lexington and Concord have become to All free men. There could be yearly pilgrimages to the outhouse by All those who or. Loeb has tried to destroy with his paper. Boston and Bunker Hill Philadelphia has the Liberty Bell let Maine have the outhouse on 1-95. Remember one and All the outhouse on 1-95. The Best Way to drive away a Skunk is to make a bigger stink or. Perry Wood 12 Emerson St. Sanford koreans want correspondents opinions around new England brattle1 Quot to it reformer in the continuing cold War Battle of words symbols and gestures president Carter turned out to be a big loser last week. To demonstrate american resolve and firmness in the Wake of the soviet takeover in Afghanistan the president spoke alot of words dangled a lot of symbols and made a lot of gestures. He called for a Grain embargo so that russians would have to eat More borscht and less bread. He organized an american Boycott of the summer olympics. He partially revived selective service by instituting a registration of Young men in Case they had to be drafted. Unfortunately for the presidents image he has been left holding a pop gun the ultimate Symbol of empty gestures. First Ronald Reagan whom the pollsters say May be the next United states president denounced the Grain embargo tipping off the soviets that if they re worried about their Lack of bread right now they merely Haver to wait until the republicans get in office and Trade will be resumed. Second a . Appeals court ruled that registration of Young men is unconstitutional since it discriminates against women. Supreme court Justice William Brennan stayed the appeals court ruling allowing registration to get underway today. Till the Issue is unresolved since the supreme court will have act one Way or another. The message to russians in Afghanistan is Clear president Carter Speaks one Way but americans do lust opposite. Jimmy Carter can to get the republicans or the courts to Back him up. Finally the olympics got underway in Moscow. A usual the heavy handed russians botched the a pening of the games by turning Moscow into a. Virtual concentration Camp keeping the citizenry in one Side and the athletes on the other. The soviets demonstrated in front of the world that they practice tyranny both in their own country and in Afghanistan. Unfortunately american athletes were not around to demonstrate the Virtues of Western Freedom. The president kept them at Home. How about some letters As an English teacher of Daesung Junior and senior High school in Seoul i take this pleasure in writing to you on behalf of my students. My school some 3,300 students ranging from Ages 13 to 19. The doonesbury hey Phil Arent you going Down to the nah i m floor 7 the Cowen going to Hong about to Start watch it by 7. Cd Tui 7 a by Garry Trudeau us. Int what Between the that sort three networks of cheating7 Tou get a Ertter \ sense of what s a / going on than if yeah Bitt. Good lord 7hat w what s that wed is \ _ a floor reporter. \ Good evening from Madison Square Garden. Korean students learn English from the first year of Junior High school and they practice it through their English conversation club to improve their English. So i have realized Many korean students Are always eager to have their friends in your country. I am sure their Friendly correspondence Between our two countries will contribute to International fraternity and better understanding. Korean students also want to learn More about student life customs and various topics in your country. They will have fun in exchanging items in their Hobby collections too. I eagerly Hope you will help the american students inform us of their names addresses Ages sexes and hobbies with their pictures in their first letter for the Best result. It is also desirable that the address should be written clearly so that any korean students May read it easily and correctly. Of course korean students will be Good friends to any girl and boy students who want to share Friendship with korean students. I Hope you could accept this ardent Appeal of my students by reflecting in your esteemed paper at your earliest convenience. Your consideration will mean so much to the Young hearts of our two countries. Hyo Sook rim p. Box too Central _ Seoul Korea Little league Success it was quite obvious to anyone who attended the state of Maine tournament finals held at West Biddeford Little league Field this past weekend that Many hours of planning and work had been done. It is with great Pride that i would like to thank All the people involved with this tournament for a Job really Well done. A special thanks to the tournament committee which has been meeting to organize this event since february. I would also like to thank All of the woman a auxiliary and All canteen workers for the outstanding Job they All did. And thank you to All the businesses that generously donated towards the tournament program. It is the outstanding support we receive from All these people that helps to keep Little league baseball alive and Strong in Biddeford. Thank you All Marc Gregoire president . Our Good Green Garden flourishes a a How a your Garden doing a is a question All gardeners hear with satisfying frequency these August