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Berwick Bairnsdale Advertiser And Tambo And Omeo Chronicle Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 3

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Berwick Bairnsdale Advertiser and Tambo and Omeo Chronicle (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Berwick, Victoria National Library of Australia Tould not he Noce Missry to roof Tim Batlin Lompart Lent. Jetty � 0, Bathhouse �100, an and spec citations to to Prepa re for Hodison jetty of Tho motion of or l Oody Aon. 18--in View of into great it a elation of Ork Wing to the non oco Road Coon. Ulula Orang Bridge and thoe Grol incr Aea within the Shire Beng to Point out that it Nill he necessary for Meto have an oco assistant. It Simpo Seblo of the sur crying and Osco work and at the mute time Nup Ernise the works in Progress. There i at present a Grant mass of work in Arreor in this Folce which i shall to Unn Blo to Orer Tako Forsmo considerable time without Asis Tankeo and it is probable that the Omeo Road will furthering Carcaro Tho difficulty. I therefore ask Oato favourably consider this App Lionton. Assist Noo to be granted on Bilbo motion Ofcar Bonn. 10-after inspecting various Sites for a night soil depot All of which proved in. Nai Toble i received an offer this morning which. I think hello eld receive favourable consideration. Tho land in situated in the Parish of y Ynn e near the by Yang Ridge a Abou 5 acres. An to offer was Only received this morning i have not yet had time to make a special inspection of the place hut from my general know ledge of the locality i should think the site a suitable one providing it con be obtained for a reasonable Riding members to Deal with the matter. 20--Tho plans of the Bridge were returned this Day from the Publio works department. Somo slight modifications Are required in the two main piece. An some misapprehension appears to exist in the department with re Ference to this matter which i think could be readily explained and made Clear at a personal interview with the Olie ors and As it is very necessary that no time should be lest in commencing the work so As to Hane it completed before Winter a lot of Valu Able time could be saved if i proceeded to Melbourne and had an interview with mrs hymns. The of prose would not exceed �3 or �4, and the Adan Leagea to be gained Are considerable oven it they Only consist in a saving of time As the sooner the Bridge is commenced the cheaper it will be , on the motion of or Cochrane. Thie re fort courteous. The Gipp land Ile Cury of saturday last writes our contemporary the Bairnsdale advertiser is usually so very Correct in its statements and withal so civil in making them that we deem ourselves justified in noticing them even when directed against this portion of Gipp Eland and we Are sorry that we cannot any so much for another paper which throws about the most utterly irrespective of veracity. The advertiser in the course of some remarks it had to make on thursday last with re Ference to the fish Trade Falls into an error which we Are euro it will regret though perhaps it is a Pardon. Able one on the part of a journal which cannot possibly know the particulars. It warns Sale in a perfectly gratuitous manner not to provoke Competition which proved so disastrous to its old Steamboat company Well the old Steamboat company is cer. Mainly on the Point of liquidation but we can Tell our contemporary that which it does not know. The original �5 shares paid dividends amounting to �4 10s, and the �1 contributing shares upon which no Call was Ever made paid to 22s of Back. The company was wound up after a very successful career of 13 years during which time it ran off six or seven competitors having �3000 uncalled capital. The directors Best knew the causes which led to the pension of its operations but there will be a further dividend of about �2 s. On the original shares and of 8s go on the �1, and if our contemporary Calls that a disastrous state of things then we do not know the meaning of the not so bad that let us Hope then that the new company will be As great a Success As the old one i Sale turf club. Sires produce stakes 18938. The following Are the nominations for the Sale turf club s sires produce stakes of 1893 or a. Smith s b by swivelled truth. Or a. Smith s b c by Kenneth Prioress. Or a. Smith s be by swivelled diving Bell. Or a. Smith s b a by Kenneth Happy Bride. Or a. Smith s b f by Lothair Eugene. Hon. W. Pearson s by a Sioux by com. Motion Contes Sisa. Hoe. W. Pearson s b e Redskin by com. Motion Princess Alice. Hoe. W. Pearson s b red Indian. By commotion Eyrie. Hon. W. Pearon s b or by f Dakota by commotions press Losa. Hon. W. Pearson s by a by frying an lady Rowena. Hon w. Pearson s b a by frying Anu shining Light. Or