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Bicknell Daily News (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Bicknell, Indiana We it Mil Amiul my member associated press largest evening of regulation in Knox county vol. 1. No. 22a Bicknell Indiana wednesday Jiff old 1920 Price five cbnt8 \ Feih Stei yet an open a Kin gel Eners although the City Council on monday night june 7, accepted the final assessment Roll for the fifth Street paving after having one it previously accepted it and rescinded action the question does not appear to be finally settled yet. Letters have been written by the fifth Street committee to the state examiner and among the replies received Are the following letters. The first letter was received some time ago and did not carry much Comfort it follows or. We. V. Barr Bicknell Indiana. My dear or. Barr your letter of May Irth his been referred to me. We do not know whether or not you have seen the report which was sealed and left with the mayor to be opened at the finst my testing of the Council. If you have not it would be Well for you to examine this report. We believe this report will require at least $7,-4 00 additional expenditure by the Premier construction company and perhaps Awre if the Concrete base does not properly set Between now quot and september 1st, you Are entirely wrong in your conclusions that the Only redress for the property owners is an allowance for radius Irons to the amount of $36.00, and for failure to set marginal curb 0.00. Or. Donaldson was instructed by this de p Arment at the beginning of the controversy to see that the Job of paving in Bicknell was firs class and that the property owners had value to Cei ved and we feel sure from our past experience with or. Donaldson that before settlement is finally a made and the Premier construction comic by relieved that the Job of paving in Bicknell will be All right. The Premier construction company has already been compelled to take tip and re surface a part of this work and they have been compelled to take care of the dirt Etc. Which was found on the front lawns and the matter of the Concrete base is left until september 1st to see whether or not the same properly sets. If it does not al of the Asphalt us Ace must be removed and a new Concrete base put in. Just what items of the paving in your mind Are still to by taken care of we recommend that you secure a copy of the agreement deposited with the mayor and go through it very carefully and interpret it in Light of the present condition of the paving. We a hould be glad to have your by re scions or recommend iti tons in tvs matter. Very truly yours Jesse e. Eschbach state examiner. A Merom Maui killed in i by associated press Detroit june 23.�?authorities Are investigating the killing of a guest Dwyer of Middlesboro ky., a travelling auditor of the United mine workers of America in a downtown Law office last night. Today they Are further questioning the party of lawyers who met in the office during the evening. Meanwhile Frank h. Dohany prominent attorney and Bank director said to have been left alone with the Union official when the party Toht up was in a psychopathic Ward of a local Hospital with a guard of detectives stationed at his bedside. Dohany was taken into custody at his summer Home at Pine Lake near Here a few hours after the crime was discovered. An examination performed at the county morgue showed this morning that death was caused by concussion of the brain and net by a trin dilation As at first reported. Or pilgrims to Belleau Wood my receive m text Lilis Tun. C. A. Not st Libuse a maintained at Belu a Wood France for the Benefit of lieu l Pius to that scene of one of the great exploits of Kmer tau 8ol�lers in the War. It is at the Eddie of the Ara Erien Beni every tim second letter Here published is in reply to the next letter from the on Rottee and says that or. Donald a son will be asked about the situation it follows or. We. V. Barr Bickner Indiana. By a it sir your letter of june 8th has just bean received. Or. Donaldson we a be called in and this letter will be refer red to him. We have such Confida nce in or. Donaldson that we do not believe the int Smuts of your property holders will a Jopar Dziad and a will take every a Ufa poas ample the sea that you Are pm it Piaf Tarcen ears of. Pm Muj tha writer Agrafas wit ii to Salt a Point at least Aad that is Tom we do not Faktor a Todome Tialii in him to tact pried for a a Ensoft mix fan in Paviour Matt tel Eraa Impi just Lulf Pava Nimit. Tamy Arad tim my of Natation a pm nut site or a Ira at a we tip a half in u a a to a mud in a Duel b to Namer to a Aad i in Alwana huh a pm Law Teky tolf a Imp a or it hcs or pledges Hing support Washington june 23.�?senator Harding received today a letter from William Cooper Procter of Cincinnati manager for major general Lesiard Wood during his Campaign for the Republican nomination in which or. Procter promised the senator his Loyal support. Gypsies Here to await fourth nowadays wanderers use Fords Gimel Eros lice on 207 Weer counts new York june 23.�?gimbel Brothers of new York operators of a Larrere department store Here and controlled by interests which own similar establishments in other cities today were indicted on 207 counts for profiteering in Cloe Vincennes june 22.