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Bicknell Daily News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bicknell, Indiana Page two the Bicknell daily news i have been waiting and watching for a Chance to get a first Daas phonograph before i in a Campaign of advertising for any at All. After examining the entire Field thoroughly i have finally selected the this phonograph most be seen and heard to Folly appreciate the fall velvety tone. It has been aptly described by several noted critics As one that retains the human thrips of the artists in the Call and have them demonstrated. One of each style made ready now for delivery. Mayberry drug store right at the Post office Lack of 25 cents by Natalie j. Hoyt. Quot talks by your Detede a Safe saving 99 Ever Stop to consider that every Dollar we save you is safely saved. There is a of difference Between a bargain and a value. A bargain Means a Low Price with a risk attached to tic goods. A value Means Good goods at a Lorijo Price. Experience has taught us that a value is the Only kind u e can safely offer. Draw your own conclusions. When you realize the High percentage of our customers who Trade Only with us when they Tell you Why you la probably drop in yourself. And we u be glad a see a. Wilkinson lumber co prove it it s easy to prove to your own satisfaction that a it tie paint on your building now wiil save a lot of expense a Little late to. Bradley amp or Ooiman paint there s a said action born of a sense of Security that Yon u feel when Yoa ukr Bradley amp Roo Man paint very Lime a can Leavata oar More we know that a Wii it. pc suit. W. P. Norcross manager 1 third release third release Brunswick no. 18001�?Little Mother of mine vocal i 111 my the a soar of a Obj. No. 18008�?Low old swot 801�. Veol i Jet a Wott Yib fou. No. 1800&-8oa�oair Maqoo viol ii Olaf Itta pot in quot in. No. Soofer of der Thom to eur Sabith hmm aim whip orig Hope. No. My 9mmmj a hard Joti tool amp Aal no. Irn Ymme Moon move la Midi Iota myst Arr. No. 20il--nm mgt 8ympfttld& Fox tot pm Boyf wow Oil step no si4-jj4lwt1wluwkte�tiot______________ Wal iii above list and nmn Otlman on note now. To burbot Baumflek Koerdt plan of aay Aid Tolocko amp 1 s. Jojo by Mcclure newspaper Syndicate it was the latter part of a hot afternoon on one of the Bare yet clutter ii streets East of third Avenue. At a tenement window stood a Little old woman looking anxiously up the stent toward the a Orner straining her to Pierce file heavy yellow Haze. A tire escape jutted out in front of her and Hung Down the fare of the Bildin partially of Mitru Ciuk her View so that Slie did not see Hisiu a he Siisi nibbled Down the Street keeping a Cloke As possible to the buildings for the scant Protection they afforded Nuu the Sun. He cause up the rickety stairs. Oil it Ned the i altered door wit i a key from pocket and stepped into tie room. Still she did not hear him Trouc h the noise of elevated and to Rte Ley and children in the streets. A a Mury quot she turned half startled wholly relieved and came toward Liim. She May no longer have had Hope but she still had him he kissed her and went Over to the rickety old Couch and sat Down a vei a rickety old Man. She seated herself beside him. Laying her hand soothingly on knee observing with inarticulate misery the strained face and hopeless attitude. Quot it s no use Mary 1" she did not seek to question or a Leny a just sat close to him gently patting his knee. Quot three months now i have let Een at it Day in and Day out. But who d have a poor old horse like me How do they know it Ain t drink or Good for nothingness that s Brou Glit me where i am and even sickness is Juist As bad. What d they want with an of Man who s been sick and shows it quot silence his big hand now Laid Over hers. Quot Milly and Dan quot he rambled on again. They be been Keepin us All time think of it Mary quot but Liat could we do Tom quot she interrupted hopelessly. Quot Milly would t hear to our join to the quot Iod help us no i a n t think in of tiit. I it ltd t yet a a know they d separate us there there s a better Way j than Phijit. I of see Mary As i look at it we Ain t entitled to More n one life apiece and for to ree months now you quot a quot me s been poa it Hon on somebody else he looked at lier half humorously half i i tying in. Quot would you be afraid Mary with me quot she began to comprehend aii ltd a shiver passe ltd the Gigli lier. Quot you Means you Means quot quot would t it be bettor n to live . You an me Olio Ain t never been