e. Saunders s b i by charterer Turon. Or w. Manson s a a by Hughenden Coral. Or w. Manson s by t by Hughenden Figarie. Mfr. Manson s by t by Hughenden w ild Rose. Or a. J. Macleod s cd f by charterer Fortune. Or a. A. Macleod s of t by Caramat affectation. Or a. J. Macleod s b a by Caramat Slady. Sir a. J. Macleod s of o by Caramat . G. Davie s Ber by the gondolier prototype. Hen. G. Davis s b c by frying an Doretta. Hou. G. Davis s b o by the gondolier Grace Darling. Or w. Hall s by f b Arthar resale. Or g Shaw s b a by Cara nut Cheffo store. Or g. Shaw s of t b Caramat whiff. Or g. Shaw s b or by t by Caramat troop by. Me. Shaw s of t by Caramat Otago. Or t. Riggall s h a by Tom King Dap Eslao. Or t. Riggall of a by Tom King Dsa Bohock or m. Mackintosh s by y swivelled Waverlet. Or m. Mackintosh s b o by swivelled Ouida. Or m. Mayo Platosh s b by so Leveller Kate Clyo. Or m. Mackintosh s be by swivelled resells. Or a Whill Boun s b Oby Lothair Firat a j. Whitbourne s be by quo Doeg Albony. Or o. M. Fradet s b or Bre by Quon. Dong smuggler s daughter. Mac. E. Clarke s be by Aylesbury Madge. In c. E. Clarke s b or by o by Aylesbury Sasoy. Or o. E. Clarke s b or by t by Aylesbury Dora me j. H. Langhorne s b or by f by Tan. Taller Gipsy. Or f. Dalil s b or by a by Tant Allaer sea guilt. Or a. A. Pm my Llama s of t by tantalus or Ruby. Rainfall st Irti tics. Sair Indale. The following id a Register l Theta infill at Bairn Idalo during bld0, As kindly supplied us by or in. . 1.90 . 1.88 feb. 478 sept. 1.70 car. .93 oct. 4.60 april. 1.47 nov. R2.98 s. 4.75 Dee. 8.20juu. 8.20 july. .208 total. 38.05 Goon nire. M r Spillmon of Goon Nure who Hooe eps the rainfall record in that of. Cavity has courteously sent us the following return in. In. Jan. 1.84 aug. 1.24 feb. 4.20 sept. 1.03 mar. 97 oct. 4.10 april. 1.15 nov. 8.00 May. 4 do. 2 48 june. 8.5.69 july. .2.16 total. 81.21 Olto ont. Or James Cameron gives the record at Orbost As under o in. In. Jan. 1.9 aug. 3.12 feb. 2.23 set. 1.82 u a. 1.08 oct. .4.00 april. .99 nor. 2.49 May. 4.7 dec. 3.14 june. 7.23 july. 4. 4.1 total. 87.94 Tihe Fisli traffic. The following is a return of the fish traffic for the week ending saturday last Barnsdale. Sale. Monday. 86 165 tuesday 04 225 wednesday 100 164 thursday. 180 n39 Friday. 12 saturday. Nil nil total. 487 950 tiie Irish Palty. Age Caole Ogram. London january 9. Mfr w. O Brien has decided to sur. Render himself to the Irish authorities and undergo the term of six months imprisonment to which he was sentenced recently at tipperary for in. Citing tenants to refused payment of rent. Spouting intelligence. A cablegram from London dated the 9th inst., states. That Wentworth and Mons Meg two of the horses bred by the late or James White in new South Wales but now the property of the australian sportsman or Daniel Cooper have been nominated for the Gold cup at Ascot and the Bunbury Plato at new Market. Mons Meg has also been nominated for the All aged stakes at Ascot and the March stakes at new. Market. In this Day s Issue will be found published toe Complete programme of the Sale turf club race meeting to be held on the 18th and 19th february. Nominations for All the Handicap events must be made not later than 6 . On tuesday the 27th inst. This evening at the Boathouse the Ordinary monthly general meeting of members of the Bairnsdale rowing club will be held commencing at eight o clock. There has been some talk of holding a regatta on Tihe mite hell River on easter saturday and the question will Likely come on for discussion this evening. It is desirable therefore that there should be a fall attendance of members. The Crews for the Junior and senior pairs will be drawn to night. A modern Beau bitu3imel. Theca there have been men whose personal appearance was so unprepossessing that they have been advised to sit As models for the adornment of Clay pipes. There have been others who have have injured the camera when sitting for their photograph but it has been left for a Melbourne Man to top the record by breaking a looking Glass in which he was admiring his Loveli a looking Glass is an honest piece of household furniture. It is faithful too faithful for Many of us and ugly though we May be the Glass shows our features truthfully and suffers in silence. But there is a limit. There usually is and a looking Glass owned by Bir William h. Ford costumer of Little Collins Street has reached the limit and has declared in in the most forcible manner Shat its patience is exhausted. The facts came out in the City Courton saturday morn ing. A Young Man Well and respect. Table dressed in a dark Sac suit with coat was charged by or Ford with damaging a looking Glass to the extent of four shillings and six Pence. The evidence was Peculiar. The Man went into or Ford s shop under the influence of