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Berwick Bairnsdale Advertiser And Tambo And Omeo Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1891, Page 1

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Berwick Bairnsdale Advertiser and Tambo and Omeo Chronicle (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, Berwick, Victoria National Library of Australia Ila Ormi ,.Victoria hotel a rinsdale.?. Couto uleyn11r1". " late o a. Peterson i p r 0 Priet 0 r. Nolli tit to aet furnish to Edt and met in commodirou9 Hotl in gip Blando. la incest Imp revetments i hot and cold Baths. B Iraq Elaas commercial " and private family departments traps always in attendance on steanmers., pc on arrival of morning train by 11 1 Oal permit. ". I ,, boating Cricket and football regularly posted Pat hotel. I i All papers taken in every information ,.obtained every Convenie Neo for parties bang business transactions to applet a Imperial h Otel wharf Bairnsdale. Tribe proprietor.,who Bah Long deeper line i. In first class hotels in Glasgow Edinburgh and new zealand respectfully asks for a share of Public patronage. Ror Many years has been largely in wine and spirit Trade and visitors May rely upon beat description of wines and spirits ales &c., eng always on hand selected aed in. Ported direct. The proprietor being in Fin. Porter direct is in a position to sell beat brands of wines and spirits lowest rates. Comfortable accommodation come blend with civility and attention. First class stabling &iq., of. 2ames 7eacintyre, proprietor commercial hotel om3e7o Samuel Gill late b. Middleton proprietob., Iris his is Best situated largest and a i most commodious hotel in Omea. Nothing but Hest wines Spiriti cd ept i i Stock Crl 1i. Rcom medial rooms. Private family 1., to. I of cold and Shower Baths Ai ep8so i attendance Ca . A. Or to o to Eil Rit. Split begs to inform Sourias , and., Publ ice generally to Baag Large. Additions to his nbh6ds Marle is now prepared to Supply of Elass accommodation nil . Moderate ,.charges House is beautifully situated Obama ending a splendid View of snowy River and Southern Ocean. A fishing and shooting unsurpassed in id Striet. A. Karthaus watch hand clock maker jeweller cold and Silver Smitti optician late of Londo Bailey Street Bairnsdale near Post office. T Aoge Stock of Tine English american Landl Swiss watches and clocks. A Botic election of Gold and Silver jewel Lery. Al sorts of spectacles. All kinds of water clock and jewellery repairing. Gel Ditda mounting engraving Etc., done on premises on shortest notice and lowest prices. .01. O. Richter. Practical Aroliee and jeweller a in Street Bairnsdale opposite Bank of.Victoria. In i Elmaker to sir Wim. Robinson s.0 , governor of South Australia., i Olilver Waltham watches from �2 16s to c i �8, and guaranteed for two years. Silver Rotherham �5 to s8, Andi Gearan Teod for two years. Clocks from of to t5. 1, watches blocks & Jwell cry of All to lot repaired prices As moderate a is con. Sis teat with workmanship of highest Clas. All. New watches clocks Etc., Are exam. Ined regulated to enable theme give entire satisfaction. Sapeti watches that of eat Lena rat chm Kaes have filed to repair eat Valsac portly. W Hgeorge i Al of Vioal. W Ato maker and jeweller Romain Street bait a salt1. Nelt to forgers Laird user. Ii 8 special notice. A of Reikat i eduction in prices of ?. Watches and jewellery.8lver haunting rothae Raset 15 0dildo do Wadhams. 2 12 0 a do Dot. 1o 1o do Dol lilies. 