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Bicknell Daily News Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Bicknell Daily News (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Bicknell, Indiana 7 to a 1 yol. 2. No. In. Fil Clashi hgr poll pm a Lobb Iise Dat now bar 24. Tto i a pets air a Ren the Bathe with Petersburg it the Northside Park tomorrow afternoon at 2 30 will be the last game of the Gridiron season of 1920 for the blk Nell High school. The season has been but it is hoped that it will Elia in the glory with which it started. To hts Black and Gold opened with a 101�?0 Victory Over Lawrenceville. Although this was very Fine at the time it is effect on the time. The Victory was effect on the time fhe Victory was too easy. Things looked pretty soft for Bicknell and already the fans were picking out an appropriate place to keep the Wabash Valley championship trophy. In the first Quad to a of the next game Terre haute full Back Bifi Morgan broke his foot. The team nevertheless fought a Brilliant game to a 41�?41 tie in what was said to be the hardest fought game a vhf seen in Terre haute and certainly the Only game that can be recalled that Ever want a Dozer touchdowns in a tie. The Bucic and Gold expected an easy Victory at Worthington but who Morgan out and the Backfield combination Trokin Bicknell went Down to a disastrous defeat at the hands of the Green county Teri in fail hig to make first Down once during the contest a defeat was expected at Robinson and defeat was met i though Bicknell succeeded in scoring on the Valley champions and Spectator said that a splendid game was fought with Comett Fowler Morgan and no paper issued Geneva nov. 28.- there will by no amendments to the covenant of he league of nations at this session of the Assembly if the decision of look Mittee no. 1�?that on general Organ in Ationo which has been of onside ria Lesi Lents. Is approved Mif. T Sessis. There will be no paper issued by the i Arthur j. Balfou chairman of tto Bicknell daily news tomorrow j a a of a a a commit ctr thanksgiving in order that the pm i yes May observe the Day As a holi Day. It is said that in Russia the bolshevik govern sent compels everyone to work shows i women dig buy trenches under the eyes of an armed guard. Landis picks a Valley team in letter to Terre haute Star this photograph just received How different Ihei Hank pay is this year memory finds a Happy contrast Between the thanksgiving pay today and on year ago this week. The bulletins show work scale Ely intent opted during the Days covered Shouse on the sidelines Evans vice j i Gay today s pay nov. 1-15. A year took a game that could have been an a ago this week came a thanksgiving easy win for Bicknell with a full team on the Field. The High school had no particular diff Rusty with the al nmn last saturday although Shouse was out and Morgan was retired again who new fai jury to his foot. Petersburg comes tomorrow As the last enemy to be faced this season. It is said Worthi Ngum Defeated Petersburg by the same so knee that Worth pay without a pay envelope it being Tjie first pay during the strike. Even had the work been in Progress a year a go at the of pay scale there would have been a contrast for men Are working this year under an increase of from 27 to 60 percent in wages. This in itself is Antem of nearly $75,000, Basing the figures m an average 88 1-3 percent i Tereaw and a 1800,000 pay. This $75,000 in it self is worthy of considerable of a it would in ton beat Bicknell him the Desive Doe would Point to an even game. If. Thanksgiving Celebration. Bicknell goes in at foil Stre Ngui tie buy be Vetal Tork. Season should end with a Viktory. Another contrast the Cost of Liv ing a year ago was st Bounting. But View it today a would t go far in purchasing the provisions for tile Thaida giving table. A Dellar wion to 9� nearly far enough yet tat things axe coming his Way. Wheat pm Alayof a Edc Rossvall today payday witnesses the end of the 1921 bed Cross Roll Call the Danu were supposed to extend from armistice Day to thanksgiving. It started Here on monday nov. 14, and Sinee business houses will be closed it seems probable that the Roll Call will end tonight. Hands of info room people Are reached out toward american the my unselfish Khz hearted wealthy and generous Natum of tie West 8<mie-thing like 10000,000 members Are asked. That Means one from a ten persons in America one from Eadi two