liquor and demanded a looking Glass in order that he might Spruce himself up a bit As he was going out for the evening. " you Seo said be running his fingers through his hair " i want to make a Good impression this evening. You know my Good follow what i mean i Aladdin the Case a a " he tickled or Ford in the ribs which familiarity the costumer did not like so he ordered " Beau Brummel out of the shop. Beau would not go. Giving his coat a Brush and his Collar and Necktie a Natty Little touch he again demanded the Glass. Or Ford would not accede so the Man seized a Glass for himself and having Given himself another Brushaun and having screwed his face into a most approved " killing " smile he looked and the Glass broke. Poor Glass i or Ford interceded for the Man whom he had handed Over to the police and a Fino of 6s, with 4e of damages or three Days imprisonment was inflicted. Poor face leases awaiting live ii. Leases for Tho undermentioned person. Arc awaiting delivery at Tho Rico let and pay office a Arnadale o Allan d. M cloy r. Bigge b. Marriott Thomas Brown 0. M Taggert. J. Burte m Haill k. Cunningham t. M Mahou m. Cousens t. E. 2 Nichol j. J. Glanzy William Ruckard a Grant. A. Rid doll j. Ill Yard a. B. Shaw. A. Hutchinson. W. Simpson. O. Jami Elason j. Sterling. J. Look w. Terry f. Look. John Volt w. Ii Miscellanea. In the roman Campagna at the sepulchre of Moetell the wife of Solie there is an Echo which repeats five times in fire different keys. It will also re. Pent a Ito Adleor line r holy other son Tonce which can be spoken in Trio rigid a half seconds. An Echo which repents i seventeen time is to be found Between Bingen and coblents on the Banks of the River Noha. A peculiarity of this Echo is. That although the speaker s voice May be almost inaudible yet the volume of sound apparently increases in the Echo. According to a despatch from Lowell Mas Scharles g. Stowell and lotto e. Anderson were married in an anchored balloon in that town the other Day the ceremony being witnessed by 10,000 persons. The Clergyman having tied the nuptial knot left the Happy couple in the balloon the Best Man and bridesmaid also retiring to Terra firm. The bridegroom who is Aon accomplished balloonist then let go and the air ship sailed gracefully towards the skies amid the cheers of the crowd who were not unreasonably excited by the Novelty of a honeymoon in mid air. The latest invention in door locks is one which cannot be opened from the outside by a pliers or Skeleton key if it is locked on the inside and for this reason is especially valuable for hotel rooms and inside doors of buildings generally. It has double bolts one above the other. The lower one is used to Lack the door from the outside. Its Keyhole does not go Clear through the lock neither does the Keyhole of the Bolt that locks the door from the inside. When theim door is locked on the inside there Are no Means of reaching the key or the Keyhole of the inner Bolt from the outside of the door. This lock is being extensively used in the a hotels of the United states. In t it strange said a Short foreign looking Man the Osilier Day to some companions while lunching to get her at one of the restaurants of an american City " that not one Cook in fifty nor housekeeper either knows How to boil an egg and yet most people think they know that simple matter. They will la Tell you to drop it into boiling water and let it remain three minutes and to be sure the water is boiling. Here is where the mistake is made. An egg so prepared is Indi. Ges Tible and hardly fit for a Well person let alone one who is sick to eat. The moment it is plunged into boiling water the White hardens and toughens. To boil an egg properly put it in a vessel cover with cold water place Over the fire and the second the water begins to boil your egg is done. The White is As delicate As a Jelly and As easily digested and nutritious As it should the information is worthy consideration since the speaker Hias occupied the position of chief at several of the larg est hotels of the United states. A strange legend comes to us from the Sioux who alone can Tell the True history of that deadly Ambuscade. They say that on the Hillock where Custer fell no grows a Plant never seen there before a curious Plant with tall slender leaves curved in the exact form of a Sabre with edges so Sharp As to inflict keen wounds upon unwary hands and those who Pluck it once soon drop it so strangely cold and Clammy Are its leaves. It bears a Golden lined heart shaped Blossom and in the Centre is one Small spot of Brilliant red like a drop of blood. The indians regard it with superstitions Awe. They Call it 1" Cus Ter s heart and cannot be induced to touch it claiming that the Blossom crushed in the hand leaves a blood red stain impossible to remove. The latest