10 a i. Guarantee fur two years. Ili told and Silver jewellery equally us Ewa Tehes cleaned fur and Garain teed months. Other repairs equally reasonable. James Hocking watchmaker Jow Oller Eta Nikii Folsoi stot Lite Otlie All Ali need for Tao years. Oil Stock Otu Ebu aned jewellery Aiwas kept. Watches blocks and jewel Lery Reivi Redl and cleaned workmanship . All now watches and of Lekh of oiled Tonali Lovd anti regulated before old. Uidl Naud Ilone on Sta premises also Mit co Lorvig done. The Tuut isre idol ill c hat aus Ira Tut lir Althei a my Taco equal to new note Tel Iatron ago resp full solicited 55ifiiinping conveyances. Notice to Pilstl Perry. Tile paddle came is now prepared To take cargo for an part of Gipp land lakes Ueo in alot open for special charter to shooting. And picnic parties. For particulars and freights apply to 0. Tisson master Steamer Tarra. Mike Steamer Tarra leaves barn Seal Torlos Siraco ,.e o . Mondays and fridays i returning following Days. goods Are carried Urther clauses and ones Tionson printed for of Bill i use by Steamer tsrra., freights must b Permewan Wright 4 co., a. Gents Cobb Ana co. Bairnsdale & Omeo daily coach. Reduced fares.,. Return ticket. 8 of single do. 1 15e of reduced Paco Elb rates. Robertson Wagner & 1o 7 d ? b,.u rns. having leased commercial " hotel livery & bait stable is prepared to Supply horse and bog Les very reasonable charges horse broken in to Saddle and harness. buggies and her ores washed and cleaned. Ilor ses clipped. Hosni bought and Sald on commission. " trial solicited. North i r o r factory. Winter & Gerloff coach builders wheelwrights blacksmiths and farriers a a Street Bairnsdale beg to intimate to Public of bairns Dale and surrounding District that they have taken Over business recently carried on by greed not Winter As code builders wheelwrights blacksmiths and farriers in main Street Bairnsdale. All latest appliances used in coach building Trade Barve been added to Plant and customers May rely upon getting durable and highly finished workmanship moderate rate Cor. All classes of buggies Waggon ettes carts wagons drays Etc.,. Made to order. All work and material guaranteed. Repairs executed with promptitude and despatch. Horses shod with care. Note address Winter & Gerloff late greed and Winter main Street Bairnsdale. William Wilson Coch and Waggon builder Wheelwright opposite railway station b urges Waggon ettes exp Rem wag. Gone Spring carts of All kinds drays lorries farm and Bullock Wiggons made to Erder. Wheels of All descriptions from lightest buggy to heaviest Waggon made and repaired. Durability of material used wet neat and reliable workmanship guarantee l. 24 years practical experience in Lete. Ing Gipp land establishments. Notice. Bairnsdale foundry. Alexander & jew engineers boilermakers Smiths brass and Iron founders punt Flat Bairnsdale to to inform their customers and j put lie gun really Lita. They Hove taken foundry into their own hands old will i future b Leable to Supply of every description under Melbourne prices. Belt pulleys Freize brackets railings Garden seats Kitchen ranges colonial ovens Stamper Itears Coke grates and every description of , brass or Iron. Fire Bard s per cwt. Repairs promptly executed. Asteres supplied free. Note address punt Flat Ita Lonsdale. Phenix foundry service Street Bairnsdale. Pepperell & Winson late of Langland s foundry company Melbourne Lile above firm having removed to More commodious premises Are now prepared to execute