�?the White River Bridge in the Wheatland Washington Road will be out of commission for a week or ten Days while repairs Are being made acc Xiding to an announcement today by District superintendent Gartner of the Indiana Highway commission. To raffia Over the River Bridge was stopped saturday when a heavily loaded truck of a a amp Hington lumber company broke stringers supporting a Section of Concrete floor about sixteen feet kit no the Concrete floor held and truck and its Driver proceeded safely across. The gypsies have come to town again. There Are two things different about their arrival this time. First they came in the smallest number we have Ever seen in a Gypsy band. There is Only one Young couple and their child. Second they came in a Ford. No old tired color blotched Indian Pony and rattling Wagon for them. They Ford from town to town and if the climate or reception committee does t suit them they can Fly to a new climate and stay Over night. The Young couple who arrived in Bicknell monday Are romanians and. Both of the Young people come of wandering families. They have infant wandered All their lives. This i however is their first tour of Indiana. They i get or to be in combo it la circumstances. They carry their own tiny gasoline stove White earthenware dishes aluminium pots and pans plenty of warm blankets and a Roomy Waterproof substantial Khaki tent. Quot All we need is the amp victuals quot said the Little Gypsy woman As she sat last night by their Camp fire at the Edge i of Dant s Grove. Quot we buy them from town to i quot How did you know to come to this Grove quot they were asked. Quot nearly All j the gypsies come this Way. Do you leave signs for one another quot i quot no no quot replied the Man who is the eldest son of a big wandering i tribe and probably will himself some j Day become head of the tribe. Quot were coming through and saw the tent of the show and stopped to know if there was a carnival Here. We make the carnivals. Then we saw the Bills for the fourth of july. I went to see the manager and he said we could get concessions. I asked him where we could Camp and he said we might see or Ruble maybe he would let us tent by the picnic grounds. So i went to see or. Ruble and he said we could pull in Here and wait and if we were Good gypsies we could stay but if we were bad ones he a mild kick us out. It is a Nice i Don t like so close to the Trees quot spoke a the woman. Quot see that tree How the hewing hit it. Tear it All to piece. I Don t . The memory of the Torpi threat that had quot just passed Over Bicknell was still vivid in lier mind. The sky had blackened at 6 p clock hot night tiie Reader will in Ember. A. Sharp wind threatening to Beo Odne furious if not cyclonic had Arisen tear ii twigs and leaves from the Trees. Sharp forked streaks of lightning had Cut the blackness of the Low Clouds and a dense downpour had seemed certain. Quot the woman across the Road was Good quot said the Gypsy woman pointing toward Smiley s Home. Quot she came Over and asked me to bring my baby and come Over to her House during the storm. She was As kind As a quot do you have a Mother living quot quot yes we both have Mother and father living quot. Quot Are they gypsies too quot. Quot we Don t Call them gypsies. We Don t Call ourselves Ger spies. But they travel. Anybody that travels is called Gypsy. If you take your wife and baby and travel they Call you Gypsy is soon As the st make you quot do Ycu Ever see your fathers and mothers quot continued on Page five Railroad strike spreading some some still planting com knee High in Otho or Fields j. E. Rickiey made a drive to st. Petersburg yesterday noting Conditi it is along the Way As he always Dom. In some of the Bottom Fields or. Ridley said to Mioi Are Tiu at Thair com Plaa Tiff. Ilia Almond is Woik inc nicely and Onee the crop is in it should Maka rapid pro Freoa and Liaf a Tood iii iii 1, gra Atod a Wason icly late Frost. Other com is Kaae ugh Aad Akova going Ondar Tom not Trator a a a a Ijar. We wait a Poitou Aam Penar Fri. Who a mar Badoni in m a pm rim tim Gnia. Iha in iii a Oal Wmk off to in fat tha he Mui fit i a it seems that the yield will be about 18 Boshela to the acre. On the gov Emor Williams form is a Orne upstanding wheat that will do much Bettty. Oats Are a Adang out in Nice shape. In ago Char Dirae tion Tom Kiehnau of setters Aro Renar icing shoot Tho Flaa Field of wheat on tha w. T. 8. Marob item. A a it looks Uka an of Tama Field of wharf is the Way one atm a Apia stil it. Big a Trow heavy and Storli. A my big Ftfe Hub of in Hal my it. tamed a pm re Gomaa and in Iha a Kluka team bib it Washington june 23.