application of electricity will be a Boon to wild beast tamers lion Kings Serpent Queens and such like. Instead of having to assert their authority by Means of the whip of pliant steel which has hitherto been their chief resource except in those desperate Straits in which red hot Irons come into action they will now carry a Light Wand with an insulating grip for the hand connected by a flexible wire with a Battery of which the Power can be varied recording to the necessities of the Case. If the lion or Tiger becomes surly and refuses to go through his tricks or threatens to bite s Sample out of his Tamer a touch of the Magio Wand will give him a Sluhoc that will Rouse him up or scare him into submission As the performer wishes. Hand painted dress shirts Are the latest Novelty devised by Paris for the new York Young Man. The design is to be in consonance with the wearer s predilections. A miniature regatta in water colors will adorn the Manly front of the Yachtsman. Dogs and horses will Dot themselves Over the shirt front of the sportsman. Bicycles of Filipu. Tian dimensions will appear on the bosoms of those who he stride the real article. A Little inappropriate to the dinner hour the Ball and the theatre How much More so is All this hand painting to the laundress and the Wash tub i the question when and whom the epithet grand old Man " was first applied recurs As regularly As the seasons. Gladstone worshippers will have it that the words were first used with reference to their own particular idol. What is pretty certain is that the words have been used with respect to nearly every old Man of note from the time of Homer Down. Some have maintained that they Are discoverable in thucydides but this we think to be a mistake the phase in this Case literally construed being a Blind old taking up the other Day the quarterly re Vieto for september 1855, we lit upon this sentence in a masterly article on pit and Fox it was not Only in Scholastic studies that the grand old Man encouraged thle boy s natural eagerness to the italics Are ours. The grand old Man in this instance was lord Cha steam. The writer of Tihe article was i Ord Lytton in the Knob Worth edition of whose works it duly appears. Irwin s great Western Vino yarn pure dry matured Olares and Hobs awarded Ommedal Paris exhibit Lon and Chow Pion prise me Bonroe show 1880. Cotlin Matlion of Reading matter on Faur la Page wanted. Wanted uen aral servant. Appl Yim Twer Tywann francs Street. W anti de Reers servant. Apply mrs Drever Mannl m cull oct streets . Anted to Lent Tou a few week a furnished pious or Ala relents at lakes Entrance convenient too cd ply visitor Ltd Ritter office w ool washers several Good Pat stick men Wated at once apply manager of econ essay station Ort w anted known that first class bread can be obtained at the Excelsior bakery main Street Barnsdale Between Payne s and the state school. Wanted known that w. P. S Ott is Selling men s clothing cheaper ban Ever. W anted known if you have watch that does not keep time or jewellery that is broken or old and you went it made in the latest style take it to Buck and co., main Street Bairnsdale. Anted known suits trousers and vests moles Etc Are being cleared at any . P. Scott Draper main Street. W anted smart and a energetic agents who Are and Ous to make an easy and comfortable income averaging �1 per Day. Apply at once As time is Money. Historical publishing company . Box 610, Sydney,. Wanted the under signed has resumed occupation of the picnic Point Garden lately leased to or j. Peart and that fruit is supplied at the gardens at Moderato prices. Fruiterers dealers and packers liberally dealt with. Richard Goodman. Anted . Feilchenfeld anti sco., the Well known drapers main Street Bairo Adale Are now holding their usual Clearing Sale prior to Stock tannic. Their very Large Stock of drapery and cloth. Ing is of Superior Quality and the reductions in prices a genuine. At the same time s. Veicl Tenfel and co. Beg to request All out standing accounts from last year to be paid without delay. Anted to buy old cast Iron and brass in any Quantity. Highest prices Given Cash on delivery. Alexander and jew engineers brass and Iron founders pent Flat Bairnsdale. Anted our miss Cleothers has just returned from Melbourne markets with a very Choice and fashionable Stock of summer millinery and fancy goods and they Are this Day Showe at the shop of the Beehive Cash drapery next savings Bank. It. Shannon proprietor. W anted our Mil be Mourne cutters can Only turn out a limited number of suits before Christmas and customers Are asked to place their orders in our Handsaw Early As possible. A splendid variety of patterns to select from. Note address the Beehive next Sav Ings Bank. W anted Harry Payne of the main hotel opposite the railway station Bairnsdale