Oil orders in engineering mining and All kinds of Iran and brass work on shortest notice on 3101st Teao Niile terms. Stamper shoes a specially. Noti tile add Rae service Street Bai Tinsdale near Chanles Institute. Pui Ulic notice. Wiliie Public Oil air Soale surrounding. Towns and districts Are request " to note that M late of 3lelbouree is begun business of Public account ant and Blouse anti land agent Samey Street hair Sale opposite Post office. Lit 20 years Cap Ereneo in bus Ilean com. Blend with Tihe highest City Tero ances in a sound guarantee that any business taste 1 to hit will by placed in competent Hants. Looks Lested ., Danily weekly or and. Dually. Ilo Ruos Ansi land aed to let. Tonso oct Elotice. Macy to Lohsl. T. Martin Public accountant Bailey Stiie to Tiit Ltd i. Job printing Iio Uanis Ard Ite ios ?3 and every Ltd on of Job of Eutell list Aboite Atrit Liliee " b3airnsdalef College. Mir. George Beartha . To Suetaro s / i did can. sirs to banking a. O in of .a ,. Start nil Aniess Yeats. I first term comen lines oin tuesday 3rd fein Nuary. A " t d school year is divided into 4 terms. Each con Alting Olthos Amo number of school Days about weeks. A. class feb 4 guineas per term. Lower a Hool fees. 8 guineas per full particulars obtainable on Plit from i to principal. Event nil com monday in and thursday. 7p.m. To 121 " Alain Stan to Purua air Ned lie francs strip poet Estah listed Yea. Prine pall miss Orison. Preparatory Lasi Forf I ladies school waratah.,i Ilion in English French drawing and Lusic. All quarters will by of i equal length term Days Are-3rd february 22nd april 27th july 7ts october to miss Mack Hay s on tuesday afternoons Martah Quarter plating from fist Esson. Terms Ona l. If Fri James Stewart Ess a of music and i governs let mar fas their lit of Baui Rayold. I pupils Gitt pianoforte Organ singing ate. I i l Fay Hadrit. " Roceles Pup l mfr Plano Andl they Ofa music. Main Striet bairns Davie Shear club Ido Tel. Gas. Gas i g s 1j. Ternes plumber ble l and " Gaa fitter s Ain Street Aii Tinsdale irs now prepared to Lay and As a services Complete Rady for lighting. A Labsa assortment of Gas Aliers Hall lamps brackets s globes Etc., Etc., o latest designs lowest prices. All workmanship and material Best " Bairnsdale tank factory and curve ing works. Tinsley & Maddocks. Tiu Smiths plumbers a Gale pulsed 10ro1 work hers a prepared to Supply All kinds of a tinware Baths spouting l maps lamps Iet lectors Etc., wholesale and retail reasonable rates. Estimates give for All kinds of plumbing. Brands for w Oil and flops Cut. Verandah Iron curved. Total new address Alley nor Taisia Saldanna. Roman hair restorer. P22prouc0 bes own and Black Hail. Price is. Oad. Post 2. 3d. Aal Naope irs Ned certain prec Soesan s or run eur in a Ltd Loring to its Oren a color Thule hair Al head Beard and whisker lamely sol key Thelleman. Lad lice for Rerrie their Mac Delowel temm Ronald lunar Drdul Leiseca a Tilly end renders Essyl and supple does of Stuan h Sale or of Linen you her Ain 1ll1g10 o0 or turning Gray use la. Cnut Loro tors Tini a Litereo other kinds should b. Reused. May of tines Ien Al chemist. Wholesale and Itell Cajiao Irin Smead v cd list i High Street 5. Okuda. Arnold s Balsam of horehound Arnold s. Balsam of Hore Houind ail Olds of . A wonderful esp . Asthma. nothing quickly cures coughs. Hero Ehlts . Low of Olce in Benld. and weak Ohms this Una is Here too Ign Roas. A single dose quieten no delves stat Relief. A mall Bontle Soltren Euie. Tell is Best err Ecmon of in Uia no Lily Relleva thle imn Huna Tobes by a solving Maco galed phlegm. 