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Berkshire Eagle Newspaper Archives May 11 1974, Page 2

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Berkshire Eagle (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Berkshire saturday May 111974 1974 bad year for governments Catholic nuns in Rome pass posters calling for a vote in favor of a new divorce Law which will be voted upon in a referendum tomorrow Italy split in bitter debate Over vote to repeal divorce by the Asa daled press the year int half Over and already its made its Mark in history by producing a startling epidemic of falling govern ments that presages agonizing uncertainties for the months ahead Only this week West Germany Canada and Iceland joined an eve growing political up Roar club wherein any Leader in trouble finds he has lots of company France about to shed its gaullist Shell after is years England West Germany India Australia almost any place one looks in the advanced world government leaders Are experiencing the Sharp pain of political hot water the Oriental Calendar makes this the year of the Tiger but there Are fewer tigers than goats in leadership positions throw darts at a map and it would be difficult to hit a spot where leaders Arent having perplexing difficulties As the advanced seem to act less advanced All the time the universality of the trouble and a look of wide spread instability in the non communist world might leave a surface impression that the communist nations Are the Only ones who now enjoy political peace but the totalitarian sys tem prevents red governments from falling still when it comes to trouble they manage to gather their share China has its resurgent Cul Tural revolution threatening to engulf swarms of communists the soviet Union has political and economic jitters As it Wor Ries about a shakily based for eign policy Canadas prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau fell this week because of economic difficulties and the nation must have general election july 8 West Germany is in a dither Over Chancellor Willy Brandts shocking resignation because he unwittingly had a communist spy in his office and the scandal has repercussions that Echo in Washington and Moscow and May place the Fate of the Eastres detente in the bal Ance uncertainty radiates from West Germany through the european common Market Al ready burdened with More than enough of that commodity some of the uncertainty comes from France Europe key Stone after president Pompidou death waiting a second round of elections for his successor France witnesses the Sunset of gaullist and Europe has to wonder what comes next Italy government fell in March and Premier Mariano tumor formed the nations 36th government since world War Sadat Progress by Edward Magri Rome a Italy politicians have set aside such issues As constant labor strikes and the worst inflation in decades to plunge into a bitter National de Bate Over divorce in this roman Catholic nation the Issue has stirred repercussions All the Way from the Vatican to the Kremlin the Campaign is under Way for a referendum this sunday to decide whether Italy will keep on its books a three Earold Law that permits divorce a majority vote against divorce will automatically wipe out the Law sides chosen the Issue has split the part ners in Premier Mariano re mors Cente left government it has set Bishops against priests and rekindled the bitter grudge Many italians Bear against the presence of the Pope and the Vatican in Italy there Are fears the govern ment wont survive this harsh confrontation in which Cabinet ministers oppose one another in what All sides have called a Battle for civilization communists on the left and the heirs to the shattered dreams of Benito Mussolini on the right Are doing their Best to bring about a government col lapse rumours Christian democrats find themselves uneasy anti i Vorce bedfellows with the far right social movement party the socialists and the democratic socialists rumours partners in government Are fighting on the same divorce Side As the communists and the Liberal party which in Italy is conservative the referendum became inevitable after a Church backed an Tidi Vorce group collected 16 million signatures in 1971 three times the number required to have a Law submitted to scrutiny by the electorate Italy communist party the largest in the West tried in vain to fend off a referee Xaviera Hollander fined for stealing Vancouver api Xaviera Hollander the Happy Hooker has been fined for shoplifting the 32yearold author of a bestseller about her life As a prostitute was Given 14 Days to pay the Fine after her sentencing in provincial court Here thursday miss Hollander was arrested june 8 for lifting three nighties valued at from a downtown department store Dum fearing it might woo Many of its nine million electors sex be Cully women away from its pro divorce stand the soviet communist party Organ pravda has denounced the referendum As a Man Euver to under nine the Unity of the working class propaganda drive radio Praga a soviet i danced radio station beaming italian broadcasts out of Prague Czechoslovakia has turned its propaganda from politics and labor to divorce Pope Paul who deplored Italy divorce Law As a wound to italian Vatican relations in 1970 has Ping directly into the Campaign but Vatican prelates make no secret of strict instructions from High above to leave no Stone unturned in trying to win it the Vatican radio has repeatedly assailed priests and Lay men who reject the Bishops stand and has questioned their right to describe themselves As Catholic the Rev Giovanni Franzoni Italy most controversial priest who has clashed Many times with the Hierarchy challenged an order from his superiors to Stop campaigning in favor of the divorce Law Church authorities banned him from saying mass and administering sacraments thousand of priests and Lay men voiced support for him they claim that though they Are against divorce As catholics they cannot Stop others from having it most people believe the referendum will return a majority in favor of retaining the divorce Law but pollsters warn against taking the outcome for granted w in favor a Survey in january showed a majority of More than 60 per cent in favor of retaining the Law but a new Survey of the same Sample of population showed the percentage had dropped to 49 per cent with Many shifting to the undecided category those firmly against divorce remained unchanged at 30 per cent Many pro divorce people have revised their opinions apparently because of the political