Days. The answer is rooted in the grand summer weather we be been having. With the plentiful Sunshine High temperatures and ample rain showers most gardens should be and Are thriving. A succinct mid summer report on our 500 Square foot plot shows we have already put by in the Freezer at least modest quantities of beets Broccoli snap Beans sugar snap peas carrots spinach plus raspberries. And that second plantings of most crops Are already Well under Way. Our gardens biggest problem at this writing is the tomatoes. They re Over doing it. We have a dozen plants each of Early girl and big boy and they re All still growing like teen agers. The boys grew so vigorously they hauled up their cages and just kept sprawling. The girls Are much better behaved clinging close to their six foot stakes. We re anxiously awaiting the first ripened fruit from what promises to be hundreds and hundreds of pounds of tomatoes for eating morning noon and night for Canning for making juice and for giving away. In the meantime the vigorous plants Are providing Shade for everything on their North and West sides butter crunch lettuce Beans Well past their salad Days cakes melons pumpkins and a new planting of peas that we Hope will do better than their Spring Sisters did. But we had the Early peas in where the japanese Bamboo is not quite out. And anyone who has Ever tried to eradicate unwanted japanese Bamboo knows that it takes constant pulling and constant digging of its rhizome us roots to win the Battle and free the Patch. Most of the peas we be put in this year have been the new sugar snap variety the kind that you eat pod and All and Are Ever Crunchy and Good. They re simply marvelous stir Fried. Our carrots Nantes grew better straighter and deeper than we have Ever seen them do before and rambles Robert Melville they would have done even better if they had been both thinned and harvested a Little sooner. But its Good to Sec the soil getting in shape deep enough to produce Good Orange carrots. We re going to make sewing right through this month and Hope by mulching with several feet of Hay and leaves to be Able to Harvest them right out of the Garden All through the Winter. At least that a what it says in our new found Garden Bible a the Good Green Garden by Peter Tonge spinach has probably been the most satisfying vegetable this year and All the books Are right. You can never Plant enough because it tastes so Good raw or cooked and because it boils away to so Little. We re also having very Good Luck with the hot weather new zealand variety that has resisted bolting right up to this writing. Three cheers for the beets too. They look a Little strange. They Are form Novas cylindrical in shape for easier slicing and Canning of uniform pieces but their greens and their roots Are genuine taste treats. We be already harvested toe fruits of scattering a couple of pounds of onion sets on their own special Patch and the Good Green onions Are now curing for a week or so on top of a couple of old screens. They re stut Garter Winter keepers and we re going to try and have them live up to their names. We also have Good reports from the Pepper plants that started late late but Are now really producing. Our first eggplant should be ready to pick this week. The Basil is flourishing and will be in ample Supply to accompany the tomatoes. The Broccoli has done Well if not spectacularly. Bibb lettuce was an Early summer Winner. As for the casualty lists they re headed by cauliflower and Corn. Cauliflower is supposed to be hard to grow. Well testify. Something ate the leaves. The Heads did no to form very solidly. We never wrapped the leaves around them and we be managed but half an unsatisfactory head from a couple of dozen seedlings we started ourselves. Undaunted we be got a fall crop coming along. The Corn is a rather sad Story. The plants came up tidily enough in their Little Mounds at the rear of the plot. When the plants were about three inches High the chipmunks found them and munched them Down to their very roots. Nature corrected that problem. Our Young cat Perley everlasting Mewer How he got that handle is a Story for another Day ate from All the furry evidence the chipmunks. One Hill of seeds that is outdoing itself is a single Hill of pumpkin seeds left Over from democratic congressional candidate Dick Spencer a unsuccessful primary run two years ago. The leaves Are outsize the plants Are running right out of the Garden and we re waiting for a great pumpkin to develop. Our secret weapon in All this should not be forgotten. In one Corner of our Garden sits the Tel re is a leaching pipe running on a slight downhill slant from the Pool right under the Middle of the plot. Its a self working irrigation fertilization system that in t doing our Good Green Garden any harm. Robert Melville is editor of the editorial Page. He is writing a regular column for the Page. Journa Alfred Road Biddeford 04005 i Feu Une volume 96, no. 191 we. E. Foster 1881-1963 Alta w. Foster 1891-1971 . Whitehouse 1889-1972 Gladys m. Whitehouse 1894 Dennis j. Flaherty publisher Erie a. Riess managing editor Robert f. Melville editorial Page editor j

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