8old by la chemists and store Keern a bold s. Balsam of horehound. Ask for Arnold and Glt . Spurious a ill. U anal mum of Ennd. F c 8 1?" Ely lmlo1 Noel ers Peh Way Are there Nore Young told Here Shou Hole old Are s Cherr l sectoral pr., use of Roll cell has soaked Lal Lamyrl Luc level its effect is d eel Lah Ite lop to ugly la in Ute Ira to Ltd uin7 . Mett brine. Rat lost Follo Upsall Pucce Lasful cough cure ii Thi 11world., Hea i a Quial s Roll Edulfo Voic llle.3l1ing2ugh, crou1p, alld Luddye. Ai Hlyer by Schoenl Laurl to which children ral ilr.. in Tco cry bagels of Eoll Lump. Lull l1 Ciurla ih3 Del Ald a1lwly s cd Leeks Progress a aet even Art i Ter period i Relleve. Til s cough Oral i Durese Are Alful repose. A Safe palatable. And?1 v of Lucalle med Laluo. Aye Sherry 1eele r Holh i Ito always Alt Hall in Case of Ali unt Neel sudden Educ Getcy. Syer s Cherry pectoral or. J. C. Ayer co., Lowell mass., u. $. A Hood by Ira gust Andl Hill us Yvo Lefors c cure n n ,. T n or ? ,. or 0i y Uhl ii�iii1 la toll. Cd Lari 11-a of. R .219 h Chi nah i Ftp i 1� of is. I Roll Inch or . Evns cancel co. Calno innate of d r us for Finance. 2000 and a Thor Esam to lend on 0 approved Security. Aply I. Cioper Ain Street Mroney on Freehold and leasehold land i. Dan Ltd very Low interest. Apply of. A Drevermann Vioney to lend on mortgage Rele. 111 Leasner Oldland ree enable interest. Apply In. ?Lea. Bairs. Money to lend. W. Drevermann Loans for Small and Large amounts Eon Freehold. Ladle behold land rom., . ,. More of Doi iry lands in.Victoria and South Wales. �0,000 ready. For investment ? 1 ,1ioney ,.honeey.i Oney a Argee and Small sums to lend on free hold and leans Ehold lands lowest rates Stirn Twiest. moderate. A la ceo in Ely. Toney. Loney. Wee have several Large and Seanell Simiu. To lend on land and other securities. Lowest rate of interest and charges moderate. Acharn a son. Trust and Etter Mioney i to lend " from s to 5 years internet from i per cent. Keogh imres.,7 and 9 Elei Ieth Street farriers landowners and a "i1 otrers.,. O lend Large an Small sums of Trust and Ether Leo Eye for term of 2, 3, 4, .6 or years or a agreed upon on Leia Ehold Aid Freehold kinds weit rates of in. I reset i l Evoy & co., i 21 Market Street Melbourne. Burneas for. Yea .,189-1890 exceeding borrowers Arre Seq r Ted to place them s free in direct All Eom. strictly confidential. S Flat Iclal. A Lex. Morrison. Money advanced on. Deeds Stolk. L Ortega get skills of Sale and personal Security. ,4oaonane Oti ated Bills discounted. Agent for ourth.Victoria permanent Perty building and investment s6dletyl to Farmers landowners i and others. Trust and other moneys to lend for 2,4 or 5 yer. Waite int from 6 per cent. Hughes & company 23 Collins Street Mel Monrre. zap10 Conno w. A. A. Kirkpatrick Landl and Hining agent. Lihsiu races effects Loans negotiated. F. M. Grant land Atile a Stock agent. Valuer &c., Bairnsdale. 