employs a night Porter to receive All his Patros by the late trains and to Call them for the Early morning trains. He is the Champion Boot cleaner and being an old Salt was never known to sleep at his Post so you can bet millions you will be called. Amusements. Payne s theatre Royal. Two nights Only. Thursday & Friday Jan. 15 & 16. Ii Icil to in new musical comedy company. Grand opening programme thursday 156tn january or Rihcards will have the Honor of present ing for the first time Here his new musical and farcical comedy entitled Pink no totes. Or Aliatis Ash. Ton of Surbiton or Harry Richards Charles crackers his Friend or John Gil More l Angelina his wife Mirs Tilly lakes mrs Casar cast Iron his Mother in Law miss Georgie Devoe Check his mail servant Katie Rickards Florrie his terror Katie Rickards. Granget Surbito. To be followed by a new and positively refined Gigantic Olio. The eminent actor vocalist or Learry Rickards in the great dramatic see a the Bridge. On the Bridge at Midnight stood i in Dis. May watching weary travellers passing on their the whole of the enormous Gigantic . Gramme to conclude with or John Gil More s screaming comic farce entitled the Pryima Donna. Characters by company. Friday january 16, or Rickards will produce his enormously Suc Caes Ful comedy in a fog. To be followed each evening by an entirely new Alto and con eluding with anew screaming Faroe admission a 2s and is. The Art in Mishins Byo. H. Cole. Of office at mrs Winkelmann s. Agent in Advance. Or Sydney Hall. Business manager. Or Jno. C. Lette. Australian natives association. Bairnsdale Branch. The annual excursion of the above will be held on monday january 2oth Natal Day. Natal Day when ther . Anjil will run to the Back Beach leaving bar Nodalo pure tally at s a.m., Callin oat Payn Esile in reals. Fares from Bairnsdale return 4a children half Price t Paynesville 2s. W. L. Harris Secretary. V. R. Electoral districts of Gipp land North and Gipp land East. Bairnsdale sen Worden Dargo and Rindenow divisions province bairns. Dale division. Tile ratepayers and general lists for the above divisions Amr now printed and copies May be inspected free of charge until the Day appointed Tor revision at my office at every Post Otrice within the divisions and at the offices of my deputies As under for the Dargo division at Dargo and Bull Manl. For the Ben Worden division at Paynes for the province at Bendon Juahan Orbost Stirling Bonang brethen Swan Beach and Coningham. Henry Sutton registrar at a Arnadale. Department of Public works Melbo urto december 81,1810. Of spenders will be received subject to the i conditions of tendering Tor construe. Los of Whart and sited at Middle crossing River Tambe until twelve o clock on Tsi urday january 2mad, 1891. Particulars May be Learnt at Lisa Nutce and at the patios station sat Rosdale. The amount Otth preliminary Deposit to accompany the Tendler is �10, Ansi the amount of the Deposit As cast Security for thl due Posto Manoe of the contract is s Pec cent. The Bonard of land and works will not necessarily accept tse Lowert o Sny tre Der a. Ii. Ii Eeler commissioner of pub Lac works. Tenders. Olpt fresh food Giehll Iet in later. Sells stirs Neil Etna Lam cow Lilis so ,,4. Tenders will be received for the por Chase or cwt of ice daily for bairns. Dale or Tihe delivery of seme to customers daily. Tedler ers to state Price per la for delivering some in a radius of one two or three Miles. A livery to be male by Box oct and Fleet horse. Alp. M Acharn Secretary. A bar a Taloe Rachelg Calhas. Tenders will be received at tie l Dale racing club s office Bailey Street Bairnsdale up till 12 o clock on Sirur. Day 17th january 1891, for the right to raze sheep or cattle under 2 years old on tie racecourse and recreation Reserve for the Peled of 4 months from january 1oth to May 11th inclusive payable monthly in Advance. Thie highest or any tender not Jab. Joi Inston Secretary Bairnsdale r cing club. Balir Nedlo racing club s office 12th january 1891. For Sale or to let. To let two shops in Bailey Street bal Iredle. Apply or Morgan. T o let cottage 7 Street near Engels a Church imme. Diate possesslon.--. 