�?president Wilson today sent a message to the Railroad labor Board at Chicago urging them to make an immediate award of the wage controversy. Announcement of the president s action was made after w. N. Goal vice president of the trainmen s brotherhood had called at the White House. Chicago june 23�?president Wilson s message asking that the Railroad labor Board give a immediate decision in the wage Montro Visy had not been received Here at 1 o clock this afternoon. Judge Barton chairman of the Board said Liat All possible was being done to expedite the decision revising the wages of All Railroad employees. It was indicated that a decision might be expected within two weds. The judge said the Board s a ber actions were being interrupted a score of Timea daily by Delegat Loas of Railroad Nen asking that a data far the decision a set. Or. Put Una to Shwu or a a tip a a crop i a a f in Chicago june thie sporadic and Road strike we Lute Brycen out in a half dozen of mom Dot during the last week spread today to Savannah Illinois where fifty Guo ago Burlington it Quincy and it Mongo. Mil Waid Cee ast Paul Enn Ploysa walked out. The situation al Wlms in tha Central states Imp comment Bobof Tutag to sports to tha a Roinila Daf Railroad and men off Leil two Alt in Wink us Loami jaw at tit Ai get Komming. A Tiad Kiili aka a orate Isid to we Mimm thursday at the mines american number 1____work american number 2_____work Tecumseh no. 1 Martin work Tecumseh 2 Freeman Idle Panhandle number 5____work Panhandle number 6____work old Bickner Columbia mine a work Knox mine work Lynn mine work Bruceville mine Idle Indian Creek mine Idle fourth vein mine Idle Supply Coal simply Siker s Indianapolis june 23.-Njuliae a. And Louis a. Haar Brothers pro a Piri tors of a Chain of drug stores convicted yesterday in United states District court of violating the Reed prohibition amendment and of conspiracy against the United states were sent ced by u. S. Judge Anderson this coming to serve eighteen months in the Federal prison at Atlanta and to pay fines of $1,600 each. The Brothers were charged with transporting liquor illegally into Indiana and with Selling it illegally on prescriptions. The Conten led it was for medicinal to kill Cleveland june 23 a rumours that Railroad unions will Call a strike this week effecting All unions were denied today by the chief executives of the four transport brotherhoods the engine i a firemen conductors and trainmen Here. Quot simply strikers propaganda quot said w. G. Lee president of the trainmen is Ali Londonderry june 23�?there is no cessation today in the Battle Between Imi Onist and nationalist factors which have kept Londonderry in a terror strike state for some Days past. During the night the rival forces erected additional barricades from which to amp a kept up a continual fire. At times the intensity of the firing reached the proportions of his Roger a Walter Lytton came into or. Tades office late yesterday afternoon with a badly Cut Index finder. Lytton lives at Wheatland and had been cutting the grass in his Yard with a Small sickle when he out his Index Finger on the left hand. He sliced the Finger from the Gnu okie All the Way Down to the end and Cut the head off the Middle join Charity Secretary j Vincennes june 23.�?pansy i daily better known As quot Toad quot Bass is in jail where she will be held on a charge of assault and Battery with intent to kill on miss Margaret Seddelmeyer general Secretary of the associated charities. It is alleged that thie woman was intoxicated at the time of the attack. The occurrence took place about.4 30 o clock tuesday afternoon in miss Seddelmeyer is office in the Basem rat of the City Hall. Scene Tifi earlier while miss Ute the lamp a w in the office miss Joy Thomas and j. H. Bruce of the Maxwell garage we re in the office the woman telephoned threats to miss Sedlemeyer. She then hired a taxicab and first wet to the Laplante building where she thought the office was located. Driving on to the City Hall she entered the office where miss Seddel Meyer miss like and miss Thomas were seated. There it is alleged she at once attacked miss Seddelmeyer with a safety razor Blade and inflicted Sev Neal gashes about the Chest. When miss Sedlemeyer saw the Blade she caught and twisted the woman s Arm but was not Able to escape uninjured. A Gash about a Quarter of an Inch deep and several inches Long together with other cuts were inflicted on the Chest and miss so a Lemey or s clothing was Cut in Fourte to places. It is alleged that the woman attempted to slash miss Seddel Meyer s roat. Miss like and Mise Thomas were at first unable to do anything but shortly miss Thomas ran to police Headquarters upstairs and told them that miss Seddelmeyer was being attacked. Officer William Gayer went Down to take charge of the woman and placed her in jail. Quot Toad quot Bass is something of a police character and has been arrested before. It is said that she was seeking revenge upon mias Seddelmeyer Wam in her official capacity has antagonized her in several of her is speared tha nine year old my of Wilunas a hangars who urns sooth of tip al iii Nemoir the Brick aei Wol hmm we Strack by tlly a eng of a full lag Piteh love Uta in triad to Piteh m a my 19�b to to weft tha Hoy had has a Saiag tha Alaa Aad de dds to Aam cum Anne % Tom fat tili Loik m of Tow m tat a Lisi iii tha saw diag Aal us Sefc a mud w Oatha aus. Via Harding s attacks to Cost him votes Denver Cou a Una 23.�?i do it see How any heal progressive Friend of col. Boo Rovelt Caa help Bat bitterly Riasat tha Oate Agalua attack of sees or Harding of. Roost it Aad Aat Pally i Tribit this Cilomi Alp Malaga win to Maeh to deprive Haaf the vet a of the Prog reel a Lia to Matiy. Nnb.uifi>8sy. I Famant Tiu he tier. A

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