separated for Over w years quot quot yes of. Yes she murmured. He turned her face up to his. Looking into her Eye. Quot Tell me you Ain t afraid my girls with me quot quot no. Tom. I Ain t afraid to go anywhere with you quot meanwhile in the Flat upstairs As though spreading their More Youthful an ltd sturdier wings Protection Gay Over tie old people lived the daughter and son in Law. Here some time later in the after Nikon the younger generation was likewise intent on discussing the great question of ways and Means. But their faces were aglow wit i new Hope and in Uri it Ose. Quot an now Milly Ohi girl quot Dan exclaimed triumphantly quot you an the Little kid can go to the country an take your blasted old fresh air cure quot quot of Dan Ain t it grand quot she re Peakal for the Hundredth time. Quot but just wait till i Tell a an a quot she looked at him proudly quot that you been made a Foreman did t i always say twas comin to you they Ain t talked much about it Dan but they been Frettin mighty bad to think you be had to take care of pm. It s been eaten the very heart out o poor pay with me an Little Kitty sick especially. I just can t wait to Tell pm you be got some real pay comin to you now an that 1 need Ems As bad As they Ever did us to look after you an the other kids while me an Kitty s away. Come on let s go Down now quot in buoyant spirits they hurried Down the rickety stairs to the door 1 below and tried the Knob then rapped waited and rapped again. But there was neither sound nor stir within. With the dawning of fear in her eyes. Hilly looked at her husband. Quot a would t be gone out without Cailin up to mer pan s face was set and he began to Pound the door that soon Fato be it fore his kicks and blows. A burst of heavy Gnu sons air assailed diem. With instant Conin Saiid of the Slyn a ton Oak aei aed the panic stricken Milly. Loo Klaff ber in the Eye and spice sharply quot pon t lose your nerve Bow open the windows wide Quick til fet an the Young save on set to work with a will enlist lbs the services of Dan and Milly by his Brief Sharp oilers. Quot any Boxer whispered Dan. Quot it does t seem As if there it told Hare been a full flow of Gas Here roped the Young doctor. Quot i fuel the Neter must have twi moly looked pm the onteme a face into her husband s. Dani just to think an i sup pole poor Padlon to have another Quad tar to put in 111. The Young surgeon smiled up at Ell you can thank your Atara a Aida to let me Tea you that Vaa Unco Ubea the Lack o a a litter Raff my two ii a quot quot end of tie month Sal of All oxfords and pumps we Are beginning Early to Clear our shelves of All summer shoes. In order to make room for our fall Stock that will be shipped july Are prices that will save you money3 pair Dull lace oxfords med. Heel sizes 4 and $8.00 reduced to _ go 3 pair blk. Kid lace oxfords High Heel sizes i is and is diced to. $6.50 4 pair blk. Dull kid pumps med. Heel sizes Ash s reduced to.$6.50 5 pair mahogany kid lace oxfords med. Heel sizes 3 4 5, 5%, 6 and $7.50 reduced to. $6.00 12 pair mahogany kid lace oxfords High Heel sizes 3% to 7, $7.50 reduced to.$6.00 8 pair blk. Kid lace oxfords High Heel sizes 4, 5,"6,"6%"& 7,"$5.00 reduced to .$4.00 18 pair blk. Kid military and Low Heel All sizes $5.00 reduced to .-.$4.00 9 pair blk. Kid up Ftp Pickford Heel sizes 4, 5, 5%, 6, and 7 $5.00, reduced to.$4.00 10 pair blk. Patent ankle strap pump size 3 to 6, $5.00 reduced to a. $4.00 10 pair old ladies common sense toe sizes 4% to 7 $4.00 reduced to.$3.50 7 pair old ladies elastic Side size 3, 3%, 4%, 5 and 6 1-2 $4.50 reduced to.$4.00 4 pair miss mahogany oxfords size 12, 13 and 1%, $6.00 reduced to.-.$4.50 5 pair misses blk. Kid lace oxfords size 12, 13, 13 and 1, $4.00 reduced to______________.$3.508 pair blk kid lace oxfords size 9, 9%, 10,10 and 11 1-2, $3.50 reduced to. _ $3.004 pair misses blk Patent ankle strap size 12, 13 and 2 $4.00 reduced to______________________-___________________-$3.506 pair misses blk Patent ankle strap size 8, 9, 9 and 11, f3.50reduced to. .$3.00lots of Odds and ends Only one size of a kind that goes on Sale at less than you can t Beav Weiler for rugs Rug there is nothing that callers or visitors note in a Home As carefully As they notice the they step in the they place their feet on they sit upon they View the rugs. We have receive that delayed shipment of Oval rag rugs. Give your Home a distinctive touch with a do Tinct Verdug. We hive hundreds of them in eve Price and pattern

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