3iaeartlhnr and co. F or Sale Rye grass in any Quantity eced tartarian Oats and new and secondhand Corn sacks. Apply Imay and Abbott Hay and Corn merchants. For Sale or to built store and dwelling opposite Rindenow railway station. Would suit energetic Young Man with a Little capital. For terms apply to j. Of Griftiths and co., 35 King Street Melbourne. Fer Sale 40 acres of leasehold land at Lucknow. Price �55. �10 Deposit balance by quarterly instalments extending up to twelve months without interest. Apply Alex. Morrison. For first Clas working Bullocks also two really Good wog. Gons and tackling Complete. The above Are All Young and in splendid condition. Will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. For Par. Tic ulars apply to the owner or j. J. In Lahon of tile islands West caning. For Sale Large and Small forms on the w Mitchell and Tambo Rivers business and building Sites in All parts of the town a very Desi Nab and highly improved form in Broadlands and several properties in by Oung. For full particulars apply to f. W. Drevermann j. D. Proper Morgan agent and share broker main Street air noale next door to the Dver Tisor office tas for Sale and to let farms of All sizes with and without River frontages within easy distance of Bairnsdale. Idiot cos and private residences in town and co Oarr. Persons having property for Sale or to let please apply to the above. Cheap Money to lend in sums up to �20loc0. Buyers assisted to Purchase. Mioney invested for clients at highest rates of interest. Public meetings. A. St. John n Church a la Sarlas tulle. Otice is hereby Irven that a meet Inq of parishioners i intended to be held at the schoolroom on tuesday the 20th Day of january 181, at eight o clock in he evening for the purpose of electing guardians in accordance Wilt the provisions of the Tusiese and Vestrie act 1885, and to receive the report and balance Sheet for the Post year. By order of the guardians Jamies tipping Hon. Secretary. Alan Swalle blowing club t nhe Amon tidy general meeting of the Abov club will be held a the Boathouse this tuesday evening at s o clock. Crews to be picked for the Junior and senior pairs. All members Are re Quested to attend. If. T. Arthur Eon. See. Saturn Sasale lip Lush Kilpi Witul lung annul los Allee Rill company Lim led. Notice. All in the above company whose Calls Are Over Dale Andl not paid Are hereby notified that they must be pail on or before wednesday the 14th of january otherwise they will be placed in the hand of the company s so Chester for collection. By order of the Roar of directors if. Rup Linon Secretary. Notice. Traffic through properties of the under signed at and Linda a. Now is stopped. Trespassers will he prose. Outed. A. J. Webs. Edwin Desailly. Notice to . L he undersigned hereby gives notice that anyone found Les passing in any of the paddocks of the Lind nov estate alter this Date will be prosecuted without respect to persons and without further caution. P. H. Hill. Rindenow estate december 27, 1880. Notice. H having appointed i. Good and co., i Bairnsdale As my agents any person or persons found trespassing on or removing Timber bark fencing Etc from my retry at number Rush known As Cris Lina is s selection without their written per Mission. Will he held liable for damages and will be prosecuted. Christina Durose. --1 in Ward. Lest from Kelly s Foj. Paddock in Luck noon a Brown Mare branded w Over .1 on near Shoul Der. Above Reward will be Given to anyone returning Tho soap to win. How Quarry Sarsfield. Let nolo Laskers. A family residing on the sa0 East near the Teamer s Lancing with Frost luge to Beutle fool lakes Sce Olry Havo roam for a few weekly or Mon Tolly visitors his Oling Shooten beating bathing. sigr " Ocean Grange Rhi ply Volle. Ice ice ice Are Illysa Slad fresh pfad. Sis ice i utter Frozen storage and Ianu Sac Taring coi Spany limited Iii Tiesdale Are prepares to Eoa cute Ordaro fsr i c in Yak l Ocif. All Doloers for dec loft with or Alf. L Eoo Harn at the exely Notov will be promptly attended to terms strip hotly Casio Sale turf club race meeting to be held on the1ttl Dic 19tli Fourl Aluta a 1?91. T ren1dnflt--3. L. Paterson. Vice. President a. A Langhorne. Stewards Ron. O. Davis e. L. Bucec a if. C. Thomson g. C. Coulson j. Douglas. Judge a. L. Bruce. Starter a. W. Dobbin. I handicapper of. F. Dakin. First , feb. 18. Iian Digap i hurdle. Race. A Handicap Swee Pofe �l1 0 Coch for starters with .e30 added. Second horse to receive -5 out of Theo stake. Nomination -1 acceptance 10s, about two Miles. A aids to plate. A Sweepstake of a1 each for starters with 025 added. For horses that have never won an advertised prize. Weight for age. One mile and a Quarter. Nomination Al is. Alte i Handicap. A Handicap sweep of �2 Cace for starters with �b0 a Decd. Second horse to receive �10 out of tile stake. Nomination 1t acceptance Al i0s. One mile and a half. Disposal stakes. A sweep of �1 each for starters with �20 dded. Weight for age. Winner to be sold for �40 71b reduction in weight for every �10 redaction in Selling Price of horse surplus if any to go to the race fund. Nomination �1. Seven furlongs. Latrobe i Handicap. A Handicap sweep of �1 each for starters with �25 added. Nomination 15s Cep Tance is. Six furlongs. Second , feb. 10. Elliso of hurdle race. A sweep of �1 each for starters with �20 added. Weight two Stone above weight for age. Winner to be sold for �30 71b reduction in weight for every �10 reduce lion