1o Ney in any sums Lent on and ate Freehold properties lowest rates of interest. Agent for Slesers. Mean and co Maffin and 48 Queen Street Melbourne. Agent for a messes. I. Goldsborough and co., i Elouine W. Drevermann main-., Bali nesdale general commission land and Estua agent. Agent for australian Alliance Assurance co. Fire life and guarantee. Trust and other moneys to lend in Large and Small sums reason Nile interest. C. J. Peck general commission agent Trust in to end ill sums from. P0n0 to e10.0oe in lir state Security Low rate of in met. Once opp.?, a. M lean and ccso., i ill Street. A. Eilane a general storekeeper Day Gre Tomeo. Commissions undertaken lowest rates. Tho Iam Woitt general Carlilie Mitchell Street Blair Dale. Iii Money sweeping and night work Wood and water carriers. All kinds of Odd work done. Bo1108 flotilla w. C. Vincent and general Printer. Printing Lof every description neatly executed. Not i. To Arnu ices i Aili. Y. Bairnsdale. Charles Swan wholesale and retail grocer wine spirit and Tea merchant. Family ironic Congery Glass and chinaware. C Gimme c Ial stores Bairnsdale. Noted for 5 vat a la. A in teas. M. 0. of pm in Hay Corn Wood and Coal merchant main Street Bairnsdale nest door to air Twentyman Shay Corn and chaff always on hand. Or zonal. 1vje Diou All general storekeeper Bruth Ien store. Estrada led 1860. Of. Agent for Yates reliable Garden seeds Australasia Leader weekly nines Walrus age daily Telegraph and illustrated Usa Ralian noes. S Deputy registrar of Birthe and deaths. Best matured whisky imported very Superior to anything in Market and highly recommended read analytical report on each bottle. Ask for and drink no other. Sole agents j. Griffiths & co., 35 King-., Melbourne important to saw Millers i save Money and Send your old Cir Ellar s a to ground and reduced in thickness. Equal to new by special machinery to . Blakeley s of English and american saws and files joiners tools c cutlery c., belting Emery wheels Grindstone Noreen on machinery oils and saw Mill requisites. Sole agent for Henry Disston & son s celebrated saws files tools description of saws made & Rist. A on shortest notice. All work guaranteed Fintel. S. Send for prices. 115 Lonsdale streets opposite Vesley Church. May & Abbott Hay Corn and general produce dealers Street bairns a i. A Good Supi ply of. Oats Maize chaff Etc., Etc. on hand. All orders to above will receive prompt attention. So to till Addi Eam May and Abbott late Donkin word Doherty main Street 1 a. Ii n in a l. A Gold Miner who suffered s110l3 nervous and \ Natl a i ability. La Sof vigor. ., was retired Ito health ill such a Romar Habl manner. After All else Hod failed thally Hie will of crypt f a la and Duersel Spedl Enneper real or mlle of Cre few to a la oel w Rae Rera. Address a liner g.p.o., Sydney. To Erv Oats Lull str a. A marvellous Medicine War. Ranted to cure if curable All or Oney refunded. Lump Ford o Vrlin Fultor an p Rilying i ill Tlle Genus let realty Ever offered to Folio. Put blur. As a proof of its curative ious is sold on i written guarantee to eare any form of nervous Wreaner cloth Lar from secret o r Cou. to Der in Boll exes. I Hula Meil. Olno is result of Twenty two year care. Fel study nedl expert Renee i treat Nunt of Tihe above die Wren Solo of Wale in Lead in to premature o Aid and land Levy. I Rlee 10s or Aseo Walt fall instruct Leno s diet Cerlin Rul Kitobo id Ptel let. Nestly locked ton Avold observe Allerti. I Forrer by peat to null pots of colonies. In Ott Arrau a Ledoil ill k Lnell Armenio 21 Ibl Urke Street Lase Mel. 1,ser11e. Bairnsdale butchery. Lately r. Kreymborg swim. Atkin wholesale and retail Butcher Mait Hestra of b is to intimate to. The Public of and District that having lately Pur based or. . Kreymborg s butchering Bosinco will continue to Arry on Theo Lle and trusts by keeping none out Best meet to Merit support hitherto a Cortley to his ttrteitacsoo.