families. For of Condl and Community that would mean Lioto names. Following Are the first and second teams will hold their own with any the letter he wrote yesterday to the Terre haute Star Robinson and Bloomfield each awarded two honorary berths Whilo local elevens kid a Man on each team. First team right end fought Robinson right tackle a Whitehead Evans Vule right , Garfield Center Brastetter Bloomfield left guard Jenkins Chiton left tackle Tolliver Paris left end Mots Wiley Quarter capt. Comett Bicknell right , Robinson left half Faulk Worthington full Back Kidd Bloomfield second team right end Loudin Bicknell right tackle Kelts Clinton right guard unto , Linton left , Worthington left , Bicknell left end , Wiley Quarter bucker Worthngton right half Chambl i Robinson left half nest Garf Leid fun Bak capt. Pimmel Wiley in picking a myth al eleven it is difficult to please everyone. These teams Wil hold their own with any eleven in the state. Starting with the Backfield Comett is my Dionice for a a arts a. He is a of open Field Omner and Alee a heavy player and very accurate in to along fkr bread hogs pork Eattle roasts. 11, Cotton clothing etc., Are All hating president elect Harding s normalcy. Tie Dollar is getting Eliest again and As he Steps from Tow to link ving in dope today and Steps onto the a Ointer he gets attention. Now if there is still any a Fugett Ioir about Bicknell having something to be thankful about tomorrow recall this a year ago this wed the american mine was a Furnace of fire. Today it is regaining its old time a a City. And on top of All this things look Bride it for a Clear get away unto a big Christmas pay. The Roll Call Emp Iete to Date Fol Antom John Axt Otam c. A. A Harold a3b�, my. Harold . Biggs mrs. A t. Muffi. A. D. Nofs my. A. D. A no m. A a try a. A b. D. Bit . D. A a 4. A a a a a a a a Zumft _ a a a Wim rally held Here today am oaf the Pepera annoy need for today s mias Laary rally Ottine Ottia Tian Chunchee hem Are fits Roth Day a Tate of to i vii a walk mafiosi by. Ref. 1. by l. 9. Ontex of via. Own mrvin. Fred h. Wien Rny my a mme lad. A a Ezet of i Lamiet and Vitta a and erg la ii it time Midi Wir list a 4m�i . A my in wok of a Mimas do Brit to asked to me new Yolk nov. 23.�?an Appeal for contributions to make up a deficit of approximately $1,500,000 in the Campaign fund of the Republican Natiw Mal committee was sent out tonight by will h. Hays it s chairman. The Appeal addressed to the republicans of tiie country and All those who aided then Quot called attention to the report of the committee s treasurer filed yesterday in Washington pointing out that although the buying Power of the Dollar was materially less than in 1016 and 1920, the Campaign had actually been conducted at expense than the Hughes Campaign our years ago. Or. Has his plea for further funds he an expression of highest Praise for the spirit of republicans during the Campaign. Moore than 50,000 individuals Cofiori bated about $2,000,000 to the fund he said. The presidential camped in this year Cost approximately $8,400,000, exclusive of pre convention exp iii Tures he wrote leaving a net Deacie of nearly $1,500�000. This he declared he hoped might be promptly made up by ipod Vidar Scriba eruptions in amounts less Titan the $1,000 limit set doring estate Eddy will the last will and tement or the late George w. Phillippe who died at his Home in Bicknell november 6. Last was probated with the Knox county probate court monday. The will was drawn up april 17,1918, and was witnessed by b. F. Byers and j. L. Phillippe. To his daughter Catherine Williams piano and $500 to his daughter Delia Ooley note for $500, signed by Williaim v. Ooley feb. 23, 1907 to his son Marian log. Phillippe one half of note for $1,000, signed april 8, 1911 to his son Lewis Phillippe one fourth of note for $2,000 signed March 1, 1907 to his daughter Catherine Williams $1,000 for service rendered to his children Peter Lewis and Marian Phillippe Delia Cooley Catherine Williams and Ethel Houck dare and share alike All of his personal property not Oti Serwise Beque tiiu de Law one farm of 40 acts in dec too 17. Town \ lib rth Mage 8 West one farm it 184.51 acres in Seetoo so town 6, North Range 8 Amsl one in pm of 40 acres in Section 17, town 4, North Range 8 West one farm of 29.61 acres in Section 17, town 4, North Rai 8 West and lot 16 fai Woods addition to Bicknell. No specific i us of Money is left to Peter Philippe