in Selling Price och use provided that no horse carries less than 9.t surplus if any to go to race fund. Nomination 1. About one mile and a half. Campbell plate a Handicap sweep of � 1 0s each for starters with �30 added. Nomination �i1 a. Cep Tance 10. One mile. Sines produce stakels. A sweep of �1 each for starters with �20 Given by the club and �00 subscribed by the owners of the following sires Viz. Swivelled frying an Camden and the for two year Olds the progeny of the above ires. Second horse to receive �10 out of the stake. The Winner of any race not a Handicap of the value of �20 or Over to carry t1b extra two or More such racese7b and the Winner of any race not a Handicap of the Aloe of �30 or Over to carry 101bth extra two or More such races 14lb. Penalties not cumulative. Contr 7st 10lb mares and geldings 7st 51b. Nomination �2. Six furlongs. Amateur i Handicap. A welter Handicap sweep of �1 each for starters with �23 added to be Ridden by amateurs approval of by the stewards. Nomination 15s acceptance 10s. One mile and a Quarter. Steeplechase. A Handicap sweep of �2 each for starters with .�0 added. Nomination �1e acceptance �1. About two Miles and a half. Final flutter. A Handicap sweep of a each for starters with �20 added. Nomination 10s acceptance 10s. Five furlongs. These races will he run under the . Rules. Nominations for All Handicap races accompanied in each Case by the amount of nomination Money As published Mast be made to the Secretary at the Royal Exchange hotel Sale or to the Secretary v.a.u., Bourke Street Melbourne before 6 . On tuesday 27th january. Weights will be declared on tuesday the 3rdl of february. Tie Winner of any Handicap Flat race of the value of �30 or Over after declaration of weights to carry 7tb penalty in Ither the Sale Handicap Latrobe Iland Cap Campbell plate Amateur Handicap or final flutter two or More such races 4ilb-penalties not cumulative. And the Winner of any Handi Cap hurdle race or Steepl chose of the value of �30 or Over after declaration of weights to carry 71b penalty in either the Handicap hurdle race or steeplechase two or More such races 0lb--Penalhics not cumulative. Out ers or trainers must declare penalties to the Secretary or clerk of the Scales before weighing. Entries for sires produce stake disposal stakes Selling hurdle race and Maiden plate must be made to the Secretary at the Royal Exchange Lotel Sale or to the Seare tary v.i.c., Rourke Street Melbourne he. Lore 6p.m. On thursday the 12th february at which time and place acceptances for Asi Handicap races must be paid. No entries will be received after i that Lime. All sweeps payable at scale. No entries will be received for any of the above races except on this condition that Oll disputes claims and objections la arising out of the racing shall be decided by a majority of the stewards present or those whom they May appoint their decision upon All Points Cenfetell with the carrying oat of this programme shall be finl. A. A. M m11,Lan, Secretary. T chlo Lutsic. Ihie misses bakery beg to intimate that their infants school in Pearon Street i Bairnsdale will Ite open on lion Day next the 10th inst. J. Tipping pharmaceutical chemist main Street Bairnsdale. F Ull s to Elk of Oil leading Patent medicines Itom Mathle medicines trusses of Best makes enemas cushions perfumery Bese brands toilet soap Blair and tooth brushes sponges &c., a. Summer specially. Tipping s Freckleton a delightful toilet article for removing freckles Ard Sut Lyburn softening the hands and relieving irritation of the skin. Price is and 2s old. Prescriptions dispensed with accuracy and country oilers sent off promptly. Remittance with order respectfully requested. Address Between colonial Bank and Bank of Vic Loria. G. Lansley the working Man s tailor Nici Olson Street. Opposite Shire Lofall. A Lopi ties dyed. Cleaned and repaired equal to new. The Sils Motif Iel " canals. The Beehive the Beehive the Beehive of a second consignment of net summer goods has just arrived at the above shop. O a splendid variety in prints Delaine zephyrs and fancy dress goods. Millinery and dressmaking a specially. Men s clothing sox shirts hats & Mercery special values. Note address next savings Bank. To Heads of families hotel keepers and Boardinghouse keepers. U by Foo a heat. No no extra charge. O n and after Thil Date c. Veith of ser Rice and m it Milan streets Bairnsdale in order that the meat sold by him will be in the very Best possible condition during the summer months has to keep Nane in the refrigerating Chambers at the wharf for at least a week before offering it for Sale. Customers can Orler Large or Small in anti ties As heretofore anti supplies will be drawn from the ice works each Day. No extra charge will a made for the meat thus treated. To f Srel sea mule olestra. Cutting with Back delivery Mower done in Large or Small Quanta idea in any part of the District. death or f. Adams East Naire Dallel pianoforte tuning taught. 