-. Small Good. Alna kept on hand. F i avid a tacit end on lastly. --1 service Street butchery and fitank0ioolr sausage manufactory Stith Branch shop in i Omillan s res next 31"eacharo, so cos. Action Ilo Omu French. German and italian Small goods of Oll kinds always on hand unto ast Pao a any solar goods introduced to District hereto or. C. Vet i la prop Reltor. Served and 3tlilhloa treat. Bairns a . butchery. F. . Vans a co., pm opine tors. W f beg to inform general Publio that of have state cd Branch Tus Hittso to Weir rat and that Cointot to Weir can of up Llouel with Choice Ileff. Mutton. Pork and still Ali Gools. a set reasonable prices. Goo 1 Otey l Olla 31 pet ill fat lined on a let non Tito nah Lichtl for cola Lite our Asl in Lyhl British Lilc. wiil make a latent in fillet null a tit i l Tal will give Myrtol lilo null Eselu Andl o Guwor. Itlo try i toll tour Izolt a Thuu tit not give o Youllar Best sup Ltd until ill. You i return our Best attend Roll and Realo go l for your Motley. Monuments & headstones of every a Cheri Tinto supplied and r tit. D by w. B. Giles i undertaker bail Nhi Alie. Designs and Iest intents a furnished. For men Only i bios who suffer from to vital Ltd Aid poured by toll of Lolly tooth Teao of a to lately Ulfat Long Luton Tot a on Llott Tho Flor of youth act Totti Uto in i y Oigt. To h Petrant list n to dict l do of Civ oif tiie in Tolu Hill a Torso oot tooth loot. And troop. Parisian ,agec0 y lot 7h1 1i, l ,1.o Syd Ottoy. Gibtvija5. J Jiun Eoff 50t0 Tom Goldsbrough Mort and co. A tatted Wool hide tallow & skin brokers Bourke Street Mel Bonifi a old Rales each monday during la season of Kangaroo Wallaby Opo. Sum Ila bit and nit other Urreta skins. They would assure vendors that any produce entrusted to Oleir Coo will Rlee Lve every attention All Askins being carefully Classel Andl protected up to Valu sate. The contral position and convenience of their ver Ehouse always ensure a full a Tel cell. Of Hilyer. Wool. New zealand loan and m mercantile Agency company i ii. A. 1865. Capital authorised. �1,00,000 con ital subscribed �1,000,000 Reserve fund �3 10,000. Liberal Cash advances on ensuing clips of Wool Grain Etc., for Sale in my Bourne or shipment to London. Farmers to Sree Crio every care and attention. Auction Isles of Wool every Thomally and saturday out Mort. Anti of sales of Tallos slide . Lem Lher Etc. Thre Lith a week throughout year. Auction Sal is a Gruin every Welles any. One months fre. Stra Rore allowed on Grain. Agents for new zealand shipping pm any splendid line of . General a Loaner for Australia David elder inspector f not Oral proper Williame Olven. Acting Lane Ever for Melbourne ended. My Elouine to i and Zalit .Rehoaaekensington offices a Tollins Street Wott. Agent of Blair Nasdala Henry Oivind son. To bark strippers Farmers dealer Sand others. B before disposing of your Wattle bark hides Kangaroo skins sheep skins tallow Wool Honey beeswax and All tanning produce. Call and Sec James , Ark s Arco and Tanner near Bridge where highest Market rates can always obtained for ant of above lines. To saddlers bookmakers and others. Ja3ies Jackson has always on hand Aroer. Novort Ertlet of dressed Leathier consisting of Brown and Black Hemness bridles strap belting bag leather a. Alo crop Kip runners waxed and Brown Kangaroo skins Call skins ., lowest paying prices. Laving obtained services of an Fez. Perion ced Currier from town Stemers car. Rely upon a goods being of a Firest Clas Quality. Encourage local Industry. will pay you Best. James