deceased or eth Hoock testator stall diff they having been previously provided of. Testator nominated and appointed John l j Donaldosn As Ace Catoor of Hie it inst will and test amt. Meeting that it was too Early to Drair conclusions As to the working of tip league or to. Form an idea As to Imit the Conre Nant May be improved. By / proposed that the committee Remote mend the appointment of a spin del committee to consider poee4r&Quot amendments and report to the mail meeting of the Assembly. The scandinavian delegates on tim committee urged the considerate ii immediately of amendments they pro posed but they were outvoted. Tha South american delegates accepted or. Balfour s suggestion All the most let readily because they Are of the opinion Itiat any amendment of the Cote ant should await propositions thai Art expected from the United states after i president elects Harding s a mid to a tons on the subject they deduced u. Would be entirety out of order to re Vise the covenant 1� the absence one of the Moet lib Portass nations of the world. Forward passes and Good on returning punts. A i Anderson of to Binsch is a whirl wind on the. Field. He la a Good dodger and excellent on making inter Emile an4 80 we w Piave him a right half Falk of Woxie Unutoa noted for his open Field running would make a Good running mate for Anderson. Fnu Back Kidd of Bloon fled is a wonderful Una plunger and is especially Good on backing up the line. With Kidd and Anderson to do the line plunging and making interfere for Comett and Faulk it would Tike a College team to Stop this Backfield. Backfield men were so plentiful and Good Itiat we have to give three of Triam a place in Rifaie. Center will go to Branstetter of Bloomfield. His passing is excellent and a real defensive Ayer. Tie Reft of the to Naira will be a i de up with deny of Garfield and Jsn uns of can Toni a Gnade Tazumi of sran Sivilie and vol liver of urls As Miles. Whf a Rebii imn and Meti of Wiley tha eted pm blobs. 9otli men tre Achi Fitilia a Ayi iii. Wiot Pool Eneidi a we same fatal Imti a uru fisa in lev Dzmil miss Hazel e. Norris. Daughter of or. Atid mrs. C. J. Norris of Tulsa okla., formerly of Bicknell was married wednesday morning november 17, Paul Odonnel of Kio for ofia., formerly of Allison Park. A. The Ceres Ltd a was performed by father Van Syck of the sacred heart Church iils Palpa Oua. The Groom is the son of or. And mrs. Charles Odonnol of Kiefer okla and la a popular Young Man of that place. Or. End mrs. 01>ona will reside in Kia fsr okla. Were the fam Nims a hieratic a position. Tha Many of heeds and relative Here Este of to the Happy couple their Hearty Oong Tula tons. Wolack Fiche Camp fib the Wolack Fiche Camp lire Quot met monday evening at the heme of miss Eanie Moore on Wert Sevy iii Street business was transacted and plans made for a Jitney can Val on december 4th. Refreshments were served to these members Agnes Moore Genera goes Marie Rainwater Blythe Johnson Helen Bicknell Jeanie Moore a tii Houk Fern Watson actor bum mrs. Harold axe and miss Ines Roach guardian. In 33yeitisobi for i Vincennes nov. 28.�?wiuiam h. It Der a known Fanner two mses West of Monroe City edit with the Cleck of the a Box unit court miday vii Chile m divorce a rom his wife. Sefah Sny Diw to whom he was thirty three Yeai affo. Plan Attila Roeges that was Biel and inhuman to Idiak she had an uncontrollable a a governale temper would violently angry wit boat she had become it Barre Isein harsh and cred and Utt tion has Inere Arad to the it has become Itom Fecto one Eon. Lester a. Aged 16 the undergo dinner greets. Mrs. Mary Weaver entertained guests at Winsier sunday at Imp Home Northwest of Sah Iftoni. A pleasant Day was enjoyed by All. Those who enjoyed the do idols dinner were lir. And my. Bay Weaver and baby or. And mrp. Joe Weaver John Weaver or. And mrs. Ira wearer. Or. And mir Sam Davis and and far Tom. Or. Mrs. Frank Jemil and eur bran i plaice. Kit mid had a it Rodeo mrs. Wis bar a of Mai Lesiw. And 0�y. Ira. Ism in of Wii Ittoli lii ii. Tato a Itolar �ii4- a Mill Peltor Siwwi toil finn mrs. J. G. Bonham Jovel 1 aft Moon to the Good Samar mini Pital in the Lemen and Muchnij balance. A Bonham. Wha imi ill for some time will a Deiy open nation for Junior. M off pfc i m a a a a a a ier be Bolk is. Laplante. Cunnin Gilm is. Power Dmitar 8. Ryan is. A re a cd. Hedge is. A a Stew Flke Futato Monib.

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