500 and upwards per annul for life. Re he advertiser who is a professional pin fore Nice or n tuner of Many years standing possessing High testimonials from London and Paris makers is Leopn to receive a limited number of pupils to teach tie profession. No musical Kow ledge is absolutely necessary. Gentlemanly . Fusion and very lucrative. Forh further parties los address Eug ene has Elle care of or g. It. Cole or advertiser office. Pianoforte tuning. Improved method. Or. Eugene Haswell Popil of collard and collard London pianoforte & Organ regulator under the distinguished patronage of is excellency Tihe governor and tire musical profession of aus Trelia l Isles to announce to the Public of i Bairnsdale and District that he is still in Bairnsdale and Hopes to be honoured with the care of i Ruments requiring tuning re. Awarded three Gold i medals of Lonor for " impair Ord Felt Hod of tin nog pianoforte at exhibitions held at Paris London and new York whereby a More Brilliant and greater durability in Wear Are imparted rendering it Only necessary to tune in 18 months a great consideration to All classes of music ans. All communications and orders Shou Hlf be Addressedi-3ln. Eugene Haswell care of or g. H. Cole or Al Vertier Ottie Bairnsdale. Tin. Tin. Tin. Mount wills tin Fields. Beg to notify the Public of Bairnsdale that i have now for Ca e various Inte rests in the Aboe tin f eds. Ast am in Groe every week i am thoroughly acquainted with rhe current Market rates and buyers or Sellers will find it to their Adan. Tage to Call on me before pure lasing or Dis. Posing of shares. Sharea bought or sold on commission. Imp t. O. Potton will act As my agent during my a ence in Omen. A. A. With Kee is of h a re broker main-st., Bairnsdale and Day-st., Omeo. Hairdressing & shaving Saloon main Street Bairnsdale. R. Adolf begs to intimate that he has commenced business at the above address. He has had experience in Europe. Poland Russia Germany England and tile australian colonies and therefore can guarantee Good workmanship. All kinds of ladies Ilai Rork done. Private Rasoi Fon ladies and chit. Diken. T Tluck Oniate Ivare kept in Stock. R. Adolf main Street Bairnsdale opposite Norton s hotel. Palace hairdressing Saloon Dox s Coffee Palace main Street Bairnsdale. Brown and Tregeagle the Premier hairdressers thave arrived in Bairnsdale and commenced business at the above address. Their new premises have been fitted with a1t the latest conveniences. Private rooms for ladies. Cirtie banns or Tont Lacoc and clowns always kept in store. Noto the Aldress Dux s Coffee Palace mini Street Bairnsdale. Notice of fleyio1al. J. Kilgour Saddler main Street Bairnsdale d Sirris to thru the Public of bairns. Dale and District for the very Liberal support accorded him since opening hero and wishes to intimate that he has removed his business to those premises at the Corner of rain and m Milan streets opposite the Victoria ii Otel where he Hopes to receive a continuance of the Trade with which he has been favored up to the present. Sverev Drin Ripton of saddlery and harness work Oxe Cutet on the premises. Lowest Price and Good workmanship guaranteed. Splendid new Stock to select from. To shippers. The . Despatch till a hoarding in Melbourne for i bin salade on thu Dayr and Fri. Day neat calling at port Albert. Special reduction of freights from bairns Dale to Melbourne. Maize taken at 12s Ril per ton. Huddart i Parker & co. Limited Melbourne agents. Permewan Wrig it k co., Blair Nodalo agents. It teamster . Letares Itai morale Dolty on arrival of train t4.15 ., calling at poynts Vio. Rooter slither lakes Entrance Rel into mediate Orts fearing lakes Entrance Doty at s . Permie Van Wii it a co. , Are nits. Still we Load i profits abolished. Just arrived special consignment of new millinery fancy Good suitable for. Christmas and new your season at prices that defy Competition. O Byrne Bros cheapest drapery establishment in Gipp land. Have opened. 30 cases of choicest goods of the season. Consisting of. Millinery mantles dresses boxed Robes gloves ribbons laces prints zephyrs sunshades and umbrellas All at prices that cannot be approached \ for cheapness. Gentlemen s clothing outfit Ting and hat department Replete with the latest styles from All Tho Best manufacturers. None buit reliable goods in Stock. Quality not sacrificed to Price suits to order a specially perfect fit guaranteed. Prices most Moderato. D re making done in Best style. Mourning at shortest notice. Orders by Post attended to with promptitude. " buy from the direct importers. O Byrne Brothers commercial Hall balt Sdale
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