Jackson bark merchant and Tanner. Commissioners savings Banks in.Victoria. Incorporated by act of Parlia taint a. Cum Lati d fund 3 0thi, june is a �3,457,525 14s 9d. Including i Ese Irve fund �175,000. Al printed by . A nines Gas ., chairman Willham 3 1iean, a so. . Arch Bisla cur tile f Ederie raue., g. a. . George 3ire, f?.i., c2.m?1.1o. Comptroller and so Rettery. James moop., . General inspector William Robinson. Accountant Gege r. Ai now in Tabis i Eide place. Under to ant of Luca Trotte. In Doc ii .l.i0ig0n o . in. A o a Dalyn fit Man keys Poitry pay " up court l Iii no ill Lam on d. L1 i to n Ling to 1unnu. T n Tentou Ai final a o0t no rth lab n.,. " . Kilda Ila.551 1ho\ Tut saw Limni s la w Pili am to a 11.r Inta Huff ,. S a a tid. " Vitoria Man Root a i attn i Sill North fat Moody and in a i u0110 with Bruch total number of depositors 183,478. T eel of Tal 511tnc l.5d.19 saing. Iwaniec A dryer of \ a., t., j ten rat. S o q., .1. Of Jamain. Elk0.,1., a. Or 1. 1. Toe Yan acl Traisy a. Corset. Car eastment 5f11 115 p5. S 0 l " w Eti of open Daly ill Ltd y Tii l 2.n Day Posl l note is ouly 7 tilt Mil. Geglio. E. Cov i. Lyl cd Depto award. Huq tics. Rolt ,.rdura Louelva i. Lies blk is in in ,.t to attend Erio Bunly and Hir to 188qt8o Deio and its i can obtain hot str Tun. On a lab Patlon to actuary. Full Linlor nation want Post free. A outta ,n.oh�. By Elmol ital Onemia i psf Ano upwards Days Ntboe .90. These Blount Lookout Sawmill. Leo. E. Cov Dale b Eto. H.,t a has. Ili lat Arinter s inter. I was ."nsv a to null in in Inis a tarted .,-, w11m a in olt of Tal supp0ly every do nip Ion of Svitt tinth.,r. The Only Gold modal awarded exhibition 1888. Uni and ots ii is. To il3 not i 1ty so t5- pal i co. Ale=1 prepare to ?.xrcith ,.? f.,r d Emi Johns of All sizes. I arge sort Nen or 1 ,\l0 pipes 111in.\i i to r Anit arh y ale a tally Domestic c Ware of All kinds butter pots of. I hath Tribu Urtle. C. A. Commins solicitor conveyancer & Proctor comr missioner for taking affidavits s main in in stalk mo.? To Lein. S j. M. Kirkpatrick solicitor Proctor & conveyancer Ile Pine ticket 1 i ability Stit to to Iii Hinsdale Money to lend., mrs. Linden i x p r i inc d nurse for ladies in Rin. Consoli Dement. Out dirt prac lie. Attended its near Giles ,. Tois. die Oid Wolf Lhasa Ommo tend. Stater near railway Pul Lic notice. . Lazaru to Ocie tilsit optician i Lonon i no sl241 nid ?1, Hilins to Street. M1,olb orc. Oran to into r w. I. Kos$tl.cwnl. I. Cer Ortle agent in i Bairnsdale fur Sale of his " cite spectacle Fondl Eye. A glasses. Or Irose a been through la instructed in my system of sight Allt with Delertie sight can depend upon being carry Pullol and aocour.,Tely stated by him. Signed i Lazar is. J. Kilgour r. Saddle and harness Miker oppo Itti Victori. Skotch Bairnsdale. A cheapest and Best place in Dale for saddlery of All descriptions. 1 Al assortment of Slot k and Hunt. E ing Oaid Les h Ness whips spurs Etc., Al for in ote us. All goo is manufactured on premises. . Was awarded eight first i Rizes atthe late la Randal of Stow. Economy co Fott class i. Ideal stoves o10k perfect in. Ideal Stop. S Lese Thun half sex i Deal stoves Ense of Gas. Ideal stoves to tutis All kinds Ideal Stives of fuel. Ideal moves takes t1wo feet Ideal eaves Ood. Ideal Sfer ver l i Brick Ideal stoves wok. Ideal stoves so and for Price. Lists i Ideal I Roial so. Tile Ideal Acorn land b1-a on j. C. Dahl sen and cos i i n31 . I i
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