Over tones the Issue has taken to make the outcome even More Uncertain the Way of voting is rather confusing the ballot has yes printed on the left Side and no on the right Side the word divorce appears nowhere a question printed above asks do you want the dec 1 1970 Law no 898 on the discipline of the cases of dissolution of marriage abrogated As a result those who Are against divorce must Mark yes and those in favor of it must Mark no a Survey showed that Over 16 per cent of those polled believed that abrogate mean either approve or propose Amintore Faniani Secretary of the Christian democratic party and the most Active Stum per on the Campaign Trail is believed to be sceptical on the prospects of the yes front but rather than vying for Vic tory he May actually count on a narrow defeat narrow enough to have the political meaning of a Confidence vote in him and his party the Christian democrats Are presently the dominant party having taken 38 per cent of the votes in parliament elections in 1972 the other ant divorce party the rightist italian social movement or Psi took Over 8 per cent then numbers to Tell to the Vatican there is some thing different at stake the referendum will show with arithmetical clarity How Many people Are Loyal to the Pope and the Bishops in a nation held to be a crucial stronghold of catholicism the Battle against italian divorce has become part of the wider Battle the Church is fight ing on other fronts against legalized abortion and drug us age if we should Bow to Corn Promise Here we would be pressed into taking Compromise on other moral issues said a prelate Jerusalem a egyptian president Anwar Sadat has been in touch with the syrian government and believes Prog Ress is being made toward Dis engagement on the Golan Heights us officials said Fri Day Kissinger who is confident of Sadat support in his Dis engagement diplomacy held three hours of talks with the egyptian Leader in Cairo before returning for More negotiations with Premier Golda Meir and said As always i leave Satis fied with our discussions before Kissinger arrived an Anonymous caller said explosives had been planted at Jerusalem Airport but Security men combed the Airfield and turned up nothing Deputy israeli Premier Yigal Allon said i be sur prised if agreement is reached on a disengagement pact but he could not foresee Israel changing the truce terms it has already offered Kissinger leaves for dam ascus sunday to present israels position to syrian president Hafez Assad presumably the Secretary will be bargaining with the israelis on yielding More than they have Burns finds russians eager to expand Trade so far the Abby denied Golan capital of Qun Eitra and parts of my mention to be placed under in control and the return of syrian peasants to some villages us officials said the out come of Kissinger Dis engagement Mission should be come Clear by tuesday no matter what results Are obtained we Are going Home next weekend one official said meaning that Kissinger would return to Washington sources said that if no pact is signed Kissinger might Man age a conditional agreement that could restrain the daily fighting on the Golan front and Lead to a disengagement a few weeks later a ii but causes of the last crisis remain soaring costs of living weak currency rampant strikes Britain conservative Cabi net fell in March a labor re Gime succeeded it and is hav ing manifold troubles with the Economy As a steady diet varied by occasional touches of violence imported from North pm Ireland Iceland Premier this week suddenly dissolved parliament As the leftist government struggled with opposition pressures the Island Republic now must have elections june 30 Denmark minority Liberal government teeters on the Brink of doom in the Backwash of economic issues that have aroused worker unrest at weeks end it got Only a Short term reprieve in parliamentary Confidence vote had general elections in March intended to re solve a crisis the result was inconclusive and the nation is run now by a shaky Center right minority that seems frag Ile v Portugal has just seen its 40 year old dictatorship Over thrown and her future is heavily clouded spinoff for Portugal worries neighbor Spain Franco dictatorship students in Madrid evidently inspired by the Portu Guese military coup have turned native and taken to demonstrations the portuguese upheaval also sent shockwave to Africa where rebels in Portugal huge colonies make guerrilla War a massive rail strike in India threatens an already wobbly Economy and rocks prime min ister Indira Gandhi govern ment Australia parliament has just been dissolved the nation vote May 18 for another that crisis results from prime mind later Gough Whitlam battle1 against opposition attempts to scuttle his labor party legislative program in the Middle East israels Premier Golda Meir quit in March her government had been buffeted by economic and political difficulties engendered by the never ending War with the arabs efforts Are in Prog Resto Patch together a new coalition almost everybody in the advanced world it would seem is in some sort of trouble its become a politicians cliche to note that while his nation might have economic woes the whole world is in the same boat these Days constituents find that notion Small Consolation and their impatience poses yet an other political problem for the leaders Hon Kong custom tailor in Ieno Pittsfield Tomia Suh 10 Frics to choose today one Dat Only talk we Iuit wonted suit sharkskin svit liner Kirti Kil it any style of size mow Tsoo 10soo 7jw 1000 700 special Sau an 2nd suit Raki a from Coll or visit or Harry 6371 1 00 at the Holiday inn Lenox us 7 20 Road Moscow a Federal Reserve Board chairman a thur f bums described the so Viet government Friday As quite impatient to expand Trade with America and said he thought a reasonable accommodation could be reached on the question of granting Russia equal Tariff status in an exclusive interview with the associated press at the end of his weeks visit to the soviet Union which included a three hour meeting Wilh Premier Alexei n Kosygin Burns said he had found the russians in a very practical mood he was optimistic about a so Lution to the problem of Low ering us tariffs on soviet goods a move that has been linked in Congress to More lib eral soviet emigration practices in Public the soviets have re fused to Bend insisting that emigration of soviet citizens is an internal matter during his visit Here As the guest of state Bank president Mefodiy Sveshnikova 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